September 20, 2017

I actually took it to work

I'm really"studying" for the citizenship test. I took the book to read on the bus ride there and back.

Now I'm on my way home. Not really looking forward to the walk up the side of the park that close to midnight, but I do need the walk today.

Work was good, a little slow by the time I came in, but we made day anyway. I might need to explain that. Each day someone or something, decides how much we should make that day, bases on how much we made a year ago on that same day. I don't know why.

So if we reach and past that amount, we made day. If we didn't, we didn't make day.

So that's it since I'm not going to go into anymore details about it and I need to read.

Later.. Oh. BTW. Orville is a good show.

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September 10, 2017

It's written up now

Yesterday I was called to the 'office' to sign a paper saying that I lost $38 and change. Yeah, I know I said it was $33, but I was apparently wrong. It's $38 and change.

So I was officially written up that my register was short this amount. The paper said that I get three of these things and I could, but more than likely be fired. But there was a part in there that said something about 'within a reasonable period'. So we are expected to make mistakes, just not very often.

I even asked if I could just pay back what I lost. She said no. But I was able to write how I think I was able to be short before signing it. And I was told, I would only be written up if I was short by $10 or more.

So I just have to keep doing what I'm doing, and I should be fine.

Oh, I never said how I thought I was short.

Well, that day I didn't get a break, completely my fault it seems. I'm suppose to remind the managers when I'm suppose to go on break. So, I think I was more tired than I thought, because the next day when I was at the register, I caught myself looking at the wrong part of the screen to give back change. It has happened before, but I guess that day I didn't catch it.

So I was in the fitting room on Saturday. There was one surprise, but I don't think I can talk about it. There was one other thing. I caught a shoplifter. I didn't confront them, I just saw that they ditched a sensor in the fitting room and told a manager who followed them. I think they got the item back, but I didn't follow up.

I also realized that after being on the cash register for about a week, your feet are near normal again and then you start reliving the pain that made you dread waking up. The whole ball of my foot and toes are back to feeling swollen and in pain. I was starting to think that things were starting to get better for me. When it turns out that it was just me not running myself ragged in the fitting room.

Also, my hours for this week was changed twice and the second time I had to work on the day I have to go to immigration to have a background check. It's on the 14th. They came around to tell each of us when they changed it the second time. I told her that I couldn't work that day and told her why. She said to just make sure that I told her before either of us left so she could put it in this book.

I did find her at the end of my shift. I had the letter on me to show her so she would know that I wasn't lying to just not work. So I got back the day, but she didn't get me any other day to make up for it. So I'm only going to be working twice this week. Which I think kinda works out. I couldn't hardly walk today and someone is coming tomorrow to look at the bathroom. Our land lord is having it fixed.

He still doesn't want us to have washer and dryer never mind just a washer, so my sister found something that he would agree to. A portable washer. She just ordered it today. It will be here in a few days. I think It will be here on the 13th. I'm not sure. We are also getting some things to dry the clothes on. Those should be here Tuesday.

Other than that, not much else is happening. Oh, my half sister and someone else is coming down from Canada and is staying with us for a few days to a week. And in a month we are going to FL. I'm going for about a week since I'm taking the long way there and back. By bus. I hope to see two friends that I have down there, but with the hurricane, I'm a little worried about one of them. He lives in Key West. I was thinking that I could just show up and say hi, but I may have to call ahead. If anything just to see how he fared the storm and to see if he is still living at the address I have for him.

Well, later. :)

September 06, 2017

My day oddly started out well, and ended... oddly.

I got out of the house on time to get to work at 12:30 today.

I took out the trash, walked down the hill and the bus was like 4 mins late, but so what. I got a little sun and considering how little I get these days, I soaked it up.

I got to work in great time. I went up stairs and debated what to get for breakfast since I just had some apple sauce before leaving the house hoping to get a sandwich at subway since I was starting to get tired of eating tuna fish sandwiches. I had visions of fries today. So firstly I got my new Jamba Juice flavor Caribbean Passion. Normally I have Green & Ginger but I decided to branch out yesterday and I really liked it.

So there I was, sipping my Jamba Juice as I stood in the food court trying to decide if I should get fries from Nathan's, Beger King or Poppy's. I chose Poppy's and got a small side of green beans to eat with the other half of my tuna sandwich during my break.

So yes, I did get a tuna sandwich again because when I got off the 59 bus to get my subway sandwich, the 24 bus showed up and you don't turn down a 24 bus when it shows up because, by the time the next one shows up, you will be late for work.

So I had seasoned fries with my first half of my tuna sandwich in the food court. I read a bit of a story on my phone, then I went downstairs and even got to use the bathroom before going out on the floor to meet with the SGM to find out where I was set to work for the day. Some of us have no clue where we will be working until we show for work.

Today, like yesterday, I worked at cash rep. On the cash register.

So I'm going about my day, greeting people, ringing up sales. Giving out a few discounts, getting a few people to sign up for the Tommy club and I think every thing is going fine until the manager started to count out the registers on my side. We have two sets of registers and I was the only one on my side. When I started it was at least three of us, then come 5:30 or so, it was just me.

First, he was going to do my register, but then decided to do all the others around me, then do mine. Which is odd, since I have seen and been told that you had to be there when your register is being counted out. As in there is something in there that tells them how much money should be in the register and they count up what is actually there.

