June 24, 2011

It's over. Finally it's over. Going to buy something for my mom, pay on a bill maybe and get something to eat on my way back. :)

Too many people are taking a turn at talking. I'll be asleep by the time they get around to be given their deplomas. On the somewhat interesting side, there some big kids here. They look like they should be graduating from Junor High. I really question their age. :)

This makes me wonder or ry to remember how mine went all those years ago. I don't think I ever had one. Ever. Not elementary, not junor high and not senor high school. Yeah I geaduated, but I never had the walking acroos the stage to get anything experance. Imm not bitter about it. I made enough noise from the balcany when my class graduated seneor high up here. :) Remember Hayden? :)... I don't think this new princepal really knows how to give a graduation speach. There go the parents again. You would think they didn't know what their child looked like.

This is a study of human behaiver. I know I spelled that wrong. There are parents holding up the ceramony by standing in the walk way taking pics of their kid. There have been three calls from the stage. Well we have moved on. The class(es) are now singing the national anthem. It's ok if I don't stand since I'm not an anerican right?

In case some of you might be wondering where I am this fine, cold, foggy morning. Nika is graduating from elementary school, and I am here to witness it with Jhodie. I know, bad pic, but it was already 'wrong' by the time I got to it. I will try to really blog tonight. :)

June 08, 2011

My Grades Are In!

I'm only a day late in posting this but I don't care.

I passed, and I passed good. 3 A's! Yeah!

The B is from the class that I was needing a hug from almost 2 weeks back. I realized that I must have done really, really well in my last exam. I had forgotten that I even did the exam yesterday. But then I was trying to figuer out how it worked out this way, then I remembered how hard I tried to get a good grade on my last exam. :)

So I'm very happy with this. :) Three A's. How could I not be? :)
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It's not really what I expected. I thought that the whole block at least would be taken over. They might be taking up a 1/4 of the block with maybe three 'venders' and a bunch of tables and chairs. I just saw some signs saying that there is stuff inside/in the back of the church. I think I see the word fle market. All in all it makes it easy for me. I can go to the other place I wanted to get to early. :)

Where are you? :)