December 24, 2010

FW: Math Death

The dark day of my exam week.

You can now scrape me off of the floor so I can take this class again. I didn't have a clue about the first problem that was on the exam. Nothing. I had no clue how to limit the elongation of a rod carrying a load of 35 kips. None. I'm sure it was in the class I missed when I was out sick. :( at least the rest of the week will be easy. That pic is a wall outside of my computer class. Later.

FW: Monday

This one is from the start of the week. I'm trying to keep them in some kind of order.

I have one more after this.

Message body Finished my first exam in less than an hour. :). I got my lactose pills and I'm feeling hopeful for the rest of the week. :). I'm half hoping that my beta is done with the one shot I sent her so I can post it tonight at DA & :) but I think that I'm asking for too much since I sent it to her this morning at like 3am. I'm still happy. I so aced it. :)

FW: Last Thursday

This post is from last week. The sixteenth I believe. I knew when I looked at my blog that something was off. I wish that I had caught this earlier so that this last week of blogs would have ended up in order or better yet closer to the real time/day that they were first posted.

Message body Now I'm not upset with myself for leaving the house later than I would liked. I bumped into one of my good teachers on the S train. ms. yearwood. She recognized my right off. I didn't have a clue. At first I thought I knew her from when I use to go to church. Then she started talking about school and grouped me with Hayden. Then she told me her name. She looks great. She could pass for 30 something easy. Later.

FW: What Happened Thursday

Well I got a B in my intro to design class. :). So the tally is two A's and on B with 'math' being an unknown. We had a little one on one with this last class then I went to get some bath soap. My friend Hayden said that we be hanging out now that we both are on break. :). Now to cause some damage and post some of my stories. :) night.

The Last Three Post...

For some reason, my blogs from my phone weren't being posted. The three that you see below this one were first sent on Wednesday night starting around 6:33pm or so until just after 8pm.

The next one I'm going to post is from yesterday, Thursday.

I tried to change the time spams, but something showed up in the html code and I got error banners, so I decided not to mess with it and hope that the phone blogging thing is fixed by the time my b-day comes around on the 12th.

Yep. There went another year.

FW: End Of The Day

Message body I Have Twilzzers! :) that is what started my meger shopping spree tonight. :). I got my milk too. :). Now I go home. Tomorrow I'll have to really leave early so I can do my thing for Into to Design since I ended upp going on a Galaxy Tab hunt. :) my shadow and a view from Target.

FW: Tab 3

Message body Ok, Verision's deal. Flat price of $599+taxes. You do not get a payment plan from them for that. Then there is their web plans. No unlimited. They have a number of the other kind. From $20 or so at the lowest up to $80. I remembered that number. :) i do not have a pic because they were fixing an outlet next to it and I didn't want to get in their way. So I'm in Atlantic Mall and I'm going to get some soy milk from Target. :) Later.Window dispay for Daffy's.

FW: Tab 2

Message body :) T-mobel is much better in their pricing. $399 with a $50 mail in rebaate to bring the price down some more. When you open an account with them you can pay it off in chunks. :) they have an unlimited plan for $40 and it comes with 16gigs of space. I like them right now. Cool hah?

FW: Tab

Message body Man my hads are big. :) well I've checked out the Galaxy Tab. It's not bad. Smaller than I expected. Something I'm sure Apple is happy about. Like most new little things it's cute and face. The small hitch is the price. Buy it from a store and you will pay about $630 for it. I'll go as T-mobel and see how much they are selling there's for. Well you pay for it out right. Since you can use it over wi-fi you don't need a carrier. But if you need to because you are out and about with it, then you pay who you want for mobel acces to the net. That price will depend on who you get it from. At&t does not have an unlimited plan for this. Ok. Off I go. :) oh, computer exam was good. I got an A. :)

December 20, 2010

Trillian and Meebo


I'm blogging about software today.

I was cleaning out part of the computer and I came across a piece of software that I hadn't used in ages. I loved it. It saved me from having more than two IMs running on my computer back when we had windows 2000 and the early days of XP.

That software is named Trillian. They have a new site now. I'm pretty darn sure that they didn't have a .im site when I first saw them. In fact this is the first time I'm even seeing it. Before I get too far, here is the address.

