March 29, 2006

Monday .... & Tuesday.

Last night I came home with a slight back ach. I walked around a bit at work, but not as much as I should have. Either which way, it hurt to come up the hill on my way to catching the bus. I came across the guard who said that he was going to write me an e-mail about that one day off that most of the staff had. He asked me how I was, I said that I was still waiting for that e-mail. I may have to tell him that I need it for the newspaper, if he didn’t already know, or get someone else to write it for me.

I got home to find that Nika hurt her foot by ripping off the skin on the underside of one of her toes. She had been crying for most of a while so Jhodie didn’t get to finish dinner. She got close not that I cared that much. After we set Nika down and she was ok, Jhodie wanted to know how her scones and salt fish turned out. It turned out quite well. They went well together. The potatoes were supposed to be mashed. That is that part she never got around to.

Then she asked me to clean off her bed for her after I told her that I don’t think that I could stand and do the dishes considering my back was already hurting. Then just to hurt myself, I stood and folded and put away the stuff on her bed. I was in pain. I woke up the next day in pain. I said in bed until 12 because of the pain. I came out when Jhodie went to town to get some antibacterial cream to keep Nika’s foot from getting infecting and such, since little things for her turn into big problems, we weren’t going to have a little infection in her foot.

I was feeling abit better but I couldn’t do some things. I tried to turn and look behind of me, and I couldn’t. It almost hurt, but I stopped moving before it did. While Jhodie was out, I was suppose to call Nika’s school to see if she could take the tests she missed today another day at 2pm if she wasn’t back by that time. She wasn’t so I had to call the school. They said that she could but Jhodie will find out which day, when she takes her to school tomorrow. I told the teacher that she will be in school tomorrow. Nika will not be getting out of her exams.

I tried to get a game going with Nika while Jhodie was gone. I installed on the first desktop, but it was too slow, so we tried the other desk top, still slow. Tried the web version, nothing changed. I hope it will be a bit faster when I get more memory for the second computer, but I think it’s CPU hungry, and not a memory hog. Well we got to a stage that I hadn’t done yet, and I’m stuck. Oh, the game is the last link over there on my link list, the one over the blogger tag.

It’s really nice. Well after Jhodie got back I was back in my bed again, but not much later I was tried of being in my bed even if I couldn’t do anything. Then just to do something, after Jhodie called me out from watching Bleach, I stayed standing and helped in the kitchen. I told her I was still standing after helping her with what she wanted because I was tired of sitting and laying down. I think that I may take a small walk tomorrow just to get out and move around a bit. I’ll go down the hill then take the bus back home. I got Jhodie to lift the monitor of the second computer up unto a bucket for me to watch it from my bed, and lucky me a few hours ago, the speakers got moved there too since Nika wanted Jhodie to watch Sky High with her.

Oh, a movie I missed from my list.

I think it was on my list of movies to see, and I do like it. Oh, seeing wonder woman in there was nice, but did they have to have her say in the end that she wasn’t a wonder woman? We all know that she is, and she will be for a very long to a lot of us. I also know that they always do that when they have someone special in movie that is somehow connected to the original. For once, let them own up to it in some way.

Dinner tonight was late. She started the chicken late. So that will be dinner for tomorrow. I have to put it all up and clean up the kitchen a bit since I’m the only one up right now.

I watched a few shows tonight. Wife Swap. Entertaining. Part of surgery miracles, or what ever that new show is called where they help out people who have tried almost everything to fix something wrong with them. They can’t see, they had some kind of accident and lost some body part or something, and they try like one more time to help and make it better, or get you back to where you were before. Then I watched Dragon Slayer on Sci-Fi. Near the end I started to remember the story. I think I heard it, or read it years and years ago. I didn’t remember all of it, but I have a feeling like I knew it.

Well that it’s for today. I was going to post yesterday’s and today’s post like 30 mins ago, but we haven’t had internet for a while. I typed this up in word and I’m saving it until tomorrow most likely.

See ya.

Just saw the absolute beging of the movie "King Author " and I now know where his best friend is from. I heard the world before though out the movie, I just didn't get it until now.

As you can see, I now have internet back. We got it back around 7pm tonight, but I didn't get to post for a number of reasons. First my uncle showed up with his online money things that I keep telling him are wrong. Then I couldn't get in to Blogger. Then I was watching tv to see the other half of Dragon King on Sci-Fi. Then I washed my hair, then I watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith on the computer. It just finished.

I am suppose to go walking with Jhodie tomorrow, but it's currently 3:13am, and I'm still up. I don't think I can get up in about 5 hours, walk for a mile then get home in time to bearly get ready for work. I may have to pass on this walk.

The day was bla, for those intrested. Besides my uncle showing up, I cleaned Verie's nose. I cleaned the bathroom when I realized I wasn't gong to break in half. I didn't watch any tv. Nika crashed right after Verie left. She was out for two hours, maybe 2 and 1/2. So she was up until almost 11pm if not 11. I know it was after 10pm.

Ok, I'm wrapping it up now.

On a final note, the movie was good. It reminded me and Jhodie of the "War of the Roes" movie. I'm glad this one ended better.

