December 30, 2006

on my way home

I no longer hate Barbados, but I do hate what they did to me at the Embassy.

How could they have not known??? Oh, I didn't get it if I hadn't aready said that.

They said that I stayed in the US two years longer than I should have.

Got to go.. another timed computer and I have no more money.. See ya.

December 27, 2006

Still here

Quick, quick note.
I'm still here.
No green card.
I stayed in the US too long. I was in the US 2 years after turning 18. Which I shouldn't have done, which no one told us at the time.
So I have to wait until Sep 2007 before I can apply for my green card.
So my case is on hold and when I come back I have bring my old passpost with me to show when I was in the US.
Got to go, clock ticking on this Mall internet thing.
See ya on the weekend.
Oh, tryed to get out a day early since I was so bumed, but no can do. Suck here until Friday.


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December 20, 2006

I feel More Ready for this

Ok.. I know that I would have been a wreck if I had gotten to Barbados today, and I'm kinda glad that I stayed the day to get a few things fixed and sorted.

Now I don't feel like I'm being thrown into a hole with wishes of landing well.

I have a flight booked for tomorrow at 2 or so. I have to be there like 11:30am or something for booking and getting my bags checked.

I got copies made of somethings. I got three shots here for $10 EC each when it would have cost me $15 or $25 US each for them down there. I've gotten to walk around town with Jhodie and Nika and Jhodie was able to get her shots too and got Nika's birth paper. I we had to talk to a public DA about being able to take Nika to the US and that the father was now saying that she can't go and won't sign papers to let her go, when all the time up until now he knew she was going to the US and was fine by it.

I'm going to go fill out some more paper work. Get my hair greased and combed since I'll be wearing my wig there as far as I know. I just looked up the cheapest places I could find on line after I realized it was getting late. We got back around 3:30 or so. We were talking with Little Ray about getting a C&W phone so I could talk to Jhodie without spending $10 for every 10 mins of phone time. He wanted my phone. My nice Nokia Digi phone. The first phone wasn't enough for me to part with it. So he was able to get me a C&W phone, and a Digi phone that he didn't want that was brand new, that he didn't want, that someone got for him. I came with ear pieces and mic, and a radio soft cooler. I even liked the feel of the phone. So he got it for that. He really wanted a Nokia phone. Lucky me. The one he gave me has an FM tuner in it. I just have to get a $25 chip from C&W and my sister can call me on it, and we can talk until Jan for 1 cent for every min after 8. I'll use my Digi phone when I have to call a Digi phone. Believe it or not, a lot of people do that down here. First there was the divide Digi verses C&W then people got fed up with paying the prices between both, so they got one of the other kind so they could use the deals and offers for people using that phone service.

Well we just got off the phone with one of the places I sent and I have a place to stay. The cheapest of the cheap that I could find. I get the price I want until the boxing day, then I have to change over to another room for $5 more because the room is booked from that day for someone else. I don't mind moving.

Ok.. just a few things left and I'll feel completely ready for this thing. I'm going to have about $5 left for food per day. I may just take some soups with me to help cut down on that. I heard there is a MickyDs there. I'm looking at the dollar menu trust me.

Well I have to go now. No grammar check tonight. I have to do some stuff now. Sorry.

Night. :)

December 18, 2006

I thought that I was freaking out

My sister is now freaking after my mother called to calm me down last night about being able to go and get everything done. Right now I haven't gotten any money yet, and I'll be packing my bags tomorrow. The price for the ticket keeps going up the closest I get to the date without buying a ticket. My sister is starting to look at other airlines to see if they will have a flight that goes there on Wednesday. The one we were looking at, got booked up while we were looking and waiting for the money.

My sister got it in to her head that I could have the tests done here. I told her that it can't be. I have to be there to get them done. I should have gotten my appointment letter weeks ago.

Either which way. I got the time off. From This Wednesday, and I'll be back at work on the 2nd of January. Then I have to make sure that I keep my job long enough to have my loan approved.

In case you are wondering why I'm talking like I won't have my job much longer is because 1, I'm not processing as much orders as they would like, even if I have a good issue rate and something else. And two, Nandy. He was swearing at me again and calling me names. Lynn almost did something about it, but didn't. I can't take mental abuse. I've had enough of it during the early years of my life, and I don't want to end up crying in my bed again because of it like last night.

Well, I have to go bed now. I was suppose to have some money in my account from Simeon, my cousin, but it wasn't there in my account when I checked at 7:15 tonight. I'm going to need some money for my ticket by tomorrow afternoon, and at this point I don't know where it's coming from.

Well see ya. I started to leave and started on a rant... not this time.


December 17, 2006

There was a Dinner

Clear Harbor had a Christmas dinner last night, and I was very early.

