April 30, 2010

The Details

The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated, but not my incarceration. 

Ya, the details of that. 

I got to school later than I would have liked because my sister kept me up late looking for stuff for her online. So all class rooms were being use but one. So I went and found a spot in there moved a few things around and got a spot ready. I even found another student in the room doing his own drawing. 

So I got my stuff, and posted so much things up on the wall that I was just missing the strings from 'FlashForward'. 

Well, I mostly just figured out a bunch of stuff, then I ended up helping two 'boys' who were doing the same drawing as me. One had some major issues, and other one, for some reason only known to him and god, was drawing his in ink and had to redo it. Well him I helped out too. Lucky me I had my lunch just before he showed up. I had a few things to explain to him... but before that. 

I had lunch. I had one of my most expensive lunches to date. At least that is what it felt like at the time. That just shows that I haven't bought anything worth much lately. I was slightly stunned up until I started to eat it 20 mins later. It was $14.98. I know, I know. It's not much and that covered my drink, which was 100% juice, home cooked food, and a good fruit bowl. I even managed to save the juice for tomorrow's meal at school. The fruit was the juice stand in. I did that the last time I got food from there. 

Ok, back to the guy. 

Well the first guy, saw that I was back and just about down with my lunch and went and got the other guy. Then like I said, I spent some times explaining a few things for them. Then when he left, I checked my watch and it was like 15 mins till 9pm. I told him that I should start packing up now since I was kicked out at 9pm on Monday. He said that I had time and that they weren't closing till 9:30. Cool. My friend from next door might remember to come by and say good night when her class ended, and then the guy should be coming down to make sure the place was empty before closing up the place. 

When I had left to get 'lunch', I realized that there was a class in the next room, so now I was trying to not sing too loudly like I thought I was doing before. I started to feel like it had been longer than 30 mins and I checked my watch. It was 9:48. Ok.. I started to pack up hoping that was up stairs sweeping or something, and I go out into the hall way and saw that the lights were off. I was hoping that he was still upstairs, so I ran up stairs and the alarm went off as I walked through the door. Great. I had a small moment of panic, but like I said it was small. I was going to stay up there, but then I thought that I should be ready to leave for when someone came to let me out. 

I go back down stairs and I put all my stuff back into the locker since I had class the next day. It was even going to start an hour earlier to make up some time that we had lost by the teaching missing 2 classes. 

So I stood at the front of building and waited while the alarm was still going for someone to come by and let me out. I was kinda hoping that it wasn't the dean and that he wasn't coming from very far and or out of bed. I waited for about 20 mins before I decided to call 911. I thought 20 mins was good. If I was someone who was able to get into the building and I had over 20 mins I would get alot of things and the alarm would just be annoying. 

Next I found out that just about no one knew about or were to find IDC. I think it took them a little over an hour to find me. I had to tell the lady on the phone three different ways where IDC was and the name of the school, then they called me back like 30 so mins later asking me some more questions about where I was then said that people were on their way.

So while I was waiting I sent a text out to a few people. Even my fiends in Canada got a copy in their e-mail. I could only send so many at one time, so some people didn't get one. Sorry guys. 

Well two of them called me. Friends that is. My sister decided to come and help out some how. I thought she was already in town doing who knows what when she called me. Then my mom texted me. Everyone wanted to know how on earth I got locked in. Easy, no one check the class rooms. I couldn't see the hallway from where I was in the class room and I checked the time to late. 

So I spent time talking with my friends while I wait for someone to show up. I figured if no one did my midnight I would just go back and do some more drawing until I was tired enough to try and sleep on some very welcoming desk and chair or something. At least I would have access to a bathroom, water and food. I had a few dollars in me for the vending machine. 

I saw a few cops drive by. Twice I thought that they were going to stop, but don't, but the third time I tried to flag them down, they stopped. It seems that they were going around the corner to the other side of the building that belongs to the school upstairs. First there were 2 of them, then there was three, then four, then five cops on the other side of the window looking at me. They asked me if there was a number, I pointed to the one on the window hangings that they could read since there were on the outside. Then they started to dial it. I tried to stop them telling them that it was going to the room next door. We don't have another number to call anyone. So when they couldn't hear me, because I don't speak that loudly to being with, no matter what a few guys says about, it occured to me to use my cell to talk to them, when I was typing up a text to my mom telling them that the cops were there and trying to find a way to get me out. 

