May 31, 2005

Quick Note For The Day.

Today was shopping day.

Started out late and wrong.

Nika didn't go to school because Jhodie couldn't find her socks. You would think that would make the school really strict if she had to wear socks, but they really aren't. Somewhere in Jhodie's head she decided that.

Looking back on it now, she was just delaying going to the ladies house today.

Well we left the house about 11:30 or so, and spent the next 6 hours walking around and shopping. We gave Nika sweets to keep her walking. That and a juice and water. In the end I think we walked about 2 miles. Jhodie said that 4 year olds are suppose to walk that much.

We got mostly snacks. We don't normally buy any and we still had a lot of everything else. We got Nika some socks, some panties, and a soccer vest made of netting like fabric. Normally only boys wear them, but we got it for Nika for when she is home and it's really hot.

We also got our water heater thing and replacement element since the guy couldn't tell us when we would need a new one. This is when we find out that it doesn't have a plug attached. We have to buy the wire, and the plug, and he doesn't sell them. Great. This is why we have nothing against free installation. Then when we got to to the place that had Nika's fan, low and behold they were out, and the only one that we could have gotten for Nika was $110. Would you play $110 for a desk fan that didn't come with any kind of warranty??? We didn't either. We almost did, and we still might. We are going to look again tomorrow. I hope this doesn't included a walk up to TDC Home center. Another 2 miles, and that is just to get there. We could get a bus to get us there at lunch time, but we might have to walk it back.

Well we did get the wire from the place that we were going to get Nika's fan. That was something all to itself. We then talked to the lumber yard people next door about the price for some new posts for our cloths line. That was pricey. Like everything else, but I didn't expect that much. What was it? $146 or something for one? Ya.

At Rams we bag checked our goods and most got the snacks and milk. A bag of sugar there, a butter there, some grapes and onions and such. Total came up to $256. And that is without my milks. How did it get that high? I don't know. We picked up most of the cereals over at IGA. Over there our total came up to $86.

We did pay alot of Cable. We had to, even if Pearl didn't show up with the money she owed us. It's people like her that make people like us not want to help anyone.

We got home around 5:30pm and Jhodie was suppose to go by the lady after we got back, because she was suppose to stop by sometime today, but she got out of it. First she was tried. Fine, we were all tired. 30 mins later I pulled my tired body from the bed to put up stuff and told her that she had to go, she didn't want to.

Nika fell asleep, then 30 mins or so later I fell asleep, then woke up 10 mins or so later to tell Jhodie to move her off my bed. Then I was out for a few hours after I fixed my sleeping position. I expected Jhoide to go to sleep too since it didn't' look like she was going to go anywhere. I learned later when she was going to bed after waking me up at 11pm, that just as she was thinking of going to sleep, Nika woke up. So she stayed with her until she woke me up.

The time is now 3:44am. Nika has been asleep on the couch for that last 3 hours at least. Jhoide has been asleep for 2 or so hours before that, and I'm wondering what to do. Do I could try leaving her on the couch. She's all comfy and has my fan. I could take her into my room since I have a bigger bed now. Or I could wake up Jhodie, have her move her laptop to make room for Nika. What do I do?

I think that I should try and get her into my bed. If she wakes up any, she'll head to Jhodie. I have to go back to bed. My mind is saying I had a good sleep, wish I had more, but hey. My body on the other hand has been trying to get me to go back to bed for the past hour. But I stayed to watch a more, and think of the questions I just posted here.

Ok. Oh, other than all this, I got my wallpapers in to my club early. I actually went to post a very clean wallpaper of a girl I made, but I ended up posting the month's set instead since June starts like Today. :)

Sorry, too late to spell check. Prey that I do it tomorrow.


**made it back to spell check, but no grammer check. It's late and I have to get today's blog out before bed. I have my "early shift" tomorrow. **

May 29, 2005

I Can't Remember

Ok, I'm finally making myself sit down and blog about my 4 or missed days.

It's just really hard for me to remember how the first three or so go. I'm so confused right now. Hitting Head Against Wall 2

Yesterday is easy. I called in saying I was going to be an hour late. Came in, then took the slides upstairs and scanned them. Then at 4:30 power came back. At 5 I made it down to help M with turning the computers back on. I had worn my jean skirt so I could crawl under the tables to turn the power back on for the computers. She had gotten one of the guys from the library to come and help so we both go under there and turned them back on. I had to keep pulling my skirt back up. :) I'm going to like loosing weight.

Then I spent the rest of the day on the SGA computer trying to install Photo Shop and Paint Shop Paint and updating and trying to get a version I got of adobe acrobat to do what I wanted.

Jhodie called to let me know that we were wrong thinking that the two movies we wanted to see were coming on tonight. It's next weekend. She was all ready to tape it when she found it they weren't coming on. Spiderman 2 and Harry Potter the third one. Also, she already had our pizza.

When it came time to close up AM was there and she took me home. Nika ran out and into me when I was telling her about the place to get the veggie pizza since she was over here already.

Today (Sunday)

I got really late. It's the bus' fault. There weren't any for over 40 mins. Two came by but they weren't picking up anyone. I stood thought two rain falls! Ok, drizzles. I stood two drizzles under a weak tree hoping I won't get wet! By the time I got to work, it was 5 till 3. I told M why I was so late, she said that it was ok. She didn't need my help for anything.

I then worked and fixed and won the search engine code war. :) We now have a working search engine. It has a different look from the rest of the site. I'm thinking of using it for the look of our site when it comes time to re-do it. But I'm thinking of shooting myself in the foot. I want to look for another/better one. This one tells me that links are broken on the site, but it doesn't tell me on what pages, and there is no way of knowing what people are searching for on the site. :( I'll see.

Now I'm just freezing and trying to blog. I think that I'm going to eat some soup now just to get warm. But it’s a bit late. It's almost 8:30. At this time I just wait until I go home. I guess I could just walk around outside to get warm. Well my sister just called. Don't order anything to eat, I cooked. Order? I had $5 on me when I left home today. I already spent $2 of that to get here. I have no money. She really called so Nika could talk to me. Peter was there and pulled her hair. She thinks that he was mad her. I then went back to talking to Jhodie. It was Peter being Peter. She said that she will tell Nika that he wasn't mad her.

Now I'm just drinking water. I'm hungry. I made myself eat some eggs and bread before I left the house today at 2. I hadn't eaten anything before then or since then. Ouch. :(

I think I'll play a game or two to keep my mind off of my stomach, so far I've just been watching trailers. I've seen maybe 6 by now. I'll go spell check this now. I like spell checking in MS Word 2003. :) I didn't think that I was going to like it, but I do. The whole new office thing.

I know that I forgot a few things, but I can only write so much.

See ya.

May 26, 2005

Is That My Hand Touching My Nose?

Ok, it wasn't that late.

We had an unscheduled and scheduled power outage today.

We were suppose to loose power from 4:30pm until 6:30pm today so they could connect up the new generator to the school's system. Then 3 pm rolled around and our power went out. It seems that there was a fire or something somewhere, or something like that. I heard that it wasn't on campus.

Anyway, that left me with hours of cricket type noise from all the APCs crying for power. We use to turn them off, but Ron said to leave them on. Oh, I'm pulling extra hours today. M was out sick again today so I stayed and extra 3 hours, so I pulled a 11 hour shift. It wouldn't have been so bad if I was connected most of the time. For some reason, when the power outage thing started, I was being bumped off the network ever so often.

But I did win the search engine war. Almost. :) I have a search page, I just need to point the program to a template for the result page. I'll show it off once I have it all done.

I don't feel like I did much work today. :( Not happy with myself. And to boot, I left a teacher's computer in the middle of an install that he asked me to do for him. Now it hits me, when I'm at home. The casualties of war. :( I have so much to do tomorrow.

I have a tape to digitize for Dr. Shokry. I have the login pic for the calender program to finish, and now they want a matching logout one too. I have exam notices to post, I have to catch up with that teacher and finish his install. Then I go back to the search code thing. And, I have to keep reminding myself, I have to add the new information that I got about Semester 3 to add to the calender program.

On a surprising note, the clinic sent someone up this morning to let me know that I missed my date to come for my shot, and to ask when I was coming to get it. Well I had already planed to come Thursday before work, after all they weren't open on Wednesdays. If they were, I really wouldn't have been up late last night and I would have gone before work today.

Then there was my nice surprise for the day. I got my money from Hills. I wasn't going to ask anyone for it until after this paycheck, but I was leaving a teacher that I came upstairs to help, when I saw the accountant and decide to just ask. Just as the words were coming out of my mouth, the other girl in the account office called me. And for what? My check. Check? Ok. I was expecting it deposited right to my account. Ok. Guess the Royal Bank of Canada is going to be seeing me soon. It was one of their checks.

Ok... that's my day, I got a lunch that I have to pay back Tishion for, and dinner was bread and very tender lamb. Outside tonight is on the cool side, but as you came into the house you started to get over heated.


