June 30, 2005

Just Checking In.

About an hour ago I felt like going to bed, but I came back to work on my "network".

Before I start my rant, here are the good things that happened so far.

1, I fixed the codec thing. As far as I now know, ever video in every form that is on this computer can now be played back. All I needed, believe it or not, was "K-Lite Codec Pack". It made me uninstall some other codecs that I had already installed, and I left it to pretty much install itself with the default settings except one. I had it include one set of codecs that I installed at work, just to be on the safe side.

2, I finished Dr. G's slides. I didn't have that much left to scan. Which left me time to install Quick time 7 and his new camera for him on his system. Not that he didn't know how to, he just didn't have the rights on his computer.

3, My laptop and desktop are now networked. **bad news.. they still can't be on line at the same time. **

4, I remembered to buy eggs, and take back the empty egg boxes.

5, I woke up on time to iron my shirt even if I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night. It's amazing how when I don't have work, my body can't move until 11am, yet when I know I have to wake up and iron my cloths my body wakes up with out a fight at 8am. I hit myself and went back to bed for another hour or so.

6, Yesterday my sister sold somethings that we have been talking about getting rid of for a while. I got about $35 for a pair of shoes, and a cut of the price of what he might sell some dresses for. I had three pairs of shoes, but back when we let a mice live, it chewed on two of the shoes. It's not bad, just two nibbles here and there, but they are nibbled so we couldn't sell them even if they have never been worn. My mom got them for me years ago to go to work in, but they were too big.

7, My sister sold her mangos to the store down the street for a dollar each. Someone told her that she was selling the kind she had too cheaply.

That might be it.

8, Oh, 2 small other things. Part 1, I had three squares today, at the right time too. Part 2, I posted another page of wallpaper on my website. I got them from a student. It's a set of sunset pics. I like the middle one best. It's the three stages of a sunset. They out do anything I tried to do before.

The bad news, or the not too nice things that happened.

1, Well you know about the tree that hit me in the head. Well yesterday I spent most of the day in pain and laying down. My sister had to go buy my some pills. At first I said that they wouldn't work on me, but then she reminded me that I hadn't taken any in while. I need like 4 to fell anything the first time, then up the 6 the next day and 8 the next, then it just stops working. We thought that I may not make it into work today, but I made it. Once or twice my head did hurt, but it passed.

2, I CAN'T SHARE INTERNET BETWEEN THE TWO COMPUTERS. I took the hub in to Rick so he could test it, and I would hear him say that it doesn't work, but no, he tells me to take it home and call him so he can help me over the phone. I didn't get around to even touching it until mins to 10, and he wouldn't answer any of his phones. For all I know he was asleep, and turned off his cell and plugged out his phone. I tried up until 15 past, still nothing. Fine. I'll call him at work, and when he realize that I was telling the truth when I said it didn't work, then I hope I get a discount on the one I wanted to buy from him, or have him place an order for me in the first place. :)

3, It got cold today. Really cold, it's a good thing I saw it coming and took my coat with me to work. The last 40 mins before it pured I was just about shaking and I was soooo happy that I was going home at 7 pm. Then I as signed a note and was turning to walk outside, with my eggs and hub, I heard the down pour on the roof. Great! Then Tishawn walked in a little wet. I asked for a ride home, but he had something to do first. I helped, but we still didn't leave until 7:30. I called Jhodie to let her know why I was coming home late. At least I got a ride home. That's the good part.

I should just go to bed now, but I don't want to in a small way. :(

Ok, that's it. I may, Oh, that isn't it. Foxfire did a play dead act for me tonight. So I uninstalled it and re-installed it, then I had to delete my Foxfire profile to get it to work again. I have to get a skin for this thing. It made me think that I was too quick in saying that that didn't have to re-install the desktop after all. :)

Ok, Now I'm going.

Oh, one last note. That link to the song, it is a link to a song that I uploaded for you guys to download. I'm going to add some AMV's tomorrow at work. Every time I try to do it from home, it fails.

Ok, leaving to spell check. I just grammar checked, so I go the major stuff out. Time is now 3:09. Later than I want it to be.

Bye Bye.

June 27, 2005

Guess What?

It's been coming, but now it's showing it's head. The laptop needs to be re-installed, but I have to wait for the cds from my sister before I can do that.

Also it starting to look like I will have to re-install my desktop also to fix something that I messed up with the codecs on the system. I think it's when I introduced the window video 1 codec for 95 to the 2000 system. I just wish that I wrote down somewhere what the name of the file(s) where, and where I added it. Oops.

Other than that, it was an empty day. The side of my head hurt from the other day. I washed some dishes, I had lunch. I heated up last night left overs. Then I was on the computer for a while, during and after the small black out we had today around 2. The only advantage to having a laptop.

Then come 4:10pm I got dressed and went for Nika when Jhodie hadn't called, and she wasn't home yet with Nika. I wore my shorts out and I didn't feel like a fat person wearing shorts. It didn't bunch up between my legs at all. Speaking of my legs. It was so hot here today that I didn't have to lotion my legs before leaving because my sweat made my legs look good. :D And as always, I got looks on my way down past the construction site.

It always seem odd to me how some people look at me and think that I'm ugly and fat, while other people try to get my attention to maybe make out with me. I'm just glad that I'm loosing some weight. I will be on the top the of the world to be 210. A nice curvy, chesty, soft girl and not a twig with breast. I don't want stems, I want legs that lead to thighs. Ya, that's my argument for not trying to be a person under 140lbs.

Well, I picked up Nika and on our way back, we saw Jhodie coming towards us. Nika spent some time at B's house, and my sister wrote on the side of our house "Grafted Mangos For Sale. 50 cents" She brought back like 12 or so and they are all ripe. We can't eat all of them before they start to go bad. I eat 2 every 3 days.

I worked on the computer some more, Jhodie went and got some bread, and some how skated though time until now. Oh, I watched the Antiques Roadshow FYI, then stargate, Now Pen & Teller BullShit. (I can say that because it's the name of the show) I don't really swear.

Ok.. back to checking the laptop. I got Norton and I'm having it scan the laptop right now. It said that it was infected, and my AVG got it, but I normally using Panda Online scan to back it up, but their site seem to be down today. So I got Norton. They have an online scan too, but it doesn't clean anything.

Well See ya.

One Last Thing Before Bed.


It's mins to 4am as you can see and I'm now ready for bed.

But before I leave, here is a link to a site I just stumbled over.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

This is coming to you from Korea, but it's all in english, for what little words they have on the site. I was there for and because of a wallpaper.

Poke around. It's intresting. I only give you intresting things to look at. :) And this is so kid safe.

Oh, the site is a bit slow for me. I'm thinking it's all the downloading that I'm doing, and my so called cable modem's speed.

Got to go sleep. See ya. ..

Oh, side note, I wasn't able to make it back upstairs to scan anything I ended up playing with my desktop and for a time I didn't have to clock to show me what time it was, and by the time I installed the first clock that I told you about the other day, it was mins to 9, so I just worked on making a flying of our closed dates due to exam that Ron wanted me/us to post.

I stood in the rain and caught the good bus, and came home to food and a clean floor. :) But I miss my show. Into The West. :(


June 26, 2005

I Was Pulled From My Bed With The Threat Of A Lawsuit

First I was asked when I wanted to be woken up since I crawled into bed around 3:30am today. I wasn't playing with my hub, but I was looking up some information on how to earlier that night. I decided to start cleaning up the kitchen, and I started the converting of a movie that now works now that I've slight messed up my codecs on the desktop. So I taking what I've been given and I'm converting (trying) from some flavor of .avi to .wmv. Then I'll start the codecs battle all back over to see the other stuff that I saw before, and the new one, and convert them if the converting works.

Either which way, as I was unplugging the fan to take it to my room so I go to sleep, my sister wakes up and walks past me to the bathroom. Then today she asked me if I did dishes. NO the Fairy Did. I rolled over and tried to go back to bed. Then she asks about what time to wake me, at which time Nika started banging on my door. She took her and left saying that she will wake me at 12.

* Pink - God Is A DJ

Scanning slide

*Rockapella - Good Ol' Acapella

Scanning slide

*Sunny and Cher - I Got You Babe

Scanning slide

So soon, she came back and was asking me to help her cut down the plantain tree. We had one that had a good bunch on it and it's been full for a while, but now she saw that some were turning yellow, so it time to cut it. I told her to call uncle Ray so he could bring the ladder. It was over our roof, and big and heavy, and I wanted to stay in bed. She said that she tried calling him already but he wasn't there or something like that. So she was asking me to come help her. I just laid there. Then when she thought that I had gone back to sleep, I heard her tell Nika to "Go wake aunty." I expected her to run in there and jump on me. Instead she banged on the door for like 2 mins with anything she could get her hands on. I heard three different things being banged on my door before she asked where mommy was. Then that is where the lawsuit came in.

