April 20, 2006

I Didn't Walk Back.

I had good timeing yesterday when I went to pay my bills.

Just about no one was in line at both places.

But before I left the house, the post man sceared me. I just about never see him deliver the mail, so I looked into the living room, saw a hand coming through the living room window and shouted "HA!" Lucky me I don't think he knew that if I was near a knife I might have attacked him. I'm gald I wasn't either. I tryed to explane that I was sorry for shouthing and that he scared me, but he had already walked back out the yard. I went to see what mail he brought. The two bills that I needed to pay that day and an envelope of reciepts for everything else that I was paying down on from Horsford.

I walked into town feeling fine and made a nice little discovery. A few months ago, we found out that 5 Ways was now more. It was sold, fixed up, but until yesterday, I saw no hit that a downstairs eatary was up and running. I stopped at the front door, and read what they were selling and checked out the prices. Not bad, but it didn't say what hours they had. So I walked in and since I never look like I belong anywhere, the chef who was sitting at one of the tables said good afternoon and I asked when they closed. First he said that they haven't started thier later hours to 8 yet, and currently they were opened until 6pm.

On the way back I stopped off at a few places. I got some bread, I got some liquid  hand soap, then I got lunch since it was after 3 and I hadn't had breakfast yet. I got two jonnie cakes and saltfish, then I walked over to Ram's to get some milk, ginger snaps, and a viggie frozen side dish that we saw the last time we went shopping. It cost me $10. I found lactose free milk, they were instock again. I then picked up a few more things, but I didn't go over 10 items.

After all that I spent a pretty penny. I could no longer afford to go back to the new 5Ways to get slice fish and fries for lunch and save the jonney cakes for dinner. Besides, it was far hotter than I thought it would be, and I just wanted to go home. I didn't feel like walking it back.

The rest of my was rather unevent full. I cleaned off the washer. Something it looks like my sister has not done in ages. I ran the stuff that she left back in a basket through another cycle with some softener, then hung them out. Then I just preped for today and tryed to go to sleep. Which didn't work out so well, since I had a nap after I got back from town.

I don't feel like I'll be up that late again tonight.

I'm just about ready to go and watch about 3 or eps of anime, then bore myself to sleep with the weather channel. *grin*

Today (Wednesday) was set to be a great day. It just got worst and worst bit by bit. I got up, made breakfast, something I haven't done in ages. Toast and eggs with bush tea. I washed a sink full of dishes, ironed my skirt that I had airing out all night, and before all that, I got up at 8:45 and put my bra and shirt outside to finish dry for the day.

I was thinking I was set, I was going to get to work early today, I had a meeting with TJ, and get some answers for some questions. Have veggie lassanza from the Ital place, and then start on the compling of the Ross Link before coming home to make rice to go with the veggie side dish for dinner.

I didn't make to work early. I even got to work 7mins after the hour. I was suck for most of the day helping Ms. Boradbelt with a scanning issue. Then I missed being able to go for lunch. I was asked to set up a scanner for a teacher and almost took it apart, because it was locked before moving an that person didn't unlock it once it was brought over, and I didn't remember about the lock until I had taken out two screws and was trying to find a way to get the other side off. Then when I was having a talk with Ron, he told me that most of the no licenced and free stuff was going to go bye bye. Even FireFox. NO! I don't care if you take everything else, and made me use Windows Media Player to play music, but not FireFox. *sob... sob*

I endned up spending $10 instead of $7 for lunch which I didn't end up getting and eating until after 5pm. At that point I should have just waiting until I got home to get something to eat, but I was hungery. I missed getting some tomatoes because I had to help someone with something because they had to go do something else, so by the time I came back out the egg guy was gone.

