December 31, 2004

Yesterday Should Have Been Friday.

I had maybe two things going on in my day, besides realizing at 9am that it was Thursday.

From Wednesday afternoon around 3pm I had it my head that yesterday was Friday.

Then I called up FinAid department to ask what time would be good for me to come up and clean/defrag their computer, and she said that maybe tomorrow would be good, then I said I can't tomorrow it's Saturday. Then I was kindly told that tomorrow was Friday.

Then and there the colour of the day changed before my eyes.

Then I played the part of ID maker for most of the day, then at 2pm I went up FinAid to clean their computers. I fell asleep during the scandisk of one computer. I hate day shift. I really do.

I did get two computers finished by 4pm. I then went down and got my stuff to go home. I would come back today to do the last computer. Which I also took a nap during it's scanning. There is no real reason for us to do this anymore... or at least for the reasons the user of the computer thinks.

Years ago when I first got this job, we would go around to all the computers on campus and do external cleaning (wipe the monitor down, clean the keyboard, clean the mouse) and we would do computer software things. We checked the AV program to see if it was up to date, if it wasn't we updated it, then ran a virus scan on the computer. We then emptied the temp folders, run a scan disk and defragged the hard drive and checked Microsoft’s website for updates for the OS. At one point, were we popping off keys to clean under them. Cleaning one computer would take at least 2 hours. Then there was the updating of a few outdated stuff that might have been installed on the computers. That was when the computers were running Win95,Win98 and NT4.

But now the AV updates itself and scans the computers almost every day. Just about everyone has gotten a new computer this year, so very few need to be defragged yet. And on a whole the place is more sealed then it use to, so unless you live over your keyboard and mouse and has dropped all kinds of things in and around them, you can clean them easily along with wiping down the screens. Which some do.

Anyway, I brought the rest of my wallpapers home from school so I can post wallpapers to my club this weekend.

Today started odd for me. I was dreaming away and for some reason I woke up with a start as I tried to stop myself from vomiting. It was 3am when I then spent like 5 mins in the bathroom trying to get the acid out of my throat and was able to swallow again. I didn't even remember what caused it. But as I fell back to sleep I started to remember bits and pieces, but it didn't happen again.

My clock then woke me up a little after 7 am so I could undo my hair for work today. I couldn't wear it to work as it was. The twist thing didn't work for me, but I got some odd spiked hair waves coming from it when I undid the twists. So I decided to do that for today, and tomorrow I wash my hair.

Oh… before I go any further. We got Christmas gifts last night. A bit late I know, but they were delivered in person by someone known by the family. My father sent him with some stuff for us, on his trip down here. I was suppose to meet him because he said that we went to school together, but I don't remember most of the people I went to school with down here, so if anything, I missed to occasion to tell him that I didn't remember him, which is a good thing.

Well Nika got most of the stuff. Some more toy cooking stuff. A doll with a baby, a teaching toy computer, and an alphabet electronic thing. Jhoide and I got watches. Which is fine by us. We asked for them. I just don't know how to get it to tell me the right day. At least I have the time right, and I can easily not look at the part that tells you what day it is :) And I can choose from four colours to light up watch in the dark. :)

I got to work way late, which is wrong since I was ready to walk out of the house at 15 past today. Between the bathroom and the stops that the bus made, I walked into the LRC like half past, and Ron was back.

He was off island for a few day on work related things. At least he didn't say anything about the hair, and it looked like I was still here before the other guys. Ofcourse Collin was here on time to open up, but it didn't look like anyone else was there yet.

For the rest of the day I converted most of the .pdf files on the website to flash paper files and changed a link that was on the portal and tried to get the cds that I need for some burn jobs requested by two teachers. Collin is trying to get me the amount that I need so I can cross them off of my to do list.

I also continued to man the ID computer today, and like I said before I was able to make it up the FinAid department to get the other computer done. I also went up help a teacher with a picture problem he was having, but he wasn't there. I also checked back after I was done with FinAid, but he still wasn't there. Oh well, his lost. He'll find me on Monday I'm sure.

Oh, Monday is a holiday I hear, yet I'm working, so I have to get paid over time or something for that. We are having orientation on Monday also, so I'll be doing a lot of IDs. We have about 54 or so new students, and only 16 or so of them have come in for their IDs. So I'll be doing most of them on Monday. I'll be amazed if I do less then 30 on Monday.

Well, I came back down to the LRC, talked to AM for a while. She showed up with her Mom just before I left and went upstairs. I spent most of that last hour before closing talking to her. We did a little look up of stuff at tigerdirect for her, and found that her case that we had picked out was gone. :( She wasn't happy.

Looked around a bit more, I showed her the monitor that I was looking at the other day that you can be rotated to portrait viewing angle. If I got a flat panel I want it to do that.

BRB...I'm hearing fire works.:) Ok.. back. I was just gone for like 10 mins if that much. I forgot that the island of St.Kitts doesn't have fire works, but I was hoping this year. Nevis had theirs, and so did the Marriott hotel. I saw some of their fire works over the hills of Bird Rock. But not that much to say it was worth it. Maybe next year I remember and see if I can get a ride over there and back. A taxi is out of the question since they would charge me at the least $50 to go there and back and they would only be covering about 4 miles both ways or 10 mins each way.

Well I left work talking to AM and her mom, then I went up the steps to get a ride with Collin. Each break he gives me a ride home unless he has to do something else.

I got home, and Jhodie wasn't here. She had taken Nika out to see the kid's parade. I did see Verey. He was back, and Pearl as getting ready to leave with him. She was late. I had the house to myself for about an hour and half before Nika and Jhodie came home. I was then sent out to get stuff since Jhodie didn't feel like it, and had just gotten back with Nika. Fine, She wanted grapes and watermelon. So she sent me to the "Fruit Bowl" to get them. I got the watermelon, but not the grapes. At $16 or so for a pound I left it and hoped the other shop had it for better. The shop that I knew had a good price for their grapes was already closed. I also picked up some slices of papaya for myself at $2 and change. I then went to the other shop to see about their grapes and to get some bread. I got some bread, but it wasn't what I wanted. The store was out of $1.25 bread, so I got some 10cents bread instead. Against my better judgement I also picked up some grapes, and I got some canned sausages for the weekend. I'm sure the two we had are already finished.

I then got to play computer tech before I left the store. The computer/cash register crashed or froze and had to be started. He said that he thought it was the mouse. I asked a few questions, got him to defrag the hard drive that even the OS said needed to be defragged. He checked my stuff with a calculator and I left the store. He had a nice 76 gig hard drive and 96% of it was free. I told him it would take about 5 mins to defrag. :)

I then walked back home and I got to picking out the wallpapers that I'm going to post tomorrow for my club, and trying out that program, "share my picture" to get it how I want it.

A little this, a little that, there’s the blog, then the fire works, now it's me saying good night. :)

Happy New Year.

December 29, 2004

Not Yawning, Yet I should Be.


I had just about nothing to do at work today. Now that I think of it, I should have gone around cleaning computers or running defrag on some of them. The finaid department had asked when we were coming up to do that.

These last two or so semester breaks we haven't done it because we had other things to do, but I have nothing to do but play board secretary.

Anyway, I added a few computers tips that I keep saying that I'm going to add to the site for the past like 5 months. I played with software, tried again to find a why to save movies to a vhs, but I've finally given up on that. I'll just wait until we get a dvd burner and just burn them to dvd. Then I'll have to get a dvd player for my computer, or I can just get the connection thing so that the dvd player that my sister sent down can finally get hooked up to my tv. :) The only thing that bites about that is that I will soon need to get new tvs if they can't be fixed. One has sound problems, and the other one needs to have the viewing area fixed.

Well, around 3pm I helped Rick look for drivers for a computer he was fixing. Speaking of which, I was thinking of that new motherboard that I wanted to get. I crunched a few numbers and for what I want, ram, motherboard with chip, and fan and that thing to stick the fan to the chip, it's going to cost me $213. US. That's about $533 EC. I'm going to have to save up first before I ask Rick to get it for me. And that price is with out shipping or duty/customs.

Well I told acting boss Collin that I was leaving at 4pm and I left at about 5 past. On my way off campus I saw something that I had forgotten about. The demo of class room 1. It's being turned into four offices. It was a small classroom. They knocked out the shape of a door in the concrete wall, and you could see the new walls on the inside going up. As I got to the top of the hill and exiting the campus, Collin was leaving and gave me a ride home. Sometimes I think that he doesn't remember to put on his seat belt unless I'm in the car with him. I've gotten in the car with him before he even starts up the engine and he puts on his seat belt then, and then there are the times when he picks me up at street level and as I get in he puts it on. Very odd.

Well he forgot where I lived and had to go around a block to take me home. As I walked into the house my sister tells me that she was waiting for me to get home so we can all go shopping for the next two weeks. Ha? She said that she was going to do that earlier in the afternoon. It was almost 4:30 now. But fine. In 20 mins we were out the door, with an umbrella to catch a bus to town or Ram's depending on where it stopped. The umbrella was for the rain that I saw coming since I left school.

Lucky us the bus stopped in front of Ram's. It rained today. Most of the morning when I was in, some of the afternoon, and it rained when we were in the taxi on the way home. We spent just over $300 which after I talked about when we got home is only $40 or so more then we use to pay 2 years ago. I guess it's just seeing that I went over $300 is what's getting me.

Well not long after I got home and once again hunted for something to eat, I was sent in my bed for a nap so I would hurt my neck on the chair. I told her to come get me in like an hour and a half. She did, I just didn't fell like getting up. But I had to. If I tried to just stay in bed for the rest of the night I would wake up at 3 am or something and can't go back to sleep until I get back home from work. :(

Well my night is just about over now. I helped with trillian, but it's not working the way I want it too. It has two profiles in there, but it keeps acting as if it's not been configured. Which is starting to bug me. I may work on it a bit more before heading in.