May 24, 2005

So I Pulled a Few Weeds.

Ok.. I woke up or was woken up around 10am. Pick which ever one you like that puts me in a better light in your eyes.

I see Nika. I see my clock. 10:30? Nika?

Jhodie!?! She didn't make it school ha? Ok.

I wasn't going to put up a fight starting manual yard labour, but Nika and I both asked for break fast first. We got eggs and toast. Grin 5 Nika got runny yokes, I got scrambled. She went out all out. She oven toasted/warmed french cut bread. I raised my eyebrow. Nice start to the day. Jhodie even started cooking dinner. Way early, which turned out to be ok later.

Ok, weeding. I got up and watered the yard to make pulling them up a bit easier. On my way out Jhodie asked me to water the banana and plantain plants in the back. I also paused to clear out the drain. I should have gotten the shovel, but I used a stick instead. Knocked a cup that I hadn't a clue where it came from, and dirt. Where was the dirt coming from?

I then went back to wetting the rest of the yard. After getting most of it, I picked up the cloths so I could get that part. Then I hung out a bit to watch DS9. It's the one where they found out that the doctor had his DNA messed with to make him smarter along along with a few other things. It's a bit of a sad ep, but a nice one. In case you missed this one, when he was 7 his parents had just about everything about him enhanced because they thought he was "slow". Most likely he was just a little bit slower and as far as Julian is concerned, they didn't give him a chance to try and catch up. So they "fixed" his memory retaining ability, his hand eye coordination, his height, his stamina. In the end as he said, the only thing that wasn't changed was his name. At the same time we have a guess appearance from the doctor from Voyager. He was playing his maker. The guy who designed and created the Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH). Anyway, he was there to make a version that was going to be used for longer periods of time. The first wasn't to, and this time around they decided to make it based on someone else other than the maker. He had no bed side manners. And of all the doctors in all of Star Feet they picked Julian to be the template for the new EMH.

ok... to hurry and get back to my day... the maker called up his parents after he asked me him not to and found out that they had messed with is genes. Then a whole court thing happened since it's illegal. They passed some law after "Khan" tried to take over earth. :)

Ok.. back to the weeds.

I tried to look for Jhodie's gardening fork to help with the weeds, but we didn't find it. I walked back outside to have Nika spray me with the hose. For her shake I tired to make it funny, and I wasn't that upset. She has to have fun in her life. I sneaked up on her when she wasn't looking my way and got the hose from her. After wetting down the yard some more, we started to pull up weeds. My sister who had the gloves did the bigger ones with the thorns on them. Nika was with me doing the more manageable part of the garden, but she just didn't know which one to pull and after a while she wanted the gloves, I think she just didn't want to pull anymore but was thinking of trying to pull them with gloves. I don't really think that her hands were hurting her. She pulled just about nothing. I was left in a bent over position pulling weeds in a U formation. When I was able to stand up right, I got the rake and pulled them to the trash pile. For a few mins the rake was the only thing keeping me up. I was then sent inside to give Nika something to eat for lunch. Nika may have just had breakfast, but she barely ate anything. The girl picks at everything. Few things she eats a good about of these days. So I heated up her leftovers from the night before.

I seem to have lost some time, until 1:30ish, then we all went down for a nap. I had told Jhodie that I had my appointment for my shot today, but she didn't wake me in time. After doing something else for a while, we got ready to go for a walk. Oh, I was suppose to give Nika a bath, then take one so we could go to town. Nika wanted to splash. I didn't want to, but after 20 mins I had to. So we went in, she got a cup and soon she was flinging water in my hair. After a while I soaped her up and washed her off, and kicked her out of the bathroom so I could take a bath and wash my hair. That took me some time.

By the time we were all dry, dressed and ready to walk out the door it was minutes to 5. Then we walked into town. Jhodie forgot to take a rag with her for all the sweat. On the way in we got a slice of pizza from Pizza Lovers and shared it as we walked in to town. Nika was the only one who had lunch. It wasn't that great. Just about no sauce, wheat crust that was slight burnt, and tons of mozzarella cheese.

Jhodie wanted to swing by Ram's to pick up a few things that were on sale, but it was starting to look that we might not make it in time. They close at 6, but Nika was starting to act up and not walk, but we made in with 5 mins left. We got like five things but we spent more than we had planed to since Jhodie really came to buy some Nachos from Bamboo's. The plate was $25 including tax. When we got there, it looked like it was full. The outside tables were packed, so I hung back while Jhodie went to ask about something. She came back and said that we were getting it, and it was empty on the inside. My sister was dressed for town. But I wasn't that dressed up.

Since there weren't that many people there we were served quickly. The shocker came when we got the bill. Jhodie ordered two fruit punches without knowing how much they were. That plus my OJ came up to $21. :) So once again she spent more money than she thought she would, but we left with a lot of ice. :)

We then walked back around and decided to go check out Port Zanty. We haven't gone walking there in a while. I also wanted to see what became of the last place they were building the last time we were there. It was turned into a jewelry type store. Ok. Then we saw. They were building a new building, that for as far was we knew wasn't suppose to have building there. And it looks like they have been at it for a while. There were walls half way up. We are betting that it's going to be a waiting area for the cruse ship people and such.

Then we slowly walked over the bus stop where we were given the treat of finding the big nice bus there. We got on, and waited about 5 or so mins then we were off. The last event for the day before we got home was when we were getting off the bus. Someone we knew sat in the folding seat next to the door, and when the bus stopped we were trying to tell him not to stand in the door well so the door could open when this kid, just about walked over us to get out of a door that wasn't even open yet. The nerve!

That was my Sunday.

Short Day, with it's long Points.

Not for My Mother To read, or anyone else related to me.
Are they gone???
Ok, My day started out like I kinda expected it. Nika came in, she said good bye. I was sleeping in what was suppose to be my new room on a bed that can hardly be called a bed. Ok, I take that back. It's a bed, but there was no give. It's almost like sleeping on a plank of wood. I'm surprised my sister didn't say anything.

Well I set my clock to wake me up at 10 something so I could start on dishes before noon.
First let me point out. Due to this bad bed, I've been discomforted enough that I woke up every 3 or so hours since I went to bed around 1am or so.

Ok, my clock woke me up, I got up, turned it off, then sat back down again. Then I thought that I had the house to myself, and I felt like it, I'll jerk off, do the dishes, hang out the cloths that she left in the washer, and then get Nika. A nice full day.

I got worked up, about to finish up when she came back home. At this point I want to finish. So I'll just stay in bed until she leaves and finish. She didn't leave for over 2 hours. That plan is shot.

Her afternoon job was suppose to call her at Noon to say that she was on her way to pick her up. She didn't call until 1pm. I started washing the dishes after she left. After awhile I was staring, so I stopped and got some granola bars to eat. I was out of my milk so I couldn't have cereal. While I was eating I checked my mail. Jhodie left the computer on for me.

I found and interesting e-mail in there. It was a request from someone for my contact information. I didn't know who it was, but he had a yahoo ID, and it was all lit up letting me knew that he ( I know just about no girls on line) was on line. So I turned on tillian and sent him an IM asking him why I should give him my information.

It turns out he was a blast from my internet past. When I first got on line back in '98. '99 I wa a wild one. He said that he lost most my info when he old computer died on him a ways back. I then clicked on the link in the e-mail while we were talking and there was a pic of him. He looked familiar. Ok, so I use to talk with him. If I hadn't checked his picture I would have thought that he got me mixed up with someone else for all the nice things he was saying about from back then. I think that we may have swapped stories too. He asked if I had written anything new since last we talked. I'm petty sure I hadn't. I hadn't written that much once I was on line. Just about all the stories I did were done before I got one line.

So we chatted for like 15 mins then I had to say good bye. I added him to my list, then went back to washing the dishes. I couldn't be late in picking up Nika. I put on the TATU songs I told you about and played them while I was washing the dishes. I got most of them done, then I went for my shower. Then stood in front of the fan as I combed out my hair. It wasn't as bad as it was the day before, but it was still a hot day. Then I went and got my cloths, and then got my keys and went for Nika. But just before I left I got a bottle of water for Nika in case she wanted some.

I showed up to not seeing her in sight so I signed the book thinking that I'll go look for her afterwards. It was HOT inside. As I finish signing the book she runs up me with wet hands. She went to wash her hands. We walked home, and she changed her cloths. I went and picked up the cloths from the line. I then hung three lines of cloths, and put the rest in the washer for a rinse. I washed up a bit more of the dishes, and cleaned up more of the table.