After I ate I was feeling tried and not wanting to do anything. I nooded off, then just waited for the end of my shift so I could home. I helped two students, but only one really. Then when it was time for me to leave I remember something that I should have done, and stayed back to do that, then I found some stuff that I should take off the computer. I forgot my thumb drive at home so I was cleaning off a CD-RW but it was taking forever so I set the computer to restart in an hour and a half, and locked the computer and left work at 25 till 8.

I'll mess with the Ross Link tomorrow.

I did get to eat my side dish but I didn't make rice to go with it. I made cuscus to go with it instead.

Ok, time to watch some anime and be asleep by 2am.

See ya......

Disclamer of major typos and spelling mistakes... will correct sometime tomorrow. 




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April 18, 2006

Do Your Nails Feel Funny When You Paint Them?

Mines always feel funny and heavy. One of the reasons why I don't do it often, and often for me is like once every 3 or so years. *grin*.

I felt like painting them a few hours ago, but then stopped after one hand when I remembered that I have a ton load of dishes to wash. Oh, it's clear polish by the way. Colour polish just looks wrong on my fingers. My fingers feel so odd right now that I'm itching to take it off. I wonder where the alcohol is?? *looking over at the medicine shelf*

Let's see. Last night it was 2 before I knew it. I don't think that I went to sleep at 3:30am maybe. I had two phone calls today. At 8am M called me. She had called me at work last night to say that someone would give me something for her. They didn't. So I said so, and even said that I forgot to go looking for them. After I hung up, I realized that, that person wasn't even at work yesterday. So it wasn't my fault after all.

Then an hour and half later I got another phone call. It was from Peter. Yes I'm saying his first name. He wanted to come over and watch tv. I'm darn sure he called because he knew I was here alone. He said that he was board and wanted to watch tv. I asked for how long. He said two hours. I said ok, then I told him the house was a wreck. Then I got up and proceeded to clean up something of the living room. I may not like him, but I don't like people to see the mess this place is in at times. I cleared a part of the couch, moved a few things, and was just about done when he came. I unlocked the door and walked towards the bathroom. As I walked down the hall and as he came in I told him the remote was on the couch and that he had to push the button on the tv to turn it on. I came out of the bathroom to find him under the computer desk. I looked at him and he said that he wanted to plug in his phone to recharge, but he couldn't get it into the surge protector. I first said that he could, not that he asked, then I told him that he had to push the gray tab. It's a safety feature. I then went into my bedroom and closed the door.

I occupied myself on the computer for two hours then laid down while I downloaded something. Before I fell asleep he knocked on my door and asked for something to drink. I told him the kitchen was empty. I then woke back up 2 hours later. There's a nap for you. I was starving. I walked out to go to the bathroom again and told him as I was passing that I was going out.

I have nothing to eat in this house. I might try cooking tomorrow just to save money. He left right away, but I would have let him stay until I was ready to leave, but fine by me. I then walked out to see that he went to store, got stuff and added them to the mess. Well, about 30 mins later I was out the house with my thumb drive to see if I could find that kid that I showed you in the last post, my keys and $20 for lunch. I should just have gone to school to get Itel food. I walked all over the village and I only saw two open stores. I went right to one place, and they were closed. The car for the kid wasn't where I expected it to be. I didn't see it at all, and the one kid I asked at a store close by didn't know him. Then I started wondering around the village for somewhere that was open where I could buy something to eat that looked liked food. So in the end I ended back up at a place I passed when I was headed to the first place. It was 4 blocks down Wiggly Ave.

But before I got there, I ran into the nurse and her husband. It seems that they bought this building about two blocks from my house. It's on the main road, and it's two stories, with the ground floor being a store. They were painting it up. They are going to rent it out when they are done. The apartment on the top has 4 bedrooms, and they are going to rent it out by the bedroom to students. Because of the list of stuff that you have to have to be picked as a good place for housing for Ross, they are going to first offer it to the nursing students at the other Ross. I don't blame her, but I told her that not all RossVet students demand all the stuff that housing asks for, because they don't have the money for it.