Me along with the boss were there for over an hour by our selfs. Well I was by myself, and she was hanging out with the people who worked there. They are all friends it seems.

The table I choose ended up mostly being Career Builders mostly. But we were ok, and I was able to get some answers to some questions. The over all dress for the night was mixed. Some girls came all dressed to the Nine. Some were a bit less shiny like me, and others came in jeans, but not many. Four or so. All the guys were a let down, but then when and why would a guy down here get a black suit? The head of the company showed up in light attire also. He's excuse was that his suitcase was in San Juan. Along with some of the gifts he got for some of the winners. We had winners for employee of the year and a few other titles. They got nice little gifts. The owner of the company made things sound different from how the lady that run the place made it seem. He thanked us for our hard work to help us prove that his idea was a good one, and we had nice dinner, and some people stayed to dance when it was over. I had shows to watch and everything already started late for me, so I got a lift home.

We expected to find Lynn here, the girls wanted to see her, but she had already left. She said that she was going to come by for the bracelet because she wanted to wear it out that night, but she didn't came. I only ended up seeing one of the two shows I wanted to see.

I tried tracking down the other one, but I can't find it. I guess the ad on the tv was just to make you feel bad that you couldn't see it. Or I got the date mixed up, or we didn't have the right pbs channel for it.

I helped with making lunch/dinner today. Yesterday I went to make lunch, and I thought about making enough for at least me, Lynn and Xhaion but she didn't have enough rice. It was more or less cabbage rice, that had stir fried carrots, onions and alot of garlic and then mixed it all together. It was really garlic like I wanted it, and the carrots were still hard. I didn't want to cook them too much, and the little bit of salt that I use was enough. It came out quite well. Today I tried to do it again on a bigger scale. Not as good as the first time, but not bad. It needed more garlic, and I wish I had some more carrots. It went well with the scalloped potatoes that Lynn made. I wasn't too keen on the meat part of the meal. It was fine with me up until she put spaghetti sauce in. I looked at her as she put it in thinking, "What on earth are you doing?!?!?" Now it was sweetish. But the guy that came for his share like all of it. He took her to town and brought her back from shopping and even helped pay for some of it, so he got a meal out of it. Oh, that was while I was cooking the day before. Considering how much food cost in the place, if he gaver her less than $30 then he got his money worth. She even made something for him to drink.

Well I have to go to bed now, or at least try to. I have to iron my skirt for work tomorrow.

I just talked with my mom. She is trying to get my plane fare from someone else because Delma can't do it. I'm about ready to ask G, but I don't know if he will lend me the money. Granted he gets to see me in 5 months if he does, but the most I've ever asked him for was an e-mail and $50 EC. I'll see come Monday night.

Well, it's late on my end. It's now 9:54 pm. This is the second time I've been in Nevis for a Sunday night before work. It feels odd.

Well take care everyone. Be safe, and have fun.

December 16, 2006

I was going to blog tonight.

Hi ya.

I had it in my head to get a few things down tonight, but it's no longer tonight. Lynn just left and I should get some sleep since I'm working off of like 5 hours sleep. Some kid spent the night, and had the tv on over my head with the light when I told him that I was coming out to sleep. And then of course Nandy did what he could to make sure I couldn't fall asleep anytime soon.

My job thinks that I have two issues. One I'm on probation isn't up yet, so I can't have vacation time, and I need to process some more orders. If I don't up the amount I do they will let me go. But I when brought up that we weren't getting that much, I was told that while everyone else but one person has processed over 100 orders I've come in in the 50's. That one other person was up in the 80's. The boss lady do didn't like the idea that I had to be gone for so long said that I may be spending too much time confirming my orders and getting my details right. More or less and that they will have to find a way for me to help me speed up how I process orders so I can get more done. I'm not that happy about it, they rather I do more then get them right? But I sat in that same chair a few months ago saying that I should be able to process the amount of orders I needed to for my quota. Of course I said this with out knowing what went into processing an order, and I was interested in another job when I was having that interview.

Today I realized that I'm a problem fixer. I'll take as long as it takes, but I will fix the problem. They rather have someone just list all the problems as fast as possible rather then fix all of them.

But I did get my time off from work. I'm going over on Tuesday night. I get on a plane Wednesday morning, and early afternoon I land in Barbados. I then look for a place to stay and I then book an appointment for my tests. Then I go in the next day hopefully, get my tests done, then wait for them, then go to embassy on Wednesday, then go though all that, then hopefully all goes well and I'll be leaving for home Friday if not Saturday and then I get to spend some time with Jhodie and Nika until I have to leave for Nevis again on Tuesday morning.

Now I just need for Delma to kindly pay for my tickets so I can go.

I should think positively. This will happen. I will pay everyone back with my part of the loan for the flights and such. I will be on a cruse ship back to the US within 6 months time. I will call up G to see if I can come by. Then take amtrack up the east cost to NY where I start my life over. Again.

