November 16, 2017

At Applebee's...again.


I have an hour's break so I'm at Applebee's for lunch. I haven't been here in weeks.

I was tempted to get a jamba juice and go find a tuna sandwich or salad. But I decided to come here when I saw how empty it was.

Then I actually looked through the menu and got something new. This will be the second time I have gotten something other than my veggie burger and sweet potato fries.

I knew I had the money so I went for it.

I actually wanted to post something since Monday, but once I wrote it out in my heady my body just didn't feel like doing it.

That is what has happened to alot of entries for my blog here.

So what happened Monday? I had an appointment to see the nutritionist. That was a little more of a fuss than I thought it would have been.

I was about 45 mins late. She didn't call me and then left ... for something. I thought her lunch. By the time she came back and with her friend ND I think her lunch I had been waiting 2 &1/2 hours. Since she came in with a friend I gave her 30 mins to eat and talk. Then I went and knocked on her door.

I was very polite about the whole thing. I asked if she would have time to see me today.

Then then said that she saw everyone she was suppose to and started checking her paperwork.

She then asked me to wait outside again. Fine. I stood outside. I was so tired of sitting. When I had first gotten there she had called me without knowing it and saw me. So somewhere in here head she at least knew I was there.

On her way out is an odd time for her to have on human blinders.

So she calls me back in like 3-5 mins. She said that she was sorry. Even her friend said the same thing as she walked past me.

She asked for my paperwork as in I may not have it for some reason. Then she weighed me. I'm down another 10lbs. I felt like i might have gained back some weight, but if I did I'm still less than the last time I was weighed.

Then there was the questions about what I eat or had eaten in the last 24 -48 hours.

Off course I would have to see this lady the weekend we got pizza. But over all she liked my over all diet, she just wanted me to eat less bread and pasta and I think she said rice, but my rice isn't going anywhere.

Bread may be a tall order too, but I will try.

Then she said that I should hah some kind of work out type activity because my body will get use to the moving I'm doing now and adjust and I could start gaining weight again.

I told here I had feet issues or I would be using this stepping machine I /we hot. So off hand like she tells me about this place where I can learn to swim. I agreed and told her I was thinking of doing that.

And for some reason she didn't full understand. I expected her yow give me something about the place or at least a price of paper with their Nam on it when I told her I didn't know where that was.

She then gave this odd speech about how she is just there to ... I don't know what anymore, because when I told here again that I was game for the swimming thing by didn't know where it was she gave me this combo answer of how I could look it up and she would write down the name for me.

She wrote nothing down, but went gave me a meal plan of what I could eat. I laughed at it.

Ok. Got to go. Lunch is over.

As for what I got. They said veggies, I saw shredded carrots and 3 small bits of broccoli with sweet peppers.


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November 10, 2017

The day I miss NYC..again

Trying to find lox in Shoprite and no one knows what you are asking about.

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November 03, 2017

One of my last and first purchases this paycheck.

I'm getting some steamed dumplings and veggie fried rice right now.

My pay was about $100. I tho k that is from just before my vacation.  Then after I got back I got alot of holes in my work schedule. I had about 5 days off last week and it looks like it may happen again in another week.

So odd. But they can change it in a few days. They have before, so I won't be surprised if they do again.

Ok. Food's up.


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October 30, 2017

Not home yet.

I spent too much time looking at shoes after work, but then I was able to meet with my sister at Penn station.

We then went to Shoprite to get my fix of fruit and yogurt. I ended getting a little more than I intended.

Now we are at Sonics getting"dinner". Well I am. My sister isn't hungry.

Ok, going now.


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