November 26, 2010

Now heading back home. The laptops were gone, got ink, a usb hub and gift card for the next time we need ink instead. I then fot back some ganola cerial to replace the one I ate most of. :). I was suprised to see a lit sky when I came out of target. So many tv's were bought today. I think I only saw one as small as 32". :) I think the bigest was 48" coming out of taget. There were a few of those. Later.

I am now inside the building. Not the store, the building. :)

That will have to do. My first Black Friday line. It's for Bestbuy.

November 24, 2010

I hate them. I offically hate them.

My little victory shout was them paying possum. 

I go to check my yahoo mail, that my bank uses and I sees a notice telling me that I'm under a certain amount. I set that little alarm bell so I would know when to stop spending when I used this account more. 

Either which way. I wondered how could that be? I had almost $2oo the other day. If I was anywhere, it was just under $100, so I go over and check and for a while I though that all my little buys and getting one to many cash backs is what did me in, then I looked further down to make sure and I see the $87.13. It was taken out on the 22nd. 

I bet you, I bet you, that happened because they realized that they charged me too early and pulled it back until it was time to 'legally' charge me. But it still won't work. Unless that teller lied in the report she sent them, it will be on record that I called in time to push my trial time up and that I canceled it too. 

I don't care it's thanks giving in two days. I'm calling Chase and starting this thing later this morning when they are open. I will have my money back my Christmas. 

Thieves and liars.  :(

November 23, 2010

I'm not dead. I'm treading water. I'm a C student. Let's see if I can find something to help me pull myself up to a B. :)

November 20, 2010

I Won! I Won!

I still have my money. 

I just got home from being out and I just ate my nice lamb and rice dinner with my side of China town sweets and I remembered to go check my bank account and the numbers didn't seem right. So I checked and checked and read and got my calculator out and in the end I realize that I spent a little more than I expected while I was out and that I had retained my $87.13 that those people were trying to get from me on Friday. 

YEAH! I Did It! Yes! I fought and won. *grinning like mad* 

That just made my day. 

I have pics, I got to where I had to me more on time than I thought I would even though I took the wrong train. I saw some interesting things, got some good food, got to hang out with a few friends saw a pretty ring that I may get for my friend if she ever answers my text.

It's not the kind of ring you are thinking about. It's not a small shiny thing. I like it. It's a nice black metal with two levels of petals with green stones in it. I have a pic of it on my phone. If she says she likes it, I'll go back and get it from here. I found it on Canal Street. It's going to cost $12, but it's ok. Next year we may not be in touch anymore. 

I'm thinking of really getting one for myself and I don't wear jewelry. :) 

A New York thing. I'm sitting in a store in China Town and look who is outside buying bean spruts. :)

I was there for an hour. Not bad. Will post pics later. :)

November 19, 2010

I Have Been Lied To, And Cheated!

I'm not talking about a guy, I'm talking about a web site. 

I'm talking about A news article that I read.

I was told one thing. Never got my sample, got charged for a second amount of the product within 7 days of ordering the sample, that I have yet to get.

I found a charge on my bank statement for $87.13 last night. One that they implemented, after I was no longer able to contact them over the phone. 

I tracked down their terms of agreement and I found that the free sample trial time is about 10 days and two days before the end of the trail they would charge me for the next month's supply once they weren't contacted with in the trial time to cancel. But if I didn't get the first sample I can extend my trial time. 

I tried to do both. I never got the sample. I wanted my trail time pushed up accordingly, and in doing so not be charged the money. Once that was in place I wanted to cancel my 'subscription'. That doesn't seem like a lot to ask fore since they said that is how it was to be done in their own terms of agreement right?

Wrong. It took me 35 mins to get the lady on the other end to understand this and cancel it. And even so, I still had to fill out the informatory on line to cancel it myself. Then I read the terms and agreement that came with that. It said that my account will no longer be charged and that my sample will be free, but they are keeping the money for the other pills that I didn't not want or ask for and have every right not to pay for. 

As I think of it now, I shouldn't have signed it. But I wanted them out of my account. I didn't want to see more money going in their direction. I am within my legal right not to pay for that, and I'll fight it. 

I've notified my bank since last night. They will have a record of this. I am contesting this. No one is going to steal $87 from me. 

I'm not the only one. This is why I was careful about buying stuff on line. I question even if the news article I saw was real at this point. 

Here is someone else.

November 18, 2010

The current me to you all. I'm time stamping. The of the 10th week and I'm still very much still in one happy piece. :) Now I go home.

November 17, 2010

November 15, 2010

I am out! One exam down and two to go along with a drawing to turn in.

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

November 11, 2010

Once again the sun tries to meet me before I meet the sandman. Yesterday I made myself go to sleep because I had a 3pm class. I stayed till 9 doing my into to design homework. But I'm not done. I'm going in early to work on it along with math homework before my class at 6. I actually thought about just saying up, but I know I'll start to crash when I should be heading in to school. oh yes you lucky dogs. I do not get the day off like some people. I have school. Well now I'm yawning. I'll do a propper post in a few days, I'm reading over my current story and I just reached chapter 14 of a 32 with each chapter being no less than 4 pages long. Most are 7. Well, good day to you all. :)

November 04, 2010

My day was mostly ok. So I woke up in bumps and itching. My room was clean, I had my clothes laid out for the day. The lady fron Healthfirst couldn't make it so I didn't have to get up for that and she's coming tomorrow at a later time so I still don't have to wake up early. So I wasn't as early as I would have liked to school. In the end I got what I wanted drawn and handed in. Where did myday go so bad that I'm spending $15 for goog asian food? The teacher said to do it again. I have to m:e it pretty. Well he said something else and since I still can't spell such a simple word I won't try away from a spell checker. So now I have to figuer out haow to make what I have look good. Appeling. Maybe if I had a clue how to do that I wouldn't feel so bad. My head just hurts and to think I was thinking of doingmath, not till tomorrow at the earliest now. Later

November 03, 2010

Once the state hall, but now the city hall of Brooklyn. :) besides one little thing, to be debated on later, today was a good day for me so far. Classes are over but I'm staying at school to get some work done. Bug me if you want to. :)