This weekend I'm posting wallpaper to my wallpaper club. Some months I might have waited until next weekend, but I may actually be busy then, so I'm doing it now to get it out of the way.

Well take care.

Once again I apologize for some of my bad grammar, but I corrected all my miss spelled words. :) But all that grammer isn't bad, so much as it's how most people dow here speak. I try not to show it too much, but sometimes it does come out.

Oh.. the time stamp on this is when I started this blog. I thought that I would have been finished an hour ago. Well, I was side tracked into slightly cleaning the fridge, so I'm finishing this blog at 1am. See ya.

Back... *yawn*

Currently it's 11:45am and I'm trying not to fall asleep at my desk. I could try harder, by doing some work, but I'm pretty sure that would just make me fall asleep faster.

Anyway, to finish up yesterday.

Well I was puttering around, doing this, doing that, I had ready come back from town and I gotten a message from my sister saying that the nurse can called the house saying that she got her memory stick and tried to install it, but it was beeping at her. So wanted help. I told my sister that I would go by after work.

At this point, I was thinking that she had gotten the wrong stick of ram. There are like 6 or so different kinds you can get. LINK here you can see the different kinds that are out there.

I'm getting DDR when I get my new motherboard next year. That is a major upgrade for me.

Back to yesterday.

Well I ended up leaving work a little late. A whole hour. Then I went right to the nurse’s house, and I stood outside calling her, and having that dog barking at me. I half thought that she wasn't there, but her door was open and I could have sworn that the tv I was hearing was coming from her side. I was there for like 15 or so mins when I decided to have the person next door call her. I meant for her to use the phone, but she went over to the wall and called out to her. Ok. But it worked.

Turns out she had called someone else to look at the computer for her since my sister didn't call her back telling her that I was going to come by after work. Anyway, I went up and talked with the guy that was there, tried to help out, but in the end her OS had to be re-installed. So I left him to it and went home just before 6pm. Well I tried to get home before 6pm. I stood and stood waiting for bus. Then I just decided to walk over to the gas station again. I wasn't completely dark yet. And of course as I left there to walk over four buses past me. Since they were all speeding, none of them decided to check to see if I would have liked a ride. So I got to the gas station and sat down. My poor back. Walking up that hill to the nurse's house wasn't the greatest thing I've done for my back. Well me, my back, and my tired feet got a bus after being there for maybe 2 mins. I had gotten too more book holders for Nika, which she quickly took from me when I got home.

My sister asked why I was home so late. So told her and then changed, told her about cashing my check, got something to eat, then crashed. This was like 7 I think. I then woke up all by myself like 2 or so hours later. Why did she let me sleep that long I wondered. As I'm sitting on my bed, she came in to get me, I told her that she was a bit late. She came to get me for the phone. It was my father. She doesn't talk to him. So came and got me. He doesn't know that she hates him. I've told her that she has to tell him, and I'm going to make her soon. I'm tried of being in between this. Well he just said what he did back when I was over at my uncle's. He was just making sure, and to give me the name of the girl who was coming to get something from us, and the name of the guy who was coming by with the things.

Wow... just forgot that time it was. I was thinking it was like 7pm just now. :) I so don't like day shift. :(

Well he sent us two watches, a play/learn computer toy for Nika, and maybe something else. I'll see when I get home. He also said that he wants to come down for Easter. He said that last year. If it looks like he will actually make it, he'll have to stay with Uncle Ray. I'm not that fond of the of seeing him again, never mind him staying in the house. That last times I remember being with him, cops were almost involved. I don't want that around Nika.

Ok… off bad thoughts. Well I got off the phone and went to see if they got me any thing from KFC. I got piece of a corn on the cob. I tried to eat some of a drumstick, but it was the hot and spicy. Nika couldn't finish eating it. So it ended up back with Jhodie. I was able to use the computer that night. As you tell from the fact that I got to blog. Then I tried to get to bed in good time. Which I think I may have done, but it was 1:30am. Which might be why it took me so long to wake up this morning.

Oh well.

I'll see if I can get on line tonight when I get home to do today’s.

The Internet Was down.

Well I can't say up late anymore.. so here is a quicky.

Yesterday, I woke up late, got my hair washed with hot water, and gave Nika a bath.

I had my hair twisted so I wouldn't have to comb for a while, but it took so long, I had to sleep with about half of it still wet. So when I tied it down to go to sleep, some got set in the wrong place.

I couldn't have posted this very short blog yesterday because of the internet being down. My sister was more bumbed about it than me.

I went to sleep later than I should have since I now have to be at work for 8m. :(

At least I got up in time without the help of my clock. I set it before I went to sleep, and I checked it before I went to bed, but it didn't even go off when I set it to. I got up at 7:30, and it took me a full mintue to understand that I only had 30 mins to get ready and be at work. Well I had laid out my clothes the night before, and my shower carred over until today. Which reminds me I have take a shower before bed.

I got to work on time, had a light day, but I was able to fill it, and I got to the bank and chashed my christmas bonus in like 15mins. Lucky me it was a very short line.

I then tried to track down some lunch since I got though with the bank so early. After walking around to find most places full and still trying to get something on the cheep side, I went to New Street to get a roti. Waited for like 20 or so mins, and I after I got it, I realized that I paied too much for a large roti and a malt. At least for the malt. That alone cost me $4.

I did get a christmas gift today. AM got it for me. It's a book of an anime, that you read from "back to front". Nice. I liked.

Well I have to go now.. that early bed thing.

Tomorrow, I'll added the rest and update you on my day.

See ya.

December 27, 2004

It's Getting Closer.


Work is what is getting closer, and I'm not a stitch cleaner or ready. :(

Right now it's 2:28am Monday morning.

I was in bed until about 11am or noon. I went to bed sometime around 4am.

Anyway, stayed up, hung out with Nika, we did stuff, then we went over to my uncle's around 4pm. I went to see what was wrong with his computer. She said that he couldn't find his CD-ROM drive. Well I got there and all I had to do was scroll over. :) Interesting.

While I was there I uninstalled that stop sign anti-virus program, ran tuneup utilities 2004 to try and fix everything that or most of what was wrong with that ME system. But since it was ME, it would need to be connect to the internet to get the patches from Microsoft.

So before I was ready to leave after showing my uncle a few more things and making his printer work. It has a paper grabbing problem. A cousin of mine from NY called him, and for some reason said hi to me, then he said that he was going to tell my father to call me since he has been trying for a few days and couldn't get thought.

Alot of people here have family elsewhere, so when Christmas and new years comes around there are tons of people trying to make phone calls, and the system gets over loaded alot. Well my father tried calling three times. The last time he got though. The first two times we just noise like it was computer trying to talk to another computer.

There wasn't that much of merry Christmas and how did you spend your day, that was just opening talk for 2 mins. Then he said that he would have liked to send a barrel down for us, but no money and so forth. Which is fine, but it looks like I may get a watch come Wednesday though. Someone is combing down then, and he is sending them with two watches and something for someone else who will come by for it.

Oh, like I said Nika came with me over to uncle's Ray house, and he was impressed with how well she behaved, then when it was done, he gave us a ride home. On the ride home I found out how dear Pearl used Jhoide as an excuse not to take Verey over to him. Oh, incase you don't understand. Pearl is uncle Ray's daughter. He wanted to see his grandson today, and she didn't want to take him for some reason. She told him that Jhoide had a headache and she was looking after her. That got me to do a double take. Pearl take care of one of us?? HA! And I told him so, and it's true. One Jhodie didn't have a headache, she just stayed up later than me and crashed. As for Nika, she came and got me around Noon or so. So was up and taking of Nika almost right after Jhodie went to sleep. Then they left Pearl and Verey around 2:30pm. When we got home, we woke up Jhodie since it was around 5:30 or so, and I told her what Pearl told uncle Ray, and she had the same odd look on her face, then she told me how Pearl took Verey to the country and is leaving him there for a week.

Well we just slugged around after that. I fiddled a bit on the computer. Checked my mail a number of times. Nothing. My sister was on here a few hours ago, and I actually thought about getting some from Ebay. Nothing much. Some cheap web cams, but I don't think that I can use my card. Which I just found out by reading it that I may have to renew it come February, unless they automatically issue you a new one. I'll go ask in January.

Ebay seems to live in paypal, which is good, if you are one of countries listed in paypal, but St.Kitts isn't, so I'm thinking of getting the cams from somewhere else. Hey, I may even get them at a better price and they may ship outside of the US. :)

Well I'm off. I have to get up to wash my hair and give it time to dry. Not that I have long hair, it's just that it's very thick and I don't use a hair dryer. I use a towel and time.

See ya.

December 26, 2004

Merry Christmas?

Well today was the 25th of December.

We had turkey dinner, and a nice if not large meal.

But there was no snow, we had a black out, and the only real thing that let me know it was Christmas, was that we had masquerades come down our street, and Nika played her song of a Shrek Christmas over and over and over again. Oh, and my uncle came by to say merry Christmas, and to say that no one was to come over to his house now, since he was going to take a nap. :)

oh, then there was the black out a few hours ago. That was nice. But we do have a full moon going, so outside was nice.

Now we or I have to figure out how to put up all the left overs. Big Christmas dinner should be done for large families. Not for 2 kids under 5, and two adults with another one who should be an adult who is trying to loose weight.

We had an 8 1/2 lb turkey, but as I look back I think we may have cleared 3 maybe 4lbs of that. I didn't help much. I got full early. We also had pigeon peas and rice, bread pudding, cranberry bread, stuffing, the turkey and a pumpkin pie. She also make a few more chessy bread things. It doesn't sound like much. But I don't think we cleared half of it. We'll be picking at it all tomorrow.

Monday I'll have to start getting ready to go back to work on Tusday.

