June 25, 2017

The F@*&$*$% 👹

I can't seem to go out today. Yesterday I somehow hurt the right side of my back. So I was grateful that it was mostly better by the time I realm started to get ready to go to Manhattan.

I had gotten some Bluetooth headset about two weeks back if not one and they are worthless, so I was going to return them. I no longer had the receipt but I wanted them gone. I tried looking for a record of the transaction on my bank receipt to prove that I got it from them, but I couldn't. But I was still ready and willing to throw it back at them. Then I stood ready to leave and realized that it wasn't worth the path train fare and time since I was walking around with a cut under my toe and my knee pain was enjoying my drug free blood stream at the moment.

So I decided to come down yo Penn to get my buss pass for next month and then go to ShopRite for some milk and maybe some other things, but nothing much since I was taking the bus home.

So, I walk up the hill and my whole right side, from cut through knee and back pain hurts until I get to level ground.

I didn't have to wait too long for a bus which was good because it is hot out, but the shade feels great. Anyway, we reach downtown and I realize that I couldn't find the receipt because I thought I bought it in NYC, but I got it here in Jersey and I did see the record. So I considered myself lucky not to have gone to NYC after all.

I get to Penn and I walk right up to the teller and before I even reach for my card I realized that I didn't have it. It was home in my skirt pocket. So as I cursed myself out, I made a u turn and went back out to catch the same bus I just got off of. It was gone, but the next one was going to be by in 9 mins.

I'm on that bus now going back home for my Paycard and the headset. That may be the sliver lining in all this.


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June 16, 2017

Got my second aquatic massage today.

Now my foot is in this thing that they call a "Reflexology Foot Massager. Until it clamps down on your foot it's good. 😌

I had a long day today as in I didn't get breakfast or lunch...


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June 15, 2017

June 12, 2017

I have proof!

I now have documented proof that I'm loosing weight.

I came here a month ago and weighed 281. A month later and I'm down to 274! 😃

I'm not rushing to any goal at the moment, I just want to go down. And I'm doing it. 😊

In other news, I'm the employee of the month. ✌


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June 10, 2017

Stopped again

Getting the hearty veggie. Weill tell you about it later.

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Newly Opened.

Walking through the fashion district when we found this little surprise. Their stuff taste great. 😊

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I'm at N.Y. Cakes with my sister. I wasn't told that we were coming here until after we were on our way here.

We went out to get hair so she could braid mine, and then we were suppose to go to some bake or cook show thing down by the pier in Manhattan. Now I'm being told about hair bobble shopping. 😞


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Hello Again

I was suppose to send you pics of my latest shopping spree yesterday, but I was just so tired. I tried to go to Victoria Secret, but I walked in the wrong direction and ended up at Lane Bryant instead. I went in looking for a skirt and got two instead. While I mostly struggled to move my tired and aching body, I saw their little add in the stall for their bras. Which is why I was headed to Victoria Secret for in the first place. I so need new bras.

I haven't a clue how much the ones I have cost when they were first bought, but I do know that my sister pays a bit for her's. I ended up paying about $40 for two bras and they aren't even pretty ones. But they fit and support me. The two skirts came up to about $30 also. They were on clearance at true BOGO. So I was charged for the most expensive one and got the other one "free".

I've come to learn ab few things over the years about the true cost of things, so most of the times I've reasoned my way out of paying for things that I know shouldn't cost as much as they do. But I'm also aware that this isn't where it ends. Salaries and logistics and brick and mortar rent have to be paid too. So I sucked it up and bought my first bra in over 10 years that I can remember paying for myself. I no longer have that bra btw. The ones I currently have, which need replacing, were bought by my mom and my sister.

Anyway, after paying for the lot with someone other than the person that helped me, I was reminded to sign up to get their card to save $25 on the lot. since the total came up to more than I thought it would, I agreed. then I left the store. I walked over to the massage people to get the heated pad that is also one part aromatherapy. I didn't care about that part, but after sitting there for about 5 mins with two different sized ones on both my knees I gave him my card, I can't soak in hot water that much or for as long as I would like, so this was my compromise. I know, I could just have gotten it online, but I felt like getting it from them since I did go and buy the pulse massager on line.

He sold it to me for $30 and I got a 10 min aqua massage. It hurt on my legs, but I think it helped. it was a little odd in there. It's like this long clam shaped thing that you lay down. after you are in position, laying down on your front, it closes and jets of warm/hot water hit you from the other side of this plastic bag barrier as it slowly moves up and down your body. Like I said it hurt when it was pounding away at the back of my legs, but it just felt odd when it went over my butt and nothing really once it got to my back. That isn't to saw the force diminished, it didn't, but my back was fine. There was nothing there to work out, unkink or loosen up. But on the third pass, I figured it might be working on working out bits I couldn't feel yet.

