July 24, 2017

Long time no chat

Today was interesting. There was the downpour that I lived through better than I did the last one. Partly die to me going back inside and putting on my rain boots that look like they were military issued.

So I got here after enjoying the one thing that I miss about them, other than being able to keep my feet dry, the none slipping feeling as I walked on uneven surfaces. Which is just about every step I take.

So I decided to keep them on FI the first half of my shift, mostly to just see if I can, but to give me a grip on my walking for the busy part of my shift.

So I get here, and soaked from the waist down again. Thank goodness I went back for my boots. Well, I sent some time in the bathroom under the hand dryer to speed things along. Then i stopped off at Coldstone to see that guy who quit us because he was going back to school and couldn't keep two part time jobs.

So I was there just starting to talk to him when I felt my phone start to ring. I pick it up and it said that missed a call from work. The place just 5 feet from me. I told him that maybe they they changed my start time from 11:30 to 11 or thought I was suppose to be there then. So I went over and clocked in just I case they changed my schedule on me. They do, do that.

So it turned out that they had taken the day from me, then called to ask if I could come in for 12 today. I then told her that I was scheduled for 11:30 till 8 today. She said that would work.

How odd that all worked out. If I had known I was off, I might have been at the doctor's instead. I had an appointment and didn't realize until I got a reminder phone call Friday.

Ok. I have to eat now. Dinner/lunch just shows up. I had to get a beef burger today. They were out of veggi patties.


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July 21, 2017

Just realized

I'm covering a short 4-ish hour shift for someone Toda since I had a four day stretch of no work.

But after I agreed to take it, my sister then books me for a dentist appointment about 6 hours earlier.

The problem with that? Outside of never being there before and it was really hot out today again? Nothing other than I was given the wrong stop to get off at.

But that is all over now. My face is becoming my own again, an I stopped at Applebee's to get something to eat before work, since all i had Toda was a bowl of cereal before I left the house around 10am.

Now I'm gaining new revelations. One, I'm going to have to eat quickly to make it to work on time since I have already been sitting here for over 30 mins...oh look it's here now.

The second thing? I just realized that I lost my Applebee's gift card that I got for being employee of the month.

Oh well.


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July 16, 2017

Sunday Outing

We had a quarterly meeting today.

It was Hawaiian themed. I had some fun this time around. Maybe it's because I feel like I belong there more than I did last time.

Over all, we are doing well. Just two things to brush up on and now we have this new customer care push. I hope that means we get more people in the fitting room. Heck, I would just like more fitting rooms, but I know that can't happen.

Oh, the store look of Tommy's is changing this month. I'm holding off true judgment until it's finished.

I also handed in a list of things that needed to be fixed in the fitting room today. I started it on Wednesday, but I didn't finish it, then I found it when I went back to work two days later, just to lose it for good and had to start back over. When I typed it up last night, I included some suggestions but once I heard that they were also going to do some changes in the fitting rooms, I realized that they might not have been needed. I'll see.

After that, I went to the movies. I found out that the movie place that I thought was so expensive wasn't really. It's $6 until noon every day. So I decided to watch Wonder Woman. Until I got there. The meeting ended at 11 and the movie didn't start until 1:30 or so. So I had to pick something else. So I ended up watching the new Transformer movie. Prime was one of the redeeming qualities of the past movie that allowed me to watch them.

With him gone most of the movie, I saw a host of things I didn't like. What is the deal with Merlin? At one point, I expected them to stop the story and show this modern guy who's excuse for having Merlin speak that way, was because he didn't like what was already there. But now, it goes through. Then we had more, 'hip' and 'gangsta' like bots which just grate on my nerves.

I never liked how they had them 'adopting' bad human mannerisms from the get go. Prime was the only one who still showed any real dignity. So I wasn't that surprised when I fell asleep before he made it back to earth. That, and I was up early to get to work, I was hungry and the room was very cold.

Once the movie was over, about 2 hours later, I went to complain about my new $40 blue tooth ear buds not working right. But since I tossed the receipt, they couldn't give me back a refund. Not that I asked for one. I was hoping for some kind of explanation, heck, some sign of interest in what I was saying might have been enough. Well, with my defective and expensive ear buds, I made a few stops at a few stores. Two to see about new skirts. One about some shoes and the eye wear place to see how much my new insurance would cover for a new pair of glasses.

Then when I was leaving I saw that I had gotten a voice mail from work while I was in the movie. I played it but didn't call back since I couldn't go back to work to that day. One, I was hungry. Two, I wasn't dressed for work and I wasn't buying a new top to work hungry. Three, I had to do something for my sister. She had given me her card to buy stuff for the house and the cake she has to make tomorrow.