I tried to get Nika to help so she would be tired later. She helped with taking in some of the cloths. Then she went to sweeping the floor, then she stopped that and said she will do the rest of it tomorrow. :) Guess it was too much for her to sweep. She then went to watch some tv. I came in to see her watching Elmo. :)

At this point we are waiting for Jhodie to come home. I expected her at 6. 6 came and went. 7 came and went. Nika has now been standing at door waiting for Jhodie for about 40 mins. At 8pm she started to cry that she wanted mommy. Not a loud cry, but she was crying. I got the phone and was looking up the girl's number that she was working at this afternoon to find out what was going on. But just before I found the number Jhodie called. She was in town. She called to find out ate yet. I told her we waiting for her, and Nika was crying. She talked to Nika then I got the phone back. She was getting us food from town. She was at the bus stop now.

After the phone call she was here in like 30 or so mins. It didn't seem that long too us. Nika was grinning ear to ear that Mommy was coming home just before I heard the gate open. Nika then went down around 10 when she got tired.

WOW!.... I just looked at the clock. It's 3:56am. Why am I awake? I have to be pulling weeds and what not in a few hours. We are cleaning the yard today, and sometime before 3 I have to go get my shot. Great, just great. I had to stay up and blog. I hate when my time is thrown off.

Ok, that's it anyway.

Spell checked, but didn't grammer check. Sorry. If you find a mistake let me know and I'll come back and fix it.

Let's See... What Happened Sunday?

Nothing much that I can think of.

I think that I mainly did two things.

One was help AM get a copy of music from off the network. She brought in her computer. That turned out to be way harder than we thought. Turns out her network card wasn't installed right. I got it fixed late in the day, and we did a lot of research of how to use a cross over cable. I installed AVG for her for when she got state side so she was ready for going on line. She is having a computer put together for her, but she is using the same hard drive from this computer that she currently has.

The other thing was the search engine code. I didn't win. I fought until 10 past 10. I'm going to give it 20 more mins of my time come Wednesday, then I'm getting a new one to test out.

Besides those two things, I told some students who were making a power point presentation that they had to first shrink and save the pictures they want before they can put them in the power point.

I unjammed a printer after I put some paper in it. Oh, and I hit the repair button on a wireless connection for a girl on her laptop. Then there was the teacher/assoc. Dean who wanted to delete the theme from his power points. He changed his mind. Unlike office 2003 there is no blank template. So I messed with the master slide to get it done. I still have to see if there is and easier way when I get in Wednesday. I tried to look for one that night, but I just ended up downloading new power point themes/templates. My only issue with some of them is that that they only dressed up the first page. After that, the rest of the slides are just blank with a contrasting colour for the text so they stand out. I'm not impressed.

I was expecting AM to give me a lift home since she had the car, but she had to leave early. Her mom was going call. Her mom was going to call the night before, but she wasn't there in time, so tonight is her second chance.

I had my small tin of fruit cocktail, and I decided against eating my mushroom soup since I thought it was too close to me going home. When I got home I saw a few hot dogs floating in water. That was dinner. Great. I had sandwiches.

Then I had to wake up the next day to do dishes. At least I didn't have to wake up early. It was my sleep in day.

Short, not so sweet.. but true. Now to today's blog.

May 22, 2005

Re: Good Day

Hi Larry.

Today is another scorcher. Third day in a row.

Today I also did some heavy lifting. We are starting to move things and rooms. Niks is
getting her own room, but she still can't move into it until we get her a fan. Right now
she is sharing one with Jhodie.

We don't have that holiday down here. We have a few from Enland, but we are trying to get
in our own holidays down here. St.Kitts Calendar. I made the calendar for the school. I was a head of the curve when I got that one done. :)

Yesterday and today I'm fighting with a new search enginge for our site. The one that we
are currently using, we have grown too big for. It was free once you had under so much
pages on your site. We were when I got it, but not anymore. So I'm testing one out now,
and I should just call it quits and get another one for all the problems that it's giving
me, but it's too late. I want to win. Maybe come 6pm I'll shot it and find another one to
test out.

Other than that, I haven't been paid by hills yet for that little job I did for them. If
I don't get it in my next pay check I'll going to talk with the account myself. That is
where the money for Nika's fan is.

We haven't planted anything here a while, but one flower that we have is spreading it's
seeds all over, and my sister picked up this little red thing. It looks like it could
grow into a bush. And she has 3 of them. They are currently in a cup with water on top of
the fridge. :)

It's more expensive to loose weight then to gain it. Which sounds so wrong, but it's
true. At least if you do it right. Speaking of which, I told you the gym that I was
keeping my eye one to see if it has a better price than the other one that is closer to
the house right? If it does I'll be going to be going there soon. Just waiting for the
hire purehise things to be finshed paid off so I can pay for that.

Come next year I'll get like a .3 percent pay increase, that will help. Then I'm sure
I'll find something else for me to spend it on. I so have to start saving.

Well back to work.

*Kiss* take care. :)

--- Larry T wrote:

> Hi Jhoy
> How is your day going. I was going to write you yesterday but the net was out the time
> I wanted to be on. That is the first time this happened since I have had this provider
> and I couldn't get and answer at tech! Oh well, it's seems fine today. It's a long
> weekend here so maybe that has something to do it. It's Victoria Day Weekend here which
> is left over from our ties to Britain. Monday is the holiday actually.
> I seen the wallpaper you linked to at your site. Very nice job....and sexy!! I keep
> working away at mine every day...atleast one a day it seems.
> We planted some seeds in planter boxes out on the balcony today. Shasta daisy was one
> of them and I forget the other one. (And I bet I threw the package away!) Plants do
> pretty good out there each year. They get the morning sun and then shade for the rest
> of the day. I probably jinxed it now and they wont grow this year.
> I'm going to have a lazy day for cooking. I have a bag of frozen perogies that you just
> boil for 12 minutes or so and your done! Easy and very inexpensive too and the best
> part is they taste so good! I guess they are fattening though. It's hard sometimes to
> figure out what to eat when Lois is trying to loose weight and I should gain a bit.
> I'll go for now. Take care and talk to you soon. Love ya.
> Larry

May 21, 2005



Today I spent most of my day shift fighting with search engine code. Every time I think I have it, something else goes wrong. Or just as I fix one part, or I think I have it figured it out, I find another part to fix.


AM hung out with me for the last part of my shift. She started collecting her share of my music library again, and we talked about stuff until she left like 15 mins before closing. I didn't have my Campbell soup since I felt like I had to stay and keep her company and I was fighting with the code.

Then there was that odd call from my sister. They slept late, until 5. More Jhodie than Nika, and they wanted to go walking around town. “What about dinner?” was my only question. We'll get something in town she said. Fine I said after a while.

They even came to work to meet me. So at like 5 till 10 the guard called down to say that my sister was up there. She helped me close up, then we left to catch a bus. But it wasn't a bus that got us into town. For some reason the security guards gave us a lift in the patrol car. Nice! I wasn't going to turn it down. They dropped us off at the bus terminal on the bay road and we started walking. We didn't have to go far to find my dinner. It just didn't turn out the way I expected, but it worked out for all of us. It cost me $25, well us. My sister donated $10 to the meal. Somewhere along the way, things got confused and I got a veggie plate with fish?!? Jhodie and Nika had the fish, it was grill steamed fish. The veggie plate had a corn on the cob, yellow peas and rice, and broiled okra. I asked for a little extra of that before I knew I was getting the fish. I thought I was getting the chicken meal. Oh well.

Then we walked around for about 30 mins, then came back and caught a bus the left almost as soon as we got in. It was got full that quickly. We then came home to watch some star gate, then the Inuyasha Movie. That was nice. That started at Midnight, and lasted 2 hours or so. It didn't seem that long. When it was done I headed to bed. Jhodie wants me to help her move some big stuff around Sunday.

Next Friday or Saturday Jhodie wants us to get pizza. I said sure. It's not so bad to eat out once a week. Now I wonder what kind of pizza she's talking about. I might be from Gumption. The veggie one that I told you. We'll see.


May 20, 2005

My Work.


Today was also a bit slow, but I got on my creative side today.

Remember that mod I told I was given to do.

Well here was what I thought was my best one from last night.

Then I was told to make it look like this.

Then I hunted down the pic that I saw in my head that I thought was more professional, and did this.

Now I go to check my e-mail to look for an e-mail saying that the new picture was much better, just to read...

"I think that we just need a plane background with the seal and new info and title. We can use the pictures somewhere else. But great job."

Not what I was expecting, but at least they didn't go back to wanting the flap back.

That said, I bought lunch. An egg salad sandwich, that left me with $2 to get home. I have to walk to the bank tomorrow to get money to make it to work tomorrow, not to mention until payday at the end of the month. I also hear that Nika will be going with me. Fun!

My sister found the cds for my uncle this morning. So I stopped off at his house on my way home tonight. I showed up at night, about 7:30pm to see him finish cleaning his car. I not use to seeing anyone cleaning a car, so at first it just seemed odd to me. Considering he was dusting out the door with an oversized tooth brush.

