June 24, 2009

Did My First Wash.

Why is this so note worthy?

Well for starters I did it in the bathtub. Two, I had to hammer hooks into the "veranda" out back to hand them up to get them dry. Three, it became cloudy and dare I say cold before anything had really dried.

I made it through one sheet set made up of a flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillow cases. I also did three shirts, one night gown, and two bras. And just as I was washing the last shirt and the last piece for the day since there was no sun by that time, A.M. called. I didn't recognize her name when I saw it on my phone.

She's a friend from Ross days that I'm still in touch with. We had a laps while she was out of the country going to college to finish up her vet degree. Not sure how all that ended, but she only needed a year of clinical work to get it. Well she's back in Michigan and she called me up to say hi. Well that and to ask me a Q, but we talked for like 30 mins about stuff.

For dinner I made a cup of that box rice thing, and mixed in some corn and corn beef and had it with some spinach puffs that didn't really puff because I didn't have enough oil to deep fry them, but they came out well. That is what I needed some of the stuff that I bought the other day.  I was still hungry so I had what was left of the Quiche that we had gotten last week. Tomorrow would have made a week. Considering how fast it was cut into I didn't expect it to stay around so long, but Tanzi has decided not to eat too much dairy. So I was left to finish it.

Then about 30 mins before I went to bed, I realized that my left hand was hurting. From the middle of my palm up the inside of my arm to just before my elbow. At first I thought it was was numb from me pressing on it while I watched another movie that I had gotten from the library, but I stayed that way for a long time and I kept rubbing it.

I then up thinking one of two thing until I fell asleep. I would either think that it was too much Quiche to have eaten at once and it messed up my veins or two, for not having washed anything for so long and letting one one hand do more than the other I hurt it. At one point I went looking to see if they might have any anything for pain. Aspirin, hopefully, but of course I didn't find anything. I didn't even feel like reading and I've been trying to read something before I go to sleep.

But I thought that if got under the cover with my arm, the heat would help it. I think it did, and I stayed under cover until Tanzi texted me about the food bank today at 12. I got the message at 12:35. I got there like 20 after 1 and I think I did good.

They were messing with me again. The guys, but I think that is just how they were. I heard them talking before they even saw me. Since I got there so early this time, I was able to see the stream of people that were there for food, including clothes. I forgot to tell Tanzi that. She might have found something that she liked. Also, a lady was there to help people with paying their light's bill or help in getting food stamps.

I got a bit more stuff this time, so I stopped a few times to switch hands and just rest. I was happy I had the card for the bus, so I took the bus home. I'm kinda against taking a bus to just go down a hill or a short distance, but the bag was heavy, and my hand wasn't hurting me when I woke up and I didn't want to start hurting me again.

Since I'm very low on money I took the 2% reduced fat milk. I should be ok with it, and if I fell anything I have pills for later.

Then went to the library up from us on 33 to return some things, renew some things that I have to read, and pick up some other things an to also point out that I picked up a movie, or at least tried to pick up a movie from the Capital Hill branch and there was no movie in the case. I was upset too when I found out. I was going to play it when I was doing my wash since it was only move that was in English and I didn't have to read anything and it was empty. I actually cried.

Well I point it out the librarian and placed a hold on it for when they get the disk back. I also placed a hold on two other things and took a few other books off of my hold list.

Now I took the bus down to Broadway and I just sat, read and waited for the 60 bus to come by. I was in no rush to go anywhere and I was going to enjoy being out. Besides, I didn't want to walk past a certain part of Broadway. I don't want people asking me to help them out and I can't. I'm not that far away from being where they are now.

Well I'm here now. So I'm going to upload some more pics to Deviantart and play my music and try to stay warm until I'm out of here. I thought I picked a good spot, but I'm starting to fell cold. I almost wore my sneakers out today, but then I remembered that I was suppose to wash the two pairs of socks that I have that are dirty. :(

Well, See ya until next time. I might see you tomorrow. I'm going to Fremont for that math class thing, and it's right across the street from the library. :) There is a library person there that I like, but he's so young. I was 10 and he was wasn't born yet .


