January 31, 2005

Guess what My sister found in her soup last night? :D

Just guess.

A hoof.

She got goat water the other night and had it this morning and when I was stirring it for her this morning I found a little hoof in it.

She didn't believe me, or thought that it was half a big hoof.

But it was a little young goat's hoof.

When she found it she stopped eating. :) Poor Jhodie. At least she didn't find any eye balls floating in it.

Incase you don't believe me, I saw family make it a long time ago when I went to Nevis for a wedding. I saw them cut the goat in half as it hung from the tree. Everything went into the soup. I'm not completely sure about the head, But I think it was used for something.

Some people put the head in then take it out before they serve the soup.

Other than that, I'm good. :) Almost froze today at work, it was so cold outside and inside. At one point B said there was mist outside. Mist? Down here? Ok. I went out side and looked. It was our kind of drizzle that had a strong wind behind of it. He did mention wind too, just the idea of mist got me to go and see it.

I helped another teacher with the cloning thing. I finally finished with making the printable copy of St. J's slides for the student. Now I think that I should post something letting them know that it's there, but I feel like waiting first.

I got a look at the web that I keep forgetting about making and came up with a plan, and did a small go though of the idea then changed my mind. At least now I have a plan for when I get in on Wednesday.

Then I cleaned up two things that were wrong in two parts of the site.

I helped M with a few things before she left, and drank a lot of water. :)

After I almost beat the rain home tonight I found an interesting dinner waiting for me along with a sick sister. She's been sick for a few days now. I got over the worst of my cold first. Today Nika had the worst of hers, and now my sister is trying to breath and eat at the same time when tissue up her nose.

This morning Nika was really bad. She had shakes, her upper body was hot, but her hands and legs were cold. Jhodie called the doctor to see if she would put her in cold water for the fever or what? He said to just her the meds that she was going to give her in the first place.

Now she's fine and sleeping it out of her system. She woke up an hour a go and had some ice tea and some pops out of the box. Then she had the odd rice and went back to sleep.

Speaking of which. Dinner was red peas and rice with pasta cooked in it. She said she ran out of rice. The chicken was normal and had little onions cooked whole in the gravy. I got those. :)

Now I've stayed up to late. It's now 5 till 3am, and I'm suppose to be going going out tomorrow, but I got caught up in stuff. One was my tickle account. I signed up 2 years ago for an IQ test, but I found it again some how so I filled in my profile and such. That took a while. Then I helped in sending an e-mail to a student to get some stuff that she was selling and something else, but I can't remember what just now.

Well, see ya.

January 29, 2005

Yesterday I was Out sick.


I didn't make it into work yesterday. I just stayed in bed for most of the day.

I started to feel better when I ate. I then thought that not really eating the past two days when I was coming down with the cold didn't help me. It may have even made it worst.

So today on my way in, 30 mins later, I gave my money to the cafeteria. Yes gave. Tofu is expensive here, but that meal that I "payed for" wasn't worth $17. The tofu cost $12, the side of rice cost $5. I give them points for adding the umbrella mushrooms to the tofu, but not that much. $7, $8, even $9, I would have paid without saying a thing, but $12 was just too much.

Now that my memory has been jogged as to the serving size along with how much they charge, it will be another 3 months at least before I buy a meal from them. Also, I should show up around 1:30 so I can get the last bit. When you show up that late I think you get a bit more.

Well like I said I got to work late, but I called 30 mins before to let them know that I was running late. Then when I got there, I called down to let them know that I was on campus but going to get something to eat, he told me to take my time. So I did.

I got down to work when I got there at the same time trying eating, and I was under a mess of left overs. Laptop help left and right. Helping E with a computer. First she said it was her's, then she starting stressing about how long she had it for this person. For some reason she is telling people that she knows how to fix computers. I don't know why. She had to help her for at least 2 hours with connecting and trouble shooting a cd rewriter install, and I had to clear out some spy and add addware stuff, and explain to her what I was doing. This is a lady that less then a year ago, who wanted to have xp on the front desk computer, and said that XP was easy. Ya, right.

I also ran into a burn job that she started. She said she knew nothing about, tried to say that it was a job that M was doing. I told the girl when she came back that would try and finish it for her, but I didn't get to. I felt so bad about it. That is the first things I'm going to do, or let M do for me in the morning tomorrow. I may write her an e-mail before I go to bed. Maybe. It's 2am now.

Around 4pm I went over with Collin to the auditorium. I thought he was just going to show me how to turn everything off. I was wrong. I also helped him open up the building for an event that they were having tomorrow. They are having a world dessert tasting event at the school tomorrow. The International Vet club is having it. It's a very good idea. I can't make it. I'll be working, but the girl who is putting this together was in today and needed help putting the music together for the event, and I helped in seting up their website for them, so she was happy with the help I had given her, so she'll save me something from the event she said. That'll be nice. I'm not, and shouldn't be expecting much.

Our network today didn't like some people and was going down all over the place. One of the student's laptop that I was working on today would loose and gain it's connection to the wireless network every min.

Ron left work early, but he can do what he wants since he's the boss, and since he's normally here until 5 during the rest of the week.

Anyway, one computer was too full which was making it slow, which was starting to make to the OS buckle. The other computer, for the most part was working fine until it upgraded to sp2. Now it can barely get on line to go most places, and it won't let any IM get out along with stopping the updating ability of any software other then Microsoft's. So after spending like 2 and half hours trying my little heart out and finding the .dlls that needed to be registered, and registering twice and that not working, I found her a good price for windows xp with SP2 so she can order herself a copy.

I don't really think that I failed anything or anyone with not fixing it. Somethings can't be patched fixed. As for the girl who's hard drive was too big, I found out why after trying for 30 mins to keep it from crashing and making space and having it crash / blue screen on me 3 times. She had added about 8 gigs of data to the laptop without looking to see how much space she would have left. She had a little over 1 gig of space left. On a 3 or 5 gig hard drive that wouldn't be so bad. But to have only a gig left when you are using a 20 gig drive, your system can't work like that. It needs at least 3 gigs free to function. Breathing room so to speak.

So I stayed until 7:30pm or so helping the girl who's computer was going down hill, but then we called it quits when it crashed and she was going to run panda's on line anti-virus scan on it when she got home. Something somewhere was blocking somethings from connecting and it wasn't in any of the normal places you would look. Now that I think of it, I'm wondering if installing something that did that would let me open up everything to the net like it's suppose to be. I know of two pieces of software that could do that. One that I don't like that much is Zone Alarm, and Tiny Firewall. I'll try them out. I'm just about sure that I'm going to see the laptop tomorrow when I come in for work.

Well, she gave me ride to town, and even hung out with me. Jhoide had called me about 6:30 saying that she felt like sludge and didn't want to cook and wanted me to get KFC. I was surprised to see that I actually had my bank card on me. So we went for KFC. She parked a block from KFC, but we had to walk 3 blocks to get to the ATM, since they didn't take my debit card. Which on some days is fine, it saved me $10. She admitted to not trying out much local foods since she didn't have someone to tell her try this or that out, or even show her how to cook local stuff. I said mostly you just boil all the veggies. :)

We talked about goat water, it's mutton soup in case you didn't know. It's normally quite hot. After we had gotten stuff from KFC and she was driving me home I brought up black pudding. I can't eat, but it smells great. I told her what it was made with, and she went yuck. Which most people will do when they hear what is in it. Black pudding is rice and blood cooked in a intestine. I think. She was more against the eat of blood part. I told her that she had eaten blood, she just hasn't gone out and ordered it before.

