April 28, 2008

InuYasha 7th Ending Theme Song

Got my butt out of the house just long enough to go down town and get some milk. Well I went out for milk, but got some pasta, some pasta sauce, some rice cakes, some hard noddles to munch on, and ...... what else???? And the milk. :)

I had to go to another store to get it. Target actually.

Well with all my reading of yaoi based stories of Miroku & Inuyasha, I remembered my fav opening song from the show. I happen to find a few on Youtube, and this isn't the one I first picked, but I somehow lost that one and found this instead to test with.

I was trying to find the song itself to download, but so far no luck, but I'll try again when I wake up. It's time I went to bed before my mom comes home from work and wake me up.

Let's see who is going to cook lunch today.

Oh, the name of the song if you are intrested is "Come" by Namie Amuro.

See ya.

April 25, 2008


Still here, and I'm rather ok. No job, but ok.

I just didn't feel like talking much.

Learned a few little things about myself. Remembered how to cook. Danced in the isle when I went shopping for a few things this week. Started to read yaoi stories on line about Inuyasha, between him and Miroku. So far they are the only ones I can stand reading that I know about or can even follow. Had my hair done yesterday, the day before yesterday now since the sun is up. I by passed the pain of having them blow dry out my new growth to save myself the pain even though I was suppose to hang out with a friend this week.

The friend never called me back, to set it up, so no one out side the house has seen my newly maintained doo. It doesn't really get done again for two more weeks. I started to watch a show named "Cheaters" that comes on, on the G4 channel. I only use to go there for "Ninja Warrior" an now a new show called "Unbeatable Banzuke". I still say the channel went down the drain after they changed from TechTv. I use to live there. Now I've found three shows to watch after how many years?? A saw the ghost of "the" show they had back in the good ol' days. Screen Savers, but I don't really think it's there anymore. I would like to believe that it's true, but I haven't thought to look for it in a while. Maybe I will this weekend.

I feel like reading now, but my butt hurts from sitting here so long. When that happens I just to go bed, then I get up normally some time after 12pm. Wash some dishes, clean up since Jhodie doesn't know how to put anything away from breakfast. Then get myself something to eat, then start lunch if my mom isn't back yet. Today will be different. She doesn't work on Fridays. Tonight we will get into a fight over the tv and computer. It's Sabbath come sun down and the tv (in her room) goes off unless it's on a Christian channel, and the same goes for the computer. She finds this site that's for SDA's and play her Sabbath school lesson while she's on the phone with her friend who is the same. Ofcourse I'm watching the SciFi channel. Which she doesn't like. I'm half happy that she hasn't started back with welcoming the Sabbath again. I will walk out of the house an hour before sunset and come back two hours afterwards if that happens. So after watching what we watch. It's not just me, it's everyone but her. Then I borrow the laptop until I'm ready for bed, 5 hours later. If I go to bed to early, she will compline that I touched her music when she wakes up later. She is sound asleep, and she has her music on high. I can't sleep with that. I can't even go to sleep with my own music playing. She should be grateful that I only turn it down, but tonight I'm turning it off. She's asleep and she no one else wants to hear it, and it's wasting power.

I was suppose to go to the doctor today, but I didn't feel so great. I think it's because of the pain meds I was taking for the cramps. I have to get another box. I have like 4 left out of the 24 pack Jhodie got me for me 3 days ago. If that long. I'm suppose to be getting the T-cell put in, but I want to ask about the one I saw on tv that is suppose to maybe shorten your cycle, and I'm to get the results of the test I took so long ago.

Well this was longer then I expected.

I'm thinking of starting to write again. I found this writer that is just great. Yes she writes those stories, and so far, it seems like the first writer I find is the best so far, which is just disappointing since I have to wait for her new stuff to come out, and keep in mind that she has a life outside of this, so I don't go off wondering what is keeping her from posting a new story after a bit of time has passed.

Oh, here's some news. My brother is here for a while. He's on leave. He's been spending some time with Nika this week since school was on holiday for the whole week. I did start to write him a letter, then I heard that he was coming home so I stopped. I think I'll finish it up and hand it to him before he leaves and tell him to read it on the way back.

Well see ya. Enjoy the weather if you have weather worth enjoying. 

April 18, 2008

Why Don't People Tell Me About These Things?

Hello??!! What happened to advertising ?????!?!?!

I only know about it because I decided to watch "Attack Of The Show". Which I have never done. Never. First time.