Out of here.

March 26, 2006

If it's still early for you to plan dinner.

Hello Everyone.

First up the contest winners at one of my places I will be copying recipes from once I'm on my own.

These are interesting ones. Out of all of them I would try my luck with the last two, but I would give the one a shot if it was offered to me. I've just never had any kind of creamed soup before, never mind curried.

I like rice pudding, and I've had warps forever.

See ya below.


Ready, Set Cook Contest Winners!

March 24, 2006

Congratulations to all the Winners! See all the finalists!


Wonderful Curried Sweet Potato Soup by tigerduck

SECOND PLACE: Island Rice Pudding by Elmotoo

THIRD PLACE: Reggae Wraps by mama's kitchen


Back.... So?.... ya, one day you will talk back to me.

Yesterday was a boar. I don't remember what I did other than let M go home early and then doing something for Collin when he showed up around 8. The same time I decided to do one of the classes. I found one that I hadn't touched yet, so I touched in order this time (meaning I didn’t jump any parts). It's for MS Outlook 2003. I already know everything it was telling me but for a few small points here and there, and ofcourse they aren't showing you the easy way of doing stuff. Like click and drag it from here to there. You have to use the menu, which very few of us do.

I stayed at that for 50 mins. I thought about getting this over with and just do the whole things since for the first part I came up with 95 percent. I got one question wrong, and that was due to their wording that I really think is wrong. But then I didn't want to do the whole thing and have something happen, and my progress wasn't tracked like the other times, and that just messed me up and had me not wanting to touch any of them for a month.

I think that I'm going to finish it off today all the same. That will be one down and about 4 or so to go, but one of them I can't start because I need to install something that I don't know about it. So I'm leaving it for last until I fell like trying to figure it out.

I was suppose to go by my uncle yesterday like 3 hours before work just to sit down with him and show him stuff, but I completely forgot. He came and asked me about this request back on Monday. I couldn't go today just because I was up way too late last night. I went to bed around 4 or so am.

Oh, I had it in my head to do a movie review for yesterdays blog since I did so little to report on, and I think that I still will. Now these reviews or comments, as they might be, aren't for anything new. I just saw Constantine.

Speaking of Constantine, it's good. I've "seen" it about 5 or so times now within the last month and I keep showing up at the end most of the time. So besides the start with the mirror, my other fav part is ... *thinking* ....I take that back. The whole thing is interesting, but the part that I smile at is at is the very, very end when he places the lighter on the grave stone and the kid shows up with his wings and takes it. I love the eyes. *grin*

Next, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. A let down. They hitch hiked twice in the whole movie. I know what the question was. Everyone knows what the question is. Why Are We Here? Da! The fact that the maker of the book was stuck on his planet at that time was a bit odd, and he didn't help that much other than being friends with the loon who became president. Plus I have issue with intelligent beings devolving to mice. Everything with a brain evolves to something higher. By the time they went back to that thing of a computer they would already have come across the answer, never mind the question. Also, I prefer the terra forming from Star Track to the planet factory here, but I'll let them keep it. Everyone can't do it the same way. There must be so much that they left out from book. There has to be more.

Oh, here is one that is really old for some of you. Catwoman.

I don't know what the deal is with those of you who don't like it. Once I got over the fact that it wasn't the cat woman from Batman I was ok with most of it. The more I watched it the more I liked it.

Oh, Monster-in-Law come out like the end of last month. My sister loves it. I think it's ok. Most of it wasn't so far out of what I thought that they would do so I wasn't that interested in it. Granted, it wasn't on my list of movies to watch anyway, so all I have to say is that the mother has a great figure, and I can't blame her for attacking that girl on the show.

Oh, Author. They changed history, fictional history, but history non-the less for this movie. They made him half Roman, there was a wall, I don't think Camelot ever happened, and where did his best friend come from? With the outfit he wore in the end I'm thinking maybe Middle Eastern, but heck if I know. I did like it despite the change of everything I grew up knowing about Author.

I'm suppose to be going home to salt fish and something, with something for dinner, and after 3 days I get to home tonight with the toaster that Jhodie has been waiting for. Ever since our own toaster died like 2 years ago, she's been wanted one back.

I'm going see if can give Rick some money out of this paycheck coming. Either for the dvd rom or just to pay off what I already owe him.

YYaawn!... I've been doing that for a while. I decided to move some of my media off of my computer here at school and take them back home now that we have the space. After moving some stuff over to the thumb drive I stopped to watch Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children. I stopped about 20 mins in to do something from yesterday before I forget or let the whole day go by with out doing it. It made me realized that I changed a toner without getting the number that it ended on. Either which way, I came back to watching the movie after I spent some time looking for a paper that I didn't have and taking care of a beep in a room we just got, and about half way thought that I was falling asleep. I just hope that I didn't snore. I don't think I did, but then, who knows when they do.

Now I'm more awake since I decided to blog. I'm going off to eat what is left of my sandwich, then I'll come back and spell check and post this.

The time is currently 6:55pm. It feels much later.