Then I was home. We said good night, and I shared out the food. I was home like 30 or so mins before my Star Gate shows started, and I wish that I had gotten more than just a small wedges. So I had some Ramen soup later.

Jhoide was a mess when I got here, and she got a bit better before she went to bed at 12. She still completely upset that she can't get into her main yahoo account now. We think that someone got into her account and changed the password, or something server side glitched, but either way, she's locked out now, and can't get into contact with her friends on yahoo messenger. She isn't happy at all. I just made a backup of my address book from my main yahoo account since she asked me tonight if I had anyway of reaching my friends if this happened to me. Well I mentioned this lovely place. :) And I had addresses for at least 4 people outside of my main account. But she had far more people on her list.

Tomorrow I want to go to town and and get a few things, but my sister doesn't think that I'll wake up in time to go anywhere other than work. Which may be true, but she can at least wait and see if I wake up or not before saying anything. If I make it to bed and be asleep before 3:30 I might wake up before 11am. :)

Ok... got to go, I have to download something for I go to bed.

Oh, on a very personal note, I was thinking about G. That guy what I met back up with back in October. I haven't stopped thinking about him yet, and since I spent some more time with him this time around I should have expect that. But should I be day dreaming about living with him? About him asking me to maybe marrying him with his off handed kind of way? I have yet to say yes in my head, but I think that is because I don't think that he will actually every ask me. At this point, I'm just hopping that he's still single when I find him again.

Well I'm off. Try and have a better V-day then me in 17 or so days ok?

January 27, 2005

I Made It...

On line to blog that is.

I got to chat with a few friends, check my mail, and try out that new version of picasa. It's not bad. I'm just not crazy about the new icon. The old one was better.

As for the rest of my day. I was behind in getting my stuff together for work. I did my washing last night, but I had no clue what I had or wanted to ware with a skirt I had already picked. Ended up washing out my black and purple shirt this morning before my shower, hoping that the odd fabric would dry in time. It kinda did, but I didn't have time to iron it. An over looked point.

My hair I did something a little different with today. I put a path to the side an at one point, I looked like I brought back the 80's cut afro. :) But it worked, and it's all I had.

Today I thought that I was suppose to go by the nurse's house to help her with her slide show. Heck, I said so in my blog last night. Then I realized that I forgot that I wasn't going to work for 2pm today. Today was 11am, tomorrow is 2pm. I think that I'm going with the same look tomorrow. Friday I'll change it.

Speaking of change, my sister isn't going to Nevis this weekend. She's going next weekend. Nika got and birthday party invite today for Saturday. So they are staying.

Well, when I left after having to look for my wallet, and burning a cd of free games for M at work, and to take E her CD-RW drive it was starting to rain, so I went back and got the small umbrella. I didn't really keep me all that dry. From Mid chest down I was getting wet, but it wasn't really raining that bad.

I think that I got to work about 15 past. The rain would be a nice excuse if was raining a bit more, but my body wouldn't have liked it. I'm coming down with a cold. Coughing ever so often, sore throat and a headache that bugs me every now and again.

My sleep was odd so I was more or less a wake since 9am and I didn't get breakfast, and had some water and to cold mints at work. Then around 7:50 after I got home I got something to eat. Yesterday's left over.

I tied up some loose ends. Called one department, wrote another one. St. J called and I sent him the pictures after I photo shopped one of them. He called me to ask me how to unzip them. I take it, this is his first zipped file. Then he called back to have me send them to another teacher. I guess he didn't know how to forward them either. The amount of classes that I'm going to end up doing this year if I get started.

I got to talk to the teacher that he wanted me to send them to since he had some stuff in his apps folder that he had to take out. copyright issues.

Refilled the printer like 3 times. Helped two teachers, about 5 students, found out that one movie we have, doesn't has sound, and the other computer had a busted head set. Tried to help out with the laptops, but couldn't really do anything. One was just dropping and picking up a signal every 30 seconds. The other one that I tried to defrag needed to have stuff moved to it's other hard drive. It was too full. It needed to be defraged but there wasn't enough room for it to defrag.

I helped a girl from FinAid print a banner in MS Publisher. That had a dumb solution. But I found it. I posted an announcement, and helped one of the teachers with two problems. I'll do part two of one of them tomorrow. But for most of the day I tried to work on my map of campus again. I'm starting to replace the buildings, and I was able to copy the information from excel to paint shop pro, by taking a screen shot, and cutting out the part I wanted. And I was reminded that I had to finish the printable version of St. J's slides for the students.

Ran into a little trouble with a computer that some one had disabled the nic card on. Go figure.

I saw AM, but we didn't talk, I as moving around a bit. I didn't really get to use my computer at the front desk. I did a really nice desk top set up the other night I was on there. I'll get you a screen shot.

Well I was just finishing up a building on my map when I get a call that equipment was on. That means I have to go turn it off. Two places. Down stairs and over in the auditorium. Ok, down stairs I can do, but not over there. I went and looked, but I haven't been shown how to do anything with the new equipment that went in. In fact, that was the first time I've even been over there since the demo last month.

Then I walked up the long road up the hill to street level. That was a nice hike. My thighs felt that one. Then I caught a bus home.

Not a bad day, got stuff down, yet felt like I had time on my hands. Tomorrow I'm going to be having a full day, and I wouldn't mind getting my hair washed. But I'll have to see about that one. The whole time crunch thing.

Well now my duty for the day is over, and as always I just remembered that I forgot to do something at work. I can still do it tomorrow.

Well, see ya.

January 26, 2005

Next version of Picasa is ready for its close-up.

It's worth having a look if you like having pics on your computer.

I'm on my way over to download my copy now... I'll be by later to blog for the day, but it won't be very long.


Home Free Download Features Support

Dear photography enthusiasts:

Just in time for your post-holiday picture organizing, Picasa 2 photo management software is here to help you find, edit, and share your photos in ways you never imagined. And good news: Google is still offering Picasa as a free download. If you're using a previous version of Picasa, you will need to download the new version below to take advantage of these new features. (Note: this download will not overwrite your old version; all existing pictures and edits will be preserved and automatically appear in Picasa 2.)


What new features will you find in Picasa?

Advanced Editing
Picasa 2 is all about improving your picture after you take it. The fill light slider under the Basic Fixes tab repairs almost any dark, backlit photo. It's a wonder. Twelve new photographic filter effects are worth thousands of dollars in expensive photo filters and equipment (come see my garage for proof); you'll find a graduated tint effect that really makes gray skies blue. Zoom. Straighten. You can make good pictures great in Picasa.

Better Organization
New labels help you instantly group pictures into photo albums and add keywords so that later on, you can find pictures fast. You can even put the same picture into multiple labels without taking up extra space on your hard drive. A new Folders on Disk collection precisely matches the folders on your computer where your pictures are stored. If you move pictures from one folder to another folder in here, Picasa physically moves the original picture file on your computer to a new location. It's a great way to clean up pictures stored all over your PC. You can even re-name picture file names directly from Picasa.

Handy Captions
Every picture tells a story, and Picasa's new captions will help you tell your stories in your own words. Best of all, the captions you write are saved as part of the picture's file, along with all the information that your camera captured when the picture was taken (like the date and time and whether a flash was used). All of this picture information is searchable in Picasa. If you add star ratings to your favorite pics, you'll find those super-quickly, too.

Sharing Pictures
You've taken all these pictures - now Picasa is better than ever at helping you show them off. You can burn a backup or gift CD (with slide shows); send email using your Gmail account or the email of your choice; blog photos in one click; and use Hello instant photo chat. You'll especially enjoy ordering prints direct from your favorite photo processing web sites now that Picasa will literally export multiple pictures for you (that's right - save hours of time by uploading in seconds). The prints and products available at Ofoto, Shutterfly, Snapfish, and WalMart.com are now yours for the taking. At-home photo printing has more options, including wallets, 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10 sizes.

