September 29, 2006

The Start of the Week

The brother is the one who could fly??!?!? That self centered insensitive almost jerk is the one who got the power?

I know that they had to give us something new since they just about showed up everything else, but that was one heck of a twist.

As you tell I watched Heroes last night. The only other thing that I can remember getting to see was the antiques road show. I watched that over Deal or No Deal. I watched it over the weekend, and I’m not much of a gambler. I never assume that I have a lot of money in the case, and I just hope that my luck holds out so I can get as much for the case as I could. But once I see the board doesn’t have the odds in my favor to come out of the next round on the safe side I would call it quits then and there. I did watch part of it all the same last night. This lady had made it up to 53,000 and blew up, by the time I showed up she passed on 5,000 and then lived though the next round and it went up to 7,000 and she took it. Good thing too, her case was only worth 400.

I already told you about today. I didn’t get the bus that I was suppose to meet over by the school. By the time I walked out of the house it was 8:50, and I thought that I was doing good time about 20 mins earlier. Oh well, I turned on my music and besides this one little steep hill and standing in the burning sun I was over all fine. I did get worried when it was 10 past and I hadn’t caught a bus yet. When I did get one I sat in the back and had a look at the thing that I was going to eat for lunch. I was an Indian meal that I just had to heat up in the microwave. It was mostly veggies in sauce. I picked up on that said that it wasn’t too hot. I got in town and walked into the only store that I really buy food from and I looked up at the clock to see that it was 8:30. Great. I got a half a bread and beef and 4 johnny cakes at 50cents each. I first said 6 johnny cakes, but I decided to save a $1. I was hoping to get back more then $10 and I did by a few dollars, so I could have asked for the other 2 or gotten some Halls instead. Either way, I just packed up to get to work so that I could eat breakfast. I didn’t get here that early after all and I don’t know how come. I got here with barely 7mins to spear.

I ate half of the bread and put the rest with everything else that was lunch related into the fridge. … and now it’s break time. It’s 11:45. I think it’s a bit early for a break, but I’m still hungry and I have to use the bathroom, and currently I’m not doing anything. I may not even get to enter any orders until after lunch.

See ya in bit.

I did get my hands on a working system. I got thought 2 orders before she wanted the computer back. She’s still doing DSL orders. I’ll have a longer time on the computer when she’s off for lunch.

Lunch seemed to come so quickly now that I’ve had my break and the rest of my breakfast. I wonder if I’m going to eat all of it. It’s a slightly good thing if I don’t. I can have the rest of it for my last break at 5pm, and by the time I get home I won’t be that hungry. One can only hope, and I bet this is the night that there will be dinner. I just won’t eat it until like 9 or so and take on my of heart burn tablets.

Oh… here is how my week is.

Start at 10am
Break at 11:45am
Lunch at 1:30pm
Break at 5pm
Go home at 7pm.

That is how it is for the whole week and next week too now that I give it a look. Last week my section would all go for lunch and breaks at the same time. I guess it wasn’t right for all of us to bail at the same time, so our supervisor made this schedule for us.

I have to remember to have a stop off at this flyer that I saw today. It’s in the same place that the flyer for the independence lunch was. It has fire works on it. I wonder. Let you know after lunch. I just hope it’s not too hot. I just have the four Johnny cakes to eat with it. I almost asked Udorna to get me a bread to go with it, but for some reason I didn’t open my mouth.

1:20pm see ya.

…guess what? I was down town waiting to catch a bus to go home when I remembered that I didn’t copy this to my thumb drive. In my defense, I was stuck doing call backs for Kizzy. At first I wondered why I was doing it. She has been trying to pawn off her call backs on any one that would take them. Granted she may have had a good reason a week ago when she was getting over a cold. So I was going to let her do them so she could get use to it, just like I’m doing mine so I could get to it too. Then they told me that Ronald said that I was suppose to do them since I didn’t do any work that morning. But I can only do her call backs if I’m using Udorna’s computer with her logged into some of the programs that I would need. And since this was Kizzy’s work, half it wasn’t done right and I had to fix them since I had to put Udorna’s name at the end of it after I did what I did.

Last night when I was waiting for a bus something ran over my feet. At first I thought that it was a mouse, but it didn’t seem like it knew how to get from between my feet, then as it ran across the street I saw that it was a crab. A big red one, like the ones I use to see at Ross. I haven’t seen any here, but then I’m no longer that close to cost. I then tried to call Jhodie to find out what else was on tonight other then Eureka, but she wasn’t there. Huh? Where could she be? It was 7:30 and for me it seemed like the buses have all gone to bed already.

I tried again like 15 mins or so later I think. I just left a sort message this time. I have to add money onto my phone. Well she called me back as I was passing the Airport, and it took me a while to realize that my phone was ringing. First it wasn’t a very loud ring tone when it starts, and the music on the bus was up very high. Anyway, I told her that I would call her back in like 3 mins once I got off the bus, but before I hung up she informed me that she bought $300 worth of stuff from a student.

As soon as I got off the bus I called her back and asked her what she was doing. She explained that she had gotten a whole bunch of stuff and not just 4 things for that money. It seemed that she went with Uncle Ray to a student’s place to get a few things. He wiped her out of most of the big things. Desks, chairs, and an all in one. It’s for his new venture. I think I told you about it. The whole sale thing? I wouldn’t mind helping out if he asked, but I don’t think that would in St. Kitts that much to help out, unless I got a job over there that let me have enough time to help out.

Either which way she listed the things that she got and how Nika smiled her way to getting a flash light hidden inside a puppy. I haven’t seem them of course, but she said that there is a whole line of them from Hasbro. One of her clients has a cow one. When you open the animal to use the light it makes the sound of the animal. The client’s is a cow so it moo’s and the puppy one barks. There were two things for the bathroom in the list. Along with a night stand and maybe one other table. I think there was something else, but I can’t remember now. She won’t get the stuff from the girl until she pays her of course, and she’s thinking that she can do it in two payments of $150.

We talked some more, and in the end when I hung up I checked how long the phone call was. It was over 30 mins. That is over $25 I’m sure. I’ll have to pay for that one. Oh, it’s not the same call that I did when I got off the bus. I had to hang up and asked her to call me back. That call lasted the 30 odd mins.

I had gotten a new milk so I could have breakfast today, but because no one cooked dinner last night, I ate cereal and then bought breakfast again today. The beef and bread does come up $4.50. I was hoping that I was wrong. Oh well, at least I got to work in time to eat breakfast.

