March 23, 2010

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My sister has been bugging me to look this up. So here is a teaser for the rest of you who haven't heard of it. Say hello to Doctor-to-be Matt Smith. The 11th Doctor Who.

Doctor Who: New Series Trailer

A new era of Doctor Who begins Saturday, April 17th at 9/8c only on BBC AMERICA.

March 18, 2010

The sun was out.

I actually had a good day. Over all. :)

I had an early class, and I got there on time. I got back my last sheet that I turned in for my drafting class. I think I sent you a pic of it. If I didn't it's over on my blog. :) I got an "A". :)

Today was all school. Wednesday's are my long days, but currently I only have two days because I wanted the time to work on my drawings. It's just hard some times to myself do the work. When I'm at school I'm full steam ahead. At home I'm read fanfics. :) Right now I'm going through a long multi-chapter story, so that is taking up my online time at the moment.

I have kept on with my updates and I'm working on chapter 73 or so for the Inuyasha story. Yep, it's still going. I hope to end it before I hit chapter 100, but I don't have a clue at this moment. I don't want to reach 100 just so I won't scare off anyone from reading it who might like it. :)

The weather was great today. When I went to school it was still kinda cold, but even when I was coming back after 9pm I didn't have to zip up my coat. :) The last time I tricked into doing that I ended up with a cold, but not today. :)

It seems like when they turned the clocks forward the place started to warm up. The temp is suppose to be as high as 70 tomorrow and Friday and Saturday. Let's see how that goes. :)

I should have crashed by now. I was fighting to stay awake in my last class around 8pm. I can blame it on dinner I guess. Maybe.

Well, since I'm still awake, I've been asked to go wash some dishes, so since I'm starting to feel sleepy now I'm off to do that before I do fall asleep and people start making noise with me later.

How did your day go?

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March 17, 2010

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I am falling asleep. I've been up way to long and active the whole time. I had an early class and i went sleep late just because I wasn't tired. *shakes head* Tonight I will crash. Right after I get my fried wontons. :) I'm in blueprint reading class now and it has restarted. See ya.

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Yyyaaaahhhhhh!!! Happy, happy, happy. :)

March 15, 2010

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On my home now. I even caught a bus quickly. Let's see if my luck holds out. :)

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I'm staying late at school to get some drawing done, since I've lost the will to draw at home and also because I have something else to draw for Thursday. I did alittle shoping so I wasn't stuck in school the whole time. I also had my first subway sandwich since October. My only excuse is that I wanted to eat fish, but today decided on a change. :) Later.

March 10, 2010


Somehow I did that today.

Firstly. I finished my latest drafting sheet yesterday so I took today off and just under an hour ago re-filed my FinAid on line. Then 10 mins ago I realize that I forgot one little thing on two of my panels. Maybe it will so small that she won’t notice since I’ve already had it copied to hand in to her.

Back to my impromptu attempt at cooking. It wasn’t planed at all. My mom told me to put on some peas and I did. I then put on my head set and watched a movie in the bed room. I lost all track of time and I wouldn’t have known that I burnt, or was burning them, until my mom called from the bathroom. She wasn’t calling me for that, but for something else, but I smelt it in the hall way.

I ran into the kitchen and looked into the pot and hoped that it wasn’t too bad. Half the peas were burnt to the bottom of the pot. :( So left it for my mom to make heads or tail out of it. I then went back to my movie.

Mother still isn’t feeling well, so after she started some things she sent me in to finish it. Cut up a few things. Add the rice. Add some seasoning to it. Make sure that there was the right amount of water in the pot after she had me turn off the peas before they got to soft. She used the pressure cooker to make sure the peas cooked before the water ran out.

I put everything in and turned the flame under it down really low. I think I left just a little too much water in, but everyone ate I think and no one complained about it the rice. The chicken on the other hand … but that was the stores fault. Mom got some seasoned chicken and it was a bit peppery. Not really bad, just not expected. I expected sweet since it said BBQ on the outside. Oh well.

