October 31, 2005

Opera Web Browser


Just because I use FireFox that doesn't mean that I turn a blind eye to all the other browsers out there.

I liked this one for a while and now it's completely free.

Opera Web Browser


Well Sunday wasn't so bad. I did get cold, but we had rain coming. The guy who had called the day before asking me to com in 3 hours early wasn't there when I got in. He bailed like 30 mins before. He left just before my shift start or just as it started. He asked one of the girls from the library to look over the desk for him until I showed up.

Also surrounding his leaving is that Rick showed up and brought visitors on campus without having them go through security, and when I showed up they were looking for them. When I got down I thought that maybe they had already left or something. If he wanted to he could have left by way of the construction site.

Well my day was mostly uneventful. I made soup. I took and Eno, had and upset stomach again. I got though the day ok, but I didn't remember that I had some other stuff to do until it was time to leave, so I left late. That got me a free ride home. A slow, but free ride home.

As I was leaving, Nika's (the youngest girl working in the library) dad showed up so I waited with him for Nika. She got off at 10:30, then 3 mins into the drive he pulls over and lets her drive so she can learn how to drive at night. Great. So, ofcourse, she drives slowly. The place that she went to for driving lesion never gave her a night time class. Which is wrong now it was brought to my attention. After all driving at day and driving at night is different.

Got home to a changed menu. We had Mac and cheese with stewed turkey. Then I some how managed to stay up until 4am.

I joined a forum like 2 months ago and just forgot. I went to check my old e-mail account. Once in a while I get something there, and I use that account when I don't want to use my main account. Well there I found like 10 e-mails about postings from the forum. So I went in, uploaded my quote, choose an avatar, filled in my profile. I think that I'm rather liked there. Showed up and posted like 6 replays. Answering some of them back was the last thing I did before I went in to bed at 4am.

I was forewarned that we had shopping the next day and to go to bed, but we got rain, so I was able to stay in bed until 11:30. Then at 12:19 I got ready to go out. I should have taken a bath, and washed my face, but I thought I was ok. Only my hair bugged me, and Jhodie wasn't going to redo it for me now. So for the whole outing I was just irritated. Then I told her to go get me some hair scrunches and a comb so I could fix it. I went to pay the cable bills and she went off. We met back up at the bakery. So I started to fix my hair before I went any further, and after the place emptied out, and Jhodie had moved on to the next store, the guy in the bakery kicked me out. Did I mention is was a rainy day. Lucky me it wasn't raining at the time. I half expected him to kick me out. What throw me was how long he waited. 30 more seconds and I would have been finished. So I got the bags that my sister left me and put them down outside as I finished combing out my hair.


I think my face was puffy today also. I was mostly a grouch until I got home ahead of Jhodie. We were in Rams and Jhodie said that we could not finish the shopping in time to be home before Nika. I told her that Nika gets home at 3:30 it was mins to 3 we could do it. She said that she may come home 30 mins early. So I was made to call the school to see when they were letting out kindergarten.

He said that kindergarten is let out at 3 and it's up to the parents to come and get the children. The rest of the school is let out t 3:30. So I walked back and told Jhodie what he said, and I said that Nika came home after 3:30 with the bigger kids. She didn't want to risk her coming home early and no one being there, so I left and I wasn't coming back.

I walked all the way to the bus stop, got the front seat, then had to give back the change to the bus driver because I forgot something and had to go back to the store. I had a ticket for my set of bags back at Rams. With out that she couldn't get back our bag of bread and stuff from the other store. I walked in, handed it to her, and walked back out again. I had just gotten to the next block when I bus beeped me. I hoped this meant that he would bypass the main bus stop and just go. I was wrong, but at least he stayed for like 6 mins. It felt like far more, but he left in good time. I got home to see that Nika wasn't sitting on the front step, and it was 15 past 3.

I was going to play some music from the computer while I was in the shower washing my hair, but then I realized that what I wanted was on CD. So I set up the computer to do a virus scan, and took the cd into the bathroom with me. I left the front door unlocked for Nika. She then showed up at 3:30 on the dot. 6 mins or so later Jhodie showed up.

I was checking my mail after my shower and hair washing and I was just falling down asleep. So I went into my bed. I said 10 mins and I knew I was lying, but I expected someone to come wake me up before too long. I was left to sleep until 7:30 I think. I woke up to find Jhodie helping Nika with her home work. The order of numbers.

After I got up, Jhodie left me to help Nika write her 8's . I also helped her with her 6's, then 10 mins later it was shower time. I was left to do that too. Jhodie read her her bedtime story after I got her dressed for bed.

I just got done trying to track down some software that I have an early version of. I checked my e-mail before that. Nothing really. Then I blogged. Now I'm looking at alot of dishes to get washed and a kitchen to clean up all by myself since Jhodie has also fallen asleep.

This turning time back is going to mess me up for a while. At least I got to see a show that I've been missing for weeks. But I was looking for it over an hour. I was starting to think that I missed it again.

We don't turn back time in case you are wondering.

Ok. I'm off.

October 29, 2005

I Was Up Too Late

That and because Jhodie took Nika to the 7th semester sale today.

So I just stayed in bed until everyone got back around 11:30. Everyone turned out to be Jhodie, Nika, Lynn, and T, the little boy for my uncle. After that people just started to show up and I just stayed in my room until 12 something when everyone had left except Lynn.

I had nightmares at first, then I ended up in a rather nice dream near the end. Ofcouse I can't remember what I dreamed about.

I wandered into the kitchen and got a piece of pear and what was left of the bread for breakfast. I wasn't really planning on eating breakfast, but too many things woke me up thought the morning. Jhodie twice, then Lynn on the phone, then some fool going around the village shouting something that made me think he was trying to call me. But then why was he in the other streets. I tried to tune him out and get back to sleep. Then an hour or so later they came back.

A little after I got in to work the guy said that he was going home. I know he was board, but he was being paid to be here for 8 hours. Then he said that he wasn't feeling well so I just waved him home. I went to see what all the hammering was about and saw that they closed off a little cove at the end of the hall. It looks like they will use it for storage. I hope we get it. The other contender for the space would be house keeping. The space is about 2 or so by 2 or so feet. It was after they had finished and left I realized that they just enclosed the light switch for the bathrooms. :) The door to the space was nailed close.

I once again had nothing to do, so I did a class after trying to make some icons from some .png files. It didn't come out as good as I would have liked, so I hunted down the kind of icon I wanted. Then I started the class. Did that for like an hour or so. Then I didn't feel well and I was a bit on the tired side, I wouldn't remember anything if I continued so I stopped and went to do something else.

I made some colouring books for Nika. I had already done a search around the net for pics and today I'll make them into .pdf books, and have them in order and such. I didn't have that many, so I did end up going out and getting some more. I found a great tracing one for letters. I then made .pdf booklets. Then made covers for those books. I only printed out one. The tracing one since she had to now learn how to write her letters. She already has a real colouring book at home. I went upstairs and got the cover that I printed since I couldn't use Rick's colour printer since I can't even get to it for some reason. Then I scanned the one pic that I got from St. Jean the other day.

While I was up and about, I went over to the library to finish up something that Collin asked me to do like 3 days ago. I had started, I'm just finishing it up now. She didn't want to get off the computer just yet, so I went over to the anatomy lab. :( Formaldehyde. You don't want to spell that stuff. The anatomy lab had more people than the lrc and library put together. Oh, I had "0" and the library had "0". The lab had like 12 students. There were 4 computers over there for me to do. Three were in the "museum". It has bones and bottles with things in them and two cut open cats. Ya. At least I couldn't really smell the formaldehyde in there. The other computer was out there. I went to it, but I couldn't do what I had to. It was turned off and locked up in the cupboard. Another time then.