*Kenny Chesney - Now Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem

Reckless Endangerment, Man 2 - Indifferent Endangerment (or something like that), then I heard Nika outside, and I told her to come back inside because I heard Jhodie hacking at the tree. I told her she would get Child Endangerment for having Nika out there. So I got up to get it over with and to get Nika inside before that thing fell on here. It was going to be heavy.

* Guns and Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine

I found some pants that I had gotten from a student, but no shirt. So I took a warp and just wrapped it around me. It was ok if it got stained. I'll be surprised if it didn't get stained.

So I got my shoes and I walked out back to see what she had done so far. Great. There was bark strips on the ground, and she had cut away almost all of it. It was just sitting on something of thick point in between two pieces of trunk. Nika had followed me outside, so we sent her back in and told her to watch from her bedroom window. I waited until she was there before I started to push it. Jhodie was making it sound like it was going to be hard. I told her that it was going to be heavy. She was on the end that was going to help me slowly lower it unto the wall at that end of yard. I barely touched it when it cracked the point. She was surprised at something. I was holding on to it, and then we started to talk about how to do this. She wanted me to knock it right off the base, so it fell straight down, then we would angel it down to the wall or ground. Ok. 1, 2, 3, push. THUMP! It got pushed over fine.

*Nora Jones - Don't Know Why

Then we had to get the plantains off the roof before we started to lower it or we could cut them all up.

*Seal - Human Beings

So we started to rotate it, and I think I saw something coming towards me, so I closed my eyes and turned my head, and there was pain. The bottom part of it slammed into the side of my eye. We then heard a voice and I shouted leave or come help. Jhodie went to see who it was. It was Peter. What he was doing here, I don't care. It just hurt, then some kind of odd stinging started. When he got around back I let him finish help, and I stood there for a while. Then as I tried to open up my eye more it got really irritated, so I went inside to wash my face and eye. Just then Jhodie came with me. Ants fell into her clothes and she wanted to wash them off. I had already been bitten, but my eye was of higher concern right now for me.

*Sarah Mclachlan - Building A Mystery

It's a good thing I'm not white. I would have walked into work with a black eye for sure. Jhodie said that it looked a little bit swollen, but no one will really notice with my fat face.

Peter chopped up the tree, and then Jhodie went back out to cut up the bunch. Then I went back out to have a look at them, and to get some for M. which I now remember, I forgot at home. Wednesday.

*Shelia E - A Love Bizarre

Well they were interesting. It was one of the plantain trees that we had gotten from a lot 3 blocks away. Jhodie had asked and the guy that owned it said sure. They looked that really over grown silk bananas. I haven't seen ones like these before. Jhodie said that they came from Dominica, and they ware suppose to be it sweeter then the ones we normally have.

I got the set for M and bagged it, then sat for like 30 mins watching HGTV, then I slowly got ready for work.

*now my eye is bothering me again*

Well took a bath, and all that stuff, and I was going to wear the same outfit I wore yesterday, but I didn't like the blouse, so took time to try and find something better. I ended up picking a white one. I don't even know what this kind of shirt is called, but it works. I left the house about 5 or so after 2, which is good, just had to see how long it will take to catch a bus.

* Katrina and the Waves - Walking on Sunshine

It didn't take that long to catch a bus, but it was a "you get off before I get where I'm going lift". He asked how far I was going. I think he had his family in the bus with him. Three adults and two kids. Then we stopped for gas, ice cream, water, and chips.

*Martika - I Feel The Earth Move

During this little stop, two other buses went by us. When the first one stopped in front of us to pick someone else up, the driver asked me if I wanted to take that bus, but everyone was coming back to the bus, and the attendant had just finished pumping the gas, so I decided to stay. Then a min later the second bus came by just as he turning the key.

*Train - Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)

We were then off. I leaned over on suitcase that was next to me on the seat and enjoyed the ride to work. I was thinking as looked out the bus. Would I want a fast ride to work, or a comfortable one? I wanted a comfortable one. So I sat back and just watched the non-hurried scenery as I moved past. It would have been nice if I could have taken this bus to Sandy Point. That way I would actually see what I was driving past.

*Lou Bega - I Got A Girl

Got to work, said good afternoon to the guards in the guardhouse like I do everyday, and walked down to my department with out anything happening. But it did look a bit on the empty side in the parking lots.

*Kim Wilde - Kids In America

The clock said 2:25 when I walked it. Ouch, later than I would have liked, since it cut into my scanning time. I went inside, got the slides, the headset, and my bottle to hold water. As I was leaving the room I turned back for my keys. I'm not going to through that again. Besides I couldn't. No one was here other than us on the weekends.

Well, I may do good with the slides after all. Oh, just for spite, the door was opened when I got here.

I have three pages after the one that I'm currently one. I've done one page already. I would have gotten like 8 slides further if I wasn't blogging. Before, I scanned a pic three times thinking it had a lot of dirt on it, turns it was damaged.

*Enya - Sail Away

I've been stopping blogging a bit more to the end to scan some more. M leaves at 5 and it's mins till right now. I'm almost finished this page, in two more slides I'll be at 200.

Well that's it.

See ya later.

*Incubus - Meglomanica

Back.... came to spell check but I have something to add. I was able to tell M to stop by my house to and pick up the plantains that I had forgotten to bring with me for her.

Now, I spell checked, and very little grammer checked. It's over 4 pages long. Didn't want to read though that again right now.

*Britney Spears - My Perrogative

Bye. :)

June 25, 2005

In Some Small Way This Is What I Need

I need a hero. (Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out For A Hero)

For the past few days I've gotten small gifts that are now biting hard.

First we decided to get both computers on line. I spent the money on the cable and I was given a hub for free. The hub doesn't work. I stayed up until 3am after two nights of trying and couldn't get it to work. One guy at work says that it can't work, and then the guy that gave it to me asked why wasn't it working. So I'm bring it in on Wednesday to have him show me how to use it and get this over with. But as far as my luck will have it, I'm sure I won't get my answer on the first day. He'll be too busy or something.

Next there is that movie that I spent over $40 I'm sure on power to download it for the past 2 if not 3 months to have it finish last night just to tell me that I can't play it. Oh, the things I downloaded to check it to see if it was damaged, and to see if I had the codecs told me that I had everything to view it, and it wasn’t damaged. Yet it constantly crashes anything that opens it. Granted I haven't tried Winamp, but then I don't install that part of it. It's an old-ish computer, I try not to push it some times. I open it in Windows Media player, it crashes, I open it in DivX player and it crashes. I got a dvd player since it says it’s dvd rip and that doesn't play it either. I get sound fine, and a nice black screen.

My sister commented on me commenting that it feels like someone is out to get me, when all she had to complain about was that her avatar won't come up in yahoo and mine does on her laptop. I just told her to tell Phillys to send us the cds that came with it so I can re-install. Now I'm thinking that I should just re-install my desktop too. This will make like the 5th or so time since I got it. No, second time. I had a computer before that that I also reinstalled once or twice, then I got this one, and then had to reinstall it. At times we forget that we had another computer before this one. That one was even older. She then asks me as I'm putting on my shoes how often are you suppose to re-install your OS. Well that just depends. For someone like me it would be like every 2 years if something went wrong. Some people never have had to re-install their OS.

Now to make this day even more perfect, I had to come in to work on time today so M could leave for something else. I really hope that she told Ron and not just me, because I just lost 3 hours of scanning time. I was on a roll. 6 hours this weekend, then if I could help it, almost my whole shift on Wednesday, and *praying* I would have finished all of them just in time. Now I don't see that happening unless I have some very empty pages in that folder yet to come. Also, I’m hoping that the LRC gets very empty so I go upstairs and do get scanning done.

I am currently hurting my teeth on a cold apple. I can't really eat cold things, but I'm hungry. It doesn't even taste that good. :(

And I have nothing to do. Well I could finish up the install thing I was doing yesterday. I have like 16-25 more computers to get done.

I'm not happy today.

June 24, 2005

I'm Giving Up.

It's 3am and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I can't network up the two computers with this hub.

I tried giving each computer it's own ip address, but it's not working. I added the extra information from the computer that got it's set from the ISP, but nada.

I'll see if I can nail Rick down so he can tell me all that I need to know.

Yawn. The only good things that has come from my computer and my current Internet set up today is that I found the Daft Punk cd that I got months ago and thought I lost, and One of the things I'm downloaded has moved so much closer to the end. I'm looking at 97 percent right now. I hope to have this over with come tonight if I get some nice speeds between now and when I get home tomorrow.

So I'm going to share and MP3 with you. It's not my complete cup of tea since it's so long, but I'm sure some of you will like it. It's daft punk - technologic (fatman rmx) It's a really big file, like 14megs. Really long song.