Well I installed everything. The printer, and the scanner, but the computer wasn't seeing the scanner. So after having him check to make sure that it was still plugged in, I uninstalled and re-installed the drivers just to remove the hardware and have the computer find it, and install it right this time. :) I then spent about 15 mins showing my uncle how to scan. I know that I'm going to be over there next week showing him how to do it all back over again. But then again, he did have Jhodie write it all down for him. :)

He had sent little Ray over to the house to find out when I was coming over. As I came in the house, Jhodie called to see if I was there yet, and to let me know that Nika was on her way over. So they both came over when little Ray said that he wasn't going to take Nika. Nika was happy to see me, and she played a bit with my Tiquan. My uncle's new little boy, he's like 3 or so. Near the end she was fixing what he was messing up.

When I was done, Uncle Ray gave us a lift home, and Jhodie slowly got back to making dinner. So slow that Nika had some Supligen, and fell asleep before dinner was done at 10. I just ate, and that was mins to midnight. It's baked chicken and augruten potatoes. We got here like 9pm, and everything went into the oven after we got here.

The place was just too hot for my sister to make herself go towards the stove. :) Really. After I had hiked my way to get my sandwich and made it back, a guy from admin office who came down looking for Tision, told me not to go outside, it was 200 degrees out. :) Ya, now he tells me. :) It felt like it was 98 degrees out, but it was only 86, but the humidity was 79. Even my uncle had said that it felt like summer in NY City :), and it's not even summer yet. :)

Well it's midnight and Nika just sleep walked out here looking for Jhodie who was sleeping on the couch. I'm trying to stay alive by having a fan on me, having the front door open so some of the breeze out there can find it's way in here, and I'm drinking glasses of ice water.

Well that was my day. Well most of it. The only other thing to mention was that they had the white coat ceremony today. Now it's for 1st semester students, and I crashed the buffet afterwards, pretending that I was looking for someone. Everyone else from my department just showed up and snagged food, I tried to be nice about it, but I did take a piece of a wing from one of their plates. Good thing too, it was pepper hot. I didn't get any when I went to get my own plate. Small red snack plate that it was.

Nighty Night. :) I'm off to watch some tv for be crashing at 2. :)

Before I Forget My Day.

Let's see.

I woke up a bit early to use the bathroom. Of course my sister is already up and moving around. I told her that uncle ray was going to come by today, and helped her move Nika's toy box into the third bedroom that will be mine in about a week or so.

Last night I called my uncle and told him that he could come and get his scanner and printer. I keep putting off finish scanning the book that I have. So I thought that I should give it back to him.

I did ask him what time would be good for me to come and install them for him on his desktop, but he made it sound like he would come and get them then tell me when I could come and install them.

So we were getting the place ready for my very neat uncle. Not that we/Jhodie was going to have the place spotless by the time he came over. She started looking for a dead mouse that she thought was inside one of the chairs in the living room. She didn't find any, so she thought it was trash that needed to be taken out instead. So she started the clean out the living room, and found more stuff that I thought we owned.

So I crawled back into bed for a few more hours. Uncle Ray knows I'm not a morning person. Anyway, around 10 or 11 I woke up, so I would be awake for him when he called to let me know he was coming. He said that he wanted me to show him something, so I turned on the computer, logged in and pulled the power cord back into the scanner. I then went for breakfast. I came back out for some cornflakes to finish off my milk when he called. My sister told me to get dressed, I just wanted to finish eat. :(

Fine I put some pants on and finish eat. Then I sat at the desk to wait for him. I ended up playing my new came Tumblebug until he came. Then when he came, he said that he thought I was going to go with him and set it up at his how and see my other uncle while I was over there.

*darn. I missed it. I'm watching a show about how they move houses or building that pose their own forms of problems. They just moved one of the two while I was typing. I actually thought that it was going to just crumble for how old it was. And that the bricks were just a little stronger than dried mud balls. But they made it, but I missed the trip.*

Ok.. back to earlier. So after trying to show him, and helping him pack up, he made me go with him over to his house to set it up and such. My sister made me put on a bra, that I wasn't going to anyway, but I a bit more concerned about my nappy hair. I didn't even get to comb it. We couldn't found the afrowpick. That is just about the only thing that can comb my hair out now.

Well I got over there to find out that he had a new computer desk. He found a student between a rock and departure date, so he got it for far less than what she was first asking for. It's a great desk. So I helped him set up the printer, the scanner, and some speakers that I'm sure he got off of another student. That man would love flea markets.

We then looked for the disks that we thought he had. But we didn't find them, so I guess they are somewhere in our house. :) I told Jhodie to call him and ask him what the name and model of his scanner and printer all so I can get the software/ drivers online and I'll burn them to a cd and then go to his house after work and install them for him.

Oh, saw my other uncle. Steve. He came in, he said hi, he asked me if was married yet. Ha!... He made a few phone calls, then he left to meet some friends since he's leaving tomorrow I'm told. Uncle Ray said that he came home last week and he found him inside the house. He asked him how he got inside. He said that he had the key from the last time he was there. :)

Well, he brought me home, and I got ready for work. Left for work a bit late like always. Saw no buses for 10 mins and got to work about 25 past, but E wasn't there. So I asked. She left early again because she wasn't feeling well. Ok. I logged in and then went to check on my computer in back, but before I made it back there, I was asked about a mod I was suppose to do for the log in page of some software we just got to make it look like it was ours. I told him that I was doing a Seal job for someone else yesterday, but I'll have the mod done today. He said fine.

Let's see.

I checked my mail. I got a thank you for the seal saying it was nice of me to get back to her so quickly with it. Quickly?? I took a whole shift. Ok. I had a good amount of time for myself. I helped a few students, I updated the IT department page. I worked on the mod. I did ok. I wanted to use another picture for one of the concepts I came up with, but I have to scan it out of the book first. I hope they like one of them. I like the one that I'm sure Ron won't like. It has student in it that don't look .... like studying students. :)

I got some nice software near the end of my shift. :) I also found out that Adobe had a new version of PhotoShop, and it looks nice. So I got the try and buy version, and found some batch of how-to videos for the program. I'll be having fun. :)

Well I did have some work near the end of my shift. I had gotten a tape from a teacher to digitize for him, and tonight Ron dropped off his video camera with footage of the school's new generator coming off the boat, thought town and installed on campus. Near the end I started to fall asleep. It was when they were slowing inching the generator unto it's new base. I did find out that two or so people came all the way from Canada to help place this thing on it's base.

I came out instead of sleep at 10, and started to close up. There were only 4 people left in the LRC at this time. It looks like they were 7th semester students. I set up the computer so that it could render out the movie until the computer restarted itself tomorrow at 6ish. At the front desk I fiddled a bit with the downloads then just locked it to finish download the videos for photo shop. That will also restart tomorrow in the early morning.

I got home ok. Around 10 till 11 or so. The floor was really clean, considering what I left it at this morning. :) There was mash potatoes, chicken wings in gravy and squash for dinner. The gravy was salty. I added some water, but over all it was a good dinner.

I went back to look at a link that I came across at work that didn't work then, but it worked now. It's this really long list of T.A.T.U. songs. Since I liked the two that I heard. I'm getting all of them with plug in for Foxfire called downTHEMall! Right now I'm up to 28% so the computer is staying on tonight.

Now I have to send and e-mail to my boss letting him know what I did with his camcorder. I left it charging.

See ya.

Oh, incase you are intrested in that link for the T.A.T.U. link.

Now it may not work at sometimes. Just try again in a few hours.

May 19, 2005

vTuner - Live Internet Radio Broadcasts Around the World

Hi, it's me again. :) *who else would it be*

Anyway, today I have a link to a site that lets you hear radio stations over your computer.

I think I might have come across the comcept before, but I like how they let you choose.

Now, they clam to also let you see tv channels, but I'm sure it's not the main streem stuff that you have to pay for. ... but then the other people might have a few good things.

They actually have links to two radio staions down here, and they came in quite good. Wonder if it will work as well at home.

The first page shows you some software that ties into what they offer, but it's at the top of the page that you pick what you want.

Have fun.

*yes.. blogging is back logged* You may not see anything for two more days. Sorry.

vTuner - Live Internet Radio Broadcasts Around the World

May 16, 2005

TumbleBugs game�— free game download

ya, ya. Another game, and ofcourse it's a spin off of Zuma. I have to say that. But it's a great one. They let you jump lines in this one.

I played it today with AM and we both love it.

This version is very humor based, but it's still a great puzzle game. I only really play puzzle games. Wish I could finish one, but I never get that far. :)

I have two back blog to post. I have them hanging out in the draft area. I won't have to remember too much when I go to finish them. :)

Oh, my sister left this morning. It was an uneventful leaving. She made Jhodie go with her, and when she came back she thought about staying up then remembered she had a work today. A student called her. This one has a broken arm.

I'll be posting a baby sitting filyer for her in a few days. I just have to make it first. :)

Well read the game review, check out the screen shots, and even tryout the game. I'm trying to find the real makers of the game, to see if I can find out some more about the game. :)

See ya on the flip side.