I just typed up saying that the number they see is the only one we have the school. First one of them told me to find another number to call, but I knew I wasn't going to find any. Then he called me back to glass and told me try and find another way out. The only one I could think of was the one to the other side of the building which we never through. So I got my coat and I went that way and knew that I would be stuck on that side since the door couldn't be opened from that side. Well as I walked through and I saw the door I was thinking. "It couldn't have been that easy" and it wasn't. It had the same metal roll down door locked on the outside with a padlock. 

Then I saw him. A security guard and he was the unlocking the pad lock. I was free. This made me think that they were all looking at this side of the building looking for me and didn't get that there were two sides to the building. 

Then I froze. It was bitter cold out side. The cop who had asked me to try and find another way out of the building was the first to greet me. He asked me for ID which I understood, after he asked me if I was the one calling all the problems. He was smiling and it was joke. Considering they were starting to think it was prank being pulled on them until they found me, it was ok. Then the two 'girls' cops came and talked to me. One said, "See I told you, you were nice and warm on the inside," and she did tell me that through the window. We waved through the window when she had shown up. 

Then the got information out of me in a nice way. My age, my name, if I was staff or student, normal stuff that they needed for a report. Then they got a call on their walkie-talkie saying that they still couldn't find any contact information for getting someone to come and open the place. They called back and said that security came and let me out. An hour and half later I might add. When I got out it was 11:30. But you can check my blog for the times since I had to post such and event. 

So I go on my way, and I'm a block and half away when my sister calls me. She's outside of my school and she's telling me I'm not there. So I told her that if she turned and looked down the street past DeKalb subway opening she would see me. I'm telling her this as I'm walking back. She then takes me with her to Church street because she came out to help me get free and I wasn't there. So we went to Church street to get mom some carrots and zucchini for baking from a 24 hour vegetable stand. 

On the way there I came across a new book on a subway seat. Some just got it and they lost it. And it was in Russian to boot. So I thought it would be a great gift for one of the girls who called me back that night. She even said that if I needed someone to talk too I could call her. She was sweet.

So we go there and we got the carrots but no zucchini. There were two stores open and both of them didn't have any. By the time we made it home it was about 1:30am. 

After that it gets fuzzy, but I did stay up until about 4am I think, I was reading on line until I fell asleep, but I did set my alarm to make sure I was up at 8:30am, but it went off 30 mins before and I had a headache until it went off again 30 mins later. I couldn't bring myself to eat anything so I grabbed a box of wheat squares... I forgot the name, but it's a known brand... let me to find it. ....Found it. I had one more box. Triscuits. I ate that day with mostly hot water. It very cold in the school on Wednesday. 

Well, I was only a few mins late, but I knew that I would be hiding my face for most of the day. And before I was even through the second door I was hanging my head in shame as the first janitor smiled and shook his head at me. I didn't look at the office as I hurried to class, and as I was getting there my teacher was just taking off her coat, so I said "I'm here, I'm here," having a feeling that she was asking about me. I've just about never truly been late and I've never mixed a class. 

As I pull my ear phones out, she asked me about last night. I made some comment about her already finding out so early in the day. She said ofcourse. So I got my stuff and set up and I was 20 mins into drafting when the dean came in and leaned on the table next to me. We just smiled at each other for a while while I continued to look for what I was looking for at the time. Then we had a little chat, and I realize that the security guard that walked by and looked at me was suppose to let me out, but she walked around to the other side and didn't see anyone there. He we telling me what he saw on the cameras. He also said that the guy who told me that the place didn't close until 9:30 left at 9:03. I was so on my own and didn't even know it. H wasn't upset, and we parted with a laugh. I promised him that I wouldn't be coming to school on Thursday.

I talked to a few more people about my little locking that day before I made it home. The most enlightening talk was with a staff member. She first asked me if I was scared after she greeted me with this very sad sympathy filled face. She then said that if she knew or was called she could have come and gotten me out. She only lived 2 blocks away. She said that it was a fear of hers that someone would get locked it since the guy doesn't really look in all the class rooms. Just the bathrooms mostly. Then I asked her if anyone had be locked in before. She said no. Great. Of course I was the first. I posted that when she told me all so. 

