November 12, 2013

A Calender of Fractals

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A Calender Of Fractals

I've made a calender with a few fractals. I'm still tweaking it as I learn how to use this program, so you may see updates to this file, a few times. :) Oh, all fractals can be bought as prints in some form of a print, or mug over on my DA account. 

November 01, 2013

Haven't Forgotten

It seems that there are better shots of better costumes than what I have and I haven't even seen what I got yet.

I thought that I had some on my phone which I could attach to my computer easily, but I didn't. They are all on my cam which I have to use my mom's computer to get them off with. 

I have a few videos of people walking past me in the street when I gave up trying to take stills with so many people moving by be so quickly. 

My poor shoes got wet. I knew it rained before, but I didn't think it would rain while I was out, but it did on my way back home once I got to Brooklyn, and while I was walking around Manhattan the water already on the street made their way into my flats. Yes. I wore flats. It wasn't that cold. I just forgot about the wet and I was l was leaving to go the Apple store. The parade was something extra I was doing.