December 31, 2009

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Happy New Year.

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my new years eve dinner. :)

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"We are the sure fire winners!" I have my phone back. I forgot it at s friends house yesterday. I hated myself for that. I had no way to tell time. :(
I'm at the bus stop now. Ya I was out late, but I didn't get his house until after 8.

December 22, 2009

Ended up having to get the 10:45pm show of Avatar at 62 St. So I'll be here for a while. I should have come here first, but no, I had to try and see the 3D one down on 23rd St, to just find out that all the shows had been sold out.

I then had to walk about 9 or 10 long cold snow covered NY city blocks to use my transfer to get the bus up to 62 st. I even had to run the last block to catch the bus and I got on a bus who's stop was another 5 blocks past my stop.

So I had to go walk my butt back down all those blocks after I started to get warm. I wasn't warm yet, just getting there. At least it was along the short sides of the blocks. Then when I got there I had a little surprise.

They had two kinds of the Avatar movie showing. They had the 3D that I thought was only showing at 23rd and the normal one. Fine I said. I'll try and watch the 3D one. I walked up, gave the person my card and asked for a ticket for the 3D one. Then she asked me for $3. I looked at her. Then told her, "Oh no, I don't need the glasses I brought my own." "no" she tells me. You still have to pay the $3. Great. Fine. A ticket for the normal movie then. Which started at 10:45pm. I think it was only 8pm at the time, so I was in for a long wait.

I didn't the line for my movie, but while I was waiting, I saw a few people who came and got tickets for the normal Avatar movie, and when I was finally seated in side I saw the place full up quickly.

It was nice movie. I know. I'm not raving. I blame it on all the plotting I've done for my stories. It is a good movie, and you should go see it if you like anything SciFi, but I know how it would play out after they gave me bits along the way. It reminded me too much of the world when it was being colonized.

When it was all said and done, I was on my way home at 2 something in the morning. I walked over to the 59th St station and took the 4 train all the way home.

December 20, 2009

Chapter 51

Well my chapter is up.

I just haven't gotten a notice saying so. They said to give it 30 mins, but it's been hours. I don't know what gives, but at least it is there. I checked to make sure.

Well we have snow today. I had to go out to get something from the doctor for my mom. She sounds bad, but says that it's just her allergies that are acting up now for some reason.

I finished reading a gay story that I found over at It's called "Sweet Southern Comfort". It was long, but a very, very good read, and it threw in a crime. I think I like it because it has muliti-POV's and I think it reads like how I write.

I've picked up my current chapter, and I have been working on for most of the night in between reading a new chapter for another story that was updated and I did get the notice for. :) I would have gotten one page done if I wasn't reading or working on my niece's computer which froze on me a number of times. I ran spybot at start up and that seemed to have caught what was taking up all the memory, but I ran TuneUp and did a few of it's programs before running my AV at boot up. It's doing it now. Its moved 15% in 20 mins. :) The first 30% always takes forever then it will just fly by the rest of it in less than half the time.

I keep checking the mail for stuff from you, when it hit me to just write. :)

So what are you up to?

Tomorrow I'm going to trudge out into what is left of the snow storm to get a new winter coat and maybe a cheep $10 wig. I may just buy a tub of straight while I'm at it since my hair does need to be done.

Well back to my chapter. :) I'm happy I'm working on it now, and I want to get some where with it and get that closer to the end.

Well, see ya. :)

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December 18, 2009

FW: TodaY

I found this when I got to school at 3:25 this afternoon, and they were still closed. I had to waite 20 mins before someone showed up. At least they let me stay until after 6.

I have a Question for you...

What are you having for Christmas dinner? My sister is asking what I want and the only thing I could think to ask for was stuffing, but she asked for more.

December 17, 2009

Almost over

... I'm off for my construction methods and materials exam.

It's the first of three exams and the only one I'm really worried about. I'm staying after to draw, and just worry about that until Tuesday which is my last class.

I'm out out of here.

December 14, 2009

I have once again been kicked out of my school because it was closing time. I managed to get to my latest goal point for this drawing. I j

December 13, 2009

Is it just me?

Do I have the only mother that cheers for the person to loose all the money on Deal or No Deal?

I am actually doing my math home work now.


I was kicked out the door to do to errands and did one of my own while I was out there. I was in thick layers too... so I cut down how much of me chilled, but my cheeks still didn't have much of a shot.

The first trip was to the church for my mom. She had left stuff at home and I was sent out to get them to her. One the way back I went to the bank to do something that I should have done on Thursday, but I stayed to long at school and then it was too cold to go where I should have. Honestly I forgot about the one here EasterParkway.

Then after I had my lovely dill chips I was sent on a hunt for Tridadian food. Roiti, Palorie, and doubles. I had to take two buses and then had to walk from one branch to the other because the first one sold out of doubles. I was told that I got to keep what change came back. I don't know what I was expecting, but I was looking for more than $3. So I spent two of them on some sweet bread stuffed with some sweetened red coconut.

Mom came home, and asked who the rest of the stuff was for, and I told her I have no clue. I asked for some of the palorie and didn't know how the rest of it went. So I heard her asking, and next thing I know, I see her coming into the room and handing me a double. Five mins after I ate it one of my sister came looking for it (them) and was upset that mom ate them. I told them that I heard mom asking. They said that they heard something else.

