July 30, 2008

On my way home again. Is anyone in NY city looking for someone with a cute voice?

July 28, 2008

They let me out early.

Another Week...

... has gone by.

I don't remember much about this week. I was out from work for one day, Thursday. I was running late and called to let them know that, and they told me that a lot of extra people coming in today and that if I came in that late, I would just be sent back. So I turned around and went to the bank to deposit my little check. This Monday I'm not getting one at all because of my missed week.

Oh... Besides yesterday, which I'm going to get to next, Wednesday was an interesting night. I fingered that it was time I paid on my/our cell bill. First I did a check to see how much I owed and I didn't believe it. Total amount owed was $260 something, and $156 was due that day. What? How? I called up and asked how come I called them up last month, paid $20 and that cleared the bill and even put $4 on credit. So where did all this come from? The cell phones are on a plan. I shouldn't be paying more than $80 a month.

Well it seems like my sister all by herself, spent over 760 minutes on the phone. Our plan covered only 700 minutes. I was looking at something like 40 mins just for me if that much. I have to call them up for an extension, then use my whole next pay check to pay off most of that first month that is owed. Oh, Jhodie doesn't have a job yet.
Now, as for Saturday, that began Friday afternoon. Someone called Jhodie and left a voice message saying that they had a job for her. She was told it was office work and came to give me the information. When she called back they said that she could come tomorrow at 9am or Monday sometime. I believe that it was after 5pm. So I called back to say that I wanted to come on Saturday and confirmed the address.

I went to bed early, I got there 20 minutes early, I sat in an iron chair for over 3 hours to find out that they lied, and that they recruit people to get them certified in something that you only get a 3 day course for. For that it's $99 and then to pay for the certificate that’s $49. Ya.

I was even less impressed when I stuck around for the meeting with other offices via phone to see what else was going on. I then talked with the person who called us up in the first place to find out that he didn't really talk to my brother like he told Jhodie and when I asked about getting a job like the one I my sister was told about over the phone, he no longer had any time to speak with me.

Talking about it now, makes it seems even more wrong than it did then.

I then ranted to myself and my sister over the phone of how I wasted my time and that she wasn't going to go come Monday. Because I was ranting with her and took a while to decide that I was going to take the bus instead of the train home and I missed the bus by 30 seconds. So I walked pass to the next bus stop and waited in the shade for the next bus. I was a very hot day.

I then transferred to another bus so it would take by the food coop market. You have to join to shop there and you only pay 20% than what the market did to get it. Also, by joining you have to work there for a total of 2 and 3/4 hours with in 4 weeks time. It's not bad. I went in to look around and get all the information that I just gave you, along with a general tour of the place. I will have to go on Wednesday to sign up.

Jhodie and I will go on Wednesday and then mom will go on day that she can and then one of use if not all of us will have to share Phillys' hours. It seems that all adults in the household have to work there for anyone to join. They figure that everyone will be eating the food, so everyone should help earn it.

Then as I start to walk out of the "store" the bus I was betting on catching drove past. Great. I have to wait 30 mins for the next one. I came out and hoped that the red light and passengers stopped it for me. Well new people did get on the bus, and a red light did stop it, but not long enough for me to reach it. I wore those brown healed shoes and my feet were already hurting me.

So I walked up to the stop and sat down. I looked down street and there is another one? Lucky!

*go easy on me. I've been reading a bunch of manga lately and even trying to write a fanfic of Inuyasha. That is where the rest of my week went. :)*

So I got on and the lady said that I was lucky. She was suppose to be ahead of the other bus, not behind. We chatted until it was time for me to get off. We passed the farmer's market up at Prospect Park. I told her about some stuff that she didn't know. She said that she was going to try and go there in two weeks or so when she had some time off. We even saw someone selling fish.

Today at work I got a full day of work in. Lucky me. I was able to score 3 surveys. I almost didn't think that it was going to be that good of a day. I left the house a bit later than I wanted, and I had to walk in a storm to and from the train stations. I was starving for most of the day, but like I said, I got a full day of work in and I dropped off Jhodie's resume at Dunkin Donuts and they seemed happy to get it.

I even had an interesting conversation with the monitors and some of the people who were left to pull in the last survey for the week. We would have been let out earlier if the system was working better. Everyone expected to have been finished since 8:30 but we didn't leave until minutes to 10.

Tonight I didn't fell like taking the bus home, so I took the subway all the way instead. I got home to some dinner. Mom had fried some fish and had some peas and rice as well as some corn on the cob to go with it.

Jhodie and Phillys were AWAL when I got home and mom was not happy about it. She had to take care of Nika. Not that she is hard to take of anymore. Just that she had to keep her awake so she could go to bed at a good time and not be up until 5am and then sleep most of the daylight hours away.

They just got home and mom is up again and getting ready for work.
And that catches you up.