I’ve been fairly busy since I got to work today. Went over our list of held accounts. When I got into asking Kizzy about one of her accounts I went and found others and I was able to help clear about 6 of them. One poor guy won’t get it on the date he wanted. I just finished that up and yawning. Not that I’m board or anything. Just was tired earlier, got something to do and just pushed it aside. Now that I have nothing to do again, it moved back to the front again.

I should have gone to break, but I wanted to get this done. Now I just have to survive an hour until lunch.

On the slightly upside, I was told that I should record the orders that I process under my name. I was thinking of starting to tag the ones that I did for Udorna, and I think that I will have to do that now, since it puts her name there anyway so I just add mine behind it so that they know it was me and write it up on my sheet.

This is turning out to be a very long post. Lucky for you I already have my thumb drive plugged in, and I’m not leaving it here.

I was almost late today because I took a look at a manga I downloaded to see what it was about. I should have known that time would just fly by me if I did that. I only lost like 10 mins that way, and I only lost that much mostly because it was a bit confusing and I wanted to find a site to let me know what this thing was really about. It’s called “Honey Honey Drops”. It could be interesting, but I don’t want to start it and can’t finish it. I’m still waiting for the continuation of “Addicted To Curry” and “xxxHolic” and another one I have at home. Hey, I know that last one has updates, I just forgot to look for them. I’ll send and e-mail to myself to remember.

When I was talking to Jhodie on the phone last night she asked if I had told Lynn about her and Nika showing up for the day. They are just here for the beach. I told her that I hadn’t yet since they weren’t staying and it was early in the week. I then asked if I should tell her, she said that she would. All this time Lynn was in the room, and when I hung up she asked “tell Lynn what?” I said that Jhodie will tell you. Again she asked me and again I told her the same thing. Then she moved on to watching and anime that she downloaded. I know that she went looking for a bleach ep, but she got XY or something like that instead.

Well, I left the house a little later then I did yesterday, I can’t do that again tomorrow. I was walking with a nice good stride with Jen Lopez singing along with others and I go to the top of the last road leading to the main street just in time to see a guy in front of me catch the bus that I did yesterday. The driver saw me and remembered me and backed up the street to get me. Ya! I thanked him and then held on as he raced to town. I got there a little earlier then yesterday, but had to wait a bit longer to catch a bus to work.

Ok, I think that I’ll stop boring you now, but just one more thing.

Remember I talked about a poster before I went to lunch yesterday. Well I did check I out and it seems that that lady that gave me the interview for this job had her birthday this week and is having a party at Rumors and that everyone was invited, just RVSP so she knew how much she had to pay for. It’s this Saturday night. I would have gone if I wasn’t going to be in St. Kitts.

Just thought of what I will be having for breakfast or for dinner tonight if there isn’t any again when I get home. I have a can of tuna, a can of some kind of veggie, and I can buy some bread on my way home and I think that there is some mayo in the fridge. I’ll try and get wheat bread.

30 mins to go until lunch.

Bye… for now.


Didn't do Thursday's yet. I should get around to it today along with todays (friday)

See ya.

September 26, 2006

The week starts

I made it in one piece.

Wet and dehydrated, but I made it, and with about 7 mins to spear. That was mostly due to the other people he had to drop off and such. I got in the bus at 9:34.

Before I got in the bus I was hauling my stuff off the bus and thinking where I could a head set for the cd walkman. I couldn’t think of anywhere then it hit me. Maybe that place next to C&W that had the dvds for sale would have some. I got there and they had alright. The ones that I would pay $10 or so for had a price tag on it for $60. Then after getting over my shock I reminded myself that this is why I haven’t bought any since I’ve been here. So most likely I won’t find any for a better price. So I told her that I had to go the bank and asked if I could leave my stuff there. She said sure.

One my way over I ran into Inshan. That is the girl that I was friends with in junior high and 1 year of senior high school with before I went to NY. She was just about my only friend back there. We use to walk to and from school together. That was around a mile or so incase you thought we just hoped down the block.

Well she lead me to a store that on the outside said that it was a beauty store, but she said that you have to go into places to see what they have since most places carry more then what you can see from the outside. I found the 99cents ones in there for $15. Still a rip off, but it was better than paying $60. So I told this lady also that I would have to go to the bank and that I would be right back. I walked out with Inshan, and we stopped talked a bit since we haven’t really seen each other in like 5-8 years. I might not have seen her since I’ve been year, but there was talk of seeing her around somewhere back before Nika or just before Nika.

Well I got $100 from off the bank and I’m so hoping that I don’t go over that for the week. At the end of the week when I go over I an use my paycheck to buy me a “real” traveling bag so I could stop lugging plastic bags back and forth and hoping that they won’t break on me.

So far Ronald hasn’t told me that I’ve gotten a profile back. At first I didn’t say anything, since we only have 1 order in our basket, but we were just told that our DSL orders have been going to a different pop site. Why???? Anyway, there are over 100 there and if I could get in I could do some of those and not just sit here. But the app that we use for that one isn’t even coming up. At first I thought it was just me, but I seems like Kizzy has the some problem.

Well J just looked at my system. It seems that I must have updated the Java to 1.5 something and now it was looking for that version to run the app for the DSL orders. It took him a while to get it going. He didn’t understand why it was doing that since last week he down graded it back to 1.4 something last week. Then I sat down and looked at it. I can’t log in. Great. I still can’t process any orders on my own. At least I have some music to keep me wake for the day. I know that I’m going to be looking over Hema’s shoulder for most of the day, and soon she will talk me into doing an order or two. If she didn’t move so fast I wouldn’t mind, but I don’t want to ruin her personal quota of like 45- 55.

My first cd for the day is called “Some Aqua Please”. It’s a self made cd. It has mostly Aqua songs and about two other songs from some other people to help fill up the cd when I did it. I don’t know what the US had against their songs. They just picked up on the “Barbie” song and that was it for them. I got like three or so of their other albums, and I think that just about all of their songs are pretty good. I got it plugged in for power so I won’t whittle away my battery power. Considering they cost another small fortune also.

Well that is it so far. Lunch is too far away, but it’s a good thing I have break in like 25 mins. I’m sooo hungry. I ate breakfast at 7:15 and that was a small bowl of cream of wheat. I knew I should have gotten a sandwich one I got to the pier and found out that I had a min or two before boarding, but I didn’t have any money with me anyway. I had just enough to pay for the boat ride over.