Now that I found it and saw how much they expanded, I felt like sharing the link. I went over to my list of 'must have software' and I remembered how I had a slight issue with it when my msn friends would do very msn things and I wouldn't understand on my end or nothing would happen. I think this would have been fixed by now, but I haven't downloaded it to be sure. Heck, I don't even remember what my password is anymore. :) Never mind my user name. I had a hard enough of a time keeping my ICQ number.

I have an ICQ number, I have an AIM account through netscape, I have a yahoo account. I had two really, but somone stole my most used one at the time, so now I'm back to using the one I had forsaken every now and again. I also have my hotmail account.

I was going to post the link to Trillian in 'interesting links' but I wasn't sure how many of you would consider it all that interesting. So I opted to doing a post, like I use to do all those years ago when I had software I wanted to tell other people about. :)

So I start the title for this post and it hits me. It does the same thing that Meboo does. And I'm currently using Meboo to log into a number of places and talk to my friends. Which I will be doing more now that I'm in my last week of school and having exams all this week. :)

Ok, back to the software. Now, Meebo had one distinction from Trillian. Trillian is an IM program that groups your ably to talk on a number of different IM at one time. Meebo does the same thing, but from a website, unless you are on some sort of mobile device.

Oh, here is the link to Meebo.

Ok, so, Meebo you don't download and with Trillian you do. Both have their good points. Which has the most good points? That all depends on you. I think I'll go check out Trillian and show how they have changed. :)

And if you are left chatting across a number of networks at one time you might to check them out too. :)


December 17, 2010

Adam Lambert - Vanity

I had to share. Yes I like him, but I'm not one his loony fans that scream constantly.

This was interesting and funny and almost true. :)


December 16, 2010

It's freaking cold!

Unreal. Feels like 8. :(


This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

I Am Not Happy With Myself

A few months ago I had some time on my hands and cleaned up stories folders on both computers. I had this very, very small felling that something was off, but I didn't realize what it was until about 2 hours ago.

I deleted Love's Loves from my computer. The pdf version and the .doc version. Lucky for me I shared. I went and downloaded it, then looked for a site/software that could change the pdf into some form of editable document. I found this place I think. I chose to have it changed into rtf since I'm fast at editing, but I wanted the words to be as unmessed up as possible.

So I've just looked up and saw that it's 5:41am. I was planning on going to school early. I kinda need to really. But I also know that I should make myself blog abit before going to sleep.

Let's see.

On Monday I had no class because the teacher wasn't going to be in town. That is why three out of the last 4 saturdays I've had a make up class including this past saturday. On Sunday night my sister made some custard. She didn't like it, but I ate it since I like custard and I hadn't had any in ages. I knew to take my pill. I saw the amount of cow milk she used. But that didn't save me. From the time I woke up Monday morning until Tuesday night I was fighting off throwing up. I went to the bathroom about 6 times. When I tried to eat something late Tuesday afternoon, I had to fight really hard not to throw up and instead had to take a bath, and wipe down the chair I was sitting in and the floor around it.

No where near a decent picture never mind a pretty one.

So once that happened I wasn't go school. And what class did I have Tuesday? 'Math'. It's not really math, but it's easier for me to call it that. So Some where around 9pm I tired to eat something again. Besides that last try back in the kitchen, I hadn't eaten anything since the Sunday night.

I had ginger spread on some bread. Oh, I had gotten my sister to get some of the pink liquid stuff. I had taken some before my little accident in the kitchen, and I had taken some since then so I thought it was worth a shot. Lucky me it worked. I was laying on my new bed.

I had sent a text to my friend at school telling her that I wasn't going to make it and if she could get me notes from class and tell the teacher that I was out sick.

So today I woke up fine. I was told that the supper was coming by to paint the bathroom. He was in there last week doing a very bad speckle job, so I stayed in my room and fell back asleep. But before I did, I set my alarm and 10 mins before it went off, my mom came home and the super came in the door to the apt waking me up. Great. Just great.

So I get had to use the bathroom later then I would have liked, with pant smells clinging to me as I leave the about 30 mins late.

Lucky, I got most of what was said in class and was further along than most of the students. I'm just having issues with XREF. If you don't know, you don't need to know. So after that I tired to look for my friend to ask for the notes, but I didn't see her. I told a guy she knew that if he saw her, tell her that I was going to get something to eat.