So I then walked down 4 blocks to get to that store. I first hopefully asked if she had lunch. She sells lunches normally, but today was her day off too. I saw an egg and cheese sandwich, so I took one, two $1.25 bread, and two drinks. One a big pineapple juice box that was $100 juice, and a fizzy drink incase I got an upset tummy later. Because I had asked about lunch at the start, she asked if I didn't want another sandwich. I looked back in the showcase, then asked if she had more. She said that she could make one, I said go for it. When it was all said and done, I got back .50 cents from my $20.

When I got back home watered the plants at the front of the house by pulling the hose through the bathroom window and through the house. A few hours later after eating my sandwiches I bagged the trash that my sister left in the trash can, and turned over the trash can to get some of the water out and give it a chance to try out. I then brought in the other one that I had turned over, over a week ago. I cleaned up a bit. I bagged every thing that I could bag, stacked a few things, set up the computer to download a few things, and watched tv for about 3 hours. At one point I was starting to nod off, so I got up and walked around and checked on the computer, and did a few stretches, then found something to watch. Then after a show or two I turned on this computer to be close to the tv as I checked my mail.

Tomorrow I have to go to town to pay a few bills, and since I have the money on me I don't have to go all the way into town then come back out to pay one of the bills then go back in again. I have lights and phone to pay, then I'll pick up a cheep lunch, then think about walking back home along the main road.

I got a few things for the staff newspaper in my school mail. Getting anything is good. It's starting to look like the projects across Ross are going to be taking over a good part of the paper this time. One story that I was expecting is starting to look like it won't make it, and the other story that I was told about, hadn't got started yet so that will go in the next issue. I'm also still waiting on three other pieces.

I hope I have more then pics of cement and two recipes to publish come Thursday Night.

Ok, I've spent enough time on this. It's currently 2:57am. I'm going now. See ya.

April 16, 2006

This Boy and His Car.


I've tired three times to send him his pics, but he never gets them.

I went to school with him down here when I was growing up. He was this skinny wirey thing when he was smaller. I'm going to swing by his place tomorrow with the pics on my thumb drive and let him copy them off.

I just home I remember. *grin*

I kinda figered out the printing issue.

I scanned them too small to be printed at my specks. They work just fine for being seen on the computer, but to print it it's not very good at all. That would be why the sanner was left set at 900. I took it down to 100. I don't scan things in to print them. Sorry.

But that computer isn't really set up to print such high res pics. I'll let the guy know the next time I see him.

Night. I'm going to go and make myself do the last half of the outlook thing to get it out of the way.

Wish my luck. Posted by Picasa

I Found Some DisplayAvatars for MSN, Yahoo, Aim for You.

► DisplayAvatars - Fresh msn, yahoo, aim display pictures and avatars - Free avatars


I'm just doing my part to make the internet world a better look place.

Well last night was the first of my week alone.

Jhodie is spending a week in Nevis with Nika at Lynn's place. Let's see if she can make it a week.

Most of my week will trying to clean up the place. It is such a mess. I'm going to have to wash some dishes just to eat something tonight.

For dinner last night and to have something to eat when I got out of bed today, it was couscous and corned beef with green sweet peas. It sounds nice now, and it tasted fine once I got it done. But first I had to melt a bowl in the microwave. *grin*.... and right after my mother called and heard the story how I messed up the stove top. I just read on part one. I saw 4 and thought it was 4 cups, not 4 1/2 cups. So I made a lot of stuffing.

Nothing much going on other wise... I guess I should mention Saturday.

I was suppose to go with Jhodie to the seventh semester sale, but I didn't want to, and she asked Nika and she said that she didn't want to go so we were left home while Jhodie went Lynn. About 40 mins later Nika comes in saying she misses Mommy. Great! I should have laid there and tell her that she will be back in 4 or so hours. But noooo... I had to drag my somewhat sick body out of bed, get dressed, catch a bus, got it take us all the way over there, pay $5, to meet up with my sister.