Well time to look like I’m doing something worth the pay they are giving me, even thought it’s not my fault that I don’t have a profile.

See ya.

PS…. I have a back blog to post. Check back like 2 posts to find it.

Ok… warp up.

During lunch I was able to do some normal telephone orders, not that I got anything normal. I had to reject 3 because their account wasn’t found in the system, and we can’t place orders in the other program, so I had to leave a note for the person to contact AT&T directly. The same for this other one that had something to with fiber on premises. I got 3 confirmed and one on hold. I needed Ronald’s help in figuring out what this error message ment, but he didn’t come over, I’ll have to try and get him to help me today.

Yesterday, the only real set of orders Udorna did was DSL orders. No one has showen me how to do it, but they will have too soon.

Started to walk home in the dark last night. I don’t like it, but the bus was on the way, and met us before the first bridge. I got dropped off a town and everyone else was then taken home in the other direction.

I had to catch up with a slow moving bus just after the rain came down on me as I got out of the first bus to take me home. I was the only one in there all the way here. Sometimes I feel bad being the only one in the bus, but it’s not my fault, that is just how it turns out.

Well there was just about no dinner, and I fell asleep with out washing the container that Jhodie packed my lunch in for me yesterday. I’m going to hope that I can find my other bowl and a fork and pick up something to go with something that I got in St. Kitts.

Today’s wake up was all wrong. First, someone messed with my clock so I went off way to early, but I didn’t move because no one else around me did. Then when I realized that no one else was moving I check it. It was almost 25 mins fast.

It also turns out that since Lynn doesn’t have work for what ever reason, she wasn’t really rushing anyone else to get ready. So the normal clatter wasn’t there to make me get out of bed. I have to go get ready, it’s 8:07 and I don’t want to late. It’s set to be a rainy day, and I don’t like getting wet.

At least I’ll have music with me at work today. But I still got board and almost fell asleep yesterday and I had the music. It was because I just about didn’t have anything to do. Well let’s see how this days turns out shall we.

September 23, 2006

Stone Soup

I just saw the ending part of this.

Some really made "stone" soup. She started out with a stone and ended up with a whole bunch of stuff in it in the end. Of course she took the stone out before she stared to serve the soup.

I went looking for the story to see if I could find the one that I learned in school all those years and years ago.

And I found it after I found this one. The Stone Soup. Then I found this Stone Soup - Wikipedia . Then I remember that it wasn't the stone soup that we read in school it was Nail Soup. Why did I think it was stone soup?.. Anyway, I traked down the nail soup that read like the one I remembered, and this is it. Nail Soup: A Swedish Folk Tale.

Well my didn't other than my little story hunt was ok, once I was really up. I work up on the dot at 6:30am. After I made myself go back to sleep, Nika came and got me some where around 7. Then I went in her bed since she wanted to watch tv. I was sleeping on the couch. Then she come and woke me up every 30 mins. She even lied to Jhodie about the time so that she could get permission to wake me up and get Jhodie to help her. After that I was able to have another hour of sleep then I had to get up.

An hour or so later, we walked into town. I went to get some crackers, but I ended up just some cookies instead. We walked the rest of the way into town. We picked up a nice soft blue robe for Nika. It fit her nicely. She will have it for a while. It had some space in it for her to grow into it for at least a year.

In town we got some food stuff for here and for Nevis. I even picked up an exta soap for Lynn. We tried to get some draggers for me to wear, even to work. We found one pair that fit me, but they cost $99. That much for some draggers. I will have to buy them next weekend when I get paid.

We then went by the back of Ram's to see if they had anything nice and new for me to get. I found an intresting top. I will need to get something to go over it since there are like 6 air con units in the big room where all the floor departments are. I don't really get that cold, it's just on the cool side of warm. When you get in, at 9am it's cold, later it gets better unless it rains. Ya, that stil followed me. Just like the name "sexy Jhoy" did to this job. I wore this nice brown top that shows off my chest a bit more than I normally show. It looks great on me, which is why I like it and wear it. Either which way, I wore it work and they, more like S called me sexy Jhoy then went on to say that I got a boyfriend in Nevis. On unless I bump into Ian and the girl friend is no longer his girl friend and he wouldn't mind being with me for a while.

Anyway, ran to the boat to get over last night. I paid the $20 at boarding instead of at the booth like I normally do, and I wasn't even the last one on board like I thought I was going to be during my little run.

I got over and caught a bus up. Jhodie was suppose to come down, but when I called her she hadn't left yet, so to told her to save her $2 and I'll come up by myself. I saw them standing here when I stopped the bus to get of. Nika was hungging me as soon as I got out of the bus.

The weekend was ok on the whole.

Today it rained which changed my washing part of my st.kitts trip. I didn't get to pick up any new noodles or a cerial. But I'm fine with it, I get the cd/mp3 player. I just have buy a head set for it. Jhodie wants to keep this one here for the computer. Fine.

Well it's late now, and it took me a long time to finish this up. I started this when ever I started this. The time stamp will tell you when really, and now at 10:18pm on Sunday night I'm finishing it up.

I have to start getting my stuff together and such, so I'm not checking this one out, sorry.

Take care, and hi to any of my friends who took the time to come and see how I was doing. Thanks.

September 22, 2006

I'm going Home

I have my things ready to go over tonight, but I don’t even know when what bus I’ll be taking over, or if there will be one by the time I’m off work and in town. I asked Lynn to find out for me if there was going to be a 7:30pm one like last week. I should make that one once I get a bus from up here to town.

Other than that, someone did and odd think with the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom. As if I haven’t said enough bad things about it. And if it isn’t in here, it was to my sister. Well I got home last night by way of a taxi person having pity on me. He didn’t think I would catch a bus a mins to 8 to where I lived. Sounds odd, but it’s true. Anyway, come home to have it look like some one scrubbed the bathroom floor. By the time I went to use it that night it was more like someone started to scrub the floor and left it with water in the corner and along the wall next to the toilet and something happed to sink. I don’t even know if it was there before or it showed up afterwards. And who ever tried to clean, didn’t even look at the door. I’m not going there, I just try not to touch it.