Now you may have heard that we are like shaking in our boots, this north on the east coast right now and it's true. They tell it's it's officially 20 degrees out, but it will feel like 8. Great. Just great. So I'm in my three shirts, and three pants one being pj's with my coat, and hat that borrowed from my mom and I go to get a fish sandwich with real onion rings. But their fryer is up right now. Great. So I think of where to go. I change my mind once I think and ended up at this place where the heat is coming at you through the food and the glass. I get what I picked back to school and it's just warm.

I only walked 2 and a half blocks.

Well I got to hand in my math work to the teacher since he was there teaching another class. He explained where I messed up on a quiz I thought I had Aced. That should have been my first clue. I don't Ace anything. I messed myself up when I did, I was going fine until one part then anything that needed that information was wrong.

So I tried to make sense of the notes and stopped a few pages in and just xroxed it.

Today I'm going in early to get someone else's notes and maybe working on some of my home work. Then I have to draw up something for my intro to design class. If I wasn't sick I might have done something on Monday. I was planing on some school work that day.

Now tonight I came home a little early, met a lady from upstairs on the S train and gave her the seat next to me. We walked home together, and complained about the weather. I rocked out a few songs until my mom left for work. Then I decided to put a cover on my pdf of Love's Love and to my dismay and over an hour of looking, I couldn't find it.

Now I've blogged and I can crash for a few hours until I drag myself through this cold, cold snap. Heck if it did snap it would break into more than two pieces.

Now if you think I'm going to read this over, you are very mistaken.

Night, I'm out of here.

December 06, 2010

It's freaking cold!

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

November 26, 2010

Now heading back home. The laptops were gone, got ink, a usb hub and gift card for the next time we need ink instead. I then fot back some ganola cerial to replace the one I ate most of. :). I was suprised to see a lit sky when I came out of target. So many tv's were bought today. I think I only saw one as small as 32". :) I think the bigest was 48" coming out of taget. There were a few of those. Later.

I am now inside the building. Not the store, the building. :)

That will have to do. My first Black Friday line. It's for Bestbuy.

November 24, 2010

I hate them. I offically hate them.

My little victory shout was them paying possum. 

I go to check my yahoo mail, that my bank uses and I sees a notice telling me that I'm under a certain amount. I set that little alarm bell so I would know when to stop spending when I used this account more. 

Either which way. I wondered how could that be? I had almost $2oo the other day. If I was anywhere, it was just under $100, so I go over and check and for a while I though that all my little buys and getting one to many cash backs is what did me in, then I looked further down to make sure and I see the $87.13. It was taken out on the 22nd. 

I bet you, I bet you, that happened because they realized that they charged me too early and pulled it back until it was time to 'legally' charge me. But it still won't work. Unless that teller lied in the report she sent them, it will be on record that I called in time to push my trial time up and that I canceled it too. 

I don't care it's thanks giving in two days. I'm calling Chase and starting this thing later this morning when they are open. I will have my money back my Christmas. 

Thieves and liars.  :(

November 23, 2010

I'm not dead. I'm treading water. I'm a C student. Let's see if I can find something to help me pull myself up to a B. :)

November 20, 2010

I Won! I Won!

I still have my money. 

I just got home from being out and I just ate my nice lamb and rice dinner with my side of China town sweets and I remembered to go check my bank account and the numbers didn't seem right. So I checked and checked and read and got my calculator out and in the end I realize that I spent a little more than I expected while I was out and that I had retained my $87.13 that those people were trying to get from me on Friday. 

YEAH! I Did It! Yes! I fought and won. *grinning like mad* 

That just made my day. 

I have pics, I got to where I had to me more on time than I thought I would even though I took the wrong train. I saw some interesting things, got some good food, got to hang out with a few friends saw a pretty ring that I may get for my friend if she ever answers my text.

It's not the kind of ring you are thinking about. It's not a small shiny thing. I like it. It's a nice black metal with two levels of petals with green stones in it. I have a pic of it on my phone. If she says she likes it, I'll go back and get it from here. I found it on Canal Street. It's going to cost $12, but it's ok. Next year we may not be in touch anymore. 

I'm thinking of really getting one for myself and I don't wear jewelry. :) 

A New York thing. I'm sitting in a store in China Town and look who is outside buying bean spruts. :)

I was there for an hour. Not bad. Will post pics later. :)

November 19, 2010

I Have Been Lied To, And Cheated!

