March 29, 2009

Right Outside My APT Building

I'm home now.

A closer look

We got a Knish from in there. $1.99. I think and it had broccoli in it. 

Why am I still wake? .... I'm not.

The bridge that leads to Governor's Island and Queens. There was fog, and those glasses under the bridge is where the market is. 

I got out of the house to turn in my application for an opening over at Bed Bath and Beyond, and Jhodie came with me to show me where this japanese 'supermarket' was. It was no where a big as she was making it out to bed. 

We walked around for over 4 hours. My feet hurt and I've now been wake, over 12 hours. I'm about to crawl into bed, and I'm sorry for my mom if my snoring wakes her up. 

Came home and ate the last bits of a few things I got when I was out and had some boiled banana with some saltfish mom made while we were out. 

I was thinking of opening my story again, but I don't care right now. I can say that I type up about 2 pages of stuff, after I more or less finished reviewing the rest of the chapters. I left out about two, because they were too fresh in my mind. Once I get past this one which is turning out to be a bit too dramatic, but this is where the story is going. I'm going to make it work, I'm too far in, with enough good reasons to scrap it. 

Good bye. *nothing personal*

March 28, 2009

This Saturday - Time To Turn Out The Lights

Let's play in the dark for a while.

Earth Hour – this Saturday, March 28, 2009, at 8:30 pm is a global event in which millions of people will turn out their lights to make a statement of concern about our planet and climate change.  Join in by spreading the word to friends and colleagues and turn off your own lights!

Sponsored by World Wildlife Fund, Earth Hour got started two years ago and is now the largest event of its kind in the world. Last year, more than 50 million people participated and the lights went out at the Empire State Building, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Sydney Opera House and the Coliseum in Rome, just to name a few. Even Google's homepage went black for the day.

This year, Earth Hour will be even bigger - already 250 cities, including Seattle, in 74 countries have agreed to take part. Around the world, cities like Moscow, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Shanghai and Mexico City will turn out their lights.
(maybe when you get home to not kill our server) or to sign up, visit where you'll learn more, including ways you can spread the word about Earth Hour and about creative ways to spend the hour - just in case you need inspiration!

Please forward this note to anyone you think might want to take action on March 28 at 8:30 pm. and support the planet, it's the only we have.

March 24, 2009

Made it to the movies this week.

Fish Sauce and A movie

You can fish sauce in the US after all.


Now I know this most likly isn't the fish sauce that you ate when you went to Asia, but they have something that might be close now.

I found this when I was walking around the food emporium. Over on 60th and 1st av in Manhattan. They are right under the bridge. Great space. They look very upscale, but there are a few things there I can buy when I get work.

Speaking of work, I picked up a job application for Bed, Bath & Beyond. I went looking for a book store to read away the hour or so I had before I could watch a movie, and wondered into that place and hanging from the ceiling was the sign, "We Are Hiring". Cool ha? Well I got an application, and filled out most of it there, but I had to bring it back home for some information. I like how they don't ask for your social on it. They would ask for that when they need it I guess.

Well I saw "Race to Witch Mountain" and it wasn't that bad. I was going to stay that bad, but it deserved to have 'that' taken off.

Now I'm home, it's 1:25am and I'm starving. I woke up around 4 after going to bed around 10am and i haven't eaten a thing. As I speak of food, my mom alarm goes off. Yep, she got back with Nika today while I was out trying to watch a movie. Phillys came back yesterday.

Well my meal will have to wait. I have to make my mom a lemon and honey drink. 5 limes/lemons, half a cup of honey, and 3 cups of disstilled water. I don't know why, she says that she is trying some. She may be trying, but I'm the one making it every morning for her.

See ya.

Oh, short story update.

I've started chapter 57. I had already done chapter 57, but I decided to merge it with 56, so now I'm back to 57. :)

See ya on the flip side. *haven't said that in a while*

March 13, 2009

Small Re-cap... Small?

I wasn't planing on doing a re-cap like this, but the days are getting longer without me posting anything, so here is something to fill the gap.

On Monday I went to the gym for that assessment thing, and I stayed to do something of a workout with a few machines they picked for me to use.

But that only happened once I made it completely clear that I had no money to get a PT. (personal trainer)

I know I have core strength. I couldn't hold a broom and sweep a few years ago due to my back.

So I did my time that day, talked with an older lady that was there working out, and I did better on some machines than I did on others. I then took a bath there because there was no hot water at home that day.

The little assessment burned my thighs. I'm sure he has never burned like that before. But I lived. I was in pain when I got home and most of the next day, but I went back on Wednesday. It was later then I wanted, but I was waiting for my brother to come back with the metro card so I could go.