I came back to do the one in the library and she was gone. Her thing was still up, but I didn't see her. Fine. I came over here, worked on the .pdf's some more, and I've got most of them done now. I just have to touch up the one of mostly Clifford. Then I'll have like 4 or 5 books that I can reprint later for Nika.

I need some Alka-seltzer or Eno. I've had acid in the back of throat for the last 3 hours. I have to buy some on my way home tonight. I just know I won't be able to go to bed if I don't get something for it.

I got Tishon to get me a lunch today. It wasn't bad. I would have liked it better if my insides weren't acting up. I was going to get something from the cafe up stairs, but they closed early. Then one of the new guys calls me up to ask me if I could cover his shift from 11am tomorrow. Ha?? He wanted to go to Nevis for something. He won't tell me what the something is, but he wants me to work an 11 hour shift. Aha. (no) He then said that I could just come in later and just work like 4 hours. I can't do that. He can't do that. I can't shrink my work hours. I told him that I didn't really feel like it. So he said ok and hung up.

After he hung up Tishon told me, it wasn't like he could do what I do, and that's true. He can't really cover for me. Who knows what might come my way this week? The school won't pay for my overtime, and I don't think he has the money to pay me my rate for over time since he just started working, and gets paid less then me. I do feel slightly bad since I normally do cover for people, but I just couldn't give up my Sunday morning, and get nothing out of it. Maybe if he had asked me 4 days ago and I had time to think about it, I might have said yes, but not the day before.

Ok, moving on.

I have 15 mins until closing time here. I found the cover for my thumb drive. I found it this morning on my chair in my room. I have a letters tracing book for Nika. I've scanned the pic for St. Jean. I've done some more of the job that Collin gave me. I've sent off two work related e-mails. I'm good.

I'll go spell check and such now so I can get this done before 10.

Now it's 10:30. The night cleaners are here, and I'm going to lock one door, then I'm out of here. :)

See ya.

Oh.. her is that site...... Jan Breet's Home Page

October 28, 2005

New Hair Style

I guess now that I should have gotten a pic, but I couldn't since I no longer had a capture card in my computer at work.

I had my hair plat in two and at the end two nice puffs. I didn't get around to washing my hair and so I needed something, but it came out quite well.

On Wednesday Ron went on vacation to Disney World. That night when I let Tishon take me home, knowing his driving, I said that I hope that a hurricane didn't hit while he was there. Tishon then said, that's why he didn't go on Tuesday. *grin*

On Monday Jhodie got it in her to clean out Nika's room and we decided to get rid of the computer parts that I've been holding on to for over a year for no real reason. I called Tishon a little after I woke up on Tuesday and left a message for him because he wasn't there. He got my message and called me to understand what the message was about. I let him know that I had part that I was giving him since I was cleaning out and I wanted the space. He said that I was giving him junk. I told him that most of the parts worked, I just didn't want them any more. He still thought that I was turning him into a junk man to take the parts to the junk yard for me. I went with him Wednesday night so he could make it to my house to pick up the parts after he told me he was coming the night before, and I waited until midnight for him to show.

On Wednesday and Thursday I was so tried at work that I fell asleep a few times. Wednesday I touched up those new pages that I was asked to add, and on Wednesday I finished it up. I was hopping to get news back today saying it was a go to changing the link so it could be accessed since the lady would have liked it up since last Friday, but no news.

Most of today I spent skinning my computer. Oh I did some work before hand. I installed a program for a teacher. I helped St. Jean with remembering how to do some powerpoint things. Then I scanned some files for a student, then helped another teacher with his scanning jobs. I had lunch at 1 since I didn't have breakfast. Then around 4 a teacher showed up for his laptop that Tishon didn't get around to looking at, so I ended up doing it for him and found things that weren't done that should have been done when it was allowed unto the network. Ok, so I didn't spend that much time skinning my computer.

The teacher had a less than 10gig hard drive on which he installed a 3 gig program. I was trying to install updates when it told me that I had 178megs of free space left. Ya.

So with the teacher's permission I uninstalled that program, and proceeded to install SP2, and 16 other updates and the install of an antivirus program. The teacher left and came back during the SP2 install, then hung around for he rest. We talked about tablets, and hard drive space and about this program that he got to help him design some landscaping. I don't know if it's for school or home. I was about to leave with him and call it and early night, since the last time I looked outside it was empty, but when he was leaving I had like 4 students in there. So I couldn't leave, but he surprised me and gave me $30. For a snack he said. Nice snack. $10 of it went towards my dinner. Yesterday she made salt fish and dumplings. I had to buy the flour before I came home that night, but today she didn't quite get around to cooking.

I was thinking of taking Nika to town and getting the bulbs that her lamp needs and pick up some bread then come home and get ready for work. Three days ago the bulbs for her Winnie the Pooh lamp blew. I found out that replacements were $2.50.

I feel bad when I don't get up early and go walking or something on the weekend before work. I'll see if I get my butt out of the house tomorrow.

Other than all that Jhodie went wireless yesterday. It was part of clearing out the hall way. Speaking of cable, the company, I heard that they were going to increase their speeds. Great. Let's see what really happens. They are doing this, as far as I can tell, because the other people who have internet access on this island is also speeding up their internet connections also. I have to watch local tv more.

Last night at work I tried to do a class. I picked the wrong path so I have do half of what I did all back over again. I have to find out if I can get certified in anything from DeVry . I know you can get a degree, I just want to get certified in a few things. I'm not going to hurt myself.

Ok, I've blogged. I can scratch that off my list.

Oh, a small bit of news. I might be able to get that laptop fixed. Do you remember me saying that a student was willing to give me his laptop, but it got broken? Well I might have found somoene who could fix it for me. I just have to talk to the student. :) Then I'll have an xp computer that I can play with. I'm sure Nika will steel it from me and using "It's just my size." as a way of explaning it. :) I hope she stays smart.

Ok.. I think that's it. I'll stay out here, watch some tv, maybe wash some dishes. Then go to bed by 1am so I can get up tomorrow and take Nika to town.

Oh, by the way. Nika loves the pencils and rubbers and sharpeners that I got her. :)



October 25, 2005

Sony Pictures - Underworld: Evolution

It's here. It's really here.

I was starting to write the movie off, but I stumbled over this today while testing out my internet connections. I think some security features got updated, my network just got a bit more restricted and I was trying to find out why and a way around it, but I didn't. Ya I'm not as smart as some people think I am.

Speaking of which my uncle came by today thinking I can help him. Not getting into that, back to the movie.

Now this went in a direction that I didn't expect, but they had so many set backs who knows how much of the original strip has been changed since the first draft, not to mention first director.

Loved the trailer. But you can't find it at this link. This link gives you a very nice flash intro, it was a bit slow on my connection and computer.

Sony Pictures - Underworld: Evolution

The trailer I got here.

Yahoo Movies - Underworld:Evolution

They also have pics from the movie. The site says that it's coming out in December, but the trailer says that it's coming out in January. Guess the date was changed after they posted information on the site, or someone didn't get the memo.