I think I'll end my update there. 

I'm going to try and go to school tomorrow, if I end up getting there too late to draw, I will at least get my stuff out of there so I can work on it at home over the weekend. I have turn this thing in on Wednesday and we are designing this thing ourselves. I might not have been that bad if I wasn't the stair plans and details. 

Well Night every one. I started this thing like over 2 hours ago. I've been writing through a bunch of shows and now at the end, taking out the last of my mom's coconut and pineapple patties that she has for the church. 

See ya. :) 

PS... I just ordered new parts for the desktop, so I'll be getting my sister off my laptop in a little over a week... she has it right now, not that she is actually home using it. She left and left my laptop on her bed. I'm doing all of this on the desktop stand in.

Ok.. I'm going now. Bye. :)

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April 28, 2010

The Next Day

I am the first student to be locked up in the school. Of course.


This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

April 27, 2010

At 11:23pm

I'm free but I'm cold. Later.


This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

At 11:04pm

The cops have found me. Now to get out.


This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

Multimedia message

Do you want to hear a joke? I've been locked up in school. No one came to see if the class room I was in was empty. It's dark and the alarm went off when I came upstairs. I just call. The cops to come get me out since I waited over 30 for someone to show up and no one did. :(

April 21, 2010

Multimedia message


Today... so far....

Hi ya.

I found out that the comptuers at school, the two of them, actually have internet on them. Yah!

I got to school 10 mins later than I would have liked, but that was because I was looking up stuff for our current drawing and printing them out. Our hardest ever I'm finding out. I tried yesterday but I had issues with the laptop that is our standin for the broken desktop. First I had to install the printer then I had the pdf printer saying that it couldn't work after I tracked it down and installed it because I didn't have .net framwork installed. Then that piece of software didn't want to install. I was up until 3 am trying to get that to work. :(

Well I could have left a little earlyer than I did, but I wanted to eat.

Well class just ended and we haven't gotten to draw yet. We had so much to go over and she only got half way. More or less. So I'm going to draw what I can now on trace so I don't mess up my last peice of daft paper too badly. Then trace that when I think I have it right.

I didn't get much of a breakfast, and it is after 2 now so I could go get something to eat before I start drawing.... thinking.....I also have to go to the bank, but I feel like I should get something down before I leave the building.

Ya I'm having and intresting last set of days. :) Come mid May I will out of school until September. All that time. I will have to find something to do. Maybe I could worm my way into looking at buildings along with taking pics and acutally making it to the gym.

Well I got to go now and do something.

Have you heard of the band "Tokio Hotel"? You should look them up if you don't. Their last albam is great, and it's in english. :)


April 20, 2010

The last 24 or so hours.

Yesterday I just about had a heart attack when Jhodie, my sister, gave me a paper that someone at the door gave her before she went out or something. It said that we were being evicted in 6 days. So I was freaking about finding some where new. Keeping it somewhere close so Nika could at least finish up this school year. Getting a moving van. Wondering how we would pay for it. Thinking about living in a homeless shelter because my mom's credit is shot to heck along with my other sister.

I couldn't go back to sleep. I had like a hour of sleep left and I was going into meltdown mood. Then I started to think that it was a good thing I had some extra money, and maybe finding a different place would be good, and we did have 6 days. I knew of a place were we could find an apt right away. So now I just had to tell my mom. I left the paper on the bed so she could see it when she got home. But just as I zipped up my coat she comes home. so I sit down in the bedroom and wait for her to come and tell her. She takes her dear time in the kitchen then she sees the look on my face and thinks that someone died. She told me the notice was nothing. It was just because she was late with her rent. I said nothing. I just grabbed my stuff and left.

When I was on the corner of the block for my school Tokio Hotel came on with Human Connect to Human trying to cheer me up. That is when I smiled for the first time that day. I was at school 30 mins early, I was just about done with my latest draft, and I held some hope that I didn't fail my math test. I shouldn't be looking like I was told that I had AIDS.