Most important, have fun...
Finally, because we believe that above all, taking digital pictures should be fun, we've added some toys under the new "Collage" button and in the Create menu. I won't spoil your discovery process, but trust me -- your desktop will never look the same again.

Ready to upgrade your digital photographic life?

Download Picasa 2 now.

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http://www.jhoye.blogspot.com/ - Online Public Journal

More Hard Labour

Once again we were out in the yard and we moved the rest of the pants. Then dug a path, then lied boarders. One I dropped on Jhodie's foot. It's ok, swelled a bit, but it's ok now. I put Nika down for a nap, then I had to save my souange tree. The name is half sour and half orange.

My sister wanted to kill the pant, but we've had it so long that I wanted to let it grow. So I planted it in the ditch that has been there for months and put the dirt from the hole over the roots and back into the ditch.

All the pants that were there have been relocated or sitting in water waiting for a planter to be placed in. We even made a rock edge to the start of the path and the two beds on either side. There was a fair amount of digging and raking and digging and raking. The souange tree also stabbed me in that back near the end of it all. It was when I was putting it in the hole and I was bending over to lower it down and one of it's huge thorns (and they are huge, 2 inches long) stuck me in the back. My sister saw blood. Then I had to get ready for town.

I was suppose to wake up Nika and take her with me to get her meds and some money so I can pay the bus to take me to and from work, but when I woke her up she didn't want to go. She was with us when we started gardening earlier. Every time we would look around she had a packet of seeding starting to open. She so wanted to pant something then and there. She gets to do that tomorrow when I'm at work.

Well I took my bath and took my dear time getting ready to go to town. I tried to smile more than I normally did when I went out by myself. I just felt like I should. Anyway, I got to town after 4pm, I started to get ready around minutes til 3am. Well I got to town and did what I was set out to do. I got money, I got meds for Nika, I got the money for Jhodie to pay the lights bill tomorrow. I even picked up a few things for us. "Potato Patties" were on sale as well as these packets of Indian trail mixes. I got one, and I'm not getting this kind again. I'm not up for the burn. But Nika and Verey and Jhoide ate more than me, and only one that kept on going is Verey. He ate more than everyone else did. I also got my sister those sesame seed candy.

When I got home Jhodie started dinner. It's to be dumplings and saltfish. And she was done is good time. But between me showing up with the tail mix and her making popcorn when I was crying for water and soda from the tail mix Nika was no longer hunger.

Nika sat in my lap as we went though the cds that I had from Jen from fixing her laptop two weeks ago. It turns out, they were old. Most don't understand or know about win2000. The others tried to run or install and failed, and one that I thought was a keeper, needed me to reduce my screen size down to 640xsomething and lower my colour depth to 264 before it would run, then it didn't work when we tried to go back in, and it flooded my printer with like 60 print jobs. It wanted you to print everything it showed you. I'm just going to have to buy some updated stuff for Nika. She likes Barbie to me and Jhodie's dismay. I don't like some things like Barbie that much, and Jhodie is so against most of that.

So now I have no software for Nika. She'll live. Ok..

It's 1:15am.

I've finished up the blog from yesterday that I started and saved as draft.
I've done this one blog for today.
Pearl is home. Nika is asleep. She woke up and came out to eat and we gave her some other meds to put her to sleep. We will have to get some more of that one next week.

Oh. This weekend, my sister and Nika are going to Nevis to stay with a friend. They are leaving on Friday afternoon, and they will be back Sunday afternoon. Jhodie has told Pearl for me that they will not be here, and I will not be looking after Verey, and I'm not shopping, even thought I get paid Friday. On Saturday I'll go get a different trail mix bag, and some cereal, and some juice.

Now I have to go wash my bra for work tomorrow. I'll be washing my hair out tomorrow before I go to work and I'm leaving the house like 2 hours early because the nurse sent me a letter. She's ready to have me put all her sides and music and such together as one nice slide show. I hope it goes well. She is so excited to see this happen. I half hope that it takes less than 2 hours. I would like to get it finished and have her be happy, but I don't want to be that early for work. :)

Well see ya.

January 24, 2005

Dull Day Yesterday, Heavy Day Today.

Hi ya.

Another member.. . And this one joined yesterday. I would have seen maybe if msn and hotmail were working for me yesterday. Saturday I couldn't get in, and almost for all of yesterday. I got to check my hotmail for like 3 mins without remembering that it was having problems until I tried later and couldn't get in. Go figure.

Last night was interesting food wise for me. One I tried a packet of "Miso Soup". I didn't smell or taste the way I expected it to. So I after trying to eat hot water that smelled like tamarind and eating fake tofu, I got one of my Ramen noodle things into it. I put in half the packet of "spice" that came with it.. and it was very edible. and I got some seaweed from the Miso.

Then when I got home my sister had fun with dinner. It was potato salad with canned tuna and shredded cheese mixed in. Not bad. And there were some small muffin corn bread to go with it. But I didn't eat that much since I ate my soup thing late.

A teacher showed up staying that his computer didn't have a cd rom drive. I just said 'ha?' for the whole time he's talking to me. I said that I'll send out and e-mail for them to check his computer the next day and install one if it really didn't, but I should have one. A computer isn't build without a cd rom drive. Right after he left I went to look at the ones that we had inside the office. We had like 4 of the kind he had left over. I went, I looked and they all had black cd rom drives built in. So I went to get him to get him, but didn't see him. He must have went back t his office. So I went to check on my soup but it was still going in the microwave, so I went up this office, three levels up to see about this cd rom less computer. When I got there, his wife was in his office with him, and he was on the phone and had just turned to ask her "why isn't she picking up", then she said it's because she's here. :)

He looked around and saw me and said oh. :) He was calling me to tell me that he saw it. :) He doesn't know how he didn't see it, and his wife is just laughing saying how he's going blind. :) I talked with her for a while, then I went down to eat my soup and talk to AM for a while. :) Other than that, it was dead day, that I some how was able to keep going in. Then I stood for like 30 or so mins waiting for a bus to pick me up. A student ended up give me a ride home, just before it started to rain. Lucky me. It's always hard to catch a bus on Sunday night.


I did gardening work today.

Once we got outside, we dug up all of my shiny leaf plants that I think you can drink for something. I have yet to find out what they are for yet.

After we did that we dug up all the sugar apple trees that started to grow in the yard on that side. It turned out we had more than I thought. We put them all in a big bucket that we couldn't use for anything else since it had a crack in the bottom. We then dug up the yard to get dirt from one place we had dumped it a while ago when we tried to dig up that tree that is still next to our wall that has a root as big as an elephant's foot. Anyway, we then got ready to pick up the kids and go to the agriculture center on the other side of the grave yard. She got the kids at 4 an I went for bath, then I helped with changing the kids clothes and then we were off.

It was a nice walk. The cars didn't stop for us to pass. We had to wait until there was a gap in the traffic. We then walked though the grave yard on the dirt road that went thought it. I'm sure it's suppose to be paved or something, but now it's mostly covered by dirt. Anyway, we got there just to see that the place was closed. Then on the way back Jhodie when to this tree that dropped big hard seed pods that she liked to eat, but she had to get the ones that had dropped from the tree and were good. She didn't find any. Then was were on our way back home, she remembered that she had to get fruit for the kids to take to school tomorrow.