June 22, 2009

Lunch and Some Art.

Hi ya.

Yesterday I somehow got invited to spend the afternoon or at least the rest of the daylight hours with a friend of a friend's family. It turned out to be two or three things rolled up into one.

I didn't think I should go since I was so removed from the family, but that connection talked me into it. They seemed happy that I was there and it did turn out to be  a bit of fun.

After we ate a really good meal around 4:30 or so, we went to walk around the art fair that was a block away. They said that every day but today, they have had music coming from over there. It seems that the husband was keeping the wife away until that late, to make sure she didn't have enough time to buy anything that she really liked. Or had enough time to find something that she really wanted.

That said, I don't think she was a shopper, but then I was just there for that afternoon.

I got a few pics of the art show.







That last one was just to show you how many there were. Just before I took that pic, I started to feel rain, so we went back to the house to have cake and chit chat until people had to leave. Just because the sun was up doesn't mean that it wasn't late in the day.

The father had picked us up at the friends place, the the mom drove us back. We went through two counties to reach their home. They said it was a 30 mins ride. I didn't make sure.

As you guess I'm in the library today/now. Ya, needed to check a few things, and get out for the day. She likes it when I leave the house for a bit. After all what is the point of coming/going some where if you never go out side. But that aside, Seattle is not a warm place.

Sunday Tanzi took me to a thing that was going on in Fairmont. I think that is how you spell it. Over by the bridge troll. Speaking of which. I got a pic of it and the people that came to take pics of it.


You can't see it, but in his hand that is higher in the front is actually holding a car. A VW Bug.

Well, they had face painting, expensive food, jewelry, and a couple of bands at two stages I think. That day turned out to be very cold. We saw some cool stuff. We also wished that we had some money to buy a few things, but soon Tanzi's shoes were hurting her feet for some reason and she sat down while I went to get us some thing to eat.

I said the food was expensive right? I keep forgetting that they are. Anyway. The cheaper stuff that I went back to get was gone, so asked for an elephant ear with little sugar on it. It was nothing more than elongated fried dough with sugar tossed over it. Rip off for $5.

We were cold and didn't get a guy to kiss me even though I thought he was drunk enough to do it. So we left and Tanzi got a burger from PCC and I got some milk.

At first I was upset that I didn't get one, but I didn't want to spend the money on a soup to begin with. Besides, I needed that money for the stuff I got today. We have some spinach in the fridge going dry on us, so I thought of making those puff  things that my mom makes for church before they are too far gone. But she only has like a cup or two of floor, no spices, and I almost finished all the sugar just to sweeten my tea. So I got most of that stuff just now. I was also hoping to get some more milk at the bargain place, but they didn't have any, as well as the floor, so I had to get the floor at QFC. 

First I was walking with some weight tacked on to my laptop when I went to hand in my application for Trader Joe, and then to the library to drop off those books. They didn't feel that heavy by themselves, but add them up and they hurt my back and shoulder.

Now I've traded the books for over 10lbs of food stuff. The floor is 5lbs and the sugar is 5lbs, then the other little things...I don't feel guilty for taking the bus everywhere today.

I think I'll cook up the corn beef for myself when I get home today. I got a corned beef myself like the third day I was here I think. I needed some meat, or at least something I knew would fill me up. I got it with some turkey hotdogs that I thought we could share, but it had something in it she couldn't eat. Not didn't want it, but really couldn't eat.

I've been wearing a wing for like three days now. This is the first day since Friday that I haven't worn it. Tanzi and the friend says that it suits me. I just have a slightly hard time thinking that it really mates my hair that well, but so far, a few people have acted like it was. I have a pic of that too. That is my last pic, and I'm done. :)


She has a big kitchen. They have closest space that a NY're would pay blood for. Walk in rooms.


See ya. :)

Nika would be happy. She likes paying for herself.

June 19, 2009

Job Hunt

Yep even in Seattle. Well I do need some money, but that aside, I've gone to two food banks in two days. Yesterday I was early, and today I was late.

