December 25, 2008

I'm Bumbed, I'm Upset,...

I've lost my yahoo mail account. :( I think.

I tried to log into my mail today and no go. I tried and tried, and tried to get my password changed or something until my account was locked for 24 hours.

I hope that it was/is a glitch for yahoo. I couldn't see "My Yahoo" page either.

But if not, then I'll either be moving to my old yahoo account that I haven't used in over 7 years, or my hotmail account. For those of you who know me, and once in a while talk with me, I'll make it easy for you. The name is the same as my yahoo mail, but instead of, change it to

Hey Marty, I'm glad that you are reading this. If not, I'll be calling you in a few days.

I didn't even turn the computer on to check my mail at first, but I always check my mail. Always... I feel so wrong right now not being able to see the 6 mails I have. I'm half logged in to yahoo. On the main page I can see how many new mail I have, but that's it.

My yahoo messenger can't even log in.


December 16, 2008


I went to the movies

I saw "The Day The Earth Stood Still". I've seen the origanl one from back in 1951. When It came on TV, I thought that it was time I watched it, so I knew what it was about. I have been hearing about for years and didn't know what people were talking about.

I did compared both as I watched, and I have no real objections to the new one. It had to be updated a bit for now, so I recommend this one.

And you know it takes a lot for me to like a movie, never mind recommend it.

I wish I had a good camera on me. It snowed most of the night off and on. I passed up some good shots. But when we got to Macy's I decided to try and take some of the window displays. It was nice. One or two are interactive, and we got some people to try them, by doing them ourselves.

Oh, you may notice that I've been saying 'we' for a while. Hayden made it to the movies with me after all, and after wards we went to Harold Square and there is where Macy's is and where were I took the pics. After that we took the Q train home. I transfered at Prospect Park, he went on ParkSide while I took the S train back to Franklyn. When I got out I had to make sure to walk without slipping. The snow wasn't deep, but it made it slippery.

I got home after 10pm.

I was a good thing that I got out that day, because now I'm pain. My cycle is back and I've been in bed this whole day after the lady next door calls at 6am to say that she wasn't bringing the girl over today because she was off from school.

You don't tell people this at 6am! I, for what ever reason, decided to stay up last night for her, and this is when she tells me and my scrachy eyes. *not happy once again*... and she thinks she did nothing wrong. Oh, and before you think she didn't have a chance before to tell me, she saw me leave for the movies and lent me her metro card so I wouldn't have to get one for the night.

Well enjoy the photos, and I'm going to see about feeling like... well this bad.

December 07, 2008

Chapter 45 compleated

I've now finished writing chapter 45 of my yet to be named yaoi fanfiction.

This last chapter was a long one. Six whole pages. And I mean whole. I started at the top of a page, and I ended at the end of the page. I think it's the longest I've been written in a while.

I have not slept yet and it's 8:19am, and I think that I'll be going out instead to do run for my sister. So she will be doing the dishes that have looked at me all night.

The last page and a half of the story is a very nice lemon. I don't know why they call it that, but it's what you call a sex scene, I was just going to make it a lime but I went all the way and made it turn yellow. I think I did a good job of it too.

I take that back... now that I really think about, only one of them got off by design, so I guess it could be called a lime still.

Now, even though I say that I'm finished. I still have to re-read the whole thing back over to make sure I catch the dumb mistakes that I made, and change the wording around of something or things that didn't sit well with me.

I'm hoping to have this finished up come the end of the month. A nice gift for the new year ha? :)

Well I think that I might wash some dishes before leaving the house. I want to finish watch the movie before getting dressed.

This is my first post that goes to all my blogs. :) Cool.

See ya next update.

December 05, 2008

Misty Stricks Again.

I know I haven't talked about my friend in a while, well, she sent me this today.

I just had to share.

I'm amazed how well done it is.

November 29, 2008

Friday - Saturday

I got home from the Staten Island around 12 or 1pm, and I crawled right into bed. My feet hurt, and I skipped on sleeping before going out with her at 2:20 am.

I woke up when my cousin came over with his new, still in the box, laptop for me to help set it up for him. He got one a HP laptop from BestBuy. It wasn't bad, but most new one are. :)

While he was here, I ate something. I hadn't eaten anything either since the day before. After he left I went back to bed. Didn't get back on the computer for anything.

I woke up today around 3:30 am just because I felt like I was infected from my mom breathing over me. I got up and went to use the bathroom then to turn off the lights in the kitchen, and I saw that they left everything out. Everything and now dishes were washed. So I cleaned up, packed and repacked stuff, and about three hours later, I went back to bed.

I woke up again when to realize that mom left for church and left the lights on over me, and I was still tired so I turned of the lights and closed the door to the room to keep voices out of my very echo prone room.

Then in walks Nika saying that she wanted to use the desktop. Great. Fine, I let her use it and told her that she had to be off by 4pm, just so I could get to use it. Well, before 4pm mom came home and kicked her off of it because it wasn't sunset yet.

She was home well early. She's changing how she sleeps today and such because she has and early shift sunday.

So here I am. On my sister's laptop, the good new one, checking my mail, going to do something on my story, and install a full version of Office on here also.

November 26, 2008

back again for the day.


It was another, "sell land in FL" job.

I don't think that they are real jobs. Sure a few make it, but it's not a job, job.

Then I came back and got a subway sandwich with a coupon that got me another one for free once I got the biggest sized fountain drink.

Then I went to Nika's school because she didn't go to school to pick up her home work.

So I'm home and cold now. I'm almost finished with the book. I have like 1/4 of it left to read and I just finished eating my sandwich. I ate the whole foot long because I've been up since 6am.

Now I'm going to try and write something. :)

Darn, just remembered about the power cord. I have to go call him and see if he got it.

So. *grin* How has your day been?

Fw: Re: Clinical Sleep Over

I'm back, and I've been back since 8 am.

But now I'm ready to go out again. I saw an add in the newspaper today for office work, no experience needed. I called and I have to go by today between 1 and 3.

So now I'm getting ready for that. They just told me to dress and can come with ID. I'll see. It's far away, so I'm leaving before 1.

My hair has sticky goop in it and other than not feeling tired when I woke up I didn't like it. My feet were cold, I had to think about keeping my mouth closed when they put the mask thing over my nose. She said I stopped breathing. I couldn't really move my legs and the had that that had this thing over my finger.

Well I have to go find an outfit now. I'm making good head way in my book with all this train travel that I'm doing. I'm going to get really far after this last one.

Then, hopefully, I'm picking up my power cord tonight.

I'll see you then. :)

November 25, 2008

Clinical Sleep Over


I was able to get on line today before leaving. I woke up with a bad belly ache or odd cramp, what ever you want to call it. I didn't feel like getting up, but mom woke me, thinking that if I kept on sleeping I wouldn't be able to go to sleep for the study. I don't think that would have been a problem.

I'm going to look up the address of the place, then see where the closest Macy's is, then leave around 5. That would give me 5 hours to find both places, pay on my bill and have a little sight seeing tacked on. The same plan as yesterday, just later and shorter.

I'll be packing something to wear to sleep, don't know what yet, an my toothbrush and toothpaste and a comb. I'm a light packer. Oh, and my book. I think I'm up to book five of the "Dirk & Steele" romances from Marjorie M. Liu. Now I'm dealing with a merman.

I should go take my bath now, but I'm skimming over the last page of my story. I started to do that last night and ended up re-writing parts. I don't think I've done this much editing before on this story. But since the last chapter, I've been hacking and moving and re-writing bits.

Well, once I leave, I won't be back until tomorrow morning around 7 or 8am and you know how I hate being up so early, but there is nothing I can do about it.

Well guess I should get going.

See ya.

November 22, 2008

Guess what I just saw?

The most kick-ass trailer for Star Trek that I have ever seen in all of my 31 years of being on this planet!

And I'm not swearing.

I just saw the official version on line at the link I posted for you.

You can kiss my butt later.