We left the house after the rain that had sent most of the student running for their lives I was told when I got there. I stood for a while thinking of while I was there, then saw one of few friends and just leaned on his car with him until my uncle came over and said he could take me home now.

Two hours or so later they came home, and woke me up. Well Lynn did anyway twice. She wanted me to test out a printer and a router that she got at the sale. Then Nika walked in to show me her clown hair that Jhodie got her.

Then at 1pm I got up to have a look at the stuff Lynn bugged me about. The router was ok. Reset it and just went though the wizard once I tracked down the IP for it. Then I tried to work with the printer. I knew the printer. A teacher had asked the student to bring it in to school so he could print off some pics.... ????

Either which way. I knew that the model itself was a good printer, and I expected it to just work fine. The install stall went by ok. But when it came to printing, we had a small glitch. It pulled a number of pages at once. Nothing I tried could stop it not that I had much to try. That is normally a hard ware issue and with an issue like that it would mean a replacement part, and I can't do that. I'm hoping that it will settle down once she puts in a clean fresh stack of paper. I just had a few old ones to test it with. Jhodie will tell me when she gets back.

Did I tell you that my mother sent me a cell phone the other day? Yep, along with some money for each of us. I got $40, the same as Jhodie and Nika got $10. Along with all of this was some papers that Jhodie had to sign and mail off to immigrations. She waited to long now we have to wait until Tuesday, and it looks like I will have to find them and mail them. She didn't take them with her to Nevis, and I don't know where they are and considering the state the house is in, I may not find it until Tuesday.

I won't get another ep of Bleach until the 2nd of May they tell me. It's and ongoing show in Japan, and they are on vacation right now or something. Sounds like Easter to me, but I hope it's at least called something else over there.


Here is a book that I got last night and started reading today. If you find that you really like it, buy it. And if you have to printed version it may be cheaper to buy a copy then to print it considering how much ink cost.

I love how this guy explains stuff, but I seem to know a few of what he's talking about, so I'm just skipping along so far.

Her's a part out of book that I so agree with.

Change the wallpaper
What, you’re still staring at that DELL logo? Sheesh. Kinda low bandwidth, ain’t ya? Seriously, there’s no reason in the world to keep the Windows desktop background picture (commonly called wallpaper) that you got when you bought your PC. You can download hundreds of thousands of different specially designed pictures by using Google to search for “free Windows wallpaper.” Or better yet, you can stick your favorite photo or other picture file on the desktop.

It’s remarkably easy:
1. Navigate to the photo or picture that you want to put on the desktop. You might choose Start➪My Pictures or you might download a picture from the Internet.
2. Right-click the picture and choose Set As Desktop Background. Windows puts the picture on the desktop.

That last part I didn't know, but I bug everyone about changing or just getting a wallpaper.

I don't right click on pictures to begin with, and since I've worked myself up from 95, I've always done it from display settings. That is nice to know. It's better then the browse button. *grin*

Ok, I've got to figure out a printing issue that I have with some files.

See ya.

April 14, 2006

Third Time

This is the third time that I have tried on some level to blog for the week. More like the day starting at 1 am last night, ....

Either which way... Monday we went town. I'm not sure what for now, other than in the end we stopped off at what is turning out to be our place for clothes. Jhodie wanted me to look at this shirt. I ended up getting another one instead. I just have like $30 left to pay on it. Jhodie came back to town the next day and put $40 on it. Nika and I were there to meet her. I was going to be a surprise, but she called from work to have us meet her there.

Wednesday I got to work ok. Had two things go wrong on me. One a 500 gig hard drive stopped working while I was the only one using it. And it stopped working for me just as I had to copy off a students data unto his laptop that was newly re--installed and upset that he hadn't gotten his laptop back yet since he needs it to study.