Yesterday I was perfect. The day before I was off by 40 cents or something. Which ok. I may have given out a ten cent instead of a five cent and some how a few other cents were handed out in error. Fine. The first time I rang up every I was short by $4 and some cents. I could have had a few stuck together bills. I don't know. Heck, I wasn't even under. I had more money than I should have I think. And they didn't have me ring up again for months.

So I don't know how on earth I lost $33 today. No clue. I was being so careful. I was even repeating and recounting what I was given and what I was handing to them. I will accept I'm short cents. Heck, even a few dollars, but not $33. I don't know how that happened. I'm grateful that he didn't just look at me like he never saw me before or thought that I was hiding something. But he said it will go down as a mark against me until it was sorted. I can't fight it, I don't know how. There was a slight mention that he will watch the video, to cover bases and try to figure out where it went wrong. I'm grateful that the only thing I can remember that I might have down wrong, was when I gave a student a 10% discount along with a $5 off coupon he brought with him from another store. I didn't really realize that I'd done it until I had swiped the second one.

So that, the $33 not the double coupon thing, bugged me a little for the rest of the night. But if it came down to it, they will see that I didn't steal the money and they will see where it went wrong and I'll just keep trying to keep my count at 0 like I did the day before. And if it came down to it, I don't mind giving them the money myself to put it behind me if they really had to account for that money.

That didn't so much as colour the rest of my day/night, but it did mark the turning point. Next? I didn't get a break. I was on my feet at cash rep for 7 hours straight. One of the new managers came to tell me to go on break as I was being counted out, but the manager said no, or not yet because of something. I was like 'fine, I'll go on break late'. I was then sent to continue cashing people out on the other side but just one credit since I was using a register that someone else rang up on for most of the day. It's a way to keep people from messing with other people's count at the register.

I asked another manager about my break when I had 30 mins left in my shift since at this point, they could send me home or I would work an extra 30 mins or they could send me on my break, have me log back in for like 10-20 mins, then have me log out and go home.

She was leaning towards letting me go home, but they were short up front so she asked that I say until this other girl came back from her break. So I stayed and rang for another 30 mins. I was a bit more tired than I would have liked, but I hadn't eaten anything, never mind drank anything for almost 7 hours. I was reading a few numbers wrong, but I always corrected myself and I had a good laugh with the two people I did that with. Just twice which is good. I went a little slower. so I said the right thing for the rest of the time.

Then at 7:30 I think a girl who wasn't ringing before was now ringing so and it was time for me to leave, so I called a manager over and he let me go without counting me out because I took card transactions.

So, I said good night, feeling a bit better, but just tired. I even laughed at a joke someone made when I was leaving. I put back on my hand brace, picked up my sandwich, got my umbrella because it was suppose to rain tonight and went to get another Jumba Juice so I could sit and eat my sandwich and green beans with something nice to drink.

By the time I made it outside, sipping my drink, it felt slightly warm and there in front of me was a big red moon. then one step later I felt a drizzle and saw some buses all the way over there. So In stead of sitting down and resting my feet while I ate, I walked past the movie theater to the bus stop. But why would one of them wait for someone to show up and ride them when the exact same bus just pulled off in front of it. Nope. Two buses, of the same number, pull off together. Nor did they even think that the downpour that slowly built as I walked with them, with full hands was worth waiting for.

So I get to the small shelter for the bus stop, with an ever smaller bench thinking that I'm going to end up eating as I get rained on as I see lighting in the sky as I take a bite of my sandwich. I looked up again after a bite more or two, and saw that the moon was now hidden by clouds and the rain? No longer falling.

At this point, my luck seemed to have been turning again. There was a bus sitting there, all dark. The person I found there when I sat down, told someone on the phone that the bus has been there for over 10 mins. She got a ride and left. A few mins later, it started up and it became the 24B bus that I wanted.

I read my book on the bus until my sister called me after most of what she was saying got lost in the noise around me and the reason for calling me no longer a thing, I got her to get me some donuts from Whole Foods. She was already there.

I had to walk up along the park on Meeker Ave and I sang most of the way. I got home before my sister did and she made fuss that I didn't turn on any lights.

I'm having issues with my tv, but that is another post, but I do have it currently working, Let's see how long that will last.

I missed the payment for my BestBuy account so I got a late fee. I haven't had one of those in a while. 😓

My work shift for Wednesday is from 5 pm until 11 pm. If we close like we did tonight, then it won't be that bad. The place looked great compared to the last day nights.Which is why I stayed two extra hours on Sunday to help recover the floor in the men's department. Recover just means we cleaned up and made the place not look like a tornado landed in there.

Well, I need to sleep now. I was so tired when I woke up Tuesday that I over slept by an hour. Lucky me I had to be at work for 12:30.


August 26, 2017

The Process Has Begun

I finally sent off my paper work for my citizenship and a few days later I got an email and a text saying that they got my forms and then two days ago I checked my bank app and saw that they charged my credit card for the full $700 odd for processing.

Then today I got home and saw a letter from them asking to confirm my address and date of birth. I'm going to call the number tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll get some recording saying to call back during the Monday to Friday work week. A work week I clearly don't abide by.

I had to move the 'study sheets' that I made into a pdf way back when, onto my pad, so I can start going over them for when I had the interview and they ask me about often we have elections for senators and so on.