Ok. I'm going to bed now. See ya.

Guess I ended up bloging after all.


- There I share my life.

- There I have links to what use to be my life.

- There you can find out what I might want out of life.

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December 09, 2006

A Bit of News

I just told a good friend of mind that in 3 weeks if all goes well, I'll be holding and looking at a green card with my name on it.

My mother has received notice that we will be called to the US embassy in mid December to get our green cards. So now we are trying to get a whole bunch of stuff done.

I'm trying to get a loan to cover just about everything and even pay off some of my bills while I'm at it. One of the things that I was banking on before I was fired what that I had a job attached to me that I had been at for 8 years, and planed on keeping as I moved to the US to assure them that I was going to be able to pay them back. Now I have a job letter saying that I've been employed since late August.

Oh, I must apologize for how I may sound today. Two days of living off an English mini seres and I'm back to sounding like I'm from England. I woke up this morning telling myself don't talk because even my thoughts were still back in when ever Pride and Prejudice was written and meant for.

I thought that I should have applied for a loan back when I was still at Ross just because I knew that I was going to need the money. But at the time I didn't have any calateral for such a loan. This loan that I am getting is a Christmas thing that you don't need to put up something for the money. Like a house or car or something close to the value of the money that you wanted from them. You can use the money for any reason up to up $15,000. I asked for $12,000, thinking that the stay in the island along with the plane fare and tests would be rather high. My sister got a much more calming estimate of what the whole thing might cost per person.

Today I had to go get my passport pictures taken. Yuck!.. But then who likes their's .

Well I was just trying to find out how much the tests are going to cost for when we got there, but I can't find details. Oh well, I should have enough to cover them all the same. If this all happens, it will happen between Christmas and new years. A week after the Christmas party for work that I've decided to attend. Which reminds me that I have yet to try out my new shirt since I bought it. I still haven't gotten the new shoes yet. Guess I'm wearing my office shoes to the thing then.

Other news being that the insects of the islands are trying to eat me in their own way. Lynn has gotten a monitor at the student sale today. I guess the laptop goes back to the real owner now. Good thing too, I've been trying very hard not to install IE7 unto that thing. And just the other day I was asking Marcus how he intended to get his music off the laptop that he was trying so hard to download. Since I don't really think he has any money to get CDs. But like the person he is, he didn't think that it was worth answering me and just tuned back to downloading his music.

I'm just about ready to go to bed now.

Oh, I changed my avatar over at yahoo. Let me see if I can get a pic to post here. I got a snap shot.
If you don't see it, I think you can get if you looked me up at yahoo profiles. I gave it some weight like I have. I thought it was wrong to have a skinny AV when I never haver, and or will never be that thin. I do hope to go down in weight a better way then I've been doing lately, but I never want to get so thin that my legs and arms can be called stems.

Well good night. :)

December 04, 2006


Ya, another long spell of no blogging.

I think you more or less know why. As for why I didn't blog when I'm in St.Kitts, I just didn't feel like it. I was just happy to be home and to sleep in a place I liked and missed. Also, after some catching up and doing some kind of shopping, it's time to get ready to go back over, wash some cloths, get Nika her news story and help write it, wash her hair and my own, then help Jhodie make dinner, then eat, then finish packing to make sure I have just about everything if not everything, then get my hair done after Nika, then go to bed to wake up in time to maybe eat something then catch a bus down to the boat in time.

That thing that bit me last week Tuesday is still bugging me. Did I tell you about it? In case I didn't, I was standing waiting for a bus Tuesday morning over in New Castle, and when I sat down in the bus that finally showed up, I felt something bitting me. I look down to see this moth type thing that has dug into my skin and staying there. I knocked it off, and just scratched my hand. That sounds like the start of something bad doesn't it. Well I wasn't too worried since one bit me before, and I was fine, but this one seems to be lasting longer. It could be that I'm just more stressed, and starting to hate it over there even if I don't see Nandy any more.

Nandy was the guy I got into a fight with that weekend I stayed over and was trying to clean. It seems that he now sleeps somewhere else. I thought that he just left, but Lynn made it sound like he still came by after I left, which I can believe since I have to be out of the house by 8:30 at the latest.

One day last week I got to work one min past 10. All thinks to Xhavion. I had to help him with homework that his mother doesn't make sure he does, but leaves for me to make sure he does before getting him off to school, since I have to be at work later than her. If the boy even tried to do what he had to do, never mind told, I wouldn't have been late to work. He waisted over 30 mins of my time with something he could have done in like 15 mins. The only way I got to work that close to being on time was because I ran into someone I knew while waiting for a bus that I found out was over 5 mins way. We also rain into someone else in my department who just got off the bus and was waiting for a lift up to work. We gave her a lift, and maybe if I hadn't stopped for her I would have been on time, but I couldn't leave her.

