November 30, 2004

It happened again!

The server ate me blog.

I did my part and it ate it!

I'm going back to bed. I'll talk later.

Oh.. small re-cap. Went to town, spent money, more than we wanted to, so now I'm broke sooner than I wanted to be. It was shopping day.

Pearl isn't leaving, her father messed up getting her tha place, and someone walked along our wall and took our plantins from off our tree. The whole set. We hope they choke!

see ya.

November 29, 2004

It's Shoping Day.

Ello. :)

Just getting on line for the first time today.

Tried last night. The net down here was way odd. Couldn't get on here, couldn't get on at msn, and yahoo gave me grief too.

Well, like I slightly mensioned the other day, my ear is bugging me again. I've had an ear infection for most if not all of this year with a few good week here and there. Right now it's mostly my left ear. Blocked up, creating an ecoh in my head, and I keep trying to unblock it so I can hear right.

Today, I tried using that ear cleaning thing. Hoping it would help me hear better, and get rid of some of the clogged feeling that I have. But It didn't really work, and I waisted, almost 2 hours doing it. Well it wasn't a compleat waist. Befor I had tried clean it out with q-tips. I know. I know, they aren't ment for your ear, but I had to try something, it was driving me mad. Either way, I just made some of my skin inside tender. The liquid seemed to stopped that at least.

Then I hung out with my sister, and she let me know that once again, we are left with Pearl and her son again. I will not be getting my house back for December. It seems that my uncle didn't tell the lady that pearl could aford it and was ready to move in. By the time he did tell her this, he had tweaked the bugject that he wanted from Pearl, and it was a few hours, maybe a day, late.

So this day, like I said, was shopping day. Jhodie had told Nika that we were all going together. So We let Pearl know this that we weren't going to be home until after 6, and she had to find someone to pick up Verey, since she had night shift.

Around 3:45 we left to get Nika..

... ok.. my ear was bugging me so I logged off and went to watch tv. Came back to the computer around 20 till 11 to finish up. Ended up cleaning up my documents folder. Now CSI is on. I'll be back when that is finished. :)

See ya....

November 28, 2004

I tried for hours to get in.


I know I'm very late. But it's not my fault. Really.

For like the past 2 hours at least blogger wouldn't me in, and last night my cousin and her two kids stayed the night, so they were playing computer games and I didn't get on at all. But tonight when I get home and providing blogger lets me I'll be writing up as much days as I can remember. :)

But incase I don't, and since I have ten mins before closing, I stayed back here.

Where is back here. It's the room to the back of the LRC called the FDC. I just didn't want to be on the floor day, and there weren't that many people here today, and I had to a few things back here.

So I just stayed back here. I scanned, defraged, re-scanned a pic. Sent a letter to the teacher telling them that I've finished all of them. I had dinner. Romein again.

I printed up some information on some cell phones for a one of the guards.

Just sent out a message to the few students that we close at 10 today. I'm off tomorrow, but I have shopping and walking to do. Lucky me.

We are starting to think of what kind for Christmas gift to get for Nika. Her school has this thing where "Santa shows up" and give the kids gifts. Ofcourse they are gifts that the parents got them. I want to get her one big plane, Jhoide wants to get her a lot of little ones. We'll see. We are also going to get rid of some of her other toys that she doesn't like or use.

Oh, Pearl may be leaving tomorrow night. We'll see.

Well I have to go now. Forgive any really bad spellings or grammar. :)


November 26, 2004

Ok, This Is Going To Be Shot.

Got to work at 11:15, but I tried to get lunch with $20. Then stopped to get an ID holder since we have to now wear them to get on campus.

By the time I walked into the department it was half past. I didn't get to sit down to eat anything when I was called upstairs to help with something. Turns out they didn't really need my help at all, but I was stuck there for half an hour. Then I talked to the dean. A man that has not said one word to me since he was hired last semester.

When that was done, I went to help the new guy in another building. I was there for another 30 mins. Then I had to go talk to a teacher who was upset and sick. She tried not to take it out of me, some some slipped out. I went to ask her for some tapes that the students said that we had before, but we didn't now.

Got down stairs and ate, looked a the tapes I got, to realized that I already had them. The students were just giving me the wrong name. Talked to Ron about 5 or so things. Got my music back before he left at 4pm. Posted an announcement, made a new page to hold the upcoming pictures from the construction of the dorms. Upgraded my photo album maker. Fresh View. Got the pics of the ground breaking and made the first gallery. Had to resize, lighten the colour of the pics. Then went looking for an the right button for the list of galleries.

AM showed up. I got to rip songs from another Rusted Roots cd. She got to finish copy the songs she wanted from my songs for the third cd. We talked, I closed up almost on time. Once again no one remembered that we close at 7pm. Well a few remembered. Tried to flag down three buses, but only the third one stopped for me. Got home, changed, helped with dinner, and realized that there weren't any kids in the house. They were out for a ride with my uncle.

Found out that Ken is still on Jeopardy, and they pushed my show, Star Trek back by like 2 hours. So now it's after midnight and I'm writing up my blog. I could have done it before Star Trek since it was pushed so far back, but I turned on my IM to tell someone that I was going to meet on line in an hour or so that my show had changed times, but he was on line along with two other friends, so I just chatted.

Now I'm going to spell check this, re-read it for grammar, then post, then put up what is left of dinner and head for my bed.


November 24, 2004

why am I not asleep?

I wanted to do my exercise, but I know that I couldn't afford to be so tired tomorrow that I didn't get my hair combed. My sister had her job to go almost right after she took Nika to school. So I had to be up early.

7:30 am

I woke up all by myself. It's amazing how that works sometimes. Everyone was already up, no surprise there. Pearl had already gotten up and taken Verey to school. She had day shift. Nika was watching tv with my sister. I came out and told her that I needed her to plat my hair now. After she had completed two, she had to get Nika ready. So as much as I wanted to go back to sleep, I had to stay awake. I got one small fresh beef patty for my trouble. Don't know if it was worth it thought. My sister got bread and the patty from the bakery bus that came honking down our street. When she came back she finished up my hair, and I thought that I could get another hour of sleep, and I tried, but I didn't feel it in the end.

Got dressed, then changed my under shirt for one of a lighter colour. I was going to wear my red one, but it didn't work. I left the house about 11 if not 3 past. Got a bus in 3 or so mins, and walked into my department about 12 past the hour.

And there on the door was a notice for an exam that was going to take place in 5 mins. Well the closing of the lab to prepare for the exam was at 15 past. I helped with getting the students out, and stopping others from coming in. No one reads the signs. Then we set up for the exam. The exam was set to finish at 3pm. Long exam.

At little after 2pm I found out that I might be going home until 10pm tonight. I am going home at 10pm tonight. The girl who came in at 2 and stays until 10, wasn't feeling right, so she said that she might leave early. I think she left at 4. I could have chosen to go home at 7 and let Ron work till 10, but I cover for people all the time, at least I use too. Why stop now. So I called my sister to see if she needed me to be home for anything. She said no, so I said I would be here.

Now I'm here, in a cold LRC with nothing to do again. I did most of work when came in, and up until an hour ago. At least I'll be having soup in an hour. I can't quite bring myself to spending $8 for a small bowl of fruit salad, or $4 for a slice of plain pizza. Well I could get the pizza. But they close in an hour, and I don't know if any are left, and I can't leave until my boss/Ron has left, and he's still here.

I have been slowly freezing since like 3pm, and I just got in there to turn down the AC. I don't like it at all. If it's warm outside, it's warm inside, if it gets cold outside, it's cold inside. So you either set it where it's always cold and live with it. That is what the library had done, or you keep adjusting it for the day and night shift. They say that is what burnt out the other one we had.

I don't expect anything interesting or note worthy to happen for the rest of the night. One or two students may say they can't log off, a few more will ask for Dr. St. Jean's video tape since that information is going to be needed in like 2 days, if that long. And I'm going to stay cold for most of the night. I turned it down or up or what ever, but not so far that there is no cold or we all get hot in here. Just enough to get the frost of my nose.

See ya. Oh. Since I believe it's going to be such a lax night, I'll have trillian on after I get back from eating my soup.


November 23, 2004

I'm Early Today.


I have to be in bed early tonight so I can get to work early if not on time tomorrow and I haven't a clue what I'm going to wear yet.

Well last night's little exercise session wiped me out. I didn't want to get up today at all. Then my sister asked me to hang out some clothes for her while she tried to dig up a tree that we didn't want. The only problem is that it's been growing for the last ... 20 years?

Well I tried to help, and it just proved how much of my muscle I've lost since my back injury. That is why I want to keep up with the weight lifting stuff I did with my sister last night.

Well I didn't get the clothes up until way later. One, her digging got in the way, then she had some kids come by to clean up the yard for $5, then someone else showed up.

Nika kinda helped me when I was hanging out them out. She handed them to me one at a time and I would hang them up. Then we played catch for a bit. Then I came in to check on the chicken on the stove. My sister was suppose to have gone to a parent teacher meeting at Nika's school. But when I got inside, she was still here and playing bejeweled. So I helped in cooking. We had chicken with cream of broccoli and some pasta. Later She made some garlic bread to go with the meal.

Earlier that after noon, two unexpected people called us up. One was a lady that we didn't know, who was looking for an uncle of ours. Turns out he was dead, but we told her to call back because we forgot and called our uncle to find out. She didn't call back. Next was my father. My sister doesn't talk to him. So I came inside to talk to him. He was more or less saying hi, and telling me stuff and asked how we were and if Pearl was still here.