My club got a new member a few days ago, sent him a welcome message, then yesterday and today I posted something about two good free picture viewing programs. I love and use Irfanview, but I'm impressed with Picasa.

Well I'm off to see if anyone is on that I can talk to on line, if not, I'll just set the computer to scan.

Take care.

December 25, 2004

Sleeping, Christmas Things, Shopping, Christmas Things, Cooking, Christmas Things.

That is what has been going on for two, maybe three days now.

I'm pretty sure that today was Friday.

Yesterday we went shopping bought a few more things, in 3 or so places. Came home, and I was told, on very short notice I might add, that I was also to do dinner. I boiled pasta, and dumped a can or cream of something on it, and heated up the saltfish from the day before to go with it.

Last night Jhoide sent me to bed early, not that I wasn't already falling asleep. Around 1am I think. She stayed up and made bread pudding. She was also suppose to finish make the curtains for this part of the house. We had bought the fabric that morning, well more of it anyway. The first set she hasn't used yet. We have to get the second half first.

Well today wad cooking day if not prep day. I cooked dinner again. Didn't like it, but tied to make interesting. I tried to make coconut ginger rice with baked crispy chicken and a few breadfruit baked chips. Do I have to say it didn't turn out that way.

First the rice didn't taste like anything but white rice. No hit of coconut or ginger. The chicken I didn't bake because my sister told me to hurry, so I boiled it in red gravy instead. That came out fine. Just the way my mother use to make it. The breadfruit hasn't even been cooked any way yet. It's still soaking in the slightly salted water. I'm would like to still do the chip thing to it, but I have to be in bed soon. It's going for 2am now.

Earlier today, Collin came by and handed me my Christmas bonus check. I expected it to be deposited into my bank account. Nice little surprise. Then I made two batches of Biscotties. Jhodie made some cheesy pretzels. They were in the oven a bit too long, she'll try another batch tomorrow maybe.

That was my last two days mostly.

Oh, I sent out my Christmas e-cards like 50 mins ago. I might have been able to have sent them out before 1am if I hadn't tried to attach a very bad pic of me to the card, but I didn't understand what "members only" meant. They didn’t say to yahoo or American greetings. I thought they ment yahoo. So I had to re-write my little message again and the address insert thing didn't really work.

Anyway, since it's already Christmas for some of you.... Merry Christmas.

Jhoy E. Meade
St. Kitts

PS... I got back to work on Tuesday. :(
PSS .... my last blog was miss titled. All that happened on Monday, not Tuesday. Sorry.

December 21, 2004

Shopping and Painting. - Tuesday

That was yesterday.

My sister got up way too early. Around 4 when I was going to bed.

By the time she woke me up later that day around 11 or so, she had already gone to Builder's Paradise to buy a few things. A few paint bushes, a new fasuet for the kitchen sink, and a some pineapple juice from Ram's.

Well she woke me up when Nika woke up, and we got ready and went to town to get some curtens, some more pineapple juice and to get our chritmas turkey with my money back voucher. This 6 months I was able to earn back.. get this.. $91. Now I know alot, if not all of you, believe that that is nothing. But you don't understand that to get that much back, I had to have spent over $4,000. In six months. GREIF!

Anyway, we took the bus into town, went to get one of the four stores or so left that still just sell fabric. I felt that there were many more when I was younger, but there may have only been like three more.

Well we got part of the curten. The fancy part at the top that is separate from the rest of it and some yellow tashel trim for Nika. Then we went by the back of Ram's to see if they had anything nice that could fit me that I could afford. I think I found something. I my have to get a corset to go with it, but I won't mind. It's not so much to pull me in as to smooth me out. I'm big everyone knows it, so why hide it. Just show myself off the best I can. Untill I get down to a better weight then I'm just showing everything off. :)

So we come out of the store with two blouses. One for me and one for Jhoide. When we came outside Nika saw the snow cone guy and wanted one. So we got her a small green and at the same time a bunch of guys mostly kids came down the street playing maskarades. Then we went somewhere.. oh, to get some shoes for Nika for school in like 2 weeks. We got her some nice black clouth ones. Then we went to china town to see a few things, then on to Ram's for the turkey and a few other things to reach the $91 on the voucher.

We then cought a bus right outside of the supermarket and went home. As we walked down the street, we saw our dear uncle landing a ladder on the side of our house to paint the ouside wall. That went on for the next 6 or so hours. He left a little after sunset. Nika was asleep, Jhoide was taking a nap, and his 2 year old that he was babysitting had fallen asleep and I had placed in the car for him.

Well Jhoide was suppose to paint the floor of the porch so I tried waking her up for like 3 hours. I fininally got her up at 10pm. We all tried to help, and we finished around midnight. Now we have a yellow cream house faceing the street, and a white porch and a red floor for that porch.

We washed out all the stuff that night. By the time we or I made it to bed, it was after 3am.

** since it took me so long to post this, I started last night and it's now 5pm the next day, I'll come back and grammer and spell check later. **

See ya

December 20, 2004

Ok, ok, I didn't blog yesterday.

I was resting.

I hid in my room until my cousin left, at least for most of the day I hid in there.

Although my day was easy going yesterday it wasn't so much today.

First we went beach with plans of Nika going to a Christmas part that they church down the street invited her to.

Jhodie went fishing about a hundred feet away, while me and Nika were on the "beach"... I put it in quotes because the "beach" didn't have said. It was some stage of ravel, that maybe in 10 years will be sand. Just as we stopped playing to eat something it rained. So we packed it up and went home. Lucky us we were able to catch a near empty bus to get home.

When we got home, pearl told us that our uncle was here. We went to get a showered and buy the time it was Jhodie's turn he came back. With paint and rollers. He wanted to pant the house today. Some how he got bit by the Christmas bug. So he painted the room that contains the kitchen, dining, and living room. Just because it had all those rooms in there doesn't mean that it's that big.

I was wondering what he was doing. It took us a while just to move the table that holds up the computer since it's made of concrete blocks and a slab of wood. After trying to help for a bit, I left it with Jhoide and took care of Nika in my room. Soon I was combing out her hair for the party later that week. But when I was almost finished, She feel asleep, my leg hurt, and I was falling asleep. So we slept, and woke up after the party had started and she was no where ready. A little bit later Jhoide showed up with KFC. We ate, then came out to see what had been done. He didn't move everything to paint, which is why he finished in shorter time than I expected. By the time we made it out, he was painting the walls of the porch.

Jhodie said that she might as well paint the floor of the porch now, to have the whole thing done. My uncle when he was finished said that don't bother, he'll come by and do it for us. Oh, the 5 gallons of paint he used wasn't free for us. We paid $80 for it. The whole thing wasn't a gift.

Oh, we ran out of gas Saturday morning, so I nuked some eggs in the microwave. I took them out of the shell first, but it really did rise. I'll have to use a bigger bowl next time. It looked great all puffed up, but ofcourse as soon as I took it out, it fell back down. I think that there is something I can put in it to keep it up. I can't remember what it is now.

So today when she, my sister, was out getting KFC with the help of my uncle's car,he drove by the way, she also paid for our long awaited second tank of gas. Normally we just pay for one, and they will come and take away the empty tank that we have, and give us a full one. But you can buy a whole new tank of gas. This is only done if you want two tanks of gas at your house, or if you don't have an empty tank at our new house. A whole new tank of gas is $250 I think. Just getting the empty tank replaced with a full one is $150. So they will be here tomorrow, but we don't know when. It might be in the morning, since we are so close, well see. Also our uncle is coming over. We gave him a copy of our keys incase he shows up when we are out buying our Christmas turkey. My sister is set on getting a real turkey for this Christmas.

Also, there is curtains to get, and a few other things. We rambled off a list earlier today, I don't remember what it was, but all that won't happen until I get my bonus deposited in my account. :)

Well that was a quick catch up. Oh, why am I up this late, because I we were cleaning up, and I was left to do some of it, and then my sister left and went into the bedroom with Nika, and she fell asleep, then Nika played some games on the computer, and I was washing some dishes, but one game , mah jong, wasn't going the way she wanted it, so I bounced around a few games with her until 1 and then said it was bed time. Spent like 3 mins trying to get Jhoide up and off my bed, then I did a little bit of updating and such, then I finished up some mopping, washed out the bucket, and washed a few more things, I called it a night, and turned off the computer to go to bed.

Then I remembered my blog. If I didn't do it tonight, who knows how much I would remember tomorrow night or how tired I would be.

So now for the first time in long time, we are like most people on the island. The house is being cleaned for Christmas. The house got a new coat of paint, and we are buying curtains. We are just missing the flashing lights. :)

Well see ya. I want my bed, and I also want to change my start up picture I have on this computer.

Well I just got pulled away for over 30mins. Nika woke up, woke up my sister, my sister had to get the wall fan from the living room to replace her's that had died like a week ago, because it was just too hot. Need I say a slew of problems ensued. It all ended with my sister hammering 2 nails into her door to hold up the fan from the living room. Now she says that she's awake and can't go back to bed. Poor her.

It's now 4:19pm. Do you know where your sprite is?

Sorry.. only spell checking this time, forgive my grammer, it's late.

December 18, 2004

What A Night. For Me Anyway.

First there was Nika and Verey running around and causing noise. Then there was my sister and Pearl, with my sister telling her she shouldn't be taking any diet pills. Just to have clothes look loose on her when she's already a thin person.

Jhoide made pizza tonight, after a long afternoon of snacking.

We were suppose to have gone out for a beach visit, but Jhodie said that it felt like rain, and right after she said it, it rained.

The interesting part came at 10pm when we finally left to go see, which turned out to be the only lights in town, the new lights that they put up down by the circus. As we walked up the street from our house, down walks our cousin with her two kids to spend the night. Without telling us she was coming to boot. Well we gave her the key to get into the house, and we started our walk plus one more. Her oldest came along. We took our time walking into town. Jhodie even stopped and got some ice cream for the kid and Nika.