I'll try not to take so long to write my next blog. See ya. :)

July 21, 2008

Week long Sick Leave.

Long time no see, I know. The subject gives you a reason why for about 4 day why you haven't heard from me. As for the rest, I was busy doing some other things, then there's my mom's time on the computer. I currently do not have computer of my own.

You may remember that I had gotten my hands on a laptop not too long ago and it was said to be "mine". Well the power connection inside the laptop is not longer there it seems. It's plugged in to power, but it won't see it. So I asked around about how much would cost to get fixed. The prices are from $158 to $260 or so. If it can be replaced it's the $100 one, if it can't be replaced but has to be fixed it's the more expensive one.  I'll have to save up for getting that fixed.

In the mean time I was moving my site over to the new address. I'm sure that I already told you about that. Incase you missed the address it's http://jemspages.blogspot.com I wanted to use just my first name instead of jemspages but someone has walked off with that address, so I can't use it. Someone clamed it back in 2004 and just left it. Hey, incase I can get it since it is my name, let me know will ya?

*now just a small thing about that link. Not everything I write will make it to my jemspages site. Just the ones that won't cause issues. I have a few brow raising stories, that I know a few people will have issues with. So they will stay over at my new LJ site. I'll have a link for that later*

Let see, other than that, my mom took me bag shopping with her. It wasn't a bag for anyone one of us, it was for my mom's sister, my aunt and it wasn't just for one bag. We walked for over 6 hours bag hunting in the flower district. I found some good ones, and we got bags from two places. One place was expensive, and the other place was better priced. After we started to look around, I started to think that I should get one for myself. It will have to wait until we go again next month.

We also spent some time in a hat shop. This lady that came in while we were there was very into hats. As far as she was concerned, every hat she tried on looked good on her. She tried to get me a hat that looked good on me also. She was a very happy person. I just placed one on just to see. I wasn't really looking for one. They were all church hats. Some of them would fit in quite well at a few important  high tea parties in the upper classes of London.

But it seems like these are the kinds of hats that my aunt also wears to church. So we are going to send her the flyer for the place.

Today I went back to work, or at least I tried too. I couldn't clock in. You clock in on the computer, but it didn't recognize me so I couldn't work. I was hopping to get one day in for this week, and get at least enough to buy a metro card. Oh well. I have to go in extra early tomorrow and get that fixed. So I called up home and let them know that I was heading out to Macy's once again to try and find a skirt once again.

Well I got off a stop before Macy's to ask about this Betty Bop bag that I saw in the window, but it wasn't there today. I wanted too long to ask about it. But it was $35 and so was the only other bag there that got my attention.

On my way up to Macy's I stopped in this place and got a shirt/blouse and some curtains for the bedroom. Mom wanted to take down the ones we had up to wash, but something stopped her. So I got these to put up while she was gone one of these day this week.

I then made it into Macy's. I found a skirt, but not the kind I was looking for. I tried on a few things, about 7 in all, but I came out with the the two most expensive ones. The total even with my discount came up to $51.36 or something like that. Which really isn't that bad. Before the skirt was discounted it was $50 all by itself. The shirt I didn't realize was as much as it was. My own fault. I then tried to find a shirt worth being paired with the skirt, and I came across this shirt that had a scoop neck. I have a pic. I'll add it to post.

07-20-08_1739 07-20-08_1740

See? Looks nice right? It just didn't look that great in person, so I didn't get it. I may get it if it's still there when I go to make my first payment in about 2 weeks. :) I do think that I will look for a few shirts with scoop necks now. :) I just needed one with a bit more shape to it.

As I was trying on that "white" shirt, mom had Jhodie call me and asked me to buy her something to eat. So later when I was leaving Conway, where I was trying to look for a shirt for that skirt, I spotted an ATM, and went to see how much money was on my account. It was more then I expected, so I took off $20 and went to get myself something to eat before I caught the train home to get her something to eat.

I have a surprise for you. Do you remember Rapid Reality? Well they called me up and left a message for me saying that they are opening two new offices. One in Fort Green and one in Crown Heights, and they want to know if I'm interested in maybe working in one of them. Well doesn't that sound great? I just have to call to find out if they are asking me to work at desk help? or as an agent? I'll take it if it's a desk job.

Well to end off my day, I got home, we ate, and Jhodie was asked to take the blender to the church for something. Nika was invited to a birthday party held at the church, and the shirt I got at Conway didn't fit me. So I gave it Jhodie. I was prepared for that incase it happened. It was only $7.

I then watched two black movies with mom. I normally don't because they are either depressing or just stupid, but I liked the last one even thought it was starting to look like it was going to go belly up at one point. It was that movie abut the girl and the spelling bee. That not to say that I don't watch any "black" movies at all. It's just not normal for me.

That's mostly it. Night.

July 10, 2008

A Full Shift.