I'm not talking about a guy, I'm talking about a web site. 

I'm talking about A news article that I read.

I was told one thing. Never got my sample, got charged for a second amount of the product within 7 days of ordering the sample, that I have yet to get.

I found a charge on my bank statement for $87.13 last night. One that they implemented, after I was no longer able to contact them over the phone. 

I tracked down their terms of agreement and I found that the free sample trial time is about 10 days and two days before the end of the trail they would charge me for the next month's supply once they weren't contacted with in the trial time to cancel. But if I didn't get the first sample I can extend my trial time. 

I tried to do both. I never got the sample. I wanted my trail time pushed up accordingly, and in doing so not be charged the money. Once that was in place I wanted to cancel my 'subscription'. That doesn't seem like a lot to ask fore since they said that is how it was to be done in their own terms of agreement right?

Wrong. It took me 35 mins to get the lady on the other end to understand this and cancel it. And even so, I still had to fill out the informatory on line to cancel it myself. Then I read the terms and agreement that came with that. It said that my account will no longer be charged and that my sample will be free, but they are keeping the money for the other pills that I didn't not want or ask for and have every right not to pay for. 

As I think of it now, I shouldn't have signed it. But I wanted them out of my account. I didn't want to see more money going in their direction. I am within my legal right not to pay for that, and I'll fight it. 

I've notified my bank since last night. They will have a record of this. I am contesting this. No one is going to steal $87 from me. 

I'm not the only one. This is why I was careful about buying stuff on line. I question even if the news article I saw was real at this point. 

Here is someone else.

November 18, 2010

The current me to you all. I'm time stamping. The of the 10th week and I'm still very much still in one happy piece. :) Now I go home.

November 17, 2010

November 15, 2010

I am out! One exam down and two to go along with a drawing to turn in.

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

November 11, 2010

Once again the sun tries to meet me before I meet the sandman. Yesterday I made myself go to sleep because I had a 3pm class. I stayed till 9 doing my into to design homework. But I'm not done. I'm going in early to work on it along with math homework before my class at 6. I actually thought about just saying up, but I know I'll start to crash when I should be heading in to school. oh yes you lucky dogs. I do not get the day off like some people. I have school. Well now I'm yawning. I'll do a propper post in a few days, I'm reading over my current story and I just reached chapter 14 of a 32 with each chapter being no less than 4 pages long. Most are 7. Well, good day to you all. :)

November 04, 2010

My day was mostly ok. So I woke up in bumps and itching. My room was clean, I had my clothes laid out for the day. The lady fron Healthfirst couldn't make it so I didn't have to get up for that and she's coming tomorrow at a later time so I still don't have to wake up early. So I wasn't as early as I would have liked to school. In the end I got what I wanted drawn and handed in. Where did myday go so bad that I'm spending $15 for goog asian food? The teacher said to do it again. I have to m:e it pretty. Well he said something else and since I still can't spell such a simple word I won't try away from a spell checker. So now I have to figuer out haow to make what I have look good. Appeling. Maybe if I had a clue how to do that I wouldn't feel so bad. My head just hurts and to think I was thinking of doingmath, not till tomorrow at the earliest now. Later

November 03, 2010

Once the state hall, but now the city hall of Brooklyn. :) besides one little thing, to be debated on later, today was a good day for me so far. Classes are over but I'm staying at school to get some work done. Bug me if you want to. :)

October 29, 2010

Part of my day as told to a friend.

My day didn't start out that well. I seemed to have picked the worst moment to go to the subway. I don't carry cash with me, I use my debit card to pay for most of my things including my metro card. I walk up to my subway stop later than I wanted, and the card machine says "cash only". I hang my head, walk back the way I came for about a block to another subway to use their machines. My card got rejected 4 times before they all started saying "cash only". Great. I had to go to the bank now.

Now it's 30 mins later. Now I have to walk a city block and cross 5 lanes to get to the bank then walk back. Now during all this my throat is burning because I took some pills well after I ate breakfast. That lasts until I was in school for 30 mins.

I was trying to go to school early because I didn't do the last page of my homework. So when I got to school 10 before 6, I went right to the library and drew until about 20 or so past 6. Class started at 6:15. Then what does he do after talking too much again. He tells us to start again.