I'm not having a nice night. As I make up my mind to get off the computer, Nika wakes up with ear pain, and now that I felt like uploading a mp3 for you guys, it's taking longer than I thought it would. I must remember I don't have speeds like at work, at home. I'll post the link tomorrow.


June 23, 2005

For Those Of You Who Still Look At Your Watch When Sitting At A Computer.


Didn't eat the newton yet, wanted to stay for a song and got caught up in something else.

This little link points you to a desktop clock with a lot of skins. They have tons of skins. I bearly got anywhere when I picked the one I had in mind.

If you have a better one let me know.

Infact, I'll come back and add to this post. I had other desktop clocks in the past. Heck, I skined one of them. :)

BeatNik I think. I'll come back with links later. :)

ClocX homepage

Back... I had soup. time - 8pm

First on this list is something to make sure that your clock is update since most or some desktop clocks just go by what is set on your computer.

This one is number one in staff rateing over at SnapFiles.com - Chronograph Atomic Time Clock

Next the list of other desktops that have been highly rated by someone or used by me that I still like even if I don't use them anymore.

Mexican Wave

This first one is for those of you who have friends all over the place and for some reasion you want to know what time it is there too. :) - SymmTime 2004

Next...This one lets abit of the outside in if you don't have a window where you spend most of your day. - Pawclock I think I tried this one once. I don't remember how I liked it, so it slips in.

Now.. This is the one that I skined for. - BeatNik As I'm reminded as I looked up the link. I was slighty abandaned a few years ago. You can see that log when you get there. Not the best looking site in the world, but it does what it's suppose to do. to see my skins for the clock, check the link Jem's Pages then scrool down to the skins page link. It has a digital read out for the time.

Here's and Odd one. It's called - Ghrone. It's simple looking and free, and it's doesn't have the round face that the first clock has. It has a digital time display, and it looks to be on the big side. That helps if you can't see too well. This comes with skins also, but so does just about every clock I'm going to point you towards.

This one... ahahah.... It's just for you to read the message he has at his site. The program isn't that great, I expected more so I downloaded the prgrogam. It could use some work. Well here's the link. - GSearch Clock & Date

One, one or two more real ones, then you are on your own to find others.

Ok, I'm helping out someone I consider to be a 'small guy'. His clock looks nice, and it has some normal functions, and it uses mp3's that you pick as alarms. :) - Convenient Clock. My only issue with this clock even though I haven't used it, is that it has bar at the top.

Last one... Can't find a last one???? How about a cool calender? :) - Rainlendar. It looks really neat/cool.

Ok, I did find/remember another clock one, but it doesn't really count. It doen't put a clock up on the desktop. It enhances the one down in the system. I found two really.

One, I used for years it's called - TClock. There is just about no, or no real details on the program. I'm thinking that I should type up some since I made skins for it and use it. If you read the language this site is mostly writen in, then you're fine I'm sure. :) But I'll see what I can do for those of use that speak and read english. :)

The other one is where I got the link for the calender program link from. - LClock. I consider this and odd place to find a program from it's maker. Guess he didn't want to invest in a site, and a feed back system when he was part of this already. :) Under that light it makes sense. At least you can get incontact with the maker if you come across a problem. :) It looks really intresting. I may try it. I like how clicking on the clock makes the calender come up, it would keep me from double clicking my clock on the computer that doesn't have webshots to see beyond today. What is webshots?? A wallpaper changer that puts a calender up on your desktop. This LINK is too the download page for the program, but you may want to look around bit. They have upgraded a bit since the last time I was there. Check the tour, they talk about stuff I didn't know about.

Ok, that should enough for now.

Oh... music.....

*black eyed peas - pump it*

Ok... I'll spell check at home. :) Hope I didn't miss too much when I was typing.

Closing time - 10pm.


I got up and did stuff with Nika today. Jhodie, stayed up too late so she woke up late and didn't get Nika to school in time. So she stayed home today. I have to remind her that she can't do that for when she goes to kindergarden in a few months.

Well I got up about 10 I think. Maybe 11. I did stuff with Nika, but mostly I tried to clean up the house. Washed a few dishes. Dispite the fact that my sister hasn't reallyed cooked, she hasn't really cleaned eitehr. So I tried to give her a head start today, and had a mango for my troubles.

Ok, going to eat my fig newton to see if it can get me to wake up.

Be back in like 20 mins. Maybe.

June 22, 2005

Streamload - Special Offer

Streamload - Special Offer


I found this today when I was looking for the other one I came across a few weeks ago. I think I have that one bookmarked at the front desk or at home.

Well I'm scanning, so I'm not hangging around. :)

See ya.

10 whole gigs of free space. :) check it.

Odd Day.

Well I took my dear time getting out of bed and ready for work. I would have liked to have gotten to work 15 past, but I didn't feel like caring that much today, but I was upset with the joker in the back of the bus on my way in to work.

From the time I got into the bus he was talking nonsense. Then when he was suppose to come out, he was joking and the bus man didn't take him on, then he really spoke up that he wanted to get out, and even then he was laughing.

Then the bus stopped 50 feet away for another guy to jump out and get himself a case of bryson. (fanta in the bottle) I don't think that I find a right spelling for the word. I don't think it's a real word.

Anyway, got to work at 11:25, no one was at the front desk, then I found out that E was still upstairs in the copy room. Turns out her e-mail said that she will be up there for 2 weeks. I must have missed that part. Either which way, she doesn't seem that happy to be up there. Turns out she is covering for someone who is on their honeymoon.

Well we had a department meeting today at 2, just after I ate lunch. I got an egg sandwich today. We even got some "treats" from the day school for fixing some computers. I don't know what it was. It was like it was some kind of brownie thing that wasn't dark brown, and had oats, nuts and chocolate chip. I know I shouldn’t have had three, but after I ate the first one they didn't seem so bad. :)

For most of the shift I did web work. Then Dr. St. J showed up and I got into power point things with him. Of course he didn't come to find about the work he already gave me. He came to give me more. Ya. :( Well at least it was just to flip some slides around and to scan a pic for him to place in the powerpoint also, but since he was here, he was going to help me. He had left me with like 15 or so pics to scan last week Friday and I had no idea where they went, so he had to show me. I'm sure that he changed his mind where some of them were meant to go.

Tomorrow I'm going to be checking out all the new flat panel computers. Some how pop up blockers got unto them. So I have to go to each one and uninstall them. I thought that it was just one or two, but it seems like most of them if not all of them have it. Whoever installed the IMs didn't uncheck a few things when they installed them. So now I have some uninstalling to do. We just don't know if it was done when the image for the ghost was being made, or if some student did the installing themselves when they were told of an update.

Right now, I'm up in the FDC doing some more scanning for Dr. G. I almost didn't do any today. I saw the time at 5:30 and realized that I was suppose to get some scanning time in. I think E being out threw me off, since I had to cover the front desk until the meeting.

Well I'm almost done for the day, want to or not, my shift ends in under 15 mins I want to get this last page of slides done. So it looks like I'm going to be here after my shift to get the page done. I would have it done in time if someone didn't lock the door for this place. Then me, who didn't want to go back downstairs for my keys wasted like 10-15 mins trying to get a key from someone on this level. :(

Today’s set seem to be of shattered insides, pus, and a few open carcasses. I would post a pic, but I don't want to make any of you hurl.

The other day it hit me that I haven’t listed any of the songs that I have playing when I blog like I use to. I'll start again when I'm not press for time like today.

Well see ya. I'm going to have to spell check this then post, and I could add some stuff later.

Oh, I got a switch. :) Rick just gave it to me. I also realized that I could have gotten my cable from here too. Oh well. $15 wasn't that much. :)


Ok... got a ride home. Then I went out twice to get food for all of us. Nika got fish and sweet bread, and what I was going to get from this place was all out, so I took Nika home so Jhodie could feed her. Then I went back out and got myself some veggie pizza from someone else, and I got Jhodie some BBQ chicken from another store.

Then I tried to work the switch. Didn’t quite work, so I have to talk to Rick tomorrow and find out that gives. Then I tuned in early. Really early. 10:30 if that late. I was just tired, and I was fighting acid reflux and I was not winning. At 4 am or so, I climbed out of bed and made 1 part water to 4 parts baking soda and drank some of it. I had to do something. I’ve had it off and on for the past 2 days. So I waited, and it could have just been the cold water I felt, but I felt it in my chest doing something.

In 20 mins I was asleep. Thank goodness.

June 21, 2005

Not Much So Far.

Monday I was pulled from my bed by the cable company. They sent someone else by to check out our modem. The modem didn't need checking. He gave us the number of the people who could answer my questions.