And I also here that they are planing to make a real life version of "Ghost In The Shell" and "Akira". HA??? They might, "might", be able to do "Ghost In The Shell"... But I'm not buying the last one. I saw that before most of America know what anime was. It's going to be watered down just like Aeon Flux.

April 17, 2008

The Soup ... :(

Ya, it was a bust. I blame my mom for telling her to add some sugar to the dumplings... yuck. (I told you that I would let you know. I'm just abit late. I was trying to forget what I ate. )

Like I was saying the other day. I was called into Manhattan on a delivery. I kinda bumped into a nice guy on the elevator. I was on rather good sprits considering I was awaken two hours before I was set to wake up to get those glasses to her. I got to field test my mp3 player. It's still going and working quite well two days later. I didn't feel like jumping right back onto the subway and coming home since I was working on a pay-as-you-go metro. So I took the bus down to Bowling Green to use my transfer, then took the subway home. Where I got off the bus is when I took that picture that I Mobiled in.

Right after I got that sent in, I walked past some guys holding hands. I just smiled, but a family that passed them infront of me all turned and looked back, then look forward, then laughed. Well, they aren't from the city.

Then I played train limbo. I got down the stairs just in time to have the doors close infront of me. Then a 5 showed up one min later and that was the last stop, so I did a u-turn in the train. Walked in, walked back out again. I didn't have to really wait for the next train, and I think I even got a seat. I sang all the way back, just no sounds came out of my mouth. I hope I didn't look too weird.

If I didn't have to come home to cook and mop, I would have taken the bus up town, then take one back, then get on the train home to validate the use of fare. Oh well. It was kinda warm. I didn't wear a jacket and it was ok.

Yesterday I was going to make something, but had to change part of it. So in the end we had curry veggies, crispy fried chicken cutlets and red bean brown rice. It was good. I almost couldn't find the curry. The stir fry veggies got a more cooked then I wanted, so I made it into curry. The rice I think I made the day before. I don't remember what we had with it.

The floor looks so .... clean now. So much so that I see where new marks have already showed up. I'll get to that today some time. I moved a few things around when I cleaned, and tossed out a few things that should have been tossed months ago. The hall way is more open now.

It's so warm out now. A few days ago when I went out, I think it's when I went with Jhodie, and on the way back it looked like summer to me. I wasn't under a coat, it was warm and I could see the sun.

I've already cooked for the day, not that I did much. Just made some spinach rice, and heated up some chicken that Jhodie brought home, and I cooked some corn on the cob for mom. She brought 4 of them yesterday. She makes fuss when we/I don't cook them. So I did two for today.

I made a wallpaper last night or so and posted it. It's been excepted rater well considering it's very yaoi in nature. If you want to see it click on the link named "My Deviantart Page" over on that side. I just had a look at my page. I think I need to do a different subject matter for my next wallpaper. The last three have all been guys kissing, and I wasn't even looking to make a set.

Well I have a few stories to read. I've already checked my mail, and my comment box. So take care, :).

April 16, 2008


As you can see, I made it out of the house today. I e-mailed this in when I was out and about today. I was fast asleep today, and Phillys called me to ask me to bring her her glasses. She forgot her glasses. Since I was asleep and really wanted to stay that way I asked her how she saw to get to work today.

despite a few things, she isn't all that blind. She just needs it for fine details and reading. I told her fine and got ready. I didn't really take that long to get ready. I went out yesterday and too my bath then. I didn't think that I would out that long. So I got dressed after I put some music, to be added to my new mp3 player. Then I walked to the subway twice. The first time I went there I forgot the glasses. Silly me. So I walked all the way back, then walked it back the subway, and only had to wait about 3 mins for s train to show up, and it was the one I wanted as well. From there, it was kinda smooth going.

Ok.... can't see stright. Falling asleep here. Be back later.

April 13, 2008

Another Cooking Success.

Sorry, I didn't get a picture this time. I had the time, just not the thought at the time. We had a bit of left over KFC, and I thought about making a pasta chicken salad with some "greens" mixed in. It came out much better than I thought it would. Mother ate it after saying that she had issues with cucumber, and cleaned her plate. Issue with cucumber??!!??

