October 29, 2007

Nice Weekend

Hi Ya.

I know I've been a bit quite lately, but I'm ok. Still working, still here and such, and I've had a nice weekend. It hasn't really been what I expected. At least not Saturday.

I cashed my check at this place up the street for $3 and then my sisters took me around the place. I was taken to Times Square to go M&M World and The Hershey's store. And they just happen to be next to each other. I was so hungry that I ate M&Ms for a few hours until I was able to get home to eat the dinner that we got. They ate theirs as they walked, while I waited, and I thought that I was the hungry one.

We got the food at Fulton Grill at Fulton Mall. We got out at Nevins Street, thinking of going to KFC, but I wanted real food. So I went in there to get some. I got stir-fry noodles, potatoes and some kind of sweet chicken bits. Once they saw real food they wanted that more then the KFC, and since Phillys got paid for my M&Ms that was for $9 a LB I paid for dinner. No drinks considering that we were then headed to Target and Pathmark. Oh, speaking of which, did I ever tell you about some coupons I got for free Snapple? Well they worked at Pathmark.

Well we went to Target to really get some containers for the kitchen. Some how, mom melted one of the containers in the frying pan when she was cleaning out the fridge. That would explain why my left over cereal that I put in the fridge was gone the day before.

OH. Back tracking. On Thursday I hung out with AM for about 2 or so hours. She's a friend of mine from Ross. She came to NJ to get some papers so that she could finish up college in Costa Rica. She thought that she would have been finished with what she had to do in NJ at 2. Ha, she wasn't back in her car to come to NY until 5pm - 6pm. I then went out in the cold to look for a parking place for her. I walked around a bit, then came back to find a good spot outside the pharmacy. I called her to let her know that I had found her a spot to park, and she passed me two times. I had the spot for her on Franklyn, and she thought that the spot was in Carroll. So she went around in a circle twice looking for me, and each time she passed me as I wanted to see a pink car coming towards me.

She told me that her car was kinda pink. That is why I didn't see her past me the two times before. She was the one that called me to find out where this parking spot was. That is how I found out that she wasn't in a pink car, but a grey one.

Well she came around and this time found me easy. When she pulled in some said that she had nice seat covers. I don't know if I would have thought much about them if they didn't say anything.

Well she came down to the apartment, said hi to my mom. Clipped the cat's claws, and said hi to Nika. We then went to Dojo's for dinner, which was really nice and we tried the Japanese ginger ale or something like that, then we went to target, which she thought was odd. She's kinda like me, if you go somewhere different, don't go looking up the stuff that are down your street at home. But I was looking for some soy milk so I could get my calcium. They were out of Silk, so we went down stairs to Pathmark and got their soy milk and she paid so she could get some money back. They wiped her out of most of her money over the document place in NJ. They told her one price over the phone, and when she got there, they tacked on like $15 per document.

I would have liked it if I didn't have to pay her back the $3 since I was so low on money and wasn't sure if I was going to get paid the next day. I was kinda sure, but with my luck, who knew.

Now she had to drive her way back to Philly, or somewhere around there. She had a place to stay there. As much as she would have liked to have crashed in the city for the nigth, they didn't leave her that much money. Oh, I did give her back the $3. It mostly for her tolls. I helped her get mostly out of Brooklyn, and Jhodie got her day pass to come home. Jhodie called when I was walking her back to her car, and I got her onto flatbush av, and she dropped me off at Nevins where I was to meet Jhodie. The girl tried to stop in the middle of the street during a green light. I told her it was a good thing she didn't like here.

Ok, back to the weekend.

We got a bunch of stuff, but all on the cheep side, and we split the up between the three of us. At least up in Target. Down in Pathmark, it was between me and Phillys. We even got some rain checks for some floor that they were out of. Today it occurred to me that they shouldn't have given me the rain check until the last day of the special. But hey, mom got two rain checks. Phillys went to get one two. It was buy one get one free 5LB unbleached flour. That should keep her baking for a while. Heck, she could make it there, while the special is still going, pick up one, then use the rain checks a week or so later.

BTW, AM told me about the rain check thing. Phillys said that she knew, but she keep forgetting to get any.