When we were like 2 blocks from the center of town, it hit me that they took down the lights. When I was a kid, they had coloured lights that zigzag over the streets all the way into town, but they were missing. They had taken most of them down. Sad.

Well just before we to the corner where we were to suppose to turn down to go see the lights we saw something else. Someone had gone and gotten a projector, a screen and a video game console and were playing mortal combat, the newest one, on the side of the street. Jhodie may have wanted to stay and watch, but it was far too bloody for Nika to watch, so they went down to street to see the lights. I stayed with the kid and watched 3 rounds. It was bloody, but I really left because of how all the guys acted when someone picked a girl fighter. They were all rooting for her to die because she was a girl. At first I didn't believe it, then I remembered a few other things I've heard over the years, then said to myself that on some level I should have expected it. Well I took the kid and caught up with Jhodie and Nika who were looking at a very sad looking Santa. It was bad enough that they have a fake snowman on the grass, but a blow up Santa that didn't have legs?

Well we watched the whole thing for a while. Two of the rain deers that were made of lights moved their heads. The kid said that he wanted to go to the arcade. I asked him with what money. He said that he had $3. I told him to go right a head. We hung out there a bit more then went to see how far he had gotten.

We ended up waiting in there for him for like 4 or 5 mins. Then we left. When we walked out we found out that we had missed a big, but short, down pour. The streets were soaked; the drains were full of water.

Well we then caught a bus and came back home. To what turned out to be a noisy house. Nika ran around with the younger boy, Ruth was on the computer, I didn't think that I was going to get it back tonight. My sister was all odd. She still is. Too quite for my liking.

Now Nika is asleep, along with Ruth and her kids. Verey and his mother have been in their room since we got home.

Aahh... :( now my sister tells me that she wants to use the computer. So I won't be on here much longer. I'll let her make the new shortcuts. I was uninstalling and re-installing some apps and games onto a different hard drive for space reasons before we left the house.

Well see ya. :)

December 17, 2004

Last Day.

Oh, for starters I had power when I woke up today.

I went to bed late since I didn't think that I would have power today.

I had my hair re-plat, wore my only wrap skirt that I haven't worn in ages since I was concerned with the wind factor, :) along with my new brown low cut blouse that I know that I have to get a pic up of.

Got to work a little late, but considering that just about no one is left on campus, I don't think it mattered.

I got notice of my pending raise. It's 3.7 or so, and that I was getting a Christmas bonus. I'm happy. Just wish that it wasn't saving me from being poor, so I could just save it. I'll see. I may be able to go with out touching it much. Ya right, but I'll try.

Right now I'm burning some cds for a teacher. I can tell he's going to be a student of mine for a while. Brb.


Had to change cds. He's leaving today at 2, and he'll be back next year fall. By them I should have a few classes under my belt.

I'm looking on the net to find a way to save a video to vhs. I know it can be done, but I don't know how. I have about an hour or two before I head home.

As much as I would like to crawl back into my bed when I get home, my sister is talking us to the beach so that Nika can build a sand castle and I get a walk. Since my work day is so short today. Hate to do it, I don't like the beach, but I know I have to.

Well take care.

See ya in like 10 hours. :)

I'm Home.

Well not back to NY, but home here.

Today was just about dead for me. The work part anyway. I did two things, and one I'll have to redo again.

Earlier in my day, I woke up with Nika around 11am or so. Around 12 or so we started to get ready for town. I have no clue what time we got to town since it rained and stranded me an Nika on someone's porch for like 30 or so mins. Then I had to keep going out into the rain to try and flag down a bus.

Four soaks later, I got one, and ran holding Nika in the rain to the bus. By the time we made it into town it had stopped raining. A mere 2 mins later. We first went to china town (a store) to get some new imported Asian snacks. I tried to get her a new cup, but they didn't have anything kid friendly. Then I went to another store, but still nothing. So we then went to pay the phone bill $111, then the cable tv and internet bill, $248.

Then I had to go back to the bank and get some more money to keep us a float for the next week or so. Jhodie had to give my uncle some money for gas. I think it was cooking gas. So about $40 or so went to him. Which is fine by me. But we were down lower than I expected in my bank account. Guess we did spend more than we should have.

We got back a little before 3 and Jhodie was home waiting for us. I took a shower and I went to work.

Now, for the last 3 days we have lost our power from about 8am until 4pm because they have been replaces the lamp posts in our area.

I would like to think that tomorrow will be their last day, but that is just me wishing. I would really hate it if it took the whole week that I'm off, but I have a feeling it will. Which will make it that much easier for me to get out of the house and go walking. Much to my sister's delight.

Well I'm off.

Have a nice night everyone. Tomorrow is my last day at work, and I get to work 3 or 4 hours. :) Yah!! :)

See ya.

December 15, 2004

Ok... Back

Yesterday I didn't even start a blog, but today I'm going to write one.

For some reason I don't feel like writing my normal blog. I got to work, I did this, I did that, I went home.

On my way home tonight I saw a house that I watched being built like 3 years ago now. It was all wrapped up in little blue lights. It looked really nice.

Now that Dr. Mohr is leaving Ross, I'm just bumping into him all over the place. It's a shame he's leaving. He is like the only young one here.

When He first go here, I didn't know that he had a girl friend until we were on what I thought to be our date. I felt so bad, but flattered non the less that he had even said yes to going out with me.

Well, we stayed friends, not that we saw or talked to each other much. But we still smiled when we saw each other, and once in a while when I had time I would stop and talk once he didn't have any where to go. I'm sure I would have tried a little bit harder, if he didn't have a girl friend, to spend some time. After all, I'm tired of the runt that I'm in.

Well I saw him today, he was hanging out talking and saying good bye to Ms. Cumberbatch, and I had Collins camera, so I got a pic of him and her, and she asked to take one of the two of us. When it was done he hugged me good bye. A really tight one.

It reminded me of when I first met Ian. The only other guy to give such a big, tight hug. I knew it was to feel my boobs. It was the only time that I saw someone, I liked them right off, they liked me, and the whole night was nothing but a big flirt. :)

As for if that was what Mohr was doing, I can only hope. He stills smiles at me, he's still really cute.

He wears glasses, he has long blonde brown hair, and he serfs. I feel like putting a picture up of him and sharing, but like I said, he isn't mine, so I can't share. I'm going to miss him. No more nice chances of meeting him, asking how things are going. One less happy guy to see me.

Would I sleep with him if he asked me before he left? I've actually thought about it, don't know why, he wouldn't ask me. As much as I would miss him, I fall back on the fact that he isn't mine. Yes... I like to "own" my guys. I hate to share them.

My first boy friend turned me red when I saw him talking to cuter girl, and he wasn't even mine yet.

Off of bad news and back to the steady grind of my workday.

Didn't show up with anything to do. But one, by one, things came my way, and all but one got done, and I'm almost finished with my list for the media center. I just have to re-write me list, attach the printed out items that I choose and hand them in to Collin and Ron one my last day which is Friday.

I have a week off, plus weekends off since school closes on Friday.

All things considered, I think that next year will be a good one. I'm being optimistic, since the year isn't over yet. Remember this moment. I'm not normally in this state.

Oh, I don't think that I have it in me to go write about yesterday, so I'm tacking it on down here.

It was shopping day, and on Monday I realized that I get paid for the whole month of December one time. So we have to tell ourselves, not to go over board with spending once we see how big my account has gotten.

I think we spent just as badly as we normally do, with out going over. The first time they did this to me, they didn't tell me, and I thought it was my Christmas bonus. I have no idea how I got thought those last 4 weeks.

We did get a few extra things, when we went back to the students house to get some stuff that we said that we were going to come back for, but then she talked us into get some other things.

Pearl actually gave us some money. But it was just to get some stuff for Verey. He can't drink or eat anything made with milk. It's all milk, and not lactose like me. Which by the way, I think is wearing off. If that is possible.

So we got him coconut milk mix, some stack food that didn't have cheese of cream. Nothing much.

Oh. It rained. It rained for most of the afternoon. Just when we thought it was over, it rained on us when we were in town, three or so times, and once when were went out to the girl's house and stopped off to get eggs and a third box of cereal for Verey.

Don't remember what I ate, but I know it wasn't a real plate meal. I had an odd sandwich, and some hot trail mix, and something sweet to cut the pepper. I'm not a pepper girl, but I ate it anyway. I miss trail mix. I lived on that stuff for a while.

I went to bed a bit late, but early that I have been doing normally.

Well it's 12:40an now. I feel like I should be in bed. My sister has to go to work tomorrow so I have to look after Nika. I'm not looking after Verey. I think that I may be taking her for walk into town and paying some bills at the same time.

Well see ya.

December 13, 2004

Another Slow Day.

I crawled into bed sometime around sunrise this morning and peacefully slept my way until 1:30pm, baring 4 interruptions.

Other things that happened for the rest of my day,

Nika told me that the power as out.
I took her to the bathroom.
Nika asked me for something from the snack box I told her that she had to talk to Pearl and ask her for it. After waking up a it later I went out to see if she asked, she didn't.
It rained, and I went back to bed.
Then it was 1:30 and my came home and woke me up.

ok, so that makes five interrupts.

Well Jhoide had to work today. The lady that she works for wants her to do Christmas cleaning this week. So she is going back in on Thursday, when I have to work at 4 so I can look after Nika.

Well Jhodie took some of the money and went to Rams to see if they had anything on sale, and she found a few things. It rained this afternoon. Not heavy, but just constant. Nice sleeping weather. Any which way, my sister kicked me out of the house with Nika for a walk and some bread and eggs. I went over by Ms. Adams. A lady we have known all our life.