So we walked down the other side of the grave yard by the Twain and St.Kitts something. They grow stuff in there too along with grapes. We made it over to the store then came back to the house. The rest of the day was uneventful. Oh, she also brought back a flowering plant from the grave yard. She said that she always wanted that plant. It's now sitting in a glass jar waiting to be planted. But it's doing a lot better than the gooseberry tree that we had to uproot today.

Nika still had her cold cough that was keeping her up. Jhodie was almost able to stay up with me tonight, but then Nika woke up and called her.

So I was left by myself. I saw some good shows. Can't really remember what they were right now. I'm just remembering "how clean is your house" that was one of the last things I watched, and it was a bad one. The house wasn't as bad/ dirty as some of the others that we've seen, but the stuff that went on during the show just lowered it in my eyes. It's had it's moments in past eps... but this was just sad.

I then went to the red district on line to get some comics. I flash papered one to a friend. I'm waiting for his return e-mail. I expect shock, hopefully a thank you. It wasn't thattt.. bad, and it was a bit of a joke.

I still have it, and it's 1869 KM big, if you have that much space in your inbox and you want to see, just e-mail me.

See ya.

January 23, 2005

today was ok

I some how kinda floated thought work today.

Got there on time.. like 7 past. Hope I can do that during the week.

I did a lot of web work, but not a lot. I past most of my time there, but it wasn't a lot to do. Sounds like I spoke in a circle just now. Sorry.

I then went to upgrade a piece of software that was giving me issues, but I tested it before I tried to get rid of it, and it saved itself. Which is good since a teacher showed up like 5 mins later to use it. They are so afraid of change.

Then I proceeded to stun him with the clone tool in photo shop. I was trying to write up my computer tip for the day, but after showing him the tool and how to use it, he wouldn't touch the mouse to continue. Then after he left, he turned right back around and brought me another pic to work on for him. When I was finishing it up, M from the front desk came back there to let me know that she was leaving.

I then covered the front desk. Did some more web work, then stopped to talk to AM for a while, and helped her with some movie downloading problems she was having. It worked fine for me, but she was having issues. I'll have to see if it's just that computer, or the profile that the students use that is having this problem. I downloaded them fine. They were short surgery type movies.

Anyway, I went and got something to eat, and she found me on her way out, and we talked and laughed, then she went home an I came back inside. I then decided to pay the last 30 mins of my game play left. Oh the game. I haven't told you about it yet.

Well it's new. Like most of the games I try out. It's called Big Kahuna Reef. It's like Jewel Quest, with it's draw ofcourse. It has nice background music, and it has entertainment of it's own kind between boards. I try not to give too much away. *smile grin*

Well just as I was on my last 15 or so mins of it, another friend of mind that I just about never see or talks to, who I think may like me a little, stopped in. We ended up talking and surfing and stuff for longer than I though. I some how lost like 40 mins with him. We laughed a bit when we looked up our signs English and Chinese. I'm a Dragon. :)

Well I closed up, I pitted him for not having tv or Internet, but he doesn't use the Internet much so he saved up some money by disconnected it. He just checks his e-mail. As for tv, he needs to study. :) What is is kinda nice is that he never seems like he wants to leave when we are talking. Which could make a girl start to think things. But he's running out of time if he ever wants to ask me out. :)

So I closed up, caught a speeding bus home, and had a little walk to my house.

And here I am, blogging to you on time. :)

Well night night. It's 2:30am here and I have to still spell check this.

January 22, 2005

Not A Bad Day.

It's 1am and I'm mostly awake.

I was going to write and say that I wasn't going to be on line until after my all new shows were finished. But I didn't bother.

Tonight was the start to the season for both StarGates and Battle Star Galactica. I wasn't as glued to the screen as I thought I would have been.

I haven't really watched StarGate since they have been showing re-runs for so long. I only watch re-runs if I missed that ep or I haven't seen the show in a long time. It took me months before I would let myself watch "FarScape" after they dropped it like they did. I was upset and couldn't stand to watch until a few months before they came back with the last two shows, two hours each. And that was like over a year I'm sure since they had dropped the show so badly.

Well back to my day. Oh.. before I do that. One thing that I left out of my very shot note about yesterday. I got the fridge fixed. Well the guy showed up yesterday to fix the fridge. He was suppose to come by since Tuesday afternoon, but he made it by yesterday. The price. I will always talk about the price. I'll be the aunt that rolls her eyes when some says the word bill.

Well he disconnect a faulty wire, and replaced it. It was between the heater and the timer. The wire was about??? 4 inches long maybe? That cost $50, and his lovely time cost $80. He wasn't here 30 mins. I hid in the bedroom. One, I didn't want to get dressed. Two they hate being crowed, and three, my sister knew more about the fridge than I did.

So now my fridge is cold again. The freezer part of the fridge would freeze over and the lower part wouldn't get any cold air and my sister would have to open up the back and defrost it by hand. Either with hot water, or the hair dryer. So now I'm basking in my cold drink from the fridge. :)

Ok... now to really talk about my day.

Well I tried to leave on time like always, but once again it didn't happen. I did get a bus as soon as I got to the top of the street, but it stopped like 4 times before I got a chance to get off, and I walked into my department at 15 past. Not bad, but I felt like showing up at 10 past today. Oh well. On to work.

I tried to hide from E. at the front desk by staying in the back with the guys, but soon she was there to reminded that she was there. She walked in and just about shouted that she was going on lunch. That meant that I had to cover the front desk.

I'm trying to be really good at covering the front desk these days. Anyway. I took the cup that I am now using to drink my water out of since they trashed my bottle on the weekend, to get some water from the water fountain, and there she was talking on the phone. In passing I asked her if she was doing anything on the computer. As much as I wanted to use the web program that was on that computer, I didn't want to kick her out of it unless I had too. She said that she was using it. Actually it wasn't the web program, but there was software on there that I did have to use that wasn't on the other one.

So she came back in like 2 mins later to see me looking at the two computers trying to figure out what I was going to do. She then again told me that she had something going and didn't want to come out and go back into her profile. Fine. I opted to work with the other computer. But before I can make it workable for me, I ended up sorting though cds that I'm pretty sure were E's to do, but didn't do, didn't call the student to tell them there was a problem, or even checked the size of the data they wanted when she took the cds from them in the first place. So I sat there, trying to understand it all while she was out. Oh... when I told her that I needed to use the program that was on "her" computer, she said to just go back to the back room and she'll be back in a little bit. She was gone for almost the whole hour! And I took a message for her too, which she went into the back room to return. I was then left to talk to a student who came back mad because she got an e-mail from me a week after she dropped off the cds saying that we can't use them. She was upset about the week she waisted waiting for the cds when she needed them to study from at home.

So that is when my customer service training kicked in. I didn't blame E for the mess, I agreed that it shouldn't have happened and I tried to resolve it as quickly as I could. I couldn't replace the cds since that wasn't our fault, but I did promise to have the cds done for her that night before closing at 7pm if she brought in replacement cds and one extra. She didn't have enough cds for the data that she wanted. Her cds were being miss read by the computer. You look at them and you can see that the data line was near the edge of the cd, more or less proving/stating that it was full of data, yet when you put the cd in the computer it says that it's empty, until you tried to burn data to it, then it would ask you for another cd saying there wasn't enough space on the current cd.

She said thank you, and went to get some more cds. While she was gone I went back to fixing the cd mess. I e-mailed out like 4 e-mails, and another student came and got back one cd because of one of the e-mails. Another burn job that wasn't checked for size. She asked for data that would take about 7 or so cds but only brought one. As sad as it is, when I'm busy in one part of the department and someone brings a burn job to get done, I don't check the size either. But now seeing the mess and having to clean it up, I'm going to have to make time to check. Sorry if any of you see this.