Other than my one movie, I’ve been reading a story that I feel like giving up on, but I don’t want to even if it seems to be hurting me every now and again to read it. So much so that I’ve opened my own story to work on it. I’ve gotten a page down and I’m very happy with it. Now I’m switching to someone else’s POV and I got kinda stuck after I hit a nice part. I should be able to pick it up nicely when I get back to it another day.

You must be surprised to see that I’m actually writing up a real blog entry today. Well like I said I had the time with no drawing. But I do try hard to keep my blog up todate. Even if I have to fill it with pics. Like I said before. I have to post the pics for me to allowed to text in ‘long’ messages.

I had something else to say, but I can’t remember what it is right now.

Oh, the ‘insanity’ will officially end on the 13th. He’s already left, but I’m saying good-bye on the 13th. I was giving him time to do it himself, but the 13th is my dead line.

Oh, now I remember. A few days ago, I typed up my syllabus for my drafting class. It was mess. You hadn’t a clue where one part ended and the other began, and we actually have to use it for all our classes. I know it was a factor in why I missed up in writing the name of sheet for my last marked sheet. Which was a bad ‘C’ by the way. I knew I was to unfinished, but I think the wrong name did me in. I just wouldn’t know at this point. But I did find out that I can finish up a sheet or two and have her look them over and she would be able to raise you grade if you it right or made a good improvement. So I think I’ll do that one over once it is the worst or which ever becomes the worst of the set for me and keep my whole grade from tanking down to ‘C’ right now I’m at a "’B’.

Ok, that was a bit more than what I wanted to say and I didn’t even finish what I did want to say. Well I re-typed the thing and took it into class on Monday and showed it to my teacher. She liked it, and she said that I should show it to the girl in the office that types them so that she can use it. Hopefully, but I will share it with my class. I just can’t print them out at home because I’m currently out of black ink. But I don’t feel that bad making a copy or two at Kinko’s or someplace like that. I just looked for and found one of my two ‘thumb drives’ and I’m taking it to school with me.

Well it’s well past my bed time. Unless I’m up drawing I don’t seem to stay up that late anymore.

Night. Sorry for the typos. I really have improved, but it’s too late and I’m too tired to go back over this long thing.

Take care. Talk to you later. 

March 08, 2010

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Look at what I got when I came into school today, and I was late for the first time this semester.

March 06, 2010

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I'm hanging out at the market at the moment. Mom is home and she won't let me do anything. I refuse to sit at home and watch as my day goes down the drain. Well, I'm done walking around the little green market. I would have stayed abit longer if I had some money to spend, but I don't. Oh well. Later.

March 05, 2010

I need to move out. :(

I'm not happy with my mom at the moment.

She made me stop drawing because it's 'sunset'. :( Not happy at all. I was just about ready to start doing guide lines for my writing. I was so close to finishing.

Since I can't work I'll play. Or at least try to.

My sister came home and brought me a 'plate' of salmon teriyaki. It came with two wantons, brown rice, salad and today, two pieces of rolled egg. :)

I've been eating so much today. I'm a little worried. I'll have to go out walking tomorrow. I'll have to do it anyway if my mom stays home and it's looking like she will. :( I was going to be ahead on this drawing and this happens.

Guess I get to work on my story. I would feel happier about this if I knew what to write.

My mind is set on doing work after it took me so long to make myself sit down and do what I had to. :( Did I say that I wasn't happy?

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March 01, 2010

I've Seen An A.

Yaahh! I got an A with 92 for my last drawing. The one I completed. :)

May the gods help me get a decent mark on the one I'm working on now. It's due on Wednesday and I have a whole pannel left to do and I broke my ear buds for my phone. How am I going to hear my audio books while I draw in class? Guess I'll have to pack my mp3 player until I get them replaced.

Having a good day? I'm starving and packing up to go home now. Later. :)