Well, before dinner was finished cooking I went and washed my hair. Used the new shampoo that I got the other day, and we already had a conditioner. Then I scrubbed my face with the apricot scented scrub, then I used soap that smelled like golden apples and the leaves from that tree.

Then I came out, dried up, put on a shirt, and warped a towel around my head and came out to eat. And just before were finished little Ray showed up. Pearl's brother. Another leach. He has been walking in here for years, and sharing himself up a plate. Last month I told him to stop. He hasn't given me a dime for that entire time, and times he requested meals from my sister. Well he tried to eat some of the chicken tonight, but as far as he was concerned, there were only bones left. Then he sat down to watch tv for like 30 mins.

Now I'm finishing up my blog so I get my hair done, since my sister has work tomorrow morning.

Well see ya.

PS.. the race show is on, my sister is sleeping. How/ When will I get my hair done?


Hi ya.

To late to get into what I did today.

Very condensed version.

My sister tried to wake me up, I kicked out her for another hour and half. Then I got dressed to go walking, ended up buying some things for the house with the money that I got from someone for an old job. I also had to buy a new mouse for the computer. Thought my computer was badly infecting or crashing on me when the right mouse button stopped working. Turned out after 30 mins of trouble shooting and scanning and checking on line for a fix, that part of the mouse was just broken. Got a new one for $15.

Got back home, cleaned some dishes, cleaned the living room and washed some dishes. Showed my uncle how hard it was to find the information he wanted. Turned out the guy that I was looking up information on was my great grand father.

He, my uncle, is Pearl's dad, and he also went to see where she said she was moving into come Friday. More or less, it was a dump, and he is going to find her a better place. Ofcouse it's going to cost her more. I hope she can pay it. All of use want them out the house now.

For about 1:30 or 2am I was doing some exercise. It's now 3am. Mostly upper body and legs. My sister had some water weights that we used. She did them with me and we took turns using the weights.

Now the fact-toid that I found in my mail tonight.


mental_floss talks turkey for Thanksgiving

Q: What innovation revolutionized turkey meals just over 50 years ago?

A: TV dinners. In 1953, Swanson introduced the very first TV Dinners. They retailed for 98 cents, and the first ones featured turkey, dressing, gravy, peas and potatoes. From then on, people didn't have to leave their televisions in order to enjoy a hot dinner.

Q: What well-known puppet is named for a turkey?

A: Without pulling strings, the answer is "Punch". Shows featuring Punch & Judy have been occurring for over 300 years. Punch's full name is Punchinello, an Italian name that is based on the word pollacena (poll-a-chee-nah), which literally means "turkey pullet." He got the name because his pointed nose resembled the beak of a turkey.

Q: Why don't stores sell turkey eggs?

A: There are several reasons, but the two key factors are that not only do turkeys take longer to lay eggs than chickens do, but they're quite protective of them. Farmers don't like having their fingers pecked at by angry turkeys, so it's best to let the eggs hatch, where they can grow up into big turkeys and end up on someone's Thanksgiving table.

Q: Why is Thanksgiving held the fourth Thursday in November in the U.S.?

A: You can thank big business. That's right -- it was first set nationally as the last Thursday in November, and this worked well until 1939, when Thanksgiving Day would have fallen on November 30. President Franklin Roosevelt, citing pressure from retail groups, declared that the fourth Thursday in November (in that year, November 23) would be more appropriate, since it would allow for an extended holiday season with more shopping days. This caused some temporary backlash, but two years later, the change was made permanent and the public caught on.


For more stuff like that go to

They also have some other links.


Newspapers: How much have you read?

Ladylike: Women of the world.

The Renown of Brown: Try to get 5 for 5!


Well take care. :) I may actually walk it over the deep water port. That is like 2 and a half miles from here I think. Maybe just 2.

November 22, 2004

Boring Sunday.

So boring, I can't even start to write something.

I got to work like 10 past the hour. The new girl in the Library, and her ride picked me up to give me a ride to work.

The only thing I did at work that was work, was fix something on the announcement page. That's it. I uninstalled some programs that I no longer used, I manually typed all the names of the computers on the floor and in the rooms into my restarting program because they weren't showing up the other way.

I did a small blog. I fixed and reinstalled trillian on two computers. Talked to three friends. Played bejeweled 2. Played some music. Refilled the paper trays of one of the printers. Oh, I also checked on that room that had on some equipment when I got in. Ended up bumping into the assistant dean and a visiting teacher and helped in showing him how the stuff was set up in the class rooms.

The was one odd thing, Brain gave me a watch that he found in a sand pit or something on campus when he was walking his surgery dog. He said that it was buried. It had parts that looked like it was eroded, and there was water in the face, and it wasn't ticking anymore. He thinks that it could have been there for years. But he wanted to turn it in. I did a bit of other little things to keep me from walking the floor out of the need to do something.

Oh, there was my shot at trying to take a small video of me for a new found "friend". The way that the light was coming off my face, made me not have my face on film. So I more or less just showed off my big chest and new shirt. :)

Than at 10 I closed up and come home. I was half way up the hill when the guard who was going home, stopped a bus for me, and I had to run up the rest of the way. I don't know if my bra was worth the fabric it was made out at that time. Well, I stayed in. So maybe it was. I wasn't prepared for a run, never mind up hill. My heart was find, it was my breathing that I had to get under control.

Got home, got undressed, and got dinner. Oh, I put some clothes back on before I ate. I was so hungry. Didn't eat my soup at work and just drank water the whole time.

When I was finished eating. I just washed the dishes without waiting for my sister to say anything. She had enough to say about Pearl. She found some missing things in her room. Tomorrow, I know what she will be telling her, if she goes thought with it.

Well it's late..and I want to sleep. I may install Trillan before I go to bed.


November 21, 2004

Hi ya. I have....

a very short movie of me.. well part of me anyway.

Link will be placed here ------->___________________. by the end of the day. I have the movie. Just have to get it uploaded. Ok.. Not by the end of the day.. in 2 hours. Better?

I'm showing off that shirt. The one that really shows off how much chest I have. :)

See ya.

Back... ok.. as you can see.. it's not posted. I'm just having a slue of FTP'ing problems. And when I thought I had a copy on me to do it here, I find out that somehow it wasn't copied. So I just spent over and hour trying to upload a file that is suppose to be 1.5 megs to find out that it was a 0 size file.

So I'm sorry to say for all those who were waiting to see my chest that you will have to wait at least 3 more days. Sorry.

Family Found Me.

I left the house a little late... but I could make it to work in good time.

Then some one recognized my jeans. :(

I wasn't out of my house for 2 mins when he pulls over and asked me if Nicky was my mother. While I'm there trying to be nice and talk to him, two buses go right by me. Then he offered me a ride to work. Great, but I saw how fast he drove. I'm sure the trip there was almost twice as long as I'm use it being. By the time I walked into my department it was almost half past if it wasn't already. I was very happy that it was Saturday. I didn't have much if anything to do yesterday. I played a different game yesterday for a bit, then I went in the back to see what the microscope could do along with the software that came with it. I expected a bit more than what was there. Took pics and .avi's of paper towels before I got my hands on some stains.

I fiddled with some setting just to find out that nothing changed, and the other things it could do, I could do in paint shop pro or photo shop. Even in irfanview. Sad. How old is this software?? Maybe it's needs updating. But then, how much can a microscope do?

While I was doing that, M the girl at the front, had to call Ron in to restart the server. For some reason the server for the students goes down, and who ever has the key for the office has to come in and restart it.

Then come 5pm I manned the front desk until closing time. The last half hour I was over with Brian, talking about operation equipment. And I found out he doesn't like getting stuck with needles. :) He has no problems using them, he just doesn't want one in him.

Then I left work on time, and walked up. When I got to the guard house, I found out that there as room with equipment on. Great. I told them that I'll get it when I get in tomorrow. It has been on for this long. 12 more hours won't kill it.

And lucky me, I got a ride home from a student. He said that I kicked him out of the LRC. It's not my fault he didn't read the sign saying what time the LRC closes. But he was ok with it. We just talked a bit during the ride.

Then I got home. To beef and bread. :) Well it's something. I had to wash dishes again tonight. But once again it wasn't much, and I even got to clean the ones I left to soak from the night before. I played some more of my game, then just before I went to bed, I did some leg exercises.

So around 3:30 or so I went to sleep.

One more day down.

November 20, 2004

New Game!

Hi ya.

Yesterday in my mail I got an announcement from a game website that I get some games from, and they have come out with and updated version of a game that I liked.

It's called Bejeweled 2. I downloaded it and tried it. WOW. Nice. They merged two games together for this one. Well ofcourse it is mostly the first version of the game plus part of this other game that I've had for ages. It's call Flux. I guess they hired the guys to came up with version two of this game. I remembered a few months ago, when they were talking about Flux as if it was a new game. :) At least one of the two sites below now have the game in their line up of games to download. But if you can't pay for it, get it from this link up here. The others are timed, but this one lets you play on and on, you just can't change some things.

Oh, I have realized that between the version that I got at and version of the same game, that one thing is different. I like the version from popcap better. When you have finish one board and move on to the next board, you more less slide though a worm hole. It's like stargate. :) The other one is more like stargate the movie's version of the worm hole, without the hole.

But it's a great game. I've very happy with it.

Now that I'm up to date on my blog, I hope to post today's before I head to bed. But I won't have much to say, so it should be a nice short one.

See ya.

Friday - Another Wet Day.

It just rained for the whole day. I left for work, it was raining, I got to work, it was raining, it rained all the wall though until it was time for me leave.