Ok, while I was there I got a little visit from Dr. St. J. (such a give away), anyway, he is one of the teachers that keep me in business. :) He showed up with three books with post-its sticking out of it. He wanted me to scan a few pictures for him. I smiled, asked one dumb Q, and then asked when he wanted it back when he was leaving. Before he tells me a day, he said that I'm always so quick with getting the jobs done for him that when I could get to it, would be fine.

Back to the cds and e-mails. Ever e-mail that I sent out to students were cc to E and M. The cd burning thing is their gig. I help out when they are behind or if someone for some reason really wants a cd done now. Then I sent out and e-mail that was sent to E and M and was cc to our staff manager. Yesterday he had brought up the issue with how they were doing things and how they needed a system that worked so that when they aren't there we can find the cds when a student shows up asking for it, or to know where to place them when we do get a job request for them to fill.

So now I'm helping/making them get their act together. Mostly E's act, but I won't know if she is even paying me any mind for a week. By then I'll/we'll see what kind of a mess we have our hands.

I was just about finished with all of this. I just sent out the last e-mail with her sitting at the front desk with me, when I got a call from a teacher that I was suppose to help show how to use power point. For those of you who know how to use power point I know that look going across your face. Anyway, I hurry packed up the few things that I had out still, locked the computer, and went to the FDC, where I thought he was. Stopped, looked around, ok. I called his office, he wanted me to come up there. Fine. Took the books that I had take to the FDC to scan and left them at my desk. I told Rick that I was off to see Dr. N.

When I was there I felt like I was talking a little too fast for him, and I tried to slow down, but I don't know how well I did that. But He seemed to have gotten most of it, and like he said, he can call me if he ran into a problem. Since I was up there, I stopped by C's office to ask her about the polices that she was 'fixing' since last year. She had no clue what I was talking about, as in, I should already have the fixed and updated stuff. That wasn't the answer I was looking for. I have to go look over what I do have, and have all parities concerned look over them to make sure that they are up to date. I'll work on that Sat, and Sunday.

Well I came back down stairs and decided on scanning those pics for Dr.St. J. Jen!.. Using the scanner computer to type up pdf files. Smile stuck across my face. Ok, looking to the other side of room, where the other scanner use to be. This is what happened. The IT department guys that did show up for work yesterday had to "move" into the FDC for the day. Rick, moved everything to move in, and when he left, he just left. He didn't put anything back, he just made sure that the computer that I had my music on, was left on, and had a network connection, so I didn't really know anything was wrong back there until I had to use something.

Let's see. He unplugged and move the computer and the scanner connected to that computer. Moved two monitors so they made a nice arch. The two other computers weren't really connected either, and the 2x2 scanner was disconnect from the computer but still plugged in for power. So I had to reconnect three computers, move two of them and had to get on the floor in my skirt to hook back up two of them. My knees didn't like me for doing that. I'm just glad that my black and purple shirt didn't come up looking brown and purple when I had to lay on my side for abit for one of them.

Well I got all of them set up and working. I updated one, found out that the other one needs a new monitor, which I have to write to Ron about, and "my" computer is doing just fine. :)

By that time I didn't need to use the other one anymore. Jen had already left. So I sat down, turned on my music and rocked out as I scanned the pics and tried to fix the books. For some reason, he had stuck paper to pages of the books and never took them out. I got some out since they were hampering my ability to scanning the requested pictures. (big words *smiling*) Some I had to leave the tape stuck to the page because they were ripping. Oh well. I got that all done after 3pm.

Then when I had my last pic to scan, I get a phone call. Collin needs my help with something. Ok, not a bit deal. Then he started talking in code, and I'm thinking, this is so far above my head, that if I could jump I still couldn't reach it. But I said I would help, but couldn't say when he would get any info from me. I then went to do my last pic. Touched them up, then came back to the front desk to finish what I was doing there now that E was gone and I had to man the front desk again.

I was also asked to burn a cd for a student of her personal stuff, but just as I was given the job to do from Collin she showed up, but since it was such little bit of data, he told her to stay and wait for it, then my computer froze and crashed on me. So she went to come back. I had to change computers to get it done. So now I'm back to working on computer like I started 3 hours earlier.

Installed two piece of software, but I couldn't put in the code for one because it would keep crashing on me. That was it, it had to be my profile. No one who was using this computer had these problems other than me. So I logged in as local admin, ran the last program to see if it would cause problems there too. It didn't, it worked fine. Came up, let me enter the code and it was set to go. I copied over stuff from my profile that I needed, then erased the rest. I restarted the computer and logged in under my name to have it rebuild a nice clean profile for me. Then I went back to the admin profile and moved my stuff back then went back to make it look nice in my profile. Then everything worked. Well at least not right away, but they work. :)

Ok.. going to bed. It's now 3am. Going to spell check this, and finish it up tomorrow.

See ya.

Spell checked and it's now 3:30 and the cock are crowing outside. How nice of all 4 of them. :(

Good bye.

January 21, 2005

Today wasn't my fault.

I didn't bail... just couldn't get on line.

Got up at noon, came to the computer, and the internet was out until I had to go to work.

I started work at 5pm due to a pave exam that they were having in the LRC, so I just worked a nice 5 hours.

Packed up abut 30 screens until my back hurt, played a new game. I'll tell you about it later. Called my uncle up to give me a ride, because as I walked outside it started to rain, and I wasn't going to stand in the rain again to get a bus ride home. Which I did last night.

Oh, and I washed my hair today before I went to work and in the process got a hot bath.

I know, what is with me telling when I get a hot bath. Beleive me, if you got a hot bath, about once a week, and the other days you are stuck with river cold water, you would be bragging too. :)


January 19, 2005

Another Long walk day.

Well that is what it was suppose to be, but due to new time limits placed on us, were we lucky to have attained the two rides that we got to the our main points of business on the other side of town and back home again.

We got a bus ride up to builders Paradise, spent over and hour I'm sure and about $50 on paint stuff. Some yellow paint for Nika's room, two rollers, and one paint brush and a poll for the roller.

We tried to get some wiring for the lights we had to put up, but they no longer cut wire. You had to buy the whole bundle. I didn't need that much wire, or had the $200 to pay for it. Then we walked all over the place until my back hurt. It' nothing more than a ware house, with a lot of stuff in it.

Next we went to Bird Rock Ram's to get something. Too easily we went over the set amount. Then we found out that we didn't have $2.50 on us to get a bus ride home. My sister tried to get money out of another's bank ATM. Which she did, but we don't know how much that cost us yet.

Then we walked down to town with all our stuff, and when we sat down to eat something... cheese puffs and apple sauce, a guy that works for Ram's that came in as we went out, passed us on his way back into town, so he stopped the truck and gave us a lift. How nice.

We hurried home because the fridge guy was suppose to be coming by at 3pm. Which he didn't do. Pearl then went to work, and I got ready to go get Nika, and had to bring back Verey as well.

That was my Tuesday. Most of it anyway.

Sorry I was so late... it was half done in draft, but I just got around to finishing it.

January 17, 2005

Yes, very bad blogger.

I'm blogging now.

I don't remember what happened on Thursday, Don't really remember Friday other than I scanned some slides for Dr. ST. J, and got two requests for cd burn jobs from two teachers.

Work was normal, had a few "storms" during the day. Off and on it rained like mad for like 5 mins then it went away. I think that I said that before. That happened for two days. At one point I was thinking that I may need an umbrella to get home.