Either which way, I'm so going to own this movie. I'm a vampire girl. *grin*


Now I can talk about my day. My sister woke me up an hour before I was ready to get out of bed, but then didn't come back for me after that hour so I got up 2 hours later at 12. I got up, got ready and went to town to get some small school supplies for her. My sister expected me to only spend like $7. I spent more like $12. The day before she was telling me how she finds things missing from her bag, and people must be taking stuff from her. So after that I just made sure that she had a good supply of things. 5 rubbers, one I spent too much on at one store. 10 pencils without rubbers, 4 sharpeners and another rubber that I thought was nice. It's like a push down pen and a small 5 pack of crayons.

I walked into town, walked around town getting all of this, and then caught a bus and got back home in an hour. Not bad, and I didn't fell like I was rushing.

Oh, and news of news. My uncle paid, do you hear me? Paid to have someone burn a copy of a cd for him. And how much did he pay? $25. So when he heard we had burners from his son the leach, he came over to have us burn him a copy of some other cds from a friend of his.

Jhodie has already declared that I can't ask her to show him how to use his burner. *grin* Ha!...If he calls her for help while at work I have nothing to do with it. :) :)

Ok.. I'm off to watch "Jorden".. night.

October 24, 2005

This pic could have been taken down here.


Now for why I'm still awake.

For one, I don't have work tomorrow and Nika isn't home.

Second, I don't know. I didn't expect to be up until 4am last night too, but at least I was doing something or had something on that I wanted to see.

I wanted to see Merge, a show on channel 19 here, but it seems like the tv guide channel is lying to me. :(

But I did fine something intresting to watch. My sister is up and getting reaquanted with her laptop.

back... I stoped to try and talk with her. She kinda heard me most of the time.

My day at work was ok. I went quite smoothly other than when michell showed up with a visiting teacher and asked if his account was set up yet, and if I could make an ID for him. I was sorry that the answer was no to both questions. The account as far as I could see was set up yet, and I couldn't give him and ID, because the software has been acting up for the past 4 or so days. I'm seeing and upgrade for this computer and software in the very near future. Like the day we finianly ship if off to the Security department. We had the set up just because we were the computer people, but then, we didn't have a security department until early last year I think.

We were looking over my pay stub yesterday, and the day I finish paying off Hofsford I get back $161 each paycheck. That's $322 every month. Then there is the the $150 each month to Courts for the phone and cd/mp3 radio. Together when it's all said and done, I'll be getting back $472 each month. Wow. I'll be rich, and two months after that, my sister will not feel so rich going to store and accadently turning it into smoke. But that won't happen until the end of next year I think. To add to that I'm getting a little raise at the start of the year. Everyone gets a 2% living increse, but you can get more than if you worked well or stood out with something really good during the year. I got a 5% raise the first year with Ron, the next year wasn't that good due to the downloading thing, but I still got 3%. This year I expect 4%.

Now I remember why I'm not in my bedroom right now. I don't have a tv. My tv has gone mostly belly up. It's now making impressions of a 1940's tv. Black and white with snow sounds, still in the compressed form it has been sporting for the last 2 years.

It's now 3 and my sister wants me in my bed since she wants me to wash dishes tomorrow.

Last bit of work talk.....

I didn't have much other than finish up the two computers that I was working on yesterday. A laptop that came in with virus problems. The girl didn't know, and I didn't feel like teaching, so I told her to drop it off Saturday and come back on Sunday to see what I had done if anything.

The next one was said to just be a slowing down of the system. So I thought it was going to be the simple one. Ya, that one turned into more of a problem than the virus one.

The girl came for the virus one, and was willing to pay me, but I told her that we didn't charge anymore, but I might still get something from her. I don't know. If I do, I do. If I don't, I don't. I wasn't expecting anything from her when I did the job.

The one that was just slow needs more memory. It works fine without having certen programs installed, but as soon and I install some strong computer protection and cleaning tool, it just stopped moving and stalled in it's tracks. I had to hard reboot it twice before I went home. I'm still asking the $120 for my two days work on it. This wasn't a school job, so I get paid for it. He can take his time paying me. Some of it is going to go to Rick to pay for the stuff I owe him, and make way for me to give him a little advance on the next set of parts for the computer.

Ok.. I just yawned. I should go to bed now.

I did forgot to do one thing before I left work, and I just remembered. I was so happy that they sent it on time this time and I didn't post it. It's slightly comforting that it was a mass e-mail. I think.

I'm currently stuck on 'Will Smith's - Switch' song. I know I'm late, but I can't keep up with the stuff I use to be current with in NY.

Ok, leaving. I'll spell check and so on tomorrow. Maybe. :P

See ya. Posted by Picasa

October 23, 2005

Have fun and stay informed with the MSN Screen Saver

Hi ya,

Something intresting to look at.

Have fun and stay informed with the MSN Screen Saver


My sister's laptop still works. I turned it on around 3 am this morning and it didn't fry in my lap.

Other than that my mother called like the day before if not earlyer that day, it was Friday I remember now. She called to ask how we were. She thought the hurricane went over us. It didn't. It was on the on the other side of the caribbean sea when it became a hurrican. I was acctually happy to hear her, and I talked with her for like 6 mins then she asked me about church. Most of you have your mothers asking you when you are going to get married or have you found someone yet to get married to. My mother asks me if I've been to church.

Ok, I have to check on the blog I tried to post last night. It got saved in blogger, but it just wasn't published for some reason.

See ya.

Google Earth Hacks - Lots of downloads, information and hacks for Google Earth.

Ello! *grin*

This link is for those of you have the computer power to run Google Earth an have it running on your system.

Since I'm not one of you, I can't tell you how well they work, but I would think that they do since they have so many.

You can get back to me if you want and let me know how they work out for you and such.

I will get it once I get the new parts "new computer" that is.

Google Earth Hacks - Lots of downloads, information and hacks for Google Earth.


I am currently up later than I said I was going to be because I just remembered Adult Swim, and caught one of my shows and missed Inuyasha. I may get to see it, but I don't know. The movie was a bit unexpected. Speaking of. Here's a picture. I've known about this for like 6 years, but this is the first time I'm seeing any of it on tv.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Besides the pretty outfits, it's one dark movie and tv show. ..ok... I take that back. The part about watching a moive. They got their hands on the tv show. All of the kids, and they are kids, mentally desterbed. I should go look up that name for you. BRB. Neon Genesis Evangelion. That's the name of the show, and it seems like I was wrong about missing Inuyasha. It's on now.

See ya.

I didn't get to crawl into bed until 4. Don't ask me why.

October 22, 2005

StrokeIt - Mouse Gestures for Windows


Sharing software is what gets me to blog. *grin*

Well, this one is for anyone who uses firefox with mouse gestures and found themself draging a line backwards to make the window go back to where they come from, and they weren't in firefox.

That has happened to me so many times. So I went looking to see if it was even possable to do outside of firefox, and it is. I found this.

StrokeIt - Mouse Gestures for Windows


As for my day, started out better than how it ended up.

Jhodie too my wallet out of my bag to get money for an eraser for Nika. She just didn't get around to putting it back in my bag before Ieft for work. I got into the bus, got out of the bus and said I'll be right back as I did, but I still saw drive off before I even got the guard house. I guess he didn't hear me. Ok, I'll take it, but I will still need money to get home. I'll just ask one of the guys for the $2.

Oh, I was all decked out in my old NY coat today with the rain and such. My coat has a hood. Great for snow.

On my way down I cam across the young, no longer, intern. I think his name is Jerold. I lent him $2 a few weeks ago, so I asked him for it so I could go home. Turnes out later that I didn't need it.