We had a staff meeting at school. The first for the whole semester. It was to update staff on stuff going on around the campus, but it was mostly for birthdays and handing out of anniversary things for working so long at Ross. Then we all got cake, something to drink if you were lucky and some finger sandwiches that I didn't like that much because there was pepper in it.

In the meeting I stood up and told everyone that I was the acting editor for the staff news paper, and that I was looking for stories and pics from this past fun day. And lucky me I got some pics this afternoon. I must say, the room looked different when I got up and talked, and everyone quited down and listened to me. All those eyes looking at you.

I got some eggs and tomatoes and some peppers. I lost one of the tomatoes on the way home. There was a hole in the bag and I walked all the way from the last gas station to my house. Almost six blocks. Heck, it could have fallen out in the bus.

Oh, the student who I had tired to fix up her computer, saw me and gave me lift into work that day. She also gave me some money for the time I spent working on the laptop. I didn't expect to get anything, but she said she wanted to. I said thank you and got to work right on time. I didn't quite make it today, but I will tomorrow.

Why will be on time if not early tomorrow? I have to go to town before work. On Wednesday they called the house and Jhodie called me to tell me that they (Courts) called and wanted to talk to me. So I called them and they said that I'm behind in paying for the bed frame, and to ask if I signed a sheet saying to deduct so much from my paycheck for this amount to pay off my bed frame? She asked me if I could come in tomorrow morning, I said I couldn't. I was planning on coming in may be Saturday, but it turns out that I'm going with Jhodie to the last or almost last 7th semester sale. So I'm going tomorrow, and I have to pay some of back bill. It's a good thing the girl gave me some money. I sure need it now.

Yesterday I gave away $15 for a plate of food. I couldn't do it again today. So I walked off campus and across the street to get something to eat for breakfast and lunch around 2:50pm. I got a veggie burger which turned out to be quite good by the way, and one lentil patty and bake to go along with it. That came up to $9. I also payed Rick some money. I gave him $150. I have it in and e-mail for both our records.

Today I tried to help with the ghost image for our new xp computers. But just about everything that came out of my wrong was either wrong, or not paid attention to.

Oh speaking of not paying attention. I just got around to posting my wallpapers to my club today. I didn't even say that I'm sorry again, or even give descriptions of the wallpapers this time. I just said one, two , three, four and posted the link to the wallpapers with thumbnails.

Ok. I should be going off to bed now, so I'll spell check this and call it a day.



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April 09, 2006

My Apologies.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

For being late that is. I have a blog ready to be posted, I just have to spell check it first. I wrote it up since Friday night. Hence the apologies.

Found this gem of a picture on a website when looking for software.

Yesterday was ok. Dodged the rain when I got to school. Had lunch with a teacher that paid. Grilled fish with garlic bread. Not bad at all. I even got a drink to take with me in the end.

Fought with a corrupt laptop to save the user’s data. I didn't even win until closing time. I changed the look of my computer two days go. I like it. I got a VS, and a new icon pack. Then I started to clean my saved files and put some order to my "looks" folder. That holds things that change the look of the OS. I did some web work for Hills which was just to add announcement to the portal page, and to change and add a new page for housing. I had to go look for some code that I knew was out there that would help me have two types of bullets on the same page. I know some of you who know way better are shaking your heads at me. At least I knew it could be done, it was the remembering of how I had issue with.

I'm up to Ep 64 or so in Bleach. I had to jump an ep to keep going since I wanted to watch more and I was missing one in between a set, which was my fault it seems. They have copies of two or three eps. I should not have downloaded the copies and I would have had the whole set last night if not earlier. They recapped a lot, so I think I saw what I missed anyway.

Oh... BATMAN BEGINS WAS GREAT! Yes I just saw it. That is how you make a movie. I said I was a little behind.

I have also forgotten to post wallpaper for my club this month. I'm doing it tonight. Shame on me for being this late.