On Friday night I started a burn job, to find out on Saturday when I came in that it was stuck on the second one. :( Great, the tray wasn't working right. I had to then baby sit it for like 8 cds. The tray would come out, and I would have to pull it out a bit more so the arm could pick up the cd without stalling. Then when it went to put a cd in the tray, I had to fix it inside so it wouldn't jam the slide draw.

Then somehow each time when I had to leave it would work fine until it ran out of disks to burn too. It could only hold 50 cds at a time. It wasn't full for some reason so I had to refill it twice. But it just gave me more problems. Come Sunday when I was finishing it up I ran into a few more problems and found out that I burned 5 too many. Great, there goes 5 of the last 10 I had.

I also burned some cds for B who wanted some serves of a friend of his that died last year to give to the guy's family. It seemed like the other computer at the front desk didn't want to work with me that night. I crashed twice when I tried to burn the data to a cd, and once it went through. So I did one the computer that I normally use. That night I also got my trail mix. :)

Yes I like tail mix, and B said that he would get me some for "Christmas" when he went home. I just wish that he didn't have to look though two states to find me some. Next time I'll have to tell him to go to where the health food stores are to find it.

Anyway, I shared it with AM and B, but I ate most of it. It was good, a little hot, but good. It was the oriental mix. I think. AM kept on thinking that the cheesy yellow peices were cheese. Then they would burn her. She would think it's cheese, then it would burn her. :) B, who looked at me very oddly when I asked him to bring it back for me had some.. and liked it. :) I guess that he is going to buying himself some of that stuff when he gets back.

Earlier I talked with him about stuff and he ended up telling me about what all that proof stuff means on the bottle. Then I told him about malts. He had no clue. I told him that I had it with milk, and he had such a face! You would think that I told him to eat ketchup on ice cream. It seems that he would avoid drinking milk as much as possible, but he said that he would try it, or at least the malt. :)

The rest of the night I cleaned out my inbox, checked on some web pages for the academic page for the site, showed AM how far I had gotten with my map, and she hung out picking thought my music until it was time to go home.

No one was in the LRC since it was start of semester party night. The only thing was the few people that I talked too, which was about 2 or so, said that they weren't going. One had to acctualy catch up. It's the first week of school and they already had to catch up. I wonder some days if I was lucky in a way to have skipped collage. Not by choose ofcourse.

AM walked home with the lady from the library, since the lived on the left side of the school. It was drizzling when I left, and I think it took a bit for a bus to come by.

On Sunday I finished the ride of the bad cd duplicator, did some work on the computer, then remembered that M and I had to restock the paper cabinet. So we go the trolley and went to get paper, to find out that there wasn't any, just boxes of books. Ok. Then M left and and hour later, we lost power. Half and hour later we got the generator on, but no AC and no computers for us, and the servers were sleeping or off. Another half and hour later we got main power. Then I had to turn back on all the computers on the floor. All 50 odd of them, and the ones in the FDC.

I don't remember what I did after that, I just know that I didn't do that much work, AM didn't come by to see me, and I left late because I had to leave notes and e-mail for people on Monday morning.

I got home and was reminded that we were going walking today. Fine. I wasn't going to fight it. I knew I had to go walking. Today I got up, got dressed and was ready before my sister who was bugging me about leaving. We made it into town. Checked out one store, it had cloths for tiny people, but we did fine a necklas that even I liked. Then we went to subways for lunch. :) Yes we at at subways. I know, what's the big deal. But for all the time I was at NY I didn't make it a subway.

But here is something I didn't expect. The NY subway map on the wall. Well that is what we thought it was. After trying to find our stop, we started to think that it was a made up map with known names. We had a Large Fanta, and a foot long sub for use to share between the two of us. The grand total was $26. Which isn't bad. It was half of my $20 US that I got from a computer job for student. I hold on to it for as long as I could, but today was the day to spend it. *sniffle*

It was good.. the sub that is. Then Jho went to get some money for the bank incase we ran into anything on the way to IGA or TDC home center. They are outside of town. They are a mile and half, and two miles from our house.

We didn't spend anything until we got to IGA, that was like $20 or so, then we went to the building center part, and spent $40 something there, then we walked to TDC and spent another $46 or so. That pulls $20 for with drawing with my card twice.

I got a step for Nika so she wouldn't have to reach so much to wash her hands and bush her teeth in the bathroom. What else did I get? Oh, Jho got some seeds. One was for and odd squash that is suppose to have a lemon flavor, and is round with black dots or spikes. I'm not sure. But Jho wants to see how it turns out. She also got another squash that suppose to have the taste of sweet potato. Ya, I think she picked up the science experiment set. :) And some other set of seeds that were for “normal” pants. We looked at rakes at the first place, but they cost too much. We looked at tiles, but didn't really find the one that liked and or wanted. What else did we get from that place?? It came up to $40 odd. I know the step was like $24 or so. Clippers? I know we looked at them. We got something. Then at the other place we got the rake, saw someone about showing up to look at our fridge. We said to have them come by at 3pm since we had to come back into town the next day. Anyway, we looked around a bit more, saw the hinges that I was looking for, but they were a bit heavier than I thought they would be. So they were saved for when I got a really good iron gate to put them on. My sister looked at some sad looking plants that they had discounted. We walked around in circles for like an hour, looked at a lot of things and found out that they didn't have the wire that we wanted to put in the new light outside the kitchen door.

But we were lucky enough to get a bus that far off the beaten track as we came out of the building. We got a lift all the way home.

That was mostly the end of my day. Heard the kids run around for most of the afternoon. Tried out office 2003, don't like that much but giving it a shot. I tested out some part for that girl back at work. They crashed my system in a nice loop until I pulled the power. So I'm more or less ready to tell her that she needs new parts.

Ok, I had to go to bed last night without posting this due to a tummy ache,too much cheese and because Perl was watching black Monday night line up. It started really to bug me when she would watch something that I liked then switch it back to that and go back and forth. So I saved this as a draft and went to bed after used the bathroom. When I was in there in pain, I tried to understand why I was in pain, then I figured that it was the cheese bread from subway, and the cheese I had for dinner in my sandwich.

Well now I just have today to tell you about.

See ya.


Got a few things done today.
Finished burning some cd's that didn't want to... cleaned out my inbox at work, and got some games for the guy working in the library. That would be where this link came from.
I think I should share.
Have fun.

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January 14, 2005

Easy Day

Work was fine.

Failed in trying to fix a wireless nic driver problem for this laptop. Worked on a laptop that didn't have enough space to get patched, and I got a file or two, that I don't know where to post.

Other than that, after 4pm we had what was labeled scattered showers, which seemed more like small freak storms. Every 3 hours for about 5 mins, 35 mile per hour winds would hit with a full down pour of rain. Everyone would just stop and look up at the roof, or to the side where the windows were and just look at the rain beating against the window.

AM hung out with me near the end of my shift, and helped me pick out a few stylizes that I wanted or might look good on me, which brings me to this morning.

This morning, we were suppose to be checking out stores in town that had my size clothes. But in an hour or so, we ended up choosing a tailor. Soon we were window shopping for fabric. I printed up a few looks that I liked, so when we took the fabric to the tailor, we could show him what I wanted.

I picked a lot of flowy, two layered, a cut, on the slant, type of things. I have one or two that 'normal', but I'm not getting anything that I see everyone else wearing. YUK!

Well It's mins to 1am and I'm tried. I worked until 10 tonight, but I didn't leave until 10:30. A downpour stopped me a little. Then I was standing in that lovely 25 mile per hour wind as I waited for a bus to come along. The second student that came by turned out to be a girl that lived down the street from me, so she gave me a lift.