November 16, 2008

Chapter 42

I have made it to chapter 42 on my story that started out so yaoi. The main yaoi couple is still there, but now the story seemed to have been high jacked by a straight couple while another one bids for it's own time. I almost feel like throwing in another yaoi couple in there to even things out, but Unless I make them, I don't have anyone left for the job. :)

I wasn't planing on having this many chapters. I thought that I would have been finished ten chapters ago.

Today was a rather smooth day for this family.

Tuesday morning I'm having my hair done under a treat of a hair cut. I haven't done my hair in a while because I haven't had a job there fore no money. But they won't have it any longer. So I'm getting it down before I go to a sleep study that my mom put me and her in. Tomorrow I have to finish filling out the papers for the study. They have to be completed before we get there.

Well back to proofing the last eight chapters of my story. I hit a slight wall with chapter 42.

November 14, 2008

Re: Good morning.. well actually it's good afternoon. :)

Little amusement make the day go by better. :)

I don't know what to do with the guy. I'm going to call him up, and ask him what is the name/code for the power cord and get it myself, then he just had worry about the cracking the case on the other one.

As for me, i forgot what woke me an hour ago. But my mom isn't happy. She tried to buy a get out of dept book on line, but it got to a part that had us calling the phone number instead.

Later when she tried to buy something she found out that she didn't have enough money so she came home checked her bank account on line to find out that they went through with the online order that wasn't even completed and charged her for both orders.

Earlier around 9am I was woken up to type something for my sister. That was my fault. I was asked to do the day before, but I forgot and she needed it for 10am.

Now mom is all upset at the company for lying to her a number of times and taking her money and not refunding all of it.

I'm going to work my story now. I stopped at 6am today. I looked over what I had written for the chapter, and just as didn't like that it was only 2 pages long. So I found a perfect spot to add something, and that took up most of my time. I think that I added like 2 more pages to it before starting the next chapter.

the next chapter is dealing with what I came up with his claws and such. I made sure that I got as far into to as I could so I would remember where I was going it with. I took me a while to remember or get get it going once I got as far as I did with the part I added to the last chapter.

Speaking of which, I'm not done there yet. I have at least another half page to add to it. I just needed to ask you that question to get something to base it on. :) Yes, there is a strawberry in Sess life. :)

I'm not even sure which part of the story to work on now. I guess that all depends on what kinda answer I got back from you. :) :)

Did you get any further into story? I hope you did. It's annoying to want to write, but have nothing to write. Or trying to write and having things stop you.

I watched a whole bunch of stuff last night. CSI, Law $ Order, Night Rider, Fringe and something else I think.

Well, let me try and do something with my story after reading your next mail.

PS.... I'm to write that guy about the wallpaper again, and if don't hear anything in a week, I'll post it, and point them to his page over at the other site.

Long e-mail. :)

See ya.

November 13, 2008

Ya... I'm still alive.

I was able to get out of the house the next two days since that pic I sent you. I forgot what I did the next day, the on the last day I went to pick up Nika from school and help her look for her umbrella that she seemed to have lost.

I didn't quit understand that I had to meet her in her class before school let out, so I wasn't any help in getting her umbrella.

Ah, I remember now. I was sent out Thursday to buy some cheese. I took Nika with me. Her little nagging voice came back to me. She didn't want to walk around the building to get to the store.

The day I took the picture it was raining since the moment I stepped out the door. It was a good walk. I made it as far as Fulton Mall. I went out to pay a bill for my sister. I had enough fare for one subway ride. I didn't know it at the time, so it was a good thing that I only thought of using it once to get home.

Before last week, I almost sliced off one of my fingers.

Sorry, didn't feel like easing you into that one. I only lost a shaving off the side, near the top. Jhodie found some stuff that people were giving away and in there was a V slicer. I keep saying that I wanted one, so she got it for me.

The day I tried it out, I nicked myself. My got knocked off the guard when it jammed and I got my finger when it moved again. There was a nice blood trail to the bathroom.

My story just about came to a halt for three days while it healed. When I couldn't not type anymore, I hunted and picked for two more days until I didn't feel any pain to type normal again.

Speaking of my story, I reached chapter 40 last night. I just added some complications to it after realizing I couldn't really do it. So now I have to come up with a darn good reason why that was able to happen in the first place.

Other than that, nothing happened. I've been filling out job apps on line, and cleaning and cooking. Also, do you remember the lady next door that I have issues with? Well I've been giving her the silent treatment for a few weeks now. She came over here demanding I do stuff for her and I was not in the mood for it.

At least she doesn't pester me now. I'll never make up with her I think. It wasn't like she was my friend to begin with.

Well I should get back to my story.

Oh, one last thing.

MSN Groups is closing up shop come Feb next year and they are having everyone who still manages their group to move them over to a place called

Here is a link to my site. I've already replaced my link over at the side with the new link. I found out last month about the move, but I decided to wait until a week after I posted this month's wallpaper set. Which I have. It looks pretty good.

Well that's it. :)

See ya next time.

October 08, 2008

They Aren't Just For Carving.

Pumpkin Power - Super food Virtues Beyond Pumpkin Carving
by Sylvia Riley

Pumpkin is at the heart of Halloween festivities, and for many is the only experience they have of the squash all season. This is usually for the joys of pumpkin carving rather than cooking.

When you discover just how healthy pumpkins are however, you'll realize that pumpkin recipes are just as worth getting excited about and that it would be foolish not to eat the remaining flesh left over from your pumpkin carving.

(As a note, if you're rolling up your sleeves ready to tackle your orange fellow there are plenty of free pumpkin carving pattern ideas available on the Internet).

Pumpkin is a super food indeed. In fact, it's not just the inner meat of a pumpkin that's virtuous but its seeds are super nutritious too and contain a wealth of health-promoting properties. Like melons, cucumber, and squash, pumpkins belong to the gourd family.

They were much celebrated by Native American Indians who made use of their flesh and seeds for culinary and medicinal purposes. Pumpkin flesh is high in fiber and vitamins C and E, magnesium and potassium and a staggering quantity and variety of carotenoids, being one of the most abundant natural sources of these amazing phytonutrients.
Dietary carotenoids correlate with lower a risk of numerous cancers, heart disease, cataracts and blindness. Pumpkin contains heaps of beta-carotene as well as a huge concentration of alpha-carotene, with just a quarter of a cup yielding the recommended daily amount. Alpha-carotene protects against certain cancers and cataracts, and has also been discovered to be a powerful ally against aging.

Read the rest of the article here.

Here is a pic for the occasion.


This pic comes with a story, but not one that you would thinking of. Just click on the pic for the story.

Oh.. It's a real new story, not a spoof. I didn't get it from The Onion or any of their friends.

There, I've shown both sides of the story. :)

See ya.

October 05, 2008


If a girl can wear pants, why can't a guy were a skirt?

Ya, a question that popped into my head and I'm tossing it out there.

I am aware that there are places out there where it isn't a come scab on a male's ego to wear and be seen wearing a "skirt" or "dress".

If the outfit looks good and it shows off your attributes that the person you are showing them off too likes, then it shouldn't be said that you are wearing "girl's clothes" or "guy clothes" although I don't really think that they say that much these days. "guy clothes" that is. Also, practicality of the clothes should be considered too.

I even heard that it's part of the fashion shows this year. They have picked men's wear to pieces and gave some of it to the girls. I haven't gone looking even though I was a bit curious to see what they did this time.

Now in case you went too far with what I'm saying, let me add that I'm not against guys wearing guy clothes.

I'm just saying that people get too uptight about what a sex should or shouldn't wear.


- There I blog my life.

- Stories and Poems

September 24, 2008

Is it me?


What do you think?

I got the link to make this from someone I ran into over at

The link he gave me took me here. Face Your Manga.

My hair is about that long now. I checked. I couldn't get away from a big forehead. I do have full lips and I think I got the full cheeks here. Everyone knows I have a chest. I had one hair band. I broke it, so I need to find a new one. I'm not sure about my eyes. And yes, I do have a mole/beauty mark on my face.