I think I'll go now. I have the re-install of that laptop to do now that the data is safe, and I was just handed another one as I came and I don't know what to do with it. He told me something, and I'm already forgetting what he said, and he's gone now.

Today I start my midnight shift. Which doesn't mean what it use to. Before, almost every night I worked from 4 till midnight. Now it's only 2 days, and if I get promoted next semester, I won't see night time on this campus again unless it's by choice. That is going to feel odd.

Ok.. Leaving now.

April 08, 2006

Recaped Week

My sister wanted me to let you know about her day fishing.

Granted that was back on Monday, but I'm just getting around to blogging for the week.

Let's see, she had a good day fishing. Caught about $25 or so worth of fish. A few big ones so I could get one without having to worry about swallowing a bone too easily. Nika picked the small one. The drama for my sister was when a booby got itself stuck with one of her hooks while she was fishing. She had to fight a bird, that bit her by the way, which had a four foot wing span to try and untangle it from her line and try to get the hook out of it's head.

The line she got untangled, but she couldn't get the hook out. It had pulled to hard and it was really in there. She was all by herself so she couldn't do it. It would have been nice if someone had stopped to help her. Oh, don't gut the fish in the kitchen sink. It smells as bad, for as gross as it sounds.

The next day Nika went off to school, and Jhodie went off to work. I think I tried to sleep until noon. Don't really remember if that happened. I had to look after Nika and Verey that afternoon.

Last week Friday, Nika came home with her exams. She did very, very well. On most of them she got 100, on a few she got 90's and on one she got 87. Verey not so well, and since I don't really remember what most of his scores were, I won't say anything other than not all of them where bad. But his writing was the worst. He wanted to show us since Nika wanted to show us hers, or we wouldn't have looked. So Jhodie said that we had to help him with his writing since his mother wasn't.

That brings us back to Tuesday. Jhodie had left a few things for me to do, and I was about to hang out the cloths when they came home. Verey asked for some paper to draw, and I said that he could do that once he writes some letters for me. Jhodie had done it on Monday, so I was just continuing it. The first time he came out with what he wrote it wasn't bad, but I wanted him to do it a few more time to try and get it a bit better. When he came back it was worst. He wasn't even looking at what he was suppose to be copying.

I came back inside and had to take a “z” apart so he could write it right. Thank goodness he didn't kill every letter he was trying to do. I only had to pick apart one more letter for him to try and get it right. Did I ever tell you how much he lacks an attention span at times?

Well Pearl was late in coming for Verey. So late that she didn't make it at all. Uncle Ray, who said it was her day off today, beat her to the house at about 6:30. He was talking to her on the phone when he picked him up. He said that since today was her day off, he didn't rush to come get him like he normally does.

On Wednesday, I got to work ok. I got ital for breakfast and lunch. I ate them at least 3 and 1/2 hours apart. A teacher showed up at the end of a little rain storm we had to take me to lunch. It was 12, and I was the only one there, and I had already gotten lunch, and this teacher already said that he was gong to treat me to the BBQ that the cafeteria was having this weekend. He completely forgot. It was nice that he came to take me to lunch, but I wish he had remembered so he wouldn't have gotten wet.

Thursday I got work assigned to me and I had to cover the library while they had a meeting. Just one thing went wrong while I was there. A book hadn't been entered into the new system yet, so I had to do it the old way after trying to scan the book in 5 times.

I then went back to my other task of finding head shots of students and printing them out on a sheet so they could take some kind of test that they need to take. I also tried to sneak in some configuration time with the new computers that we got. The computers for the Media Center are now here, and we are just waiting on the desks. Sadly they aren't the ones I first asked for. Oh, I was running later than normal on Thursday, and I called in twice to let them know. One was a voice mail. He (Collin) wanted to se me when I got in. He said that I can't come in late if I want to move up to the Media Center. I got his point, and later that day, I figured that I would just have to come in a bit earlier, and maybe put up with E a bit more, to get away from her. Thursday's lunch was an egg salad sandwich on wheat. No fries. Sorry, $10 was all I could spend. The reason why I was in late that day was because I woke up feeling shattered. As I got up I saw things around me like my head had fallen apart. It was very odd and my head did hurt. That got me off to a slow start and at one point, I just lost 10 mins when I was getting ready.