Today I was left to help get Xhavion, that’s her youngest son. He just started Kindergarten. Anyway, he was nothing but a pain. Up until today it was fine. I even thought that he might like because I didn’t scream at him like his mother does. But no. I left him to put on his shoes, and told him when he was done, he was suppose to call me so that I could lace them up for him. I called once, nothing. I called again 5 mins later. Still nothing. I got up to look for him. I found him laying the closet in the boy’s room with his feet up on the wall, and somewhere between where I left him and where I found him, he had black crease lines down the front of his school shirt. I had to drag him out, to get him up and out. Then I did his shoes, and gave him his bag and told him to get lotioned at his grandmother’s and to get this belt and socks that he left there yesterday.

I then got ready. I didn’t want to be late for the bus again. Yesterday I was just 1 min away from leaving the house. I just had my shoes to put on when the bus came for me. I shouted that I was coming twice to make sure I wasn’t left behind and ran out in my socks holding my shoes and everything else I had with me. Today I didn’t want to repeat that. So I made sure that I was dressed, dropped of the extra key at the other house, and walking up the road before 8:40. That was the time that he came and got me on both days. I stood there, waiting for him for 5 mins. The school infront of me just finished all those christen songs that would make anyone who didn’t like dictatorship squirm, and that made me think that was late since I think he had a kid or two to drop off here. So I called him. I got the number from Jhodie on the holiday when I was trying to walk it for some weird reason. Either which way, he said that he was in cotton ground and going to town. So I missed him it would seem. I started walking. I stopped off that place that I haven’t been to since that time he tried to sell me two bags of bead with one having 2 more for the same price. You look at it one way it’s a gift, you look at it another and it’s a rip off. I got the rip off part. Either way, I got out of there with only spending 1.99 which was hard. Then I finished my walk down to the main road. I got town about 9:25, and at 9:30 I got a bus to take me to Brown Hill. I didn’t really have to more. The first one pulled off and the one stopped in the same place. With one detour to drop and old lady off, I was there in about 10 mins.

They did make a show of how they dressed the room for us. They had the rice and gravy in clay pots, and there was one also holding the batter fried fish. I would have taken some of that home for Nika, but someone beat me to the last of it.

*Yawnnnnn* I think the lunch thing made the morning part go by a bit quicker, but that just leaves me the next 4 hours, (it’s 3pm in 14 mins) to see what I can do to keep myself awake (not that it will work). We have 2 orders right now. I did the morning set for Udorna, but it wasn’t like she was skylarking during that time. Unlike S. I was thinking of doing one while Udorna was out for the last part of her lunch break, but she already started one, and since I have feeling like it’s going to require a phone call, I’m heading to bathroom after this so that when she gets back I won’t here.

I don’t think that I have much left to say. I did talk to S about the boats over. She said that there should be one at 7:30 and at 8. So if that’s true, I’ll be fine. I would like the 7:30 one, but I’ll take the 8 o’clock one.

I may not be able to get on line to write up anything until Sunday. When on Sunday, I don’t now. I wish I could stay over for the Monday and come back on Tuesday. But it won’t happen this week. One of these days one of our days off will fall on a Monday.

See ya.

Free Lunch

Hi ya.

Quick note before I jump into the bath.

Today we are being given a free lunch from where I work. It's because we worked on Indepenance day. So this is our independance lunchen. The menu looks good. A few things on there that Ive never had before. It's not that hard to find something that I've never had before.

Other than that, we were down to zero again with a few in a follow up basket. We spent most of our time, cleaning up some odd ones left over from the past 7 or so days.

I was kinda late yesterday. Ran out to get my bus in my socks. I don't what that to happen again today.

So I'm really saying see ya. I have to boat to catch at 7:30 and I hope that their is a boat to be caught at 7:30. I'll take 8 if there is one.


September 21, 2006

Here's Wednesday

I didn’t get breakfast, but I had a non rushed start to my day which was good. Last night I scored the last of some good gravy that was left, hoping to use it as the hot liquid to the cuscus. I was just worried about it not spilling. And I almost made it, but then it did. I had a felling when it did spill, but I didn’t see it. I had it tied up in a plastic bag, and for the post part I thought that I didn’t spill anything on the bus seat, but when I got up, there was a small drop. I hope it was small enough that the bus driver won’t be mad at me the next time I see him. I said sorry as I got out. I didn’t help clean it up, since I was more consired about getting the bag into some kind of order so I could save some of it, and get to work in a rather clean way.

After a few mins of looking at me outside the store trying to clean up the bag, the fork and the bag of cuscus I had in there, they had pity on me and gave me bag and some paper towels to clean up. Then I got everything under control again and went inside to pay off my bed. I handed over $300. Ouch, but I had to do it. That left me with $100 that I can’t spend on much. It would be nice if I could hold on to half of it for next week, but we will see.

I then walked next door to get breakfast since it was like 20 past 9 and work was just a 5 mins ride in the other direction. I didn’t need to be that early. It turned out to be a bakery. It’s rather small compared to the ones I’ve seen in St. Kitts. I got a bread and beef, and two eggs to go with what is left of my to be lunch. That came up to $7.50. I don’t know if that is more or less then what I would pay for it in town. I think it’s about the same.

I got another bus to work, and got here at 9:40 something. I started out my day with Xeroxing some sheets that we need for saying how often we called a client. Other than that I haven’t done much today. I’ve added some more information on how to use boss on my little thing that I have here on this computer. I just got back from a very short break. If anything, it was for me to get up and to go outside. I had a bran and honey biscuit and some water. Before I went out tried to help Kissy out by calling some of her clients since she didn’t have a phone at her desk yet and two programs that she needed up she couldn’t bring up. Not that I could either, so I used someone else’s computer when they went on break. I didn’t get an answer from any of them. I tried all the numbers a number of times, but it would just sound dead, or it would sound like some one hung up on me, or I would kinda sound like a busy signal, but I wasn’t sure. It was delayed in coming up at, then it just didn’t sound right.

I’m not of much help today. Our basket is currently empty.

While I was out side for very short 3 or so mins I saw that there was another fire just across from us on the side of the mountain, and rain clouds. I knew it. I left the windows open in the bed room. I didn’t remember about closing them until I was over at the school, and I didn’t go back because it was such a sunny, cloudless day. At least that is told myself as I stood there waiting for the bus and looking out over the sea and over to St. Kitts, and not seeing a rain cloud in sight.