Rain came into two or three of the side study rooms through the wall I think for two of them. In one room the water came through the window. They (students) have left them (windows) opened so many times during the rain, that the water comes through even though it's closed. I had to mop it up since I was just about the only one there. It was around 5 I think. I hoped that my back wouldn't hurt when I was mopping. Yes, it is that easy to hurt my back, but amazingly, it didn't feel a twinge once when I was spending time with my friend. I thought that was odd. Guess I avoided the positions that would have hurt my back. *smiling... lucky me.*

Well, other than that, it was a slow day. Oh, I did ask my boss back for my music, and he said sure, but forgot to move it before he left. I'll bring it back up in a week. I have some music to keep me company until I get my vast collection back.

Oh, the housing lady came by and commented about my big chest and the blouse that I was wearing. They, the guys, said that she shouldn't say that to me. Later I hit me, that, that sexual harassment thing may have stopped them from commenting on how I looked. Well that got rid of half the reason I wore it. If I look good, tell me. Well, I told her of the updates I did to her site, and she said that she didn't understand a thing I said, and that she was just going to look at it, and see if it's what she wants. Grief.

Then it was just me and my music for the rest of the night. There weren't that many people here. It was Friday, so the library closed at 4, and the cafeteria had been closed since 2.

Got home in the rain, and had hot cereal. She didn't cook. What gives? I was looking forward to eating, and something hot would have been nice. So I took my trail mix in a box and added it to some corn squares and added my low fat milk and put it in the microwave. Then I tinkered with my sister's MSN messenger's profile. When I added those new faces and display pictures to my side, it was easy. For her side there was some kind of fight going on, but I won! :)

I tried to talk to Chris when I turned on my IM last night, but he wasn't there. His IM was on, but he wasn't there. Then my sister made me wash some dishes. Lucky me there wasn't much. Cleaned off two counter spaces and the table. I did good. :) I don't wash dishes much. :)

Then I headed in to bed around 2am. I can't seem to go to bed before that. It's starting to bug me. I don't mind when I have something to watch, but I don't like staying up and wasting time. At least I'll get to sleep in tomorrow. My shift starts at 2pm. :)

Oh, almost forgot to wash my bra. Every time I get a new one, is stop wearing or can't find the one I had before. It should dry before work. Washed it and hung it up in my window on a hanger.

Night. :)

Yesterday, A Day That Was Too Long.

The biggest thing for me yesterday was that I showed a lot of cleavage and only one person said something to me.

I wore the same shirt that I had the day before, I just undid all my buttons and wore a light brown, skin hugging, low cut blouse under it.

I looked pretty good, and even my sister said wow.

I got to work a little late, but I had my sister call ahead for me. I had to go get my birth control shot. It's for incase someone thinks that I'm worth sleeping with, and I actually like them. For a black girl, who isn't thin, on a island in the Caribbean, that doesn't like black guys. I don't get to match up that often.

Got to work, did work things, and bit my tongue about asking for my music back when talked to my boss. 2 hours before closing it started it rain, and it rained up until I had to leave. I even got locked it,it's a good think I had my own set of keys. I locked up, stood outside, saw the rain coming down, then remembered the umbrella that someone left inside. Lucky me. Went back, got it, closed up, when walked up the split level hill to the road. I was able to catch a bus before the other two girls, but not before I got soaked.

From like mid thigh down I was all wet, along with my bag.

Oh, the only one that mentioned my full, over flowing figure was one of the girls from the library. She said how I dressed up sexy today. I don't hit me that I could have said that I was just living up to my name. Some how, some people (all girls) call me sexy Jhoy when they see me. I never asked why, I just said hi. :)

Got home to find out that everyone had gone to bed, but my sister cooked. Rice and peas with some mutton and squash. Then I messed around with MSN messenger in my profile. Then I bumped into a friend on line who was awakened by work calling him up for something. So we chatted for a bit, and I headed to bed at 2:30am. Today was my 11 o'clock shift. Needed to sleep.

See, you didn't miss much. Except for a pic of my and my full chest. *smirk* I didn't take one.

I may do today's blog tonight, or tomorrow morning. Don't know yet. Bye.

November 17, 2004

I Got A Shirt, Times Two.

Well I did it.

I got up at 6:30 and tried to go back to sleep to sleep for a bit more, but just as it was starting to feel like I've fighting sleep and awakeness for 15 mins, my alarm went off. It might not have hurt me so bad to wake up if I had gone to bed before 3am.

Well, I got up, got something to eat. Watched some tv until it was time to get dressed and take Nika to school. Then we walked into town. First we tried to exchange the one of the flash lights that my sister got earlier that week. The lid didn't stay on when the batteries are placed in side. But they didn't have any, so I think she said that she was going to come back another day.

Then the search for a shirt started.

First stop was the shop across the street. I didn't really think that they would have would I would have liked, but they were having a sale. Well I was right. I so miss the variety that I had in NY. It was like all the clothes were stamped from the same kind of cloth. There was one top that I liked, but ofcourse it wasn't in my size.

We then left there for Jhodie's bank to get the money for me to play for a hamper and radio clock that a student was selling. The hamper was $5 and the radio was $20. EC ofcourse. Then we went to my bank for a little bit more money to pay for any shirt that I my actually find. I was only planning to spend $30 at the most. We were on our way to the back of Rams, when my sister pulled me into a place where she found some clothes and had put them on lay-away. There was one shirt there that I liked. It was blue, but it was also over $50. Anything else I may have considered getting was over $100. This was not a cheap store.

After we left my sister, the talkative one, started to ask me about dating. I didn't want to talk about it, I didn't want to talk about it with her. She was a tad concerned about me she said. I'm the oldest, and she might be dating soon, my younger brother is thinking about getting married and my other younger sister is dating. Well great for them. The only person that I want to be with isn't here and I can't do anything about it. I just don't date for the shake of dating. I'm not going to date someone if it isn't going to go anywhere, and I won't look for someone if I'm not in a position that I can have something happen.

We went right past Island Hopper. Their clothes weren't really for work. We got to the back of Ram's and I actually saw something that I liked, and a size that could fit me. The price was $15 so I got two colours. A grayish light brown, and a green one. I tried them on and they fit!. :) Great. I have new shirts. I paid and we left.

Jhoide had work today. She cleans the house once a week for a sickly lady. She talked me into going up there and walking it home, since I had just that much time, and I already ironed my skirt for work before we left the house. The walk to the bus stop was longer then the bus ride up to were we had to get off. Then we walked about two more blocks to her house. I left her there,then started on my home. 2 big blocks later I heard her calling me. I looked back to see her walking towards me. Looks like she some how got out of working today. It turns out the lady's daughter come by and would be cleaning for her today. So we started to walk home together. We bumped into our cousin at the end of the block. She was packing up some food stuff that she was on her way to town to sell. I wanted to leave, I had work to get to, but my sister stopped and talked for about 5 mins. Then we got on our way. We walked over a big gutter, up a small eroding hill, walked along the back of Green Lands,then though the grave yard, then crossed the street that was two small blocks from our house. It was near the middle of the day. I had to take a bath and get dress in about 30 mins I think.

I wore the grayish shirt with my brown skirt, and ran out the door at about 5 past I think.

Verey didn't go to school today and Pearl was just about no help to him. He woke up vomiting today. Not violently, but she stayed in bed while he would go into the bathroom to throw up and stuff. We had to tell her to get up and look after him.

When I was leaving she was holding him from doing something and talking on her cell phone. I didn't sound like she called anyone for help for him.

Got to work 15 or 20 past. Not nice. I had a few things to get done. The only thing that bugged me was the video that I've been trying to digitize for a doctor here at the school. I had to do it all back over again, and I still missed like 5-10 seconds near the end. Posted an announcement, and started some web work to make the housing lady happy. I think that I may have learned how to do a few things better since the last time I had to do this, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would have been.

I paid for the clock and basket/hamper, and she brought them in for me. When it came time for me to go home, the new kid and his new car was here, so he took me home. I didn't want to go home in a bus carrying a hamper.

Oh, before that, earlier in the afternoon, my sister called to rant. Pearl left. Jhodie had to go get Nika and she was left there with Verey. Pearl didn't even tell her that she was leaving. She just left him in the living room, and an hour later my sister found him when she came out of my room. My room is like the second living room since I have a small tv in there. So I told her to have the kid next door that Nika likes pick her up from school. But also, Jhodie needed to pay the school today, if she pays a day or more late, they add on more money. Well she asked the kid to bring Nika home for her, and Nika screamed and pulled and cried all the way home. She, Nika, remembered the little talk we had with her about who was suppose to bring her home, and that no one else was suppose to bring her home. After Jhoide explained why the boy had to bring her home, she calmed down. That was impressive. But after seeing how other mothers treat their kids, Nika tries very hard not to break any rules we give her. ( At one point it scared Jhodie. Some lady was at Nika's school picking up a child I can only assume was her's and she was crying, so she kept on hitting her, telling her to stop crying. Later Jhodie spanked Nika for something, and Nika told her that she wasn't going to cry. )

Now Jhodie is just steamed at Pearl. I think she gave her until this Monday to move out.

So, I'm home now, and my sister washing out the bathroom sink with disinfectant from all the vomiting Verey did in it. Dinner didn't exist since she had to take care of him. The only real show that I got to see that night was CSI: NY.

I think I went to bed a bit early for me, Jhoide wanted to take me out walking again tomorrow. Then Pearl told her that she had day shift. Between me thinking that my walk was off, and Jhodie telling Pearl to get someone to watch him,I went to bed.