It didn't seem that long, but I think I was starting to nod off too. When I tried to get up, he "attacked me" with a big messaging tool. I wasn't really sure what was going on for a few seconds, then I was just fighting the feeling until I heard, somehow, that I could tell him to stop. I really wanted him to put that thing on my legs. He can't seem to remember that my back is fine. Pain-free and all that.

but once I was done and actually leaving, I turned back and asked him about the aqua massage. This is when I found out it was only 10 mins long and had not a bad price of $16. I think I may go for that again after at least one of my shifts.

From there I had a small detour to the bathroom, then went to the bus stop and got there just as the 24B started boarding and without waiting, I got the 107 to take me up the side of the park when I wasn't even going to wait for it.

Now I'm typing with one hand because I hurt my finger tips again at work. Oh, almost forgot. Two things really. One, I'm employee of the month. For last month since this one just started. Instead of just saying that I was doing a good job in the fitting room, they read a survey that said how well they were taken of in the fitting room. From Memorial Day. I did work that day, but I did say because I was trying not to bust from blushing and having my face crack from smiling too much. I'm sure I didn't look that way to anyone else there, but they all clapped and the closest ones congratulated me. :) That was in the meeting just before we open the store. We have two meetings a day. Opening and closing. I think. very few times have I been there for closing.

The next thing is that I slipped in my shoes when I took a turn and bent down to pick up a hanger that someone had dropped outside a room. I feel forward and crashed into the wall really hard. I stood for a moment holding the side of my head as people asked me if I was ok. It hurt, but after a few seconds I told them that I was fine and went back to what I was doing. I'm pretty sure this happened before my lunch break.

Wednesday I just had a Jamba juice. On Thursday I had a Jamba juice with some veggie fried rice that had a lot of veggies in it, and yesterday I went to Applebee's and got my usual. Now with sweet potato fries. Now to get them to not put any salt on them.

Ok. Time for me to go. I'm getting braids. My sister is doing my hair later. Yep. spending more money.


June 04, 2017

Render, Render, Render...

I started rendering a fractal yesterday and it doesn't look like it's going to be finished until tomorrow sometime in the afternoon. I haven't had to give up my computer for such a long period of time, for a fractal, for a while.

But I want this one to be big enough to cover most items over at Society6. I did tell you about this Society6 thing, right?

Other than that, I've been soaked my legs in hot water and Epson salt twice. Tonight would be the third soaking, but a few things have come light. One, we can't depend on hot water coming out of the tap, and two, it's really hard for me to get up once I'm sitting down in the tub. My feet keep slipping and putting my weight on my knees is a very, very bad idea. So yeah, my knees still hurt and are stiff when I walk. But I'm still keeping my legs as warm as possible.

I was hoping that the pulse massage thing would be here today so I could use it before going to work, but I don't think it will be here until tomorrow at the earliest. Oh well. Tuesday I have off and I'll have to do the wash then. I was thinking of doing it today, but I wanted another day to rest up my knees. Even though at the same time I think I should be walking around a bit more.

I cooked today. The first time in a while. Cauliflower and broccoli rice. I tried to do a roast of sweet potato and christophine, but I didn't realize until I was done that I forgot to toss them with oil. That is what I get for not cooking for so long.

Got the weather report for tomorrow. Rain. Great. We will be busy at work tomorrow. We can only hope that because it's Monday, it won't be too bad. :) I honestly don't object to being busy. We stay busy, we stay open, we get to keep our jobs. Providing we do them well.

Oh, my hand is still tingles. The left one that is in the brace. My toes are still numb from before. I said that I now believe that I'm allergic to either all or one of the ingredients in Icyhot right? I still stand by what I told that nurse in the ER all those weeks ago.

"As bad as my leg is hurting me, It's the numbness that I can't stand."


June 03, 2017


Yeah, I was gone a bit longer than I intended.

So, where was I? Yeah, the massage people in the mall. It was during my 30 min break. I went and got a Jamba Juice and I was heading back to work to read when I realized that I should just go and see what they had that might help me and my knees. I know most of my issues are from muscles and ligaments being used without much rest or relief.