I’m going to see if I can dig up a pic of my cell phone. I feel like showing it off even though I know it’s not that new of a model, but I’m happy that currently you can’t buy this for less than $169 at Digicel and I got it for $69.
There wasn’t anything to eat last night. But I scrap the pot for the last wing and bits of mac and cheese that was left behind in the pot. That is how I got the gravy for today. I even washed the two pots as a thank you. Tonight if there is nothing, I’ll have to make noodles. And I have to buy some milk to have cereal tomorrow if not some quick oats and I may have to buy some TP for the house. They are out again.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. When I got back Monday night the milk that I opened on Friday had gone bad. I had to toss the whole thing. I may have to get soy or find my lactose milk that I have back in St. Kitts. I know it’s here. I saw it somewhere. I think it was at Rams. I just hope it’s open when I get off work today at 7pm. *hanging my head.*…. 7pm. I got up at 7am. Ya, I’m not loving this whole morning work thing, but at least I’m not showing up late.

Well that about it. Back to my book. I have an e-book that I put on here since the second week of class. It’s “Wiley Publishing - Windows XP for Dummies, 2nd Edition” I got it back near the start of the year with two other window xp e-books. I’ll get to them later. I’m sure that I’ll just skim them after reading this whole thing. It’s not really telling me anything that I already didn’t know. Granted a few things here and there are a bit new just because I had now use for them before, but it’s just to keep them in mind for me.

I had to fill out the a paper when I went to get the phone, and it almost hurt that I couldn’t put down that I was a computer tech anymore. I had to put down data entry. I can get use to it. It doesn’t bother me that much. But don’t I get to call myself a computer tech anymore??

I was on line last night and I had my msn messenger on. Mostly it was to talk to Jhodie, but I was hoping that Chris would come on so I could talk with him. I wouldn’t mind what it would be about considering I might be coming to see him if that other guy already got a girl friend. The other guy saw me first so he has first dibbs, but Chris is a very, very good second prize, and I don’t think he would mind if he was my second choice as long as he got me. *grin* That could be a nice boots to one’s self esteem. Mines that is.

Well it’s 1:30pm now. 30 more mins until lunch time.

Oh, we still haven’t been ‘given’ permission to use the internet yet, and we may not get it for 3 months for all I know. So this is being typed up in word, and I’m saving it to my thumb drive, and when I get home tonight, I’ll just copy and post.

See ya.

--- The end of that day was ok... got a ride to the main road, then got a bus right to town. I went to the supermarket and got some tp and milk and a packet of seasoing for me for my next cuscus meal. I then got a soap from the new asian "supermarket"... it was cheaper then the ones I saw at the other place, but Lynn still made fuss with me over the price. And here I thought she might like the grape seed and orchid one that I got her. I had sent her a text massage asking if she wanted me to bring any tp home for the house. She said yes and a soap.

Well before we were let loose at work, we had a little show of appreacation to the staff members that stayed on the day of the fire and helped in cleaning up of the place. The owner came down from the US and helped in handing out thank you letters and some Ipod shuffles. Only staff, staff got, because on the day she didn't want to ask the "workers" to help. She wasn't being mean or anything, but I was kinda happy she didn't on the day. People got dizzy from being in there that day. I would hate to think of how they felt at the end of the day.

Well I got home ok, and this bus driver took me all the way up to the house, unlike the last guy. I liked this one. He has a baby giggling for a ring tone for his cell.

Well I have to go now. It's 7:45 and I have to catch a bus at 8:30-8:45 and get that key cut that I forgot about yesterday.

On the upside, lynn made me oatmeal with my milk. If I had remembered when she was asking me stuff while I was trying to sleep, I would have told her not to bother because she did two sets, one for me and one for everyone else. She didn't think that they would like my milk. But besides that I was going to use the other oats that she had on her dresser for the longest time. The microwave stuff.

Like I said. I have to go now.

BTW.. posted a back blog.

September 19, 2006

Didn't you tell me this already?

Besides the fact that it took me two hours to get to work when it normally takes me 45 mins, I got to work at 9:40. Great.

But I contacted them to let them know, and since it was a holiday and I wasn't the only one who was late, thank goodness, I wasn't killed.

I did the first half of the day's data entry for me and udorna, that's the girl I've been sharing work with. Then after lunch she did most of it. I did like the last one for the day I think. She wasn't happy with how much we got done. I was fine with it, even if we had about 4 rejects. Those came up in her time, so she felt worse about it than I did. I only had one reject, and that was because someone already did it. I did 8 by lunch time and I had a break.

I was so hungry. I didn't even realize until it was brake time that I walked from up here almost to the airport, then walked the half a mile up the hills to work with out breakfast.

Last night on the local channel I saw that the (our) church was having a yard like sale thing in the square today for Independence Day. I told Jhodie about it last night, so she could go somewhere with Nika and maybe get something. I got a conkie. She got it for me, and Nika got a toy and two books. I think that there might have been one more thing, but I can't remember right now. I called her at lunch time to find out if they went, and told her of my ordeal in getting to work.

I was covered in sweat when I go there. I ended up wiping off almost all of the lotion that I put on that morning on my arms.

Today, another girl at the place threw questions at me. Where was I from? Where in Nevis was I living? and how old I was? I answered them, but the girls around her started to hit her to leave me alone and told me not to answer her.

Lynn just had a look at my phone. She used my phone to send a call to her phone so she could get my number, then she tested it out. She likes my ring tone. I'm thinking of taking the vibrate off for when it rings. I don't like it that much, and it's not like I have it in my pocket when I have it turned on. There, I turned it off. I'll save some power that way I'm sure.

Oh, back to the name of today's blog.

Last week when Myron (our trainer) was here, he told me that I was completely taken out of the system and that it was going to take days to get put back in. Fine, I was hoping that I would be back in come this Monday. I was wrong, but today I was once again told this. I said, didn't they tell me this last week? Ronald said that they were still looking for me in the system until today. So I have to start counting from today for when I'll be getting my profile back.

Jenetta came back today. I had a feeling when I was pushing myself up those hills to get to get work a little sooner that she may be here today. She's the one that has been out sick since Tuesday last week. I don't think that she is completely better, but a week is as long as she could have been gone.

I had some luck with getting a bus ride home today. I wanted until 6:30 to catch a bus after I walked it back to the main road with just about everyone else. I caught one at 6:01 I had just started walking when one went right by me, and I turned around in time to catch this one. Then lucky me, he agreed to take me to New Castle when I asked him. It would have been better if he had saved me the 15 min walk up here in partal darkness, and/or only took $4.50 from me like the last guy did instead of the whole $5. Ya, ya, I quibble over 50 cents. Those 50 cents add up fast. Lucky me I have enough money to pay the bus to get me back into town tomorrow. Then I could go to the bank to get the money to pay most off my bed if not all of it, and get a copy of the key to this room made at the same time and get some extra money for bus and maybe breakfast if not something to snack on.