Other than this, nothing much is going on for me. I haven't even tried to look for something for a week or so now. My mom this week has made me into house cook. She wants me to cook before I go to bed, so that she can come home to a cooked meal. It's really dinner for everyone else, but she get's it for lunch and dinner unless she has something else she wants to eat for lunch.

My story has gotten to chapter 25 and page 100, and I've hit a wall. I can't get into Sess' head, and if or when I manage to pull that off, I don't know what comes next in the story. Maybe when I break through the wall I will see a path.

I've been reading mangas and the "Dirk & Steele" romance collection in order. I'm starting the third book now. My sister started me off on it. It's not bad. The first one had some mistakes that should have been caught by a good editor if they were looking, unless that first one had a lot of errors and those three or so slipped through. But I don't think that I saw any in the second book, and I'm just starting the third.

I've also made a few wallpapers in this time. I did a few experiments, and they seemed to have been well received. I've come to the end of one set I was doing within a set, and I'm thinking of doing some photo manipulation ones based on one I made years and years ago. It's going to be like a window behind a weather climate.

Over at I've added another story. I had someone read over this one with me and we both made some good fixes and small changes to it.

Well I should get back to thank the guy for the link he sent me. :)

See ya.

September 18, 2008

Me? Your babysitter??? Be grateful I'm kind.

Did I ever tell you that I hate kids?

I hate taking care of people's kids.

And you are asking why I'm bring this up now aren't you?

Well, that girl from next door is here, well her child is, and I'm fighting with her to eat her breakfast and to keep quite so she doesn't wake up the other people still sleeping in this apartment.

She is a pain. The only good thing about the weekend is that I don't see her.

Then after a while I hate the mother who had them, and who I'm standing in for. If you can't take care of your child, you shouldn't have children. I don't care if you were planing to get married, or if you were already married. The questions that need to be asked are if you are mentally and emotionally ready to take care of a child, never mind children? And you have the time and the money to take care of a child?

If you can not provide what a child needs and be there for them, because they need you too, you shouldn't have any. I don't care if you want a child. Everyone wants a child. And do the very deceased risk of dying in childbirth, most people have, and most people know how most of those stories turned out.

I just have to survive for another hour and I can see her out the door and go to bed.

- There I blog my life.
- Stories and Poems

September 14, 2008


I know I've been gone a while, but what could I talk about?

I'm looking after the neighbor's daughter mostly against my will. I just tell her find someone else after she says that she doesn't have anyone else to ask. The whole thing is inconvenient. It's when I'm ready to go bed she shows up and the girl does not stay put or act like she hears you at all.

I'm answering adds, and I'm trying not to spend money. Last night I avoided being in the middle of a gun shooting. For all I know it could have been a stabbing. I found the yellow tape blocking my way home. I had to walk two blocks the long way to get home twice.

I'm still writing, and I've even touched up and posted one of my old sex stories, but there seems to almost be no sex in there. Well, blow by blow sex anyway. I've made and posted a few wallpapers since I last posted here.

Two new things on tv . One is "trueblood" that is on HBO. Here is the link. If you have HBO on demand and you have already missed it, you can catch it on demand.

Next is something that made me realized that I missed home just a little. Feasting On Waves. The host for "Iron Chef" is doing it. Mr. A. Brown himself.

I feel like posting my wallpaper here just to show off, but I haven't sunk that low yet.

Ok.. that's it.

Oh, the story, incase you don't know where my storie site is here it is. Warning. NC19 and higher. X even.

See ya.

August 30, 2008


Date: Thursday, August 28, 2008, 3:19 PM
Call him? That would be interesting. He's in the army, and he's been deployed. We can't even be told where he is.

As for the job, it's gone. They called me up at 12 to talk to me. And I tried to explain, but because I've been doing that survey for so long and I knowingly jumped questions, she ended the conversation as quickly as possible. I was terminated and she hung up on me.

So now I'm back to looking for something. I may still call up the guy that got me the survey job to begin with. He was willing to get me another job right after I got that one, but I don't like changing jobs and thought that it was a good fit in the start, but I just never got back around to calling him for the next job when I realized that it wasn't all it seemed.

As if that wasn't enough, the lights bill showed up and I'm being blamed for how high is it because I tried to sign us up with a company that was suppose to be discounted for the first few months you were with them. Another lie was told.

Yesterday was a nice day too, at least weather wise. I had just found a nice to way to get home from there too. 


From: Jhoy E. Meade <>

Date: Thursday, August 28, 2008, 12:49 AM

It looks like I got myself fired before I could quit.

I was trying to keep a lady on the phone from getting aggravated, by jumping a few questions that she wouldn't know about and I was being checked on at the same time. So they caught me and sent me home less then an hour after I got there.

I have to go back tomorrow and talk to Betty, but I'm sure I'm just being officially told that I've been terminated.

Guess I have time to do my hair now.

It would be the day that I leave the house on time and wanted to be there, that this is the day this would happen to me. I'm not so upset over all of it. Just wish I already had a better job to replace it. I'll try and remember that for the next time I go around.

It was my niece's birthday today. My other sister got her a cheese cake for her b-day cake and a slue of "high school musical" and "Hanna Montanna" PJs. She is very happy.

My brother seems to be sending me second and third hand gifts. Not that mind so much. Heck, I would have been in better sprits if the laptop came with it's power cord. :) He sent me a laptop and Kevin Sorbo. Well not the man, his show. Hercules. I liked the show, but it was so out of left field for me. The laptop I couldn't turn on because the battery is dead. So I have to get a power cord for it or wait for him to send me the one the came with it. :)

I kinda wished that it was Zena instead for a moment. There's no blood in Hercules.


August 25, 2008

Part of my sunday

Date: Sunday, August 24, 2008, 7:07 PM

Back home.

They were full. A few people walking back to the
train station told me. So even if I was on time. I may not have
gotten a seat all the same. Speaking of which. I left when I
was suppose to.

I found $11 on the sidewalk before I jumped on an express
train that was sitting the station. I thought that it was
waiting for me. But no. It was being delayed. Over 5 mins.
Then the next train I had to get was running local so that
took a bit longer also.

I then decided to use $10 of the $11 to pay on my
Macy's bill. Why I didn't use the whole 11 I
don't know. I guess I just had it set in my head to pay
them 10 I think. It took me forever to get there since I
tried to get a bus that turned out to be detoured from
it's normal route due to road repair, so I walked to a
completely different bus stop that was near the end of the
long side of cemetery. At least I had my mp3 player.

So now I'm grabbing something to eat. I had a granola
bar on the train when it wasn't going anywhere, but
I'm sure I'm allowed to eat a meal now.

I already have my story open, so I'll see how much of
that I get done today. :)

August 22, 2008

Re: Tonight

aahahaha.. ya, pay day.

Mine isn't until Monday, but I should be getting a far better one than my last two or three.

Ya, I heard that on the last day of camp, if not the last week, they have fun things at camps and such. I've only been to summer school during the summer when I was in senior high. Twice. I didn't need it, it was something to do one summer, and the other summer it was in a college prep summer school. It was nice. We pretended to be NYU students. At the time a real NYU student was paying $25 grand a semester to go there, and $500 to use their gym, and $75 a week I think for the cafeteria. We got everything for free. Ofcourse the classes weren't the same, but we were told to realy behave ourselves because we were getting so much for free. It was nice. If I had gone to that school they were willing to find college money for me. There's a lone I would still be paying back. :)

Well I just got a call from my sister, the dentist visit is a no go. I was suppose to show up when one of the dentists had free time, but she got booked up. So now I have to get ready and take in the damaged cable boxes. I wasn't expecting to be back there so soon, or at least not until we got another HDTV in the apartment. Oh well.

I'll be taking Nika with me. I just have to go take a bath. Mother woke me up at 9:30 to get going after I went in bed around 4:15. I'm just so happy I don't have work.