I already seemed to have proved to myself that the numbness that occurred from my Icey Hot incident could be due to some kind of reaction that I had to the chemicals and not the pulled muscle that just about crippled me for a day. Yeah, I was at work the next day after taking one day off for a pulled muscle/ligament. I told you no rest. I can still feel it now a month later if I stretch a certain way.

Anyway, my knees needed help and I didn't want to hear how it could be fluid from spinal disks that could have gotten damaged over 15 years ago. So I went looking for a massager. I was first shown this big one, at $145 or so. He went through the whole sales pitch in one fluid and fast motion with demonstrations on my body that showed he has been at this job so long that he doesn't bother preparing a customer for the assault of jiggles from the device. I had on a slightly shorter skirt today and he crouched down there running it over my knee and having me place my foot on the unit, to help show how it helped tired feet. It happened so quickly, that I didn't realize until hours later that I did nothing to make sure he didn't see up my skirt.

I didn't have and didn't want to spend $145, no matter how good it might have felt. So I asked if he had anything else. He then showed me one of those electrode pulse things that were attached to something as small as an iPod. He put two of them on around my knee and left me to play with it for a few mins. Then he swooped down on me and wrapped this soft heated thing around my knee. He didn't try to lift my skirt so I had to hold it in place.

I was liking this setup. He was even going to reduce the price for me since I worked at the mall to $115 for the pulse thing. That was still about $60 more than I wanted or even could spend. So I told him that I'll have to think about since it was time for me to go back to work. What really bugged me was how he produced a chart that showed where to place the electrodes to help with what ales you, and I can see how having this is needed for someone doing it at home on their own, but the words he used rubbed me the wrong way.

So I get up to leave and that knee did indeed feel better, so much so that I was only feeling pain from my other knee that hadn't really been bugging me at all for the day. Like now that the worst pain in my body has been quieted, I can now hear the other 'squeaky wheels'. :)

I was very surprised and pleased and it made me now really consider getting it. But as I walked the pain started to come back a little, but since I only had it on for like 5-10 mins, I shouldn't have expected it to cure me, but it did lessen the pain overall. Even when I ended my last post to get off the bus to go buy some somethings at Stop & Shop, that knee was fine. I stood up almost normally and stepping down and out of the bus hurt my other knee instead.

So after getting an Uber pool to get me home since I wasn't walking up a hill with groceries and finding that my knees didn't bend the other way that well, and wishing that I had it to 'treat' the back of my knee now that I was home. I looked up how much they were going for online.

Yes, I got one online. The price is $39 and it will be here in 3-5 days. That is the only setback. No instant use. But for a savings of about $100, I'll take it.

Did I tell you that I was wearing my hand brace again? Yep. It's such a pain to type. With or without it on.

Don't know what else to say, so I guess this post is over. :)


June 01, 2017

I just left work...

I was there over 30 mins longer than I should have been. Most of the day was slow with pockets of high traffic. Like the one that rolled in on me as I was suppose to be leaving, which is one of the reasons why I ended up leaving later than I should.

The second being the person who was suppose to take over for me called out. So that left the other girl there all by herself. I told her not to worry about the clothes on the table. If it gets really slow she could fold some, but almost every time I try to even walk towards the table, people show up.

It's official. I live in the fitting room. My boss likes me there. A lot. Last week he had me help in training others to do things the way I do. I liked them, even if I question how they form sentences. But they were getting it and everyone says it differently.

Let me explain. In our fitting rooms, you do not just walk into a room on your own. There should be two people there. One to greet you, count your items and place you in a room with other "instructions", while the other folds and maybe helps with placing customers in the fitting rooms closest to them. When I say we "place you", I mean we open a fitting room for you because the rooms are all locked.

I don't know who else does this, but this was the first time I had ever come across such a thing. So a lot of the time, we are just trying to let everyone know that they have to be seen to, to get a room.

That caused a little issue today with a boy that just took over a room before I could clean and clear it. I had him step out of the room. I checked and cleaned it, then I explained to the boy why I had him step out of the room. Well, I was trying to, when this lady just about rushed me and said that he was just a child and asking me what I was telling him. At the same time.

I didn't get what all that was about and told her that I was just explaining to him why I had him step out of the room. He was already back inside at this point. I know I didn't do anything wrong and I think she kinda did know that too, but didn't back down and said that he is just a kid and that I should have been talking to her instead. She wasn't there. At least not in eyesight, so even if I felt inclined to tell her, I didn't know she was there.

Other than work. I went by the massage people to see what they might have...brb.

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Had to hobble run to catch the 59 and the bus lady tells me may is up when I showed her my bus pass. Good thing I got this month's pass already.

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