March 24, 2006

MIA - With Out A Cause


I know, I just didn't fell like writing. I had stuff to write about, but I didn't feel like sharing.

Nothing much at work has changed. For brief moments of time I found myself with work. I finished up the scan job for the teacher on the weekend, and I took her book back to her on Wednesday. I revisited the semester order form issue today. We had gotten the list for next semester a few weeks ago. I then asked to get other parts that weren't included in what I got. I got those a week or so later and updated that. Now today we got a letter from the NJ office about changing and adding a few things. I did some of the changes, but not all of them. I asked about the one thing I didn't do, and I'll get an answer about that maybe on Wednesday. One, Collin will do it himself on Monday, or two, they (she) will realize or see how we have it set up and leave it that way, or it's not a rush job and I'll do it the way it was sent down in the e-mail when I come in on Wednesday.

Other than that, I sneaked VNC on to the front desk computer and hid it from E. I was asked by E to put back up her oh so precious screen on the computer monitor when I'm done using the computer. She was out sick or something on Wednesday, we (me and M) thought that she was taking advantage of Ron being of island. I fixed a laptop today after everyone bailed and didn't have time to look at it. That got me a ride home tonight. I got two e-mails from AM this week. The first one I shared with a shared friend who wanted to know how she was doing. I saw a past staff member of Ross who is now working at Ross. The new one for nurses that is. It was Mr. Coffee. He use to be head of the library. He left like 5-6 years ago.

I haven't found any shoes yet if I started that story with you. I've given up at this point. I'm now looking for a shoe cobbler, to see if I can get them re-soled. I'm sure that word is wrong. I went on a long walk with Jhodie up to IGA to see the new $7 store Monday morning. That ended up hurting in a way I didn't really expect. I expected to be in pain just before I got there or on my way back. In all I walked about 2k, which isn't much to some people I know, but they don't have back pains that make it hard to breath. Either which way, I got there and back just fine. We even ran into this guy from my class from years and years ago. I had taken a pic of him and his car last November, but it seems he never got it. So he gave me his address again, and I wrote it down this time, and when I got home I tried to send them to him again. It bounced. It bounced! I'm going to have to take it over to him on my thumb drive. I thought he got these pics back in December. Either which way, I got back home and took a nap. Then I woke up in pain. I tried to bend over to get something for the fridge, but I couldn't bend. I was in pain for the rest of the day and part of Tuesday. Then I felt like pushing my luck on Wednesday and went walking with Jhodie over to Port Zante. That was just over a mile then I hurried home to get ready for work. I did it because I went to sleep at midnight, so I had enough sleep, and two, because if I every wanted my dream to come true of me being thinner and having the guy I like be with me, then I had to something when I could. Jhodie stayed and fished, and she did catch something I'm told. The gym that we were keeping our eye on priced itself out of our range. I would rather pump weights than other stuff now that I have a back issue, but you can't always choose what you want.

Jhodie got a new client. First semesters I'm told. She asked uncle Ray to pick up Nika the first time from the house and look after her for like an hour or so. I came home at 7:30pm that day and every one else had beaten me home by about 10 mins. Jhodie just got home, uncle ray just showed to see if she was home yet, and there was a story to be told it seems. Uncle ray didn't find Nika and Verie (Pearl's little boy) until 6pm, but I don't think it was really that late. They came to house, then walked over to Uncle Ray's house, then it seems that Nika wanted to come back home, but Verie didn't want to and Nika came back by herself. I think Uncle Ray found her at the house, then they went looking for Verie. This Wednesday when they were waiting for Jhodie to come home Verie decided to push in someone’s gate. I'm not sure what damaged he did, but the person for the house wasn't very happy and Jhodie said that she had to fix it. Nika tried to stop him so that was a good thing.

I've started my torrent downloading again. I've been at it for about a week and a half now. If I was state side with real cable internet I would have been finished in like half the time if not two days later. I'm getting a somewhat new anime show and I'm way behind. It was all the busy on the anime torrent sites for months. I'm just getting around to it. I saw the end of Friday night line up on Sci-Fi Channel and watched the start of what is replacing it for a time the next Friday. It seems that they re-did the show Dr. Who. I saw a few eps of the 1970's version years ago on the Sci-Fi channel, so I wanted to see how they did this time around. It's nice and so interesting in the British way. I'm already sorry that the show isn't on going. I even taped it for Jhodie since she was in Nevis that Friday, but she has yet to watch it and she saw the second part of the two hour being of the show tonight. She didn't let me see the new ep because she didn't want to see anything with zombies in it. It's not that frightening, but I missed it anyway and watched wife swap instead. I always feel sorry for those families or the wives.