What else. Oh, we got a taxi home, and it was $9. We came home to find that mom had found a garden some where. There were turnips and carrots, and spinch, and parsly, and , and... something else. Oh. Corn. Which I cleaned and cut and put in the fridge. We had already shoped the fridge full, then these thing showed. I couldn't get everything in. I was up until 4 when mom left. I was up till 3 to wake her up, but I had to wait until 4 so I could get her place on the bed. Ms Brown was here this weekend. So there was no free place on any bed for me this weekend for the whole night.

Then there was today. I got up officially at noon. Then I hung out on line for a bit doing something and then trying out some new software. Now I remember. I was getting my thumb drive ready for Dashawn. Ya, I spelled his name wrong. I'm not getting my phone to get the spelling, I want to finish up this blog before 4am.

Well, I was heading his way to work on this computer that he swore came with XP on it. I don't believe it because of two things. One, it has a 20gig hard drive in there along with just a 128 stick of ram. How???? Coming from Dell?????? I'm very sure it came with another OS on it, but now it was trying to live with XP.

So I got some updated stuff, looked to see if there was any new versions of some stuff and then moved all of that over to the drive. Then I tested out the clip finder before getting ready to leave. I took Nika with me. It was half meant to help tire her out, which it did.

It was far colder then I thought it was going to be, and it got colder in the three hours that we were there. Well the damage to the computer wasn't that bad. It was bad, it stalled out on me, and because I had to get Nika back here before 10pm I left before doing something a few more things. So it looks like I might be going back there next weekend.

Actually, we weren't there that long. I just forgot to take out the hour's time or so that it took us to get there. Because we left there like 8:15 or so, and we got there mins after 9. I just don't know how much mins. But it wasn't that bad. We almost slept past our stop. Which would have been really bad. On the good side, an 2 train pulled up just about the same time as our train. And guess who walks out and sees us as we walk towards them and the stairs? Jhodie. Cool. We all went home together, and Jhodie saw the extra jacket that Nika got from Aunty Janice to help her fight the cold. Nika didn't believe me when I told her that it was cold out. Maybe now she will believe me and dress warmer next time. Not that I was all that toasty myself. I had gotten this cool sweeter from mom, but with the new bigger jean jacket, I was still so cold.

Jhodie thought that it she was meant to leave the time she did, considering she was suppose to leave alot earlier, and then ran back to use the bathroom before leave work. I would say that to. We found some computer parts. It was near the end of putting the parts into one thing, that I realized that all but one cable ribbon was missing. So I pulled out the computer that I saved way back when and took one of it's cable. I wanted to used all the ribbons and the sound wire from the cdrom, but two of them were two short. So no sound wire and no floppy disk cable. On well. I will only miss the sound cable.

Well it's after 3am. I went and go mom up for work. I looked at the computer and it hit me that besides the side panel that wasn't there, I had everything connected and in. I hope it all works. I'm just doing this to test out everything. I can't really keep it. I don't have another monitor, and Dashawn needs the memory stick. It's the right kind. I made sure when we were looking at getting some from http://www.tigerdirect.com/.

The boy needs a intro class to computers. He had no concept of the amount of space a gig was.

I think that the only thing that will cause any real problems will be how I get stuff off the computer before installing a new hard drive. By the way I'm talking about Dashawn's computer, which is really his mom's. Their computer didn't have a burner. Another reason I don't think that it came with XP on it.

Well I have to start looking at bed now. My mom is ready to leave, and I have to get some sleep. I can't stay in bed until 12 tomorrow. I have to be up way early. I have to wash my hair. No is here to really comb it for me, and I’ve already combed it out.

Ok... spell check then I'm out of here.

October 16, 2007

He's allergic to almost everything

Oct. 11: Tylor Savage can only eat six foods: chicken,
grapes, tuna, carrots, apples and potatoes.
He talks with TODAY's Matt Lauer.

To watch this video, click here.

The Last Few Days

Today, I should say Monday was the forth day on the job. I worked two days in a row, withone being over 8 hours long and that was the first of the two days in a row. And it just had to be on a Sunday when the two train wasn't really running in Brooklyn and I had totake the bus part of the way between two train stops.