I bumped into a guy that use to work at the survey place at the chinese store last night. He said that he lived one block over, more or less and he quit and was now driving. I almost asked him for his head set, but for some reason I didn't. If I see him again I'll make sure to ask for it. He was the guy that I saw with it weeks ago, and that got me trying to find my own.

No, most of them were not polite to me. I had mayebe 10 people who didn't hang up on me in mid sentence. Who didn't swear at me when I said marketing. Who didn't bang the hand set down a few times before hanging up. I guess you can say the people who lied to me were trying to be polite, but it didn't help when I knew that they were lying when they could just say that they didn't want to take the survey and to put them on our own "do not call list".

Since I've started to talk about this. This is what you should do when someone who wants to do survey with you calls.

1. You listen to all that they have to say. When they start to ask you questions you then stop them. - we are to at least make sure that you hear the whole intro to the survey so that if we are offering money for participation you know about it before you go run and hide. We may want females, or males, or anyone between the ages of 16-75, or someone over the age of 55, or someone who isn't you.

2. After you had said that you don't want to, we are still suppose to try and get you take it the survey. I'm not as pushy as some people, but we are to find out if it's because you are tired, in the middle of something, think that survey is going to take a long time when it isn't, something. Then try and let you know that we can call back when you want us to so we can get it done then and, or let you know that it's a short survey if it is a shot one.

3. We aren't really allowed to tell you what most of the surveys are about because half the times we don't know. We may have an idea, but they don't tell us. For the ones we do know, we still can't tell because you may change your answers thinking that is what we want to hear. What we want to hear is what you really think.

4. We will try and call you until one of two things happens. One, we reach a person we want for that survey who will take it with us, or until you say "Never to call again" and , or "Please put me on your do not call list". Most of our calls are taped so you can fight it if we call again. If you want to make sure that we don't all you again ask for our company info and call them directly when you have a chance.

5. Saying that you aren't interested does not count as don't call again. It just means that you aren't interested at the moment. We will then try and call back no sooner than in 2 days time. That is if you are polite. I'm not saying it's allowed, but when you are rude to some of us, not me, we then to put you back for a call back the next day, or a time that would bug you. They have started to tell a few people not to this because they still see you as a potential survey taker and don't want to get on your bad side.

6. We haven't a clue when you are having dinner or when you are entertaining or busier than God. We are calling across 49 states and all their time zones. 

7. There isn't just one company out there calling you. We didn't call you everyday this week. Most of us make sure to give you at least 2 days between call. A few of us gives you a week,

I think that's it.

I'm going for my bath. I have to get going.

Have good day. :)

August 21, 2008


Oh, I'm so full. Why did I try to clean my plate?? I got dinner from the Chinese place around the corner. It was beef with black bean sauce over white rice and a side of 10 onion rings. I only ate 3 of the onion rings. I couldn't eat any more. I was so sure that I asked for a pt, it looks like so much more. I got a lot of veggies and for some reason the black bean sauce wasn't black.

Well work wasn't that great. We all got a little talk about what we are suppose to be doing to get surveys, but I just smiled and paid attention, since that was all I could do.

I was let go after an hour and half. Not one person wanted to take the survey. I called almost 100 numbers.

Oh, that story that I was telling you about that I was reading? He needed a beta. You get the idea of what he's trying to say, but at times it's very fragmented. I don't think that he will ever fix it. It's been posted since 2004. I'm going to see if he answers my review when I get to the end of it. For some reason I think it's a guy. I don't know why.

As it stands, I'm going to be having a busy day tomorrow. I have to go see the sister who works at a dental office to get an x-ray, and I have to go trade in my busted cable box for one that works and then I'm going to IKIA to see about applying for a job.

Well back to reading that story "Barter" over at I want to see how it ends, then I'll see about adding to my story, and I kinda want to do another wallpaper for +Anima. My last one was received well. It was a brown one.

August 20, 2008

At last I'm on my way home.

I did that up some where around 9:30 or so, but It didn't get sent until after 12. I will never work until midnight. We aren't open that late. 

The picture came out quite well. 

August 18, 2008

A nice long shift today. I'll try and blog for real when I get home.

I worked the whole shift just because I was on shift with new people. I think that was the first time that I ever worked until 11:30 pm. 

August 11, 2008

Just an hour of work today. Sad after 3 days of no work. At least I get to use my transfer to get home.

August 07, 2008


I have been sent home twice in two days. I will be lucky if I get three days of work in for this week.

I'm working away at my yaoi fanfic. I'm up to chapter 12 now I think. I'm about ready to add in a "normal" couple into the story just to make everyone in the story happy.

I have yet to make it to the bank to cash my check from Monday. I have to go get my hair done, and I have to hold on to $20 of it to go with $10 from my almost not there pay from this week to put down $30 on the gas bill.

Now here is a snippet from an e-mail I just sent my friend to help me fill out this blog and not do extra typing.


There was this student at the vet school, years and years ago. He told me that I should try getting into the school, and become an equine doctor, or was it equine eye doctor just for the race tracks. He said that they pay crazy money to take care the horses because of how much they paid for them and how much money they could make from them. Somewhere in there, he said that I was just as smart as the rest of them. :) I don't know how much of that was true. I just knew stuff that they didn't.

He didn't hate animals, but he didn't come off as an animal lover like some of the other students there. He just chose a good profession. :)

I would like them to call me and let me know that they were full so I could so something else. I still wasn't able to get to the bank in time today. But they have this thing that if you don't sign in you are taken out of the system. So you have to show up and log in, even if you are logging back out to leave so you can come in and work your next day.

They are using a very old system I'm sure. For all I know, it's like that because a lot of people, and in the past, just stop showing up. They will get a notice from me when I leave. Why would I take that fun out of leaving? :)

I'm going to get to my story soon. I had to get my wallpaper picks and post them over at the club. I'm so late. I haven't really been late in like 3 or so months.

While I was out looking for that last wallpaper I stocked up on some wallpaper that was my screen size for the wallpaper changer. It's easier this way than to have it fit smaller ones. My screen size is 1440x900.

Well that's it. I should copy most of this to my blog. I haven't done that in a while.


The wallpaper changer that I'm talking about is called "EvJO Wallpaper Changer" It's not bad.

Is there anything else to say? Yes there is.

I saw the mummy 3 and it sucked dirt! I can't believe these reviewers who said it was the best one of the three. Are you joking me?? They were Paid! The lady to played "Phiby" in the first two, saw the script and walked away from it this time. Good girl. Who the heck wrote this thing?

It can sit next to "Hellboy 2". I liked the "villain" more in that movie than Hellboy and his group. They were all too silly in this thing.

Next week I should be able to get into a non sold out showing of batman.

I did get to see "Wall.E" and I liked that one. Yes, it took me awhile to get around to seeing it. They were showing so much of it in adds, that I didn't want to see it. But I did decide to see it and I was happy I did. It's the only really good one I've seen out of the last 4 I've watched. I watched "Wanted". I appreciated half of it. Maybe 3/4 of the move. It lost points for two things it did. If one of them wasn't done at the end of the movie. It might have been better received by my thought process.

Ok.. I'm going back to my story now. See ya.

OH! I have made some new wallpapers and they are posted over at deviantart. Check the links over on the left.


August 01, 2008

Sorry... Pic today.

I forgot my phone at home.

I got off at 8:30 tonight. I was expecting to get kicked out 30 mins before, but oh well, I get $4 more.

I've posted a few wallpapers over at deviantart lately. I feel like doing some more tonight.

I'm more or less killing time while I think of a way to continue a story that I'm working one. Sorry, most of you won't like it. It's a yaoi and a fanficion to boot.

Now before you start thinking that like making friends into gay lovers all over the place you are very wrong. I only have yaoi dreams for one show. I stumbled across some very well written fanficion that happen to have two guys in there as the main couple and I didn't turn green. I like over all to leave straight people straight and admit that gays are out there and that both worlds criss cross more than some people would like or like to admit.

So, other than all that, when I got off early from work I went and got some cat food, both dry and wet, and got a cheep pack of tp until one of us gets to RiteAid to get the big pack that is on sale and some soap.