Well now I'm home, tired, and I was sweaty until I sat in front of the fan. I'm only on the computer because Lynn was somewhere else, and hadn't turned on the computer yet. I do have that hunger pang, but I don't think that there is dinner, and I ate my potato sticks last night for dinner. *grin*

Well I'm off to look for something or to make noodle soup.

See ya.

I'll give this a look over, but I'm not promising much.

September 18, 2006

I'm still here.

Ya, I know I said Saturday... but my uncle's computer needed help... just like I need some food and sleep now.

Let's see.

Last week we were on the floor for our three days of nesting. That means our teacher is there with us as we process live orders. Ofcourse the things that they really should have been teaching you, you weren't taught. So we are still learning how things go up until today.

I can't do much work because someone took me out of the system on Tuesday or something. So I've been sharing the work load with another girl. She sits next to me, and we swap out ever so often, so she could just not do any for a while, and I get to do some, so when I get my profile back I can't say I forgot everything.

Thursday was our best day so far, we got like 20 something compleated. There are two major things that hold up the orders from being prossed quickly if at all. One, a $50 advance payment that not everyone has to pay. No one knows they have to pay it until we process it. Then we have to call people who are happy to hear that, and the bad phones we have or the connection, doesn't help. Then there is the addrsses. I can't really blame them, people, for this one. If you have always called something one name, and no one has ever corrected you, then you would beleive that that is the name of the street, and then the post office may have another slight differnt name for the place that they keep to themselves. At least until we came in.

We use the street list that the post office has and try to match it with that the clients have on they orders, but if we can't get the computer to say this place really is there, and we can't get a hold of the client, or we do get a hold of the client and they swear that this is the right address, we can't finish processing it.

If you are moivng to CA, get your new address verified by the PO if you can and pay down $50 credit on your new phone to help matters if you can afford it at the time.

Well that is how my week went... oh, other han that, I got my "pension"... I thik I told you about that. Well it really cleared. In some part of my mind I was expecting it not to. Then I got my pay on Friday, but I didn't get really get to spend it on what I wanted until today. Granted it payed for my boat ride to and from St. Kitts. And I picked up one or two snacks and some noddles, and we got something on Saturday to eat. Didn't really do anything on Sunday other than try and fix uncle ray's computer. I ended up taking out the hard drive and putting it into one of my gateways. The one was using really since it was the only one that had memory.

Now I hear that he wants to buy it off of me. Fine. I'll take $300 EC for it. And if I find more memory for it, I'll give it to him for free. He's getting ready to start up and whole sale place down here. Which we kinda need. We have others, but they all get their stuff from Ram's. He will be getting his stuff from other places at better prices I'm sure. I won't be too surprised if I ended up helping out. Which I won't mind I think at this moment.

Today I got myself a cell phone. Yep. I'm no longer the last one on the two islands not to have a cell phone. I just have to get voice mail. Maybe. I'm thinking that I can live without it since the phone lets me know when I've missed a call because my phone had to be off. We can't have our cell phones on when we are at work. At least you can't let anyone hear it ring.

The phone I got wasn't bad. For me that is. I'm sure if I tell you about it, you would say that old thing? It doesn't even have colour. It cost me $69. That was more then I what I wanted to spend since I still have to pay off my bed from the money I have left.

Jhodie got Nika some new shoes. She got some new school shoes for Nika from Phillys two days after school started, but they just fit her, also it was her only pair, so I didn't make fuss. I'm even ready to try some draggers. I haven't worn any since I was like 10 or something like that. My father would make such fuss with me, with how I walked that I hurt my feet and brok them. I haven't tried to wear a pair since. But now I need to get some to air out my feet.

Well I was about to kill lynn tonight. I came here thinking she would living on the computer and half cooking dinner. I could live without her cooking. I have before and I can and I will after I stop living here, but it looked like I was locked out of the bed room. The bedroom that had my clouths, my food, my soap, my pillow, did I say my clouths???

I called my sister to ask her what the heck lynn was thinking. She then told me to go check next door and ask for the copy of the key she left with them. After having ants eat my toes to their content I got a 4 keys and ofcouse the last one I used worked. I took the other one back, and told her that I was keeping the one that worked to make a copy for myself. I don't even know where to get that done. I will have to ask around. I don't even think..... hmmm. I think I know where, and I have to go there to pay of my bed.

Well my shift is now 10 am till 7pm, but tomomorw it will be 9 till 6 because it's a holiday. I think.

See ya. No spell checking or anything. I know what I ment to say, I think I was able to say most of it.


September 13, 2006

I'll post on Saturday night...

sorry.. can't stay up... really can't stay up... start of the week was almost the death of me... but i lived to see it out so far.. but the week isn't over yet.. and i know something will go into the next week....

for those of you who might be part of my wallpaper club... I'm sorry... new job.. not near a computer I can use for most of the week.. just forgot..sorry.

But feel free to post your own while I'm MIA.

September 07, 2006

Today could have been a bust.

I got up, I got lunch, and even something extra due to the small breakfast I had.

I even got my second bus early so I could get there with time to review. And what ends up happening? I'm walking up the last hill because someone was blocking the bus from going up, and as I'm walking up next to a girl who is in training with me I smell and start to inhale something I shouldn't be. I thought that maybe I was inhaling too much from the walk up the hill and that I was smelling the backfire from a car, but it wasn't the right smell. Then we saw the fire department in the yard.

Great. A computer blew up or caught on fire. I just know that the fire department was there, someone that fixed electrical surges and high voltage and that there was black stuff on the floor of the building that I could see from the open door way.

After about 5 mins we were told to leave but call back at 11 to find out what was going on. I wasn't going to spend $7 to get home to have to come back in an hour and spend the money again and then again to get home that night, so I stayed in town.

I ended up spending money anyway, but not that. Just about $7 for the house, I was going to get them any way, and it's starting to look like I may not make it over this weekend. Which is fine by me since Lynn is going over this weekend. I get to sleep in a real bed for two days. Then I spent $2.65 on some water and a cool aid that I hope I get the most of.