The salad was made up of Whole wheat spiral pasta, pre cooked chicken, cucumber, radish, onion (what ever kind you like), sweet peas, cherry tomatoes, a salad mix of small leaves,  and mayo. You can use how much of any of that, that you want to your hearts content. I wished for a bit more tomatoes when I was eating it. I didn't have that much since I was working with what was left in the fridge. As for how much I used. It was one box of the pasta, thinly sliced cucumber. I used a whole one. Two thinly sliced radishes. One shallot also thinly sliced. One small can of sweet peas drained. Who would use the water in a salad? What else? Well the mayo is meant to be a thin coating, I used about 4 table spoons. Oh, the greens. That goes in last, and I put in a few hands fulls. Every spoon full should have some in it. Oh, and the cherry tomatoes. They can go in the same time as the greens to keep them from being mushed (mashed) up. Also, everything gets mixed together before you get to the last two. The pasta should be firm, not boiled flat. The chicken I used was cold, so it was the first thing I added to the paste once I drained it, to use the heat to to heat up the chicken and to help down the pasta at the same time.

Now that I think about it, you could use baby spinach instead of the mixed greens, but it's what we already had. Mom I think wanted salad, but didn't get that far with the box she got.

Well that was two days ago. Yesterday I was suppose to go and give blood and maybe get my hair touched up. I made it to the blood bus, but my pulse was  too fast. I almost ran the 7 blocks to get there in time, and I made it there in under 15 mins. I consider that to be very good time. I've never had my pulse checked before, and I would remember if they have, since it's the only time they touched me. I thought it was odd, but I didn't say anything until they asked me if I was anxious about giving blood. I waited for about 15 mins, but it never got below 100 so I didn't get to give blood after all. As for my iron count, it was way higher this time. Ofcourse. I did get a tee shirt for showing up, I didn't expect to get anything since I didn't get to give any blood. If I was able to give blood, I could or would have gotten some Mets tickets. I would have sold them for just under the going price if I had enough time. Oh well.

Today, Phillys says that she is going to be cooking a soup. She says that she cooks/eats soup when it starts to warm up. Go figure. Well she is doing something new. Coconut dumplings with turkey meatballs. I'll let you know how it turns out.

See ya.

April 09, 2008

Talking In My Sleep

Well I was waiting for mom to get off the computer since she had stuff to do, but she also wanted to beat a level on this game that she realized that she liked. It's called "Inca Ball" and she got pass the level that she was stuck on the last time she played. I was going to say yesterday, but I'm not really sure. One day she didn't go on the computer at all.

Anyway, while I was there waiting for her to get off I fell asleep, and I woke up a few times or at least tried to stay awake to watch "Star Trek : Voyager" but failed before 5pm when the next one started.

I ended up dreaming of a kidnapping that I helped in. Grissom was there from "CSI: Vegas" and it was solved by the time I work up, but I woke up because there was a question left over from the case, and I thought that someone was telling me that answer. But when I woke up, it wasn't my case on the tv. I looked to the tv to answer the question, but it wasn't my case (Yes I know I said it twice). I'm there complaining that it wasn't my case, and mom tells me that there I was talking up a storm.

Other than that, I pealed 8 bulbs of garlic for mom to go along with the 6 or so lbs of sweet peppers that I cleaned yesterday. She was suppose to me making some seasoning for some people, but she stayed on the computer as you know. Did I tell you about the 1am trip over to Church Ave to buy this stuff? Well it's true. That was Tuesday morning. I pulled everything home in the cart, along with sweep potatoes, cassava, pineapple, mango soy milk, onions and a few other things. Mom then went on straight to work on the B41 bus after she helped out of the bus with the cart at my stop. Mom got to work way early thinking that it would take a bit longer to get there than it really did. I used 2 of the 3 dollars that she left to buy cat food, that she got anyway, to buy a sandwich for "breakfast". Today she asked about the money, I told her that was gone, but she could have the last torn up dollar that was there from the three after buying the sandwich. I wonder where she got that from.

Since Sunday I think, I've been getting, at the most, about 3 hours of sleep at a time. I stay up until sunrise or so, then I'm asked to do something before mom gets home most of the time, and since she gets off at 9am, I don't have that much time, then I'm up until when ever, then I crash once or twice then everything starts all back over again.

Today I didn't cook. Mom did. She brought home some fish and she turned some corn to go with it. Yesterday I cooked. It was wheat pasta with garlic stir-fry green beans with carrots, onions, and sweep peppers. To go along with that, I got some organic spaghetti sauce from a local garden. It was good. I was quite happy with how it turned out. I was starting to wish that I had made more of the stir-fry, but I have to change up what I eat. Speaking of which, I think that I'm starting to like fish again.

Well, I'm off to read, or watch something on the computer. Just waiting for my mom settle down so she can't see what's on the screen. Now doesn't that sound like I'm still 16 or so? I was also thinking earlier that, around now is when you are suppose to be saying good-bye, and she's saying welcome back. She doesn't like this, she doesn't like that, but I was happy to hear her say that when I get my "own place...", as in I can really leave and live on my own if/when I start making that much money. ... other site for a bit more on that . Just a little more.

