June 20, 2008


Hayden called me back. He actually called me back. Wow.

I guess he couldn't have been bothered to look up my e-mail and let me know that he has a whole new phone and needed me to call him so he could get my number back. Oh well.

We will be hanging out this Saturday, and another friend from high school may be joining us. We are going to meet sometime around 4pm at my subway then head up to his house for drinks and see what movie we want to go see, then head out.

Tomorrow I have a lot of running around to do. I don't know if I'll get all of it done. I have to go to the bank for two reasons. One, to put my check on the bank to help cover what I've been spending of my tv money. Then I have to order some check so I can start paying for the tv before this time next month. I want to go by the blood bank to try and give blood again. I tired last week but when I got there, they had already closed. Then there is the washing. I'm glad that I won't be asked to help with the baking this Friday. Jhodie will be helping mom.

Today was the second night I was sent home early because I didn't reach my quota. I can see this job getting hard. No one wants to take a survey, and if no one takes any surveys, we won't have jobs. So while I still have one, I thought that I  should start looking for one that may have a bit of a longer life span, and really try to get in college so I can get a better job.

It not so bad, yes it would be better if more people decided to take the survey, but everything has it downside I'm sure.

This afternoon when I was getting ready for work, I set a job to print, it hadn't finished printing by the time I had to leave, so I asked Jhodie to look in on it for me, incase it asked for more paper. I miss my old printer that held a whole lot more paper then this thing.

When I came back home tonight I realized that the printer was still on and asking for more paper. At first I thought that Jhodie didn't check it for me, then I saw a this big pile of printer paper. It seems that it would get as far as page 24 or so, and it would forget then start printing all back over again. It seems to have done that like 5 or so times. After I found that out, I marked them then turned them over and finish printing the document on the other side. The whole thing was only 51 pages. I'm sure I printed twice that in this little mishap.

Well since I was off work early tonight I went to get the cat some dry cat food. She ran out last night. So I took the bus there, and picked that up along with some cereal. I just couldn't stop myself. It was just two boxes, like last time. One was a granola mix.  :) I haven't had any like that in while. I was going to take the train home since I didn't feel like waiting out in the slightly cold air for a bus to show up. But as I crossed the street a bus did up, so I just walked down to it's stop and got on.

Ya... I got my time line all mixed up. Sorry about that.

I'm watching this movie called "Prison on Fire". It's an Asian film from back in 1988. Chow Yun-Fat is in it along with a few other people but no one I know. I like it. It's a bit odd, but a good over all movie.

Well that's for now. See ya.

June 18, 2008

As You May Have Seen...

I didn't go to work today.

For a good reason too. I more or less woke up with a bit of food poisoning. So I called out sick. After I was feeling better and able to eat something, I tried to get a few things done, but not before mom made me make the rice for dinner. The rice came out well, along with the roasted/ baked corn on the cob. And I kinda helped with the black peas.

The first pic you saw, is along Eastern Parkway, walking up towards the Franklin Ave subway station. I was over there on Bedford trying to cash my check. I left right after I finished the rice, but I got there too late. I thought that WaMu closed at 7, I was wrong. They close at 6. So then I thought that since I was going to put the money in my account anyway, I'll just pay the cell bill with what was there now. So I called up to make an automated payment, but the computer was having issues with it, so I was sent to a live person. After we got that done, I was in a bit of a text conversation with Hayden. It was nice. I kinda learned in a round about way, that something happened to his last phone.

Well I came home, and ate. Then waited for Jhodie to come home so I could get my metro card back along with my optimum card so I could go watch the Hulk. YA!

So once she showed up, I checked to see what show times I had left to catch and tried to see if I could get Hayden to come with me. He couldn't make it, and I ended up going to a different clearview over on 62nd street.

Great movie. This is most likely what most people were expecting when they went to see the first one. I could almost hear the music from the tv show when I saw one or two parts. And we have cameos. Not just one, not just two, but three. Three cameos. If you've seen it you know what I mean. If you haven't yet, the ideas that you will get from the last one. HA!

After walking back to the subway a new way I took the train back to Atlantic center so I could get some milk and cereal at Pathmark. Since they are open 24 hours. I called Jhodie at 1:30 to make sure that mom was up for work on time. I got home about 2:30 or so. I took my time walking around the store. I didn't have to wait for a train once I go to the platform.

I walked into the court yard and sent that night photo of some new flowers I saw growing out there. I came in, saw a big bag of trash and walked back out with it, after putting down my own bags first of course. And almost before I didn't anything else, I sat down to blog.

I'm making myself do this again. I have to push myself too much sometimes, and sometimes I can't believe that I have to push myself so hard to do things that I know I should do.

I kinda stayed out to tire myself out, but I don't think it worked as well as I would have liked it, but I'll see. I may still fall asleep before sunrise.

The time is now 3:16am


Not a bad night either.

June 17, 2008

A Good day.

June 1- 7 - Week Round Up - I think

Hi ya.