First I wondered around Ram's. I finally got to go in and see what the place is like. Help. They need it. And they call the one on the bay road in St. Kitts Dirty Ram's. Ha! They need major remodeling. I got two things from there. Then I went to town, and got scrub brush. I wanted the toilet brush too with it's holder, but I don't have money for that yet. I'm so kicking out this one that she has when I do.

I then went to the pier to sit, eat the sandwich I made, and to drink some water and to read my book, and to fall asleep. At 11am, I picked that spot for the clock, and the phones, and called Ronald. I got his cell when we were told to leave. I called. He told me to call back at 12. He didn't know anything yet. I had to then find something to do for another hour. I found out where the water department was. I talked to bank load officer. I'm not getting a dime from them unless I somehow find myself in possession of something that they could use for collateral for the $15,000 EC. I'm sure my number was a bit high, but I thought that I might as well, and maybe pay off the rest of what I owe Hosford and then just have one person to pay off. But I did find out that over all I'm in good standing with the bank it seems.

I went by the post off and asked about their PostCash Card. The place is a relic. I sat down some where under a building hiding from the sun for a bit and just to sit down. Then I tried to call Ronald again. By the time I tried the 4th phone I realized that it had to be the money that was wrong and that, the 4 phones in during the past 6 blocks weren't all full. I walked into the phone company and asked to exchange the dollar I had for one that would work in the pay phone. He gave me a cell number to call him and here, that is a dollar a call from a pay phone. He once again told to call back in an hour. I told him I was out of dollars that I was going up there. I've been hanging around in town all this time and I can't do it anymore. Don't know when I really got there. I got some water from the water dispenser, and took my seat. The door to the room was open from the outside. You could still smell the very strong sent of burnt plastic. I felt kinda bad for not helping with the clean up, but If anyone asked I would help.

I lived there in the dark for about an hour or so. Going from sweating from all pores to felling the best breeze I've every felt, to going to sleep about 10 mins before someone asked me if they forgot me here. Ha? They were told to go home 20 mins ago. Everyone who had seen me and talked to me like 40 mins ago had forgotten to let me know that they were closing down. I am invisible and forgettable after all.

I got up, and walked out, and I even got a lift to town. Great. I didn't have to walk down the half mile or so of road after just waking up. I then found another phone and called Lynn to let her know that I would coming by for the key. And now I'm here. I'm once again sweating from all pores. It's a very hot day.

That was my day. Yesterday wasn't so bad. I can't use the phone there. Everyone but me has a cell these days, so I had to ask someone in class to use their cell so I could call home. My sister called and left a message for me to call her as soon as possible. I thought something bad had happened, just to find out that she wanted to know where the insurance place was so she could go ask some questions.

Near the end of the day, I became the topic of conversation. They asked a question, and I answered and that was how the whole thing started. I was only different enough from them for them to have a very good laugh. For once I felt that people were laughing with me rather than at me.

We were set to start nesting, process live orders, this Monday. I don't know how that stands now.

Well, see ya.

September 05, 2006

Back to Training

Hi ya.

I got back at 8am today, in the rain by the way. Lucky me the sea wasn't tossing anything today.

I had to be up at 6am to make sure I would make it to the boat by 7am so I would be here for 8am. I had to buy breakfast when I got here, and I was so hungry that I paid $9 for a roti. I had to lug two bags with me to and from work. While I was at work, for the whole morning I was falling asleep because I didn't fall asleep until 1am and I was up at 6am with a few sleepless moments in between. I didn't want to go to bed that late, but that is when Jhodie was finished combing my hair. Only food and a few questions were the only real things that kept me awake in the last half of the day.

But I'm so ready to crash. I was ready to crash when I got home, but I had to make something to eat, and I wanted to download the pics for Lynn that I uploaded for her from Uncle Ray's computer. Speaking of which, it seemed to have been infected with either a virus or a bad case of spy ware, and I left it working, but when he got back home after running a clean up program, he seemed to have lost his internet connection. It shouldn't have gone away from what I did, unless the spyware that I was getting rid of, got mad and some how blocked internet access. Now he wants to know if I'm coming back over this weekend to have a look at it again. I told Jhodie to let him know, that I'll be over this weekend, if he gives me $40 for boat fare.

Back to Nevis.

Over all it was a decent day, until it was time to go home. I had to use the bathroom before leaving work, and this made me miss that bus that is out there at 6pm. So I started to walk down the first hill. Lucky me, or so I thought, when I saw a bus coming my way. I quickly got in to have the driver tell me that he was going country. Great. Fine. I told him that he could just drop me off at the end then, thinking he was going towards the main road. I found out that, that wasn't true, when he let me out about 2/3 of the ways down. I walked the rest of the way to main road to make it there in time to see the street lights come one. Sun sets at like 6:30pm here now.

I then waited for a bus to come by why I batted at things flying around my head. I got one in about 5 or 10 mins, then I got to town to wait for another 15 or so mins as lighting goes off over my head. Then when one came, and the three of us who were waiting got in, were told that he had to go pick someone up. We were staying in the bus. I might have changed my mind and just waited for another bus if I knew how fast he drove. I was holding on very tightly to things all the way to the pick up and all the way to the house. The man thought he was piloting the space shuttle for how fast he was going. I was swearing bloody murder at him the whole time. In my head of course.

I got here just in time to watch the start of the new season of "House". I wish that I had seen how the last season had ended. Seeing him running at the start of this ep was a bit of surprise for me.

Well I had noodles with some crackers because there wasn't any dinner tonight because Lynn wasn't felling well. I have to go get my bed and try and get some sleep in before midnight or I'll be falling asleep in class again tomorrow.

See ya, would love some e-mail? comments?

September 02, 2006

Week Wrap Up (a little messy)


I know I’m late in writing.. but I really didn’t get a chance to use the computer in Nevis this week.

I was on there last night, but that was to install her printer, and to add on to a business letter for a friend of hers.

Two days this week we were late in catching the bus, but he backed up for us.

Twice, someone else from clear harbor helped me catch a bus to keep me from getting there late. But on Monday there was no helping it. I got ready and ran out of the house to get to the pier to catch the 7:30 boat, to get there to find out that there wasn’t a 7:30 boat, so I had to wait for the 8:00 one. Which left 17 past, which took about 45 mins to get to Nevis, then there was the catching of the bus to get to Brown Hill and work. They didn’t make any fuss with me. I said almost as soon as I came in why I was late, and it went by ok. I think it’s because everyone knows that the boats are odd these days. I think that I will be getting the 6am one to get over to Nevis come Tuesday morning. Monday we have off because it’s a US holiday.