Mom made cook up again and Jhodie fried up some banana fritters.

Now I'm of. See ya. :P

July 30, 2008

On my way home again. Is anyone in NY city looking for someone with a cute voice?

July 28, 2008

They let me out early.

Another Week...

... has gone by.

I don't remember much about this week. I was out from work for one day, Thursday. I was running late and called to let them know that, and they told me that a lot of extra people coming in today and that if I came in that late, I would just be sent back. So I turned around and went to the bank to deposit my little check. This Monday I'm not getting one at all because of my missed week.

Oh... Besides yesterday, which I'm going to get to next, Wednesday was an interesting night. I fingered that it was time I paid on my/our cell bill. First I did a check to see how much I owed and I didn't believe it. Total amount owed was $260 something, and $156 was due that day. What? How? I called up and asked how come I called them up last month, paid $20 and that cleared the bill and even put $4 on credit. So where did all this come from? The cell phones are on a plan. I shouldn't be paying more than $80 a month.

Well it seems like my sister all by herself, spent over 760 minutes on the phone. Our plan covered only 700 minutes. I was looking at something like 40 mins just for me if that much. I have to call them up for an extension, then use my whole next pay check to pay off most of that first month that is owed. Oh, Jhodie doesn't have a job yet.
Now, as for Saturday, that began Friday afternoon. Someone called Jhodie and left a voice message saying that they had a job for her. She was told it was office work and came to give me the information. When she called back they said that she could come tomorrow at 9am or Monday sometime. I believe that it was after 5pm. So I called back to say that I wanted to come on Saturday and confirmed the address.

I went to bed early, I got there 20 minutes early, I sat in an iron chair for over 3 hours to find out that they lied, and that they recruit people to get them certified in something that you only get a 3 day course for. For that it's $99 and then to pay for the certificate that’s $49. Ya.

I was even less impressed when I stuck around for the meeting with other offices via phone to see what else was going on. I then talked with the person who called us up in the first place to find out that he didn't really talk to my brother like he told Jhodie and when I asked about getting a job like the one I my sister was told about over the phone, he no longer had any time to speak with me.

Talking about it now, makes it seems even more wrong than it did then.

I then ranted to myself and my sister over the phone of how I wasted my time and that she wasn't going to go come Monday. Because I was ranting with her and took a while to decide that I was going to take the bus instead of the train home and I missed the bus by 30 seconds. So I walked pass to the next bus stop and waited in the shade for the next bus. I was a very hot day.

I then transferred to another bus so it would take by the food coop market. You have to join to shop there and you only pay 20% than what the market did to get it. Also, by joining you have to work there for a total of 2 and 3/4 hours with in 4 weeks time. It's not bad. I went in to look around and get all the information that I just gave you, along with a general tour of the place. I will have to go on Wednesday to sign up.

Jhodie and I will go on Wednesday and then mom will go on day that she can and then one of use if not all of us will have to share Phillys' hours. It seems that all adults in the household have to work there for anyone to join. They figure that everyone will be eating the food, so everyone should help earn it.

Then as I start to walk out of the "store" the bus I was betting on catching drove past. Great. I have to wait 30 mins for the next one. I came out and hoped that the red light and passengers stopped it for me. Well new people did get on the bus, and a red light did stop it, but not long enough for me to reach it. I wore those brown healed shoes and my feet were already hurting me.

So I walked up to the stop and sat down. I looked down street and there is another one? Lucky!

*go easy on me. I've been reading a bunch of manga lately and even trying to write a fanfic of Inuyasha. That is where the rest of my week went. :)*

So I got on and the lady said that I was lucky. She was suppose to be ahead of the other bus, not behind. We chatted until it was time for me to get off. We passed the farmer's market up at Prospect Park. I told her about some stuff that she didn't know. She said that she was going to try and go there in two weeks or so when she had some time off. We even saw someone selling fish.

Today at work I got a full day of work in. Lucky me. I was able to score 3 surveys. I almost didn't think that it was going to be that good of a day. I left the house a bit later than I wanted, and I had to walk in a storm to and from the train stations. I was starving for most of the day, but like I said, I got a full day of work in and I dropped off Jhodie's resume at Dunkin Donuts and they seemed happy to get it.

I even had an interesting conversation with the monitors and some of the people who were left to pull in the last survey for the week. We would have been let out earlier if the system was working better. Everyone expected to have been finished since 8:30 but we didn't leave until minutes to 10.

Tonight I didn't fell like taking the bus home, so I took the subway all the way instead. I got home to some dinner. Mom had fried some fish and had some peas and rice as well as some corn on the cob to go with it.

Jhodie and Phillys were AWAL when I got home and mom was not happy about it. She had to take care of Nika. Not that she is hard to take of anymore. Just that she had to keep her awake so she could go to bed at a good time and not be up until 5am and then sleep most of the daylight hours away.

They just got home and mom is up again and getting ready for work.
And that catches you up.

I'll try not to take so long to write my next blog. See ya. :)

July 21, 2008

Week long Sick Leave.

Long time no see, I know. The subject gives you a reason why for about 4 day why you haven't heard from me. As for the rest, I was busy doing some other things, then there's my mom's time on the computer. I currently do not have computer of my own.

You may remember that I had gotten my hands on a laptop not too long ago and it was said to be "mine". Well the power connection inside the laptop is not longer there it seems. It's plugged in to power, but it won't see it. So I asked around about how much would cost to get fixed. The prices are from $158 to $260 or so. If it can be replaced it's the $100 one, if it can't be replaced but has to be fixed it's the more expensive one.  I'll have to save up for getting that fixed.

In the mean time I was moving my site over to the new address. I'm sure that I already told you about that. Incase you missed the address it's I wanted to use just my first name instead of jemspages but someone has walked off with that address, so I can't use it. Someone clamed it back in 2004 and just left it. Hey, incase I can get it since it is my name, let me know will ya?

*now just a small thing about that link. Not everything I write will make it to my jemspages site. Just the ones that won't cause issues. I have a few brow raising stories, that I know a few people will have issues with. So they will stay over at my new LJ site. I'll have a link for that later*

Let see, other than that, my mom took me bag shopping with her. It wasn't a bag for anyone one of us, it was for my mom's sister, my aunt and it wasn't just for one bag. We walked for over 6 hours bag hunting in the flower district. I found some good ones, and we got bags from two places. One place was expensive, and the other place was better priced. After we started to look around, I started to think that I should get one for myself. It will have to wait until we go again next month.

We also spent some time in a hat shop. This lady that came in while we were there was very into hats. As far as she was concerned, every hat she tried on looked good on her. She tried to get me a hat that looked good on me also. She was a very happy person. I just placed one on just to see. I wasn't really looking for one. They were all church hats. Some of them would fit in quite well at a few important  high tea parties in the upper classes of London.

But it seems like these are the kinds of hats that my aunt also wears to church. So we are going to send her the flyer for the place.

Today I went back to work, or at least I tried too. I couldn't clock in. You clock in on the computer, but it didn't recognize me so I couldn't work. I was hopping to get one day in for this week, and get at least enough to buy a metro card. Oh well. I have to go in extra early tomorrow and get that fixed. So I called up home and let them know that I was heading out to Macy's once again to try and find a skirt once again.

Well I got off a stop before Macy's to ask about this Betty Bop bag that I saw in the window, but it wasn't there today. I wanted too long to ask about it. But it was $35 and so was the only other bag there that got my attention.

On my way up to Macy's I stopped in this place and got a shirt/blouse and some curtains for the bedroom. Mom wanted to take down the ones we had up to wash, but something stopped her. So I got these to put up while she was gone one of these day this week.

I then made it into Macy's. I found a skirt, but not the kind I was looking for. I tried on a few things, about 7 in all, but I came out with the the two most expensive ones. The total even with my discount came up to $51.36 or something like that. Which really isn't that bad. Before the skirt was discounted it was $50 all by itself. The shirt I didn't realize was as much as it was. My own fault. I then tried to find a shirt worth being paired with the skirt, and I came across this shirt that had a scoop neck. I have a pic. I'll add it to post.

