April 22, 2009

Photos and Marshmallows

Taking Steps by ~jemgirl on deviantART

Spokes by ~jemgirl on deviantART

As you can see, I've been a little busy.

For three days I've taken the girl next door to school and afterwards I've gone walking with my camera to get something interesting to share. Those above are the ones from yesterday. I have a whole new section over at Deviantart to hold my photos.

I was even able to get a new yaoi wallpaper done. I've been wanting to do one for a while, but I couldn't find the kind of shot I was hung up on finding. But someone said that they wanted something sexy, so I just did one that broke a few 'rules' for me.

I'm going to see about getting three pictures posted today. At least one will be a wallpaper. I only got 10 photos taken this morning because I forgot the card for my cam, so I use internal storage. So I'll be going out later to get some more pics. Yesterday I took just over 100 to make sure I had a few good ones.

Since this is my official blogging place, I'll let you know that I spent $45 that I really didn't have on a book and a Barns & Noble's book store member ship. I didn't get the one that I posted here earlyer, and I didn't get the one that I had in my hand at the time. Instead, what did I get? A collection of gay erotica. It's suppose to be the best of 2008. I didn't tell my mom this ofcourse. I just said that for some unknown reason I got a membership at the store for $25.

In a few months, I hope to go back and get the one that I saw that was from 2007. Why am I getting them? Well at first, I got this one to see how I messured up to reconized work. The first two sounded like I could have writen it. The second one I would have liked to be a bit longer. I'll go back to re-read the ending to make sure I didn't miss it because I was trying to not let the old lady with her grandson across from me on the bus see what I was reading.

I have been given a new task as I sit here thinking a number of compleatly unreated things. Mom wants me to make the green sesioning for her. She got the stuff, cleaned them and even cut some down into large chunks. Now I have to blend and chop them down twice. I told her I'm not doing the onions. I can't cut onions without burning my eyes out.

Something sweet as I leave you.

For the past two days I've used marshmallow fluff to make rice cripy treats for the past two days. It was made with the crispy rice knock off from Pathmark along with puffed wheat. I like it.

Well, got to go. Take care, and don't forgot to swing by my gallery over at deviant art. :)

I want this book but I need $20 more. :(

April 20, 2009

Guess where I am?


I was in the rain, between a place called Sakcett St and Union Street, in Red Hook in a down pour of rain. When I got home I was so tired and cold that I went right to bed under a layer of sheet and another belonging to a comforter.

Why was I even there in the first place is a better question. Mother. She wanted to look for a new computer desk that can fit into the corner. The one have is now only using physics to keep it up. The principals of an arch are in use as far as I can see. We went to IKIA and the shot/photo was taken on our way back, trying to catch the B71.

I checked the bus map before we went to get it, but it seems that the one I was looking at hadn 't been updated to show that it was route had been changed. I don't know if the route has be changed for good or just because of construction or something else. Either way, we had to walk a block to find the new stop and then wait for a bus to show up.

No, we didn't get the desk. We more less settled for one, but we have to meassure the space now. The brought back a sheet that told the dimenshions of the desk. While we were there, we had a look at the desk that Phillys said that she was willing to buy for me for $99 once I said I wanted it. I have yet to get have draws to put my cloths away in. I just have them folded on a box behind the door now.

Well, see ya.

April 14, 2009

I've bit the first of three bullets.

I've completed my finaid application. I gave up on the PIN idea. Next, get my transcript from my HS. I already have the form and it's filled out thank you. I just need to get the $10. $5 per copy and I want one for myself, if anything, just to see what is in there. I have the application for the college also, and I recently got the $30 to process that also.

It will be abit tight since I want to keep a $20 cushion in my bank account, but I have to pay up the $30.

Since I haven't spoken of this in so long, you most likely have forgotten where I wanted to go. I'm aiming for ICA. Institute of  Construction and Design.

At least, once I get in, I can say I saw my childhood dream through. I'll be very happy when I paid to do this, then I can work on my own company just before I die since I'm getting on this road so late in life. But better late than never right. :)

Later today I'm going to be trying to upload some pics that I took with the Kodak last week when I went to Manhattan to get my Dosa.

BTW, you have to like sourdough bread/wraps to really like this dish. Me, not so much, but it I think something in the one I got didn't sit that well with me, but the one my mom got with eggs was better.

See ya... just a very short update now.

April 07, 2009

Did another 35+ hour shift in my boring life...

I would have gone to the movies on my way back from the doctor with my mom, but I didn't believe that I would be awake long enough to watch the whole thing. So I came home for dinner, and now at 8:20 I'm going to crawl into bed. I may not get up until the girl comes over for me to take her to school 6am. I'm going to get ready then make sure that I leave at 7:15 instead of 7:50 like today.

Ya, that too changed. First it was just get her ready and get dressed myself to get her outside for this lady with a bus to take her to school, but it has only been 2-3 days and they are fighting. So I told the mother that since I have to be up and dressed anyway, I'll take the girl to school for the same money she was going to pay the lady. It wouldn't have been so bad today if it wasn't so biting cold, and if the lady didn't show up just I came out of the building. I told her that I was asked to take the girl to school now, and that she should call the lady to ask what gives, and she brought up how she got $100 ticket while she was looking for the girl in the school the other day. At least she didn't seem to hate me, just the mother.