Over all, this week was better than last week. I had to side step a spot in the bath room so my feet won’t get wet. This stopped two things from happening. One, I didn’t get cold feet, and I don’t like having wet cold feet. And two, I don’t have wet feet to help me slide and fall on her fully tiled floor. I’ve slipped twice I’m sure when getting out of the shower and getting to the bed room to get dressed. I don’t want to slip and fall and break more than just one her tiles.

I nicely avoided having to really buy anything this week. I did have to buy a bottle of dish liquid to wash the dishes, so that made me short in bus money. So that night I had to call and ask Jhodie to put $20 on the bank for me so I could pay for a bus ride to and from Lynn’s house the next day. Lucky me, that was the night that I found half of my pay check on the bank. If it had been my full paycheck, I would known where it came from, but because it was only half, I was thinking that the bank messed up again, and might be giving me money that I wasn’t suppose to have. I took off a little extra just in case. Oh, before that. I was in town and I went to the only ATM that I knew of the get the $20 that Jhodie should have put on there for me earlier in the day, to have it show me and out of order notice. Great. I was $1 short of having enough money to get home that night.

At first I thought of going to one of the other banks and using their ATMs. Granted it would take $8 out of my account for using it, but I thought better of it since I didn’t have $8 to give away. Maybe there was another ATM for my back around here somewhere. So I went to the spot where I knew I would find a friend of Lynn’s who knew me, and I found here there too. I asked her. She said that other one was at the airport. The Airport ?!?!? The airport was about a village way from where I was staying with Lynn. Great. So she gave me $2 to help me get a bus home, and I was thinking of asking Lynn for $4 to get to town, hoping that when I did get into town the next day, the ATM would be working again. If not I could just go inside, and get it that way.

But lucky me, that guy that I ended up typing up that letter for, came by and gave me a lift home. He gave me more than a lift home. He gave me a lift to the Airport where I got money out of the ATM after messing with it for like 6 mins. I had to put it back into the thing like 5 times. The first time it worked just fine, but I was so surprised at seeing $300+ and not know what to do with a touch screen, that I took it back out with out getting any money. The next time it didn’t see my card until the next time I put it back in and then took it out. This time I punched in too much and when I told it to cancel, so I could do it again, it spit my card back out, then after another 1 min of messing with the slot and the card I finally go it right, and I took off $60.

So now you have just about caught up with the money thing. As soon as I got home I had to call Jhodie to see if she knew what was going on with the account. She had just gotten her own ATM card for the account around Wednesday that week. When she called me back, she gave me the idea that it might be my pay. But my pay is suppose to be more. I have to pay about $320 to pay for this month. Which I still can’t pay, because I need to get a cell phone, so I don’t have to look for the three pay phones that I know about in town. Also I need it for when people need to get a hold of me. People meaning Jhodie and work.

I was going to unlock the phone my mother sent me. I was starting to get use to it too, but it’s going to cost me $100 to get up and going down here, where as I can get one of the new phones that they are currently selling and get $20 put on for about $49. I think I’ll get that since I need to get a phone, and I told my work place that I was going to get one when I got paid.

The money for Hosford won’t be what I want it to be. I owe $300 something, but I’m only going to be able to pay about $200. Next month will be easier since I would have a whole month of pay to pay stuff off with. I can even make some of it up by adding one a bit more.

I so can’t get a place of my own for a while. At least no until I’ve paid off two of the three items I have for Hosford. Speaking of which. I still went looking for a place after work because we got let go early because our training systems went down, and our trainer had to leave early.

Anyway. I found a room to rent over a store and it was $450 a month. I think that covered the small $35 gas tank that you used for the small stove that I would have gotten with the room. $450 sounds nice, but I still can’t cover that, and I really can’t cover that this month.

Oh, I got off track with the money thing. Well, I was going to ask about it during lunch at work, but I didn’t have to. She gave us a check for the other half of our pay. The accounting department had a hiccup or something, but normally our check will be sent in whole to the bank.

Today I felt so hungry. I had to buy breakfast because I didn’t want to open my milk and come back to find it gone, and besides, I didn’t have time to eat breakfast at the house. We were late for the bus today. But that was mostly because I waited for her to find her key so she could lock her room. I paid the bus driver for the four days. It turned out to be less then I expected, which is always good. Some people charge $3.50 to get there, while others ask for $4.

Well, while I was paying for breakfast I decided to get the cheapest patty that they had to eat with my lunch, just to add something to the soup that I was having once again. I’ve had soup for lunch every day this week I think, but I don’t remember what I had on Wednesday.

I ended up eating the patty before lunch, along with my stack and I went and got a candy bar for the first time this year. I half wanted to get a small Pringles, but I couldn’t spend $3.50, so I spent $2.50 instead for the Snickers.

Last night I couldn’t stay up past 11. I was falling asleep in Lynn’s room so I had to set up my bed in the living room and just go to sleep. I was out before the show I was waiting for came on.

I’ve completely failed to help the guy this week. The one girl that I had in mind for the job, I had to go though her mother. As I was telling her, I realized, that I didn’t want this job. I turned down this job to be here in Nevis. I don’t want to go to someone who didn’t ask me to come to them and try to sell them something. The mother said that she didn’t think that her daughter would want to do that. Besides, they were talking about her doing her last year of high schools.

Down here you finish school when you want to. Kinda like the US, but there is no great “You have finished High school” party, bash, and ceremony. I would be in your favor sometimes to go all the way, but you can more or less stop when you stop and try and get a job somewhere. Most just try and past some the CXC exams, then get a job, and you can take them at any level in high school. Just don’t quote me on that.

It seems I don’t know that much about these two islands. They, the class, has been answering all these questions for the trainer about St. Kitts and Nevis, and ofcourse there are things that I had no clue about it, and the stuff I thought I knew about was a just a small part of the story.

Ok, I’ve come to the end of three pages. I typed this up in MS word so it would catch most of my mistakes as I typed them. It’s 1:49am and I’m ready for bed. Bed being the couch since Nika took over my bed, and I left my fan in Nevis. The only other place that has a fan is the living room and it’s been very hot this week.

I know that I’ve left off a bunch of things, but if you really want to know, there is the commit section, and if you happen to be something of a friend, then you would have my e-mail address.