After two days of being sent home at 7pm and a few times around 8pm, I was allowed to stay until 11pm tonight. I I don't think that I've had such a long shift since the week I started.

People were getting antsy about being sent home twice after an hour an a half or so of work. That is what? $11? I wasn't too happy about it either. I even asked last night when they sent me home if I could switch over to another survey, but they had all they needed. I came right home that night and cleaned up the kitchen. You know my sister had her own issues with cleaning up. So I did alot. All I did was leave a few pans behind that needed soaking. I knew when I left today she was going to start pilling stuff onto them, and I was right. And since she cooked, I have to pack up everything before I go to bed.

Those other times I was sent home early, I went shopping. That's not quite right. I tried to go shopping. I was able to snag a shirt at Macy's just to see if my card still worked, and I got some tights/leggings at Conway's before they closed also. I was on in each store like 10-15 mins before they closed on me. I tried to get a new skirt at Macy's but I ran out of time. I didn't see something that I really liked and anything I kinda liked was too much. The same for Conway's and at this other story that was closing around me. In that last store I could have sworn that I saw a skirt, but it looked odd, so I asked if it was a skirt. The lady working there told me that it was shirt. Ok. It was on of those tank top things without straps. I then thought that I found a real skirt, but she said it was a shirt also. After that I gave up and left.

I walked up and down Fulton Mall, and part of Court St a few of the days when I didn't go home right away thinking that it was a waste to just go home after I got all ready to leave the house in the first place.

I have the bed room to clean up next. I was thinking that I was going to clean it up today if I was sent home early again, but they kept me. I think that they might have let me stay tonight because I tried to stay longer the night before. Lucky me. I was left to watch more then 2/3 of my survey section being sent home while I stayed behind with a girl/ lady who said that she wanted to go home, but was left to do a full shift with me. We were ok together. I have yet to not get along with anyone I was siting next too.

In other news, mom is home for the week. She left on Sunday. I may or may not have said that before.  She will be back on Sunday.She is only gone for a little over a week. The neighbor's daughter is sleeping over for 2 hours every day. Why you may ask? Well, her day care is out for the summer, and he mom still has school and work, so when she leaves at 6am, the child sleeps over here until her dad comes for her at 8am. So If I go to sleep before she leaves for work I have to wake up to let her in, then when he comes, he wakes me up also. Monday or Tuesday though Friday.

Today on the way home I was actually thinking of one of the poems I wrote. I'm a little impressed with myself over it. I had forgotten that I had written it, along with a few others.

Well, that's about it.

Oh, I did get around to paying some money on that tv of ours, and it seems that I missed the first due by date for a payment so I got a late fee of .. and get this..$32. Ya, that's right. They really get you if you are late. So it looks like I have use some of my own money to pay the next payment if my mom doesn't get around to giving me anything by then. Then It will be a minimum payment which has gone up since I didn't pay just the $13 they were asking for. Now it's like $52. Great.

See ya.

July 01, 2008

One Small Milestone.


I've been trying to make myself post for a while, but I was too tired, or didn't remember until I had turned off the computer and was in bed.

First, Friday last marked the end of my first full 5 day work week. Now that doesn't mean I worked all my hours, that just mean that I made it in for all my days.

I got my pay check today for the week before and it a mere $109. That week I didn't show up for a day, and I was sent home early more then once I think. If you don't reach a minimum number of completed surveys, you were sent home after two hours or so of work.

Today I was sent home early again.

Other than work, I got my new check books last week, so I have to go back to bestbuy and make a payment. I'm going to be owing $100 at this rate. Every since I've dipped into the money for the tv I've been spending and paying back $100 to my account. It's like a little cycle that I can't get out of.

I've started to move my content off my geocities site and moved it to a blog here. It's link is http://jemspages.blogspot.com I'm not done yet, but it's ok if you want to go over and look. I've been saying that I'm going to move it somewhere else for a while and I finally kicked myself into doing it a few days a go. I asked someone to read my stories for me and help me fix them, since I didn't want to re-read my own stuff. But if he takes a while to get one or two to me, I may just have to do it myself. Now that I have started it, I want it over with as quickly as possible.

I don't want to talk too much about work, since no one out there cares about my kind of work, but I don't have much else to talk about.

I do want to pay off this tv in decent time so I can get a camera. I want to start taking really good pics.

My sister asked me two nights ago to find a laptop for my uncle, that was including shipping, to the tune of $300. Ya, right. I tried, just to say that I did, and it's kinda possible if you don't want a DVD player, and only really checked your mail so you didn't need space. The biggest hard drive on this site I found was only 20gigs. And you wouldn't want or need a newer OS. I didn't say the newest, I said newer. They had Window98 and a few had Windows2000. Ya, Not impressive.

Well it's 4am and I want to finish this chapter before I go to bed, because I want to get out before work to buy something. I've been trying after work for a while, but I never get out early enough even when I'm let off early.

See ya.