She's the mother of a lady that use to be my teacher when I went to privet school. She went to our church also when we were down here. Something happened to her leg, so she doesn't get out much. My sister sent me by her to say hi. She doesn't see me. So I got the bread and eggs from her then came back home before it started to rain again. Oh, did I mention she had a small little store on the side of her house? :)

Well we walked back ok. Nika wanted some together time, but the power wasn't back yet, so we went to my sister's room that all the air on the island going thought it. After like 40 or so mins we were down for a nap with the rain falling outside. It was Nika's nap time and we all went down.

Then she came and woke me up I don't know when. But it was when the power came back. After 4 I'm sure. Then my sister pretended to start cooking. She took the chicken out of the fridge. Oh, speaking of the fridge. We think that it's starting to die on us. I hope it doesn't. I don't have money to buy another one. I wanted to buy a new years ago, but my uncle who didn't want me to spend that much, or thought that I couldn't, cleaned up a re-poed one and talked me into buying it when he worked for TDC. After it was cleaned up, I thought that it wasn't that bad, it was almost nothing but troubled since we got it, then the month I paid it off, it behaved itself and worked fine. Until now. I hope it's just the power outages that are doing it. Or if it stops defrosting, it can be fixed for not too much.

Ok, back to the almost meal. Well some where between my sister taking out the chicken and cleaning up the kitchen with me, and me asking where is dinner, she had made sandwiches for her and Nika, and considered dinner done. Ah!

So I got one of those new $5 Asian looking noodle bowls and made some noodles in it. The bowl got hotter than I liked, but it did work. Did a little cleaning, played my new Mah Jong Quest game, let Nika play my new Mah Jong Quest game. Then Jhodie had me run around with her because she wanted me too.

Well Nika went down at midnight and we missed the start of Earth Sea on the SciFi channel so we are waiting for it re-run at 2am our time.

Tomorrow is set to be a full day. We will have to take umbrellas with us. I'll let you know it goes.

See ya.


That was my day.

Other than the interesting breakfast that my sister made.

sausages, eggs and hash browns with syrupy. It was a nice surprise. Didn't taste that great, but it was nice.

Other than that, since it was Sunday I got to work late even thought I left the house early. One bus came by the whole 15 or so mins I was standing outside, and it was full A student gave me a lift into work.

Then I just sat there. The one time I put my head down on the desk a student needed me to add paper to the printer or something.

In short order, I refilled the printer 3 times.
I helped three students log out.
I showed one how to get to her e-mail's delete folder.
I helped get one computer unfrozen without restarting.
And I burned a set of notes to disks for a student.

What I did to keep myself busy was more of the same searching for the media center until late that night.

I saw a person who could have signed my fliers for me, but didn't want to bug her until she was leaving and I kept an eye on her, but I still missed her when she left. :(

I went back to getting stuff for the media center. Picked up a few things that I didn't think of. A wall calendar. Something nice and big. A clock since few people other than me look at the computer for the time. A paper shredder. Some jelly mouse pads, and head sets with mics. I tossed in the desk that I found the other day, and a black and white printer, and a supply of toner. I had a nice little total going. Everything was under 2 grand. I think.

Well I was running out of things to do, so I checked one of my app download site, and I found a few things to keep me interested for like 40 or so mins. Then I just installed Mah Jong Quest. It's kinda like Jewel Quest. You go places and you play a number of games per level, but it's the kind of game that's different. It's Mah Jong. :) They also have new tiles, ofcourse, that do interesting things.

Ofcouse the good songs don't get played in my play list until it's time to leave.

Even thought I didn't get the fliers signed, I still stapled one to the box I had and placed it down in class room 3 when I was going home. The library lady left before me, but she let me know, and since she also lived in the other direction he took her home and was back waiting for me by the time I came up.

I didn't really feel hungry when I was at work, which is a good thing I'm sure. But I was ready to eat when I came home. Shame the food didn't feel the same. There was nothing here. I made three corn beef sandwiches with dressing, heated and pressed in the George Foremen grill. That reminds me I have to drink some water before I go to bed and brush my teeth.

ahaha.. I'm watching an old Doris Day movie. :) I missed the title of the movie. I think that I may have missed seeing one.

Well I'm off.


December 12, 2004

Saturday, Saturday....

My sister said that she was going to go to church today with Nika. But low and behold, she didn't make it. Verey was suppose to be on a boat ride for his birthday today. But he didn't go because the boat decided that they weren't going for some reason. My sister didn't cook breakfast or lunch because it was Saturday. How convenient. So I had one of my chopstick meals. Which I am eating right now for a late dinner.

I got to work like 15 past I think. I went over to the auditorium to see how the demo was going. Well it looked like a demo. But a few things had already been installed. Two flat screens and two new external speakers along with the built in ones in the ceilings. At least 24 of them. Small round white speakers.

Before I went over a lady from the library asked if I could find out the tvs they took down. We have all be wondering what were going to happen to the 30 odd 39 inch tv's that were going to be replaced. Ron still doesn't know.

While I was there looking around I actually got to ask questions and peopled answered me. Never mind heard me. One of the guys that came down to set up all of this was really nice in answering a question. It was at the end of their day, so he wasn't busy trying to get something done. I also picked up bag of peanuts before I went back over. Oh, the lady that asked about the tv game me some fruit cake that she had made. I didn't know, and it smelled more like the meal that spilled on to it. It was saltfish and something else. The cake tasted great all the same. Had it eat it in three sittings. :) It was Christmas cake the Caribbean way. It's dark with raisins and peals, and soaked in rum. :)

Anyway, came back over, and barely had time to do anything before M at the front desk told me that she was leaving. At the time I was a little upset that this video tape that a girl wanted digitized and burned onto a cd was only 6 mins long. Why one earth only 6mins?? They had ton of surgeries on campus. She could easily have gotten more than 2 hours worth. Maybe if she had warned me it was so short I wouldn't be slightly miffed, but she didn't and taxed my computer out having it set to record for an hour and at one of the highest settings. The thing took over an hour to render out.

Anyway. I was stuck doing that again for a staff member and her videotapes. She sold her vcr for a dvd player, so now she wants her tapes on disks. We don't burn dvds. So I gave her a cd with two movies on it, and well see if her dvd player and play it. If it can, I'll burn the two that she brought in, and then the other 4 she still has at her house.

Some how I occupied my time until it was closing. Mostly I just played the fiddler on the roof over an over again, and read some stuff on photo shop, and checked in every now and again on the video. I also printed up some fliers that I had made, letting anyone who was leaving who still had stuff at their house that they couldn't sell or could take with them, to drop them off in classroom 3, but I can't put the flyer up until it get signed by either an sga person or the admin office. So I talked with Brian for the last 30 or so mins of my shift. He did help me find my desk for a cheaper price. That glass thing for the media center. I should get you the link. I think I'll come back later and do that. Right now I have to finish setting up my foxfire. :)

Yep, I just upgraded tonight. FireFox 1.0. I was getting this odd delay and sticking when I typed stuff in Maxthon, but only here at home. So I changed over. I have to go get the mouse gestures to be really happy. :)

Anyway, no one lingered at the LRC tonight, and I left in good time, but the lady in the LRC tonight always leaves before me. So by the time I got up there he had already taken her come and came back and was waiting for me. The lady from the Library and I get along quite well, she just gets home before I do. I've stopped trying to leave with her.

He had the big bus tonight. The last time he had his own car. Well he stopped for gas and it took 95 gallons of diesel gas. How much does a normal car hold?? I think he paid like $78 for it all. Got home to a sleeping hour and a chained door. Had to wake up Jhodie to get in. There was also no food to be seen, but I did see that they had chicken and chips. I ended up heating the noodles that were left from lunch. Jhodie and Nika had their own packet of noodles, but didn't eat that much. So it was put up for later. Well it's later now.


Guess that's it. It's 3:31am Time for me to find my bed. I'll be back in a bit to put the link for desk. You should get one if you have a flat panel. :)


December 10, 2004

First Off...

My friend got engaged and didn't tell me.

I had to read her newspaper a week after the event to find out. Which was last night. I came home to check her blog and there it was. She got engaged at her class' going away party. I have got to get you the link to her blog so you can see and read for yourself. LINK

Also last night I did just get beef patties for dinner. No big deal, I wasn't that hungry anyway.

Ok, as for today, I had spicy food that was less than a mouthful, and I didn't eat the Butterfinger apple pie. ??? Who came up with that?? First they try to kill me with pepper than I was assaulted by sweets!

Maybe it was punishment for getting to work 20 mins late. It wasn't really my fault. I left the same time I always do, there just weren't any buses going in my direction for like 10 mins.

Well I found Dr. Shocky there eating Lentils. When he was finished I followed him back up the new offices. There I helped with his pictures. I shrunk them down, then went though each one getting rid of the bad ones, and lighting the others that need it. Then I made a slideshow and send and e-mail out to the people he wanted to send it to, telling them that they can find the slide show in the shared folder.

Then I came back down. When I came back to be desk I found the sweet stuff. E had gotten them for me. At this point I was happy she didn't find any "food" to bring back for me. I was about to dig in when Collin came an got me. He was telling to stay and enjoy, I told him I didn't need to stay. Went over and showed him that I had already converted the PDF over to html for the incoming students. I told him that, that is what I told him yesterday. He was pleased, but we still had the issue of getting a real picture for the cover page of that section. I have a drawn image that they don't like. They want a more respectable, professional looking one. So we were suppose to get a picture of the real housing/welcome committee lady at her desk, but yesterday she was out sick, or was sick and not looking that great, then the next day we didn't have a camera. So I'll see when I get in on Wednesday.

I didn't have much to do, but I did decide to get some things done. One was getting some tapes that a girl brought by of some surgeries to get digitized and burned to disk. She gave me the disks and everything yesterday. I was in the middle of doing that when a girl who works at Ross, I'm not sure where, but she asked me about some work out tapes. I had the blankest look on my face. It seemed that she had given Ron some tapes to give me to make into DVD's for her. I told her we can't make DVD's here.