Either which way, I went to bed a little earlier then normal since I had to show Collin that I could get there early, since just about everyone else expcected me to be in charge of the media center when it's up and running.

I got to work on time, and Collin was happy, but a few things from the day before came back to get me.

... It wasn't Thursday I covered for the library, it was Wednesday. On Thursday we had an exam in the LRC which gave me more reason to get away from E. Today she got cross with me. I had made this great wallpaper to be up behind the long on script. I put up like 2 weeks ago. I thought she might like it, and if she didn't she would tell me so the next day. She didn't say anything until today, and started branding the computer as her's. Her's my foot. Twice she had killed since I stopped taking care of it, and she is telling me not to touch her computer. And why the heck is she now telling me to take it down???

As for the rest of my Friday, I had to do like 4 new sheets of students who said that their pic didn't get printed. Some weren't on the list at all. One had down the wrong name the sheet I was given so I couldn't find him at all. One I missed checking the first name on and only checked the last name so I printed the wrong pic, and for three of them, I just missed that line when I was copying the pics. I think something happened to throw me off. And one or two more I just missed the second time around to place their pic on paper.

I worked on two laptops. One because I knew one was coming in and the other because no one had touched it, and she was coming back at 3 for it. The last on just needed to be configured to access the network, and then make some shortcuts and remove her AV and installed ours that she paid for. Her's got done in good time, but the other one is causing more problems then giving answers. By the end of my shift I called up the guy and asked him to bring two dvd's so I could back up their stuff for them because our fixes weren't working and I think he should have a copy of their stuff that was on there. So once I've backed up their stuff, I'm going to use his restore disks and re-build it. I also have to find out who the computer belongs too. When they talked to me, they would say that it was her's, yet her profile on it was almost empty while his was over 6 gigs.

I closed up a little late due to that phone call, and ended up standing in the rain for a bus. A teacher picked up as it started to get bad, so I wasn’t soaked to the bone by the time I got a ride. I got a ride into school today also, so I saved $4 today. *grin*

I watched a little tv, and I watched a movie on the computer, had mac and cheese with stewed chicken for dinner, and Nika has been asleep since sunset my sister tells me. She did wake up back around 9pm for about 10 mins then she was asleep again.

Tomorrow I'm off to town with Nika to get a sound card for the first computer. I think the one I have, finally had it. Sometime this week I'm not sure, the power turned off and on like 8 times in a row, after it came and went like 3 times with a short full min outage. I've held on to $50 that was part of my shoe money and I'm going to get a new sound card for about $20 - $30. I hope it's not more than that.

Ok, time for me to go to bed. I'm not posting this now just because it really, really needs to be spell checked and I can't do it now at 1:43am.

See ya tomorrow.


I didn't need the sound card anymore, I just needed to fix how the head set was plugged in. I may still get it. We are getting too much background sounds from the computer when nothing is playing. I can't really get one now anyway, the place that had the cheep sound cards were out. The day I come to buy one they don't have, but they have routors.

Nika got upset that I didn't buy her something because I told her to get go ask for it herslef, and she didn't want to. I got Jhodie a peice of upsidedown pineapple cake. She didn't like it so I ate it before coming to work.

April 02, 2006

Still Here.

Would you know it? I actually had work this week.

On Thursday and most of Friday I was working from the time I came to the time I left, and on Thursday I stayed late to get something done.