I was runing late and I had called in and left a message on Collin's voice mail saying that I was running late but I should be in by 11:30. And I was, I think. I so had to fight to get out of bed today. I didn't eat breakfast, but I made it.

I did some work on site, but I couldn't sit still and do the amount that I would have liked. I got other stuff done on the computer, and I helped out with two laptops. The time moved by quite quickly up until 3pm. Then I was starving for the rest of the day.

A girl that is working for Hill's is working on a website for Hill's to let the students know what they could get there came by for help with the site. She oddly made her website in MS Publisher. It can be used for that, but I don't think it's that common. I haven't even really tried to do that yet. Either which way, she came by and we looked for a decent webhoster that let her ftp for free since she has all her files and such. The first one we wanted to pick said that it had reached it's limit. Ok.. we moved on and found another one, but after we signed up, we find out that we have to wait for their permission, before we get a site. Ha? Ok.. we'll wait.

Then my sister called. The first thing out of her mouth was "Don't be mad." or something to that effect. She then told me that she took my $50 to get the thing for Nika, then I let her know that she didn't put my wallet back in my bag. She was suppose to look for it, but it's 2:09am now, and neither one of us has mensioned it. We'll just look for it tomorrow.

I got off the phone and went back to helping the girl. Then when it was all done, she gave me some money for helping her out. I was so happy that I said lunch. Then she asked if it was going to be enough. It was a $20 I said with how I eat, it will be, but she gave me another $10 anyway. I was supprised, and said thank you. After she left I looked for someone who was going town for lunch so they could pick me up a roti. I asked Tishion, and he was going to go, then outlook reminded him that he had to over look the use of the equipment during a special lecture. So he wasn't going for lunch. I gave the $10 to Rick, but he called back like 40 mins later saying that they were out of roti, and he was at ReadyFry and if I wanted anything from there. I told him after a while to just bring me back a Fuita. I was then set to go through the rest of the day without anything to eat. I remembered that I had noddles that I could cook in the microwave, but I remembered like an hour and a half before my shift was up. I don't like eating close to the end of my shift.

So I was tired, and felt off and almost fell asleep just as my boss was leaving for the day. I think I covered well, but I haven't a clue what my face looked like when I told him bye. I them made myslef perk up, and did a few things.

Tomorrow I have to got most of the site finished. I can't get it all done since I'm still lacking informaion, but I can at least make the blank pages and just wait for the data. Then that night I'll work on the desktop that was brought in to me two days ago, and I may have computer (laptop) repair (virus) waiting for me. I think I expected it today, but fell like it will show up tomorrow.

I have to start paying Rick for the hard drive, so I can save some money for the mother board and such, and give him like half before he orders it for us.

I left work on time, and I was happy it wasn't raining. I was raining hard all afternoon. I even heard that the schools were let out early so the could get past the guts before they were flooded. Well, I was standing on the side of the road with one of the guards who just finished work also waiting for a bus. After like 10 students passed us because the lecture was over and the rest of camups was closed, a rental car stopped and backed up. The guard asked if it was for me. I told her that I didn't know anyone with a rental. Then I looked in, since it stopped infront of me, and it was Max. Jhodie's friend. He also gave a lift to the guard. He was helping out and playing delivery boy for Pizza Lovers.

I got home Nika sleeping, and Jhodie watching tv, and dinner finish cooking on the stove. It was a good dinner. Cookup, cole slaw and fried plantin. I think we also had pink lemonade. Later it rained again and kinda hard. Jhodie went to check on Nika's window, and the wind was just blowing and sucking on every curtain the the main rooms. Then when I was almost over, Jhodie went into her room to use her laptop. She had turned it off because it wasn't downloading much, and because I had asked her too last night. Good thing too. She didn't close her window and anything within 5 feet of the open window was wet. Along with her laptop, there was her clock radio, fan, and 1/4 of her bed. Ofcouse she is more consired about the laptop. She's been living on there for like 3 months now.

We left it to dain for an hour or two, but she needed her bed so now it out here on it's side with a small fan aimed at it to help get the water out. We won't turn it on until, at the earlyest, when I get home from work tomorrow.

Ok, I'm ready for bed. It's 2:34am and I'm starting to feel sleep.

Take care.

October 21, 2005

Looking For Feed back.


I just want to be told something....

Good, bad, why? Something.

I felt like making this since I've taken so long to make anything, and I just make a "card" for a my friend in post card form, and I thought I did a good there so I moved on to this hoping my luck would last. I think it did, but I'm dying for feed back.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

What do you think???


That aside, since I made it here, my sister's arm is better.

Two days ago she fell asleep on her arm on the wrong part of her bed, and work up with a stiff arm. It was getting better, but that night Nika some how pulled on it, and she was back in pain. She called to tell her Wednesday job that she wasn't going to be able to make it, then took one of the pills I got when I went for my arm. They didn't work on me, but they helped her. She called the girl she was suppose to go by today to let her know to come and get her today.

Other than that, after three days of trying to find a time to have a meeting, one was made for today at 12:30 till 1:30 about a new part of the website. We need to disclose things that we say we are going to do, to be able to become an acreadited school. So I'm working on that for the next 3 three days. The only thing holding me back from finishing it in two is lack of information to post. The lady who first tried to set up the meeting didn't have something that I may not get get in the next three days that I'm going to be working on this, and will be added in when I'm off on Monday and Tuesday. At least that is what it sounded like after the meeting.

Tuesday I helped cook dinner and it was editable, and it was a good meal also. Baked eggplant, yellow rice, fried plantin and baked chicken. We tried to make a drink from this new packet we got. It said mango on the outside, but when it was finished, it smell and tasted like coconut. After being confused for a while, we were happy that it tasted like good coconut and not the oily kind.

Today I payed the $4 that I owed and paid another $4 for a peice of banana bread. I was kinda shot after starting off so well on Sunday. Oh well.

When I was leaving work the guards noticed that I left work early. I'm thinking of giving them a copy of our new hours. After all they should know who is on campus at what time.

I want to stay and type some more, but it's 2am, and I love to sleep, but I need to be at work for 11 tomorrow. I'm glad it's the last for my week. I got to work on time Wednesday, today I was only 10 mins late I think. I walked into an exam today. It seems that they changed the date, and I didn't see it.

Well got to go.

October 18, 2005

Non Work Stuff

I had it in my head last night to tell you stuff that didn't have anything to do with work.

Last Tuesday we went to a new supper market. I was being called the Asian supper market. It only opened like 4 or so days ago. I went there expecting to find a mini china town is supper market form. I was impressed more by the outside then the inside. It was a somewhat new if not completely new in parts, with a bright orange paint on the outside.

The inside, wasn't fully stocked, and the space was far shorter than I expected it to be. They did have a few things that I expected, and a few normal things that I didn't think about, but all in all, it wasn't as much as I was expecting. Nika had the day off from school, so I gave her a dollar, and she got herself a toybox. We walked to the store and we walked back, then we all took a nap.

Last night Nika decided to tell us that they weren't having school today. I printed up the calender of holidays to see what day it might be, but nothing was listed. Then later when were putting her to bed, she let us know that it wasn't true. Then Jhodie told me how Nika was starting miss her pre school. Nika already told me that missed the slide at her pre school.

Unlike the US, we have no parks for kinds to go and play. No slides, no monkey bars and such. He pre-school was one of the few places that had a plastic slide set. We have thought about getting one for Nika, but at her age, we would have to get a really big one so she could use it for as long as possible, and that isn't going to be anywhere near cheep, and who knows how much customs will charge me.