Ok, off to grammar check this thing. Not so much spell check since it has a spell checker built in.


April 05, 2008


Stir-Fried Beef with Snow Peas and Cashews

When stir-frying, we use a nonstick skillet, which puts more surface area in direct contact with the burner than a traditional wok. This translates to a hotter pan and better browning. Placing the raw flank steak in the freezer for 15 minutes makes it easy to slice the meat thin. Serve with steamed rice.
Serves 4

  • 1 1/4 pounds flank steak, sliced thin
  • 2 tablespoons soy sauce
  • 1/3 cup hoisin sauce
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes, or more to taste
  • 2 tablespoons peanut oil or vegetable oil
  • 8 ounces snow peas, stem ends trimmed
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger
  • 1/2 cup roasted unsalted cashews, chopped
  1. Combine steak and soy sauce in medium bowl, cover, and refrigerate while preparing other ingredients. Whisk hoisin sauce, water, and pepper flakes together in small bowl.
  2. Heat 2 teaspoons oil in large nonstick skillet over high heat until just smoking. Add half of steak, break up clumps with wooden spoon, and cook, without stirring, for 1 minute. Toss steak until browned around edges, about 30 seconds. Transfer to clean bowl. Heat 2 teaspoons oil in skillet until just smoking and repeat with remaining beef.
  3. Add remaining 2 teaspoons oil to now-empty skillet and heat until just smoking. Add snow peas and cook, stirring once or twice, for 2 minutes. Clear center of pan and add garlic and ginger. Cook, mashing garlic mixture with back of spatula, until fragrant, about 45 seconds. Stir garlic mixture into snow peas, then toss in steak. Whisk hoisin sauce mixture to recombine, pour into pan, and cook until thickened, about 1 minute. Stir in cashews and transfer to platter. Serve.



And to celibate having our Internet back we are ordering sushi?.. Well I'm getting beef noodle soup, Jhodie and Phillys might be getting some sushi.

Heck went on today to pay the bill to get it back on today. Two people thought about quitting due to trying to help Phillys today. I know for sure the first one did.

Before that I stayed up a few times past sunrise due to things and me reading my downloaded manga and not wanting to stop. One of these days Phillys needed me to buy her something before I went to sleep. or should I say as I was about to go to sleep, because Jhodie didn't feel well. Then my mom called and asked me to bring her something at her work that she needed and forgot. If it wasn't one of the last cold days it wouldn't have been that bad.

I had to buy a uniform for Phillys and the place which I thought she sent me, didn't open until after 10am. I hurt my throat rushing to get the paper to my mom, and after I got Phillys' item I hot tailed it to Manhattan to find out that she wasn't that busy because her doctor wasn't in office to day or something and didn't really have anything to do until later that afternoon.

So I hung out at a book store near by. I think I'll go back and apply. It crossed my mind while I was there, but I was looking of something. Now I can say that I didn't apply because I didn't have needed information on me.

Then I was tired and wanted to go home, but when I was playing one of the few songs that this mp4 player would play on the last of it's battery life, I felt like making it down to Utica and Empire since I was already out the house. I should have gone home. I spent most of the $5 that Phillys gave me on cough drops for my throat and some sesame seed balls that didn't taste how I expected. And I was trailed and looked at like like a thief the whole time I was there. That wasn't right. At least it didn't feel right.

Other than that, just reading and occasionally getting a week Internet signal from someone else's network on the laptop is what took up most of my time. Oh, I was sickish again. I thought it was a cold. Then my eyes turned into pools of water, and holes inside my head really hurt. So we all come to conclusion that I had allergies. Not to happy about it. I couldn't sleep, which helped keep up a few times, but most of the time I just think that I wasn't tired enough. Today it was good enough for me to get the last eps of Darker than Black. Ofcouse I don't really like how it ended. I feel like saying more, but I don't want to ruin it for you if you haven't sen it yet. Now that I have the net back, I think that I may go get some more to shows to watch.

Either which way, I have to go post to my club. I'm happy I got it back in time for that, but that didn't have anything to really do with it. If we paid two days later, we would have to pay the whole back due amount and not just half. Phillys blames mom for having the bills go into lateness and all this mess. It's not like they don't have the money to cover them, I think some stuff just get put off or something then it hits them later.

Well the food just got here. Did I say I was getting Beef Noodle Soup? *grin*