Today I was suppose to get my hair done. Just a wash and set, but incase they said that I should have the whole thing done I pulled $40 out of the bank. In the very bad cold in a very thin skirt. I didn't think it was going to be as bad as it was. That is why I came home and put on a pair of tights/pants under my skirt.

Tomorrow I'm taking the girl again (until I say forget it, I've had enough or I got a job or start school) and when I'm on my back I'll just got right to the hair dresser to get that over with. Then after that I'm going to go to IKIA to look at a dresser for myself with mom. We were suppose to or wanted to go today, but they collapsed a vain in mom's arm at the doctor's, and it's a bit numb so she changed her mind and we came home. So we will do that tomorrow instead.

I've been working on a guy bi story that I started to sell to a site, but it's turning out to be a real story and not just a wam-bam-yes-sir-hello-mam story. I'm already up to page 5 I think and nothing more exciting than a solo bath and maybe a kiss has happened. I was thinking of kicking it into gear with all three of them, but the main guy needs his sleep, but I'm not above doing some normal hard straight sex with the other two. The question is how loud should I make them? Mum...an idea just came to me and I did want him to have a wet dream, I just didn't think of actually writing the dream.

I also have to get back to my main story, but I got a little side tracked the other day over it. I was called up by a friend of mine and was asked for a strong girl name. I told her that I sucked at names, but she said that she thought that I would have some good names since I was doing the story/book. That helped. I thought that she wanted black names, but she was open for anything for her niece. I gave her Masami. That also gave me the idea to list all the names and what they mean since I spent some time looking for most of them. I got a bit worried when I check the meaning of their names on a different site than where I got them from and found them to mean something else. So I put the meaning down from the site I got them from in the first place. I had thought about doing it before, but that was after I read someone else doing it. But I was already like 40 chapters in at that time.

Oh, I've officially lost my beta. I'm going to have to look for one in a few weeks that matches my style of writing so I can start to post the chapters. It will be about one a week until I finish and when I'm finished, I'll start posting them sooner, like every 2 days. Well, that's my wish anyway.

Ok, I'm off to bed now and it's 8:50pm now. See how long it takes me to write this stuff up?

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April 03, 2009

My Sister got the date wrong.

Hello everyone.

Well, just felt like posting something even though I missed writing about Tuesday when I was out, about, and up for over 24 hours again.

But first thing's first.

My sister was all busy telling me that I don't know how much I paid for my metro card on Tuesday when I went out with mom. She then had me pull this up on line. Then she precedes to read the wrong month. I only realized it after I showed it to my other sister who was not caught up in anything and read it clearly.

Not Happy

At the top you can clearly see it says May right. My first sister (Phillys) was convinced that it said March. I was so happy to have her really read it. It was nice to show her that she was wrong. She doesn't really think that she is wrong about what she says ever.

BTW, we new Yorkers aren't happy about this. :(

Now, as for Tuesday. My mom had a doctor's appointment and someone had to go with her because of the test she was going to take. I was sleeping odd because of doing that 24 hour thing around Sunday, so I was up again, didn't have time to sleep, then went with her, grabbed something to eat. We have to go back to do the test again because they never got the referral from her doctor's office.

We then went to Manhattan to find a new BestBuy store so I could use the DTV coupon that we just got in the mail the day before. We found one on Fifth, just a block up from the library that I took a picture of and sent in. We/I went looking for a different store just for the fun of it. I was suppose to be warm. It was warmer Thursday. We then took the bus down to the ferry, but ended up getting off at Prince street. We went to look for a place that makes Dosas. 

I heard about this place on tv and since it was in a place I knew about, I said that I wanted to go there and check it out. Besides, it sounded like food I would like. The name of the place is Hampton Chutney. Their web site is sad, but their food is great, or so I've heard. I'm going to be trying it out soon because I found the place. :) First I went the wrong way on Prince street before I found, but I did and I got the money back from my sister that she borrowed from me.

Oh, I got the DTV box but when I got home to try it, I found out that I didn't have an antenna to plug into it. They could have told me that when I asked for the DTV box or when I was at check out. Guess it too much to ask.

Well the girl from next door has added another bit of something unwanted into my life. I have to get her dressed in the morning and stand outside with her until this lady comes by and picks her up to take her to school, because the father doesn't want to or can't do it anymore. I don't care for the details, but I now have to fully get up and be dressed to be standing outside at 7:30am now.

Yesterday I ran out with a coat over my night gown because I over slept. Today that will not happen and I'm going to do some washing once I hand the child over.

Well you have been caught up. The only thing else to say is that I posted a snap shot of a very small part of my story. I just thought of doing it when I was posting a new updated desktop shot since I've completely moved over to laptop now and I have a very cute pic of a guy on there right now.  Oh, they are posted over on my deviantart page.

Ok, that's it. If you for some unknown reason, you or you actually fell like asking me a question or two, try the comment button.

See ya.