So I walked in and set up my stuff and saw that one other person was already there. So I set up and touched one thing on my draft, I think, before I looked up and saw my math teacher slide his way into the other class room. He's old and I think something happened to his foot. Well I go in and I'm the only one there. First time ever. Not that it was so late, but it was now time for class. I got my exam back and he said that I could have done better. Considering I had 98 on my last test, anything less than 90 is "I could have done better." You saw the score I got. He said that he would give me back the 3 points or so he took from me for not showing some of my work since I was the one saying what they were in class the day before and he knows I knew it. But other than that, I didn't do three problems and I got two flat out wrong. I blanked when I saw those. So I wasn't that surprised that I got them wrong, I just haven't been totally wrong on a question before.

A lot of people showed up late. And not just 10 mins late. Some by by at 38 past and 45 past. I was amazed that they show up at all. But I guess they had to to keep from getting another absence. All of them couldn't afford another one. So we went over the exam a bit, then we had a break and I was freezing. Something is wrong with the window right behind of me. I got my coat from the next room and did some drawing while I tried to warm up for our 10 mins break. Then we went over a little of what did on our make up day, and the home works. But I was late coming back so I only got to ask about of those questions which is good because he gave us a small quiz at the end of the class. It didn't look like most of us would finish it so he said that we could finish it at home. I never do my math at home so I worked on it until class was over which was like 5 more mins.

I was one of maybe 4 people who handed theirs in at the end of class. Then it was on to Drafting class. It wasn't so bad. I got complements from my teach for most of the day. I did my normal walking around seeing how I was doing compared to other people and even helping them out when I saw something odd. I then had to do speed lettering. It was 'last' thing I had to do. Later I realized I for some other little things, but I should get an 'A' all the same. Oh the speed lettering was because the guy who was going to take the take the drafts to be copied was bugging me to finish so he could get there and back in time to give the teacher. It was funny. He stood next to my desk and watched me letter. I wrote a normal 'm' to my dismay, but I couldn't got back and change it.

Then I drew up the boarder for the next one which is suppose to be the hardest. I didn't really understand why she was warning us like she did. She said that it was so bad that we may drop the class because of it. I told her it was too late. This was our second to last draft. We can't drop the class now.

She then gave back out last drafts and surprise, surprise I got an 80. A 'B'. I'm just darn happy about that. I was saying that I must have gotten a few things write that others didn't to have gotten that since I so much incomplete. So while I was drawing my boarder the copies came back and I help a girl who was so far back with one of the mistakes in the current sheet we he had to do. Then when my boarder was finished, which was after class, I tried to look for the ones we were suppose to do next I could figure out where they went. They aren't in the book. We have to make stair details, elevations and what not ourselves. As worrying as that is, it is something that I would have to do. I hate stairs and that is when their see how to make them.

So I talked with people, left most of my stuff at school since I wasn't drawing at home. Oh, she told us to look up all we could on metal stairs and learn terms and such to help us prepare and we may a quiz too. So I'll be doing that tonight. I already know something from building materials 1 class along with blueprint reading 1 class.

I left during sunlight hours and saw my route home with sunlight. It was odd, and nice and I got two donuts for finishing on time.

When I got home, people were asking me how I was considering how I was when I left the house. They didn't think I would take it that badly. I told them well sorry for taking a court order seriously.

So since I had such full day and my feet hurt, I crashed before 12 then work up just before 2 to get my mom up for work. Some how I ended up writing on my Inuyasha story and I has just started a new file. Chapter 76-78. I ended up writing 3 whole pages and finishing chapter 76 and I wrote up a summery of what I would like for chapter 77 before I closed it down. I had a idea of what I wanted for part of chapter 75 but I forgot it by the time I got back to it the day before so I wrote up this summery so I won't be spending time trying to remember or come up with something that should be happening next.

I'm starting to think that I will end the story with Inuyasha's 'wedding' then show up every now and again with bits of how they are all get along after that. Most likely I will be doing everyone else's 'wedding' and showing how the kids grow up and such. So I'm nearing the end about 2 years later. :) I think it will end before I hit chapter 90. Nice ha?