We found out two days ago, that we no longer have a dvd player to play the dvds that I saved some anime on. Nika likes watching Chi, but it was on a dvd. I didn't hit me until like 5 mins into the talk that I was having with Jhodie over the phone that we didn’t have a dvd player. She put it in the computer, the computer started talking about formatting the cd. Formatting the cd? I asked her if she put it in right, then it hit me, it's a dvd. We use to play them in her laptop. So now I'm looking at buying a dvd player. I called around to see how much it would cost me since I already owe Rick so much. One place will have dvd players in stock, but they are out of stock right now. They cost $100. I then thought about seeing how much a dvd burner would cost me. Well forgot that, it jumped up to $360-$490. For about $26 USD I could get a dvd player that can burn normal cds at tigerdirect. I think that I'll save up about $80 and pay Rick one time for that instead of handing over $100 for a plain dvd player. Now I have to work on getting some money to Rick. I can't forget about paying him for two long. It's alot of money that he's paying out of pocket for me for the monitor and router and the memory that is being sent back and being replaced with three sticks of 128 at 100mhz.

I think that I've mostly caught you up. I guess I could add a few more.

My sister is trying to clear up our yard again. We are trying to find someone to take the trash to the bump for use right now. The school is currently displaying plans for the new classrooms. I have to get pics some how. Normally I can understand floor plans, but for some reason, these weren't so easily read. I got my new staff shirt last week when I went upstairs to get Windex and paper towels and a trash can for the department. I had gotten an e-mail that they had it for me like a month ago, but I didn't get around to it until now. I had to pull on it abit for it to fit me right, but it looked good when I was finished. It's a shame it took me only 8 hours to get it dirty. I wore it that weekend. The next day in the bath room and saw the smudges. This Tuesday we decided to use my tv to tape a show since we couldn’t watch anything on it. My sister has yet to take it out of my room. I guess I’m doing that tomorrow while she’s out on the town with Lynn.

Ok, that's it.

Good night.

March 15, 2006


I was able to see two of my shows last night after all.

Amazing Race and Dirty Jobs, even if I didn't see all of it. I got to see the re-run of it that at 2am. I had to go to bed, so at 2:30 I called it quits. I tried to watch it on my former tv, but it is still doing a better job as a radio.

I did get to wash my hair in very good time. It was nice and dry by the time I went to bed.

I spent like an hour actually talking to a friend on line last night from my bedroom. Now only if I had table and a chair.

Today was ok. I left later then I would have liked considering I got up at 9:30 to have Jhodie grease and plat my hair. I didn't have to take a bath I took one last night before bed and I had what I was going to wear laid out. It seems that plating my hair takes longer then I would think.

I got to work to see just one person standing outside the Ital bus. I'm sure I spelled that wrong, but right now I can't think of another way that looks any better. So I walked over there and got a veggie wrap with chunks. I only got one since I didn't want to go into my shoes money and Jhodie wanted me to buy some eggs today.

I didn't have much breakfast today. A kid's size portion of oatmeal, then I had the wrap around 11:30 and I took my time eating it. It was too hot to eat all at once. For the next hour or so I was in the room by myself. Then E got up and left with out telling anyone (me) like always. A student had to come and ask me for a form for me to know that she wasn't out there. Then I left the door open so they knew they could come and ask me for help.

I went and go the eggs later then I planned to because M who came in at 2 said that she didn't see the egg guy when she got in and she mostly does when she gets in.

Funny thing. Before M showed up and I was in the LRC by myself, a teacher called down for a copy of a software that wasn't on his computer that he had on there before. I told him I had a copy of it and he could come and get it. He came, took it and bought it back like and hour later. Then 7 hours later I get an e-mail from my boss saying that I'm not suppose to give pirated software to teachers to install. He had gotten a letter from the teacher saying that I gave him a bad pirated copy of Adobe Acrobat 5, and that it didn't work. Now that I think about it. Would he have said anything if it did work??? Either which way, I was insulted. The teacher was the former director of the IT department and I would give him a pirated copy of software we own??????????

I told my boss that I didn't and that it was our copy, and that the teacher didn't tell me that it didn't work when he brought back the software. He will deal with it tomorrow. I think that the teacher is going to have his computer completely re-installed anyway. It was having issues with other software also.

I spent some time at my desk. For the first part of my shift I had a bit of updating to do with some files I got from the Library and the SGA. I then did some other stuff for abit, then I played a game that I hadn't in a long time. I hadn’t played it in so long that I forgot what the game was about until I started it. I was a bit surprised that I didn't loose any of the four boards that I played. Then I went outside to see why I couldn't VNC to the front desk computer considering I believed that I fixed this little problem. I'm starting to think that E is uninstalling it. I'm going to send her an e-mail telling her not to, and to get some paper towels. We have been out for over a week and she is suppose to restock. She is the one here during the open times for the store.

The place on campus where they keep some things is called the store. I guess it's short for storage.

Jhodie finished up her day of shopping early then came for the eggs at 5 something. Uncle Ray gave her a lift. I came home to see her making dinner. It turned out quite good. It was suppose to be egg plant lasagna, but the egg plants we got last week went bad on us.

Currently I'm up by myself. Jhodie went to put Nika to bed a little after 10 after the Disney movie we were watching finished. She ended up falling asleep on the bed with Nika. She's still there. I tried to wake her up to get her to go into her own bed, but she just stayed there.

I have to try and put up dinner now before it gets much later.

Before I left work I sent out a mass e-mail asking for help on news piece that I wanted to do for the new paper, and I got my first reply back about 2 hours ago. Not the first person I would have picked since I've never really met her, but she asked about pics to go along with the article. I thanked her for the idea and asked her to please pass it along.

