November 29, 2008

Friday - Saturday

I got home from the Staten Island around 12 or 1pm, and I crawled right into bed. My feet hurt, and I skipped on sleeping before going out with her at 2:20 am.

I woke up when my cousin came over with his new, still in the box, laptop for me to help set it up for him. He got one a HP laptop from BestBuy. It wasn't bad, but most new one are. :)

While he was here, I ate something. I hadn't eaten anything either since the day before. After he left I went back to bed. Didn't get back on the computer for anything.

I woke up today around 3:30 am just because I felt like I was infected from my mom breathing over me. I got up and went to use the bathroom then to turn off the lights in the kitchen, and I saw that they left everything out. Everything and now dishes were washed. So I cleaned up, packed and repacked stuff, and about three hours later, I went back to bed.

I woke up again when to realize that mom left for church and left the lights on over me, and I was still tired so I turned of the lights and closed the door to the room to keep voices out of my very echo prone room.

Then in walks Nika saying that she wanted to use the desktop. Great. Fine, I let her use it and told her that she had to be off by 4pm, just so I could get to use it. Well, before 4pm mom came home and kicked her off of it because it wasn't sunset yet.

She was home well early. She's changing how she sleeps today and such because she has and early shift sunday.

So here I am. On my sister's laptop, the good new one, checking my mail, going to do something on my story, and install a full version of Office on here also.

November 26, 2008

back again for the day.


It was another, "sell land in FL" job.

I don't think that they are real jobs. Sure a few make it, but it's not a job, job.

Then I came back and got a subway sandwich with a coupon that got me another one for free once I got the biggest sized fountain drink.

Then I went to Nika's school because she didn't go to school to pick up her home work.

So I'm home and cold now. I'm almost finished with the book. I have like 1/4 of it left to read and I just finished eating my sandwich. I ate the whole foot long because I've been up since 6am.

Now I'm going to try and write something. :)

Darn, just remembered about the power cord. I have to go call him and see if he got it.

So. *grin* How has your day been?

Fw: Re: Clinical Sleep Over

I'm back, and I've been back since 8 am.

But now I'm ready to go out again. I saw an add in the newspaper today for office work, no experience needed. I called and I have to go by today between 1 and 3.

So now I'm getting ready for that. They just told me to dress and can come with ID. I'll see. It's far away, so I'm leaving before 1.

My hair has sticky goop in it and other than not feeling tired when I woke up I didn't like it. My feet were cold, I had to think about keeping my mouth closed when they put the mask thing over my nose. She said I stopped breathing. I couldn't really move my legs and the had that that had this thing over my finger.

Well I have to go find an outfit now. I'm making good head way in my book with all this train travel that I'm doing. I'm going to get really far after this last one.

Then, hopefully, I'm picking up my power cord tonight.

I'll see you then. :)

November 25, 2008

Clinical Sleep Over


I was able to get on line today before leaving. I woke up with a bad belly ache or odd cramp, what ever you want to call it. I didn't feel like getting up, but mom woke me, thinking that if I kept on sleeping I wouldn't be able to go to sleep for the study. I don't think that would have been a problem.

I'm going to look up the address of the place, then see where the closest Macy's is, then leave around 5. That would give me 5 hours to find both places, pay on my bill and have a little sight seeing tacked on. The same plan as yesterday, just later and shorter.

I'll be packing something to wear to sleep, don't know what yet, an my toothbrush and toothpaste and a comb. I'm a light packer. Oh, and my book. I think I'm up to book five of the "Dirk & Steele" romances from Marjorie M. Liu. Now I'm dealing with a merman.

I should go take my bath now, but I'm skimming over the last page of my story. I started to do that last night and ended up re-writing parts. I don't think I've done this much editing before on this story. But since the last chapter, I've been hacking and moving and re-writing bits.

Well, once I leave, I won't be back until tomorrow morning around 7 or 8am and you know how I hate being up so early, but there is nothing I can do about it.

Well guess I should get going.

See ya.

November 22, 2008

Guess what I just saw?

The most kick-ass trailer for Star Trek that I have ever seen in all of my 31 years of being on this planet!

And I'm not swearing.

I just saw the official version on line at the link I posted for you.

You can kiss my butt later.

November 16, 2008

Chapter 42

I have made it to chapter 42 on my story that started out so yaoi. The main yaoi couple is still there, but now the story seemed to have been high jacked by a straight couple while another one bids for it's own time. I almost feel like throwing in another yaoi couple in there to even things out, but Unless I make them, I don't have anyone left for the job. :)

I wasn't planing on having this many chapters. I thought that I would have been finished ten chapters ago.