I had started this blog last night.. but I just couldn't make myself finish it. So today at 9pm at work I finish it.

Well see ya in like 3 hours. Maybe 2 hours. :) .. I think I hear rain out side. :( No umbrella, no coat.:(

The Rest Of Tuesday.

I was able to crawl back into bed for 30 mins before the kids came home.

Somehow I watched some more tv, washed my hair and took a shower for like 40 mins I think. Use my nice back scrub, and tapped the last of the shampoo from it's bottle, played with Nika in the shower before she found out that she would have to get wet if she wanted to help me wash my hair.

Then I washed some dishes as my sister typed away to her friends, then we ate, pasta mixed with cream of chicken, and stewed chicken with a side of canned veggies. I got to see Jeopardy, some csi, watched the first ep of The Amazing Race, saw some of my British shows.. missed changing rooms. I'm not even going to look for anime tonight. I'm about to have my sister comb my hair. She hates combing my hair, but I have no one else to comb it.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and buy a shirt to wear to work that day and for the rest of the week.

Take care.

November 16, 2004

Another Wet Day.

Hello All.

Shopping day was today. So was a small rainstorm. Which is reason why Nika didn't go to school today and why she tagged along. We had two umbrellas and a little yellow rain coat for Nika.

The first thing we did after we got to town was go to the bank to put my sister's name on my bank card. The whole thing took about 20 mins maybe. Not as short as I expected, but not as long as I thought it might take.

Then we went to get something to eat from the sandwich shop. Nika had a hot dog, my sister had a cheeseburger, and I had a normal size tuna sandwich without cheese. Jhodie went over to the store named China Town to get two flashlight and batteries. Our little lunch cost me $17.50, counting the can or OJ that I shared with my sister. Nika had a drink from just before we came in, that was a $2 box drink.

My sister showed up with a bit extra. Some paper crowns for Nika, I don't know why, for a $1 each. A peeler, and a decorative paper bag. She ate then we went back to the bank to get my bus money, which I won't get as you will see later.

At this point it started to rain again, so on went Nika's coat, we opened our dying umbrellas and walked into the square to get to the bakery. Half way there, both our umbrellas started to leak, and Nika was laughing and running in the rain. Then the rain got harder, and the wind picked up. Soon we were trying to hold on to Nika and our umbrellas as we crossed the street on the other side of the square to get to the bakery. By the time we go to the bakery, the only thing that was still dry on us was the hair on our heads. By the time we left the bakery we has spent $20.50. That was for two pieces of bread pudding, two pieces of potato pudding, 2 sliced white bread and one pack of round bread, and one bag hot dog bread, and a plane yellow cup cake for Nika. Now before something starts talking, all that I'm bought today is suppose to last us for 2 weeks. I shop once every two weeks.

Then we went to get a few things from C&C. It's a small supper market. We get like 4 or so things from here. We get our lotion from here because I think it was the best price we found. We got two, one for me, and one for Jhodie. That was $17 each. Then we got one box of cobras to get the stand because the other brand we do buy stopped including the stand for some reason. We got 3 matches at .50 cents, a celery, two small single serving Doritos, three little toy box thing that they sell down here for a $1.20, and three packets of soup. The end total was $62.50.

Then we went to see if we could get some batteries and a new shower curtain at another store. When we got there Nika said that she had to use the bathroom. So I took her over to the "mall" to use their bathroom. Jhodie said to also change her wet pants and socks with the dry ones she packed just incase. But when we got there, she didn't have to pee again. So I changed her clothes. I used that hot air thing to dry her shoes a bit. It would be counter productive if I didn't at least try to dry her shoes after putting on dry socks. As we got back Jhodie came out of the store. She said that they didn't have any shower curtains and they didn't even know that, and the batteries were more than she thought they were. She spent like $10 for 4 or 5 batteries. I'm not sure.

Then it was on to Rams. By this time it was already warm and the sun was out hot again. It had more or less stopped raining since we came out from C&C. We dropped off our bags at the bag check and got our little ticket thing, and systemically worked our way from one end of the store to the other side. We were almost finished when my sister got into some kind of bargain talk with the owner over some boxed milk. It seems that he was willing to give her a crate of the grow up milk for $19. By the time we made it to check out, she had spent more than she would have liked, and couldn't get the grow up milk for Nika. The total was $333. $26 of it was for my lactose milk at $5.50 a box. Wednesday I'll scan the receipt for you. I was thinking of typing it all in, but I don't want to. We had ran out of a few things, ok, most things. By the time shopping day comes by, the kitchen is bare. One cereal was $8.50. That was the cheapest one they had. The box of chicken thighs was $18 or so. Two pieces of cheese came up to $10. Soap power, one bag was $17.25. 6 bars of soap came up to $11.70, and the list goes on. The apples weren't that bad, $1.40 each.

Then I carried Nika to the taxi stand because she had fallen asleep about 5 or so mins before we went to checkout. Oh, as for check out, my sister didn't want to pay the $10 the bank charged for using the debit card at the supermarket, so she had taken off, or thought she had taken off, enough money to pay for our main shopping at Rams. But she came up a little short, and had to use my card anyway for $33 of the stuff.

Then there was a little more bad luck when we got the taxi stand. There were no drivers when we got there. They were at some kind of meeting. Also, when one did show up, it was the guy we tried very hard not to get. He doesn't help us load or unload the bags, so when we got back home, he just sat there in the bus, with the engine running as we carried Nika in, and made like 5 trips to and from his bus getting all our stuff. I'm glad that I didn't pay him. Oh, the 3 min rid cost me $10.

I went to lay down, but my sister called me out to help put up some of the stuff, I did that, then went back in to bed. At this time I think it was like 3pm or so. She then came and got me 3 hours later just after sunset.

Then I came on line to do a person search for my uncle. He wanted me to find someone that left St.Kitts back in 1924. Three hours and a phone call later all I had found was information that he passed though Ellis Island, on this date, when he was this old. My uncle thinks this is so easy. I found more information on someone with the same name that got to the US 40 years earlier. There is just about nothing for people from St.Kitts, at least not that far back.

Well around 3am I crawled into bed after I started writing this blog. I saved a draft of it just before the computer crashed on me.

Today Tuesday, I slept in until 11am, got some cereal, went back into my bedroom and watched some tv until 1pm I think. I then came out here ready to play Jackal and Hide while I washed some dishes and clean up the kitchen, but I found Peal out here watching tv. So I just cleaned up a bit and dumped the water that was collecting under the sink.

Then I came on line to check my school mail and finish up this post.

Well take care. I'll catch up with you later. I have to get my hair washed and greased, then I have to get my sister to comb it.

See ya.

November 14, 2004

Ya.. It's Works!

I have a working (so far) webspace. :) It lets me upload anything (so far).

Ya!. :)

Enjoy the advantages. :)

A more indepth look at the fold for the month. :)

Oh.. I got dinner too. :)


I've been here since 2, and now it's 10 past 6, and all I can say is yawn. I have truly helped only one person in all that time. I've talked to 4, but I've only really helped one person.

My computer didn't want to digitize today, but I waited it out, now it's doing it. (well that is what I thought. Three hours later and a reboot, I had to re-digitize the whole thing again.)

Now I'm just sitting back here waiting for something. Right now I'm tempted to make a classical cd for B. Just to give me something to do. I tried out this mosaic program that a great friend sent me, and poor me didn't read part of it, and more or less told it make me about 80-mosaic wallpaper with out knowing it. But I stopped it with out crashing my computer.

Then I made two wallpapers. One I can't really share since the background image that I used isn't mine and the guy that made it is really good, and he might think that I wrecked his work. The other one won't be of any interest to anyone who don't know the three people in the pic. But then it could also help promote the same place as the other one.

Ok, the staplers are starting to really bumming me out. :( That's right, I said staplers. One is a normal sized one, and it is meant for small stacks of paper. The other two are meant for larger stacks of paper. Lately the spring in the back of them, if not just one , stopped pushing the staples forward. So I have to hit the stapler into my hand to bring the staples forward so the students can use it. What bugs me is that they look at it like they couldn't fix it, and tell me that it's out of staples every 5 mins. The girls don't even press down on it all the way. They think it's those small ones that they had when they were in kindergarten. They half press on it, says it doesn't work, and jams a staple in there. And these are the same girls that use to jump or step on the hole puncher. I want a nice machine that I just load the staples into, they push a button and it staples for them. The only problem is, the school won't by something like that.

Well back to waiting. I think that I'll go walk around, check the rooms, make that cd for B, and then go start my soup. Yes, I'm eating today and AM won't stop me.

The time is now - 6:26pm Atlantic Time.

Back.... 12am

Well I kinda helped one other person, and then AM showed up a little after I came back from eating. She was wet from the rain that was currently falling outside. She made copies of some of the stuff that I found on my computer the other day, we ripped some songs from the cd's she had, and I made a copy of another one. Which I realized when I was walking thought my front door that I didn't have on me. Great.

Well I left work on time, and I waited maybe 20 mins, I'm not sure, I started to day dream about the guy that I was with 3 or so weeks ago. I don't even know why, but it helped time fly by. Then I got the good nice big new bus to take me home, then 1 min later it started to lightly rain. By the time I got off the bus, it had stopped raining.

Well with food in my tummy, cook-up, I got another ftp program and tried it out. Besides it cutting out on me and having to re-connect a number of times, it works really well.

Well I'm ok. Ok is shopping day for me.


What do I say?

Well I just saw it. Interesting. ... very interesting. I would have liked a more closed ending considering I had to watch three movies to get to the ending. But with that said, it wasn't that bad of an ending.

