November 23, 2006

Near the end of November.

Something nice if you are making yourself something or want to impress someone else and you still have time to shop and cook. :)
I got the day off, and I've cleaned a bit, did a little computer cleaning of the laptop Lynn has someone gotten her hands on since the computer monitor blew last week. And I had an hour or so nap.
This morning was a fight to get Xhavaion dressed and out of the house. It was more like getting him out of the shower, eat breakfast, get underware, pack the right bag for school and get dressed and out of the house.
People who want to be parents should be given a day with the other people's kids so they can start to get an idea of what goes into taking care of kids. They don't just show up all clean and well behaved like the ones they like so much. Mix it up so they have a real clue. 12-16 years old one day, a 5 month old for another day, a 2 year old the next, and then end it off with a 7 year old. Then let's see what they think about it. If they still want to go though with it, they will now have a plan and get a few things nailed down.
I thought about going to the beach today when I found out that work wasn't having it's Thanksgiving lunchen after all. But you know me, I'm not a beach person. Besides, the day isn't long enough for me to talk myself into going to the beach and actually making it there.
Well my time is just about up. It's 3:39, and I think that Lynn gets off work at 4pm, and she'll be here about 20 mins after that I think.
On a parting note, reflexive arcade has a few new games, and they picked up another Zuma clone, and there are a few more cards games now. Every since "Aloha Solitare", they have been a ton more with their own take on it. Talk about copy cats, but some are intresting, as long as it's not a blind copy and has more than one thing new about it, it should be ok, and you can just pick the one that you like the most.
Take care, and don't eat so much you get sick. For those of you having thanksgiving that is. For those you who aren't, you can still cook the things at the start of this blog whenever you like.
See ya.
PS.. I'm once again sorry about the wallpaper club. I'm going to try and remember to get somethings posted for next month.   
.................sorry, no spell checking this time.


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November 06, 2006

Nothing much today.

Other than spending too much for my breakfast/lunch and owning him 75 cents because I ran out of money. There’s nothing much to talk about.

I went to the bank to get money, and the ATM didn't have 20's so I had to go inside. Before coming to Nevis, I hadn't seen the inside of a bank this much in years.

The rest of the day was normal. No break downs, just a delay in getting to new orders because of all the call backs we had to make. I did a good amount of orders, and I even got some supplies for the group.

I caught the bus down to town from work. I made sure I was ready on time since my ride is off for the week. I had to wait 30 mins for a bus to come by to take me to New Castle. I think that there are less bus now going that way then when I started working here. Maybe the sun setting earlier had something to with it.

The moon looked nice tonight. It was a full moon and we have great views of it most of the ride home. The bus I caught went through a few villages that were up in the hills to get me home. I'm happy he only took $3.50 from me. At one point before he turned off the main road, I was starting to think that he was going to leave me down on the main road to walk it up here in the dark. And I do mean the dark. They don't believe in street lights much it seems. Half the place is in the dark and that includes the main roads.

At least I came home to dinner. Odd, but editable. She wanted me to bring the veggie beans over, but I forgot about them. I'll bring them next week with maybe something else. I also forgot to bring over some tea bush for Karen. I have to bring some of that over for her too. I hope she forgets to ask me about it for a while.

One of the guys in our department seems to be out sick for the week. He's already missed out like most of last week. I have a feeling that we will be pulling over time, but I don't know if I can get to stay for any since my ride is off keeping his lady friend company and nothing comes over here that late.

Well that's it. I've think that I've gotten as much time as I can over here.

I'm going to spell check. Don't worry.

November 05, 2006

Something Small

Mostly, it's just a link today.

I watched this show on Thursday I'm pretty sure. It's called..... something... but here is a link to the first page I've found on it. The channel that aired the show, had nothing, and I mean nothing to tell you about it. Well, other than what time it came on, and at this point I'm surprised it was there at all.

Now it's kinda gross, just be happy that you are just reading it and not watching the show.

Friday I got paid, but like I said before, it feels kinda odd being paid on a non 15th or 30th day of the month. But at least I'm in SK. (st. kitts). The crossing could have been a bit better. I got to town during a down pour, and had to make my way to the boat carrying alot of things and trying not to get at the same time. That just about never works. I kinda saved my skirt, but my shoes were thinking of defecting to become water-soluble. So I took them off when I was on the boat which turned out to be a bad idea since the air con was on and was set for 77 Degrees. They were ice cold when I put them back on. Also some students decided to head over to SK and they were just loud and couldn't read. In that last part I meant that they paid for a B class ticket. A nice big B is printed on it, and they walked right in the sectioned off A class section. I felt like saying something, but two things stopped me. One, they wouldn't think that I was something worth listening too, and two, they might have paid for A class ticket. Something else caught my attention when I when they were filing past me. This one guy. He was rail thing and looked healthy. I mean I looked up and there was an elbow joint in fort of my face like 12 inches away, and it was covered with healthy looking skin and hair. I then looked down to see how bony his legs where. They were just as thin. A walking skeleton. Wow.