I'm just giving what I have more detail and space them better.

Have you seen Black Butler?

October 28, 2010

I clased down the school today. :) the first time in along time but atleast it wasn't was me today. My even asked I was going to get myself locked in again. :) Now I've missed my bus and have until half pass for the next one.

October 26, 2010

We have fog. I never really saw fog until I got here. It's odd and kinda nice and ofcourse kinda creepy if you think about it to long. Even if it turned one of my homework problems on it's ear. Now I'm home. I had smooth connections for all my trains and buses today. Over all a good day even if we had a "quiz". :)

October 25, 2010

Whoe who! It worked out. A cab driver going home game me a ride home. Now I don't hate the bus driver. :) Fickle, I know.

Stupid bus! I was there, he was there, he saw the other bus behind him and he ledt without me! I could call him some names. I'm sure I knew who is driving to.

October 19, 2010

October 18, 2010

My Coupon To You

The referral program has been upgraded! Now, for a limited time, when you refer a friend to, they will get 20% (instead of the usual 15%) off their first order!

When someone enters your unique referral code or email address at checkout, they'll get 15% off their first order. The discount will apply to their entire first order, including both and (some restrictions may apply). Just remember, only people who are new customers to our family of sites are eligible.

I saw that and thought cool.

This is what I got at site.

Planetary Herbals Full Spectrum Nopal Cactus 1,000 mg Tabs, 120 ct $12.74
Irwin Naturals Healthy Skin Hair & Nails Softgels, 60 ct $7.98
Zest Aqua Bar Soap-3 count $2.19
Nature's Way Cayenne–Garlic Caps, 100 ct $4.49

That cactus thing is for my mom. She came home when I was looking the sight over and told me to find this thing for her. Someone from church told her that helps with arthritis pain. It didn't say that when I found it, but the garlic pills didn't say that it would help fight infections either, and I know it does that.

I just realized that at 60 count $7.98 is a bit high, but I'm sure the brand goes for more. They had it one sale at this price. :)

Well, if you find something over at you can use my code for your first buy.


Hope it works out for you. :)

October 16, 2010



I have a sore throat, runny and stopped up nose, headache and sinus pains with a fever. And It's my cycle time.

Last night my head hurt so bad that I couldn't type a review for a story that took me two days to read and it wasn't that long.

I just took a shower to see if it would make me feel any better when I realized that it got better for a little bit after taking a bath, is because of the steam. I'm not sure how well that is working right now. Maybe it's too early in the sickness to start feeling better, but I have to go to school on Monday.

Last night my sister came into my room and insisted that my window was open. So she made her way past newly moved items and tried to close it. She said it was open, but I still say it was closed. Either way, she saw our cat just sitting outside the window on the ground. So she made me, the sick slow one, go to her room and call the cat in side. it only got so far before she showed up next to me opening a can of vennia sausages next to my face cause it to run to us a little faster. Since it was like 5 or so feet down to the ground, I left the window and told my very young and very skinny niece to go get the cat.

Then my sister in all her wisdom said I had to clean the cat. It was now dirty and she would die from the dirt it now had on it. Then as she continued to talk, complane really. She hardly just talks. She said that it would take three people to clean the cat. We just about never clean the cat. One person to hold the back legs/claws, one person to hold the first legs/claws, and one person to actually wash the cat, and hold her mouth.

My niece got the back legs, and let go a number of times. That resulted in the person holding the head to let go for some reason, which is the complaining sister, leave me, the slow one, to get bit and clawed. I have to puncher wounds on the back of my hand now. My sister some how rubbed down the cat with shampoo while it was staying still waiting for us to open the bathroom door. Then I picked it up and worked out a way to hold it still enough for her wash out the shampoo.

The rest of my time was just me in bed, with head ache and sinus pain.

How about you?

October 15, 2010

*sniff, sniff*

On Wednesday I was good. I was the second person to finish the exam. I hung around and helped the teacher make a copy of the exam so he could compare what he got with ours so he could see who did it right.

I only made one mistake, so I got an A. The girl who finished before me got an B. She made a few mistakes.

My cycle started yesterday so that was the start of bad things, but other than that, I got some good snacks, I talked to my friend who is having a hard time and he knows I'm here for him and I spent about $8 to use a bathroom. I had to use a bathroom and I was passing a Subway at the time. But I had to be a customer to use it, so I got a sandwich first. Fine.