Well they haven't closed any ports, but there is a cap on how much p2p programs can download. She did say that they will be making some changes/updates so the cap could be a bit higher. I didn't press for a when. I was pretty sure I wouldn't have gotten one anyway, and if I did, who said that they could keep to it.

I did something, then took a nap before picking up Nika at 3pm. I was taking her to town so she could pick out a new story cd. Before that we stopped off at TDC to get an internet cable. A 25 foot cat5 cable with RJ45's at each end only cost me $15. Then we sung by a few places on our way to Ram's. Oh I forgot something.

After picking up the cat5 cable, we went to the toy store to get the cd for Nika. There we bumped into Jhodie. She had finished with the lady. By the way, they sent her back home. They came, took her to the hospital, and then sent her back home without telling anyone. She fell out of her bed, and called out to her next door neighbor for help. I was mad, I even thought about calling up this talk show on the radio down here and telling them what the hospital did, but since it's more or less the only really hospital on the island, and two people could make bad things go their way if they were involved or mentioned I can't really say anything now without being able to prove what I say is true. I don't care what happens to me. They (the nurses at the hospital) already hate me. They tend to do that when they aren't doing their job and you point it out to them.

How did they get to hate me? Last year when my mother came down to see us and Nika for the first time, Nika got sick and was in the hospital for about 2 or so weeks. Jhodie and I took shifts staying with her. She was 3 maybe, or just turned 4. They wouldn't check on her when they were suppose to, we pointed out things to them, at times I would just look at them before I would say anything.

Before that I got into something with some of them over in maturity when Jhodie was having Nika. She had a C-section. At night she would take Ice to the other mothers there when the nurses weren't looking. In the beginning she would tell them, and they would do it later, say they couldn't do it for what ever reason, or something else. I would have to ask Jhodie again.

Jhodie, who by the way, is asleep in the couch as I type this up. She was suppose to go up by the lady to give her, her lunch but she isn't feeling well she said. The part I don't like is that she doesn't have a contact number to let anyone know that she can't make it. The sad part is that the lady's memory is starting to go, and since she can't eat much anymore, she may think that Jhodie already came. :(

Well back to yesterday.

We bumped into Jhodie at the toy store. She was buying posters for Nika. There weren’t any sponge bob ones, thank goodness. I hate that show, but Nika likes it. But she likes Pooh too. So she got three of those. I got the cd at $28 and Jhodie threw in a pooh book for $6.

Then all three of us stopped off at a few places on our way to Rams. First Jhodie went by her cloths store, nothing was there for her. Then I stopped in a music shop to ask about something that someone at work asked me. I may get one myself. It's a cd of steel pan music. They are selling it for $50 EC. Then we sung by DotCom to see how much they were selling their switches for. We were talking about getting a switch and wiring so we could have both computers connected to the net at the same time. I had already called around this morning and got two prices. $60 and $80 I think. The one at DotCom was $120. The guy at DotCom said that if I wanted a cheaper one I should check TDC. He seemed a tad un-loyal to his store, but then we found out that doesn't even by anything from here unless he can help it. He's black, but English. He gets all his stuff from on line.

Got to go. Be back in like 2 hours.

Back... A bit more than 2 hours later. More like 4ish. I went to clean my ears, I couldn't hear that well. I fell asleep and hurt my arm, but I woke up in time to get Jhodie to get Nika. Then we did some gardening. I thought it was a bit late, but I went with it. We started by pulling up some weeds that were by the front gate, then we moved over to "mutant" grass that was growing in the square between the front of the house and the side garden. Then we did a bit more pulling. This time I was saving some basil shoots. Everyone said that they are so hard to grow, yet they are taking over our yard with a number of other plants that we have growing in the yard. We moved one of the three Papaya trees that just started to grow in our yard all on their own. That one got moved because it was where we wanted to plant the gooseberry tree. I picked some weeds from between the ground crawling mint. We have to water it some more. I think we forgot to for a week and now it has patches.

Well now we are inside. Nika was watching tv, now she has gone to her room to hear the new cd I got her. I'm watching Jeopardy, and Jhodie is starting dinner.

I have to, despite the flack that people give Microsoft, say I do like their office suit. So far, I've learned that I their spell check and grammar check is currently better than the one I'm using from OpenOffice.

Well I have to go again. My sister wants me to chop onions. I hate chopping onions. :(

June 18, 2005

Hi ya.

Well it's 6pm and I've been down here almost an hour.

I got 5 pages of slides done. I wish it was five full pages, but some of the pockets were empty. M left at 4:56 or so. She knocked on the door on her way out.

Well today we lost power for some reason. I think it had to do with the continuing set up of the new generator. Anyway, power was restored before I came to work, but the AC isn't working. It seems that the ACs have to be rewired to work with some new lines they put in.

It's not that bad. For once I'm not freezing. Well I decided to organize my games folder. Somehow I ended up with three, so I'm getting rid of multiples, and seeing what I shouldn't have in the first place, and see what needs more information like a code for an abandoned shareware game, and to see if it's really abandoned in the first place.

Well I went looking for the site of this nice game that I have to see if they had updated it or something. The game is called CyberMind. It was really nicely done, and it came out years ago. So I went looking and the old site that it had in the read me is no longer out there, so after a while I tried just to find the game. Maybe a newer version was put out before they called it quits. Then I found the owners. They changed their name, they had a whole new site, and I think that they expanded. They have some really nice stuff. So I'm sharing. I am disappointed that they haven't updated the game, but then, how do you update a game that most people think is complete to begin with?? Guess I was expecting too much. Oh, do throw them a $20 or so, so they can finish some of the other games that they haven't finished yet. :)

I'm thinking of posting a zip of a bunch of freeware games that I have. I'll see.

Oh, I saw "Into The West" last night. The first ep last week was just sad to watch. This week it had it’s tear jerking moments, but I liked this one better. I think there is one left to watch next week. Jhodie was going to watch it with me, but then decided to get the DVD set so she could watch the whole thing without tv ads. Not a bad plan, I might get my own copy. For how much I like how the show is done, I have to say this. This documents one of the worst times in America's existence. The number of Native Americans that they killed, corrupted, and ran off of land that they lived on for centuries, goes well beyond wrong. And for the kids studying history who thought that it couldn't get much worst than slavery. I feel sorry for them.

Now I'm sad. :(

*Breath ... breath...*

Ok, I'm going back to my game hunt. In an hour or so, I'll go label the movies that I ripped. I actually got it down. Now I have to rename them, and then post them. Then I may look at lunch/dinner or just install the new deleting program that I found to get rid of the profiles. It's not as good as that first one I found, but I haven't found it back yet.

Incase any of you have come across such a program, I'm looking for a program that can delete anyway from 200 to 600 profiles from the computer that lets me exclude a few folders from that group and it doesn't stop running when it bumps into a file that it can't delete for any number of reasons. I wouldn't mind it if it delete that many files in an hour’s time. I'm not concerned about recovering anything. No one here has time for that, and most of users are restricted users and can't do that. Thanks.

Well see ya.

Still Hot

The couch tried to burn me today when I leaned over it to get my brush.

Yesterday they said it was 90 at 11am. :)

Today I start the huge project of Dr. G's sides.

Wish me luck.

June 15, 2005

I think I Lost a blog???

I remember typing something up yesterday and today FireFox opened up to "Create Post" page. ???

That's one down the drain.

Since I'm here.

Yesterday, I worked 11 hours.

Ya. I got called at home making me think that I should be in abit early to help someone with something. But got there like 10 till 11 to find no one wanting me. Then I was ask/told, (pick one) to work M's shift. For whatever reason she wasn't coming int today. Normally I assume she's not feeling well. I was then just running all over the place. Up to talk to teacher about some DVDs that she wanted riped for the students to look at. Then I had to scan those slides for Dr. G. I had put them off for too long. Then I was running around doing parts of other things.

I got a lot done, and when everyone left, it just stopped. Not that my heart ach stopped there. Two things really.

One, my music up and walked away again. AGAIN! 6 gigs poff!
Two, Dr. G. Well he got the e-mail that I had finished the two pages of slides and brought me more. 300 more. ya. At least. I've been laughing at them for 2 days now. He ofcourse wants them done before next month. HA!. I get about 6 days to work on them. If I have to watch the front desk, I can't be upstairs scanning.

Oh, I got and intresting phone call. The cable company called me. They wanted to send someone to my house. So they called my house, realized that no one was there, and called my work number looking for me. The lady just started it off wrong. She got the ok that they could come tomorrow at 2pm, but she started off sounding like, they guy is ready to come to your house today, can you be there in 30 mins. She didn't say that that, but that is what it sounded like, but I just told her that they could check the house after 4, because that is when someone will be home. She said that wasn't possable, it was too late. Fine. But then I heard from my sister that a department from the cable came by at 7pm. Odd.