This second one today was walk able, but I didn't know that and gave myself a longer trip than it needed. I even ran to catch the bus that I didn't need. The place I was going to was on 18th and E Cherry. I live on 14th and another street. I should have asked Tanzi again how far E Cherry was from where we were and I could have saved the bus fare. It was like 4 or 5 blocks to the right of the corner we lived on.

I took my ID with me, along with two bags, some music and my cam. Speaking of my cam. It tried to kill itself yesterday, twice. I went and found the Capital Hill Library and it wasn't bad. A nice modern building and open and extra rooms that the other place didn't have that I normally go, but the books and such were only on the first floor. I'm starting to understand why most of these libraries are so small.

You see, they have this hold thing going. You look up what you want, and if you find it you place it on and hold and no matter were it is in all of the Seattle library system, it's sent to the library that you want it go to and it waits there for you. Also, you can drop of your library books and things at any branch. It doesn't have to go back where to where you get it from.

Either way, I was getting ready to leave and I placed the plastic bag on the table and the cam slides out, off the table and hits the floor. I pick it up and turn it on and it seems fine. I then finish getting my things together and go to look for the bathroom and find it upstairs. I see these 'hooks' on the walls and they look like they could move, so I pull on on not very hard, and it stayed in place, so I put on the plastic then the back with the laptop, and what happens? It moves and my bag with my cam falls to the hard ground. There was no carpet this time. I could have sworn that I hurt a crack. I put the laptop on the floor and look for my cam. I turn it on and it still seems to work.

It might be able to see purple and take bad night or dark shots, but it keeps going after a fall or two.

Well I got to the food bank at like 8 past 12. I almost didn't see it. It was in Firehouse. I only know to go in there because got close enough when some people came out with stuff.

I walked in and was shown to the room and filled out a paper that would get me into their system it seems. That is how they keep track to make sure that each person doesn't come more than once a week I think. The first three or so boxes I don't think that I took anything. Cottage cheese, some very sweet thing and hot dogs with pork in it. If it was a better grade of hot dog I would have gotten it for Tanzi.

I took a small box of white rice, some eggs, onions, another can of apple sauce. I already had one from the place yesterday. I got a can of crushed tomato and a small box of bran that looks like grapenuts. I hope it's taste close to that. I like grapenuts. :) They had bread there, but I had so much home that I didn't even walk in their direction.

So I slowly walked back and took pics along the way until Tanzi called. I didn't really start walking up until I was like two blocks from the house, but I got some good pics.

I felt like it has been raining on me all day. I ran through wet grass to get to the first bus. I was under trees that shook rain drops on me when I walked past. I was happy that it didn't really rain. I got home and Tanzi left and she came back with another friend.

So I'm going now.

June 11, 2009

What Can I Say?

I've put a slight hold on my main story. I got slightly caught up in rewriting something else. (check other blog for details) 

I got a book for main story (check other blog)

As you can I made it home alive from the bar. It wasn't that... anything. It was really a benefit party for a girl who lost her home to a fire. Tanzi and Sarah ran into her when they went to see a guy's bad that they met at the gala. 

We got a cd from the second to last person who performed. I think he was the best, but by the the time the very last group played, we could hear them better than some of the earlier bands and I liked one of their songs too. But I had already spent $10 on that other guy's cd and I'm not even keeping it. 

I ripped myself a copy and I'm leaving it here with Tanzi. We both liked him. But I think she said that he liked the live version better. I kinda agree. 

Yesterday I walked up and down a few hills and 13 blocks to get to the library yesterday so I could upload some pics to deviantart and check my mail and such, and of course read some new yaoi. 

I finished up the one that I was reading from yesterday earlier, but then I was looking for the next one to read I realized that here I was, trying to find the downloadable version of Nana's manga when I could just read it on the same site. So I've been reading that for the past... maybe 2 hours. At first I was just trying to find where I left off, but I ended up reading from like 4 chapters back and seeing a few small details that they didn't include in the anime. 