Well that downloading problem that I had the other seems to have been an issue with everyone else, and maybe me trying to download on both computers at the same time. My router is nice, but I think I'm trying to get the LAN speed I have at work. *grin* I don’t think that I should try that again until I get more memory.

Well I have to go now.

Tomorrow I will have less to do then I did today, but I'm going to see if I can get some scanning in.


March 14, 2006

The first computer lives, did I tell you that yet?

I can't use the memory in the new computers, so the old computer stays.

Now I have a new issue to deal with. I think that the new router has an unwanted effect on my downloading ability. It can't seem to download a file higher than 3 megs at times. I'm now searching for a download manager that had the ability to keep downloading a file until it's reported size is meet on the downloaded file.

It's been driving me nuts trying to download anything for the past 3 days, not to mention the small issue I had with my unzipping program.

Currently, I am trying to get my sister to watch the ending of Battle Star that she missed on Friday, but it's not working. She's already asleep.

Today I tried to go buy some shoes for work since I can't wear sneakers to work, but since I took Nika to town with me, and Jhodie ordered some Nachos from Bamboos, I had to come home before I found a pair that fit. Forget like. I looked at some that I didn't like, and was prepared to buy some just to get it over with, but they were the ones that didn't fit.

Ok, I'm catching the parts of the show that I missed myself. Its a lot more then I thought. Granted I was falling asleep at the time, but I didn't think that it was this much.

** Side note. Have you seen that tv ad for the razor where some guys puts his hand over the cubical wall, and wiggles his new razor phone in front of some guys face with this dumb voice like he's the phone? Just watched it. I've seen it before now, and I still hate it. Then the answer the other guy gives him when he asked him about his cell phone sounded dumb. Why get a cell phone if you are going to leave it at home? You got a cell phone to have a phone with you at all times didn’t you. ????**

Ok, FedEx showed up today. Phillys sent a cam for Little Ray. He said that he wanted it right away because his girlfriend was going to have his baby soon. Friday or something like that. Because he said that, she had it rushed down here, and it has ended up costing him over $400 EC of a phone that cost only $80 US.

Tomorrow I have to go back to town and try to find something to wear to work. Then come home and clean chicken. Yuck! I hate doing that. Then wash something to wear for the upcoming workweek. Then get my hair washed at least an hour before bed.

I really hope it's not the router. It would the second thing that I asked Rick to get for me that I can't use and had to pay for. Darn!

Ok, the show is over now, and I've completed my second full download of the day of something over 2mgs. I hope this means that the net or the server I was getting it from was having a bad day and it's not the router.

I gotta go. See ya.


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March 11, 2006

A slight delay

I'm not at the point I want to be with both computers right now.

I haven't tested ou any games on the new computer yet to see how well they run, not to mension any movies, and I don't have as much RAM as I would like.

And I'm accutally considering putting XP on the next computer. It will get the 2something of RAM that the origanl computer had, but with XP being on there, it might just end up being like the 2000 now with just the 128 stick.

My sister has a cold, so she isn't in a very helping mood right now. All day Nika was looking for company... ok, not all day, when she woke up after Jhodie left, she watched TV and wasn't hungrey. But when I woke up at 11:30, all she wanted was to play with either one of us. I wanted to get the computer up to snuff before I took down the other, and Jhodie had her cold.

I found more stuff that I had to copy over, and there was a hunt for a few things, and stuff. So I won't see if the memory is even compatable until I get home tonight. I half wish that it isn't so I wouldn't have to take it apart. Just take out a few hard drives, put back in the floppy drive, swap the cdrw with a cdrom, and let Nika have it. Then when I get the rest of my memory, I'll add it to the 2000 then get craccking with building the next one.

Oh, another sad find today. For some reason I thought that the new computers were going to have pIII 900 chips. Well I was only partly wrong. They are pIII but not 900. They are 450s. :( Let's see if being a pIII makes up for the other part. I still need the RAM.

Yesterday at work was ok. I was able to keep myself more or less busy for most of the day. I got the book from the teachers, so I'm currely up in the Media Center about to scan as much as I can of like 60 noted pics out of a book.

They are changing the outside lights of the buildings, and Gary acutally got two. I didn't know that they were giving them away. I guess they are trying not to keep things that they won't be using again. When I showed my dissapointment at not getting any, he said that he will get me one for when I come back on Wednesday. Cool. That will be the last light and I just have to get wire so they can set up. I all ready have the other light for the other side of the house. I just keep forgetting to get wire.

Last night was the end of it all for StarGate and Battle Star. Intresting set of endings for all of them.

Well back to work if I want to make any head way with this.

See ya.
Spell check and such later, maybe.

March 10, 2006

The process has begun.

Finally I am able to see most of my 250 (which I have been calling 280 for 6 months) gig hard drive. It's in two parts, but the two parts come as close as I expected. One is 127.99 gigs and other part is 107.99 gigs. Cool ha?