Anywhich way, I got two things to cherr me up. One, I got a free dinner. A veggie Roti. Collin got it for me for lunch, but I had already sent out for lunch. Then I got a job from a student. She really infected her computer with spy/adware and it was messing up AIM, and she was being flooded with popups, and it hijacking her surfing.

I thought that it wasn't gonig to be that hard to fix. I was only slightly wrong. I thought it was going to be a 2 hour or so job. Turned out to be a 5 hour job. One of her adware things started to multiply. So it took a while and I had find something better than Norton and spybot to get ride of them. I found Spyware Doctor. I like it, but it's not free. You can test it out, but you have to pay for it.

Now where was I? I went to post a wallpaper over at my wallpaper group.

Well I'm starting to frezze and the computer is telling me that it's 83 degress outside. I think that there is rain close by. We heard thunder earlyer.

Well I'm trying to save what is on this old cd that I found, but it's putting up a fight. I might do it when I get home. I think my sister's laptop, went thought it a bit better than this one.

Today was differnt. Not so much to do. Talked to a student about music. I think we were talking too loud a few times. A girl would keep looking over at us. I scanned some pics for Dr.St. J and put them in a powerpoint for him.

Right now a few of the comptuers are acting odd and not really letting the students into their e-mail. I'm sure they will be rebooting that server tomorrow.

15 mins until closing, and I'm sure only 5 of the 15 people here know that.

Well someone should be proud of me, a whole day and I didn't play any of my games. Just played with music, downloaded apps, and helped a few people. :)

Got to go. The computer is flaking out on me over the cd I'm trying to copy.


This Day Is Turning Out To Be Longer Than I Thought It Would Be.

What does that mean?

First I went into work early because they needed my help with something, but not that early. Due to trying to find breakfast on my way to catching a bus, I go there 10 till 11. E is hiding out in the copy center this week. After having to double check something and make some corrections, the whole thing took over 2 hours. I now have the whole night to look forward too. M is out sick or something. So I'm here until 10pm. Today I work an 11-hour shift. At least Collin got me dinner. It's a veggie Roti. He was suppose to get me a chicken one for lunch, but after sounding like he might be able to get me anything, I got a tuna sandwich. So I had that for lunch, and saving what he got me for dinner. When I get down stairs I'll be calling Jhodie to let her know that I'm staying late today. At least I now have money to pay off getting my tv fixed. :) :)

Well back to scanning Dr. G's slides. I'm almost done. He didn't get me that much this time. He has already told me that he as a bit more for me to do.

See ya.

This is why we need a home network.

My sister has been on the computer for the last two days. This is why I haven't blogged in that time. I'm steeling some time now before I go to bed to be up for work at a good hour tomorrow.

She has a laptop, but we only have one connection to the Internet. I have to get a wireless network router soon.

I started a blog on the weekend, but I didn't get to finish it. I should have time tomorrow near the end of the my shift to blog out something.

But I do have work waiting for me tomorrow. One, dvd ripping, if it doesn't work, we'll just have to try and make copies for the students. Then there is the slides that I have to scan for Dr. G. I put off doing it for as long as possible. Then who knows what the day will bring me.

Saw the end of Deadliest Catch tonight, along with House. Now Antique Road show is on. I'll finish watching that in bed. Earlier today we tried to do some shopping, but my check wasn't in my bank account yet, so Jhodie's shopping day will be tomorrow. I'm put in a small demand for lunch money for school for two days a week. That is $10-$15 for each day.

Yesterday we had a bit of hike as my sister called it. I didn't call it hike, but we went by the sick ladies' house. She's in the hospital right now by the way, the finally came for her. Jhodie went for some mangoes from her back yard, I went for the walk, and we took Nika to tire her out so she could wake up in time to go to school today. That is why she was with us yesterday. She woke up too late to go to school. Nika had the worst of it. We should have made her wear her hat. It was a very hot day. I wasn't hard to walk, the heat just took it's toll. Once in a while we were able to make her smile.

Sunday we lost power, and tonight we lost power, but tonight's was much shorter. Only 5 mins or so with two blips. The one on Saturday lasted two hours. The students then started swapping black out stories. Like how last semester they had rolling black outs, 6 hours at a time. So on and so forth.

Well got to go, I'm sweating. I'm going to bed with my fan.


June 11, 2005

Classmates - Magazine - It's Just A Joke


Nothing much. It just hit me earlier today that I haven't blogged in like two days, and I didn't even feel it.

Thursday night I left with lighting flashing all around I thought that it was odd that I didn't hear anything. I just saw the lighting flashing. Around 3 or so that night/morning it started to rain. I didn't stop until like 6pm Friday afternoon.

I was suppose to take my old NY coat with me to work on Thursday but I forgot was cold for most of the shift. Friday I remembered my coat, but forgot my ID. :) No one said anything.

Friday I was even to get my hands on lunch from upstairs. I ended up spending $9 on fries and steamed veggies which I covered in ranch dressing. :)

Jhodie even came by that night at closing with Nika. They came later than I thought they would. So we left later then I would have liked. If it wasn't for something else that I was doing that finished sooner then I thought it would have, I would have met them on my way up, if not at the guard house.

Then we tried to find pizza for dinner. For a girl that said that she missed baking and coming up with stuff, she hadn't tried to cook in over week. We did find pizza. The last one.

Well today I wore my jeans hoping to get some of the head sets attached to some of the computers in the middle of the tables, but there were a tad more students here than I thought there was going to be. I was raining again all last night and today. It's still raining up the mountains even if it wasn't raining when I caught a bus to come to work. The gut right by the school was blocked up by dirt that came down the mountain side. I wonder how town looks??

Well here is a joke. I get classmates to send me two jokes in one e-mail like once a week or so. The pic joke wasn't that great, but this one was ok.

Well, see ya.

Classmates - Magazine: "A highway patrolman pulled alongside a speeding car on the freeway. Glancing at the car, he was astounded to see the blonde behind the wheel was knitting.

Realizing she was oblivious to his flashing light and siren, the trooper cranked down his window, turned on his bullhorn and yelled, 'Pull over!'

'No!' the blonde yelled back, 'It's a scarf!' "

Oh.... my condolences for those of you going though a bit of hot spot.

June 09, 2005

I'm Happy With This

Ok, I think I'm done. I like this one.

I ended up having to make this one. But it does what I want to. It has some colour, it has pop without popping too much, and it has the darkness needed to work with the rest of the page. :)

I got the origanal from here, but incase you can't get to it, here is another link.

And this is what I made from it.

Now I have to go help someone in the Library.

I think I'll make a wallpaper today for the club. :)

Ok, I'm back to messing.

I changed the background again as you can see. I picked it because it had the black bands on the top and the bottom, but it's not right either.

I may be going thought a few pics today trying to find the right one. If you happen to stop by and see one that you might want, just let me know.

Work wise I've had a decent day. Even snaged some left over veggies from Jasion.

I'm now covering the front desk until the end of my shift in 4 hours.

See ya.

Oh, if you have any idear for a backdrop to my blog you can leave a note in the tagboard. :)

So It's Not The Kind Of Wallpaper I Had In Mind

I was going to make a wallpaper for my wallpaper club for desktop use, but I ended up, picking up where I left off on the modding of blogging page.

What do you think? I didn't have a plan that much as to what kind of picture to use, just one that was dark, and just made my page pop just a bit more than someone else's who used the same template as mine.

For those of you intrested in the origanl pic that I used for this. Here it is.
Before Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us AfterFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

As you can see, I changed it a bit. That is what took up most of my time. I could work on a wallpaper. Since I'm making it simple, and very icon friendy. That just means that there is alot of open space on the wallpaper.

I am glad that I desided to install paint shop pro. I'm just happy it's not draining my system as bad as I thought it would. Grin 4

Don't Eat Any.

If your sister every desides late at night to fry liver, cut it into strips, cook it again with potatos, add it to a warp with rosted garlic and sour cream, DON'T EAT IT!

I thought that it wasn't so bad this morning, I just wasn't warned about the garlic. So I ate two more before I went to town to get dinner. This time I listened to my sister and had some pineapple jam along with it to cut the taste.

I felt fine up until the black out at 8:45pm. Then the lights came back like 9:03 and I just decided to stay in bed. Now I'm awake at 12:22am and I'm trying not to throw up right now. I can taste it in the back of my throat. I half think that I should throw up just to get it out of my system. I just can't eat as much liver as I use to when I was growing up.

I'm going to work on a wallpaper until about 2 then I'm off to bed. I hope that I don't throw up. It's kinda hard to stop once you start.

June 08, 2005

Incase You Are Wondering About The side Pic.

If you wore a kind pluging neckline and you had DD size breasts and a long, move with your thighs as you walk skirt, you might think it's sexy too. Most of the girls working here thought so when they saw me today.

