March 15, 2007

not on line

Hi everyone.
I have no internet. My balance was too high so they cut me last week wednesday.
I won'thave it back for a while.
Still looking for work.
Take care


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March 06, 2007


Well I got a few things done.

I got two bills paid. One was for the phone. The phone that we weren't going to bother with since we were going to live with out it until we got most of Hosford was settled. But we got a notice letter from them like 2 or so months back saying that we had to do start paying on it with a first payment of $300 or go to court over the bill. So ofcourse we did. Then this weekend when I get back Jhodie shows me a letter from them. *shaking head*.... in the letter they said that they would like to work with use with getting our bill paid off, and that they were willing to take off 25% of the bill and waver the $300 reconnection fee. If we pay off our bill of $600+ by the 31st of March. That was good news. I walked in Monday, showed them the letter that I signed since I was the account holder, and paid them $23 and the bill was paid up. Great.

The next bill was for Lights. That was a new thing. While I was rotting away in Nevis, they made a few changes to how you collect a copy of your bill to get it paid. Before you stood in a line and told them your name when you got to head of the line and where you lived and they looked it up and wrote it out on a paper and then you walked over to the next line to pay on it. Now, if you don't have a bill or want a current one, you have to walk down the hall, sit in a room that makes you think that you are there to get a shot, and wait for someone to say "Next" when someone walks back into the room from another room across a very short hall.

My turn came like 5 people later, at least I wasn't cold and I had somewhere to sit while I waited my turn. When my turn came, I so sounded like I didn't belong in St. Kitts, and stood while he looked up and write out my bill. It was a little room with a desk, two chairs and a computer and I think a cabinet. I think. I guess the room is really for people who want to talk about their bill and such. Oh, the bill for February wasn't out yet. That is how they got us one time. We thought that we were current and then they let us know that they were two months behind. How we didn't know that they were two months behind. I don't know. I think the gap might have come about months before when we had to pay a bill or two in parts and just thought about paying it off instead of looking for the new bill until it what we knew about was paid.

Jumped a part. I talked about how the ATM ate my card Saturday morning, well I went to the back Monday morning and showed them the tag that I got from the ATM. He asked me if I remembered the date on the card. I told him that I didn't think it was expired because I hadn't gotten my new card yet, and last time I got mine well before my other card expired. So he told me to go ask the department that made the cards. They asked me my name and where I lived and then told me to go the post office, which was next door by the way. I took my ID and went to the registered mail line and picked up my new card.

From there I went to pay the phone down, then I went to China Town to get a scrub brush and some q-tips. Then I went looking for some cheese. I went to Ram's. None, but I got a soap and something else. I can't remember now. Then it was on to pay the light's bill. I stopped off at Cemaco to check once again for cheese, none, but I saw some more of the sugar cakes that I bought one of on Saturday in town. Big shredded coconut with sea almond seeds. That's $2.50. I asked about what was with sugar cakes being sold in the stores now for so much. Granted, the almonds are something new, but still none to be found for less then a $1.50? They said that I was old to have remembered it being that cheep and for kids. After the lights thing I went to C&C and they didn't have any cheese either. I saw that the sign was still up for $1.90 a lb for leg quarters. I asked if it was still going on, the guy said that, that was just for the weekend. I didn't tell him that he should take down the sign. I went and got some bread from the bakery, then went to the market to try and find some local lettuce. Then I got on the bus and got off at the Old Hospital Road (not the roads real name, but that is what we call it) to get some cheese from Ottle’s and to see if the Fruit Bowl had any pears left to go with the $3 bread that I got for Jho.

I then walked home without the pear, but I finally got the cheese. I got a nap sometime around 1 til 2 then I waited for everyone to get home and infected the computer. I know it was my fault. It said that I had to install this player, and I said no to it like 5 times. But then I crossed my fingers and installed it, and now my computer is coughing up chunks every time I try to play a media file by double clicking the movie or mp3 file. I'm not happy. I stayed up until about 1am trying to fix it. I hate that I messed it up. I hope that I don't have to reinstall anytime soon, but I might have too.

Now Tuesday. The next blog. :) See ya over there.....

March 05, 2007

Problems, problems.

My computer got infected, and now it crashes every time I try to play a video or mp3 file.


I've already spent a few hours trying to clean my computer, and I have stopped myself from doing a deep scrub, but I now that It's cleaner, it's has a bigger issue.

I'll be back when I get back. I just hope that I'm not looking at a re-install. I think I need another 80 gig drive. If you anyone out there wants to get me one, let me know and I'll send you my address.

See ya. Soon I hope.


It's not my fault.

By The Way - I looking for work again. Last week was my last week at Clear Harbor. It hasn't hit me that I'm not going back. It's more like a fact than anything else.

What is not my fault? That I haven't blogged for the weekend or posted my wallpapers for the month. The internet was down for most of the weekend. Saturday morning we were out and the net went down that evening and popped it's head back in every few hours for a few mins before going down again for a few more hours.

I have the news piece that I started to type up last weekend to finish, and then there are two weeks of blogging to make up, and I have to finish upload the wallpapers I got yesterday for the club and get them posted.

The only reason I'm up this early is because Nika wanted to get to school early so she could have time to play with her friends before school started. She got there at 7:35 or so, so she gets about an hour of play time with the few of her friends who are already there.

I don't get a nap until sometime this afternoon. I have to go to the bank. Speaking of which. AAAHHH! The ATM eat my card Saturday morning when I went to get my boat money off the bank. It said that my card had expired and that I had to go talk to someone at the bank and that it was going to keep my card. AH! I didn't really scream, even though I thought that it would have been very befitting of the situation.

How did I get to the other side of the channel that day? Abdul. I saw him in town and asked him for $20. That was a life saving moment on the small scale that is my life. I'll fill in the rest later.

So like I said, I have the bank thing, and I have to use my sister's card to get some money to pay two bills, and get a few things from the store, then I come home to hang out some clothes, I might get a nap in, but I don't know.

Ok, time to get going. I'm taking the bus into town with my sister since I don't have any change to pay for a bus ride and I'm not walking into town in my saddles that I got in Barbados. They hurt. They look great, but they hurt my feet.

Well, see ya. :)