Earlyer today I went to work. I got there on time, I had to re-digitized part of a video, mostly I just defraged for most of the day. I defraged my computer, I defraged the new XP that is holding some songs for me. I also defraged the computer at the front desk that I use the most. Oh, and did some mp3 stuff.

Someone just left 2.17 gigs of mp3 on my computer, so I took a copy and placed them on the XP computer that I soon had to defrag. I also got my hands on some cd's to rip some songs from.

Then AM the girl that brought the CDs for me, helped me rename the songs that I got before she showed up, then she gave me a ride home. She actually had a car today.

I have to stop starving myself. I was about to walk out and eat my soup when AM showed up so I had to stay and keep her company and keep her from seeing the sight of me eating. I don't like letting people see me eat. But I might have changed my decision to not eat if I could have used my computer on the inside to let her watch some anime. But I couldn't, it was doing school work. :( So I just told myself, again, that I'll just wait until I get home to eat something. But guess what ladies and Gentlemen? She didn't cook anything. AGAIN! So what did I have aftar over 8 hours of just drinking water? My left over pieces of flat bread, and popcorn. I was going to have a soup, but after I washed out my bowl, I realized that I didn't have any. She gave me the only two to take to work.

I'm thinking of wearing my jeans to work tomorrow. It's Sunday, my last day of my work week, and I don't want to wear my purple skirt again. I can't take big steps in it.

I'm going to bed now. I'm tempted to turn on ICQ and see if Chris is online, but I don't know if I have the energy for anything. I know that I'm going to crash in at at least 20 mins.


November 12, 2004

Slow, But I Get Paid.

Today was ok. Once again I get to work late. The world works against me.

I wore my orange top that looks like it's one of my older piece even thought it's the newest thing I own, and an old purple skirt that is made up of purple squares. My sister said that the colours clash. I don't think so.

8 hours later.... (2:05am)

I came into the LRC to see that no one was at the front desk. Walked over and saw that E, the day shift girl hadn't even been in to work today, since the computer said that I was the last person to use it. Guess I'm staying out here then. Logged in and checked my mail. Bit by bit I got things to do thought out the day. Nothing to run my ragged, but I wasn't left with much free time on my hands either.

Had to re-print an ID for a student's wife who had her's stolen. Find out how to make a vector of a picture, and e-mail it off to someone. That took some time. I continued to work on the slide show thing. I was going to finish it today. I digitized a tape for Dr. St. Jean. I answered phones, passed on massages, I said hi to someone from our Dominican campus. We have a medical school over there for human doctors. I also had to go out twice to close down class rooms. Near the end of my shift I thought that I was going to be able to play a game before I went home, but just then AM showed up with a slew of cds, so we talked, I made two copies for my sister, then it was time to go home.

Walked up with AM and I was waiting for a bus when I realized that I forgot my money next to computer. Earlier I had asked the new guy when I was on his way up to the cafeteria, to get me slice of pizza. I have him a $10 to cover the $4 slice. So I walked all the way back down the LRC to get my bus money.

Oh, our water fountain was still turned off, so I had to take my water bottle to the bath room to fill it with water. I only got it half full. I couldn't really get the bottle in the sink.

Came home to find no food because Nika wasn't feeling well and my cousin from Nevis was spending the night and living on my computer. She doesn't have one, so when she's here she's on here. That is why I'm just getting on at 2 in the morning. I missed Chris again. He's the guy that found me on ICQ. Jhodie then went and got some fast food for all of us to eat,which took the $5 from me that I went back down a hill for, then Nika saw some fire works outside.

Jhodie and Nika went to bed around 10 or 11, but my cousin was on like I said until 2, and I had to get on to do some things, this included, so I ate some more of my sister's cranberry bread, then did some flat bread and eggs when she was still on at 1am.

Now I'm going to spell check this thing then post it, then go play a game for at least half and hour. Then I'm off to bed.

See ya.

Thursday..... What do I remember??

I almost forgot to do a blog for yesterday. I would have done it last night if I wasn't so caught up in getting that picture posted, and having so many problems. I have to go learn some basic html code again.

Anyway. Yesterday. It went better than I hoped. After all the talking to, and almost getting fired, which may have just been a scare tactic, I got a good review for the year. Ofcourse he included that I needed to learn more about how networks got impacted by certain actions. But over all, he was happy with what I had done for the whole year, like I said earlier, and he is going ahead with his plans for me. I'm set to get certified in two MS products, and I'm going to help a lot with the putting together of what will soon be my domain of a media center. Oh, and I will be teaching computer classes. I know a few people have been waiting years to see me teach a class. I have to learn every which way the microscope that we have hooked up to the computer can be used. I know about the slide scanner, the flatbed scanner, the cd burner and software, I may have to brush up a bit on how to use Photoshop a bit.

I worked again on those pictures that my boss gave me to turn into a slide show. It gave me heck to get some pics off of it on the computer that I normally use, but I tried out here, and it worked just fine. I'm starting to wonder about that computer. Anyway, I had to resized them down and I saved them in a folder to go over so I can lighten or darken, or rotate them.

There weren't much students here after 5, which let spend some time with Dr.G, showing him how to use the 2x2 scanner, rip some songs off of one cd and put them on another cd, and before that, I as up in his office trying to trouble shoot his printer. *which reminds me that I as suppose to go up to his off and have a look at it again today.*

Then someone called down from the clinic saying that they didn't know how to turn off the TVs. *raised eyebrow*.. don't know how to turn off the TVs??? How is that possible. So I walked up three tears of steps and hills to get a remote and turn off 5 TVs. I then made my way back down to the LRC. Worked some more on the slides until I got a call from one of guards saying that the monitors were on in two classrooms. Great, he didn't turn off any of the equipment, and didn't tell me or I could have gotten that done sooner. So I waited until 8:15 then went and closed up all the classrooms.

I got back at 9, then I just worked on the webspace thing, and uploading pics that just seemed to disappear after I uploaded them. I think that I'm going to ditch that one and get another one. It's not working at all.

Dinner was an-assemble-yourself occasion. Flat bread, stewed turkey, with some squash, and some cranberry bread that my sister felt like making. It's like banana bread. It's more like cranberry cake for how heavy it is. It was a good dinner. Wish there was a bit more.. but I think that was the last of any meat we had left in the fridge. Who knows what I'll find tonight when I get home.

I got online really late, and I half intended to write my blog but I had to fix the first one with the pic. First I changed from the free place to geocities. But I was low on space there, so I went to my other geocities account and posted the picture there with a thumbnail so I wouldn't have a big pic taking over the page and pushing everything every which way, the way it was doing it earlier.

I did get to see most of the New CSI: Las Vegas tonight. That only good thing that Daylight Savings has given me. Normally by the time I get home I've missed the whole thing. Daylight Savings may have given me Las Vegas, but it took CSI: NY from me. I also got to see most of the first Matrix movie, which reminded me that they are having a back to back to back thing with all three of them this Saturday. We haven't seen the third one yet. It's not worth spending $10 to go to the only movie house in town to see a fussy film, and freeze from their AC. So we wait until it comes out on tv.

I crawled into bed around 2:15 or so, I had to go to sleep. Today was early shift for me. 11am.

That's it. :)

November 11, 2004

A Small Piece of News Before Today's Blog

This is what made me late to work today. I even left my house 20 mins early when I heard that the gut was running.. But it didn't help. I still got in 15 mins after 2, and I had my review to do with my boss. :(

But it turned out ok, he knew about it, and wanted to leave before he got trapped on this side of the island.

Oh.. I have free webspace. I had it for a while, but I haven't gotten around to using it yet. Until now anyway. I can't use hello here at work anymore, and it can't work from my house either. So I'm uploading them there, and linking them here. It gave me an idea when I was walking around closing up tonight. I'll see.
Update... I had free webspace, it's not working right now... I'm looking for some more right now. Currently I'm using what little I have left from my geocities account. Speaking of which, I have to go check how much my other geocities count has left it in. I may just move it there. There's an idea.

Well see you later.

That is my last change. I've fiddled, and changed, and changed again. I've uploaded pictures 10 times. I'm finished. Only because I'm done. I'll post today's blog tomorrow. Good night.

My Monday...

..granted it was Wednesday.. but like I said... It's my Monday.

Well I got in a little bit late, as always... it seems to be a bit harder to get into to work on time than one would think. Anyway, I showed up to help C in admin with a power point thing. I got there and she wasn't there, so I looked around for her for a bit then I went down stairs. I was sure I had to meet with Ron for my yearly evaluation. But I came down to find that he changed it for tomorrow. I then called her back twice in like 10 mins, then when I was sitting there trying to work on some pics, she called down. I then ran back up and found out that she more or less wanted to have the words do some kind of effect that shows one point at a time. I tried to show her how to do it, but she couldn't really stay there and watch me, so I sat down and changed all the slides for her, and I had to remake a few of the slides to have it do what she wanted.

While I was there doing it for her, we lost power. Her APC kept me going until they got the generator turned on for that building. I showed her how it looked when I was finished, when I came back down stairs, I had already forgotten that we didn't have any power for the floor computers until I saw the darkened side of the LRC. Then I asked how long the power was suppose to be gone for. A little while, or something like that they said. Even thought it was only 12:30, I was starting to think that I was going to be going home a bit early, but the power came back 10 mins later.

I helped turn back on the computers on the floor. Worked on some pics for a slide show. They just tried to hurt me too. I met and talked to a TA about a web page for his department, but turns out that he had nothing for me to do after all.