Let's see,  around Thursday or was it Wednesday morning when mom was getting ready for work, and I was on the computer. I think I was actually typing something, and the tv was on. I was about ready to change it to 62 so that we could see the weather when I heard this sound that was a combo of a snap, crackle and pop. The tv then went blank. For some reason I turned and looked behind of me. Thinking that somehow, someone or thing hit the switch for the tv really hard. But nothing. I don't even think that the cat was in the room at the time. We were now without a tv.

Not to say that the house was out of a tv, just the biggest one in the house and the one that was in my bedroom. It was also the one on occasions that everyone would gather around.

Well come Saturday night mom got it in her head to get a few things done on Sunday. One window shop for a new tv, and since it this late in the game of buying a tv with the digital signal and all, we were aiming for a 32" LCD. After window shopping we were to go the Chinatown and pick up a desk lamp that she has seen, so the room light could stay off so I could sleep while she has some light on to help her. She is so blind now. I don't like having the lights unless I really need it, and it bugs other than then. And lastly we were suppose to get a pedie and medie.. (pedicure and manicure).

Phillys was quite surprised to find out that mother was actually going to have a pedicure. She has been trying to get her to go for ages it sounds like. The only reason she was going now was to go with me it seems. Which is fine. I'm allowed to give my mother memories of just the two of us. Even it's just her getting the most of out of it. I won't begrudge her that.

Well Sunday came, and we went window shopping for the tv, and walked way too much. We ended up actually buying it on credit. I got a Best Buy card. My mom credit stinks, and since I'm now blood and put down that I'm a student, I got a $1700 credit with them. We got the tv and even went up from the 32" we were thinking of now that we could pay for it over time. Oh, I jumped over this point. We got credit because they said that the 34" was the last one, and we didn't have all the money on us. And looked, we ended up getting a different one. They must be happy. Also I/we picked up a DVD player, and insured the tv for like 4 years for $100 or so. Then there was the HD cables. two of them at $80 each. At the end the tab came up to $1,249 or so. We had to take the DVD and cables home ourselves, but the tv wouldn't be showing up until Friday afternoon. Here is the tv that picked.


Clicking the picture will take you to the web site. At first we thought that it was the same brand as our new flat screen, but we were wrong. The monitor is from Envision, and the LCD is from Insignia. Phillys wanted us to get a 1080p, but we got a 720p. At the time, we didn't any 1080p that weren't too expensive, and the 720p looked fine to us. Now that we have it doesn't look at great showing some stuff, but then, why would tell you that not everything looks better than real life on these things. But I'm fine with it.

Well we walked so much that day, we were tired, so I thought get something from close buy for dinner, then head home. Mom ended up walking 4 long blocks back where we came from to get some rotisserie chicken and some other already made from Whole Foods. Then walked back down again after being in there for a while. My poor feet.

Ok.. So come Tuesday or so, I'm not sure, maybe Monday, we went back to Best Buy to pay on this lovely bill and to find out if they had a 1020p for us that we could switch out for the 720p with out changing the date of delivery. No on all three counts. One, they didn't have a 1020p we would have liked, two it would have set back our delivery date by about 2 days, and three, we couldn't pay on the bill in person. It has to be done on line. So I have to get my butt to the bank and put how much I have so far on there, for when my Best Buy card shows up. So after there we went to china town, to get the lamp. We got that first, then while mom went to the bank I went into a story and got some vegetable cakes that look more like crackers.


Just to finally get it posted. I have dishes. Sorry I took so long. I rather read then write it seems lately.

I don't even think I could remember what happened now to finish writing what happened that week.

I traded in our cable box for a HD one to go with out new tv that was showing up in a few days.

I got our busted shredder replaced with a new one that same day. That day ended after sunset for me. I ran all over place. At one point I showed up at the house, dropped off he cable box, said I wasn't there, grabbed the busted one, and put in the same bag and got back on the train again to get the new one. My mother was quit impressed that I got it traded. We were having heck filing the warranty online for months. They then told me when I went into the store early that day, that it was because someone did it wrong when I paid for it to start with.

Ok, so I do remember something. But that's it.


Before I say, "I'll Blog Tomorrow"

I'm blogging now before I wash some dishes before bed.

This morning, because it's not no longer night time, I printed out my check list for FAFSA. I applied for my pin for FAFSA, and I've looked over the FAFSA site once again. It seems I need a bank statement. Mine or my mom's I don't know. So I'll get both and see.

Tonight I was sent home early from work. I didn't reach my quota. I know, most people are held to meet their quota, but not here. I loose work hours this way. This is why they have people falsifying survey answers so they can keep their hours. I didn't care. I tried, no one really want to talk, and there was nothing I could do.

I had a yellow page survey today again. I had it last night. We were kept back because I thought they wanted to finish up the survey, but it was still there when I came in today/yesterday. It's funny and has some dumb questions, but I had fun with it, with the only girl who decided to go along with it. In the end we had a joke based on one of the questions. If the yellow book came to life would I date it? I told her that I could answer that question at the end of the survey. We aren't allowed to have small talk when giving a survey. So at the end I said yes if he was Asian.  After all, it's the yellow pages. And he would have to be tall to show that he had been drinking his milk. :) She said I made her day. Those kinds of calls is why I kinda like this job. Other then here, the other two people who started to take the survey with me, didn't have enough time to finish it and I put them as call backs to finish it. But they didn't count for me. I had two others who terminated. That means that they weren't the right people for the survey and we only talked for like 2 mins.