07-20-08_1739 07-20-08_1740

See? Looks nice right? It just didn't look that great in person, so I didn't get it. I may get it if it's still there when I go to make my first payment in about 2 weeks. :) I do think that I will look for a few shirts with scoop necks now. :) I just needed one with a bit more shape to it.

As I was trying on that "white" shirt, mom had Jhodie call me and asked me to buy her something to eat. So later when I was leaving Conway, where I was trying to look for a shirt for that skirt, I spotted an ATM, and went to see how much money was on my account. It was more then I expected, so I took off $20 and went to get myself something to eat before I caught the train home to get her something to eat.

I have a surprise for you. Do you remember Rapid Reality? Well they called me up and left a message for me saying that they are opening two new offices. One in Fort Green and one in Crown Heights, and they want to know if I'm interested in maybe working in one of them. Well doesn't that sound great? I just have to call to find out if they are asking me to work at desk help? or as an agent? I'll take it if it's a desk job.

Well to end off my day, I got home, we ate, and Jhodie was asked to take the blender to the church for something. Nika was invited to a birthday party held at the church, and the shirt I got at Conway didn't fit me. So I gave it Jhodie. I was prepared for that incase it happened. It was only $7.

I then watched two black movies with mom. I normally don't because they are either depressing or just stupid, but I liked the last one even thought it was starting to look like it was going to go belly up at one point. It was that movie abut the girl and the spelling bee. That not to say that I don't watch any "black" movies at all. It's just not normal for me.

That's mostly it. Night.

July 10, 2008

A Full Shift.

After two days of being sent home at 7pm and a few times around 8pm, I was allowed to stay until 11pm tonight. I I don't think that I've had such a long shift since the week I started.

People were getting antsy about being sent home twice after an hour an a half or so of work. That is what? $11? I wasn't too happy about it either. I even asked last night when they sent me home if I could switch over to another survey, but they had all they needed. I came right home that night and cleaned up the kitchen. You know my sister had her own issues with cleaning up. So I did alot. All I did was leave a few pans behind that needed soaking. I knew when I left today she was going to start pilling stuff onto them, and I was right. And since she cooked, I have to pack up everything before I go to bed.

Those other times I was sent home early, I went shopping. That's not quite right. I tried to go shopping. I was able to snag a shirt at Macy's just to see if my card still worked, and I got some tights/leggings at Conway's before they closed also. I was on in each store like 10-15 mins before they closed on me. I tried to get a new skirt at Macy's but I ran out of time. I didn't see something that I really liked and anything I kinda liked was too much. The same for Conway's and at this other story that was closing around me. In that last store I could have sworn that I saw a skirt, but it looked odd, so I asked if it was a skirt. The lady working there told me that it was shirt. Ok. It was on of those tank top things without straps. I then thought that I found a real skirt, but she said it was a shirt also. After that I gave up and left.

I walked up and down Fulton Mall, and part of Court St a few of the days when I didn't go home right away thinking that it was a waste to just go home after I got all ready to leave the house in the first place.

I have the bed room to clean up next. I was thinking that I was going to clean it up today if I was sent home early again, but they kept me. I think that they might have let me stay tonight because I tried to stay longer the night before. Lucky me. I was left to watch more then 2/3 of my survey section being sent home while I stayed behind with a girl/ lady who said that she wanted to go home, but was left to do a full shift with me. We were ok together. I have yet to not get along with anyone I was siting next too.

In other news, mom is home for the week. She left on Sunday. I may or may not have said that before.  She will be back on Sunday.She is only gone for a little over a week. The neighbor's daughter is sleeping over for 2 hours every day. Why you may ask? Well, her day care is out for the summer, and he mom still has school and work, so when she leaves at 6am, the child sleeps over here until her dad comes for her at 8am. So If I go to sleep before she leaves for work I have to wake up to let her in, then when he comes, he wakes me up also. Monday or Tuesday though Friday.

Today on the way home I was actually thinking of one of the poems I wrote. I'm a little impressed with myself over it. I had forgotten that I had written it, along with a few others.

Well, that's about it.

Oh, I did get around to paying some money on that tv of ours, and it seems that I missed the first due by date for a payment so I got a late fee of .. and get this..$32. Ya, that's right. They really get you if you are late. So it looks like I have use some of my own money to pay the next payment if my mom doesn't get around to giving me anything by then. Then It will be a minimum payment which has gone up since I didn't pay just the $13 they were asking for. Now it's like $52. Great.

See ya.

July 01, 2008

One Small Milestone.


I've been trying to make myself post for a while, but I was too tired, or didn't remember until I had turned off the computer and was in bed.

First, Friday last marked the end of my first full 5 day work week. Now that doesn't mean I worked all my hours, that just mean that I made it in for all my days.

I got my pay check today for the week before and it a mere $109. That week I didn't show up for a day, and I was sent home early more then once I think. If you don't reach a minimum number of completed surveys, you were sent home after two hours or so of work.

Today I was sent home early again.

Other than work, I got my new check books last week, so I have to go back to bestbuy and make a payment. I'm going to be owing $100 at this rate. Every since I've dipped into the money for the tv I've been spending and paying back $100 to my account. It's like a little cycle that I can't get out of.

I've started to move my content off my geocities site and moved it to a blog here. It's link is I'm not done yet, but it's ok if you want to go over and look. I've been saying that I'm going to move it somewhere else for a while and I finally kicked myself into doing it a few days a go. I asked someone to read my stories for me and help me fix them, since I didn't want to re-read my own stuff. But if he takes a while to get one or two to me, I may just have to do it myself. Now that I have started it, I want it over with as quickly as possible.

I don't want to talk too much about work, since no one out there cares about my kind of work, but I don't have much else to talk about.

I do want to pay off this tv in decent time so I can get a camera. I want to start taking really good pics.

My sister asked me two nights ago to find a laptop for my uncle, that was including shipping, to the tune of $300. Ya, right. I tried, just to say that I did, and it's kinda possible if you don't want a DVD player, and only really checked your mail so you didn't need space. The biggest hard drive on this site I found was only 20gigs. And you wouldn't want or need a newer OS. I didn't say the newest, I said newer. They had Window98 and a few had Windows2000. Ya, Not impressive.

Well it's 4am and I want to finish this chapter before I go to bed, because I want to get out before work to buy something. I've been trying after work for a while, but I never get out early enough even when I'm let off early.

See ya.

June 20, 2008


Hayden called me back. He actually called me back. Wow.

I guess he couldn't have been bothered to look up my e-mail and let me know that he has a whole new phone and needed me to call him so he could get my number back. Oh well.

We will be hanging out this Saturday, and another friend from high school may be joining us. We are going to meet sometime around 4pm at my subway then head up to his house for drinks and see what movie we want to go see, then head out.

Tomorrow I have a lot of running around to do. I don't know if I'll get all of it done. I have to go to the bank for two reasons. One, to put my check on the bank to help cover what I've been spending of my tv money. Then I have to order some check so I can start paying for the tv before this time next month. I want to go by the blood bank to try and give blood again. I tired last week but when I got there, they had already closed. Then there is the washing. I'm glad that I won't be asked to help with the baking this Friday. Jhodie will be helping mom.

Today was the second night I was sent home early because I didn't reach my quota. I can see this job getting hard. No one wants to take a survey, and if no one takes any surveys, we won't have jobs. So while I still have one, I thought that I  should start looking for one that may have a bit of a longer life span, and really try to get in college so I can get a better job.

It not so bad, yes it would be better if more people decided to take the survey, but everything has it downside I'm sure.

This afternoon when I was getting ready for work, I set a job to print, it hadn't finished printing by the time I had to leave, so I asked Jhodie to look in on it for me, incase it asked for more paper. I miss my old printer that held a whole lot more paper then this thing.