So now she was abit put back. Between what she wanted, what she said to Ron, what Ron thought she said, what we knew what we could do, and the fact that he has been really busy with the demo over in the auditorium, it was all mixed up and forgotten. So between telling her that all I can do is make data disks with a movie file on it, and that all DVD's can't play that, and she not knowing what her DVD can play. I gave her a disk that I quickly burned one of my AMV's (anime Music videos) onto a used disk for her to test out at her house.

The rest of the night I was left looking for things to put into the media center. I found a really good glass top desk with a tray for the keyboard and mouse to slide in and out, and it holds the computer off the floor. It's a good price at $139. I picked a DVD burner so that we can make DVD data disks for when I have to make a copy of the whole 7-semester student notes folders. Last time I did it, it took like 2 or 3 days and 18 disks. I looked at some chairs too, but I can't make up my mind. I have four options to pick from.

Oh, I also had to change the movie page telling students that all the movies had been moved to the walrus domain, and I fixed a link I made yesterday. I forgot to have it open up in it's own window. So I fixed that as soon as I saw a student fighting with it, then giving up and logged out then back in again.

Around 7 AM showed up and brought music with her along with some CD's she needed to make a copy of. She's smart, but like most students don't have a clue when it came to some computer things. But I got to let her hear a song that I've been trying to get her to hear for two days. She liked it. But I had to get up and leave before it finished. She couldn't believe that she was hearing this song. It was all embarrassing for her. I'll leave it at that.

I found a copy of "the fiddler on the roof" and ripped it to my hard drive, but for some reason that God and Microsoft know about, they couldn't match it in their data base before it was ripped, so everything came up as unknown. If it wasn't for the fact that I picked then to get the nice little cover of the CD to be used in the thumbnail of the folder I would have used the other ripper that I have. Next time I'll check first before telling it to rip.

I sent out messages to the floor that night before closing. One about 7:15 or so saying that the LRC closed at 8 tonight, and one at 10 till saying that the LRC was closing. I didn't post anything saying that they LRC had extended hours. Every semester I post and every semester they ask or don't see, or don't read, or don't know, or didn't hear, or didn't read their e-mail. So I didn't do anything. If they asked, I told them. That was it.

Just as I was turning off the lights to leave Rick showed up. He told me not to lock him in, he didn't have his keys. So I thought I was getting a ride home. I told AM good night and I waited for Rick to leave after I closed up and everything. Walked all the way to the guard house and looked into his car. It looked like a garage threw up in there. Then I realized that he wasn't going him, when he told me he wasn't leaving now. He was fixing something for the guards. Don't know how he got to school if that was the state his car is in. But oddly enough it wasn't there when I came in to work today. Whatever. I had a bus to catch.

Caught one and got home ok. No real odd adventures there. Came home to meat and potatoes. Well stewed turkey and mash potatoes anyway. :) It was good. Star Trek was a re-run. They were doing the three parter with the guy who played 'Data' in generations. I did get to see two other shows. One I keep missing. The medical investigations one on CBS I think, and a new show that my sister tried to tell me about. It's call "love is in the heir". I can't really believe that this girl is out there doing this, considering her title. But I am going to show up to see how far she falls. Everyone around her is trying to help her, and she just wants to dig herself into a biggest hole of her life. If I was her mother I would have dragged her back home over a year ago. Heck I wouldn't have given her more than a one time payment of 5 grand. I think that was their first mistake.

Well that's it. Oh.. not quite, almost forgot. That girl came looking for surgery tapes and cds tonight. I had forgotten that I told her to come back on Friday to get them. I had only finished one and had it burned onto disk, so she took that one and waited a while for the other one, but it was rendering out when she came, and it wasn't finished until after closing. I'm going to have to finish that when I get in tomorrow.

See ya. Good night Geff, if you're reading.

December 09, 2004

Intresting and slow day.

Hi everyone.

Well I didn't get to sleep past 9am even though I didn't have to be at work until 4pm.

Nika had a hard time sleeping last night after her little fall, and then her ear started bugging her. So when it came time for her to wake up and go to the last day of school, I think, she was out like a light and not waking up.

My sister went to see about getting a job at subway. Oh wait, I haven't finished that blog yet. A few days ago when we were walking thought town for something, we saw the sign that said, "Coming soon. Subway". It would be a good job for Jhodie. But when she came back she said that the labour department told her that they had all the staff they needed already. But she is going to drop off her resume by them anyway on another day incase they need a replacement.

Nika woke up fine around 10am thanks to someone who call a wrong number and got me out of bed for the second time. Ruth called the first time about 30 or so mins before. Guess I wasn't going back to bed, and as I turned around, there Nika was walking into the living room.

My internet was once again not worth what I was paying for it. Every 3 mins or so, I would loose my connection to the net and all my pages would go white. I use a tabbed browser. I think I told you about it. Anyway, that stopped me from blogging. I hate spending so much time on something, and then see it go down the drain.

Well before my sister got back, Nika had a few animal crackers and then 4 hotdogs. Just the meat part. She likes hot dogs. After my sister got back I washed my hair, then she greased and combed it. She was too tired to do a great job, but she did a good job.

She said that there will be beef patties when I get home. Don't know what kind of meal she'll make around them, but with my luck, there won't be.

Well I'm at work from 4 till midnight today. There was an exam finishing up when I got here. It more or less officially ended at 3pm, but one girl was still working on it until 4:15 or so. Only Collin was here when I got in. I went right to manning the front desk. I didn't have much left to do, other than do what I didn't get to do yesterday. Which for the most part was writing up one page and making links on the two new ones and the other 8 for that part of the site.

Now I'm trying to come up with what else I have to do. I know that I have my report to send in. It's nothing more than a work journal. I just have to take my simple jotted down points of my day and put them in this format that he gave us, then e-mail it off to him. Other than that... I have one tape to make two copies of for Dr. St. J. Then two for this student. She actually wants me to digitize two videos for her, and then burn them on to cd. I told her come back on Friday. Guess I should start.

On the up side to my day, two nice things happened to me. One, 5 mins ago a Spanish student told me that liked how he liked how my hair looked today. That was very unexpected. He hasn't really talked to me in months, and he says that he likes my hair in passing. :) I'll take it. The other thing is that one of the ladies from the library gave me, or tried to give me a bra, and I didn't really look at it once I saw it had under wire. Those things hurt! Anyway, for the heck of it I tried it on today and besides slightly spilling out of the c cups, it more or less fit. So I think I maybe starting to see some small results from the water weights that I've been lifting. Not much, but enough for me to continue. Oh.. it's not the c cup part. It was 42, but normally I have to wear a 44. So I'm happy. I'm not happy about the c cup part :( . I like saying and getting d cup bras. But I knew it would happen. The last time I tried to lose weight I stopped when my bra cup went down.
Well time to get some stuff done. See ya.


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Today I Earned My Paycheck.

I got to work, and got right to work.

And I worked all the way thought until closing time.

I built webpages, I cut a dozen movie clips, I walked up to the new teacher's offices and did three office calls. I covered the front desk for most of the night. I had to re-open a class room for a review session because the set room had be taken over by some exam testers. I was starving for most of the night, and now I've been yawning every 3 mins for the last hour or more. I'm blaming it on not eating for the day other than some biscuits that I grabbed on my way out the house.

Jhodie didn't cook today, but she cooked on Monday and Tuesday. Today I had left overs. Nika had a party at school so she wasn't eating, and the others had something else. Don't know what Jhodie. Let me ask. She had sardine sandwiches. Yummy. :(

Well, Nika had a good day until it was close to her bed time. Pearl's boyfriend got Verey a helicopter that rolled on wheels and made noise and played a song. He's scared of it, so Nika got it. She likes it. Then she fell and hit her teeth. Then she cried herself to sleep.

I haven't ditched blogging for the last two days. Monday the server crashed on me again, but I was able to save what I had written so far. Then yesterday I was just tired from my long walk, so I wrote as much as I could and saved a draft. I hope to have them up tomorrow. I don't have to be in to work until 4pm tomorrow. Which also gives me time to wash my hair.

Well good night. I'm off to spell check.

December 07, 2004

Worked, and Walked.

For starters I got called up the new teacher's offices to help one teacher and then got stuck there helping another one. I know I should have come by on my way down when I got to work.

The first teacher needed to have some software that he uses for exams to be reinstalled on his computer. It was two sets of software really. The first one I got done fine, it's the second one that we ran into problems with. They were on Floppies and for the first time found out that the new computers that the teachers were getting didn't have any floppy drives. *smiling*. So I had to take his set of 8 desks downstairs to burn to disk. That was all fine. But before I left I had to stop by another teacher. His problem was that he didn't have photo shop installed. So I installed a copy of paint shop pro that I had on the network. After I ask Ron on Wednesday, I'll see if I can go ahead and install photo shop on his computer for him.

I have him the new version, but it had download itself, which took far longer than I expected. Then I had to give him permissions on the computer to use it, then because I first installed it on my side, I had to uninstall it and re-install it on his side. This is why you get the paid for version.

Then as I'm walking out of his office to burn the cd for the other teacher, the teacher almost bumped into me. He left and went home. I was suppose to be downstairs waiting for him to call me to come back up with the cd. So I told him that I will be back up in like 15 mins with the cd. I took three times as long before I made it back up. I stopped to get something to eat before I went down, then when I got there, I got bites between swapping out floppies as I copied them. Then I ran it from the hard drive to see if it would work off of the floppy. It worked, then I burned it to cd. The cd burner didn't really want to work, but I got it to. Then when it was finished I wrote the name of the program on the disk and took it up.

When I got there we installed it and it worked and some how found the exams he made before. Then on my way out I stopped by Dr. M's office to see how he was getting on with paint shop pro before I went down stairs. So I showed him how to use the clone brush and told him that it was better to change the colour and brightness and such in irfanview. Then I came down here just to be seen mostly.