I just have to get rid the part of me that makes me look like I'm due in 3 weeks. :)

Well shifts up, time to leave.

I got a good amount of stuff done I think.

Just Touching Base Before Trying To Leave Work.

Well, I tried once again to get to work on time, but some how I just lost time. I don't like it. I made myself get up to leave on time. I put out my clouths the night before, but still I got to work like 15 till 12. At I called in and said that I was going to be late. That was when Jhodie was combing my hair.

If anyone had asked I might have said that my hair dresser was backed up. :)

For that I got to eat liver and rosted gralic for breakfast. I'm not compleatly sick. A few hours later I got Tishion to get me a roti for lunch. That got rid of some of the taste.

I was set to by 2 dozen eggs today for Jhodie. I asked her for the money before I left for work today considering I had people to pay off. I did that, but I didn't get the eggs. The egg guy didn't come. So I was going to get some on my way home today, but an hour or so my sister called. She first asked if I had gotten eggs since I use to forget so much...but when she heard that I hadn't spent it yet, she said that she wanted me to buy us dinner. She didn't feel like cooking today.

So I'm going to go home, change my top and go to town to get some food for us. Nika might come with me.

Oh, Jhodie's job with the lady kinda changed. She now goes by and check up on her and clean almost every day, and for that she get's $200 a week. :) Until this whole thing gets sorted out, and she gets moved to the cardin home. If this whole thing is over politics it's really sad. As far as I can tell, it's either between Mis. Beachman, the lady that hired Jhodie to take care of the lady and the people/lady running the cardin home. But I'm not really sure. The whole thing is just stupid. That is why I didn't get involved with politics down here.

Well, it's 6:22pm and M went for lunch/dinner so I have to cover the desk until I leave.

See ya.

PS... before I leave. My sister found out something today when she called the cable company to report that the cable box that they installed for use last night wasn't working right. They were going to turn off our cable (tv and internet) today. Because of our outstanding 2 month bill. Didn't we just drop over $300 over by them last paycheck?? Well it wasn't enough. We now have to clear the bill. Just when we had a plan to get ride of it, they rush us. So next paycheck I have to give them like $400 odd. It's a good thing I have a over time in there. Not that it's much, but it will help.

Also, the cable box thing took a long time to get sorted. We got a messed up one it turned out, then the one he brought replace it was also messed up. But we now have one that works. Now we have to report that we now have two tv's in the house, so they can now charge us another $5 for the line, and get another cable box before we have to start paying for them.

Now I'm going.
See ya.

June 07, 2005

There is Garlic In my Oven.

My sister felt like making garlic bread or something like that. I asked for garlic nuts, but we don't have enough garlic for that.

She just left to get Nika. She went down by her friend Bee for an hour or so. We were suppose to move the living around again while Nika was down there, but it didn't happen.

For some reason I've been looking at tigerdirect.com to compair so of the prices to what I saw in town when I asked if they had any capture cards. TDC asked $280 and $236 for their cards, but I knew there was one on the island for under $200. So I went over to MacPennies. Their's was $175 and it's the one I was looking for. Then I asked about a wireless mouse so we can play games on Jhodie's laptop. It's kinda hard to play our games with a touch pad.

Now I'm thinking that I could give my uncle a spear ps2 mouse that I have for the usb one has, so he can free up one of his usb ports. He is currently using all four. :)

Well, while I was at tigerdirect, I looked at a few flat pannels, along with some desktops and tablets. I found alot of stuff I like, just nothing I can afford. :) :)

Guess I'm not making any wallpaper until next week.

Went walking

Well after my 4am turn in time from messing with that new thing you see over at the side, my sister woke me up at noon I think.

She wanted me to go with her to Maria's. The lady that's dying. She was just going to give her lunch and then we were going to get some plants and get me some milks.

We made good time, even if we left later then my sister wanted. She thought that she could get me up and out of the house in 10 mins. HA! For me to get fully awake, eat breakfast and to get dressed decently will take me at least 20mins.

On the way up my sister commented on the fact for a girl that just woke up 30 odd mins ago I had a good pase. :) *grin*

When we got there, it wasn't as easy as getting the lady her lunch. The person who is really suppose to really take care of her, hadn't been there in forever. So Jhodie had to glove up and clean up and I got water for the mopping and went down to the store to get some bread.

Well I'll come back and finish. I have go pick up Nika.

See ya.

Re: something new

Hi Larry.

I've gotten quite a following if not a lot of surfers. My numbers are up at my site.

It's been like 100 every 2 days or something. :)

Other than that, I have two computers, but only one is connected to the net, and it's not
even mine. It's my sister's. She got my other sister's "old" laptop. It's not that old,
but my other sister wanted a newer one, just to have a newer one I think.

We just moved around our living room. My sister wanted it to be more open.

As for the picture thing from yahoo, maybe I should just throw in something about making
it work with FireFox along with the rest of the stuff that I can't see when I'm writing a
letter in here.

Well the first day of my two days off is over. I slepth a good deal, until 1pm I think.
Then I had breakfast. Then I cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned, then got away with
walking around in curcles for about 10min when I wasn't resting my back by sitting down.
I also got that new game that I talked about Chuzzles, and played it for while before I
went back to washing dishes. I found out that if you just get up and leave, they go to
sleep on you. It's cute.

I was just looking at blogskins.com and it made me think of changing the look of my site
a little. I was also checking out some of the other blogs at blogger.com, and at one
point I thought it took me to mine, but I was wrong. It just looked like mine. I think I
want to set mine apart a bit by look if anything. I am gald to say that my grammer and
spelling aren't as bad as what I've come across, but then I'm not that great either.

Some people are writing blogs as part of their major or something in college. College. I
was suppose to go to college. Now I'm thinking like the older guys who went back to
college and everyone called them Sir are Mam execept their teachers. I think I'm too old
to go to college now and I'm 'only' 28. And as technical happy as I am, I don't want to
go to college on line. I want to really go to college if I am ever able to at all.

Well, I'm being eaten alive by the mosqitos, my sister is asleep in the couch with the
fan and a sheet protecting her, and Nika went to bed late because dinner was late and she
wanted to see the end of spiderman2.

As for the wallpapers, I might work on one tonight. I feel odd like I should be in bed or
something, but I'm not that tired, even if I did help move a bunch of large things. A
couch, an arm chair, and help dismantle and move what use to be a very heavy
entertainment thing. My sister didn't like how big is was, but I liked did. :(

Well I have go. Think I'll take a bath after waking up Jhodie and ask her if she really
wants to move almost everything around again, or not.

*kiss* see ya.

--- Larry T <willienolan2001@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi Jhoy
> I'll have to check out that new photo attachment from yahoo. The wallpaper you have
> looks nice and peaceful. I might look at it too much and fall asleep:)
> I did keep the other computer incase Lois took an interest but she hasn't at all. I
> guess I keep it too incase something goes wrong with this one and I have a back-up that
> way. I can't imagine being without one now.
> I wish more people would join in the conversation and sharing wallpapers as you said. I
> look forward to what you have planned where a boob might pop out !! The one I'm working
> on now goes against most of the things I usually go by! There is little or no room for
> icons on the left... I usually use soft colours and this one is full of contrasts and
> so on. It isn't done yet.
> I just realized I haven't been to your bog in a few days so I'll have to go and see
> what is new. Take care Jhoy. Love ya.
> Larry
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June 05, 2005

Found a bug.

I get to talk to yahoo about something. :)

It doesn't work well with bloging it seems as you can see.

So I can't us it when blogging. I already found a fix for that. :)

Well I've just posted Firday's blog. I did yesterdays to and part of today's today. :) I'm set and it's time for dinner. :)

In 5 mins I'll head out to make my noddles. :)

First yahoo, then maybe the start of my game, then dinner.

See ya.

something new

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 Hi Larry.
Guess what I found. Yahoo has this new Beta photo thing. You should test it out. I'm so sharing this with all the people who don't have a clue.
My only thing I have aginst it makes it abit too easy. It's like it shouldn't be that easy.
When you go to log into your mail near the bottom you will see something that says Yahoo Photo Mail. You have to download something to make this work. But It's a one time download. Better yet. I think I see link at the end of the e-mail.
I'm working on my blogs now.
Oh, this is my current wallpaper. I've had it up for Months. I've been thinking that it's time I changed it. Then I started thinking that I should go out and look for some new wallpaper. I haven't done that in a while.
*Kiss*  Take care.



- There I share my life.

- There I have links to what use to be life.

- There you can find out what I might want in life.

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Was a boring, long day that I passed by playing a new game that I didn't think much of at first, yet I couldn't stop clicking. I sound like the ad that came with it. After 2 hours I seemed to have liked it. I like when the little things would get upset that my curser was just sitting on it and it would get mad and knock it off. :)

I'm talking about this game. Chuzzles .