I heard that session two should be coming out this year really soon. I hope to get when I get back to New York if it's started by then. I know I'm sure I would have read well into the new session, but It would be nice to see them moving again.

Oh, I found out that Paradise Kiss, is from the same people even though I read about the girl bad mouthing it and recommending Nana to those that didn't like ParaKiss. I liked it, but I felt like it ended sadly even though it doesn't really come out that way on the surface. 

Well today I'm out and about because I had and orientation at this place where I'm hoping to get some math classes while I'm here. Because it's all staffed and ran by volunteers who have real lives outside of this, it's moving a bit slowly before I actually get to sign up for a class and get that going. When it's all said and done, I fell like I'll only get like 4 classes under my belt before I'll be on my way back to NY. :( 

I'm across the street from there in another library. I forgot what this one is called. But it's down the hill from the Troll. :) So if you know Seattle, you be able to guess from that. 

I may go around the corner and fill out and application for pcc and leave my resume with them too. 

Today was a cold day in Seattle and wore flip flops. It warmed up just slightly, but then it went back down to under 70. So don't feel any heat unless you stand in the sun and the wind isn't blowing. 

I'm leaving in about an hour so my transfer will still work. Here they give you paper transfers that say how long you can use it till and you get to keep it and until the time runs out. :) 

Well back to my manga. :) 

I'll try and get those other entries up on my other blog about my stories. :)  


June 08, 2009

Where I get online. Just got kicked out since it was closing time.

So I Saw The Movie.

Hi everyone one, I went to Paul's movie and it was good. Tanzi came with me and she liked it. She was glad she came too.

It's a good movie. While I was watching it, I was half thinking of what he might have been thinking while he wrote it. Ya the director wrote the movie too.

The supporting actor was there and I got this autograph. I liked his part better than the lead. The name of the movie was "Against The Current". A fair amount of people showed up for it.

I knew that I shouldn't have expected much, but I think even what I did expect was too much. He was busy with other people and his friends. The only how I was really able to talk to him was for like 30 seconds when Tanzi pushed me in his direction to ask a question.

After that we went and got some friuts and veggies and a cake. We need rice.

I called/texted a friend of mine in Portland. First she was going to come, now she's asking when I can come. I have just about no money left. I told her that. She asked if someone was taking care of me or if I was going to get a job. I told her that I was going to be subbmitting applications and such tomorrow. First at this place called PCC. It's a chain suppermarket. Then there is this other one that is much closer to where I'm staying. Also, all the way in town is 'Ross' 'IGA' and 'Macy's'.

I'll see. I was planing on staying home since I was running low on money and just spend the bus fare tomorrow for when I did my running around and also to rest my feet. I wasn't sure until I got up today, but my feet had been swollen. But Tanzi got a pass for me, so I used it come to the library and feel alittle alive.

I hate my cam right now. Yesterday I got it some rechargeables so that I didn't have to keep buying battires, but after I charged it for the whole night and it said that they were charged I used them for just two quick shots and the cam is telling me that the battires are already low. I HATE IT!

I'm never buying one of those things again.

Well I have one more pic to upload over at Deviant art. See ya.

The Volunteering Thing

Well, I've done the two days that I signed up for. Friday as a catalog person and today as an usher.

The catalog wasn't what I thought it was going to be. In the end, the three of us that they had walking around the sell the catalogs didn't sell any at all. It seem, the thing is almost over, it's a big book, it cost $10 and people mostly came to drink and talk and perhaps eat.

I some how ended being paired with a girl named Sarah. It I would walk up to people, guys actually, and start talking to them, hoping that it would somehow end up at wanting to know more about what movies are playing and stuff about SIFF.

The first person I talked with was a staff member. From him we found out that they sold them at the start of it all last month for half price.

The next person I talked to was a director. He 'invited' me to come see him movie tomorrow at 11am. I'm going, but it seems like I will be going by myself. Tanzi has somewhere else to go. I was going to go too, but I want to see the guy, the movie, the guy, the movie. *grin*

The last person I talked to happened after we told we could hand back the catalogs since no one was buying. He turned out to be a computer programmer. I thought that we were getting along fine until he left with his friend to smoke outside. This is when Sarah, who was still with me, and Tanzi who found me, told me that they were a couple. Once again I found the gay guy. I have no luck.