So I was up until 7 or 8am. Most of that was from the writing, also, I found a story to read at another site I found and I looked up stuff on a new desktop for my mom. Her's just stopped working the other day. We turned it on, but it didn't to turn on. I opened it up and scrapped rust off of a few things and did some major dust removal and I think I might have gotten some dust/dirt unto the chip because I had to take off the fan and heat sinc to clean them.

I just need to know how much I can spend on this computer and find out if I should keep it an XP computer or upgrade to Vista or Windows 7. I feel like sticking with XP for my mom's sake, but I think I should upgrade, but I won't do Windows 7 just to make sure my printer still works with it. What OS do you have?

Since I went back to sleep so early/late as the case may be, was awoken three times. Twice by the bell and once when my mom came home from work and asked if I didn't say I was going to go to school today. But it turned out ok that I didn't go to school after all. A package showed up, and Nika came home early from school because she didn't have afternoon something that normally keeps her there until 5.

Well my mom is back. She was at court, so I guess that might have been settled since she got shower curtains. Got to go, she's calling. :)

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April 19, 2010

April 12, 2010

Multimedia message

Almost packed this up without sharing considering I didn't get to finish the one I had to hand in for today. :(... But I got an A!

April 11, 2010


I believe that FF along with part of the net have been having issues. I had no contact from anyone in any form for three days. No traffic at FF no spam at hotmail, no comments at Caedes and no new deviations at Deviantart.

I was in a black out of nothing. Today I finally got something. Some spam,  one comment but still nothing from FF or Deviantart.

I know that Never thinks that the traffic page over at FF doesn't work right and most of it's data is wrong, but am I the only one that the world forgot about for the past days?

Besides the lack of communications I've had a slightly disappointing last few days. I've felt bad for days and I didn't know why until Friday. I hate aunt flow and all her friends. Then I lost one of my sheets that I need for my drafts then I tried going to school to get my book that I made the copies from, but I got there too late both times because I took me took long to feel well enough to leave the house.

But since I did leave the house Saturday night I tried to make getting up, dressed and the bus fare worth it. I tried to go to the library, but they closed the same time I got around to leaving. So I tried the Barns&Nobles store that was closest to my school, but that was a few blocks away. I got there there and looked for my text book, but before I even went inside I knew the place was too small to have my text book. It has two floors, but it wasn't a main stream book. So after walking around a few sections I went to leave and decided to stop and look at the Nook. It was out of stock the last time I was there, but they had two there for you to mess with, so I stopped to look at one, but both were being used so I had to wait a while before one was free.

While I was the people who is suppose to talk to you about the device came back and he walked with the guy next to me who was living on his, then we talked for a long while. I kept him company for over 30 mins I'm sure. I thought we were getting along rather well, but at one point I felt bad that I wasn't buying it, but almost right after he asked if I was buying, he told me to have a look at the the other e-readers out there because he believed that after I looked at the others, I would think that the Nook was better and come back for it.

We then had a laugh about how I was poor student, then told me how he had to buy the Nook himself full and out of his own pocket. Oh well. Then went to Trader Joe's and got a a few things. Some confused tortilla chips, some snap peas snacks, black bean dip and some crushed garlic. I then got on the bus for home at 10:06 and I left the house at 6:05pm.

Now I have to do as much as my drawing as I can since I don't have all the information to make a complete draft, then move as quickly as I can on Monday because I'm unsure as to when the draft is due because we started it late.

Ok, see ya guys.

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April 07, 2010

Multimedia message

Summer time in the city. Do you remember that song? Do you know that song? :) Yep it's that is hot hot it was today. I almost got a sun buen getting lunch. Now it's nice and windy and cool. On my way home now. Just had my blueprint exam. I dear say I got an A. :) later.

April 03, 2010

Well… I just watched something interesting.

I just saw “Interstella 5555”. For those of you who know what this is, you are more then likely asking yourself “What took her so long?”.

True, this came out way back in 1997, but I didn’t know it was out there until today.

I went looking for Daft Punk. That’s a band for those of you who don’t know, and went looking to see if I could find the continuation to the few anime bits that I saw for the band about 5 years ago. So I was looking and found bits here and bits there, then came across a review and that person talked about this 'movie’. So I looked it up and found out that the anime bits I saw were carved out from this longer thing.

