September 05, 2016

Foggy Week... But Eventuful

I can't seem to remember really how the week really began, on Sunday/Monday, but I think Tuesday was interesting.

I got one of those pension checks that we filled out a bunch of paperwork for, after mom died. That is when my week really began outside the fact that Khole was back in town. She was gone the week before for the whole week. She was in FL with her mom and aunt.

Oh, Khole is the girl I 'babysit'. I didn't miss her at all. I don't miss having kids. I said I didn't want any for years now and taking care of this child has not changed my point of view on that subject. Sure I can take care of them, but I don't want one.

Anyway. The check that showed up had me dreaming of paying off my credit cards that I've been slowly paying off all this time. I'm one of the lucky people that only had $1000 limit. My newest one, that I got, intentionally, is over $500.

But I needed to go to the supermarket first and get some stuff. Like milk and onions and bread and apple sauce to eat with my popcorners chips. :) I didn't do a spending spree even if it felt like one to me. It was just the first time in years that I've spent more than $40 never mind $50 on a shopping trip to the supermarket. I almost bit my nails thinking I made it to $100 as I told myself I could afford it this time. I ended up hitting $79 in the end.

So first was the supermarket. Next was Eat-a-ly. I knew of the one in the FlatIron building that opened years ago, but when the rest of the Pen Station opened a few weeks ago, my sister found that they had a branch in there too. For how she described it, it was the best thing there.

So after trying to find my there, through all the new hallways and shops, we entered a very happy and well-organized place. But then I realized, I would be rather happy too to have gotten a new job. That whole new hub supported hundreds of new jobs and dozens of new stores. Most were clothing stores, so the food ones stood out. Oh, they have An Apple store in there too.

Anyway, we took our time walking around, both Eataly, that my sister finally had time to take pics of and then other parts of the hub. There are still a few stores left to open, but most opened the same day back on the 16th of August I think.

I got some different onions then, some dry and fresh pasta. Some pesto and one piece of desert for me. All that butter, milk and cream almost makes me fearful of Italian food.

Oh, the onion reminded me. I went to Eataly before I went to the supermarket.I also had to pay off one of the last people that helped to pay for mom's burial. That was over a $1000 up in smoke. Then I was asked to ship some packages to Canada for my cousin who shipped them to us because they wouldn't ship them to her. She sent a money order, but I couldn't get it. It was sent to my sister. So I paid out of pocket to ship it and it came up to $80 to ship that big box.

Yep, it was big. I had something with wheels that I strapped the box to and walked down to the post with. Now, before that, I was having issues with my cam and the chip in the cam. I thought I fixed it at this point and believed my photos and the video I took of the cops outside my house, to be lost.

So after I dropped off the box I walked for an hour and a half taking photos, getting bit my mosquitos and almost getting rained on. I stopped off to get some salt, OJ, baking soda and few other kitchen needs. This is also before my shopping at the supermarket. I guess I remembered the supermarket the most because it was one of the last things I did.

The next day I went to the supermarket. I took the same wheeled thing with me since I was a bit concerned about hurting my hands when bringing everything home. It was very heavy.

Then we took a trip to BestBuy. That took way longer than I thought it was going to be and my legs still hurt from working over 2 miles. Just under two to get there, Then we walked around BestBuy, Target. I would stay Whole Foods too, but we took a direct route to the buffet to get something to eat before sitting down for a while.

We stopped at a furniture store since my sister has her heart set on getting a couch. We just have to figure out if it's going to be a sectional, or a sofa bed. We should get a sofa bed, but she has always wanted a sectional.

When we arrived at BestBuy we saw Target, Whole Foods and B.B,Q. But not a chain I knew of. My sister wanted to go there, but after we at Whole Foods, we forgot and I used my free Uber ride to get us home. :) When I got to BestBuy we also saw the 70 bus. All that walking and there was a bus. :shaking head: At least we found the furniture place. They had good prices. A Labour Day sale that going to last until the 9th.

In the last 24ish hours, I've actually gotten around to paying off two of my credit cards. One was under $700 and another was under $400. I paid our cell bill of $70 for the month. I also had to transfer just shy of $700 to ... and unofficial sister. We all have to give her a share so we all end up with the same amount. I paid for new fractal software that I've been using for months now in free mode.

Oh, I forgot about what happened in BestBuy. I took my old hard drives that I had issues with, but had information on, to have them copied to the external I bought on sale a while ago and had copied all my work and most of my files too. I was getting ready for when I got a Win7 disk from my brother so I could reinstall the computer and fix my issues with running Apo.

I also took them little chip from my cam. I seemingly lost all 250 files from that day when I tried to copy them to the laptop. But I ran a defrag program, ran a repair program and did just a simple undelete scan of the chip to try and get something back or to just fix the chip before trying to use it again. What I found is that I may still get my photos back. The chip was almost full, but telling me that it was empty at the same time.

I gave that to the Geek Squad too. He gave it back to me after I walked around the store and got a new memory stick, saying that it was indeed corrupted, but they couldn't retrieve or it was a procedure, to send it to a data recovery place. That started at $500. I told him thank you and no thank you. Then he told me at the same time I thought it, that I could try using some data recovery programs on it myself. I was a bit surprised that I hadn't tried that myself. I've being sent e-mail updates as to the progress of my repair from the Geek Squad. I think I'll get it/them back come Tuesday. They can keep the old hard drives. I just need my external back intact and working.

I'm so jumpy about losing that thing, but I know they will try to take care of it. Perhaps if I had backup of what on there I wouldn't be so scared of losing it.

So now here I am. Watching Star Trek: Voyager and thinking of all money I've spent in a week's span and hoping I get my external hard drive back. I'm also thinking of getting a new desktop. Just the tower. I'm quite happy with my monitor and mouse.

I'm thinking HP and not over $600. I can even show you the model I'm interested in. I tried seeing what BestBuy had in way of desktops, but every time I told someone the specks of what I was looking for, they started to walk towards the laptops. It was actually funny. :)

Now I'm going to read a book I just downloaded. I was actually looking forward to now having to think about paying the $4 since I was always upset with myself for having to think about spending that little for a book.

There are other things, but I'll tell you about them since I've mostly caught you up for now. I'll be back in less than a week. I promise. :)