When I came back home tonight I realized that the printer was still on and asking for more paper. At first I thought that Jhodie didn't check it for me, then I saw a this big pile of printer paper. It seems that it would get as far as page 24 or so, and it would forget then start printing all back over again. It seems to have done that like 5 or so times. After I found that out, I marked them then turned them over and finish printing the document on the other side. The whole thing was only 51 pages. I'm sure I printed twice that in this little mishap.

Well since I was off work early tonight I went to get the cat some dry cat food. She ran out last night. So I took the bus there, and picked that up along with some cereal. I just couldn't stop myself. It was just two boxes, like last time. One was a granola mix.  :) I haven't had any like that in while. I was going to take the train home since I didn't feel like waiting out in the slightly cold air for a bus to show up. But as I crossed the street a bus did up, so I just walked down to it's stop and got on.

Ya... I got my time line all mixed up. Sorry about that.

I'm watching this movie called "Prison on Fire". It's an Asian film from back in 1988. Chow Yun-Fat is in it along with a few other people but no one I know. I like it. It's a bit odd, but a good over all movie.

Well that's for now. See ya.

June 18, 2008

As You May Have Seen...

I didn't go to work today.

For a good reason too. I more or less woke up with a bit of food poisoning. So I called out sick. After I was feeling better and able to eat something, I tried to get a few things done, but not before mom made me make the rice for dinner. The rice came out well, along with the roasted/ baked corn on the cob. And I kinda helped with the black peas.

The first pic you saw, is along Eastern Parkway, walking up towards the Franklin Ave subway station. I was over there on Bedford trying to cash my check. I left right after I finished the rice, but I got there too late. I thought that WaMu closed at 7, I was wrong. They close at 6. So then I thought that since I was going to put the money in my account anyway, I'll just pay the cell bill with what was there now. So I called up to make an automated payment, but the computer was having issues with it, so I was sent to a live person. After we got that done, I was in a bit of a text conversation with Hayden. It was nice. I kinda learned in a round about way, that something happened to his last phone.

Well I came home, and ate. Then waited for Jhodie to come home so I could get my metro card back along with my optimum card so I could go watch the Hulk. YA!

So once she showed up, I checked to see what show times I had left to catch and tried to see if I could get Hayden to come with me. He couldn't make it, and I ended up going to a different clearview over on 62nd street.

Great movie. This is most likely what most people were expecting when they went to see the first one. I could almost hear the music from the tv show when I saw one or two parts. And we have cameos. Not just one, not just two, but three. Three cameos. If you've seen it you know what I mean. If you haven't yet, the ideas that you will get from the last one. HA!

After walking back to the subway a new way I took the train back to Atlantic center so I could get some milk and cereal at Pathmark. Since they are open 24 hours. I called Jhodie at 1:30 to make sure that mom was up for work on time. I got home about 2:30 or so. I took my time walking around the store. I didn't have to wait for a train once I go to the platform.

I walked into the court yard and sent that night photo of some new flowers I saw growing out there. I came in, saw a big bag of trash and walked back out with it, after putting down my own bags first of course. And almost before I didn't anything else, I sat down to blog.

I'm making myself do this again. I have to push myself too much sometimes, and sometimes I can't believe that I have to push myself so hard to do things that I know I should do.

I kinda stayed out to tire myself out, but I don't think it worked as well as I would have liked it, but I'll see. I may still fall asleep before sunrise.

The time is now 3:16am


Not a bad night either.

June 17, 2008

A Good day.

June 1- 7 - Week Round Up - I think

Hi ya.

Let's see,  around Thursday or was it Wednesday morning when mom was getting ready for work, and I was on the computer. I think I was actually typing something, and the tv was on. I was about ready to change it to 62 so that we could see the weather when I heard this sound that was a combo of a snap, crackle and pop. The tv then went blank. For some reason I turned and looked behind of me. Thinking that somehow, someone or thing hit the switch for the tv really hard. But nothing. I don't even think that the cat was in the room at the time. We were now without a tv.

Not to say that the house was out of a tv, just the biggest one in the house and the one that was in my bedroom. It was also the one on occasions that everyone would gather around.

Well come Saturday night mom got it in her head to get a few things done on Sunday. One window shop for a new tv, and since it this late in the game of buying a tv with the digital signal and all, we were aiming for a 32" LCD. After window shopping we were to go the Chinatown and pick up a desk lamp that she has seen, so the room light could stay off so I could sleep while she has some light on to help her. She is so blind now. I don't like having the lights unless I really need it, and it bugs other than then. And lastly we were suppose to get a pedie and medie.. (pedicure and manicure).

Phillys was quite surprised to find out that mother was actually going to have a pedicure. She has been trying to get her to go for ages it sounds like. The only reason she was going now was to go with me it seems. Which is fine. I'm allowed to give my mother memories of just the two of us. Even it's just her getting the most of out of it. I won't begrudge her that.

Well Sunday came, and we went window shopping for the tv, and walked way too much. We ended up actually buying it on credit. I got a Best Buy card. My mom credit stinks, and since I'm now blood and put down that I'm a student, I got a $1700 credit with them. We got the tv and even went up from the 32" we were thinking of now that we could pay for it over time. Oh, I jumped over this point. We got credit because they said that the 34" was the last one, and we didn't have all the money on us. And looked, we ended up getting a different one. They must be happy. Also I/we picked up a DVD player, and insured the tv for like 4 years for $100 or so. Then there was the HD cables. two of them at $80 each. At the end the tab came up to $1,249 or so. We had to take the DVD and cables home ourselves, but the tv wouldn't be showing up until Friday afternoon. Here is the tv that picked.


Clicking the picture will take you to the web site. At first we thought that it was the same brand as our new flat screen, but we were wrong. The monitor is from Envision, and the LCD is from Insignia. Phillys wanted us to get a 1080p, but we got a 720p. At the time, we didn't any 1080p that weren't too expensive, and the 720p looked fine to us. Now that we have it doesn't look at great showing some stuff, but then, why would tell you that not everything looks better than real life on these things. But I'm fine with it.

Well we walked so much that day, we were tired, so I thought get something from close buy for dinner, then head home. Mom ended up walking 4 long blocks back where we came from to get some rotisserie chicken and some other already made from Whole Foods. Then walked back down again after being in there for a while. My poor feet.

Ok.. So come Tuesday or so, I'm not sure, maybe Monday, we went back to Best Buy to pay on this lovely bill and to find out if they had a 1020p for us that we could switch out for the 720p with out changing the date of delivery. No on all three counts. One, they didn't have a 1020p we would have liked, two it would have set back our delivery date by about 2 days, and three, we couldn't pay on the bill in person. It has to be done on line. So I have to get my butt to the bank and put how much I have so far on there, for when my Best Buy card shows up. So after there we went to china town, to get the lamp. We got that first, then while mom went to the bank I went into a story and got some vegetable cakes that look more like crackers.


Just to finally get it posted. I have dishes. Sorry I took so long. I rather read then write it seems lately.

I don't even think I could remember what happened now to finish writing what happened that week.

I traded in our cable box for a HD one to go with out new tv that was showing up in a few days.

I got our busted shredder replaced with a new one that same day. That day ended after sunset for me. I ran all over place. At one point I showed up at the house, dropped off he cable box, said I wasn't there, grabbed the busted one, and put in the same bag and got back on the train again to get the new one. My mother was quit impressed that I got it traded. We were having heck filing the warranty online for months. They then told me when I went into the store early that day, that it was because someone did it wrong when I paid for it to start with.

Ok, so I do remember something. But that's it.


Before I say, "I'll Blog Tomorrow"

I'm blogging now before I wash some dishes before bed.

This morning, because it's not no longer night time, I printed out my check list for FAFSA. I applied for my pin for FAFSA, and I've looked over the FAFSA site once again. It seems I need a bank statement. Mine or my mom's I don't know. So I'll get both and see.

Tonight I was sent home early from work. I didn't reach my quota. I know, most people are held to meet their quota, but not here. I loose work hours this way. This is why they have people falsifying survey answers so they can keep their hours. I didn't care. I tried, no one really want to talk, and there was nothing I could do.