When I got there I didn't change since it was warm day and I had worn my gym outfit there. Nothing great in any life. A green tank top and black sweets. This time I challenged the eclipse machine. I made myself stay on there for 30mins but I stopped when I couldn't move and moved again when I could. I even went backwards to keep the board in front of me lit up.

When I first started I looked at the people next to me who looked like they were sliding on ice and going oh so fast. But one girl told me it keep my foot up to the top of the step and to don't give up and something about sweat. I told her I didn't mind the sweat, it was the pain in my legs I had issues with. But I stayed. Then I tried to move down to where the weight machines were, but I was late getting there today, so the floor was full of guys, so I only got to use one, and I stayed on that for the other half of my hour. Oh, when I got off the eclipse, my feet were wobbly. Which at least proved to me that I did push them.

Today I was suppose to go again, I want to go every other day with a day of rest in between, but my cycle started today so I was bed ridden. I know. Only if I was getting paid would I have left the house, but then, shouldn't it be that way?

A friend of mine wrote me an e-mail. He just about never writes me. We just IM, and twice he called me on the phone. Well he said that he missed me since I hadn't been on line this week. So I explained that I was just wiped from the gym and such, and that I'll try and call him tomorrow to make up for it.

My sister asked me asked me to go out with her to the farmer's market, which you might think is odd since it's winter turning to spring now, but they have other things to sell during this time such as artazin breads and other things.

I'll see if I can leave her early and call him up to talk to him on my way back home where who knows who will be here.

My brother and his wife have been here for almost three weeks now. They were bunking out on the floor in my sister's room, and were suppose to be here for just under two weeks. But unforeseen paperwork with getting their car out of police lockup came up, so they stayed back another week, and then something else come up stopping them from getting it and now, I don't know what gives. It seems like they are leaving or something but I haven't really been told what?


It seems that they are leaving after all. I should have known when he came back inside and hugged me, getting me all cold. But he does that. He has always been a huggy child. I'm six years older then him, and he's heading back home to TX.

What else?...

Next weekend my mom, my sister Phillys (the one who is the pain) and Nika will be going to Canada for a wedding. While they are gone, I'll be looking at the hook up for the new tv Phillys got, and set up the wireless mouse and keyboard for my mom to her desktop, and possibly, move the 19inch CTR out to the curve with a note on it. "WORKS, JUST TOO BIG TO KEEP" Wait. I know what I can do. I'll put a note up on the door. Asking anyone if they want it and write my cell down for them to call me if they do. Cool, I'll do that instead.

As for my story. Yes I'm still writing and working on it. I'm up to chapter 55 and I'm thinking of throwing in an adventure that only involves two people while the others don't know about it. I just have to come up with something on the believable side. Just something to last 2 or so days.

And that's it. I guess I can rest my guilt for now and go back to trying find something that I wrote in the story back around chapter 29.

Have a nice weekend people. *grin*

Oh, I did forget something. I posted wallpapers. Click on my "Deviantart Page" link to see them.


March 09, 2009


I went out yesterday (wed) with my brother. He signed me up at Balley's (a gym). We went for the $19 a month membership to find it had a lot of holes and the guy signing me up quickly tried talking us into another plan which was a bit more expensive for the monthly payments, but came with far more things that the first one along with a smaller first time sign up fee.

Today I went to exchange the cable box for my sister's room She is getting that new tv. I did tell you about that were getting didn't I? Well they called up yesterday (wed) to let me know that it has arrived at the local company here that delivers the things, and they wanted to know when they could bring it. I told him Friday so that my brother who is visiting, would get a chance to see it before he went back to TX.

I went over my outline with another friend and she shot it full of holes and it's gotten me shaky now about it. You said it was mostly ok, although I would have liked more from you since you might be the only one out of the three people I sent it to that would have ever had seen if not written a outline for story before. She is such a feminist that I'm questioning everything that I wrote about the mom, dad and sister. I started to tear it down, but stopped near the begging because I didn't have anything to replace it with. Maybe I should leave it as it is. I don't have to and I can't please everyone, and there are things we (me and her) don't get about each other.

I'm up to chapter 54 with Inuyasha them and I'm about 2 pages in now. I took two days off to read this story that I got an update for, to find out that I hadn't read the story at all. So that took me awhile because other than one chapter, the other 7 averaged over 15 each. I'm not joking. I really liked what she came up and how she explained some things, but she needs a beta.

See, I've been kinda busy too. :) Not as much as you I know, but things haven't been all that normal here for me either.

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March 04, 2009

I thought he invited me out.

Well. I was at home on Friday setting up the TV for my sister in her room and Hayden calls me up. Yes, I'm calling him by name.

He called me up and asked me if I wanted to go to the Museum with him. They have this first free Saturday thing and half of it is a party. We call back and forth with me thinking I'm late until he tells me in the next call that he was late also, so I take my time walking there and he's there when I show up.