Sunday was inventory day. It wasn't so bad. We got hung up on two things. One made us rescan a set of items 3 times, or we would have been further along when my boss showed up. He really is there all the time. Either which way. Inventory is more then just scanning everything we have and having it match up with what we are suppose to have,which didn't happen for most of them by the way, but also to then see what was missing from the store and sending them what we now knew we had in stock. I was suppose to be there at 12pm, but the other girl was running late and wouldn't get there until 1pm. I didn't find out until I called in to say that I was running late because of the train and such. So I made a small detour and then went in around 12:30, I get there about 15 mins before the other girl showed up and opens the door. I was happy that it wasn't the key to the whole building she had, or I would have been one cold and miserable little girl. I didn't leave until 10pm that night, and that was just because I wanted to get home before midnight. I made it with 30 mins to spear. The other girl stayed for another hour, finishing up the little bit that we had left of what we started. Oh, the boss left around 9pm.

Today I went back to doing what I did on Friday and Wednesday, but for some reason, I couldn't remember which screens to find the functions in. I mostly work in three screens that have like 20 functions in each. Did I say anything about it not being made very well? I was a complete blank on where to find some things. But once I was there, I knew what to do. I just need some more time at it. But since it sounds like I'm getting along ok, my boss says, I will have 5 more days with the girl, then I'm coming in on my days, and doing it mostly on my own. Someone will be there if I need help with something, but I have to start doing it on my own soon. I just wish the software was better.

I got paid today for today and the last two days. He keeps asking me if I have lunch money or lunch, and when I say no, he feels bad. So this will be it until I get paid, paid. Or I won't have much of a paycheck to get. *grin*

I worked for about 5 hours, and not long after I got home I crashed. I was still tried from the day before, and thanks to everyone in the house coming through that bedroom for something and constantly waking me up, and having to wake my mom up 3am, I didn't have a good sleep at all.

I'm ok with the working by myself part. I need to do that before I start relying on other people to do stuff for me. Then when I know what to do, I can work on getting faster. I can't get much faster at inventory, but that I'm not really doing by myself it seems.
(rehashing I know)

I was planning on sleeping in late tomorrow, but since I crashed, I think that I can get up a bit earlier then normal and get my check cashed, open my new bank account, then get back here in time to give Jhodie my metro card so she can go to work without having to walk it.

Well I have go wake up my mom.


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October 11, 2007

First Day....

Not bad.

I didn't throw anything away. The girl who is teaching me is ok. ... I'm pretty sure that I'm older than her, but she's very nice.

I got just about everything. I still have alot to learn, and I have to speed up and learn a bunch of names and style codes, ya... those style codes are going to hurt. I'm hoping they just sink in over time. Oh for those of you who know about me and how early I use to get to work *joking*.... I'm happy to say that I got there on time. I amazed myself since I barely got any sleep and had to tell myself that I had to get up because it was my first day of work.

My new boss got me lunch. They were doing a lunch run and he offered to get me something when I said that I only had $2. That was nice.

I took a very short brake to eat the sandwich that he got me since I didn't want to keep the girl back from getting her/our stuff done on time. We have to have all orders for the store ready to be shipped out by 5 if they are going to be shipped there and nothing last minute shows up. We were just about there, but we did get a last minute set of requests from the store, and the boss was going to take them there himself, so we went until about 6:10pm getting every squared away.

For some reason I think that Friday is going to be worst, although I'm sure it's going to be Monday if we get shipments everyday.

I had found one of the bathrooms on my own when I was coming back from my quick lunch/brake, but near the end when we were taking out the trash from all the stuff we got and the broken down boxes that they came in and such, the girl showed me the other one that was close to the bar. I did tell you that there was a bar on the second floor of the building right? *grin*

When I was leaving I had to log out... and I don't mean log out of the computer we were using. With in the program that we use to set prices, transfer items, and say that we got stuff, also has a part where we say that we have arrived at work and when you you let it know that you are now leaving work.

Since I have worked with a programmer, I can tell that this piece of software could use a revamp, and that it cost alot of money to start with.

Then I went to the office to do what everyone does when they get a new job. They say where to send their money. :) That and give the job information so that they can pay taxes and not be taken over by the IRS or jailed.