There was a band and a DJ. I guess I could be glad that the music was there to fill the air with something, but I didn't really care for the band. Tanzi did though. She's going to see them Sunday night. When it was all said and done at midnight, the three of parted ways and I slowly walked home in shoes that were trying to kill me. I even took them off and tried to walk with out them for a while. I got maybe two blocks before I put them back on again.

Then I had to call it quits and said that I would pay for the bus to take me. So we sat down and waited. While we waited for it a guy comes by that Tanzi meet back at the gala and he asked to use her phone. They started talk and were happy, then some one else from the gala comes by and he just had to stop and tell Tanzi how great she looked, and how well she wore the color orange. Even if he is guy, you would think he falling for her all the same. Eventually they said hi to me.

I may have made that sound harsher than it was, but it felt that way when people see her first. Well, I was hoping to get a ride home, and the last guy that stopped to talk said he had to get his car out of the garage since he didn't know when it closed. So I was actually able to walk again by the time we started moving.

The guy that stopped to asked Tanzi to use her phone was Indian and gay also. He walked and talked with her, while the other guy fell back and talked with me most of the way. I was glad not to be completely abandoned.

We parted ways at bar that the Indian guy was going too. He had called up a friend to meet him there, and we meet the friend there. The love feast between the other three continued while the friend and I stood back and watched. He thought that we were all old friends and asked how long we knew each other. He was a little surprised to know, that we only officially knew of each other for maybe an hour if that long. But he did hug me when I told him I was from NY. The guy who stopped to comment on Tanzi's Orange did the same also. It's like they are from there, got stuck out here and missed over there so much. I'm glad I'm going back.

Well Tanzi got numbers and we walked home. My poor feet. I wore those shoes way longer than I wanted to or should have. I got home and changed and crashed. I was just able to get message out to Sarah to ask her if she got home ok, before I almost dropped my phone from starting to fall asleep.

I kept the lights off so I could could go to bed easier. It worked.

Today was the ushering thing. We had to be there for 2:30 and got there on time unlike last night when we got there late.

I was at the door and handed out bailouts to the people who came to watch the movie so they could vote on how well they liked it. I also directed them towards the the room we were showing our film in. There were only two, but our room held like 300 people.

It was a little cold standing there, but I was all smiles and polite and friendly. One or two people didn't want to take one for some reason. The movie that I was there for was an Indian movie about a weaver who steals silk to make a sorry for his daughter. In it's own way it was a drama. Around 100 or so came for that one.

We were only suppose to be there for that one movie, but the other people who had signed up to come for the next one didn't show, so we stayed back to help. This next movie was a comedy, and alot of people wanted to see it. Over 280 people came for that one. BTW it was a Swedish movie and swimming. We were given two more vouchers for staying back and helping.

Tanzi and I were going to walk about and look at West Seattle, but it looked like it was going to rain, so we got the bus home. The first bus we got on, didn't go too far before it stopped and we had get another one. Then we waited down town for our #2 bus, but ended up taking the #3 instead since it was there and it got in with in 4 blocks of our house he said.

We ended up getting off before our stop when Tanzi saw a Haitian place to get food. We waited for over 30 mins. I think they fried the fish when she ordered it, and maybe the pork too. We walked more than 5 blocks to get home and it just reminded me of yesterday when I was walking fast and hard to keep up with first Tanzi and Spencer when we went to get my volunteer badge before the gala, and then trying to get the gala but missing my bus twice.

I decided to cook myself dinner more or less since Tanzi bought herself something. She left me some, but I had already said that I was going to do something with the food I had bought at WholeFoods yesterday when we coming home from getting my badge.

I didn't sample anything and got two 1/4 lbs of something I didn't really like for a number of reasons. So I shredded a carrot and two small potatoes and fried them up lightly in some sesame seed oil and then adding something they called 'curry rice' into into it to finish cook. The rice was so hard, and there was too much pepper in it for me to eat.