So now I've set up the network, and I've started to move over 95 or so gigs of data to the hard drive. The odd thing is, the dos version of the software that was suppose to work before I installed the OS didn't work, but the window’s version of for it did once and OS was installed. Now that I think about it, I should have picked a smaller size to make the partition for the c drive so when it saw the rest of it later, I would have 120 if not 139 for the storage drive.

Oh, this software that I used I found last night. It put me through heck, but it wasn't really it's fault, it was my fault for taking out my floppy drive out 2 and a half years ago. The real issue was that the computer still thought it had a floppy drive and I didn't realize it until last night.

Last night I also found out that the USB part of the computer now works. For the past few months it wouldn't release my USB thumb drives, but then as of last night it started to work again. Just when I'm about to take it apart it works, and of course it fells like it's going a bit faster. It's like it knows it's going to die and is trying to show me that I don't have to take it apart and rebuild.

It's still going down, the only thing that can save it is if the memory isn't compatible with the new board. The newly built computer is sitting on my bedroom floor, and I'm thinking that I may make it into my bed by 2am this time. I know I need the sleep.

My brother is leaving tomorrow. I didn't realize that it was time yet, until they told me tonight when he went out to see a few people and to take some pics of BirdRock. I asked for copies if they come out.

I'm just waiting for Eva to finish before I head into bed. See ya.

March 08, 2006

I don't remember much before 2pm yesterday.

I don't remember much from yesterday.

I think I was working on my blog mods, then I ate my sister's Pringles, then Tito went sight seeing, then I took Nika to town to give her (us) something to do, and get back the Pringles for Jhodie, and maybe get some cold meds.

We got to town and I walked around for an hour with Nika. I got a tart for Nika and I got something else. I should have gotten one for Jhodie too, but it was early in the hour, and I didn't want to send too much.

At the end of the hour, I had bought bread, meds, some other snack food, and some cooking stuff that it turns out we still had.

She thanked me for the Pringles. Turns out she didn't buy them. Uncle Ray got them for her. She would have liked what I got like I said before, and she made a sandwich with the bread. She walked in just as I took off my shoes.

A few mins later Rick called me. Ofcourse he came by with the computer parts during the one hour out of the house during that last two days. He will come back later he said.

He gets there, and I start. Moving things her, putting stuff in, finding out that I'm missing parts. No keyboard, no p2 mouse, then to top it off, the nice new memory that I got doesn't work. I almost thought that the new monitor was bad. Oh.. I was wrong, what topped if off was that my 280 or 250 gig hard drive as Rick is saying, couldn't be completely seen by the mother board. So I couldn’t install the OS or move stuff off the old computer, and split up the hard drives. AAaHH!... I was just like that for a while. AAAHH!... I wanted to install an OS. I've been getting ready for this for over a week! I was mad for an hour.

So I told Tito that he could buy the hard drive off me for $120 US. That is less then I paid for it. But I rather take a loss and get some money, then have a hard drive that I can’t use.

Then today I brought the ram back to Rick and told him that I can't use it, because everyone else in the department told me the wrong kind of memory to get. But now the guy is saying that it the wrong sub category of the right kind of memory I got. He didn't talk about any subcategory before. ** Just checked the website I got it from. They make no mention of any subcategory. And it’s not listed in the details of the stick**

But he is going to sell it for me so I can get the right kind. He also said that I can get my current large hard drive to work. I just need some kind of download from the maker of the hard drive. I think it's some kind of bios update for their hard drive, or that hard drive. So I'm going to look into that when I get home.

Speaking of home again, I just got a call from my sister. It seems that the computer isn't booting. I had asked Tito this morning when I was getting dressed to check to see if my older computer could use the ram. I knew it couldn't, but I wanted to check to make sure. I'm only slightly worried that it’s really damaged in any way. It's just taking a while to understand what gives, now that the memory has been changed again. I'll check it when I get home. I just hope that the only thing I'm not really flipping out about is the one thing that goes down hill for me.

I'm suppose to also check to see if the current memory that I have will boot the gateway. I'll have to test that too when I get home. Jhodie wanted to have one computer up and going while I configured the other one so that she will have a link to her friends.

Ok, back to work.

I got to work 10 past 11, which is good for me. A student gave me a lift. I fixed one thing on the website. That reminds me I should check the announcement page to see if there is anything outdated there that should come down.

I then spent some time trying to find a game that I heard of, but didn't work on my computer at home, and one that did. I have the other one up and running, but the other one won't happen. It's a German game, and the dll won't work on an English OS. So I will have to wait for the game to be translated.

I then got two Hi8 tapes to save to VHS. One was a joke of 10 mins of what looks like spying on a teacher in class. The other one should have come with its own VHS. Some one had a baby, and someone was just taping their heart away.

I then covered the front desk while E was out on her lunch break. I think Collin wasn't too happy that she just up and left like she likes to do. Finished up something for St. Jean since he came down to talk to Collin about something. I also gave him back the two tapes and a book that I had for him.

I defragged the front desk computer in the corner that M use while I was out there waiting for E to come back. I also helped a guard with a paper he wanted to print. He had a "few" mistakes that needed to be taken care of before I let him print it. Normally I don't look at the documents that I'm asked to help print, but there was so much red I had to help.