I babbled. I didn't know what to talk to her about, even thought she asked the questions. I was just happy to be in something. It was so cold out there. I should have asked her how her break went. :(

Well, I've had dinner, it was good, had a banana, and some Kool-Aid, tried to talk to someone online, but it looks like he left his IM and computer on and went to bed. Watched a few shows, now I'm heading to bed.

Tomorrow I have to be at work for 11am. I have slides to scan. That laptop to finish installing it's patches. Finish adding those new docs that I got to an unpublished part of the site, and..... wait for people to come asking for help. I'll be done by 7, which will seem like a long ways off at 2pm, but at least I'll have my noodles. :)

See ya.


Oh, here is something nice that happened today. I caught a bus to work today, and the driver stopped to pick up clothes a the cleaners, and I was looking at my watching, hoping it won't take that long, but it took 5 mins and at 10 past 2pm I was on the road going to work. I was hopping to be at work by this time. He kept asking me if he took to long, and he really didn't, and yet I was later for work than I wanted to be, and it didn't help that I saw a bus go by me while I sat there and waited for him. But I could say that he did take a long time. So I just mumbled something about I don't know yet and mostly didn't look at him. When he dropped me off I tried to pay him for the ride, but he said no. Ok... I got a free ride. I can live with that. :) By the time I walked into my department, it was 14 past 2. Not bad.

January 13, 2005

Pictures of Nevis

Hi ya.

I did this earlier and uploaded it to my server just now to share.

That last set are pics of the botanital garden. The first set are of some kind of housing history of the islands.

The last two houses were the ones I grew up knowing. Not many are left.. at least close to town.


Well enjoy.

January 12, 2005

It's My Birthday.

Well I turned 28 today.

No nice lunch, now party, no going out.

I got up, washed my hair in hot water, and had a mostly warm bath for the first time in like 2 or 3 weeks.

I wore my new blouse that I got from Ram's a few weeks ago. I thought that many people didn't see me in on Sunday, so I'll wear it again today and since it's currently my best shirt I should wear it on my birthday.

I tried to get to work on time. I got there 15 past. The bus stopped for gas.

I was in the office for like 3 or so hours before I was sent out to help a teacher. Ran into a little bit of trouble with the copying of some files and the configuring of a profile. But that worked itself out in like 2 hours. :)

While I was up there I also bumped into two other teachers that wanted a moment of my time. One teacher gave me some slides to scan or him. Another teacher wanted help with shortcuts and to ask a question about a map drive that didn't want to connect anymore.

Then I was back down stairs, finishing up the posting that I was doing to the portal. Then I asked to look into a case of a laptop that wanted to be given a password or something before it connected to the wireless network. We didn't giver our wireless network any passwords or such. We had two or three that had issues connecting... so we are leaving them for the guy who is in charge of the wireless network to have a look at them.

I talked to a few students. Told two of them that it was my birthday. One hugged me, and the other one was just loud when he said happy birthday.

Posted two galleries of pictures. At first she wanted me to post 116 pics for one gallery. Not happening. Everyone else only get 25, but since she was who she was, I gave here 50 and in the end tossed in one more. One thing came out that. I got some pics of the botanical garden in Nevis. I brought some home, now my sister is asking me when we go to Nevis. Sometime this year... maybe for her birthday in March.

Came home to leftovers and some newly baked corn bread muffins. :) It's like 7 till midnight, and everyone who is here is asleep, an I'm just about ready to turn in.

My sister is taking me window shopping tomorrow, since I don't have to be at work until 2pm. But I still have to get up early.. I think she wants to cover some ground. :)

Well see ya.

PS...I'm not too old to get money for a birthday gift. :)

January 11, 2005

Yesterday Was A Boar Until 9pm

I didn't have a think to post about yesterday. I stayed in bed until I couldn't. Which was somewhere around 12, then I came out used the computer, then went back into bed at 2:30 for another 2 hours. Then everyone starting come back. I washed dishes, I did help cook, but not the stuff that got burned. :) It was just pasta mixed with cream of something again, and my sister defrosted some turkey burgers and mushed, yes mushed, them together with some spices and bbq sauce.

Then the kids went to bed with out much bother, but then Nika couldn't go or stay asleep. Her ear was hurting her, which made other parts hurt her, and she was up every 4-10 mins crying about some part of her. At 1am I called it quits with trying to put together this junk of a computer for this girl that I don't like, but I didn't think it was going to be this hard. I thought that it would be interesting, and I could learn a few things for when I install my new motherboard in like 3 months, but she wrecked it (them).

First she moved memory from one computer to the other, and the computer just died. I wasn't there so I don't know what caused it to die. She said that it worked for a while after she moved the memory over. So she has two "shells" of computers for me to take apart and put together to make a computer for her kids. She, with out unscrewing some parts, yanked out, yes, yanked out the motherboard from one of the computers. My sister had to un-bend some of the parts, and take out the cage that held the hard drives in the case. I feel like giving it back to her, but I haven't tried everything yet. So I'm still trying. She'll get it in a week. Maybe. :)

Anyway, as I'm packing up to go to bed, my sister more or less starts crying that she can't deal with Nika. She had an interview today and she hasn't had any sleep in the 3 hours she's been trying to get some. She wanted to send Nika to me, but anything during that night that she had sent her to me, she (Nika) always went back crying mommy. So I was just about to lay down in my bed after cleaning it off and turning off lights in the rest of the house, and locking up that I heard Nika outside of my door. She came.

So the next 3 and half hours, I was half awake on my side, waiting for her to cry, and push me off my little twin bed. So I got no sleep even though I was ready to sleep. She was slow in her crying which gave me a short lived home that she wasn't going to cry an just sleep since she was in my room. I had maybe 15 mins of her sleeping and snoring, then the crying started, and the rubbing of the ear. That went on for like 2 hours.. then she cried her way out of my bed asking for mommy. I made her understand that she can not cry when she went back to the mommy's bed. I said it twice in a set tone, and it worked. There wasn't a peep out of her for the rest of the night. But she didn't go to school today.

Today, we as myself, my sister, and Nika went to town to do a bit of light shopping after my sister came back from her interview. Which on the whole went ok, but she has to go back for a working interview, but it sounds like she did ok. We just had to drop off her resume on our way into town since she forgot to take it with her.

We went out shopping for some things, spent time doing something else, spent money on lunch, daggers (flip flops that don't flip) for my sister, and new wallet that I think won't last that long, and got some hash browns and TP for the house. Then I headed over to the nurse's house to help her with pictures and to install a program. I ended up helping her with a sound card problem. At least I learned something from that one.

I think that's it.

Oh, tomorrow, I got back to work and I turn 28. :(


January 10, 2005

Wet, A little late, but I Looked Good.

Today was registration day.

I was asked to be there for 10 even though registration didn't start until 11. I ended up getting there at 10:30. I left the house at 10:15, and the guy from work that saw me to give me a lift to work, drove on the slower slide, and then stopped for gas.

I spent most of the day working on my map of the campus. Then I had lunch that was provided by the school. Then Dr.S found me and I sent the rest of the day trying to make a slide show work for him. And during all of that, I reprinted ids for students who lost theirs, or one who got married, and one new teacher, and spouse.

When it came time to close down, I had to help a few students with printing the flash paper again. I added a page on how to print from flash paper along with why we chose to use it, but I know that as of yet, I don't think that anyone has read it.

I came home in the rain again, but I got Rick to give ma a lift. So I got away without having to pay a bus today for a ride. We closed up at 5 and I was home by 5:10 I think.