I was starving for the whole day. No money to buy anything, and I hadn't eaten breakfast. It just hurt me to be in the office when the two guys came by with their lunches and it smelled so good. Salt fish and dumplings with veggies and a piece of pear. Instead of looking at them and seeing food that I couldn't eat, I cracked open a computer that Ron had brought in for us to confirm that the power supply blew. The other two guys looked at it, turned it around, and even took a metal rod and tapped at something on the inside thought an opening it had at the back. The thing was, the case for the computer was one we hadn't seen before. It was a great looking case, I thought that it couldn't be that hard to open. So I found how it was suppose to stand or lay, then I looked for a likely way for it to open, and I got it. They were surprised. :)

At 6pm after fighting with the pictures some more I went to close up the classrooms. In the rain I might add. I was going to take $2 with me for some peanuts, but I told myself that I was almost time for me to go home, I could wait. I took a coat that was just hanging around here that I used sometimes, and held it over my head as I walked around campus closing up class rooms. I got back here with about 15 mins left on my shift. Tried again with the pictures, but for some reason it was fighting me, and didn't want to open or convert. Well time came for me to leave. I cleaned up my desktop, and took the coat with me incase it tried to rain on me while I waited for a bus to come by.

Well I got there in time to catch a bus, but it once again didn't see me because I didn't I hadn't crossed the street (which I think is why), even thought I stood there facing it, waving my arm. Someone who's face I knew, stopped and gave me a ride home. He even know where I lived. I'm starting to think that he gave me a ride home before.

Well, got home without getting wet. The kitchen was clean even though my sister was sick and achy that morning. It turned out that she told Pearl, our cousin, to do the dishes for her. I was thinking that I had to go re-wash them now. But Jhodie said that she told her how to wash the dishes. They should be safe never mind clean to use. So far, nothing that shouldn't be there has been found.

Nika took a long time to go to bed tonight. She went to bed when she was suppose to, but didn't fall asleep, then she said that she was hungry. After we fed her some eggs, she got sleepy.

I have no clue what we had to eat, I think it was bread and something, maybe.

Well off to bed, I may go out tomorrow before work.

November 09, 2004

Lazy, Lazy Me.

I gave up my bed easy enough today. Once it was after 11am. And I was thinking that I could for that walk, but I heard thunder, so I decided to stay inside.

I some how managed to not crawl back into bed, not clean, kinda eat, then went and got Nika and Verey. Then I took her out to the store to get some eggs and two $1 bread. She peddled her way over and back. At times she used her feet like she was in a flitstone's ep to stop her back from going down hill too fast.

Then we got back t the house and she didn't want to get off her bike, so we went up and down the other long block along the pasture for the school. She did much better than she did the first time.

Then we came home and I just had to watch these two kids be kids and run around, shout, fling their bodies all over the place, then 3 hours later, bath then bed. I was washing my hair when she was putting them down. First I smelled like apricots when I washed my hair with shampoo twice. Then like white or cream when I used the conditioner. I need hot water again. I miss not being able to wash my hair and skin for that matter in hot water.

Now I'm actually on line, and talking to one of the new guys that found me over ICQ a few days ago. I was able to get on line just before four to check my school mail. I have about two things to get me going when I get there. First I have to go by this lady's office to help her with something I didn't expect to help her with.. .. or really know why... but I'll see when I get there. Then I have some kind of slide show project to do.

Well I'm off. Take care.

I Went Walking.

That's my day.. I tried not to do much.... and I succeeded.

I woke up late because of rain and over cast skies. I woke up and eat some cornbread that my sister made last night.

Then an hour later I got dressed for our walk. We went down the long hill, went down by the
wharf, then around some private houses next to the hotel, then we doubled back on the other side, then we walked back up the long hill. But just as we got the top of the hill, we stopped to walk around a house, and talked as if we had money to fix it up. It's a nice little house with an interesting design, but it needs expanding, and all the wood work, from doors to roof has to be replaced. The kitchen is way too small I thought that it was an odd pantry when I saw it though the hole in the door.

Then we got home and I got on line, my sister 40 mins later went to get Nika and Verey.

My sister did poor man's chilly and fries with cheese. Corned beef instead of ground beef, without the beans. That just nulled the walk we had today.

Then it was some more tv, she took Nika out to sent off some more fire works and such, and a little bike ride up and down our half of the street.

Right now I should be in bed. I started skating around the hentai sites that I have, then said to myself that I was only line to write my blog.. so I'm writing my blog.

Checked G4TechTV tonight to see if Read Or Die would be brought back.. and for a second I thought it had, but it's not. They brought in another new anime. Grief! Finish one already.

So I may look at 3 or so more sites, then I'm off to bed. I have another walk tomorrow. I saw this new sign on the way to work that isn't too far from here that says that there is a new pottery studio down this street. We are going to go look for it.

See ya.

November 06, 2004

Saturday... The Rest Of It.

Let's see. What haven't I talked about yet?

Well there is that recovery fight. A student damaged a word document that she was working on by maxing out her memory use so much that the computer did a half-crash thing.

First I had to get the floppy that she was saving her work to, to open. 15 mins later it let me open it. I did a surface scan and it worked. It hasn't worked much lately. I then took it back to her and had her copy the files her folder on the server before anything else happened to the disk. Then we found out that the file that she was working on was corrupted. So much so that it froze word, and you couldn't do anything to it but close it down using Ctrl+Alt+delete.

So for the next 20 or so mins I was trying to get anything to open it so I could re-save it with out the code that got corrupted when the system crashed on her. I even downloaded OpenOffice to see if it could move beyond the corrupted code. But it didn't. It didn't even get to open, when I told it open that file. Finally I tried to just print it with out opening it. The student had said that she didn't need to edit it anymore, she would be happy just having a printed copy. I spent about 15mins trying, then she came in to tell me that I could stop trying now, she will just have to get the notes from someone else. But I gave it one more try, and even though the program crashed, it still printed. I don't know how, I just know that it did.

After that I was on my own for the rest of the shift. M left at 5, and I sat at the desk. I didn't really have anything to do, so between walking the floor and turning off lights and pushing in chairs, I looked up wallpaper for my club. I was posting day. :) I think that I got four nice ones. I also changed the look of my desktop. I also burned a copy of some songs for B, a student that talks to me. I make it sound like it's such an odd thing, and it is. Anyway, he was amazed at the amount of songs you can hold on a cd in mp3 format. I told him that he had space left after all the songs I put on there, along with the copy of two other music cds. A cd can hold 150 give or take if they are 128bit rate. Higher and you hold less, lower bitrate, and you can hold a bit more. He was amazed. :)

I helped out a few other students with logging off problems. The students have a set limit of space that they can take up on the computers. If they go over that, they have to get rid of the extra data to be able to log off. The problem is they don't know to get rid of that information. So we have to do it for them.

I closed up with out incident and I got the second bus home, because the first bus that passed me didn’t want to give me a ride home. Got home ok, I even got off at my block. Jhodie didn't cook so I was left to re-heat leftovers. If my sister wasn't there to cook for me, I would be a bit on the thinner side. I would eat sandwiches, and corn flakes. :) Then I could order salads at work.

Anyway, got to bed later than I wanted to. Around 2am I think. All my shows were pushed an hour because of the daylight saving thing. I saw Inyasha, but it wasn't where I left it. They went back a few eps. For them to get to the point they left me off at, it will be about 2 months. As for Read or Die, I don’t look for it. I'll have to check Monday night. I'll be very happy if they were back to were they 'dropped' me. I'll see.

That was Saturday. ..Oh I forgot the rain. I heard loud thunder when I was down in the LRC for most of the night. By the time I came up to catch a bus, I just got a little wet from drizzle. I did see lighting in the west. Then I thought it was odd of me when I was little to think that we had a different kind of lighting than the ones I would see on tv.

Night. :)

Yesterday While I Can Still Remember, And Today.

Small hiccups here and there, but nothing major or really involving happened.

Besides helping out a few people at work, I did just about nothing other than trying to trouble shot my own computer that didn't want to add any titles in movie maker. Every time that I tried it would freeze then the program would crash. The last two times it actually memory dumped on me. So today before I got caught up in a recovery fight, I looked for ways to uninstall MM2 and then re-install it. That had me going for two hours. They (Microsoft) have to make a visible uninstall script for this program. I'm sure that there are people who will never use this program. Well I finally tracked down the answer in this little bulletin board that talks about a program that actually finds some hidden way of uninstalling the program, and it lets you reinstall the version that came with your OS if you have the OS disk. Which I didn't have, so I just copied the contests of the movie maker folder from a computer that had been upgraded to SP2 and it works. My link to the program doesn't work, but I can make another one. :) The program had copied other needed files back to where they were suppose to be, but it couldn't do the movie maker folder, because I didn't have the right disk on me. I'll try again if anything goes wrong with it.

Yesterday I helped a teacher who a student had given some music to on a USB drive, and wanted to know how to get them off and then burn them to cds. Well we went to the FDC, just because it's where the teachers went. Now that I think of it, I could have done it on my computer. I wonder what I was doing on it. I may have been still trying to find an answer to my crashing program.