Speaking of school... Nika's away. It was called the village school when I was growing up. It's real name was The St. Johnson Village school. On it's 100th birthday, it was rebuilt then renamed about a year later. It was renamed The Dr. William Conner School. I hate the name. I still call it the village school. I didn't like Dr. William Conner, and I didn't like the fact that they named the school after him, but he was considered to have been a good person in the area. Oh, he was paster. That doctor thing might have thrown you.

Yesterday early Jhodie went to fish, or at least tried to. She came back around noon. She said that the waters weren't good for fishing. She had asked me earlier to go pay the phone bill so we went into town together an hour or so after she got back. On the bus ride down I saw what she ment by bad fishing water. The waves were pitching and it was gray. It was like there was a storm out there, but we didn't see it.

We went to the atm, got some money, got some meat from C&C. Wing, back-a-neck and drumsticks. Then we tried to find me some shoes. I found a pair that I liked for work, but They didn't have it in my size. I also need some shoes for just going out of the house, but those had outrageous prices on them. I may have to pay to have some shoes made up for me again. At least I know that they will last me a year. The only thing is , they are going to cost me at least $80. That is how much I paid for them about 4 maybe 6 years ago. Most likely the price has gone up. But the will be true leather shoes that were hand made. I'm sure it's still going to be a deal.

Today, my dear sister let me sleep in. It felt good, then she came and got me at noon. She said that we were going to make qauva drink, but now she's in her room chatting away with one of her friends. About an hour ago, my uncle and his friend breezed in here asking us to go looking for a computer chair on the for sale page at the school for them.

Well I should go now. Maybe get my sister up so she can come and help make the drink since I don't know how and it's her bright idea.

See ya.

I Feel Like Creating & Sharing

With that said.

I made this.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Last night I wanted to make a Calvin wallpaper but I couldn't come up with the right parts. I had it all set in my head, but I'm not talented enough to make it myself.

So just now I was thinking of blogging one of my wallpapers when I came across this pic that I had download due to the fact that I could so easily make it into a wallpaper.

I didn't even try and mess with the tag at the bottom of the pic so you would know where it came from, and I had enough of trying to cover up stuff from last night's little try.

So what do you think?? Too big?? I like her chest. I've never had upright breasts. Her's look good. I'll never have surgery, I don't care who he thinks he is.

October 16, 2005

Yaaa!! HGTV is Back!

It's been gone for like a week. They changed satellites or something and the cable company finally got around to connecting back up to it.

Like I was saying, I have some catching up to do.

Monday I wanted to sleep as always, but for some reason my sister woke me up. Read my work e-mail. It's official, like I didn't know from Sunday night's e-mail, M had her baby and they are both doing fine. She had a boy. It came almost a week early. She was suppose to have a C-Section that Monday, but she went into the hospital I think almost a week early. That was why I went in for 2 instead of 11 last week Wednesday. They called Tuesday to ask me if it was ok for me to do it.

On Tuesday I didn't even bother trying and checked my mail to see that my works hours had changed a little bit starting this week, and we had a meeting that Wednesday.

Wednesday I got to work my normal time. We then had our meeting at 2, that helped to quicken the end of my shift.

Thursday I is the day that my shift hours changed a bit. All of this is cover M's shift. I now work the same hours as Wednesday and Friday. 11am till 7pm. Which kinda works out great for me. I use to complane that I didn't like having to work till 10 on Thursday then try and wake up the next day for an 11am shift. Granted I would love it if they were all changed to 2pm till 10pm so I don't really have to worry about what time I go to bed, unless I have somewhere else to go that day.

Friday, they guy who took over working M's shift, one of the past interns, asked me who was staying till closing today. ??? Me. Then I told him we close at 7pm on Fridays. Ya, he hasn't read our hours either and he works here. Oh well.

Friday also gave me one more surprise. Jason no longer works there. ??? I don't know why. Wednesday everything looked fine. Today Ron walked into his office, closed the door, came out, then I got the e-mail. I asked Rick, but he couldn't tell me. He knew, he just couldn't tell me. Fine, I don't need to know that badly, but it is a question I would like the answer for.

What else???

Well until Friday night I was strapped for cash. On Wednesday I had to get lunch so I got a sandwich on half credit. I paid $4 and I owe $4. I helped Ms Cummberbatch with a photo clean up job.

Thursday helped St.Jean again, but this was by my request. I wanted to make sure that some of the pics were turned the right way before they got put into the powerpoint. It's just easier and a bit cleaner that way. No, that was Wednesday. I remember now I mentioned in the e-mail that I had a meeting. I had also sent and e-mail to another Dr about her scan job that I did.

Here is where I went totally wrong. I sent the e-mail to the wrong person. I didn't find out until I was tried of waiting for her to answer the e-mail and called her department to find out her name. Ouch. So then I sent her a modified version of the first e-mail that I sent out. I also tried to get back the first e-mail that I sent out since we have outlook, but I think that the other person already opened it. She wrote back saying that she will come by the next day.

So now we are back on Thursday again. I'm testing out Adobe Acrobat 7 Pro and I used that and Irfanview to turn all her scanned pages into a nice little book on how to use a microscope and how to make slides the right way. She saved it to her jump drive, and then on Friday, she thanked me with a box of hard candy. :) I gave them to Nika, but that was very nice of her. After all, what kind of thank you gift can you a person like me for a job like that??

Friday night Ron said that I could go home early since there was only like this one guy here. Ya, I may get to leave while the sun still casted light on the earth. At least my small part of it. Didn't happen. It seems like three girls all left or forgot their power cords. I only had two of the three. The last one came for hers at 6:30 even though she called before 6. When the guy left, a girl had already come in and was typing up a S.O.A.P. Then she left, and came back again to fix it after the phone call. So when she left, I was happy and thought that I could leave now, then I remembered the girl who was coming for her cord. That brought me back down. So I puttered around, found some music and burned a cd for Jhodie, but I saved most of it to growing stash. I've added to it at least twice a day all this week.

Also for this past week, three days really, my sister wanted to try and get me to get to work on time for a change. Wednesday was a no go since I went to bed so late, Thursday I made it spot on. I walked as turned 11am. Then Friday I was back to where I normally end up. 20 past I think. Today was the same, even though I started out ahead of time since I decided to not wash my hair today because it would have taken to long, so I went back to my two "coco puffs" as a friend of mine use to call them. I have been so afraid of wearing that hair style since I thought it made my face so big, but then all my hair has been of my face for ages now, so I went for it. Not bad, and I think it looks better now since my hair is all natural again.

So we reach Saturday. The kid was covering the day shift. He gave me a list that was left by Ron a student from Dr. Wallace. I looked at the sheet and knew that we didn't have half the videos that were on this list. 30 mins later I confirmed it. We had 4.

In an hour, the kid came in and asked me how things were going. He was board. I told him that weekend shift is good if you have work to catch up on. Nothing much happens on the weekends. If you showed up with nothing waiting for you, you will be waiting for the whole shift. He came in like 3 times I think, then he left a little early. Just 10 mins. Then I heard Rick and some other people in his office. Thin wall between us. Then a very worried student showed up. One of the like 4 students with a Mac here at school. It sounded like he had a busted display, so it had to go back to apple. He asked how long. I told him 2 weeks. It really wasn't what he wanted to hear. Right after he left me, he heard the guys in back and went to get a second opinion. At first I was disappointed that he didn't think that I knew what I was talking about and went to ask a guy. But then, I started to think that I may not have thought it through, and if I was right, it wouldn't have been just me telling him so. While all of them went over and looked at his nice 17" T notebook. I went and got a drink from Rick's new mini frige. I then walked over and told him I took the fruit punch. I heard them say that they couldn't do anything, and warranty, a word I forgot about.