Once I got to the store, it was after 5. Then I spent about an hour there, if not more, as my sister added on to the first simple and short list she sent me. Then as I'm leaving the store, finally, my phone dies as I'm about to see who she sent to pick me up. We already agreed that she was going to get an Uber or Lyft to take me home since I was carrying 2 and half dozen eggs. 😁

Got home, heated up the food I made yesterday after we put up most of the food and then sat down to eat before she greased my hair. I washed it late last night.

That reminds me. Oddly. I had to take an Uber to work today. I got up and down to the bus stop in time today. But nothing showed. I waited as long as I could before calling for a car.

So now I'm on line at 11:10 pm because I go in to work for 3 pm tomorrow.

Well, numb feet and toes aside, I'm able to go up stairs better now. So one notch for me outside of the weight loss.

Oh, I got my pay card back a day or so ago. I still have to report my missing cards to the police. I half wish that when I do, they already have them in evidence waiting for me to claim thing, but I also know this is wishful thinking.

Ok, going now. Later. 

July 10, 2017

Oh yeah..

Just realized I lost my NJ none driving ID too. Have to see about getting a new one this week.

Also a Starbucks card. No clue how much money I had on it. Maybe a Dunking Donut card too. Amount also unknown. 😐

Got to go. Work is starting.

July 08, 2017

Friday... What about Friday?

1 - I woke up to my having my cycle.

2 - I got my umbrella for the rain, but I needed my boots.

3 - I stood in a downpour that belonged in India as I waited for over 30 mins for the bus to take me to work after I managed to get a veggie sandwich for breakfast and lunch.

3.5 - Half way through the downpour my umbrella started to leaked onto me and my shoes were soaked all the way through. Most of my skirt got wet too and I was cutting it close to making it on time. When I got to work, I didn't get too dry off, but my you couldn't tell that my shirt was wet and my skirt had dried enough that no one said anything about and my shoes escaped notice.

4 - Wore my hand brace during work because my hand/arm was acting up.

5 - My boss was not happy when he found me not having the girl I work with helping me with the doors. But honestly, it wasn't something I could have prevented other than telling on her. I have asked her in the past to help with the doors. Anyone that has been in there I have asked to help me.

I won't get into details since this is partly security for the store, but when I have asked her, and I have asked her more than once and more than twice, she has said that she is too busy to help me. She has to fold. And I get that, so I try not to ask too often, but she wouldn't help so I stopped asking. When anyone else is there, they help when I ask.

5.5 - My boss heard over the walkie that the line was long for the fitting room and threatened me, mostly me, with what would happen if he came out there and I wasn't doing every single thing that he wanted, including having the girl help.

My problem is, he doesn't do what he wants me to do. He wants... I caught myself there. I have to do, about 5 things at the same time, while he mostly does 2 when he shows up and then grins as if to say that is how it's done, or questions why I'm not faster. I could be faster if I didn't have to do a few things, but I have reworked how I did one or two things to try and make the turn around faster, but I still have to do all the things that he wants me to do.

I see the reason for what he wants me to, I do get it, but to move the line along and have it look on the outside that we are 'working' most of the other people that work in the fitting room don't do everything I do. So much so, that a return customer asked if something had changed since he didn't see the other person do what I did.

6 - The only good uptick, is that my boss talked later when stopped to bag some trash that he had asked me to get someone to remove. I told him that I told the person and that they were coming after they took care of something else. He said that he would do it himself, and he ended up breaking the bag and making a mess and we ended up having a decent laugh and I got to ask him about doing something to fix a few physical things in the fitting room. He told me to talk to Robin since she was mostly in charge of that.

In that vain, the girl started to help now. Reluctantly, but at least she can't blame me for any of it. She knew. I told her. She was the one that refused to help.

7 - I was just told, over the walkie that it was time for me to leave. But I was helping a girl into a room and I was thinking that I had to find out who was going to come take over since no one had shown up yet. I was about to bend to pick up something when she closed the door on my finger. I remember looking at my finger as the hinge closed in on it. I screamed. The girl came back out and I remember her, but I can't recall what she said. I was just absorbed in the pain. I felt other people around me, as I held my finger and tried not to cry as I just processed the pain. I only moved when I heard someone say that I should put something cold on it. So I went into the back and tried to find something in the freezer. There was nothing, so I bent in half and laid my head on the fridge as now actively fought crying from the pain.

Outside of Robin and Joice, I don't know who else was there. Robin asked me a question and when I stayed quite, Joice told her that I couldn't talk yet and she was right. Somehow she got me cold, kinda, bottle of water. I don't know the order, but around that time I told Robin what happened. I was proud that I held it in and didn't cry at all.

I was asked by someone when my shift ended, it might have been my boss or Robin. I don't know. They asked if I wanted to go to the hospital. I tried to move my finger and it moved without pain, so I said no, it's moving. I was fine. Joice then said the same thing. If I could move it, it wasn't broken.

So I went back out signed back in my key and before I could leave, I the lady was leaving the fitting room and said she was sorry again and asked how it was. I half lied. I said I was fine, but I think I also said that it might change colours later.