Now I'm waiting to see how the turns out. Will I be docked 30 mins pay for getting to work 1 min after the hour?

Other than that, one of the guys at work made me laugh when he said that drinking so much water wasn't good for me. I had to drink some sugar once in a while. That was funny. Water was bad for me. He asked if all I drank was water since that was all he ever saw me drink. I said yes. I can't get koolaid at the house. One they don't have any, two they don't have any to hold a good amount of koolaid in, and three, I don't make koolaid by the cup. I just don't. So I drink water. I don't even think that I even drink as much as I should on some days. At least my skin won't complain.

Last weekend we were slightly invaded by Lynn. I so didn't like it that I was cursing her as I was walking down the dark road to the main road from work that Friday. Sol was on his way to get me, but I wasn't happy. One of the reasons for coming over St. Kitts is to not see her, or anything from Nevis. What is the point of spending $40 to get away from things/ people that just follow you? But at least it was more then her that I was coming over to St.Kitts to get away from. Now my sister tells me that Lynn my be pregnant. What gives with that? Wasn't she just asking me about birth control? She can't have another kid. She can't really take care of the ones she has now, and she's going to have another one?!? I thought about why she doesn't get an abortion before it's too late if it's true, but even I know that, that just about never happens down here. I don't even know if they do, do it down here.

It seems that I'm going to the Christmas party that Allconnect/ClearHarbor is having on the 16th of this month. The lady that runs that place, is always trying to scar us into doing better, then make us feel guilty for getting anything nice from the company. I don't like it. Allconnect was just up there, and it didn't want to pay a real wage to someone, so they closed down a center up in the US and sold the jobs to ClearHarbor for $10EC an hour. That's not much at least not for me who has to split my pay between St.Kitts and Nevis. But I know that I'm not the only one who thinks that. Since I've been there, I know of 3 who have jumped ship. One just walked out during lunch, one got a part time job along with her side job of plating hair, and the third one got a much better paying job.

Either which way, if we don't fill the amount of orders that we said we would, we would lose their contract, and they would take the jobs to another island where they would pay $8EC or is it $8 of what ever money the use there. I hate it. I hate the whole thing. Why don't they just do the honest way. Have an idea that can make money, and take care of the people that work for you, instead of hiring and firing to make pay someone a lower wage so you can get more money.

Although things have gotten a bit better with the bills we have to pay, we have lost our home phone. We didn't mind so much since we have cell phones now, and people can call us on them.

Last week we for sure found out that someone with a key for the house has been coming in when Jhodie was at work and more or less went shopping though our house. Besides the missing things, the thing that really told us was that they were here was that they took a key or something like that and scratched up a spot on our computer monitor. Jhodie just found out that something else was missing from the pantry last night. If we ever get our hands on this person, we are going to really hurt them. Jhodie thinks that it's Pearl, or Peter, or someone else who may have found, or made a copy of our keys. We just don't know, but if it's someone we do know, they are so dead. Either which way. Around Wednesday she got a new dead blot for the front door, and changed out the door knob with it. Right now only her and Nika have a copy. I just don't where in town to get a copy made or I would spend the $8 to get one made for myself.

Oh get this. I found out that a bus is paid every night to take the 9pm shift workers home. I didn't know this. Why was I asked to make my own plans to get home when working that shift? Why have I been having an old tired guy drive me home each night for that week when I didn't have to?? I asked someone else this time to find out why the bus wouldn't go to New Castle. I was told that they hadn't talked to the driver, but as far as they know, it should take me home, since the company was paying it to take the works home. So I'm going to find out and if it's true, Solo wouldn't have to come for me anymore, and he can stay home.

The other thing that I ran into this week was a commission work. A guy at work, asked me to write a poem for him for a girl he liked. I have issues with this. One, she's currently with someone. He swears it's going down hill, but to know guys down here, they would just say that to get help. Two, he doesn't see this as long term. Not even long term enough to see them living together. He doesn't know much about her, and most of what he can tell me is that she likes this song, and that every time he hears it, he thinks of her. Great, but that's not much for anything. Poem or relationship. But I have to be objective about this a bit. Just because he is nowhere near what I would think a decent boyfriend should be, that doesn't mean that he shouldn't have someone and that someone else can't like him that much. I haven't written a thing down for him, but I have thought up a few things. But I'm coming from the girls end, and I have to make it sound like him. I don't want to sound like him. Him is what is I try to avoid. Great!

Well I got to go now. That seems like I nice catch up.

See ya.

Oh, get the new version of Firefox. You have to get it it seems it doesn't just update to it like the other updates. It's good. New set of icons, and a built in spell checker. :) Take care.