After I sure it was cooked through I added two eggs to it there it was alongside what was left of my blacken chicken salad. The cold went with hot and the what I made took away the the bit that was still in the salad from the blacken seasoning.

Oh, I got a text back from Sarah while I was watching the first movie. She said that she just found her phone and that she had gotten home ok. :)

Now I'm done. I think that I'm going to bed. I have to be up early for the other movie. It's mins to midnight now. I know what time is saying. I left my computer on east coast time. :)

See ya.

June 05, 2009

Day 3 - I'm volunteering

A few weeks ago I got an anime named "Paradise Kiss". I was looking for information on "Nana" and someone said that if you were disappointed by the drawing in "Paradise Kiss" but liked how the story was done, you had to see "Nana".

So since I already had "Nana" I looked for and got "Paradise Kiss". I didn't think that it was all that bad. They just flaked in and out of proper drawing once in a while. If anything, I think the drawing was better than "xXxHolic" and I liked that anime.

Either which way, I loved the songs used for "Paradise Kiss" so I tracked them down, and I was just playing one of them as I started this entry. That is a little bit of the logic of how I think.

Well, about the volunteering thing.

Tanzi was going to do it over at the film festival and she wanted me to come do it with her. So I signed up and I have two things planed. One is tonight from 9pm til 12am. Just 3 hours, so it may just breeze through it. I'm selling catalogs during the gala after a movie showing. I almost picked the same thing the next day, but incase I didn't like it or did really bad it, since I don't think I can sell anything, I picked ushering for 2 & 1/2 instead. Tanzi will be with me for that one.

I have yet to make it to BestBuy, so at this point, I'll just have to buy the batteries where I find them.

I'm spending a lot of time at the library as you can tell. I type up my blog at home then when I take my laptop to the library I upload it, as well as some pics and wallpapers for my profile over at Deviantart. Yesterday I uploaded two. I'm not sure if I will make it there today. I don't really think so. But when I do I'll be uploading another two and both of them will be of Seattle.

Currently I have four to upload, but I'll space them out.

I'm going to wash my hair today. I can't run away from it anymore. I thought that I would find a hair dresser and have do a wash and set for me, but they seem to be far and few between so the prices are no way as cheep as back home.

I've gotten back to my main story. Just stopped to see if I could throw something historical in it. If not, I'll just come up with something else and move on. *I'm going to write more about the story over on my other story blog. I have the link up there. I think it's called "Jem's Pages".*

I just have to remember to sinc it up to the laptop so I can write to it while I'm off line like this one. I had it set up that way on the desktop, but I never got around to doing it for the laptop it seems. I looked for it the other day and was disappointed when I didn't see it. 

Yesterday we got home around sunset and it was windy. We both watched a movie, then I tried to watch something else before I had to sleep. I don't think I was up beyond 1am. But I'm not comfortable in the room yet, so I left the light on. It was a very dim light. I woke up at 3am I think and turned it off. I woke up two other times before I got out of bed around 10am.

At first look the bed looks great, but it's too high. I have to push off the floor to get up onto it. Tanzi is a tall girl. Then the pillows are too soft. But I think I was able to sleep right on them last night after a lot of adjusting.

Well she made lentil soup for brunch. It was good. Speaking of food.

Yesterday after the library we, well I, got a sandwich at this place that Tanzi said was new. They had big black boards on a wall to show you what was being made and what was it in, and one the last one, they let you if the ingredients were organic, sustainable and something else. The sandwiches came in half sizes, so I got one as a half to save on money incase I didn't like it.

Once they got over the mix up it was very good. It seems that up until that day they made a chicken sandwich with bacon, and as of that day they had a chicken salad sandwich on the menu. Who ever put that up or decided on that, didn't tell the cook. :) So two of us had to return what we were given because they were thinking about the the chicken sandwich when we ordered the chicken salad sandwich.

It was good. If I get a job in that area I'll go there often and get a full sandwich. It was just about a salad with two pieces of bread. :) That place was called 'Homegrown', and it's mostly salads, sandwiches and soups.