Well first we copied the files to his folder on the server so we could download them to the computer that has the cd burning software. The computer that had the burner did have a USB port, but it was in the back and the computer was on the floor. I wasn't going down there considering I was wearing a skirt, and he was wearing a suit type thing, so I didn't make him go down there. It took a long time to upload, but took almost no time downloading to the other computer. Well set up the burning program, and found out that both folders of songs minus one song could fit on the cd, so we did that, well he said thank you and waited for it to finish and left to do something. I think I ended up helping a student somewhere, by the time I came back, he had gone though 4 cds. Something was causing problems and not letting the burn complete. So the guy R, who was helping him when I was doing something else, said that it was the burning program. He has a copy at his house, and he said that it would wait until near the end and just ruin the disk. So I installed another burning program for the teacher to use, but he had to leave. He asked how long I was going to be here till, I told him I was here until closing. 7pm. So he said that he will come back later after I've installed the new program. Prassi PrimoCD Plus 2.0 , but it looks like it may not available for download anymore.

Anyway, he back and hour later or so, and when I logged him in to use it, I found out that things didn't work the way I thought they would. So we used my profile. I fixed part of it, so he would be able to do it in his profile. Then he asked me to show him how to use it again. When I was finished I then I realized that had to uninstall and re-install MS Office. I was actually able to get my hands on copy of office from Ric before left. He just asked that I make a copy on the network. The copies that we had of disk 2 weren't working anymore. I was able to copy them to the network, but I wasn't able to install from the CD, go figure. So I said that I'll just try installing from the server tomorrow, and it worked just fine. It just wanted to give me grief.

Then around 6:30pm yesterday AM came by to hang out for a bit. I shared my very short list of mp3's with her and she liked the rubber ducky song :), and a very odd version of 500 miles that Rockapella did. Then I realized that it was 5 after 7. So I kicked everyone out and left to catch a bus. On the way out AM ran into a friend who was Jewish who got something at the fast food place that she couldn't eat and gave it to her. I think it was pork and rice. I couldn't touch it either. I was raised not to eat pork. So we walked up and I caught a bus home. I got off like three blocks from my house and walked home. Passed BBQ, and 6 big amps in the street that were hooked up to a street light. It was for Guy Fox Day. Which got me thinking what was all of this for? So I got home and did a little web searching. For one thing I found out that Guy Fox is actually Guy Fawkes.

Then two hours later I realized that my sister hadn't taken Nika up to see the fireworks that were going off, they were at the school helping out in some fund raising take away dinner thing. So I got dressed to go and get Nika since it was 9 and I didn't know if Jhoide had to stay longer. As I stepped out I felt rain, so I came back and got an umbrella. When I got there I find out that they were just diving up what was left. We had to wait for the rain to stop before we went home, but by the time we left, we had three "plates" of food and one with extra stuff. On the way back my sister saw someone she knew, so she stayed back with Nika to talk t them and watch some fireworks and watch them set off a few other things that went BANG.

Well I got home and picked out mine. I had the chicken. That was one of three things I recognized in there. I went from everything I ate having pepper in it, to everything tasting too sweet. Then they, my sister and Nika, played with some fire works and sparkles that my cousin had gotten for her kid, who by the way was very afraid of them, out on the porch. The boy just backed up and hid. It was a sad sight. Then the lights started to dim once the place started to play their music. So we turned off everything but the fan and the tv and light a candle. Lights all around us went out, but we still had ours. It would be too weird if it passed us because we weren't pulling that much power. They pulled so much power they stopped three times after they took out the street light three times. :) So that was short lived party. They called it quits around 1:30am.

I crawled into bed later than I should, but no later than the rest of the house. I just had to put up the food so we would have something to eat today.

There ... that was Friday with a bit of Saturday mixed in. I had completed this with Saturday included, but I crashed the system when I tried to publish the 4 page long blog. Well the system crashed when I tried to anyway. So I lost all that I wrote today. Oh well. I'll just have type it all back up again.

See ya.

November 05, 2004

Unimpressive Day

I had breakfast today before work, and I wore the same outfit since I don't sweat when I'm in the LRC, but I did realize that I shouldn't be seen in the sun in it. You can see though it when I'm in the sun. So when a time came up for me to leave the LRC and go upstairs to where I could be seem by someone I didn't want seeing me, I sent the new guy. :)

I walked around, tried to look busy for an hour or so, then I went to cover the front desk. I didn't know what to do. Looked at the screen for a bit, then decided to work on the data base thing and fix the teacher listing and online profile. Before I was trying to piece three things together at once, so I just did it in parts this time. Then I ran into student printing problems for the rest of the night. At one point a paper got fused with a roller so I had to shut it down.

The other printer was down waiting for a part. The part came, and we tested it, but then found out that students were denied access to it while it was down, and it need to be reset. I told my boss when I saw him, and he was on his way to do it when his cell rang, so he went outside to talk, and forgot about me and went home. I didn't care that much at the time, but now the students didn't have a printer, so I tried to call Collen to come in and fix the permission problem since lived the closest. I still had 2 hours left of work and people need to print out notes.

I eat some noodles, my spoon was still missing, and for the last hour or so, I played the little bit of music I still had, and tried to piece together this map that I got a small copy of. I was asked to change some pics from .tiff to .jpg and the first set I did got shrunken by accident, but I kept them to piece together later. Personally I didn't think that the pics were that great, but it may work if they shrink them a bit when they go to print them.

Closed up on time, and I even got a lift home without having to leave the parking lot. I even got a closer look at our new patrol car. The school is getting it's own security team. The map I was told to convert was for that department I think. They are suppose to patrol where there are large numbers of Ross students living, and faculty and maybe staff.

My sister didn't even pretend to cook tonight. So I had leftovers. I was suppose to meet someone online tonight, but my sister was awake and was using the computer during that time. By the time I was able to come on line, he wasn't there. On well. Maybe I'll find him tomorrow. I tried looking him up, but couldn't find him. This is what happens when you don't fill out your profiles.

Well, I'm wrapping this one up early, I want to sleep tonight. I was up late last night and I need some sleep.

Take care and get your flu shot if you can if you live in those cold places. Night.

November 04, 2004

I Lived.

Last night I stayed up and watched tv until 3am so I wouldn't sit in bed thinking of bad things.

I woke up at 7am to wake up my sister again. This time I got it right. Then later around 9:30 I tried to get up. Got up at minutes to 10 and got my cloths to iron them out. I wore my black witchy flowly shirt with the big purple flowers on it. I may have to spend some money and get a picture taken of me in it with the right skirt. .. speaking of which. I wore my other brown skirt with it.

Well I got to work on time, well 5mins after my shift started. Still good. I was wondering what on earth was going to greet me. I went to my desk and sat down to see how things would happened. Checked my mail, one or two things here and there, but nothing major for me. Posted an link in two places, digitized a movie for a teacher, but now the movie program that I'm using doesn't want to write titles anymore and cashes on me.

Then I helped out with a PC that my boss brought in to be repaired, and I tried to help out with a laptop. Speaking of my boss. It was slightly creepy how he acted all normal. I talked to him a bit some other things, and asked him about coming over to sign the letter so I could get it over with, but he said later. So I tried to help out.

On the Laptop I ran two up to-date AV programs and they found nothing, and I cleaned the registry, and I uninstalled and re-installed the bugged program, and it still wouldn't work. So after a few hours, among the three of us, we came to the point that we had to tell him that his system needed to be reinstalled to have this fixed. I had much better luck with the desktop. For 2 hours it didn't look that way, but I hunted down the error on line and fixed it. Then I had to do all the updates the owner didn't do for it. Not to mention all the spyware that I had to get ride of at the start of this little venture.

Then it was time, and Collin was the one sent for me. I went into this office to just get this over with, and I found out that something else went wrong. This can't be happening I'm thinking. I Didn't Do Anything Else Wrong. I didn't do anything wrong. Anything they say I can say either didn't happen or there was a misunderstanding. I have nothing to worry about. I was almost right. I hadn't really done anything wrong. It was just bad timing. Right after I had left my bosses office that Friday, I was trying really hard not to cry, and teacher/faculty member that was new, came in and I helped him, but he thought that my attitude was off, so he wrote my boss about it. In his words he said that it seemed that I acted as if he was bothering me an I didn't want to help him. As he's reading the letter I'm thinking, that's not me, that is what E does, not me. I told him how he told me not that long ago that I was great with faculty and students and I should be abit kinder to other members in my department. I then said that he talked to me right after I came out his office, and I may have just been trying not to cry so much that it seemed that I was harsh to him, but I wasn't. He understood. It's odd. He said that he wants to keep me, but he had to lay the law down and that he wasn't out to get me. After he gave me a copy of the letter he was putting in my file, I changed the subject, and it worked. I think that I'll live after all.

So I walked back out and was happier. I've gone 6 years before anything happened, I can go 4 more years without anything else happening. Why 4? I hope to be going back to NY at that time.

I tried to get my movie program not to crash, but it still did, and I manned the front desk for the last hour of my shift. It started to rain and hour before I had to leave for home and I didn't have an umbrella, I hope it wouldn't be raining by the time I left for home, and it wasn't, it just rained as I got out of the bus. That is when you find out that I just had on my bra under that thin shirt. If you didn't see my skin though it before, you saw it now. Cold.

Got home to the smell of food, but just about nothing was cooked. My sister stopped to eat eggs and pear with bread. At that point she gave up cooking the meal, and we had eggs for dinner. Our uncle came by earlier to take Nika and the Verey for a ride. My sister actually went to see about a job, but she couldn't' take it. The hours were too wrong.

Then after 9pm I installed ICQ onto my home computer. I have ICQ on my computer again. I got the newest version, and already it's like old times again. Two people found me within 5 mins of having this thing turned on. Thanks to all this attention, it's taken me over 2 hours to write this blog tonight, and I still have to spell check and re-read this thing. I better be going then.

See ya guys.

November 02, 2004

The Day Before.

Tomorrow I got back to work and I have to face my boss first off to sign that letter.