I was hoping to eat some of salad that I had left, but I ended up giving it to the new girl over in the library. She went over to the building that had the vending machine to get something but they closed the building and she said that she was hungry so I gave it to her. At that point I realized that I spent my whole $10 that I just got so that she could get something to eat.

At times I see how things happen for a reason. It's happened a few times in my life. How I was able to save up almost 2 grand for when I had to move out of the house to have it fixed/re-built. That was the big one.

Anyway, worked, more or less, until Midnight, then I hurried so I would be the girl holding the bus up when it came time to leave. Midnight shift is only covered by one person the LRC, and one other person in the Library. I'm usually the late one, well I was for the past 3 or so semesters. The library start closing for whatever time they close, but the LRC closes at whatever time we close. I'm starting to turn off or lock a few things that no one uses when it starts to get close to closing, but the lights go off at the hour we close.

When it came down to closing I had like 3 people here. I turned off the lights, and went to close two doors and turn off the lights in the bathroom and the hall going down there, and when I came back one girl was still here. Typing away on her IM. Walked around the floor, checked the break out rooms to make sure the tv's weren't left on, and the windows were closed, and I still had to stand by the door leading out to the 24 hour room waiting for her to finish up and log out.

Made it home without incident. Don't remember what I happened, now that it's 4 days later. Well I think I tried to blog, and thinking that something would happen I copied it and tried to save a draft to finish it later, and the server crashed on me. Then I just went to bed I think. Feeling slightly happy that I saved some of this.

Well that's it. That was my Sunday.

We Walked, and Walked.

Today we actually made it out for her fishing, and my long walk over to the pier. The pier we went two was almost if not 2 miles away. Granted, that shouldn't be anything for me to walk, and it wasn't 6 years ago. So I'm aiming for that first.

Well we left around noon. First we stopped off at the bay, around the Irish town area. I don't know why it's called that. And I sat for an hour, trying not to get burned why my sister fished. She caught two decent size fish, then nothing but small ones. Then we moved on and walked about 3 blocks before she had to try her luck again. So I sat on the sidewalk that gave way to the sand and waited for about 15 mins if not 10. She just caught more small ones. Then we moved on. We walked past the fishermen, the open market, the bus terminal, KFC, the sunken car from the flood, the post office, the one movie house on the island, past a lot of tourist from the two cruse ships that were in, past a car dealership, a small mall, a smaller warehouse, a diving school, a bike rental place, and a new outdoor bar and grill named the "set up". It looked very caribbeany. :) I know that's not a word.

Then we stopped right in front Shell. How do I explain this place? Well is owned by shell the gas company. And they have this pipe just at the edge of the shore that tankers connect up and fill these tanks that are across the street for the shell company. Well they made a little walkway out to this pipe, and my sister was going to go fish there. But just as we got there we saw guys coming across the street from shell to the steps. Then we heard this little boat coming towards us. My sister thought that we couldn't fish there now, since they were hooking up a gas line from the tanker to the containers. But they guys said that she could stay and fish if she wanted to. So we stayed for like 15 30 mins. We didn't catch anything we could keep. They are all small, and one was a puffer fish. She said that she hadn't seen one before. She didn't even want to touch it to take the hook out, because the skin was toxic. But she got it off and back into the water. Then we moved on.

About half a mile walk or so later, we go the factory pier. A bath and liking the sound of rain to put me bed and water to water plants and wash my clothes is just as far as my liking for water goes. In other words, I don't swim, I don't walk out unto piers that have no railing. I've on a boat once since I've been back here. There is an island out there called Nevis that I haven't been to in over 15 years. It's a 30 mins ride from here maybe. Like I said I haven't been there in a while. My sister ofcourse walks out to the very end where there is nothing keeping you from going over, and starts fishing. So I go as far as I could and tell her that I'm going up the hill to get a short nap. I was planning on using the bench that they had, but the guys that work there were sitting on it. So I washed off my feet, walked around to the other side, then after fighting it for bit, laid down on the concrete floor and actually fell asleep for about 15. I'm not sure what woke me, but I did and couldn't get back to sleep, and I felt rain. It's wired down here sometimes. They may call me names, or tell me I need to loose weight, but then on the same breath they are trying to find a way to sleep with me. One doesn't get them the other. Not that anything they said would. I felt like I could have been the only woman they've seen for a while for how they were looking at me. And it wasn't just the two that worked in that little building that I fell asleep outside of. There were like 4 other guys at least hanging around. Well I found out what time it was, and went to get Jhodie. If we were going to pick up Nika in good time, we had to leave in 10 mins.

So we got to walking it back and ofcourse she is faster than me, and had to stop at one point to let me catch up. Then I tried to walk a bit faster. But wasn't that easy since I didn't have pants on and wearing draggers. You don't speed walk in draggers. Anyway, after 45 mins and a protest to walking up this hill other than the other one, we made it to Nika's school about 4:30. I sat down and waited for Jhodie to come back with Nika and Vervey. We decided to pick him up also since he was still there. After a while I was starting to wonder what was keeping her. Then I just started to do this odd shaking thing. But it didn't last long. It was just the fast walk catching up with me.

The rest of the night was mostly uneventful. They played, the made noise, they had their baths, got dressed for bad, had some dinner then went to bed.

I'm sure I went to bed later than I should have. :) But I missed most of my shows. I got to see part of a few, but just last night I realized that I missed the amazing race. I want to see that blue hair guy lose. Then I may stick around to see who wins. I have such simple goals. :)

But I will have to try and remember so I can see it next week.

That's it.

December 05, 2004

That Wasn't So Bad.


(that wasn't a typo)

Well I'm at work almost 20 mins early, and I'm drinking golden apple juice/drink. I just came from the nurse's house. They are very into making their own bread, making stuff from all the things they grow in their very big back yard, including golden apples.

Well, she actually cleaned up the computer really well on her own, but it was still very painful to use since she had only 96 megs of ram to run WinXP. I may have helped with the install/reinstall of her integrated sound card, and that is about it. We talked about a few things, and I ended up spending only an hour there.

I was at my uncle's before that. He came and got me at 1:30, and I spent and hour at his place. I helped him install a printer he got. I can't really call it new, but it's new to him. Then I installed Irfanview for him. Showed him to use it, had him show me, then showed him how to use a card/print software that came with the printer. I didn't show him everything about it, that would have taken too much time. Well he's now ready to start using his computer again. He said that since his classes he took like a year ago, he hasn't touched the computer since. Now that he is, he just wanted me to help him remember. More or less. We had to plug back up his speakers. He didn't know how they got unplugged. Showed him how to change his wallpaper, how to load paper into the new printer, and I left it disk scanning. It hadn't been disk scanned in 336 days. That is what the computer told me.

Monday or so I'll go back over and take off the anti-virus programs that are on his system and put on AVG. I stopped one of them, and it crashed the system. So I think an uninstall is in order. And he doesn't really need them that badly since he isn't connected to the net. At least not yet. But I should get it into non-crashing mode before then.

Well I'm at work, and it's now 4:03pm. My shift has started. Not that, that really changes what I have to do. I'm going to go to the back in the FDC, and see if I get this arrow thing to work on the photo shop 5. I should, but I don't see how right now. Then around 7 I'm off to eat my noodles with chopsticks, then I'll come back and look for wallpaper for my club while I cover the front desk, then maybe look for more equipment and prices for the new media center. Around 11pm I may be even able to play a game or two.

See ya.

December 04, 2004

I Found Part of My Answer.

My head isn't as full with holes as I thought it was.

I found out how to make the arrows in photo shop, just not photo shop 5. It seems that the line button is missing.

Other than that, I looked up price tags and makes and models for printers and scanners for the media center.

That is what I did for most of the day. I helped one teacher. He got locked out of his office, so we had to call in someone to let him in. I had a look at a computer that looks like the hard drive died. And I had tell a student that she can't e-mail a 19 meg file. Oh, and the printer jammed like 3 times. That's it.

Oh, not. I did do one more thing to keep myself occupied. I copied some cds to the hard drive. I really wanted to copy some more stuff from AM, but she didn't show, I copied stuff from cd's that student forgot in the LRC.

Now I'm home and Nika is wide awake and my sister is asleep.

Tomorrow I have a planed day. I have to go by my uncle at noon to show him how to use his computer. And here I thought he took classes. Then I have to go by the nurse at 2pm. I'll spending like 2 hours there before I head to work at 4. My midnight shift now beings.

Monday I have something of a plan also. They are hyping something for internet access at the telephone company. It looks too odd, so we are going to see what it really is. And we might be able to make it to the factory pier if we leave early enough.

See ya.

I Seemed To Have Lost Thursday.

I missed Thursday.

I remember a few things. Not much. I'll have to check my other daily list to see what I did, but off the top of my head I think we had our departmental meeting. I think. But now that I think of it, I think that was Wednesday. I have to go check.


Ok.. here is what my notes say

"Worked some more on the PowerPoint for the party. Went up stairs and showed it to Alison, but she had to restart her computer before she could see it. Went to the new office buildings, and set up two computers. Came back downstairs and covered the front desk from 3:30pm. Alison came down around 4:15 and we worked on the power point for 20 or so mins. Tomorrow we finish up. Working on the problem presented to me by dr. Smith. Found Answer to problem, and notified dr. Smith."

Ok... that was just about most of it. I can add on to the new office building part. Now it's coming back to me. I got to work, checked my e-mail and I had nothing to do, then Ron came in and said that they were going up the new offices to set up the computers, and I asked if I could come plug something in. I tried to sound cute. He didn't get it. But I went upstairs anyway, and for some reason he changed his mind, and said that they would come in tomorrow morning and set up the computers. Something about cleaners. But Tishon was setting up a computer so I thought I might be able to get one or two in before we had to leave. They left without me. I was slightly mad at Ron since he called Tishon to tell him that they were leaving, but didn't even look never mind call for me. So I just stayed and set up another one before I left. I had half a mind to just stay and set up most of them so when they came in the next day they wouldn't have anything to do up there, except maybe move them to the other side of the desk or replace network cables for longer ones. But I decided against it, even after Blade showed up and was willing to help me unpack them. But the longer no one heard from me I would be considered MIA. Which could get me in trouble.