I have to get a bank account. I think I said that before. Well while I was writing this I actually stopped a few times for up to 10 mins at least one time. One of those breaks was spent holding my sister up as she changed the light in our bathroom that seemed to have blown early this morning.

Another break was for me to find out where I could cash my check. I looked up the bank that was on my check. He said cash when it gave it to me, and it says cash on the check. .. But it's a check?

Either which way, I looked for a branch and there is said to be on in the middle of Madison Square Garden. We may go there. Then I looked to see if I would like to have an account with them. It looked ok, but I still think that I will still get the WaMu account. They have this Automatic Savings Plan thing that I like. I think it's set at $5 every month, I'll up to $10 every paycheck. I'm already old. When I get more in my pay check, I'll add more to the savings.

Well I got home ok. I was happy to get off the F train when I did. It may have been around 7pm, but it was full of people getting home from work. I called mom to let her know I was on my way home, and to ask her about the bus route. I wanted to take the bus home, but she wanted to go out, so I told her that I would take the 4 or 5 train home. I decided to walk down the Nevins St. and maybe say hi to Jhodie as I passed by if they weren't busy. But when I looked in, she was busy and not looking like it was going well with her current order she was doing.

So I just walked on by and went to the train station. I got there, got the 5 home, and called mom to let her know I had just come up on Franklyn. It had taken me longer than I thought to walk from Hoyt to Nevins. And since she said that she wanted to go out, I was letting her know how far away I was. But wouldn't you know it? As I got here expecting her to fly by me, she stuck around and played a game on the computer. Hum. I could have taken the bus ride(s) home.

Now for the bad news. Believe it or not, my sister was robbed while she was at work. No. No one came in and held the place up. An employee went into her bag that was locked in the office and took her metro card and the bare $20 she had. So now when I was going to buy some Asian food in China town with about $20, I have to give her so she can at least get to a new metro card for the rest of the week.

Oh well.

Now, if I'm getting about $60 a day, three days for two week, then it's 60x3x2= $360 more or less. If work a little over I get a little extra. I do not expect to finish early anytime soon. Maybe 4 months in on a light day. :)

Not bad for my first job in the US.

Well See ya.


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October 09, 2007

The Interview

I had an appoint for 2pm, but somehow after getting up and time and having my hair done, I seemed to have lost about 40 mins. So by the time I was ready to leave, it was already 15 till 2. So I sent him a quick e-mail after trying to find a phone number to call and let him know what I was running late, but should be there at 2:30pm.

I then ran out the house to catch the train. My mom came home before I left and tried to help me find a way there but bus after I took the train to Hoyt street. But her information was a bit off. Yes there was a bus that went down Jay St, but it didn't go as far as I needed it to go. So I had to walk about 3 blocks to the place from where the bus route ended.

Get this, when I went to wait for the bus, I was standing right over the F line. I was thinking that should have taken the subway, but I thought that some how this was better. I wish that I had taken the subway when I walked past it, and then walk another block to where I was going.

Now when I got there, I took the elevator up to the 3rd floor since the address said 303 suite. I walked around a few hallways looking for 303 on the door. I walked past a this place, anothing something place, a hand made hats place, then I turned one way and saw 306 and walked by the other way, and there was a manikin in a small window wearing a bra and panties. I know that was the place before I saw the 303 on the door.

As I walked in the door, he turned to me and said hi Jhoy. That felt so odd. He shook my hand then he introduced me to the staff. All three of them, and then went to his office for the interview.

It went well. He was surprised that I hadn’t gotten a job yet, since he thinks I had such a great resume. I had my own take on why on one had hired me yet. Either which way, we talked about this, then we talked about that, and he showed me very little about the software that I was going to have to learn and then he asked me, what makes you think you can do this job. I went the honest way. It sounded easy, and if it’s easy, then I can do it.

At the end he said that he really liked me but he had two other people to see. One had already shown up while we were having out interview. And there was one more today. I didn’t think that was going to hear from him until tomorrow, but he called me today and said that he has decided to offer me the job. Great! I said that I accepted. That made me happy. Now I didn’t feel like hiding from my mom to go out and do some washing. It’s getting cold out there. And it’s said to be colder tomorrow.