And to make this time of the year oh so much more better, I just got my evaluation form. :) We are being evaluated for the whole year next week.

Today I just tried to stay in bed, but my sister has been trying to wake me up all day, at the start of which she asked me to wake her up by setting my alarm, but I didn't hear what time, so I chose 7:30 and it was too late. She said that she told me 7, but I didn't hear her.

Next, I had to call Collin to fix something for me at 8am. I made an archive page for the sga meeting notes, but when I posted the link I placed it next to the wrong club and over the next 3 or so days I didn't even notice.

Around 12 I crawled out of bed, and combed out my hair so I could get it washed and combed for tomorrow. V had called me earlier about a program that I had installed for her that was no longer working. So I told her that I would come by after 4, so I would be getting out of the house today after all. I was even thinking of walking it back. It's been clear all day.

But by the time I had washed my hair, twice with conditioner, and taken a bath, and got dressed, and re-downloaded all that I needed to fix V's little problem because I no longer had the software like I though, and waited for my sister to come back home, so I could leave, half the sky was already dark with rain clouds. I took my thumb drive with me along with $2 to take the bus to her house and I was still thinking of walking back. I may not rain during that time, and it's a small problem to fix. I expected to be back on the road walking home in less then an hour.

But I should have known better.

I got there ok, but I couldn't using my thumb drive. I forgot or had thought that they had up graded to Win2000, but I was wrong, they still had win98, and it couldn't install my thumb drive. So I had to re-find everything and download it to her computer. I also found out that they had too much things starting up with their system, not a lot, but their system wasn't that great. Then there was the resolution and colour depth. Those had been changed for the worst. In a hour I had been able to change two things. the problem that I came to fix, and the desktop look. I also updated IE because I thought it was having issues. It still was when I left, when I tried to fix the clock in the system tray. They wanted to make sure that it was telling the right time. So I tried to get an atomic clock sic program and I tried 3 and neither one of them could connect to the clock server to sic the time. So when I was leaving, after telling the computer the defrag itself because it crashed again and I did nothing on it, I said that I would come back the next day with a program that I have, that I know works and install it on their system.

They said thank you and sent me home with some cooked veggies and a bag of candy for Nika. V's husband had arrived home so he drove me home, since by now it was already dark outside.

Right now I'm waiting for Jhoide to pull herself away from Nika so she can do my hair, so I came on line to do by blog for the day and then decided to check my school mail, where I saw my evaluation form, and send a friend a belated birthday card.

Well, good night. I'll let you know how well I live though work tomorrow.

November 01, 2004

Cold and Wet and the shakes are Coming Back.

I didn't get to do my walk today. It rained all day, but I made it to the bank anyway since we had to pay the cable bill and my sister wanted to talk to the bank about some money she saw missing from my account.

I work, and when I work she takes care of most of everything else. She shops, she cleans, then asks for my help, she cooks, and when she wants to get away, she fishes. Months have gone by and I have not been near the bank to get any money. She gives me my bus fair. So she would be the only one to know what is going on with my bank account. So I was just there so they knew that I knew she was there asking stuff about my account. Odd. Even when I was there, she (the teller) still won't tell my sister some things and wrote it down on a piece of paper to me to see.

We bumped in our uncle today after we got some money from the ATM to pay the cable bill and to get my bus fare for two weeks. It's more like my allowance. Anything I buy for myself for the next two weeks comes out of that. At the start of the month we pay the cable. Which is cable tv and cable internet. That comes to $240. At the middle of the month, we pay lights, water and phone. Combined that comes to about the same $240. Maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less, all depends on how much lights we used or how much phone calls my sister make. I almost never use the phone. Out of both pay checks I have to also give payments for a washer, a living room set since the one chair we had was finally falling apart, and a sewing machine. Oh, and there is food to buy for currently 5 people living here for 2 weeks. Each paycheck that comes up to maybe $400.

Next shopping day I'll type up my receipt for you to see where it all goes.

Ok, back to today. Like I said, we bumped into my uncle in town just after we took money off the bank to pay the cable bill. So he gave us a lift up the office since it was raining so much. There weren't that many people in there because of the rain, so we weren't there long. Then we tried to get an umbrella for Jhodie. For the whole time I was walking around with the umbrella, she walked in the rain. She doesn't get sick like I do from walking in the rain, and the umbrella wasn't big enough for both of us to stand under it. Also, she walks faster then me. She needed her own, but she wouldn't buy any. We tried three places to get an umbrella. One place didn't have any, and the other two places had umbrella's that were under her standards. At that time, my umbrella started to leak. So we took some of the umbrella money and went to see what was on sale at Ram's. We got a cheese, a discounted bag of cereal and some potato sticks for Nika.

We got back at 12:30pm and ofcourse it was still raining. It was raining from like 5 that morning until 2pm. Sometime around 3 I started to have the shakes again from thinking about going back to work on Wednesday. I then went down for a nap for a while hoping that would help calm me, but I still woke up feeling off. I haven't eaten much for the past few days, and I almost didn't eat tonight, but after a while I kinda made myself eat something. Jhodie made mash potato with my lactose milk with seared chicken that finished cooking in red gravy.

We cleaned up the kitchen, and the living room, and Jhodie gave Nika and the boy for our cousin a bath and set them off to bed.

I have a slight headache from worrying, and I got a slight cold from walking in the rain today. I need to buy sneakers, I just have flip flops to walk in. Sneakers cost so much here. The next time I get $100 I'll go get some sneakers so I don't have to walk around in flip flops in the rain.

At least my house is starting to look nice. I have a real living room now. Oh ya, the paint. I still think that I should get the shoes first, then worry about getting paint for the house. The builders didn't get around to even priming the walls before they said they were done. Heck, they didn't even give me a kitchen sink.

Well, I'm trying to calm down again, I keep seeing my boss waiting for me to show up to tell me that he changed his mind and I no longer work there. I have to call Collin at work and ask him to fix something that I over looked again. This mistake I think I had someone else look at for me and nether one of us caught it before until now. Oh well.

I'm going to go rub down with some Vicks then maybe stay up for "How Clean Is Your House" which now comes on at midnight, and CSI just before that.

Well, good night.

I'm Calmer

I got to work early again. My sister's little mission.

But I also got to work with nothing on my plate to do. I walked into work thinking what I was going to do, and realizing that I had finished the video editing a day early. Last night I hurried to send the e-mail to Dr. M telling her the video was finished and placing the video in the shared folder, thinking that the next day was Monday. That just shows up much I want this week (end) to go by.

Checked my mail again, still nothing. It's Sunday, he's out having fun with his family. Let it be I told myself. I said in the dark the whole time I was at my desk. I don't turning on lights when I know I'm in a safe place. Well, I helped out two students with their laptops, but only one of them I was really able to help. The first guy was someone I had talked to the day before, and I was just checking to see if I could fix his wireless connection, but I had a feeling that he needed to have some of his information placed back into the system, so I told him to bring it by the next day to have them see if that was the real problem.

The other student was a girl that came to have me look at her laptop was an easily fixed. I fixed something. That always makes me feel good. She some how lost her mapped drives, but she was connecting fine to the network. Good. I remapped her drives, then asked her about how it was for her getting to her Ross mail when I saw all the bars she had in the browser. She said that since I asked, she couldn’t reply to any of her e-mail from her Ross account. I didn't uninstall them, I just unchecked them so they weren't active or showing. Now her e-mail worked right again.

Then I went back to wondering what to do. Then I thought about doing some of my lessons. I have time now. So I picked on that said that it was suppose to take 2-3 hours to do. I thought that I had an hour to get going at it before M had to leave and I moved to the front desk. When I moved to the front desk I realized that I was only at it before for under 40 mins. That was disappointing. So I started it back up again and stayed with it until 7:40 when AM came over and she went with me to get something to eat and help me with the sorting of teachers into their departments. It seems too easy this time around. The first time I did this, I'm sure it took me an hour.

She walked back out with me when I went to wash my bowl, and we talked for a bit before she left. I actually got to gossip, which wasn't really gossip since I was in the story, and she already know what would be the juicy part. I just filled in her blank looks on a mutual friend of ours.

Then I said that I had to get back inside in case someone was actually calling the front desk to find out something. I got back and didn't fell like doing anything fun, so I went to do another lesson that I haven't really touched in a loooooonnnngggg time. I picked FrontPage this time since I already started it, and it was a different pace from customer service lessons. So I went in and it said that the last time I was at this lesson it was Feb, 19. It's been that long since I started some of these lessons. I worked on that for the last 2 hours of my shift. I could finish it this Thursday if I'm not busy, or I may find a way to fell motivated to do some at home.

Well I left work on time, but I ended up standing in the rain a little while I waited for a bus. One bus came by and didn't stop for me. One, he was going too fast that I didn't see it was a bus until it was passing me, and two it didn't want to stop after it passed me, or, since it was being tail gated, it wasn't worth getting a fender bender to pick up a $1.25 fare. So I was left standing for another 10 or 15 mins for another bus to come by and get me. I got out a little before my stop when someone else stopped the bus and I walked home.

Nika was asleep, and Jhodie said that she has not been crying for her ear today. There was turned corn and stewed fish for dinner. The only thing missing from the dinner were the boiled green bananas.

I'm starting to have a sniffle right now. That is what I get for standing in light rain at night. Well I'm planning my walk for tomorrow. If everything goes as plan I'll be walking about 2 or 3 miles tomorrow.

Well I'm off, time may have turned back you, but it's 2:30am for me right now. We don't change our time down here.

See ya.