Also, I will like to sing the praises of tinyurl.com. It came to my rescue 4 days ago, and I'm thinking of starting to really use it now. I've had it for a while but now I'm starting to use it.

Also, I forgot dinner so I had to go across campus for some peanuts for dinner, since the cafe closed at 4 and it's now 7ish. There were no peanuts so I had corn chips and salsa chips. The salsa chips were hot, and the corn chips were salty. Today I packed some soups. One of them should be good.

Also, at the end of my shift I tried to connect up about 12 new head sets. We are suppose to make it hard for them to walk off with them, but some I tried too, and others I didn't. I might have thought that I would have done that today, since I was late getting home that night. But two are already missing. I know Ron didn't want to use those things that you pull tight and have to cut them to get what you tied up loose, but I don't see a way around it. We will at least use them for the end computers. We won't get another shipment of head sets for months, 6 at least.

I got home to see most of the Spiderman. Jhodie taped it, along with Harry Potter. I started to watch it last night before bed. But she wanted me to tape Inyuasha for her. So I had to cut my viewing short and tape that for her. Then I tried to go to bed, but I should just have left it recording now that I think about it. The new animes are on on Saturday night. So I tried to watch about two of them then I tried to go to sleep. Jhodie had a job today and I wanted to clean. Nika, like I said can take pretty much good care of herself. Besides she would come and get me if she needed anything. But I was too tired to get up. I did go to sleep after 4am after all. I got up, put in the Sponge Bob movie into the dvd player for her. She got it from the kid next door. I got her some water, some dry cereal for her to snack on, and I went back to bed once I got the movie started.

That was at 9:30 or so. Just a scant hour before Jhodie woke me up to let me know she was leaving. When the movie was done, she came and got me to play it again for her. I then went back to bed. Then I woke up at 12 something, this time I stayed up. I looked at the kitchen. Moved a few things around, but ended up playing with Nika a bit. Then I put the tape back in that had Harry and Spiderman on it. I thought that Nika would want to see Harry, since she had liked the first one, but it doesn't seem so anymore. I still didn't get to see all of it. It was getting lat and Jhodie wasn't home yet, and I had to wash my hair. So just as I was finishing combing out my hair, she called from like 2 blocks or so away to let us know where she was since she should have been back home already. Then I got to take my bath and wash my hair after I called work to let them know that I was going to be late.

The odd thing was, I couldn't leave a message her in my department. It would just cycle me back to the switch board. So I left a message in the Library. I said that I was going to be 40mins late. Ya. Just to get out to the corner. It didn't factor in waiting for a bus. But lucky me one didn't take come to come by. I walked in at 3pm.

Anyway, I have to go now. M just left and I have to go cover the front desk. I'll spell this when I'm out there, then post.

As for Friday's blog, I've already started it, just have to finish it. Hope the Chuzzles don't get me. :) I'm just jinxing myself right?

I take that back. Post, then spell check, and then repost. :)

June 03, 2005

Everyone Is Moving Today.

Well Nika only come out once last night. The rest of the night she slept in her bed. Jhodie gave up her fan to her. At least last night was nice and windy and cool. I even turned off my fan. One, I didn't need it and Two, it was making too much noise.

Today I changed the blouse that I was wearing to work. Normally I just keep the same thing for the first three days of work then change to something a little less workish for the weekend.

Either which way, I got to work to find that Rick had already moved to the room next work. There was a nice gap in the room where his desk use to be. He even got around to changing the monitor that was going bad on him. Speaking of monitors, I thought four died on us last night, and after trying to get them to come back on, I sent an e-mail out saying that they might need replacing. I came in today to find out that they were working this morning when they came in.

Well, I ran into Dr. G on my way to my department when he ran into me and he slightly vented about something not being fixed but he also realized that we were very short handed. He went down stairs looking for Rick I think, to find no one there. So I said that I would help him with the problem after he got back from the field. I walked down to the LRC to be sent over to fix something that was "wrong" with the scanner on the SGA computer. I didn’t get to walk into my “office” yet. I handed my bag to Rick and turned around to walk over to it. The computer was over in the far corner of the LRC. Nothing should be wrong. It was used three weeks ago and I tested it two weeks ago. Turns out they were using photo shop to scan the pictures, which you can do, but I teach everyone to use Irfanview to do the scanning part, and then open Photoshop if they needed to do some real photo editing.

Speaking of Irfanview, *voice from the future*, a new version is out with improved plug-ins. http://www.irfanview.com

As I was saying, it was working fine, in Irfanview that is. I don't know why it crashed when he tried to use photo shop. I'll look at it later. It was a good, paid for copy that I used. Oh well. I was then told to go find him. He was up the FDC I was told. He wasn't there, but I still needed to talk to him. We changed the SGA local password so we have to find out what it was from him to put it back. :)

I didn't have much to do for the rest of the night.

Oh, but there was Dr. G. He found me on my way back down from the FDC. I had stopped off at the FinAid department to see about some links that I was set to post that weren't working. I ended up using this thing called Tinyurl to fix a problem that I was having with a link that was being cut in two because the program thought that part of the link was a command. Anyway, Dr. G.

We walked down to ML1 and he sad something about how my face looked. I think I was just feeling off when he ran into me. I told him it wasn't him. Anyway, he had an interesting problem. At first I thought that I found a dumb and easy fix for it, then it got odd. First I changed the output from laserdisc to computer, but then one power point worked on one didn't. He put movies in his power points to show in class, but one works just fine, while the other one has almost no volume and nothing was changed, and he swears that they both work fine on his system. I told him that he could send me the movie file and I can up the volume in movie maker and send it back to him. He said ok, but he never sent it to me. I guess he'll just use the tape. :)

Then I walked over to what is now "Turtle Jane" and asked for a sandwich with out having money. :) I said that I had money upstairs. They were closing just now, it was 1pm. She gave it to me and just confirmed that I was going to play her on Monday. Sure. There is $8 that I owe.

**voice from the future again*...realized and found out that I owe someone else money on Saturday when I tried to brake a $20 and he couldn’t. $6. The $60 that I got from Jhodie on Friday is shrinking fast.

When I got back I was asked about putting out the new headsets we got. Most of the computers no long have head sets on them. Some just up and walked away, while others broke. I made a good argument why all of use should do it once there weren't too many students on the floor, but Tishon got pulled way for a long time, then he just went home, then E left when she heard that he wasn't coming back, and then Collin called it off until Monday. He did ask that I try and get some done over the weekend thought. Well at least I had already unpacked all of them.

When I was unpacking, Rick came back over. He was lonely. :)

That night after work I was planning on going over to my uncle's house to finish what I started with the updates to his computer, but it didn't turn out that way. My sister called to ask me something or something, and I told her that I was heading over to Uncle Ray’s house after work and call to see if he could come for me. Then just as I was about to run for the bathroom, she called back to say that Uncle Ray wasn't home and that Muffet was leaving so no one was going to be there. Their loss I said and hung up to run for the bathroom.

I think she called to make sure that I was home in time for the start of Stargate and such. But the session doesn't start for another week or so I told her.

I left, caught a bus, walked home from about two blocks way when the bus was stopped and got home to hotdogs. I think. Nope. That was Saturday night. I got home to nothing. She went to out to get Pizza, the veggie stuff, but they were out, so she came back with four bbq drum sticks. They were too spicy for Nika. She ended up having a yogurt later. Hey, I tried to give her something else. She wanted a yogurt.

I don't think that I saw much on tv that night.

And that's the end.

June 02, 2005

Delayed Due to Lack Of Power

And I'm talking about the stuff that turn on your lights and coffee machine. :)

Yesterday from about 5pm we have been having blip black outs and brown outs and power fluxations. When I got home Internet wasn't working.

I think I got the bus into work that day. (I've already forgotten how my day started) I didn't have much to do, but I did a little leg work that day. Went up and down the stairs a few times. I tried to work on a laptop which we determined has a bad wireless card built in. She never used the wireless before. So we don't know if it was working when she got it or what. It works fine jacked in. I just saw her this afternoon. I told her that her wireless was fried for what ever reason. I personally installed, updated, uninstalled, and reinstalled drivers for her hardware and the supporting software and I couldn't get it to work. So she may end up getting a card from Rick.

After the first blip black out, a teacher called down saying his monitor didn't come back on. I went up to have a look at it and it was dead. Everything was plugged into the APC, but the monitor was no longer working. So he went over to the FDC and brought back on the loose monitors to see if was a good one to use until tomorrow when he would get a new one. As I was plugging it up Ron walked by the window and I called him in. He was a little surprised, but we got him a new that night since the one he brought over was one of the bad ones. He was happy when it came on bright. :) He said that his older one was dark and it had the imprint of the logon box burned into his screen. Then another issue come up. On Friday I'll be defraging his computer and a few other things.