I got out at 8pm, took the bus down to Atlantic Ave, went to Pathmark got some 7up with a coupon. Did you know, if you go to 7up.com, you can get a buy one get one coupon? Ya, I took mine and got a reuse able bag for 99cents also then took two buses home.

I had some left over dinner from yesterday. It was saltfish, dumplings, boiled green banana, and some other boiled veggies. I then did some cleanup on the laptop that I currently have attracted to our new flat panel tv. *I'm going to post it. Complete or not*

I hooked it up on Saturday to watch something, along with some bleach EPS. I'm not caught up. I didn't even realized that I jumped over one until I was getting everything set up for Jhodie who was further back then me.

I've been spending my time reading stories over at FanFiction.com.

Well I think you are caught up. Oh, I got paid today. For two days work I have about $76. Not bad. The first bill I will be paying once I get it cashed is my T-Mobil cell bill. Then I may find myself over at Macy's looking for a skirt that I say, but don't expect to still find. It was over a week ago, and it was on the discount rack.

Well I have dishes, I want to be asleep before sunrise. Which is in about an hour and 20 mins or so.

Not back checking today.. Sorry. I hope I didn't do a too bad of a job.

See ya.

June 06, 2008

Catching Up


Didn't mean to keep you waiting. Actually I did. I wanted to make sure that I was working and knew how it was going before I sent word.

This is so much easier than the job I had at Clear Harbour. I like it. It was even slightly told to some people that I was to be kept an eye on. I'm already being looked at to be promoted. I just have to complete a month of this first.

I had a little checkup on how I did things. I go a passing grade. I'm happy.

I got my BestBuy card yesterday. Also yesterday we had a test to make sure that we would be hired, so we could start work today. I got a perfect score. But I don't know how true that is. Yes I know the answers, but I was told the answers so many time before I took the test that ofcourse I knew how to answer the questions.

Yesterday they said that to make the first paycheck be worth the paper it's printed out one, more or less, I should work everyday until my off days come back again next week. So I would have three days work of pay instead of one. I told them that I would think about it. One, I didn't want to just work the one day then not show up for two days. What if I forget stuff? But I didn't want to get ride of my days off, even if it's so close to when I wasn't unemployed for so long. So I thought about it all the way until I went into work and was waiting to start. I'm going in on Friday, but I'm staying home on Saturday.

Grabbing some dinner in between paragraphs here. It's cook up with some baked sweet potato on the side.

Ok, so there are two ways to get to / from work. I can go the whole way by train, or make half the trip by train then switch to a bus. I took the train there because I thought I was running late. Turns out I wasn't. I was told to get there around 5pm. But we didn't start, start until 5:30 not that I didn't have stuff to do during that time, it being my first day and all.

I have to pay back my mom some money. I put the money she gave me for the flat panel tv we got onto my bank account yesterday finally. I've been holding on to it for a little over a week I think. I've had to use some of that money for the past two days.

The first time yesterday was right after I added it to my account, I had to pay for some "insurance" on the new shredder that I picked up last week at OfficeMax... * I know, that blog is coming. Maybe Saturday I'll finish it up and post it * ... I got the insurance and some sheets that are suppose to help keep the blades sharper longer. That was around $19 or so, then today/last night I got something to eat since I used my last two dollars for train and bus fare. I've all ready asked Jhodie for her card so I could go to work tomorrow/today. I didn't take it before because she went out with Nika.

Speaking of Nika, I came home to see chalk drawings in front of the door. I think they are Jhodie's and Nika's since they are of sponge boob and his friends. A few looked too good be made just by Nika.

I think that's it for now.

See ya.

June 02, 2008

I've lost my touch.

I can't kill/catch one little mosquito anymore.

Here I am, up at 5:51am because I fell asleep too early so I woke up just in time to wake up my mom at 1:30, then I didn't fell like going to sleep.

I played a game, posted the wallpapers that I had for the club that I forgot about.

Had some thing to snack on. Then when I started to yawn, I remembered that the girl next door was going to drop off her keys before she left, so I could let the repair guy in. She should have done that on Friday when she missed getting her on time. So I stayed up so she wouldn't have to wake me up, and what?... Nothing. I could have been in my bed for over a hour now.

Then the mosquito showed up just to bug me. I'm sure it's the same darn one that bit me knees a few days ago that woke me up.

I was contacted about a possible job Friday. They left a message on the answering machine. I'm calling them back today. Fingers crossed.

I'm working on the blog for last week. I started it Saturday, then just didn't feel like or gave up on finishing it. But I have the draft here on the computer. So I'll try and get it posted soon.

Oh, yesterday, Sunday, was Jhodie's last day at KFC. She quit. She gave a few reasons why she quit before having another job to go too, but I still fell like if you are going to quit a job, it's a good idea to have another one to go to in this time and age.

That is the end of my early morning rant.

See ya.