They were horsing around and play hitting each other in a very odd way. I'm not a fan of pretending to hit anyone. And it wasn't a little slap on shoulder. But full on attempts to punch a girl in her face. I just considered the whole thing disturbing. Once they were told that they couldn’t be in that second by the ticket taker, a girl that was close to them had to leave her seat because they were so loud. But at least she got to meet some nice people that she tried to talk with and offered a ride too once the landed.

I asked the ticket taker what colour an A class ticket was and He said that they didn't have any. Oh. I was on the boat about twice to see a member of Gov. and a few judges sat up there on the trip over to Nevis. guess it’s just really mean for VIP’s only.

Well I just came back from a snack/dinner brake. I'm getting ready to watch a movie with everyone else. So I'm signing off now.

See ya. Off to spell check.


That was a long spell check time. I lost internet... I'm not even sure it's fully back yet, but I'm going to try and post this anyway. I just woke up becasue of the skerters eating my fingers. Ya, there is a nice pic.

Take care.

Date Correction

I just saw that the last two blogs were in the wrong order. I haven't a clue how that happened. I knew that I blogged at least once last week.

Yes the time stamp is rather early for this one. It should say Nov 5th at 3:16 am. I got up to use the bathroom and stopped by the computer to see how a download was doing. It's not doing as well as I expected. I expected a must faster download spead, but I'll be happy if it's done by tonight around 7pm.

Well the rest of the week didn't go as well as Tuesday. On Wed, and Thursday, the systems/vpn was down. The first day we lost half the day and the next day we were only an our so up sooner. That recked how many I could done, and I tired to do my call backs the first day just to be told that I wasn't suppose to do them because were backed up. Well sorrrryyy. You should have told me sooner. Like when you got there, not 5 hours later after I cut my lunch hour in half so I could get a few exrea done to help out, as slow as I am. Hum!

The next day I didn't do any call backs until the end of the day, and lucky me I was only blessed with have to make 3 calls for that day. Which gave me some time to try and get some of the 12 from the day before.

Thrusday I had a whole bunch to do, then I don't have that much on Friday or at least I got most of the cust the first time I called. There is more, but I don't think I can say any of that.

At least I've been to work early since I saw Lynn in the hospital, that maybe why Ron hasn't talked me about it. I'm hopping that if I keep this up, it may go way after one little talk say that even though I was late that day, I haven't been on time the rest of my monitored period, they won't fire me or give me another warning. I hope that's how it goes.

As for back at the house, Lynn thinks that I can read her mind. She wanted bread, didn't call me to tell me to buy any, then is upset that I didn't get wheat bread when I thought of getting bread all on my own. Then when I pointed this out and stated that the last time I got bread and said that it was wheat, she didn't seem all that happy. But she has to eat wheat bread now she said. Her little stay in the hospital must have inclued what she should and shouldn't be eating since she is diabetic now.

Next, it seems that she found my brass copy of the key to her room that I've been looking for. I found Xhavion trying to lock me into the bathroom with it on Friday. I took it from him to try since it was brass coloured, and it worked. I didn't find out that it was Lynn who found it, until she invaded our home late Friday night.

I came here to get away from "Nevis". *shaking head* This was going to put a bit of a damper on things.

On the up side, my sister got the barrel out of customs and it didn't cost her extra. There was the paper work that she paid for, there was the tuck to get it from there to the house, and then there was like $13 housing fees or something. But no $100's for the barrel itself like the last few times we got one.

Now we have to share out stuff to people. Mom sent stuff for a few people, and Jhodie didn't fell right about giving some to Lynn, so she is getting a cut too. That does cut down what we are going to have left for ourself, but we did ok I guess.

Today is Guy Fawkes day. Nika lit her fireworks last night. I stayed home for some computer time since I took the computer apart to help trouble shot someone else's computer just to have the computer go odd on me and not show anything on the monitor for like 4 hours.

Also, the time change has thown what we watch compleatly upside down, and adding in new shows doesn't help matters. Friday I was able to see Dr. Who, but I missed the ending of BattleStar Galictica, and I only saw the last half of "Heroes". I was hopping that she was going to end up on the good team, but I kinda knew that it might not happen, but I didn't expect her to die the way she did. The odds that her boyfriend had powers too.

Well, it's going for 4am, and the mosqitos are trying to eat my legs so I'm going back to my couch bed. I'll spell check this later.

See ya.