Oh, I almost didn’t finish up what happened yesterday. I decided to take the F train home. I was going to down to 6th street then take another train back somewhere and then take the 4 or 5 home. But the first stop on the F back was one that knew and I came out and where was I? The same place that I caught the bus to go there in the first place. Cute. I then walked over to the T-Mobile place that we have been going to for everything to pay them the $150 so that we wouldn’t have that much pay later.

The girl there looked at me and asked what was wrong this time? I told her nothing was wrong. I came to pay my bill. Then I took two buses home and I felt good about the interview.

Got to go. See ya.

Fwd: Intervie Request

I have a job. YA!

This is the e-mail that I got for the interview of my new said job. Yaaaa! *grin*... Now
I feel happy. Now my training starts. I'm doing inventory for a newish start up. They
have been at it for over a year and it seems to be going quite well.

He says that training on the software is 3 months, and I get paid $10-$12 an hour. Right
now it's only 3 days with about 6 hours each day.

His only concern about me was my age. It's starting to try to work against me. He thought
that I may be too old to work for just $10-$12 an hour and it seemed to bother him more
than me because he made it sound like he would be somewhat willing to increase my pay if
I proved I deserved it down the line. I don't care if I get an increase or not. I'm just
happy I have a job. But with only working 3 days, I think I can do another part time job
to fill in the gaps so I can really pay for a bill or two around here, and not just pay
for my metro card and have clothes washing money.

It will have to be for less then a year since I will be starting some thing of that looks
abit like college starting next year September.

Oh… check out their/our website. I will officially be adding it to my website tomorrow,
if not tonight.

I think that I'm going to wear my new black shirt and my new green long skirt. I have to
buy clothes too.

See ya.

--- Carl J Manni wrote:

 From: "Carl J Manni"
 Subject: Intervie Request
 Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 14:09:18 -0400
 I'd like to interview you for the job at Linda's.
 Attached is our website
 Here our address (use the one on Jay Street)
When are you available to interview? I am here basically all the time.
 Carl Manni
 From: Jhoy E. Meade
 Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2007 6:12 PM
 To: job-xxxxxxxxxx@craigslist.org
 Subject: Inventory Staff for Women's Apparel Retailer
 Jhoy E. Meade
 993 Carroll St A6
 Brooklyn, New York, 11225
 October 3, 2007
 To Whom It May Concern.
 I'm looking to fill the part time job that you advertised for your
 establishment. I will be starting college next year, and I will be pursuing
 a double major of architecture and computer graphics.
 I am very people friendly, and I find working with the general public or a
 large client base enjoyable. I'm very familiar with a number of computer
 systems as my resume can attest to. I also type between 40 and 47 wpm with
 95 percent accuracy.
 My professional references are from abroad as I've just recently moved to
the USA. I have included four references of persons who have known me for
 over 5 years personally and professionally.
 I believe that working with you will be of benefit to both of us.
 Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and the enclosed resume.
 Yours Truly,
 Jhoy E. Meade.

Not a bad cover letter ha? :)



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October 07, 2007

A Week's Worth... Let's Go.

On Monday I went with Jhodie to the Salvation Army to drop off a few things. Also, Jhodie was finally getting rid of some cans and bottles that she wanted to recycle for some extra money. Also I was going to fill out an application for the supermarket down the street on Utica where Jhodie was going to drop off the cans and such. We both hit bust there. One, their recycler was broken, and they didn't even know until she showed up, and two, they had no positions open and they told me to check back in two weeks.

The supermarket was our first stop. Next we took the bus over to the Salvation Army store. I was half hoping that we could get like 1/3 of what they thought the stuff was worth, but no. The one thing that I didn't expect to see when I got there was the help wanted sign. It was there from when we walked all the way there like a month and a half or so ago. So I asked about the job. The guy there didn't know much, but sent me the "main" office to get an application. I would have to do that tomorrow.

While we were on the bus over to the store, I saw a place that had a recycle center/box out front. So we walked it there after Jhodie finished looking though the coat rack at the store. The place I saw the recycle thing turned out to be a lot further back then where I thought it was. It took her cans, but not her bottles. They were the wrong size. I went inside the supermarket to get a few things, or just some mayo. I got a few things and I saw a mayo for a very good price, but it was lite, and Jhodie hates lite. So I didn't pick it up. I just hoped that I saw another one around the same size for a close price. I didn't, and I waited until mom came home to ask her if she didn't mind light mayo. She didn't care. So I went back out later and picked it with Nika in tow.