So I left and stopped off at Alison. To show her what I had done with the PowerPoint since she left me yesterday. She couldn't even open it PowerPoint. She hadn't restarted her computer in a days. She said that she thought that they weren't suppose to turn off their computer. True, but that didn't mean that you don't restart it.

***Computer Tip***

Unless you have a P4 3.x gigahertz computer with 3 gigs of memory and you bought diskeeper to constantly defrag your system, and you don't do more than surf, read email, download a wallpaper one a week, play MS hearts, and maybe chat on one IM twice a day for a combined time of 40 mins, you will not need to restart your computer for a week at a time.

For the rest of human and computer kind, you should restart your computer at least once a day. Just logging out is not the same. If you turn off your computer each time you are finished using it, then you don't have to worry about restarting.

Ok.. were was I? Oh... showing the PowerPoint to Alison. While I was there the girl in her department was making a reef out of photocopied money. :) Other than the colour of the queen's hair, it came out well. At first I almost had a heart attack thinking that she was cutting up real money. :)

Anyway, Alison saw the things and people that were still missing from the power point and made a note to get some of them for later today and tomorrow.

Then I went down stairs. I don't re-remember anything until Alison showed up downstairs around 4. She had gotten some more pics, and wanted to add in some words on some of the slides. I was at the front desk, and I had to fill one of the printers with paper while she was there. Ron stopped by on his way out, and once again something I said just went right by him. Alison answered me, which proved that I actually said something.

I worked on a few things after that, and I started or added to the list that I started for the media center. I'm helping in getting equipment for it. The media center is going to replace the FDC. It won't be completely different. Just upgrading most of the equipment, adding some new ones, and it's also going to be my office, in some small way. So I may get to order my own vcr/dvd recorder. :) That's nice. I may add it to the list. Just have to find a really good reason for when he asks why later.

Oh, for some reason Rick came back around 9:50 or so, so I got a ride home with him. Two nights in a row I got a lift home. Lucky me.

That was my Thursday.

They also paved the bus route that branched off of the main road at the university heading into town. It caused a bit of a back up and the buses came up the other way. It’s a good thing I was waiting on the street that they came back up on the main road on. Or it may have taken me a while to catch a bus into work.

Some Clearing Up.

Ok, yesterday.

It was a good day all around, could have used some lunch and an extra hour of sleep, but over all it was good.

I had to show up to work an hour early because my boss decided to close the LRC and hour early. So that if I wanted to, I could have gone to the staff Christmas party. I didn't. If I had known for sure earlier, I could have told him not to bother with the early close time, and I could have gone by the nurse who sent me an e-mail saying she had a virus and needed help. I tried to wake up a bit earlier to try and get to her place before I headed to work, but you know me and waking up. By the time I was ready to leave I had like 30 mins before I had to be at work.

I was lucky enough to catch a bus right off, but it stopped for like 15 mins at a gas station. So I just went right to work. As I got to work, I was pulled off by a teacher to help with some pictures. That took 20 mins. I had to even show the concept of creating shortcuts and a few other things I didn't expect. Then I went back to the admin off to see the lady I was making the power point with. Got down stairs and did the new stuff to the power point, then fiddled with the website to update a few things.

Then my boss got all happy about posting some information on our site about our "laptop program". Turns out to be two pages. One was for FAQ's that the school had either already come up with, or actually asked. The next one which I haven't done yet is suppose to contain information on the actual program.

Then I helped to teach another teacher how use photo shop. Hence my question yesterday. I'll have to work on that one today. I had stuff to do here and there to keep me busy, but for the last like 4 or so hours, I felt like I was the only one there. Every time someone showed up or called for someone else, I was the only one there. And that happened a lot. At one point I forgot what time it was and thought that it was already 4:30 and it was just 1:20pm. I hate being up so early.

AM joined me for the last 30 mins of my shift. We hung out for like another 20 or so mins, I was in no rush to leave, I had nowhere to go. Then AM walked me up to the street, we talked, and I actually caught a bus from the wrong side of the street.

I had huge munches when I got home. That would happen if you haven't eaten for over 8 hours. I don't even remember if I had breakfast of not.

Then I came home to my sister who said that my cousin was coming to spend the night since they(students) were having their last seventh semester sale today.

Now I'm off to get ready for work now. Currently this place is a little mad house. Jhodie, Nika, Pearl, Ruth (over night cousin), Muffet (Pearl's sister), Muffet's baby girl, Verey, Ruth's little boy, and me all in here at once. The kids almost out number the adults. Then my uncle showed up. Oh, I think Pearl's boyfriend was in her bedroom too.

I'm off to the shower. I may got to work on time today. :)

long day, web page editing and a small black out.

That was my day.

I would say more, but my cousin is staying over for the night, and wants to play with my games.

So I'll catch up with you tomorrow.

Oh.. wallpaper.

Wallpaper galleries

December 03, 2004

How do you make and arrow in any version of Photo Shop?

That is a question I have to find the answer to before I go home.

Oh, I may be going to a party, or I may not. It's starting to look like a no. I don't have a ticket on me. I can always try and crash the party, but I don't think it's worth crashing.

Well got to go. Still working.

December 01, 2004

My Monday Was A Monday.

Ok, last night my sister did a rather nice job on my hair. I got up in decent time.

After no knowing to what I had to wear, to what to wanted to wear, and what I could wear, I did a calm version of NY Black. Shiny black shirt, with black and not so shiny skirt, both stretchy, and I wore one of my new shirts open.

I thought I looked really good, and I had the hanging around neck ID tag and everything. I caught a bus more on less on time. I got to work in good time too. I hated having to show my ID. But I hope that after a week or so, I won't have to. I wouldn't mind having to wear it just to keep anything from being said, but I don't want to show it to get in. I haven't had to show my ID to get in anywhere since I was in high school. And that ID was to get into school. I didn't go bar hopping until I was 22.

ok. Got to work to a strange sight. I think they were testing out Dr. Shocky's exam program. Either which way, I didn't make it to my desk. I was pointed to in Dr. Smith's direction. I spent and hour with him. Then he more or less requested time for me to show him some stuff, and gave me something to try and figure out. After working on that for a bit, I checked my mail, posted and announcement, cleaned up another one. Tried to contact a teacher, didn't get him. Then I was in the middle of making my profile smaller by burning some stuff to disks, when I was pulled away for a staff meeting. Our boss wanted to have meetings with us every two weeks, to keep everyone up to speed. Well we got our little run down today.

After that I got a few more things done. I got water from the bathroom again. I covered the desk from 6 till 7pm then I left about 15 later.

I got here in good time. I got a lift right from school. Lucky me. Oh, I might have to go to staff Christmas party this Friday. I don't want to. But I might have to go.

I was suppose to tell my sister tonight, but I forgot. I took Nika out to ride her bike tonight. She did well. She didn't fall either, but she did ride into a telephone booth. She's fine.

I had a real home cooked meal tonight. Dumpling, boiled green banana, boiled sweet potato, and stewed turkey wings with carrots and potatoes. :) Nice.

Ok... I've caught up on my blogs, I can go to bed now. Not happy that I missed CSI:NY, but I was watching another recent movie that I haven't seen yet. At least I got to see the current Charmed ep. :)

Nighty Night.

Yesterday.... Yesterday... What did I do yesterday?

Ah!.. I succeeded in staying in bed, but longer than I wanted. Actually I'm not sure if that was Monday or.. wait, it couldn't have been Monday, we went shopping. Actually.. forget it.

I didn't really do anything, or get out of my room until 12 or 1:30pm. Would have been nice if I wasn't in there all by my self. But he isn't here.

Well when I finally crawled out of my room, my sister had me call up this girl/student who she already talked to about getting some things. I don't know why she had me call her for. I don't know what to talk to her about. I ended up giving the phone to her to let her talk.

Ended up going by her house at 4:30. Well at least we tried. We went and got Nika from school, came back, changed and tried to catch a bus. It took us like 15 mins, and 8 buses later before we got one that had room for the three of us.

We got there like 10 till 5. But my sister got the bargains she was looking for, and I got some noodle soups. :) With cheap chopsticks. :) Then we had to haul all that stuff back. Three buses went right by us, and Jhodie didn't believe it. But I told her that is what they do me when I'm waiting for a lift. Then Verey's father went driving by us in the wrong direction. He stops, drives backward, and crosses lanes to stop in front of Jhodie. He was a wreck waiting to happen. Then at that same time, a guy from work, with a nice big car came by, and I got him to give us a ride home.

He seemed a bit odd, but then he had girl in the car. At the end, I just thought that he didn't like mixing his private life with his work one. Anyway, my sister got almost a full box of Arm & Hammer detergent, a lot of shampoo and conditioner, and some ginger lotion. I got like 17 noodle soups and next paycheck we got three bags of veggie burgers that would have cost us at least $90. We are paying $53 for them.

That night we ate Chinese food. :) With cheap chopsticks. Then around 10pm me and my sister watched the last Lord of the Rings movie. We hadn't seen it yet. Then we watched. Master and Commander. Another movie that I hadn't seen yet and she combed my hair too.

Got to bed later than I would have liked. I looked up at the clock and shook my head. It was after 3am. Grief.

Then I went to bed. Oh.. I think Julia Roberts had her babies today. Twins I know. They were way early, but they said that everyone was ok. Julia, a mother. Hum. Oh, and that Ken guy from jeopardy, he finally lost to someone. At least he scored 2 and a half million.