He meets me at the entrance, and was visibly impressed by my outfit. I wore my old red top that is kinda sexy and he walks me over to three others girls and a guy that seemed to have tagged along.

I'm thinking "ha?". I wasn't told that there were going to be other people. I almost felt like I was stood up at seeing that it was not just going to be the two of us. But then I told myself that we were not dating I shouldn't care too much. But still, I wasn't told.

Well we went right up to the dance floor, and after standing still for about 15 - 20 mins we started to drift apart. I decided that I might as well go with it and went to find Hayden to dance with him, but I never found him and ending up standing more or less formally dressed in the middle of other people who were much looser clothing.

After a while this one guy showed up that I liked the look of. He was more or less just jumping up behind of me. I'm sure he didn't notice me much, but in the back of my head I had the delusion that he was dancing with me every now and again .

He kinda wore a white loose suit with a red shirt, no tie. He was blond. Just had to throw that piece of information out there. It looked like he came with a friend and one other person. I think his friend was the guy and he brought his girl friend. She wasn't hanging off of the guy in red.

Well I had to use the bathroom then I tried to look for everyone again, and I found the girls and they asked me if I had seen Hayden, and I told them no. So a few mins later they left, and told me to tell Hayden bye for them. I waited until everything ended and closed and lights were turned off and I didn't see him again. 03-07-09_2254 This is from dance floor. You can see why I couldn't find him or the others once we separated. Didn't like the music.

03-07-09_2301 This is from out in the hallway where I waited for the girls to spot Hayden. I was going to use it as an odd pic for a photo blog to have you scratching your head when I attached it to word 'party'.

03-07-09_2315 And this is from when I was leaving, still looking for Hayden. Didn't see him. I walked a different way out since I lived behind the building.

Ya I found out that he was waiting at where we came in. He left the floor for some reason and they wouldn't let him go back up.

I didn't all out hate it, but it wasn't one of my best times out either.

The last time I went for that thing, I was with Tanzi and they didn't have the dance floor. But I'm talking a time difference of like 2 years here.

So I was expecting actually walking around the building looking at 'art'. He should have said 'dancing with friends'. Then I might have been more mentally prepared for the outing.

Oh well. BTW, I don't think he apologized for anything from that night.

Bits Here, Bits There.


As you might have heard, it snowed in NYC on Monday. It started snowing Sunday night really. I haven't been outside to really see since I would just be upset that I didn't have a good cam to take pics of the nice or interesting things I saw.

But that will soon change. My sister is getting a 8.4megapixial cam and I get to use it. YAH! It's not the kind that I want, but it may do what I want. I'll see when it gets here next week. My sister was first just going to get a new TV because she is going 'blind' and needs one she can see from the other side of the bedroom where her bed is. But a few things got added on, and because of the 10 percent off that I got, I was able to also get wireless keyboard and mouse.

Other than that, I haven't been outside of the house since I got my hair done other than one quick trip to the supermarket to get some OJ. I wanted to go out twice, but I either over slept or it was just too cold.

I may have to do something with the laptop that I gave Nika because it seems like she got a bit to happy and has already damaged the OS. I've just done a clean up work on Jhodie's computer, and a friend of my brother seems to be having computer issues and I was called and asked to help. It sounds like it will have to be a re-install. He can't even boot into his system under safe mode. At least he is saying that there is nothing on there he wants. But I'm sure he will think of something if it does get wiped without being given a chance to go in and truly see. On top of that he doesn't have any image disks or OS disks.

I was also able to get almost 2 pages typed up so far on chapter 54 of the story last night before I started to work on my sister's laptop. I hadn't touched it in about two days because I was reading a story that I somehow missed but got an update notice from about 3-4 days ago. The story itself is very good, I just have two problems with it so far hasn't kept me from reading it. One that is easily over looked are the few grammar things. I don't think she has spelled anything incorrectly, just that she dropped a few small words here and there. The next thing being that I think she repeats things too much. I think that is what makes most of her chapters so long. She has them rehashing things over and over again.

Also, I have a link to share.\
- Customs In Other Parts Of The world.

I came across this by chance. I just about never go to the front page of Yahoo anymore, but once in a while I end up there because of someone. So I was there this morning and I saw this. I clicked on it, like I was actually planning on going anywhere and found something interesting. It seems that you don't talk during dinner in Japan. Well I seem to have broken that little rule with my current story. I'll see about a posting some kind of apology with the story saying I didn't know at the time. At least one of my meals passed without anyone talking.

I don't have anything else to really say, and if I do, I'm not remembering it at this moment. Sorry.

So I'll just say good day.

Bye everyone.