May 17, 2018

Thought I was going to be late

I think that I'm going to be late to work a lot of times for different reasons, but I really left my house way later than I should have.

I ended up catching the 11am bus. I should have been catching a bus 30 mins earlier. Then I decided to get off a few stops early so I could see the bus that I would be transferring to easier.

I step out and see a bus in front of the one I got off. I get to see that it's my bus just in time for it to start moving away. Yeah, I had like 6 seconds where I saw the number and tried to reach the front of bus before the light changed. But nope. I can now be included in the masses that run along the bus as it leaves a stop and keeps on going.

I almost really thought about calling an Uber, but there was time, so I waited. Oh, it's cold and raining at the moment. But I got my boots and umbrella. So about 5-ish mins later, another one shows up.

So now I'm about 10-ish mins from work and I will be there on time and not just barely making it.

Today work is from 12 till 6 pm.


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May 11, 2018

I actually caught the express bus.


I meant to let you know when the whole waiting game ended yesterday, but my battery got real low and I needed it to turn on to show my bus pass to get home.

Then when I got home my sister had me cooking and cleaning for the next 2-ish hours.

Anyway, I walked into the federal building at 11:30 am and I walked out at 5pm. On the dot.

I have been sworn in. I am official. I am now a legal citizen of the US. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ They even gave us little flags. Just when I was starting to die from hunger, we took the oath and was given our papers.

We were also warned that replacing it would cost us $550.

I'm so tired right now. Lately I seem to be falling asleep just before midnight, then something would wake me up about 3 hours or so in, then it would be heck to go back to sleep and I wake feeling like I was be dragged from my grave. I've taken two Uber's to work because I just needed some more sleep. I refused to do that today which is why I'm very happy I caught the express bus.

I almost missed it too, but with a little daring and wheelchair bound human, I was able to make it. Now I have time to eat breakfast.


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May 10, 2018

The spelling!!!

I knew that would get me in trouble. But it was none of the few words I expected. It was president. I kept swapping out the 'i' for an 'e'. But the interviewer was very nice about it and we worked through it.

That was the "hardest" part. Until the interview I was falling asleep waiting for my name to be called. When they did it was an hour and a half after I showed up.

My name also threw her for a loop. I think she said Elba correctly. But my first and last name suffered. πŸ˜†

Now I'm back in the waiting area. I had to fill out this short thing and hand it over with my green card when they call my name again.

I don't think I'll be getting it back, so I took pics before I left the house.

Ok. Back to waiting. I knew I should have taken the chicken out of the freezer this morning. At least I'm off my feet.


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I’m here

Where is here?

The federal building in downtown Newark. It's time for my civic test. I was like 5 minuets late checking in, but I was told it wasn't a problem. Which I kinda knew from the first part, months ago, but I asked on my way in and he said it was fine.

So now I wait my turn. The place is pretty full, like I kinda expected, but it's the amount of people I didn't really expect.

They have room/seats here for at least 200 people and almost all the seats are filled.

Going to make sure I know how to spell California and Delaware. I did it! πŸ˜†

Back to the questions.


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