It was a nice store. I almost said little, but it's bigger than most places back home. I got some croûtons that were on sale for a buck, and also some cuscus that was also on sale for 99cents. The store was two blocks down from the grand army plaza station so we just took the subway there and back. Monday was a cold day, and breezy too. It didn't help that I was still dressing for summer time.

Don't remember what happed the rest of the day. Sorry. But I do remember that I had a few places to go the next day. One to fill out the application for the store. It's office was right behind the Pathmark store over on Atlantic Ave.

Tuesday, let's see. I believe that mom got off work at 11am or so, an she called me so we could go to Costco. I was planing on going to her bank to put on my re-bate check that I got from T-mobile. I asked mom if there was a branch over where we were going. She said yes. So we were going to do that before going to Costco. Now, mom called me and woke me up somewhere around 10am. She was go get off at when someone showed up to take over for her. They showed up late, and she didn't call me until after 1pm. I had told her to call me when the person came to take over for her around 11. I didn't bother to go back to sleep like I would have liked. I got up, got something to eat, then got ready and waited for her to call me back.

While I was waiting for her to call me back, I remembered that I was suppose to call someone as a follower up to sending my resume to them on on some night. Afternoon back. Either which way. I called him and he asked if I could call him back in half and hour because he was in a meeting. Fine. Sure. I then got the call from mommy, and went over to see her on 36th st. The on in Brooklyn that is. We walked over to the bank and I remembered to call him back. It was about 40 mins later by this time. He answers but puts me hold, then we talk like it was an interview. Today was the day that I was happy I have so much mins on my phone. I don't know if he realized that I was on my cell. It was like I was having an interview then and there. Ofcourse when I had to talk to someone on the phone, everything that could make noise did. Kids got let out of school for brake. Big trucks came by, breaks screeched. Everything. We made it to the branch and waiting out in the atm area as I finished talking to him in a more quite area. Mom went in and did put my check in her account after she got me to sign it.

He asked me all the normal questions, then he asked what software do I use to make websites. I said dreamweaver and frontpage. I then asked him what software they used. He had no clue. Shouldn't he know that if he was going to ask me what software I used? Don't most phones come with caller ID these days? Well he asked me for my phone number and my house number incase he couldn't really call me back on my cell. He said that he was going to look though my resume that he found on this desk and that he was going to call me back to set up a date for an in person interview. He hasn't call me back yet by the way.

So after the call and the bank we went to find Costco. For the longest time I thought that my mom and sister were saying cosco. I just never heard the T, but that day I saw it in writing. Nice big sign on the side of the building. I wasn't as impressed by the inside as I thought I was going to be. I was more impressed by the parking lot than by the first floor. But I didn't know that there was a second floor until a bit later.

As my mom rushed over to use the bathroom, she bumped into a guy who could tell her something about her card. I walked over to people with needles. Well I didn't see the needles until I go there. I just saw forms being filled out and thought that they were hiring, or something like that. Then when I saw the needles I found out that they were selling flu shots for $20 each. I was just asking Phillys about getting a flu shot the day before too. I just said that I was here with my mom, and that I just came to see what was going on. I know somewhere in there I made myself sound younger then I am. I just wonder if they thought anything was odd with me.

Well we walked around and looked at getting a few things. But then we had to go back for Nika and then there was the thing about paying for member ship that was due. That is what the guy told her that she ran into earlier. Then we made our way to the second floor. Now I was starting to get impressed.

There were juices and this is where the food was. I smelled it on the way up the odd moving belt thing. I saw some kind of Asian mix snack in a big bag. It was kinda like the stuff we saw in china town. But I had no money, and mom turned to go back home for Nika and didn't bother buying anything after all.

When we were leaving, I asked her about at least paying the membership thing so that next time we come, we could just shop. She said that it was too late, and we went home for Nika.


Ok, that was a very long time ago, and I don't know what happened next never mind for the rest of the week.


October 02, 2007

Baking Time

I know that I'm late, but I had to stay up to look after something then I was just tired and go to bed.