Then I was back behind the desk for a while. I did this, looked at then, then I couldn't stand any more. One min after I sat down she showed up. Just like last time. I knew it.

I then went up to Dr. K to see about a scanning job that I had to do. I felt bad about not starting it last week like I was suppose to, and it turns out that there is a bit of problem with her giving me the book that she wants pics out of it scanned. It seems that it's a required book that she needs to have in class with her every day, and it's the only copy she has. The library only has two copies, and one is a 24 hour loan, and the other is a 48 hour loan book. It's a required book so everyone in her class is suppose to have their own copy. But, there is always a but. One student didn't buy one for whatever reason, and so he checks out the book every other day or so, so that he can have it to study from and use it during lab for that class.

So to fix all this, she is going to buy another copy of the book so I can have it with me and scan what I can when I can. She might have done it sooner if the next edition wasn't coming out in 4 or so months it seems.

I then went upstairs and across the street to get something to eat. I got there after 2pm so just about everything was gone I got two bakes and a piece of macaroni pie. Oh!.. all most forgot. I found $10. Someone dropped it on the LRC floor. Lucky me. *grin* I also got talked up by some unlikely people over there. They were drivers for the buses that took you to the railway that take you around the island for sight seeing. Anyway, one talked me up like he would have liked a date or something. Oh, I’m showing a lot of cleavage today. I then walked back across the street to find a girl with a cricket bat looking very mad, and shouting at the guards. From what I heard it sounds like she got us confused with the other Ross University that seemed to have taken her money and not let her in.

I came back down and got the router from Rick. The one that I did the wrong version update on a while back that I got from my uncle. He wants it back to let someone else have a crack at it. I had left it here with Rick, but he never got around it to, and we both think it can't be repaired short of it being given a new chip with the right information on it.

Well I got the VHS' which was quite nice. We haven't had any for a while. We made an order like two semesters ago and they haven't gotten here yet. So I told Collin and he sent out for a box. So my first every copying from a Hi8 to a VHS worked. *grin*

I didn't do the 10 min thing, I'm going to talk to the teacher to see what gives, and I think Collin is going to find out the baby one.

Around 4:30 I fell asleep. One reason would be I went to sleep after 3am. I wanted to go to bed at 2am, but it took longer than I thought to erase a cd. Then I burned something on to it so I can put me to sleep. I have some kind of college course on the Incas, which I split that into two folders to keep track 10 from playing after track 1. Then I had the Physics of Star Track then a put on a folder of some music in case I couldn't stand to hear the other stuff.

But the Inca thing is good. I fell asleep to that. That other reason why I fell asleep is because I didn't have anything to do. I like working while I'm at work. Go figure.

Now I'm just waiting to go home and work on the computer and see if I can get my hard drive to be fully seen. If I do, Tito isn't getting it again.

See ya.

March 06, 2006

A New Look As You Can See....

I went to add something to my blog today, and I found out why I was missing the rest of my old side bar.

I had deleted it by accident and I didn't realize it until now. I didn't have a copy of the old code to put back what was missing, and I didn't fell like re-doing it all from scratch with the same old template.

So I'm doing most it from scratch with a new template. I did save all of what was left of my old template of course. So over the next few weeks, if not days, if not hours, you will see the change of this site bit by bit to something a bit closer to what my site looked like a few months ago but the missing code thing.

Last night as I was leaving work, a guard decided to talk to me. He said that he hope to see me playing cricket tomorrow. I told him that I hadn't reserved my place at the event, and it was unlikely that more then 3 people from my department was going to show up to make a team. But after talking with him for like 10 mins I thought about going and taking Tito (my brother) there along with maybe Jhodie. Last night when I was telling mother this, when she called, Jhodie reminded me that they were going fishing for the day. It also didn't help that I woke up at noon. Heck, I didn't even remember about going until after 2. I ate breakfast, checked my mail, and started to tinker with blogger and blog ad-ons then, hung out some clothes for my sister. Now it's almost 3:30 and Nika will be home soon.

I can not contend with her "friends". If they come I'll just tell them that they can stay Wednesday when Jhodie will be home.

I can hear them now. .... back.. Nika is starting to stop paying attention to me. This is why we thought she had a hearing problem. Jhodie almost took her to get her hearing checked.

See ya, I got some dishes to wash up.

I still have my cold by the way.

March 05, 2006

Out Sick

Hi ya.

I was doing so well too, then I got sick and I haven't blogged in three days.

I'm mostly better now. ... as I speak.... owww..

My boss is calling it a flu in a letter he sent to a teacher. I was calling a cold.

I went to work on Wednesday, that is when most people found out that I wasn't felling well, then the next two days my sister called in and said that I wasn't feeling well enough to come to work. I wanted to come in on Friday to do a project for that teacher. I took a shower, combed my hair, then I started a sneezing fit and the just felt like slime so I didn't go again.

I woke up Saturday morning feeling very normal, but it was time for me to wake up. Went to use the bathroom and went back to bed. Woke up and I had cold in my chest. Great. I still went to work. I got in a bit late. My normal late if not a little earlier. I left rather on time I think.