Today was a rather smooth day for this family.

Tuesday morning I'm having my hair done under a treat of a hair cut. I haven't done my hair in a while because I haven't had a job there fore no money. But they won't have it any longer. So I'm getting it down before I go to a sleep study that my mom put me and her in. Tomorrow I have to finish filling out the papers for the study. They have to be completed before we get there.

Well back to proofing the last eight chapters of my story. I hit a slight wall with chapter 42.

November 14, 2008

Re: Good morning.. well actually it's good afternoon. :)

Little amusement make the day go by better. :)

I don't know what to do with the guy. I'm going to call him up, and ask him what is the name/code for the power cord and get it myself, then he just had worry about the cracking the case on the other one.

As for me, i forgot what woke me an hour ago. But my mom isn't happy. She tried to buy a get out of dept book on line, but it got to a part that had us calling the phone number instead.

Later when she tried to buy something she found out that she didn't have enough money so she came home checked her bank account on line to find out that they went through with the online order that wasn't even completed and charged her for both orders.

Earlier around 9am I was woken up to type something for my sister. That was my fault. I was asked to do the day before, but I forgot and she needed it for 10am.

Now mom is all upset at the company for lying to her a number of times and taking her money and not refunding all of it.

I'm going to work my story now. I stopped at 6am today. I looked over what I had written for the chapter, and just as didn't like that it was only 2 pages long. So I found a perfect spot to add something, and that took up most of my time. I think that I added like 2 more pages to it before starting the next chapter.

the next chapter is dealing with what I came up with his claws and such. I made sure that I got as far into to as I could so I would remember where I was going it with. I took me a while to remember or get get it going once I got as far as I did with the part I added to the last chapter.

Speaking of which, I'm not done there yet. I have at least another half page to add to it. I just needed to ask you that question to get something to base it on. :) Yes, there is a strawberry in Sess life. :)

I'm not even sure which part of the story to work on now. I guess that all depends on what kinda answer I got back from you. :) :)

Did you get any further into story? I hope you did. It's annoying to want to write, but have nothing to write. Or trying to write and having things stop you.

I watched a whole bunch of stuff last night. CSI, Law $ Order, Night Rider, Fringe and something else I think.

Well, let me try and do something with my story after reading your next mail.

PS.... I'm to write that guy about the wallpaper again, and if don't hear anything in a week, I'll post it, and point them to his page over at the other site.

Long e-mail. :)

See ya.

November 13, 2008

Ya... I'm still alive.

I was able to get out of the house the next two days since that pic I sent you. I forgot what I did the next day, the on the last day I went to pick up Nika from school and help her look for her umbrella that she seemed to have lost.

I didn't quit understand that I had to meet her in her class before school let out, so I wasn't any help in getting her umbrella.

Ah, I remember now. I was sent out Thursday to buy some cheese. I took Nika with me. Her little nagging voice came back to me. She didn't want to walk around the building to get to the store.

The day I took the picture it was raining since the moment I stepped out the door. It was a good walk. I made it as far as Fulton Mall. I went out to pay a bill for my sister. I had enough fare for one subway ride. I didn't know it at the time, so it was a good thing that I only thought of using it once to get home.

Before last week, I almost sliced off one of my fingers.

Sorry, didn't feel like easing you into that one. I only lost a shaving off the side, near the top. Jhodie found some stuff that people were giving away and in there was a V slicer. I keep saying that I wanted one, so she got it for me.

The day I tried it out, I nicked myself. My got knocked off the guard when it jammed and I got my finger when it moved again. There was a nice blood trail to the bathroom.

My story just about came to a halt for three days while it healed. When I couldn't not type anymore, I hunted and picked for two more days until I didn't feel any pain to type normal again.

Speaking of my story, I reached chapter 40 last night. I just added some complications to it after realizing I couldn't really do it. So now I have to come up with a darn good reason why that was able to happen in the first place.

Other than that, nothing happened. I've been filling out job apps on line, and cleaning and cooking. Also, do you remember the lady next door that I have issues with? Well I've been giving her the silent treatment for a few weeks now. She came over here demanding I do stuff for her and I was not in the mood for it.

At least she doesn't pester me now. I'll never make up with her I think. It wasn't like she was my friend to begin with.

Well I should get back to my story.

Oh, one last thing.

MSN Groups is closing up shop come Feb next year and they are having everyone who still manages their group to move them over to a place called

Here is a link to my site. I've already replaced my link over at the side with the new link. I found out last month about the move, but I decided to wait until a week after I posted this month's wallpaper set. Which I have. It looks pretty good.

Well that's it. :)

See ya next time.