Wednesday's work didn't kick in until I got the job that I spent all of Thursday doing and half of Friday. I had a laptop re-install job. It was when I was done the person said that she felt like paying me. I didn't ask for anything, I just wanted her laptop fixed, since I couldn't understand how it had all those holes in it and it was supposedly newly reinstalled since she got a new hard drive for her laptop.

Today was ok. I had a little bit of work to keep me from being really board, but I still fell asleep for a few mins.

Thursday we had a staff meeting mostly to let us know what was coming for break and one or two other things. Then I got a free lunch from Sandy. It was the best roti I've had in years, and it was huge and it came with Mango chutney. <-- spelling I know. (I got it right! YA!)

I've come to the end of my current stack of bleach eps. I'm getting about 19 more, then after that there isn't much left to get. About 5 or so more, and one movie that I've come across. I haven't looked for any others yet. (have looked and I think there are 2 others to get) It think that I’ll mail them off to AM when I’m done watching them.

Now my excuses for not blogging until now are: - One, I really had work to keep me busy at work. Two, I had to watch bleach until I fell asleep. *grin* Three, had to sleep as long as I could until I had to get up for work since I stayed up late watching Bleach. *grin*... I should be in bed now, but I told myself that I had to blog. I was going to do it earlier, but a few things got into my way, like a very determined Trojan. That one was my fault. I went looking for something different from the one that I currently had of a piece of software, and it seems like I got the same thing again, and I had to fight a Trojan for it.

My sister got a new job yesterday. One more regular. So she now has three jobs a week. She was so happy she didn't cook and Nika and I walked around the village looking for food to buy for dinner that she paid for. Nika got a fish, I got veggie pizza, and Jhodie got chicken and chips and I got some home made lemonade. I wanted ginger beer, but I didn’t know that I could get ginger beer until after I got the lemonade. :(

Tonight, Jhodie fell asleep with the stove on. Now that I'm typing it, it sounds worst then it was, but I can see how bad it could have been. I came home and she was asleep on the couch and Nika was sleeping on the love seat. I got home late because I went back for Nika's stars.

They came by on Wednesday to get the eggs because I was staying until 10. I just remembered that. I worked an extra 3 hours because M wasn't feeling well and went back home. I have to remember to fill out my over time sheet. If they are going to take away my vacation days, I'm taking every overtime I'm owed.

Well when they came for the eggs, Nika found some paper stars that I had in my desk that a student made when they were board in the LRC. I saved them. She liked them and wanted four. She couldn't take them home because she didn't have any pockets. So she asked me to bring them home for her. Every night since she has asked me if I brought them. So I told her this morning to have Jhodie call me and she can remind me to bring them home. I was at the very top of campus, about to walk past the guard house when I remembered. I couldn't go home without them. So after already leaving work late, and walking all the way up there, I had to walk back down to get her stars, and then hurt my back on the walk back up. It might not have been so bad if I didn't have to stand for such a long time waiting for a bus to show up. At least I ended up in a new bus. Nice seats.

And that is after having 4 buses pass me when I was trying to get to work earlier that afternoon.

Ok.. leaving now. I'm not posting until I can spell check. I'll try and get that done before I got work.

The time is now 4:27am

Sorry. It’s now 10:55pm, and I’m now just getting to post this.
My day today.. ok.
At home I found out  why the Gateway came with two nic cards. I have to re-install I think in a few days if not tomorrow depending how the built in acts up. 
At work, ok. I had to end up doing something that I forgot twice to send out to have someone else do at the right time.
I worked on fixing something that I thought I fixed like 4 semesters ago if not longer and added on to that at bit. Then I worked on four of the flat panel computers and one other a few others to a lesser degree.
I also learned a few thing about the play back of movies made with photo story from MS. It doesn’t really make them into .wmv files like I thought. And anyone who doesn’t have photo story installed will have to download a codec that take about 5 clicks to get to when it should me like 2.
Ok.. leaving now. It’s hard to catch a bus on Sunday, I don’t want to be waiting too long for one tonight.
See ya.



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