I had a yellow page survey today again. I had it last night. We were kept back because I thought they wanted to finish up the survey, but it was still there when I came in today/yesterday. It's funny and has some dumb questions, but I had fun with it, with the only girl who decided to go along with it. In the end we had a joke based on one of the questions. If the yellow book came to life would I date it? I told her that I could answer that question at the end of the survey. We aren't allowed to have small talk when giving a survey. So at the end I said yes if he was Asian.  After all, it's the yellow pages. And he would have to be tall to show that he had been drinking his milk. :) She said I made her day. Those kinds of calls is why I kinda like this job. Other then here, the other two people who started to take the survey with me, didn't have enough time to finish it and I put them as call backs to finish it. But they didn't count for me. I had two others who terminated. That means that they weren't the right people for the survey and we only talked for like 2 mins.

I got out at 8pm, took the bus down to Atlantic Ave, went to Pathmark got some 7up with a coupon. Did you know, if you go to, you can get a buy one get one coupon? Ya, I took mine and got a reuse able bag for 99cents also then took two buses home.

I had some left over dinner from yesterday. It was saltfish, dumplings, boiled green banana, and some other boiled veggies. I then did some cleanup on the laptop that I currently have attracted to our new flat panel tv. *I'm going to post it. Complete or not*

I hooked it up on Saturday to watch something, along with some bleach EPS. I'm not caught up. I didn't even realized that I jumped over one until I was getting everything set up for Jhodie who was further back then me.

I've been spending my time reading stories over at

Well I think you are caught up. Oh, I got paid today. For two days work I have about $76. Not bad. The first bill I will be paying once I get it cashed is my T-Mobil cell bill. Then I may find myself over at Macy's looking for a skirt that I say, but don't expect to still find. It was over a week ago, and it was on the discount rack.

Well I have dishes, I want to be asleep before sunrise. Which is in about an hour and 20 mins or so.

Not back checking today.. Sorry. I hope I didn't do a too bad of a job.

See ya.

June 06, 2008

Catching Up


Didn't mean to keep you waiting. Actually I did. I wanted to make sure that I was working and knew how it was going before I sent word.

This is so much easier than the job I had at Clear Harbour. I like it. It was even slightly told to some people that I was to be kept an eye on. I'm already being looked at to be promoted. I just have to complete a month of this first.

I had a little checkup on how I did things. I go a passing grade. I'm happy.

I got my BestBuy card yesterday. Also yesterday we had a test to make sure that we would be hired, so we could start work today. I got a perfect score. But I don't know how true that is. Yes I know the answers, but I was told the answers so many time before I took the test that ofcourse I knew how to answer the questions.

Yesterday they said that to make the first paycheck be worth the paper it's printed out one, more or less, I should work everyday until my off days come back again next week. So I would have three days work of pay instead of one. I told them that I would think about it. One, I didn't want to just work the one day then not show up for two days. What if I forget stuff? But I didn't want to get ride of my days off, even if it's so close to when I wasn't unemployed for so long. So I thought about it all the way until I went into work and was waiting to start. I'm going in on Friday, but I'm staying home on Saturday.

Grabbing some dinner in between paragraphs here. It's cook up with some baked sweet potato on the side.

Ok, so there are two ways to get to / from work. I can go the whole way by train, or make half the trip by train then switch to a bus. I took the train there because I thought I was running late. Turns out I wasn't. I was told to get there around 5pm. But we didn't start, start until 5:30 not that I didn't have stuff to do during that time, it being my first day and all.

I have to pay back my mom some money. I put the money she gave me for the flat panel tv we got onto my bank account yesterday finally. I've been holding on to it for a little over a week I think. I've had to use some of that money for the past two days.

The first time yesterday was right after I added it to my account, I had to pay for some "insurance" on the new shredder that I picked up last week at OfficeMax... * I know, that blog is coming. Maybe Saturday I'll finish it up and post it * ... I got the insurance and some sheets that are suppose to help keep the blades sharper longer. That was around $19 or so, then today/last night I got something to eat since I used my last two dollars for train and bus fare. I've all ready asked Jhodie for her card so I could go to work tomorrow/today. I didn't take it before because she went out with Nika.

Speaking of Nika, I came home to see chalk drawings in front of the door. I think they are Jhodie's and Nika's since they are of sponge boob and his friends. A few looked too good be made just by Nika.

I think that's it for now.

See ya.

June 02, 2008

I've lost my touch.

I can't kill/catch one little mosquito anymore.

Here I am, up at 5:51am because I fell asleep too early so I woke up just in time to wake up my mom at 1:30, then I didn't fell like going to sleep.

I played a game, posted the wallpapers that I had for the club that I forgot about.

Had some thing to snack on. Then when I started to yawn, I remembered that the girl next door was going to drop off her keys before she left, so I could let the repair guy in. She should have done that on Friday when she missed getting her on time. So I stayed up so she wouldn't have to wake me up, and what?... Nothing. I could have been in my bed for over a hour now.

Then the mosquito showed up just to bug me. I'm sure it's the same darn one that bit me knees a few days ago that woke me up.

I was contacted about a possible job Friday. They left a message on the answering machine. I'm calling them back today. Fingers crossed.

I'm working on the blog for last week. I started it Saturday, then just didn't feel like or gave up on finishing it. But I have the draft here on the computer. So I'll try and get it posted soon.

Oh, yesterday, Sunday, was Jhodie's last day at KFC. She quit. She gave a few reasons why she quit before having another job to go too, but I still fell like if you are going to quit a job, it's a good idea to have another one to go to in this time and age.

That is the end of my early morning rant.

See ya.

May 22, 2008


I like red. I wore that colour as much as I could growing up.

A few months ago, I got this email about something called "Red".

In the e-mail I got, it was letting me know about a red edition of Vista and red Laptop from Dell. So tonight I decide to check it out since I'm cleaning out my inbox over at hotmail. I don't use it that often, so why did I have over 4 pages in my inbox?

So I'm knocking out this, and that and ditching what nots, when I opened up the said e-mail.

I clicked on it and I did not end up where I expected to. It seems that they are part of something. It's like a few companys got together and said that they will do a red line of something that they make and it's procedes would go towards this cause.

So here is the link for you to check it out and maybe even help out.

I'll also have this as a link over on the side for a while.


Yesterday I went out and today I went out. Yesterday it was for my hair and to wash a few things, and so some small shop runs for my mom. First it was for mini pita bread, then it was for sliced meat and cheese.

Last night I was also going to head out to the movies for tuesday free night and watch the next Narnia movie. But I didn't feel like going for such a late showing of 10:15pm. While I was checking to see when the last showing would be, I also saw a movie that was showing and couldn't believe it. It was only showing for two nights at 7:30pm. So I was there tonight.

The movie. Death Note. At the end I found out that it's really Death Note Part 1. I have finally made it to an anime related something. I know about Death Note, I just stopped myself from really watching or reading it. So I just had to go to the movie. They do such a good job of letting you know what the whole thing is about. I am now caught up. I just have to see how it ends now.

I liked the movie. A few things could have been differnet for me to really enjoy it. One, I wish it was subtitled and not dubbed. I'm not afraid to read and I like to hear the actor's real voice. And two, all the kids that showed up. They were making noise during the show and laughed at points that I thought weren't funny at all.

On a slight upside, some asian kids (boys) showed up as some of the people in the moive. One kid did a passable "L". I don't know what the chain was for, but I seem to remember it from some thing I saw somewhere in the anime.

Well, I had to pay full price for the show. It was a special showing and no discounts were allowed. I didn't think twice about paying full fare. I also saw that they were going to have a Bleach movie showing early June. So besides some rain, and some noisy kids, I had a good day.

See ya. :)

May 20, 2008

Help Haagen-Dazs save the honey bees!

Click on the pic to see what they are talking about.

I just got it in my mail today. I don't really eat ice cream anymore for known reasons.

But there is nothing stopping you as far as I know.