TumbleBugs game�— free game download: "TumbleBugs game adds fun and exciting features to the match three
puzzle genre. Lob shots over rows with �Ballistic Bugs�. On many
levels you will have the ability to jump between multiple shooting
platforms and take shots from different angles."

May 15, 2005

The Weekend.


I fiddled with my profile on the laptop. Mine seems to crawl in quicksand while the one that it came with is fine.

Then I went into work late. No big deal. Not that many students, and it's the weekend, and she didn't leave for hours.

I got to work to find out that they had stripped out the termite eaten floor trim in the hall way going to bathrooms. They put in a new door frame and sprayed the hall with insecticide. I smelled it as soon as I was walked into the "court yard" not to mention the LRC. They closed the bathrooms to keep people from walking though the stuff.

I finally started the cd burn job that I got from a teacher like Wednesday that week. And each day after, something else come up and it was put off. I even cracked the cd duplicator open to see if could come extend the rom drive out a bit more so I could turn my back on it once I got it going. But that wasn't to be. It was bolted in place. I don't even see how Rick got the roms installed in the first place. Four of the screws are very hard to get to. I looked at some, and tried others. :)

But I gave up, and put it back together then sat back to see. I set it, and it broke one cd instead of picking it up out of the tray. It just about behaved itself and it unloaded and loaded the rest of the cds just fine. It did make some noise, but it got over itself.

I then covered the front desk, and decided that it was well past, and high time that I went and touched on at least one of my online classes. After trying and sleeping though over an hour of one class, I realized that I hadn't gone back to some classes since 2003! That is just sad. But at least I had fewer classes to complete than I thought I did. That's one bright spot.

Ok, I had to wake up and taking another class wouldn't help. Oh, FYI, it was a customer service class. They gave us a whole bunch of service classes. It was one of the sore spots that they have been trying to fix since I got there. I thought that I didn't need it, but I actually learned a few things. Just half of it was a waste of time.

So, to wake up before anyone had to shake me for snoring, I picked up the new game that I got and played with AM at the end of the last semester. Incase I didn't tell you what it was, it's Paradoxion. The maker of the game can be found here. They also have a page that helps you pass levels. Use it when you are really stuck. It does no good to play a game just to cheat. Then why play at all??

Now the makers also have one other game that they came up with. I haven't checked it out yet, but if you like the first Zelda games it's kinda like that, just a bit more up to date. :)

Sometime around 9 I realized that there was just one person in here. Then she came out like 20 mins later and reminded me that they were having the start of the semester party tonight. Oh, that is why the place is a ghost town. We talked a bit, then she headed home. She wasn't into the full swing of studding yet. I guess that is why they are having the party tonight. :)

After she left I started singing out loud, then closed up and went home.


Let's see. I stayed up late, slept on the couch. I'm a big baby. I like having my tv on to help me fall asleep, and since I gave it to Phillys for the past few nights I've just been sleeping odd. Anyway, I laid in the couch as she got ready for her flight. She woke up Jhodie to go with her, and as she called uncle ray to have him come pick them up.

Then Jhodie told me not to go back to sleep or something like that, so I could let her back in. When she got back, she said that she didn't say that or something. Either which way, I went into my room. She was about to stay up when she remembered that she had a job today. A student had called her for job for that Sunday. In fact later that day before I made it in to school someone else called I think. Either then or Monday.

Well I was asleep for a while, Nika took care of herself until I woke up then we hung out until Jhodie came home, then I got ready for work. I started out at a good time, but when it was all said and done, I still got to work a bit late.

At least the smell from inside the LRC was gone, and the sign was down. You could use the bathrooms again. You could still smell the stuff when you were in the hall way, but that was it.

I posted a few announcements, then I started to do something, and ended up cleaning up the little office area. That Friday Tishion had moved his computer from the corner to where R's computer was set up. I don't know what he did with it. I spent the next 30 or so mins cleaning up the place. Just as I was finishing Tishion showed up. He didn't say hi, he said Wow. A bit to loudly. I almost told him that the next them he leaves food here to rot, I'll live it there for him to take out.

The rest of the night was ok. I even came back with the broom to sweep the floor. Darn broom. It was to short, and I hurt my back a little. How am I going to survive the gym? I hope they have someone there that would know what things I can with out hurting my back.

Then I sat back and looked around thinking, this won't last too long I'm sure, but I'm not cleaning up for anyone anytime soon again. They are going to miss me when I move upstairs.

It was a quite night, so I just say inside with my door open until it was time to leave.

That's it.

May 14, 2005

Hit The Ground Running Today.


Had a fast day. Most of it seemed like I was trying to catch up, but that is only due to a project that I got from Ron from the Dean.

It ate up my whole afternoon until 8 o'clock that night. I didn't leave work until 8:20 or so, and then I had to stand in the rain to catch a bus.

I had like 4 digital jobs to catch up on. Two I did yesterday and had to return the completed job back to the teacher, or student. Then there was on editing job. I received another one to do in my own good time, and the last one was the completion of making a mp3 cd from a normal cd of heart sounds for a teacher.

Then there was the scanning project that I was told to help a student with. That took more time than I would have liked also. That computer had also been ghosted and needed to have a few updates and the drivers for the scanner re-installed. Then there was explaning to the student what had to be done, how to do, and telling her that it was up to her how to do a few things, since it was her project. She didn't ( like all of them ) know what she was getting in to. "Oh, I'll just scan some pics and put them in power point and I'll have a great slide show for the end of semester dinner." Ya, sure.

She said that she had been asking for pictures for this little project for a while. But as far as I can see, that's all she's done. Hasn't picked out a song or songs. Don't know how she wants it to look, don't know the colour theme that she is going to use, or if there is one. I just gave her what I had. Which seem like they will me slight meshed into one thing. Now that I've enlighten her, she's not sure that she will be making it in power point. I just hope I'm not suck doing it, simply because I won't be there to see it, and that would make the third time I've done a slide for someone else when they realized the work involved.

And that was the easy part of my day, along with setting up e-mail for Dr. Kainer, and cutting up four movies for Dr. Yv. She was nice, and she wants to learn how to do it herself. But currently we don't have many XP computers on campus for teachers to use. In fact there is one, but I will still have to show her how to use it, and it's the 2x2 scanner's computer. I told her that the new ones we will be getting for the media center will be XP, and I'll have classes for those who want to know how to use movie maker.

Like I said. The little project I got from Ron sucked up the rest of my day. I was given about 29 pages to scan and make into editable documents for the Dean and Jane. He said that he wanted them to be exact copies. Nice. Exact copies take time, but due to some technical difficulties, it took me about 2 hours longer. So I might have finished around 5 if I hadn't run into some problems. Maybe even sooner. But I started this after 1pm I'm sure.

I almost let myself get dragged into helping with the laptops today when I told myself to back way and get back to the task, but I still got pulled in to helping some students and explaining a few things. They (the rest of the IT staff) all started disappearing around 3, so I was left to deal with students when they came to pick up their laptops from being configured to use our network wirelessly. That took another 30min at least from the task, then there was the other jobs that I had set for the day. That's another 20 mins, not counting the hour and 20 mins I took with the girl and the pics after I realized that I was past what I thought to be the dead line. I tried calling everyone involved to let them know that I was behind, but I would get it done before I went home. But none of them were at school anymore, and when I tried to call Ron, it sounded like his cell turned off on me. But we are having some problems with our cellular service down here.

Check this. We now have two cell companies down here. Cingular , and Cable & Wireless. Now the thing is, anyone who has a C&W phone can't call anyone who has a Cingular phone and the same way the other way around. But get this. Cingular is saying that you get all you phone calls free, but the thing is, just about everyone else has a C&W phone. They flooded the market just before Cingular showed up, and it now seems that C&W are having their own problems with calls getting though to their own cells.

My sister called called or I called her, I'm not sure now. But she said that they were having chicken and chips for dinner, and Lynn was coming over to spend the night. Turns out, she came over to see Phillys. The same Phillys that finally got into her first big fight. First with out asking what anyone wanted, she just left. There was a reason, but I didn't think it was that big, and I don't remember what it was. Then I went to place orders for the chicken and chips for everyone in case she didn't go there when she stormed out. I just had to wait for the rain to finish. She took the umbrella. I asked what I was getting and then left to go to Tiga's, but as I was walking I thought that I should get something different. I shouldn't really be eating deep/pan fried anything. I know. I'll get a nice veggie pizza with veggie cheese on a wheat crust that was slightly deep dished. :) My sister got me a slice or two the week before or so. So I went, asked and was disappointed. They were out. They sold out early that day. So I told him to save a whole one for me for tomorrow. That's $16 or so for a whole one of four slices. It's just a little bigger than a personal pan size. The size of a dixie plate I would think.