Guess they have to go and get their own another day. :)

I'm still wearing my sweats that I had under my skirt still. I seem to have lost my core heat and there is very slight draft in the bedroom.

Ok... Sleep well. :) I'm going to see about posting this next chapter before I go to bed. :)

See ya.

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December 11, 2009

This was a semi-bad Friday

I was suppose to go to school and do some more drawing. I bearly got anything done because I found a mistake and took way too long to fix it. But I've made up my mind to go in early on Monday and start drawing before my first class, during my break of my first class, and maybe, maybe I skip lunch and draw some more. But I think that since I came in early, I would have earned the right to eat something for the day.

Then I'll be there all through my drawing class and then afterwords for at least 3 hours.

That shouldn't be the other think I should be stressing out over, but for now I'm going to stop, because I already have a plan, and stressing just makes me sick and when I'm sick I can't do anything.

I cleaned up a bit of the kitchen. I washed dishes, I labeled, printed labels, bagged and re bagged baked goods and counted everything.

It seems that there is no new ep of StarGate Universe. There was one for Sanctuary, but not SG-U. Oh well. I feel like going in to bed now I can wake up and do my math if not study for this other class, but my mom has her Christian music going and loudly so. I don't really mind her playing her music. Yes her music. It's just that it's louder than the tv when it's on. It's the volume I have the most issue with. She doesn't get it.

Well, I don't feel like braving the room to get my stuff to study, so I'll work on the next chapter to post for Inuyasha. As you saw from the post before I came up with a very short something for DeathNote. It's not really yaoi, but it is about L and Light, but Light doesn't even know that he's in this story. :)

What does someone have to do to get a review I wonder. *shaking my head*....

Well I'll see what I can do.

Oh, this is kinda news worthy. I'm on Face Book now. I have fought being added to that thing, but I was finally dragged in a week or so ago by a long time friend from over in Pakistan.

I think I may just post some pictures in stead. I have barely touched them since I started school. But I'm sure that is due to the fact that I've barely taken any since I started school.

Well night. :)

Well I posted it.

It's been up since like 4am this morning.


It's seems to have been received well....but once again no reviews yet.

42 visits, and I think it kinda made people, some people, go looking at my other DeathNote story and maybe some of my other stories.
I'm sure they were disappointed with the first DeathNote story. I'm going to have to get a real yaoi story for that story. :)

Oh well.... off to pack baked goods. :)
See ya around.

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December 06, 2009

Last Night

My little outing wasn't what I expected, but it was fun in a odd way.

We were 30 mins later because one person didn't show up and didn't call so we waited for them until we said they weren't coming and moved on without them. That left must of us standing in the cold, under dressed in 36 degree weather with snow and rain falling. I need a tripod and better cam. *shaking head*... not that I even tried to take the shot. I was keeping my hands in my pockets and in my gloves to keep warm. I knew it wouldn't work, so I didn't even waste my body heat at trying to get a good shot.

My two friends showed up and one of them bought their younger brother. Amazingly he seemed to be enjoying himself. We walked around for abit and then went to the 'stain glass hands on' thing that we picked over watching "Hard Day's Night" because of the conflicting times. I had to apologize to my friends when we got there. We were surrounded by kids. Toddlers! I was just happy that we weren't the only single adults that showed up expecting a bit more. *shaking head once again*

We stuck coloured tissue paper onto plastic sheets with stick glue. Ya, they said stained glass light catchers. But we were there so we made what we could and had a decent time at it.

Well now we had time until we went dancing. We had seen them setting up the stage, but one had to leave because she couldn't stay out late with her brother and the other friend had work and needed to work on her drawing. So I wasn't going to dance by myself so I left too.

It was a degree colder and most of the strong winds had died down, and the snow was no longer falling but a few rain drops still hung around. I came home, freezing all along the way, and made a nice hot meal that my body needed. I fried up some  left over rice and tossed in some eggs and green beans. Everyone smelt my food but only my mom ate was was left on my plate. It's a good thing that I was finished.

I the stayed up reading a story that lied. It said that it was 2 chapters long, but I failed to look at the word count or I would have seen that it was two really, really long chapters at least. But I didn't. So I started to read it before looking over at the scroll bar and saw that I didn't have a bar at all. I had a shrunken  square. Then I read on and I saw that the first chapter was actually in chapters itself. I'm now about halfway down the page and I now see the words "Chapter 5". I then stopped.

I started to think that if I was willing to read this long thing I should work on my own chapter. So I went, got my story, read my next chapter, and fought with the formatting when I moved it to it's own file. I write 3 chapters to a file, but when I get ready to post them, each chapter get's it's own file.

Well I went to sleep around 5 am I think, and now I'm up and soon it will be 1pm. I have to do more than just think about my math homework.

Sooo... I guess I'm off.

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December 04, 2009

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Almost there. Three more doors then I can start lettering before going home, if they don't kick me out first. ;)

FW: My night

I'm at school now doing this. I've made good progress since my class ended at 6. I'm here til 8:30 then I'll stop by Pat before heading home.