So I saw it and besides the sad part, I liked it and I liked how it ended. I am kinda sad that it took me so long to find this little film. It’s just one (1) hour and five (5) minutes long.

It was nice seeing the whole thing, and I was lucky to have gotten such a good copy. If you like the band and you have seen the bits, you should get the whole thing.

Well, I’m off to draw now.

I haven’t felt like drawing at home much. I did much more when drew at school, yet, I have more to get done now and I’ve gotten darn close to finishing some and I’ve completed two I think so far.

I’ve also been ‘read’ some audio books. I know. That sounds very wrong. But just like a real book, I keep going with the story, not wanting to do anything else. The only thing laughable is that these are ‘old’ books. I just finished the Twilight Saga. I said my stuff were old. Anyway, I didn’t understand or I wasn’t happy with the second movie so I got the books to see how they carved that up and what the got rid of. Now I’m even more disappointed with the girl playing Bella.

But I don’t know if I should be disappointed with her, or her director. I know I’m not happy with the people who come up with the movie version of the book, but I just about never like those people. That is why I’m not going to read “The Lord of The Rings”. A very nice old fiend of mine since me the set year, and years ago but I never read it. I was just so happy to have gotten a gift at the time that I left it in it’s pretty wrapping paper for years.

Well, since I’m doing Fan Fiction stories based off of Harry Potter, and leaving harsh comments to other writers, I thought it was only right that I knew how the ‘Cannon’ went. Cannon just means original. I’ve gone through all the books but the last one. I can feel death coming for so many people, and I don’t want to go there yet. The fan fictions have tied me a bit tighter to some of the characters than I would have been if I just read the books or watched the movies. It seemed they weren’t happy with them being killed off either so they kept them alive in their stories. Gave them lives, and such. Now I’m left to deal with the mental fall out.

I’ll have to suck it up sometime this month. I want to start a new book and like I said I’m done with the Twilight Saga. Besides feeling very insulted that she made vampires glitter, I loved the story by the time I finished it. A friend of mine, said it sucked dirt, but I can’t see why. The first movie was close to the first book, the second one was more off then I liked, and I would hate to see what they do to the next one now that I see what they did to the Harry Potter books. With each movie they left more and more of the book out of it. Until I ‘read’ the books, I thought people were making up all the visits to the kitchen that I was reading about in fan fiction.

I’m going to try and brave an apple cube store tomorrow. I want to touch and iPad. I was so proud of the human race when I heard it was being made. It felt like we were really in 2010. We are so far behind where we should be as a race that it’s saddening if you think about it too hard. What is sad is also my current drafting project. I’ll get to it. I’m actually writing my blog as a blog for once.

I’ve gotten around to posting some new pics. I haven’t really been out to take any pictures yet I tried once, but I didn’t get much. I don’t think I’ll be really able to do that until summer. Before I get side tracked by the word summer, I’ll finish my online update.

I’ve more or less kept up with updating my story over at FF. I have the one long Inuyasha novel still going. I’m up to chapter 60 I think. I’ve posted two short ones from DeathNote, and I now have two one shots for Harry Potter along with a 3 chapter one also. So now I have a total of 6 stories. My last I posted two days ago. it’s called “Luna’s Fairies”. That one is out there. So far 33 people have looked and or read it but no one has said anything. They haven’t told me it was bad, or if I went to far, or if I did a good job or if I forgot something. Nothing. Not happy.

But then, the only ‘review’ I have for one of my DeathNote stories came from a friend of mine who read it at my request. She really liked it and liked how I turned out. I think people out there are mostly cowards. Which is why I leave comments. The sad thing, so many of the stories have so many small errors that would have been caught if they read their stories over before or after they posted them.

Any which way. I don’t know where I’m going to be this summer. My mom want to drop me off in St. Kitts. I was thinking of going back to Seattle, but because of her St. Kitts plan I haven’t tried to get and internship type of job set up so I would some money while I’m there. I may also go over to Philly for a computer house call. I would only be there a day or two.

As it stands, I think I would like an iPad since I mostly read on line.

Later. Sorry about the typos again. To long to read over and I have to make up my mind of what I should be doing now. Bye.