Does anyone know what software you use to modify quicktime movie files?? That I remembered to do a bit late in the day. I found one movie maker, but it didn't handle .mov files. I'm going to have to spend a lot more time at it tomorrow. I could just go to quicktime.com and see what they say to use.

So I widdled away at my time until Ron called saying that he was sending a teacher for some anti-virus software and such. Then I told him about the video list, he said make up a list of what we have and don't have from the list and he'll talk to the teacher on Monday. Fine. I gave the teacher when he finally showed up an hour later. He showed up at 10 or so still 10, so I asked for a ride home. That makes like my 5th ride home I think this week. It's a record.

Also, this girl was suppose to come by and get some money from me for a video camera that she was selling for $35 EC. She never showed. Tomorrow is her last chance before I she can try and get it again from on Wednesday.

Ok. That's it. Tomorrow, sometime, I'll try and get around to finish up writing about Sat and Sun.
Copying this before it goes up in smoke. Ok.. done.. and it's 3:08am... I should try and find my bed now.


October 15, 2005


Here is a pic of the Marrott hotel down here. Granted it not that close, but this use to be the view that my friend Matt had before he left with his wife who is/was a student. I'm sure she's a doc now.

Anyway, I picked this to show you because I'm testing out and right now, Loveing the new Picasa. They let you upload pics to blogger without having to use Hello, which is great since Hello doesn't work for me. So now I'm really happy. :)

I'll try and blog when I get home.

Jhodie and Nika are in Neivs tonight and they will be coming back tomorrow afternoon if not night. I should have time on my hands to blog when I get home.

I've started last week Sat and Sunday, just haven't finished them yet. Sorry, but I will. They were mostly the hight of my week. If you can call it a high light.

Well take care.
I have to go close up now.


I'll be ditching the pic to the side unless I can find one that I can keep up for a long time. Posted by Picasa

October 13, 2005

Read PDF like a Pro


I'm sharing again.

This would fix two problems for us here at school, but on some level I have a feeling that my boss doesn't like free software. It's one of the first things he tossed out the door when he first came here with his very big dreams.

Either which way.

This is a very free and very small .pdf viewer. I mention free because this version says that it lets you save filled out .pdf forms. "ah ha." see?

I'm sure that there were some forms that you had to fill out that were .pdf, and just because you didn't spent the ....(looking up price) $450 US (OICH!) for your own copy, you had to print it out and snail mail it to them, when you could have just saved it to the computer and e-mail it back to them.

This should help.

Read PDF like a Pro

Take care.

October 11, 2005

RapidShare Free Downloader

That name should keep me covered in spam but it's a better description of what I have in this post. Oh well.

If you have ever found links for something that you wanted and they pointed you to rapidshare and you had to bookmark all those links then come back about an hour later and try the next one you had because of the limit of one per hour, you could use this. It more or less ques your links for rapidshare and you just have to leave your computer on and it will get one right after the other until all are finished and you don't have to check on it. It won't get around the hour wait, but you don't have wait and check and do the next download yourself. You can do other things and the program will just get each one for you each hour until the list is finished.

It also so does links from megaupload. Those will go by much faster. It's only a 40 second wait. There are other sites it works with too.

To see the list of the other sites, you will have to check out the maker's site. I found this a long time ago and you could only see it how it was written. In Russian, but now, I have it for you in English.

Here's the link in English - Dimonius' Universal Share Downloader

I give you the link two ways. The one above you can just click and the one below you can copy and paste. :)


Check there for the updates for the software.

October 08, 2005

I Almost Forgot.

I made a brash move that may be welcomed or be looked upon with a bit of scorn.

A student set up a website for her club, and I could not help, but help. So for about 2 hours I sat down and made a new background and banner and something that could be printed out as a bookmark. I made them up and sent them out to the student that sent us the link to be posted.

I was wondering if I should post the files for you to see? Or if I should post the link to the club?

I will post the pics that I made if they don't use them. And if they do use them, then I'll post the link to the site. I'll give them two weeks before I do one or the other.

It's now 3am and StarTreck: TNG just finished. I should be off to bed. Nika is going to take me to town tomorrow to see this new place in town that has sponge bob stuff, and a bouncy room. Then I have to come home and get ready for work at 2pm.

I have stuff to scan, movies to mute, and maybe a teacher to tech, if he shows up. He called in today saying that we don't show them how to do stuff, we just tell them. So I told him to come down and I'll show him. I expected him this afternoon, but he never showed. I may see him tomorrow.


October 07, 2005

Ok... I'm Back.

How long was I gone for????

Let's see. I haven't been back by my uncle yet. I had a slight shift in my shift. I think that M started her maturnity a few days early. I came in from 2 till 10 instead of 11 till 7 this Wednesday, and they were looking for someone to come in this Saturday and Sunday morning.

I was suppose to take the drivers that I downloaded at home for my temp, new, computer to get it to work a bit more. I had to reinstall the os and when it was all said and done, I didn't have the drivers for a few things. Like my Nic card. By the end of the next day, I had all the really needed stuff installed, or so I thought.

But before that.

The rest of Wednesday isn't anything to talk about other than I came home in the rain. Again. It has been raining at least every 12 hours here for the last 7 days. It didn't sit with me too well since I had just washed my hair before coming to work. Wednesday was also a day off from school for Nika, so she went to work with Jhodie. I waited for her to come back to comb my hair, but she took too long, so I just afroed it out.

Yesterday teachers came by to see me. One stayed for a bit and we fixed a few things that were going on with his powerpoint. He was happy, and hopefully come Wednesday when I come in for work my boss will be telling me that we now have 10 licences for the power point shirking program that I found for teachers like him. The other teacher just swung by to let me know to take my time in doing something for him, and to show me where the files where.

It felt nice seeing a teacher again and having them come talk to me and ask me stuff. Never thought I would say that, but I did.

Today I paid the girl for the router. If I didn't I was in danger of buying new shoes. The ones I have won't last past my next paycheck. I'm stealing $80 from my sister and getting a pair some how. Why am I so set on getting shoes now? I walked into the LRC and on my way over to the side office my shoes started to make that soggy sound. Ha? I looked back the way I came. The roof was leaking. I came back to tell Collen, but he was gone, E wasn't at the front desk, and Ron was out also. Lucky me it was a small puddle to mop up. Besides that, I have two "holes" in each shoe letting water in, and with all this rain. It hasn't been that great.

Well other than the water that met me when I walked in today, it was hot. And it stayed hot until about 4:30 then it started to cool. By 5 I was wearting E's sweater. She never folds anything up. I can tell when she has worn it even if I don't remember seeing her wear it. It's just shoved in next to the computer. I alway fold it up. I wonder if she has started to think about that??

Well last night I decided to start my classes again. When it came time for the simulations I was reminded why I hate them. You are expected to follow some guild lines to pass the simulation, but others you weren't told about, so when you pick a choice, you are told you brook or almost broke a rule you weren't even told about. AH!

I tried on three computers. The one I just did, which I forgot needed to have Java installed, then the front desk, then my computer at home. And all of them told me that I didn't something, so it couldn't track my progress. AH!