I then worked on a few things before another teacher came down to ask me about his PDA. He couldn't find the files he copied to it. After I found them, he told me that he has been to find the files since after lab that afternoon at 3pm. It's now mins after 7. Since I helped him I asked of a lift home. But he ended up taking to my uncle's house. Earlier that afternoon my sister called to ask me about something. My uncle got Internet, and something was already plugged into where the cat5 cable was suppose to, and I was being told that it belonged to a printer???????? So I said that I would come by after work and look at it.

So I got there and first we found it it was just a loose cat5 cable that was plugged it to it. Then I tried to get on line. I had to delete so many old settings. That it took three rounds of reboots before I got all of them. Then there was the power thing. My uncle doesn't have a surge protector yet, so he wanted me to turn it off before something happened to it. At first I thought that the connection was just dirt slow, but when I got home and couldn't get on, I realized that it was the cable company. They either turned off their equipment to save them from the power fluxation, or they had no power.

Jhodie came over with Nika just after uncle ray decided that he wasn't going to play Russian roulette with the power. So Nika got to play a little with T, uncle Ray's little boy, then he gave us a ride home. Then Jhodie finish making dinner which turned out to be very good cookup. At some point that night we ended up watching this movie that Sandra Bullick made with this other guy and Samuel L. Jackson. I don't remember the name of the movie. I missed the start of the movie. It's the one where Samuel plays a guy that killed two guys for raping and trying to kill his 10 year old little girl. The then town gets torn in two and the whole movie turns into blacks against whites with the whites not looking so "white". I'll go get the name of movie. At least it ended more or less well. As well as it could. Found it. It took a while. It's call A Time To Kill (1996) Over all it's a sad movie, but it was well acted.

My all jumpy abut me trying the shower tonight. Jumpy as in she wanted to use it, wanted to know if I was going to use it. I used it this morning. Two more days and I'm washing my hair. :) I may lose a shade or two in a few weeks.

Today I was up and dressed early since I was going to go back over to my uncle's and finish setting up his computer. His anti virus program has been out of date for like 3 years, along with a few other things. I told him to come and get me at 12:30 because I knew that their will be alot to do, and there will be problems. It's WinMe. He didn't come for me until 1pm. So I sat sweeting for 30 mins since I made sure I was ready for when he showed up. I ofcourse ran out of time, I even left his house at 5 till so I could get to work on time for once. He gave me ride, but somehow we got there 10 past. Was I seeing wrong before we left the house, or is the time just off? Either way, I was walking over to talk to Ms. Cummberbatch who was outside having something to eat when she asked me if we weren't having a meeting. SHOOT! We had a meeting for 2pm this afternoon and he asked that we all be on time. I ran up the steps and just about threw my bag on the desk as I ran to the meeting room. Turns out they were talking but I hadn't missed much. Ron was even joking a bit. Sometimes I don't know what to think when he looks ok or happy about something.

The biggest things going on right now don't really involve me. Most don't. Just wait until we are told that rossvet.edu.kn will become and internal website. HA! the designing I'll be waist deep in. :) Right now, the few things that concern me won't happen for a few more months.

Then I ran into AM while I was cleaning up the front desk. E wondered off and I thought she left for lunch, or left left again with out telling us. So I went to cover the front desk and then she showed back up. She stayed until just before 5 I think. All I know was that she was here for far longer than she should have been and I had nothing to do in the back today. After she finally left, with out telling me I might add, AM showed up with her computer. She wanted some more anime and some games from me. We got a few things sorted out. I made time to do dr. S's video copy from his camera. I've had it for over a week. I had to do it. Last night I would have done it, but with the power acting the way it was, I didn't chance it and turned off off my computer when I was leaving that night too.

I had my dinner. Noddle soup, I played tumblebugs then I came back to cover the front desk after I helped AM out with her computer. Then the new girl from the library came over to play my music. Then I was introduced to a very odd and big hole with Microsoft WebOutlook. I sent a notice out to everyone about it. Then I spent the last few hours typing this thing up. It's almost 2 hours later. Acutely, I think I started to blog before the guy showed me the problem.

Well I'm going to save this and finish it up at home. Just spell checking.

Oh, Nika is sleeping in her room tonight by the light of her Winnie the pooh lamp. :) Let's see how long that lasts. Every night when she falls asleep in the bed, and wakes up to see that Jhodie isn't there, she come out looking for her. Like I said. We'll see.


***Back. :)

It's now 11:39pm. I got home about 10 till 11. The reason for this being, first I left work late due to finding what seems to be 4 blown monitors. I sent and e-mail out to the staff so they would know when they came in the next day. Then when I was leaving around 20ish past, I saw the girl's dad from the library. So he told me to get in the car and we waited for her. She came out really late. He said that was odd since she called and said that she was going to be leaving early. It seems that I girl came after she closed up to return a 48 hour book. You can only have that book for 48 hours. Every hour after that you pay $3. Alarms had to be turned back off, computers needed to be turned back on and all that.

The time is now 12:34 and I just finished spell checking. See ya. ***

June 01, 2005

A Slow Day To Start With


Since I was out yesterday for most of the day, today was sleep day.

Then I woke up ok around noon had breakfast, then I lied back in bed, and started to feel sleepy again. Soon I was asleep again. Then my sister came home and tried to wake me up alittle after I set my clock to wake me at 2. I didn't make it out of my bed at two. when she came, the temp of the room changed and I just got sweaty and made me sleep less then peacefully. I finally dragged my body out of bed to use the bathroom around 2:30ish. I think it was later since when I came out, and looked at the clock in the living room it was 3pm. Well I started cleaning, then wondered what happened to Jhodie. She was taking a nap. She took Nika to school then went by the lady today.

At 3:40 I went wake up Jhodie so she would get Nika. I finished cleaned up while she woke herself up, got ready and brought Nika home.

When Jhodie came back with Nika I had her finish working on the water heater. She is attaching the wires and plugs to it. In an hour or so we had a test run. From the lack of terror in my voice you can conclude that no one fried. It works fine. We just have to get another fuse for the extra load. Only when it's turned on the lights dim for a second. I think it was time anyway. I think the washing machine does that also.

Then Nika went to try out her garden tools that we got her yesterday. It's a set of three. A spade, shovel and hand rake. She even planted some seeds in the middle of the walkway. :) Then she wanted to get wet down, so I soaked her with the hose until she said she was cold. So she was the first to have a "bath" with the hot water. The thing came with a small hose attachment that works great for Nika. She liked it.

Now I can wash my hair on my own now. That is a sad thing for a 28 year old.

I nuked the last beef and rice for me and Nika to eat for dinner. She barely touched it. I gave her half of it, and it was a true serving size too.

Taped "House" watched "Deadliest Catch", jumped around, then turned off the computer to watch “House" then part of a CSI that Jhodie forgot she taped. Then there was the killing of the cockroaches again. I killed three and kicked them out of the door when I was done.

Then there was the small rain fall 2 hours ago. I had asked Jhodie to pick them up when I was watering the yard earlier, but she didn't get around to it, and forgot. Like I forgot to put back up the dumplings and turkey that I left out for Jhodie to eat. She just found a few hours ago when she finally got around to seasoning the chicken. She was waiting for it to finish defrost she said.

It turned out the guy there had read my list wrong, or they now sell back and neck separately. They came together as far as I knew. Guess I was wrong. I thought I got an extra bag. He had asked for the list from me when I started to read from it. I thought it was fine. I know that I sometime looks younger than I am because of my full face, but there was no way he thought that he was older than me. He's a kid. AT the oldest he would be 22. Besides, that didn't even cross my mind. My sister bought something like that up when she realized what was in the bags, and I told her about him reading off the list.

Ok, I think that I'm going to wear my new outfit that my sister bought me. She bought cloths that actually fit me. Normally they are too small. Once in a while they are too big. I was planing of using the shower tonight, I still might. The night has gotten muggy. Heck, it's been muggy all afternoon. Guess I am taking the shower.

I got one new member to my club today. Larry talked to me in the club about the wallpaper I made, and I posted a slightly enhanced version for him to look over. I also found the site with the cat wallpaper that I was looking for. It doesn't have that much cat wallpaper, but it has a few nice things. Here's the like. http://www.whiskas.co.nz/downloads/

Ok, I think my shower and my bed are calling me. It's 2:26pm right now, and I'm watching StarTek's Next Gen Movie. The second one with the people on the planet that didn't age. Now it's raining outside. Just when I thought I would send Jhodie to get the stuff off the line. Oh well.

Well see ya in like 24 hours.

Spell checked and mostly grammer checked. It's 2:41 now. I'm out of here. See ya.