Thinking back now on what I did when I got home, I'm actually pressed to remember. But I'm starting to remember now. For most of the night I snacked since my sister didn't cook dinner. Then I think I tried to take a nap, or just laid down, but she came and got me to type up my cousin's resume. She said that she told him to come for it after 8pm. I finished it up before 8, but it was missing dates. Fine, I said, he will just have to add them in when he gets here before I print it out for him.

8pm came and went, but he didn't show. I didn't care. Most of the night I tried looking for Charmed to come on, but we never found it. Crossing Jordan was a dark one today, but it was a good ep. Twister showed three times, I still missed the start with the two sisters and the flying cow. I like the start of the more then the rest of it. I actually wanted the start of this session's Sureal Life on VH1. I want to avoid the rest of it, but I just know I'll be seeing more than I want of it.

My sister is getting her outfit ready for tomorrow. She has and interview. She even got new shoes for the gig. They look nice. It will be nice if she got a job, and helped out with paying for stuff for the house.

Nika starts school tomorrow, but it was hard getting her to go to sleep. We got her down by 10:30 I think. Then we watched a few trailers at quicktime.com. Found out that they did a movie on Bewitched. Nicole Kiddman is play Sam. It could work. Also there are three others I would like to watch. The one at the top of my list is Bride and Prejudice, next in line is Wedding Crashers. The last one is called The Upside To Anger. They say it’s a drama, but it had comedy in it. I like it.

Ok, I've stayed up too late waiting to see some Anime. Just as I gave up on seeing any from Adult swim and G4techtv, they show me SoulTaker on G4techtv. I don't like this one. I'm still waiting for them to finish R.O.D. tv. SoulTaker is from the middle of last year, and they showed all of it already. :(

Ok, I'm going to bed now. I may have to sneak back into school tomorrow. I some how didn't check my mail other the first time when I got in to work, so I missed three posts for the internal website. Granted it's stated that announcements have to be sent a week in advance of the event, but I was there today and I should have posted them, and two are for tomorrow, and one is for when I got back to work on Wednesday. I'll see if I make it to post them, or just send them to Collin to post for me.

Well I'm off. Need to sleep. Like I said… it's after 2am.


January 08, 2005

Still Alive.

Still here.

Just the toll of working day shift has stopped me from posting anything for this week.

I'll be back to blogging in two days or so. More or less I'm back to my normal work hours Sunday, 9th of January.

In short reflection of the past week, did work with out doing much and getting stuff done, and started a new project. My media center is up in the air because the location may be changing. The AV upgrade that we were having has snagged on power. Part of it got fried by low power that was over clocked. Odd considering the builders warned about it, yet didn’t use the precaution that they suggested.

And today, on my last Saturday off, I kinda helped my sister with a small over haul of the front yard. I didn't get to help as much as I wanted due to my back, and needing to go to work tomorrow, but it came out great. I just need to buy more gravel.

Today was a cold, windy and near sunset, wet day. I'm to afraid of the temp of the water to take a bath until tomorrow when I'm boiling some water for my bath and to wash my hair.

Carnival this year was great. I didn't see that much of it, and it's not back to what it use to be when I was a kid, but by all reports, it's the best in years. One of the guys in my department went jamming on last lap from like 10am until 1am. That's how some people stay in shape down here. Jamming... dancing and drinking to very loud local music that moves at 2 miles an hour. It's a roaming party.

Now I'm off to bed. I fell asleep in the couch at 11:20pm or so, and my sister woke me up. I said that I was going to bed, but had to use the bathroom, now I'm a little more awake so I decided to come and say that I was still here.

Now I'm saying good night.
See ya on the flip side.

January 05, 2005

I'm back....

Hi ya.

Ya I've been gone for a while. I needed sleep more than I needed to blog. *yawnnnnnnnnn.....*

I feel like heading to bed now, but if I don't blog now, I may not remember what I did.

Let's see. On Monday it was a holiday, and I worked, which reminds me I have to fill out an over time sheet. It was orientation day. New students came in groups, were walked around, but mostly talked about different stuff by different department heads and such. There are only two groups this semester. We had total like 58 or 62 students vet prep and 1st put together. Normally we have like 105. :)

They came in, they sat down, we showed them how to log into the computer, explained the stuff on the screen, told them where to find their school notes and how to get to their e-mail. They had questions we answered them. This is also when we get to see who have problems with their account and e-mail, and we fix them then and there.

The first set got a good run down of everything. The second group ran late. I was then sent upstairs to connect a staff member's computer. Got there, and it was already connect, she was even logged in. The only thing missing I soon found out, after I pulled myself over her moving boxes, is that she didn't have network cable plugged into the computer. After I did that, and making it look a bit nice, since I was pulling it from the ceiling on the other side of the room, I updated her OS , and scanned it. That took me over 30 mins I'm sure, and when I got back he was only half way with the second group. A little after I showed up, their "drivers" showed up asking if they were finished. They were being taken to King's Place for lunch. Lucky them.

Well we were done when they left, so we hung around for like 40 or so more mins then I closed up the LRC at 1:30pm. Nice half day. Since I finished up so early, I was of to the nurse's house. She had sent me an e-mail almost out of the blue asking me to come over and install some stuff. I say out of the blue because her first e-mail to me was as vague as it got. Most of the e-mail was, if you are coming over tomorrow, come before 2pm. That was for Sunday. I just looked at it for a few hours. Off and on of course. Then I thought that she had just sent me someone else’s e-mail. I then sent her an e-mail what was wrong that she needed to see incase she jumped over that little piece of information.

I wrote her back after 2pm on Sunday and let her know that I would call when I could make it over, since I had day shift all this week. Well since I was getting off so early today, I burned the few apps I remembered that I gave her, and looked for the stuff that I didn't have. When I called her and told her that I was coming over and I when I finally made it to the top of the hill to catch a bus, I got a lift from a friend and he actually took me up hill to where she lived, I just thought that he was on his way home, and I was on the way. Great for me :). But after I got out, I saw him turn around and go back down. Guess he wasn't going home after all and was just being nice, or thought that I had to future up the hill than I really had to go.

Well I got there to find another guy there working on her husband's computer. Looks like he was getting an upgrade. Well I installed the stuff, download one or two more that I didn't have on me and forgot about, then I spent most of my time working on a little problem that her new profile had. I'll spear you the details. :) I got it fixed about 30 mins after trying to fix it. I then left with $20, $10 in change, and some golden apples off her tree. I have one piece of software that I left to install for her. It's a mp3 splitter and joiner. It's to help her with her slide show making. :) I was going to go by today, but when I called her house, no one picked u, so it's tomorrow.

I'll see if I can get Tuesday in tonight before I go to bed. :)

See ya.

January 02, 2005

This What I have Been Surrounded By..

St. Kitts Carnival Picture Gallery

At at 4:30pm I was part of the mess... for where I was... kinda, check the j'ouvert 2004-2005 gallery.

Granted we didn't have a water dumped on us. We weren't part of the early crowd. :) It was abit tamer when I took Nika out to see the troops. I think the pics from today will be posted by Monday so do check back. :)

Other than that, I tried to stay in bed as long as I good. Then I was sent out with Nika, who's knees were pressed in my chest for most of the time out while I was holding her up to see the parade. We were out for about 4 hours.

Oh, one more thing happened today. I posted my wallpapers. I tried to upload the exe that I had made up for this month. But It was too big to be uploaded to either my wallpaper group at MSN, and the webspace that I got just incase. Oh well.

I'm chatting with a friend of mine in the US who so wants to live in the Caribbean, and I said hi to my older half sis in Canada who isn't having any fun.

Well see ya.