Today I got in and decided to tell Ron. Right after I told him, I tried again. Whoppy! It works. :( It would work right after I told my boss it wasn't. :(

Oohh....! I almost forgot. On Wednesday my boss told me that he is renting me out again. This time it's to the Dean's wife. She want's a site made, and ofcouse he thought about me. I can charge a bit more for this one, and we can buy our geocities spot with this job. She's willing to spend money I'm told. I just hope I do a really good job. If she pays for the geocities spot, I can make it with dreamweaver and upload it to the servers. Ooh... I have to look for that place that I found that had neat free templates. This could be really fun.

Anyway, back to today. As the sun went down, so did my body temp. I did another class, got my sister's poster stamped, then for the last hour of my shift, I tried to find out what so different or special about another game that was a rip off of Zuma. This one is called Atlantis. Not bad, and they don't even try to pretend or put together a weak story to go with the game. It's ok, but it would have been better if there was a story to go with it. A good one ofcourse, or path, or something other than, here is your score, and here is the next board.

Jhodie and Nika came for me today. They showed up like 20 mins before closing. Nika was her happy self, but Jhodie was a bit off. I think she had a late nap. Naps before the sun goes down is not for Jhodie. Nika walked around with me and helped me turn off the lights and lock the doors. Then we put up Jhodie's flyers around the two top levels of campus. I was even able to flag a bus down as we got to the top of the street.

Dinner wasn't that greatest. Ground beef in gravy and bread. Jhodie made some viggie dip, and I had some after the beef to just down play the left over beef taste that was left in my mouth. It worked out quite nice. Speaking of working out, I even lifted some weights after I ate. Mostly for my upper back. I got a good burn going. Now to keep it up for the rest of the month.

Now I've been here for almost 2 hours. I just stopped every now and again for stuff. The bathroom, bits of a movie, getting stuff for my sister. Getting the fan from my room to keep the mosquitos from eating me alive.

Ok.. that's is. I think we are mostly caught up now.

I'll go read this over then post.

... 30 mins later. ...

Ok. done. posting. :) Just have to copy it incase the system deciedes to eat my blog tonight. See ya.

October 04, 2005

Font Garden - Archived fonts

Font Garden - Archived fonts


Just checking in, and sharing something that isn't a program. *grin*

It sounds like it's starting to stop raining and it's taking the lighting and thunder with it. It's been raining for the past what?? 7 hours. It's 2:21 am right now, and once again I'm the only one up.

I was trying to sleep in today, but right after I kicked my sister out of my room Uncle Ray shows up to get me. Great. I can't fight it anymore. Got up, put on something, got my cds and thumb drive and he drove me over to his house. That was at noon.

I then spent the next 4 hours doing a number of things from underinstanding pdf madness to installing office almost twice. I first downloaded and found a problem with viewing a pdf file that my uncle paid for. That made me download and install adobe acrobat 5, then I treid to print it. That started a fight between me and the printer. The whole thing took about 15 mins. The paper came out crooked twice, it was being pulled in wrong for some reason. Then it took about 5 mins just to send the file to the printer. Then after having to print it out twice, I had to reprint two pages that came out really wrong.

Then I looked at the "web verson" of this pdf file thinking that I just waisted all this time to find that that was also badly done also. I'm not going to get into it with you, like I didn't get into it with my uncle that he just waisted money on this millionair e-book that I just printed out for him that was madly made into a pdf file and webpage. The thing was only 10 pages long. But I'm going to get into it.

Next it was back to showing him a few things about e-mail. It was after that I started the install of Office.

Well, I was hoping that installing office wouldn't throw the computer and put us back to where we were before the reinstall last week, but it behaved. I got one hick-up and that was due to a background scan I think, when I was trying to do too much. I installed most of two cds, installed updates, patches, and addons. Then I worked on remaking his two letter heads that I accidently deleted the first time. The first one was easly, and I think that I even made it better. The second one was harder. First we fought about the colour of the triangle, then the size was a bit off, then to top it off, I didn't have the font that I used the last time. I had added the 500 fonts that I had at school into his computer, so they were there when I made the letter head for him.

So that brings us back to the link I have at the start of this blog. I had to go looking for fonts, and I found this one before I left his house. He told me to give it up and come back a next day. He still doesn't get how I could spend so much time on the computer. I don't notice the time when I have something to get done. But then he also thinks that I know everything that is connected to the net. He asked me about starting a bussness on the net. I told him that I take care of an education site, I have nothing to do with accounts, payment and such. That's another part of the net. He just sees it as one big thing.

But as I was about to leave I remembered that I had to made make the letter heads into templates first, and I had to go into my uncle's profile to do that. I was using the default profile for all of this. I went to his profile and everyone else's to see that I needed to reinstall Office in each proifile for each of them to use office. So I had to do that in my uncle's profile first to set up the files as templates. Lucky me, it turned out to be semi-reinstall. It lasted about 1 min for each cd, and two reboots. I also had to make copies of the shortcuts for the office progams to the each profile. When I come back to put in some more fonts, hoping that one matchs the one that we had used before, I will do a semi-reinstall for one of the other profiles. We don't think that the others will use Word at all, and if they do, there is word pad. *grin*

I came home to find that Jhodie took out meat and left it on the counter for me. She was in the bedroom reading off her laptop. Nika looked tired, but she perked up and got dressed to help me cook. She stabbed away at the frozen ground beef that we were going to use for meatballs. I broke out laughing as she attacked the poor thing and jhodie slowly taking the fork away from her. After Jhodie went back inside to her room, she went back to stabbing it as I added bread crumbs and cheese, and cleaned an onion. Finianly I got her to leave it alone to let it defrost.

I got Jhodie to come out and finish cooking it around 7:30 but as I got up to come over here to check out the font link, Nika fell asleep in the couch.

It just went 3am and Jhodie wants to go town. She has quite nicely just about polished off my exta pay of almost $500 without paying all our bills. So I told her tonight. The next time I work extra like this, she doesn't look at buying anything until the bills have been squared. In fact. tomorrow we are going to set up a service though our bank where we can call them up or use the computer and have them pay our bills so my sister doesn't have to run from having to stand in line for 20 to 40 mins.

Half the reason why the money is gone is because she went to Nevis, and things are more expenisve over there, and then we bought stuff from students. I'm sitting on $70 that I have to pay a girl for this router sitting on my monitor. My sister said that thought I said I only owed her $60 so I'm short $10 for my bus fare for this part of the month. And I got lunch yesterday, and I had to buy a water because the cleaners threw out my other one. I left it out in the open.

Yawn!!!.. Ok.. I have to go to bed. It's 3:07am.

I can't stay to spell check or back read. I'll think about doing it tomorrow or maybe fix it Wednesday between bouts of me rebuilding my temp pc at work.

Night or morning as the case my be. Again. *grin*..Ok.. I looked it over and fixed a few things. I'm leaving now. It's 3:25am. I know I'm going to hit someone in a few hours for waking me.

October 02, 2005

It Started Out Kinda Well.

Both my day and my new computer seems to start out well.

Actually, my day took a noise dive with the computer.

Ron was there when I got in. We talked, we chated, I showed my computer that was still trying to load windows since yesterday at 4pm.

He gave me Clayton's computer since he left for greener pastures. It was going along well, until I tried to add my cards to it. They won't fit. The new computer is a small form factor, so a normal size card is about 1/4 to big to fit. So I can't do any movie digatizing, and I can't do any mass cd burning since I can't get it's firewire card into the computer also. Then I tried to copy over some data from my failed hard drive using this kit, but the computer couldn't see it, so I'm getting to grips with kissing all of that good bye, and at the same time, reminding myself that I did do a back up 3 weeks or so back.