Well I got the drink from there that Lynn wanted, then brought it back to the house and asked if Phillys was back. They said no and I want on to Tiga's. And there was Phillys standing up front with Lynn's black umbrella. I asked her what she ordered. She got it wrong. I told her what everyone wanted, and gave her and extra $5 for ginger beer for me. It's like... sarsaparilla with heat.

I then walked back and we all waited for her to come back. After a while Jhodie couldn't wait anymore and went and got a piece of bread and dip, and just as she bit into it, Phillys came though the gate. Then Phillys started talking before she really came into the house. She was only able to change most of the order. She got everyone's order except Lynn's. And she just started babbling. She wanted us to fork over some of ours so that Lynn can get something to eat. First off, it's not like we ordered at MickyD's and super sized it. We all had just enough, and Jhodie was sharing her's with Nika. I ordered $5 fries and one drum stick because a $7 has just about no fries and I like the fries, and Phillys got herself a $7. So she gave up a chicken, and I gave some fries, but not much. As far as I was concerned, I didn't have that much to give. The argument came when we all told Phillys that she could just have asked for another $5. She said that the girl told her that she had what she brought her. And we told Phillys that they make them then and there. She could have just asked for another $5, said that she would be back for it. Came back with what she had, maybe even stay and eat some of her's and then go back for it. If not stay in the first place.

After Lynn shouted for all of us to be quite just when I put my hand out for Phillys and Jhodie to stop shouting at each other, I thought it was over. Phillys fumed, then a spin off of the first argument started between her and Jhodie. That lasted for like 20 or so mins.

Lynn slept on the couch. I was on the computer until 4ish because the clock over the tv was behind. Way behind. It needs a new battery. By the time I woke up Lynn to us the computer again, she told me too, I had set myself up for little sleep before work.

Oh, before I hit bed, I realized that it was Friday the 13th. At least I still had some money. :)

May 12, 2005

My First day back.

To a normal work day.

It wasn't bad. I was busy, and I got lunch.

I'm trying to remember what I did since I didn't get to write it down yesterday and I want to start handing in my reports this semester. Last semester I wrote everything down, I just didn't get them into the layout he wanted, and I didn't give them to him. I want to do it right this time. Let's see.

Wednesday 11th, May.

Worked on website with information from teachers, and students for announcements.

Did two tapes to digitize. One for a teacher, one for a student for a class.

Worked on two laptops. One for a teacher, one for a student. The student’s laptop was infected with spyware that wouldn't let you leave the home page. Before when the laptop was brought in, it had a note on it saying that it couldn't connect to the internet thought the network card. His network connected was disabled. I have to have him fill out a form, and pay for Norton before he can get his laptop back. The teacher's laptop got configured fine, except I won't let her log into the system to get to her folder on the server. I have was told to talk to Jason about it. It's his wireless network.

Realized that I somehow left access to some documents for housing, that I was suppose to take down to make way for the new housing/welcome committee site. But if they were still up, why was everyone searching so hard for them? I received updated information for that page. I'll have to ask Collin where the old housing folder can be found since they used a redirect to connect to it.

I received a job for a burning some cds for Dr. Gevermayer's class. He didn't say when, and to tell the truth, I couldn't have done it yesterday anyway. Will have to start and maybe finish them today. It's only 56 or so copies. I also helped with getting some videos from the net for class, and I got updated information about his class to post on the website.

I helped Cindy with some Devry homework off and on that afternoon for about an hour.

I went by the relocated FDC to find out why I couldn't get into one computer that I have some stuff on. Unjoined it and rejoined it to the domain under a new name and it still didn't work. I then had Collin go into the server and take it out that way, and we saw that the old name was still there, and we took that out too. Thursday when I get in, I'll stop by and add it to the network and see if that fixes it.

Helped Collin with an acrobat glitch.

Left work at 7:35pm.

That was my day. Now to get my tenses right, and I can add this to my report that I turn in, in two weeks.

As for after work. I stopped off at the store on my way home to get some fruit for Nika to take to school, picked up a few other little things, and walked home. Little fights with Phillys for most of the night. Gave Jhodie most of the cake I got at the store, had left overs, checked mail, and when everyone was asleep, I made a wallpaper and posted it at my club over at msn. If you want to see it, you'll have to go over there to see it. It's meant for the older crowd.

Then I fell asleep waiting for this new show that I wanted to see. Missed just about all of it, fell asleep again, and I got really bad acid for my troubles. So I packed up and went to bed.

I was woken up today by my sister telling me that Phillys was going to work with her. They were off to see Maria. Then she came back with the phone for me. It was work. T was asking about the computer with the 2x2 scanner. I told him that he had to re join it to the network. Then she came back and told me that they were leaving and there were pancakes. This time they were already cooked. :)

Ok. It's 12:07 now.

Oh, if you stop by to see the wallpaper it under the heading TGITh. Vote on it. When you click on the thumbnail you will get a bigger version, and on the bottom of the page, you can vote on it.

See ya.

May 09, 2005

My Sleep Day


I had the whole house to myself for most of the day.

They left just before 9am to drop Nika off at school, and didn't come back until after 2. Then around 4:30 they went to the beach for a few hours.

During the time that they were gone I got 3 phone calls in the morning. One from work with E on one end telling me I should tell her stuff through e-mail, which brings me to why she was calling me about the cds I did on Sunday night for a few teachers. I didn't have to tell her. Ron said that he was going to deal with it when he got in that morning. Hence, why she didn't see them on my desk where I left them in plan sight. That call woke me up.

Then later someone for Phillys called. At first I thought it was Phillys, but this lady talked slower then she did. She had the same self important sound to her voice that Phillys has. I guess it was one of her friends. I told her to call back after 4, since I didn't know when they were coming back and it was all ready after 1pm and they weren't back yet. Then as I was cleaning out the "pantry", when Lynn called to talk to Jhodie. I talked to her for a bit, then went back to my clean up job.

A little after 2pm they came home. Then I heard that they were going back out agan to the beach. I don't go to the beach. It holds nothing for me.

Before they left Jhodie said how Phillys went around telling people how they were charging too much for everything. Infact, she said that she will send us money to get a new stove.

My uncle came for them around 4:30pm and they picked up Nika and went right to the beach with a quick stop some where to get something for Nika to eat.

Other then Breakfast and Dinner, I picked at almost everything around the house or I selpt. For breakfast I had pancakes. They left the batter and I didn't burn any when I made mine. As for dinner. I put off cooking as long as I could, but Then I had to cook something if I wanted to eat more then some bad cheese crackers that I didn't like. Jhodie said that I could have used one of the corned beefs, so I started with that. I found some home made macaroni that my mom bought and shipped down for us last year. I found it while cleaning out. To that I added some sweet peas, some heat, and a few seasonings. It's not bad. I wish that I had cut some onions a bit late in the process. I like onions.

While they were at the beach, I stayed awake, after all it was too late in the day for a nap. Besides, I had some stuff to scan. I washed a few dishes, remembered that Jhodie asked me to soak some whites for her in the washing machine. But first I had to hand out what she left in there to first. She showed up before I really did anything with turned out to be a good thing. What she called a white and what I called a white were different, and then it came to measuring the clorox. She was happy she stopped me. I didn't have a clue how much to use.

We all got to see the last half of Riddick this afternoon before they went to the beach. I was suppose to record it tonight for Jhodie to see it from the start, but I goofed. I fully turned off the vcr when I was suppose to only turn it half off. Then I got the length of the movie wrong. I saw 120mins, and thought an hour and 20 mins. When I went back to check when next it was going to come on, I realized that it was really telling me that the movie was 2 hours long. When I first watched it, it didn't feel that long. I guess that is one of the reasons I think it was so well done. It didn't seemed rushed, or things weren't brought about too quickly. Another bummer. It's not showing again this month. She will have to wait until next month to catch it again.

I do see something else to tape later in the week to go on our "movie tape". I have to look it up again. Shrek 2, is coming on this Saturday. I saw a bad bootleg version and paid money for it about 2 weeks ago, and now it's coming on, on tv. I should have just waited.

Well it's now 11:56pm right now.

I tried to e-mail in my blog yesterday for yesterday, but it failed. :( I also sent the e-mail to a friend of mine, so I'm asking him if could send it back to me so I can copy and paste it here.

And for the first time ever, I've been going back every couple of lines and re-reading what I wrote to catch the grammer mistakes. I'll check for spelling in a bit.

Ok. Just after midnight now, and now I'm watching Untold Stories of the The ER. It's interesting.


May 08, 2005

On big bump

I just trying to find a phone number on line. :) I thought that I had it writen down, butI didn't. I then thought about calling off island and asking the state operator for the number. Then I came here thinking that I should try asking them for their number first.

I think that I may try calling my friends. Like one a month so, so I don't ring up a bill that I can't pay off.