They have herbs growing at the tables. Each table had one glass pot growing something.

I got an application for one place, it's a chain supermarket called PCC and I saw Goggle, and Adobe and found an anime that I couldn't download at the library. I had to reserved the first two as well as the one after the I did find. I'm second in line for the first two, but I'm like 6th for the 4th one in the set. 

Oh, getting to the library was heck for me. Tanzi gave wrong directions as far as I'm concerned. But I was suppose to tell the bus driver to let me off at the library, but she was talking to some one when I got on, so I didn't get to tell her where I wanted to go until I was block from where I was suppose to get off.

I just didn't know that I was a block away. I walked around for about 7 blocks trying to find it. I passed it in one form or another 3 times.

In NY libraries have a look. Here they don't, so I didn't see the words saying it was a library until I crossed the street that last time.

It's down the hill and to the right of the Troll. Yes, I've seen the Seattle Bridge Troll.

Well I have to wait for Tanzi to come back with some organic enzyme drain cleaner so I could wash my hair and take a bath. I was going to get it myself while she was at a meeting, but she remembered that I didn't have a key so she has to do it.

I feel like working on my story, but I can't since I'm waiting for that book about old Japan. Guess I'll go back to reading past chapters to see if I change my mind about something I wrote or catch some mistakes since I no longer have a beta.

Ok, See ya next time.

June 03, 2009

The First Morning - June 3rd

Would have been better if my cycle didn't start yesterday, but I didn't mess her bed. She thought that I would, but I didn't.

I got to use her bed because for some reason she likes sleeping in the living room.

Well I work up to something being cooked, but I think I went to back to sleep and woke up when she was eating.

Interesting breakfast. Something like cuscus with chunks of turkey and greens with corn on the side.

I checked last night and this morning, there isn't an open wireless network for me get on, so I guess I'll just be stock piling my entries.

I am going to be forced to do something along the lines of typing mostly since there is no tv here. And when I say tv I mean cable. I know I should have just said that first. She has two actual sets. One small little one and a big Trinitron but no cable hook up at all.

I'm playing music on the computer to fill the lack of sound around me. It's a very nice apartment. Coming from NY she has a big closet. It it's own room with it's own door into one of the two short hallways of this apt.

I'm staying somewhere called Capital Hill. That's all of the address I can give you. This is the same friend who wanted me to take her pic off my blog like 2 years or so back.

We don't have any plans for the day yet, but I'm sure she won't let me stay inside for the whole day. Oh, I got to bring the cam, so we should be looking for a BestBuy, so I could get a charger and batteries. I can't keep buying and tossing those things. I should have tons of pictures by the time I get back home. :)

Speaking of which, I knew it's too soon, but she's talking about me going to school here. Don't know about that. I'm sure that it would be easier to get a few more things done just because there will be less people around and more space around me, but like I said, I just got here.

And my prediction comes true. I'm meeting up with her in like 2 hours to go to the bank and go 'into' town. I'm sure we are in town so this is just to  be more so. I'll try and get to BestBuy after that so I can start taking pics as soon as possible.

Well, I'll go see about getting some stuff added/fixed with my story before going to take a shower.

See ya later.

I have landed. :)

Now boarding for Seattle.

June 02, 2009

And here is Phoenix. Currently, I will be boarding at 9:30pm local time.

Waiting at the airport.

On My Way

I'm sorry if I haven't told you any of this yet, but on my way to Seattle. Today.

Tanzi called me up and asked me to come see her before I start school in September. She said that she was going to pay for it, then she asked for help paying it.

It was too expensive to get a round trip, so I got a one way, hope to find a little temp job, and I'll pay my way back along with helping to do a few things while I'm there.

I'm just getting ready to take a bath and leave right now. I just finished packing since I decided to do that this morning since I went to bed after 4am. I didn't really plan to.

Hugs and Kisses. I hope to see ya in 24 hours. If not I'll be seeing you in  2 months.

Let's hope that I find internet over there.  :)