January 21, 2018

Still Coughing

I was sick back at Christmas, but I'm still coughing. I blame the bad job the windows are doing in my apartment. But all in all, I know that they are just old and need replacing. And perhaps baseboards would be a better way to heat a room then one radiator in one part of the room with a thermostat that turns itself off when it feels like it, even if that is right after you turn it on to get warm.


Because of this persistent cough that sounds like I have a chest cold, I've changed my standing order at Jamba Juice. I use to have the Greens 'n Ginger, now I'm ordering the Acai Super Antioxidant one because it comes with the zinc boost in. Now, slightly oddly, I'm drinking hot ginger tea. Perhaps it's the heat that makes all the difference.

Everything coming out Jamba is cold or near frozen or crushed ice. Which is one of the reasons I didn't go near them when we were in our deep freeze.

Other than that, I thought I broke my frames the other day. I picked up my glasses and was cleaning the lens when one popped out. I thought, "Great. I haven't started to pay for these things yet and I've already broken it. At least I got insurance replacement on them."

So I packed up my old pair in case anything happened to them and I couldn't use them for awhile. But I was able to get the lens back in the frame and use them during work, on Friday, until I got them looked at after my shift. Lucky me they weren't broken. Just a loose screw. I also had her look at some other glasses I had gotten ages ago but never used because they wrote a very wrong prescription for me and couldn't fix it.

It seems that just to get the lenses replaced is going to cost me about $400. For Pete sake. So I told her that I can't even think of getting them until I've paid off my current pair.

This is when I lost my hat. I think. I may have dropped it on their chair. It might have fallen out of my pocket on my way to them, or when I was leaving them. I just know that when I got outside and was looking for it to put on my head, it was gone. 

I left the house without my skirt on and had to buy jeans...

I was wearing something. Tights and sweats over that, but normally, I wore my skirt over that to work since it would just look horrible if I folded it to change into later.

Believe it or not, I wear a skirt at work. I always wear a skirt at work. I have two blue skirts with pockets that I wear with my Tommy tops and that what I work in.

So this past Wednesday I was standing at my second bus stop and looked down to realize that I didn't have my skirt on. I couldn't wear my tights or sweats while on the clock so I had to buy something and the only place I knew I could find my size was Lane Bryant.

I really wanted a skirt, but I already knew it was the wrong season to find a skirt. I've been looking since September. So I looked at pants. Since they knew it was for work, they first showed me some dress pants, which I was far more ok about, except my top wasn't meant to work with something like that, so I had to get jeans. Well, that and the dress pants were a little too expensive for me.

So I changed and walked out the store wearing the jeans because I was no running late for work. Everyone got a kick out of seeing me in pants never mind jeans. At the end of my shift, when I was being counted out of the cash register, one of the guys took a pic of me. He wanted me to stand upright for the shot, but I won't humor him, so he got a picture of my jean-clad backside.

I did feel warmer with them under my sweats when I was going home. So one plus.

When I was finishing up my shift though, it felt as if they had gotten a little looser and I was pulling them up more than I should have been. Maybe I wasn't. Maybe I needed a belt. Maybe I might need to go down to a smaller size.

When I tried that pair on, I was wearing my tights. So I'm going to see if a smaller size without the tights fit me better and perhaps exchange them. 

January 19, 2018

Went to whole foods hungry again.

They were having a deal for two roasted hot dogs and tots for $10. I got one all beef and one vegan dog. One with sauerkraut and relish and one with pickled carrots and salsa.
It wasn't bad and it is worth the money. It's just that Whole Foods is an expensive place to be hungry. I only went there to get acorn squash and didn't find any.

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I lost my hat!


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