Today wasn't bad. Well, I got to work 30 mins late, then our printer ate it's ribbon. So. We were humming long then screeched to a stop. So we ended up taking everyone's pic, and storing them for when we can get the printer working again. I'm just glad that I'm not there tomorrow and Tuesday. :) At first I kinda felt that it was my fault. Since I found the place that we got the ribbon from, but then I got their address from the maker of the printer as being one of their outlet branches for supplies. But the printer is acting so odd, they are starting to think that they might need to get a new one. Let's hope it's not this week. :) (turned out we are getting new one, but the same as the one we have now.)

Oh, my sister took my other sister to Fisherman's Wharf. It's expensive there, but my
sister eats out. Good for her. I told them to bring me back something. I had just gotten in from work, and I didn't feel like going out again. They ended up spending almost $100. For three meals, and not really "meals" they brought back some fries.

I don't even know if they are going to play Star Wars down here. A new student asked
about seeing "The Hitchhicker's Guide To the Galaxy". I told her that I didn't think it had that much of chance, but I would like to be proven wrong. The movies that get into the one movie place we have down here, are picked by a board or something like that.

I don't know if I would want all 6 of the star wars movies. I love 4-6, but I was disapointed with the first one. I think I like the seciond one. Maybe if this one is good, I might get the whole set. But I'm saving the rainy day/weekend for the Lord of the Rings movies. :)

My day ended on a few good notes. I got a ride home, I danced and sung to some music that I turned up since I was the last one there, and I was able to finish the burn jobs that were giving me so much trouble.

Well I think that's it. *kiss* take care.

May 07, 2005

Well, My Sister is Here.

She still sounds like the 12 or 14 year old that I left back in NY, she just looks older. Kinda.

Her voice can so easily get your nerves.

She's already wanting to go buy soda. We don't have soda. We can't really afford soda every pay check.

I tried to come on to blog earlier today but we lost power.

Back.... *looking at the system tray clock*... 7 hour later. Grin 3

Today is my sister's day. Her luggage didn't come on her plane. They were a flight back due to the weight limit of the plane. Then when they went back tonight at 7:30pm, they found out that the luggage wasn't there. It might be in tomorrow 11-ish.

Right now I'm trying to live though her voice. *winching* she's loud. Sorry mom. Ya, my mom reads my blog. She found the other week or so, and read up on my life with Pearl.

As for my day, I woke up at 8am actually. Ya.. and I stayed awake. That is due to the fact that I fell asleep last night at 9pm or so. Yep. I slept almost all the way though. I woke up two times. The first time I went back in bed at 2 am to keep my sister from making me clean. The second time I just woke up to use the bathroom at 6am or so. I even worked in a nap around 10 for and hour or less. Very short nap. My sister wanted me to clean up the kitchen. It seemed that every dish we had, had a party while we weren't looking. By the time I sorted it all out, every plate, every cup, every fork, knife, spoon, cooking utensil and bowl we had was dirty, plus a few odds and ends.

I was standing for over an hour and half washing everything by group.

Well I have to go post some wallpapers tonight. I know what I'm doing now, and I'm ok with it. I was abit sad about not needing to make contact sheets anymore.

I got to see Riddrick tonight. It's great. Afterwards, Jhodie told me that it bombed state side. How?!? It's great. I was very impressed. I'm getting that one on DVD. Oh, that brings up too things.

One, AM is back. :) She got back a day late due to weather I think. She had a good time at home, and she got the stuff for me. The go between for the DVD player worked great. :) We tested it out with the one dvd we had. Jhodie got it from a student. It worked great. It then paused at an odd moment. This is when my sister decided to tell me that little Ray said that it does that. Fine.

Two, my odd sister bought us some DVDs. She brought I, Robot. I was so happy until I put it in the "hand me down" laptop that she brought down for Jhodie. It's a bootleg! A bad bootleg. All the DVD's she bought down were bad bootlegs. One even had a person passing in front of the screen. But I sucked it up and played I, Robot, but I'm not keeping any. She could have bought a real copy, but ... *just asked her*... she buys the real stuff for herself, and for other people she buys the bootleg stuff. I was searching for a word for her. Jhodie just gave me the word self-absorbed. I told her not to buy us anything then.

Well I have to go. It's an hour before midnight, and I have 10am shift tomorrow then I go back to normal hours. Which gives me Monday and Tuesday off.

I'll let you know how we both do. Oh. one other thing. Yesterday I found out that Roosevelt is was leaving. He's one of the techs in my department. I called him R in here. He went to work for the nursing college down the street. I was the last one to find out. On Wednesday I left work early to go to get my shot, and I found out Friday that they had a meeting later that afternoon at which everyone was told. So I found out two days later. Great. Besides not being able to tell him good bye, some people saw it coming and I didn't. It's almost as if he died. The chances of me seeing him again are slim to none since I don't go out.

Oh, to fill a few gaps.

Friday I was able to nibble on food for most of the day and didn't get sleepy, and wasn't starving for once. I helped out the new teacher again with getting/making IDs for her and her husband. I also did a few more for some other students. Then it rained, and rained and rained. The reason I brought up the rain is because that day was the day of the catamaran trip for the first semester students and faculty and some staff. It's mostly a faculty thing first semester student thing.

I had a run in with our cd duplicator. I once again asked if anyone had the copy of the original software for it, since I had to uninstall it when I lost sight of my cd rom drives a month or so back. This time I got it, and it worked, but now we were back to the old problem... (shoot. :( I was suppose to go back in to work today to check on it. I left it going last night. I might have been able to get the second set going)... The replacement drive was misaligned with the hand that dropped and picked up the cds. So it would drop the cd into the tray, and it would be off. It would close, not see a disk because it was slightly jammed, spit it out, do it two more times, then abort the whole job. A few times it would get it right or the moving of the tray would slide the disk down to where it was suppose to be. But more often then not, I would have to pull the tray out further when it was going to drop a cd or pick up one.

I should go, the wallpaper thing. It's now 21 past. Be back.


It's 11:48pm now. Here's one of the wallpapers I decided to post.

I think it's nice.

Well I should start looking for my bed. I may stay at work late tomorrow depending on how the cd burning goes tomorrow. I'm mostly going to be doing IDs. I was suppose to ask E how much she did on Wednesday, but I just forgot. Oh.. I didn't finish my Friday for you.

Not much more, just three more things.

One, I saw a full box of paper fall on T's head from 2 feet up. They were using an interesting way of getting the papers to us this time. Down a retaining wall from a level up behind the LRC. And like I said, one fell on T's head.

The next thing. I was set to do some data entry with a new scheduling program that we got that was web based. Ron started it, but ofcurse he has no time, so he gave it to me to finish it after he showed me how to do. Later I'll learn more so I can help to trouble shot it for the people who will be reallying using it later.

I was able to get to talk with the guy that was suppose to be sending us updated pictures of the site of the dorms. I was suppose to be receiving weekly pictures of the progress of the dorms to post them on the website. It's been more or less 4 months since the whole thing got stated, but I've only gotten 3 sets of pics. So I had to change the wording on the page from Third Week to Third Batch. They did find some kind of ruin over there, and I waited for those pics, and ofcourse I don't have them. I'm hoping by the time I go back to work on Wednesday I will find them in my inbox. Along with some other stuff I asked for from some teachers.

Well I have to spell check this one. I'm not doing so well in coming back and spell checking and such later.

*kiss*.... oh... for a deep moment. I thought about calling up G, and asked him if he would write me and let know if got a girl friend before I showed up at his door step some time in the future. I still think I should, if for nothing else than to hear his voice. Ya, I'm willing to put some money into my little obsession, but then, I could just e-mail him this blog. I think he still read my mails even if he didn't write me back. Or I could do both. I'll see.

Off to check out how much stuff I messed up typing this thing. :)

Ok.. done.. and it's 12:32am, ya.. long blog. Bye.

May 05, 2005

They Messed up.

Work was slow, I got there about half past, I think.

We got our ribbons for the ID printer. And I got to about 7 before I left early.

Before I left work, I ate lunch, fought to stay wake as always, did some website updateing, and but other than that, a rather dead day for me.

I packed lunch when I got up this morning. A drum stick, spoon of jelly greavy, and a some pasta. :)

Ron was back today. I knew it, one of the reasons why I dressed up a bit, also because the ribbons might also be in and I would be doing 50 or so IDs today and I wanted to look decent.

Like I was saying before. I left work early. I checked my appointment card. Today I was due to go for shot. So I told Collin that I had a doctor's appointment and that I was leaving at 2:30 for the day. He said fine. At first the thought that wouldn't make a meeting to say and make IDs, but I told him that E knew how to do it.

I haven't seen or heard of her messing it up, so I shouldn't have thought that I shouldn't hand the job over to her. Soon I won't be down here anymore. I told her when I was leaving that I had entered most of the first semester students into the computer she just had to confirm and check their names off the list and all of vet pre was on paper and not in the computer.