First up the pumpkin cookies.

http://www.verybestbaking.com/recipes/detail.aspx?ID=32364 There you go. :)

Old-Fashioned Soft Pumpkin Cookies

Estimated Times: Preparation - 10 min | Cooking - 18 min | Cooling Time - 2 min cooling | Yields - 36 cookies


  • 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup butter (1 stick), softened
  • 1 cup LIBBY'S® 100% Pure Pumpkin
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 Glaze (recipe follows)

PREHEAT oven to 350° F. Grease baking sheets.

COMBINE flour, baking soda, baking power, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt in medium bowl. beat sugar and butter in large mixer bowl until well blended. Beat in pumpkin, egg and vanilla extract until smooth. Gradually beat in flour mixture. Drop by rounded tablespoon onto prepared baking sheets.

BAKE for 15 to 18 minutes or until edges are firm. Cool o
n baking sheets for 2 minutes; remove to wire racks to cool completely. Drizzle Glaze over cookies.

2 cups sifted powdered sugar, 3 tablespoons
milk, 1 tablespoon melted butter and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract in small bowl until smooth.

http://www.flaxflour.com/default.asp?mn=1.6.20 In case my text gets messed up.

Flax Oatmeal Cookies

Yield: 20 cookies

Each cookie provides about 10ml (2 tsp) of flaxflour.

brown sugar
egg white
flax flour
white flour
quick oats
baking powder
baking soda







  1. Preheat oven to 180o C (350o F).
  2. Beat sugar, egg, egg white and vanilla.
  3. Combine flax flour, white flour, oats, salt, baking powder, and baking soda. Stir into wet ingredients.
  4. Scoop 15 ml (1 tbsp) of dough onto a nonstick baking sheet; repeat with the remaining dough.
  5. Bake for 10 minutes; cool 1 to 2 minutes on sheet, then remove to wire rack.

Nutrient information per cookie

Fat Total
Dietary Fibre




I took the pic of the flax cookies, but even though I only had 4 left to take the pic last night, that doesn't mean that they were great. Nika ate most of them and the recipe only made about 14 cookies. As for me and Phillys, who actually ate one, there was too much baking powder in the after taste of the cookie. I also think that you need to use the quick oats like they said. I didn't have any, so I just used the old fashioned oats that was in the cupboard.

Now, since that was a mis for me, I have one that was a hit.

My sister wanted corn bread and chicken today, so she dug up a recipe for corn bread and told me to make it while she was out washing. Well I did it and now there is now left. It's a good thing that I took a piece when I did, I didn't get a chance to later.

My mom liked it. She asked me what milk I used. I told her the rice one. It's not plan rice milk. It's Rice Dream Vanilla Milk. She really liked it and then asked me to look up an egg less cake recipe for a friend. But I'm not going to go there right now since I have to go find that corn bread one for you.


http://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/recipe.aspx?recipeId=35362 Direct link just for you.

Sweet Country Cornbread

You can use yellow, white or blue cornmeal to make this classic cornbread.

Prep Time:10 min
Start to Finish:35 min
Makes:12 servings

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1cup milk
1/4cup butter or margarine, melted
1 1/4cups yellow, white or blue cornmeal
1cup Gold Medal® all-purpose flour
1/2cup sugar
3teaspoons baking powder
1/2teaspoon salt

1.Heat oven to 400ºF. Grease bottom and side of round pan, 9x1 1/2 inches, or square pan, 8x8x2 inches.
2.Beat milk, butter and egg in large bowl. Stir in remaining ingredients all at once just until flour is moistened (batter will be lumpy). Pour batter into pan.
3.Bake 20 to 25 minutes or until golden brown and toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.

Nutrition Information:

1 Serving: Calories 170 (Calories from Fat 45 ); Total Fat 5 g (Saturated Fat 3 g); Cholesterol 30 mg; Sodium 260 mg; Total Carbohydrate 29 g (Dietary Fiber 1 g); Protein 4 g Percent Daily Value*: Vitamin A 4 %; Vitamin C 0%; Calcium 10 %; Iron 6 % Exchanges: 1 Starch; 1 Fruit; 1 Fat
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


That's it.

Cooking corner is over for the day. :)