So I started to think of this as a temp computer until I either get scaled down cards, or normal size pc. I had to install a few peices of software for me to use it in the mean time. I first did an update of the AV. It didn't really work, and while it was it's second try and I check out one if the resions why it said it didn't work the first time. No space left on the HD. Ok.. went to check it out. I had a gig of space left from a 32 gig drive. What was on here.?? I found 11 gig's of ripped DVD's. Now, if you have ever copied a DVD to your hard drive you know how much one can take up. I had 4 movies. Then there was 3 gigs of MP3, and another 7 of , get this, porn movies. Full or shorts I don't know. I didn't play any. I did move them all off the computer, incase it was one of the guys who we just hired who put them there, and they weren't left from Clayton. At least I don't think so.

I then uninstalled the things that I didn't need, and started to add my own. Then just when I was about finished, I ran a temp clean up program that I've been using for over a year at least, and in the end Windows told me that some files were taken or replaced and it needed the winxp cd with sp1, I couldn't find it, and I was all by myself. I thought that it would come back and ask me again after I restarted, or maybe it would be ok. I've gotten that message once before, and I'm still working fine. Granted, I don't remember if I was able to get the cd or not, but I was thinking not earyler today.

Then then after that, every time I put a cd in the drive, my computer would just quit working. It would't give me the blue screen, it wouldn't give my error messages. Everything would just stop exept my mouse for 2 mins then it would stop moving. That happed 4 times at least, and one wasn't caused by a cd. I couldn't work like that. So I tired everything I could, then it came down to doing an XP repair using the xp install disk. I was suppose to just check to see if this cd could do it, but I pushed the button. I was suppose to delete a file first, but I forgot. When I came out of the repair, I just had a blue screen and the mouse. It didn't work. So now I had to do a clean install. I formatted the hard drive, and installed WinXPSP2 at 8pm. Two hours until closing. Those two hours went by really quickly. I had one break from my computer woes. I had to find out why sound from the VCR wasn't coming out the TV. Not to mension also from the computer. The computer one was easy. It's was the VCR one that had me scraching my head. I spent like 15 mins tracing wires and going on a hunch and succeading. *smiling* I was very happy with myself. Then I dusted myself off and went back to my computer.

Then I came home.

Other than all that, I didn't get to pick up the cloths last night when I got home because it rained right after I got home, then it rained again before I woke up and for and hour after I was wake. I cleaned up a bit, washed about 5 or so things. I wasn't going to hurt my back before work. And I juced about 10 limes for my sister. I put out trash. Dumped water from the trash can my sister left outside two days of rain ago.

At 7 or so pm she called me from Nevis telling me that they were going to come over and 8pm boat. She then called me at 9 saying that they were still in Nevis. The boat was waiting for football players. A match was going on, so they were waiting for it to finish before they left. So I ended up getting home before they did. I got to print out her flyer, but when she came home she bearly looked at it because I already told her what it said over the phone. She said she liked it then ran to connect the laptop up in her room.

Nika had a snack then went to bed about 11:30. She was all happy to see I. Robot, but she had to go bed for school tomorrow.

Jhodie was suppose to do some washing before she went to sleep, but she's asleep now. I just went in and saved her laptop from a pending fall off her bed.

Ok.. I'm going to go sit down and get comfy and watch the end of YellowStone-Super Volcaino. Well that's not the name, but that is what it is about. I might be a bit too late. It looks like it's finishing up now. Oh, just saw the name, SuperVolcaino. I was mostly right. :) It's a sad movie. It's like the other one where the globe warming caused NY to flood, then the upper Americas to frezze. Grim look at what could happen.

Ok, I'm going to try and do a spell check, but this computer doesn't have MS Office on it, so don't expect too much. I'm waiting for my new parts before I give it the taxing job of runing MS Office. *grin*.. Ok.. going... Spell check in an hour or so.

Night, or morning as the case may be.

Game Download - Circulate

Free Game Download - Emotion Rays Entertainment: Luxor, Zuma, Diner Dash, Wordslinger...

The last game I told you about I don't think that I gave you the link considering I thought it still had bugs to work out.

This game I've giving you a link too, but I haven't tried it out yet. It looks to be very promising.

When I first saw it, it reminded me of a game I use to play when I was little. You know those mazes on a disk with an enclosed ball and you would try to get it to a certain place or hole?? It's like that.

We can try it out, then come back and talk about it here. I don't think that I'll be posting that blog tonight.

But I do have one thing else to show you.

This I came up with at work when I was testing out some software. It's a flyer for my sister. I tried to print out a copy on the colour printer at work, but it wouldn't print. I'll just have to try on the printer upstairs in the FDC before I come home tomorrow. Anyway, here is a pic of it. The fact that it let me export it in .jpg almost makes me want to keep it.

The time is now 12:06 am. Night.

October 01, 2005

Free Thank You Greeting Card :: My Card Maker

Free Thank You Greeting Card :: My Card Maker


My day started out rather well, then I saw my main computer. It's dead. It has been saying that it's starting windows for an hour. So I restarted/rebooted it. And it's still there and it's almost an hour later again. I'm going to need a stand in until I get my new comptuer.

And I haven't even done a back up this week of my stuff. It's not gone, I know that much. The os just won't fully boot. I can stick the hard drive into another computer and copy the data off. Oh well. I knew the day was coming, but after yesterday I was kinda happy it wasn't my c drive, or so I thought. Both of the hard drives have gone over the edge.

Well, I thougth of what I could do with all this free time, when I remember that I was suppose to look for a new card making program to replace the one that I currently have. The one I got was a rip off of a CD from like 6 years a go. It looks so dated, and I don't feel like I have much range, but then I like making mine in MS Publisher. This is really for other people who don't have the time, or will to do it that way.

I found this one. It cute, clean, workable, and you don't have to give up hard drive space since it's web based.

See if it's worth book marking. :) I'm off again.

Also, I'll be posting my wallpaper pic for this month tonight after I get home. I have most of my wallpaper there now.

see ya.

I'm On My Own....

For Two days away.

Jhodie and Nika went to Nevis this morning. They won't be back until tomorrow night.

I tried to go back to bed after they left, but then some kids showed up that Jhodie had asked to clean our back yard for us, so they could get some money for books or somethings. So for a little over half an hour if that long, I layed in my bed hearing two kids tear up my back yard.

Then I got 40 or so of nice sleep, followed by 15 mins of forced sleep. I knew that I had to get up and get ready work, but I just didn't want to. So at 15 till I changed my mind from calling in sick, and did a very quick clean up and got dressed on time. For me anyway. I left the house at 8 or so past 2. When I stood to flag down a bus, is when I realized that I didn't have my ID. Oh well.

The first bus was already full, so I got the next one and got a front seat in the bus. No to really share my seat with, but I did have to jump a bit to get into the bus :)

Right now I'm scanning those slides that dr. St.Jean left for me like a week ago. But I don't have that long. M wants to leave at 3:30 because of her back. I got here like 15-20 past 2, and I didn't leave down stairs to come up to do this until 15 till 3. Not much time, but I should have more time tomorrow.

Got to go. :)

Microsoft Codename Max.

Microsoft Codename Max

I stumbled over this and picked it up to see what it was. It took me three tries to get the cover open. There wasn't that much on the inside.

I like the outside, but there is nothing inside for me.

Want to see???

Microsoft Codename Max