I then went to wait for a bus. Oh, I failed to mension. They dug up the street like Monday or so I think. I'm pretty sure that the street wasn't like that on Friday last week, but it was when we came back on Tuesday. I could be wrong, and was just tired to care or remember. Well I got to the clinic and read the sign. Open until 3:15, I went to see the clock in the next room. Great. It was just 3. I didn't get to leave at 2:30 like I wanted, and I waited a while for a bus.

Anyway, I got there and she asked if I was suppose to be there yesterday. I said nope. The card said today. So as she was about to write me up and start asking question she checked the date again. I did have the wrong date in my little book. I was due back the 24th, not the 4th of May. I was tempted to say that it felt like it was too soon, but I didn't. I did get the test results back from my peep smear. I have a yeast infection. Didn't even know. I may not even have it anymore. After all, it was almost 3 months ago.

Well at least I will be back on my night shift and I should still have Tuesday off so I could come in for my shot with out any problems.

I then walked up a hill in the hot soon. When I got home, I just stood infront of my fan for a long time, then wonder back into it's path for a while before moving on. I finially started to do the dishes just before Jhodie and Nika came home. It turns out Nika didn't wake up in time for school, so she went to work with Jhodie. They bought KFC. Jhodie said that she was starving.

The lingering effects of Pearls stay here came back to me. She was suppose to come by and give us the money that she owed on our phone. You can no longer be behind in your phone bill. You don't pay it on time, it will be cut. So Jhodie had to use most of our cable money bill to pay off phone. So I'm expecting to loose cable soon, unless I use some of my money from Hills to pay on that.

I was going to get the tvs fixed, then what was left determined which water heater we got, and the fan for the last bedroom and/or living room. Now that plan just got shot. I'm upset, but slightly happy when we aren't the only ones mad at her. She was suppos to come by and get her son from her father's house Tuesday or Monday afternoon/night. She didn't. She didn't come by, she didn't call. So he had to take time from work to take Verey country.

I fell asleep on Jhodie's bed this afternoon while she was painting the last bed room. Phil our other sister will be here on Saturday afternoon. I got woken up twice. Onice by mistake, and the second time to get something for Nika to eat. Then I just stayed up and did some more work on my wallpaper club. Then I helped pack things back into the room and set up the bed. We plugged in one of the two laps that Jhodie had gotten. The bulb was way to bright, so we changed it for one that we had that was lower, but we thought that it was still too bright, but better than what was there before.

After I woke up I didn't go back to watching dishes, but I did end up rinseing a plate or two. Tomorrow I'm sleeping in a bit late, then wake up and finish cleaning up the kitchen. I've done peiecs over the days so it isn't as bad as it was before. :)

Ok, 1:31am. I'm tired, and I should try and get my sister into her bed now. She's been sleeping in the couch for the past hour or so how.

Should I spell check??? Tomorrow. I'm tired for some reason. The nap was short.

May 03, 2005

Fire Fly????


I'm back. I'm tring to wake myself up so I went over to to check out some trailers.

I came across this one.

Did you ever watch a tv show called FireFly? It was great wasn't it? :)

I think they jumped to a movie. Ya. That is what the link is for. I thought the world forgot about them. I'm glad that I was wrong. Now I can get the show on a dvd set, and add the move to it.

Ok.. I remember some work that needs to be done, and I'm getting some boiled nuts to eat.

See ya.

I'm Hungrey

Last night I said that I was anxious. That was because I was hoped and thought that we might have gotten the ribbon for the printer and I would be doing IDs for the day.

But I'm here, it's after 1pm and all I've really done is help a new teacher with setting up her Ross mail and such.

Did I say I was hungry? I had some small pancakes this morning. My sister kept her word and made us some since we went looking on a holiday for an open store. Last night, while most of Basseterre was hanging out on the pasture up the street from us partying, Nika and I went looking for a store that was open so we could buy some oil. 4 stores later we found one, and it had the kind of oil that Jhodie wanted, just smaller.

I left the house like 15 or so past this morning. I got here around 30past I think. I converted some documents for PAVE, then as I about to move some documents all to one box I was sent upstairs to help a new teacher.

We were under the impression that they were moving into the empty office. Turns out that they were replacing a teacher that was currently away for the semester. I knew that he was going home, but I didn't know it was for a whole semester.

Anyway, I spent some time up there. Rick had to make her profile and such, so I had to hang around for him to get that done then I more or less explained a lot of thing to them, and gave them directions to places. Once again my accent made them wonder where I was from. Currently they (the teacher and her husband) are coming from Africa. Oh, they are white by the way. They kinda have a British accent, but on the softer side maybe. I think they have been globetrotting for a number of years.

Well they said thanks then I came back down. Didn't realize how long I was gone until I came back and looked at the clock. It was almost noon. I was gone for like 2 hours or so. I then thought that I wasn't hungry. Good breakfast. Then 1 o'clock came around. Now I'm ready to eat. But no one is leaving. Tishion already left and came back. With out telling me I might add. I don't want to spend more then $6 until I go to the bank to take off my "bus" money for the next two weeks. Now I'm sleepy and hungry.

When I had no where to go I was asleep by 1, now that I got back to work what time did I go to bed? After 2am. At least it was before 3.

I even used a face scrub on my face this morning. It was for meeting the new students and making IDs if we got the ribbon, but it's ok.

Ron is set to come back today, but I don’t' think that we will see him in here today really. Not that he wouldn't prove me wrong and show up at 3:30 to see how thing are. I just have to show up tomorrow before 8:30 since Ron will be here.

I think that I've come up with a good idea for how I'm going to post my wallpapers over at my club using the new link thing I got.

I'll test it out later or maybe in a few mins. Collin seems to be baby sitting his own kid today. He brought him in to work. FYI, the baby is like 3 months old. I don't know what gives there. He just left. Oh well.

*YAWN*.... I'm thinking of spending $8 up at the cafeteria. Granted I have about a little over 2 hours left now, but it's not like my night shift.

I think that I'll go now. I still don't have anything to do, but I should maybe move to my desk. I'm on the floor on one of the new computer set ups. I came out here to talk with Brain. We looked at few things then he left. He was just sneezing and sneezing. He said that the took something, but it didn't look like it was working.

I was thinking of wiping down the monitors, then my back reminded me that I can't bend for that long like that. So now I'm thinking to put that off until Friday so come next week when school starts and for registration, they would be clean.

May 01, 2005



I'm currently taking some time out of updating my wallpaper pages on my two websites to say ya. :)

Hopefully by the time my sister and Nika get back from the beachnik I'll be done with my updates. They left at noon. I have no clue when they will be back.

I was planning on going to school to sneak in some work, but I think I'll just stay here and clean instead.

Yesterday was shopping day for us. Jhodie woke me up at 9 am. I was up until midnight, then I just crashed. I wanted to take a nap when I was in town, but when I got home I just started on my wallpaper things. We did rather well with the shopping yesterday. The part that went wrong was when Nika fell asleep around 6pm or so, and stayed asleep until 11pm or so. And we tried to get a movie to watch since we now had a vcr, but the first place my sister went to only had dvds to rent, so she went to the other only place that we knew about, and got something, but she should have saved her/my money. The one of the two that we looked at was a bad bootleg, :(, the other one I haven't even looked at yet.

Today, I kinda helped Jhodie get ready for the beachnik after I woke up at 11am. :) I had tried out a cereal that we got yesterday and I don't like it. I tried to fix it, but it just ended up being too sweet for me to eat. :P I then went to the very odd mix that I made the night before of some kind of Indian snack thing, some Frito's twists and some crispy chow main noodles. The Indian thing on it's own, wasn't that great, so I tried to add something to it to make it worth eating. The twists work. But I had more of the Indian stuff then the twists. :) Oh, Indian as in from India. :)

Now I'm just drinking water. I want to eat, but I have no will to. Which I consider odd, and slightly greatful for, but to keep reaching for something to eat, then just turning away or dropping it. Did I say odd?

Oh, before my sister left for the beach with Nika, she called me to say that she forgot to carry a blanket or sheet for them to sit on, so I could I bring one? Great. Nappy uncombed hair, in my night shirt, and I have to get dressed and get it there before they leave. In what?.. 2, 3 mins? I would need 5 to just comb out my hair!

So without a bra I put on an off the shoulder blouse, my long jean shirt so you couldn't see my legs, didn't touch my hair, and grabbed a sheet off the line, and I left the house open. One, because I didn't have my keys, and two, to remember to water the plants on the kitchen step.

As I said before, I'm now working on my wallpapers. You should stop by and see where I'm up to, if I'm not done yet when you get there. Go to my first website, and go the end and there you will see the link to my wallpapers.

Ok, I have to go upload the wallpapers that I had to change. ImageShack is proving to be a very nice thing for me. I just don't know how I'm going to use it with my wallpaper club. It's the perfect place to use it since I have no place over at msn groups, but how to really use it, I'm not sure.

Well, see ya.