I checked back in my walkie and then left. Oh, the finger injury is on my hand with the brace. Yes, my hand the finger still hurt.

8 - I get off the bus over an hour later by Rite Aid because my sister called me to let me know that she got her payday wrong and couldn't order 'feminine' products for me so I had to go and get them myself. Fine. I half wanted to go anyway to get some more body soap.

I got a few extra things but couldn't pay for any of it. My stack of cards was gone. I had like a money clip of my cards. After turning over my bag three times and checking my pockets, I realized I lost my pay card from work on the bus. How do I know what? The extra bottle of water that I had used as a cold press wasn't sitting well in my bag and it fell out of my bag. It hit the girl in front of me and I asked if I could have it back and didn't look down to see if anything had fallen out. Of course, now it's like 'how could I have not looked', but between feeling bad from my crushed finger, and what my cycle was doing to me and holding on to the new umbrella and plunger that I bought in Bed, Bath & Beyound I didn't think to look for anything else.

8.5 - That lead to me first fuming to my sister that this is one of the worst days of my life. I then stood for almost an hour for the next 24 bus to show up. She almost didn't stop for me. And since it was so full, I put off asking her about being able to contact the other bus that might have been in front of her. But just as I was about to ask her once the bus was nearing empty, the B version of the bus showed up along side and I asked her if I could get on that one. They had different end points. She called the bus ahead of her and had her wait for me. Which turned out to be perfect timing since she turned away from the bus I was on a block later.

I thought that was good luck for me, now I just hoped that I was able to find the depot or garage at the end and that the driver found them and turned them into lost and found. But the last stop was a just stop on the street and the driver didn't have a way of knowing who the last B bus driver was or how to find out or how to contact them. She gave me a number, to the bus company, they were a subcontractor that worked for NJ Transit. Great.

No one answered. It was after 9 pm now. So that was it. My health insurance card was gone that I just got last week. My pay card was gone. My metro card was gone with about $12 if not $16 on it.  My employee discount card is gone. My Plenti card for Rite Aid is gone along with at least two single zone bus tickets with transfers, and two or so other things that I hope aren't that important since I don't remember what they are.

At least I had called up my card and froze my account, in hopes of getting back my card. But now that I mostly convinced that it was gone, I knew I had to call and officially report it missing and get a new one.

9 - So now I'm in Orange and had to get home. Fortunately, A bus showed up that said it was going to Penn Station. Then I waited 25 mins for the 39 bus to take me home. Then I walked down hill after 10 pm for about 6 blocks to get home while carrying the new items I had in the big bag, my hand in a brace, throbbing finger and pain meds wearing off. Then I had to contend with making it to the bathroom before I wet myself. I made it after rushing up the stairs with legs/knees that I'm teaching how to go up and down stairs again with the pain that I can't seem to get away from yet.

10 - I sat on my bed with half melted ice cream, because the plug felt out for the freezer and one of the cones that I had gotten from Cold Stone the day before. Then I cracked open a big can of party nuts that I had gotten at B.B. & B. also. I heard my iPad pinging off and decided to look at it like 5 mins later.

I then read something that put a smile on my face and that is what I will leave you with.

"you once asked me, in 2014 


But what is it for btw? 

My stories?
My fractals? 
My photos? 

Or something else with my name on it?"

and i just wanna tell you
that although its been 3 long and hard years, that through all 3 your art has just continued to get better and better. I can tell that you dont really visit this site so often anymore, but every single thing that you've ,made has a certain quality to it. Every piece of art in your gallery has contained beauty, every piece of art, every story, and every photo. you dont get the recognition you deserve at all and im just here to tell you that you definitely deserve it. your art is amazing.

a brown kid?"

July 05, 2017


It seems like my neighborhood got renamed. But I do live 9 blocks away. Just finished the laundry. Heading home now to cook.


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July 03, 2017

10 hour shift?

Hey. Got off work at 8pm not that long ago. I got in at 10 am this morning.

I knew that my hours had been extended since last week, but I was never told until when, so by the time I got my answer, it was time for me to go home.

I hung around for about 10 mins more so I could help with the last of the line and let the other girl finish sweeping and checking the empty rooms. 😊

I then took my tired feet first to the mall bathroom and then the water fountain to fill my bottle before getting some things at Bath & Body Works.

Later my bus is here.

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July 02, 2017

Maybe my feet do swell

I know, bad subject line.

But I was thinking today that I may have unknowingly lied to the doc when she asked if my feet/toes are swollen when the numbness in my toes feel worst.

But I'm not convinced either way. I'm not a skinny person. I have always had 'give' and I don't look any different, but I'm questioning everything as I feel this bad stuffed and pained feeling in my toes when I wake up.

Well, my sister is dragging me out of the house today when I wanted to stay in and rest up my legs without meds. Yes, I like to detox on my days off.


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I saw this when left for work

Do you know what this is??

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