I stayed in here for my whole shift. Collin came in late that night and I left him working on something when closing time came. I didn't have much to do, so I updated some software, then when I was just about finished I remembered that I had something else to update. Another weekend.

I was cold from the LRC and the winds outside when waiting for a bus. The soup that I had for pre-dinner, supper I think you call it, I mostly call it lunch... either way, it was the warm spot during my working hours.

Today I left the house late, because of rain. I called to tell the guy why I wasn't there yet, but he didn't pick up so I left a message on the second call. Turned out he was at the front desk for his shift today. Turns out it didn't even rain on this part of the island while it poured over my house for about 30 mins.

Today I have less to fiddle my time way with, but I did remember that it's the start of the month and I haven't posted the new set of pics for March for my wallpaper club yet. I've lost my interest in that it's sad.

I guess I can tell you know. I had a friend in Canada, and we were both use to mess around with making wallpaper and I would love showing him ones I made or a few of the many that I found, and so in a round about way I made the club for us. He died in December. I haven't gotten any notice, but there wouldn't be one. He has been in and out of the hospital a lot last year, and I lost contact with him for a weeks while he was in the last time. Then back in December his e-mail address was deleted from the servers. It was and ISP address. So I guess that the account was canceled. I've waited for about 3 months now for something, but nothing. So I really do think that he died back in December. Another reason I didn't write much back then.

Well, I'm defragging some computers and such right now to keep me busy. I'll go look for a wallpaper or two, but I actually have a few new ones on me to pick from this month.

I was in  a better mood a bit earlier. I was rocking out to country music. *grin*

Ok.. I'll go post this now.


- There I share my life.

- There I have links to what use to be my life.

- There you can find out what I might want out of life.

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March 01, 2006

Jhoy has sent you a recipe

This recipe:
has been sent to you from Jhoy

Jhoy wants you to know: I found an intresting one for you to look over. I have a cold, my new bed wasn't that kind to me last night, but I got pics to show it off anyway, you may get them tomorrow. I don't think my desktop at home can access the cam, and I forgot to bring it and the hard drive to work to get stuff off of them. I got somone to go for lunch for me. M is home today with her daughter because she is throwing up and couldn't go to school. She called to see if I was coving her shift. I would, but I'm sick myself, and I don't want to be here sick in this cold place. It's been cold since last night, which is why I have a cold now. I got up and got a second blanket too late it seems. I'm going to have to get off the bus early tonight and get some Halls, and use the Zycam when I get home so I feel a bit better tomorrow. I tried the Zycam, I think it worked, I just didn't keep on using it, or I might not be sick now. I was surprised to find out it was a gel and not a spray. I washed my hair last night, which ended one of the longest times I've gone with out washing my hair. I'm not saying how long. See ya.

You can view the complete recipe online at:

4 large russet (baking) potatoes
8 cups vegetable oil
3 tablespoons minced shallot
2 (3-inch) sprigs fresh thyme
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
1/2 cup dry red wine
1 tablespoon water
3/4 teaspoon cornstarch
1 cup beef or veal demi-glace
1 teaspoon coarsely cracked black pepper
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 tablespoon unsalted butter

5 oz cheese curds or haloumi cheese, coarsely crumbled (about 1 cup)
2 tablespoons fresh chives, finely chopped
Peel potatoes, then cut lengthwise into 1/4-inch-thick sticks and submerge in a bowl of ice and cold water. Rinse potatoes in several changes of cold water until water is clear. Drain in a colander, then spread potatoes in 1 layer on several layers of paper towels and pat very dry.

Heat about 8 cups vegetable oil in a 5- to 6-quart heavy pot over moderate heat until a deep-fat thermometer registers 375°F.

Put oven rack in middle position and preheat oven to 200°F.

Cook shallot with thyme in butter in a 1- to 1 1/2-quart heavy saucepan over moderate heat, stirring frequently, until shallot is softened and golden, about 2 minutes. Add wine and boil until reduced by half, about 3 minutes, then discard thyme sprigs. While wine reduces, stir together water and cornstarch until cornstarch is dissolved. Stir 1 cup beef or veal demi-glace into wine and bring to a boil. Whisk in cornstarch mixture and return to a boil, then boil until sauce is slightly thickened, 2 to 3 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in black pepper, salt, and unsalted butter until butter is melted.

Once oil is ready, increase heat to moderate and fry potatoes in 4 batches, stirring occasionally, until deep golden, 5 to 6 minutes per batch, returning oil to 375°F between batches. Transfer fries with a slotted spoon to a baking sheet lined with several layers of dry paper towels and sprinkle lightly with salt. Keep fries warm in oven while frying remaining batches.

Put 4 ovenproof plates in oven, divide fries among plates, and sprinkle with cheese. Heat until cheese is just warmed through, about 2 minutes.

Stir chives into sauce and drizzle over fries. Serve immediately.

Cooks' note:
Sauce, without chives, can be made 1 day ahead and cooled completely, then chilled, covered.

March 2006

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