I got a good dinner, you know about my A, I texted it in, and I had my snap peas snacks along with some mixed root veggie chips. Everything went south when I went to bed.

I woke up with a scratchy throat and my nose felt funny. I stayed in bed as long as I could on Thursday until I had to go in for my class. I was suppose to draw, but when I was still feeling good about my day, the day before, I fixed up and uploaded a new chapter of Inuyasha last night to FF.

Before I left the apt I saw that my go between on my phone and ear buds had broken, then I walked outside and into rain. I missed my first train by like 2 mins. The only good thing about that was that I got time to do some of my drawing. Oh, did I mention that I was running late too?

Lucky me when I got there, the teacher wasn't there either. I finished up my drawing. Got my copies made and was one of the first to pin them up. Then my 'cold' got worst. I start to feel like I had a fever, my throat started to really bother me, and the teacher babbled on for over an hour. I know that he was trying to tell us something, but he was shouting to us from across a river, telling us about a bridge that we couldn't really see with out really talking in a way we could understand. He tired, but he didn't really get there.

I thought that I started to nail him down and find out what on earth he was talking about, but he still somehow got out of it. He finally got down to actually going over our pin ups. He didn't even want to, but after we made it clear that we wanted him to tell us how we each did, he did it around 8:30.

I think I was of two maybe that really did what we were suppose to.

Now we have a new project. Design a dug out canoe from a tree that grows in parks in NYC.

I was trying to write for a while, then I played a game as I ate something. I fell asleep earlier and work up just after 1am to wake up my mom. I took Benadryl because the bumps came back. I really think that I'm getting hives from mosquito bites. I just need one bite and I break out. I took Dayquil for my cold, which is my nose and fever. I then took some garlic pills with dinner and I realized I had too much inside of me. So I waited until most of it was out of my system, now I feel like going back to bed. But I had to blog since I needed too.

I'm going to take a Halls and lay down until I fall asleep. I like having ABC and NBC on demand. It gave me something to watch this early in the day.


October 13, 2010

They almost look fake in person. :)

Yeah! An A for my first autocad exam. :) Now I gome home finish up my into to design work, get a good grade there, then pick up what is left of str. & mat. next week. I just wish that my friend Robby had just as good this week. Take care R.

October 12, 2010

I have not seen a failing grade under my name until tonight. That is how badly I think I failed my strength and mat. class's first exam.

October 11, 2010

Can you see the hail? My first hail storm. :) It sounded like we were in a pot of popcorn

October 06, 2010

Well I'm eating out with friends. The first time in months. :)

The beds are here. Over an hour earlier then their earliest arrival time. So mow I'm late. I was suppose to be getting out of the shower now, not going in. Oh, beeing fully dressed when going to bedd seems to help. That or it's the cat. She jumped out of the window yesterday.

October 05, 2010

This is just wrong.

I have been up too late. That is how I'm able to find this little video.

Well I'm off to bed now. I have to be up to measure my apt for my auto cad class tomorrow.

I just had to finish my current chapter. Great. I'm up to chapter 30 now. I should be working on my project for building material class, maybe I didn't do it because I think I'm almost done? But next week I should be studying. Should be.

Enjoy the video.

Tweet worthy if I had one. The sea moss isn't bad, I'm going back for some more. Oh, I have to take a pill. Night.


This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

Gifts from home. The box of cobras is for me and the springy crab is for a friend of my mother's. Cobra was a popular brand of mosquito coils, but this brand is Flamingo.

October 04, 2010

Is there a new game being relesed today? Castlevania? It's raining and I see a line outside of a game camp store.

Well They Are Back

They made it to apt just I got back from the laundromat with my last set of clothes.

Phillys lost it when I told her that I was going to wash and since she didn't have her things ready I wasn't going to wash them for her.

She is a pain. I was just going to wash what little I had, the sheets off my bed and Nika's uniforms. This girl, Phillys, saves up and washes everything she owns one time. Last week I washed every bit of clothing that she wore outside of work but the bit she had on. Today I had like 5 sets of sheets and everyone of her 10-15 sets of scrubs. Oh, I might not have said that she's a dental assistant. A good one from what I hear.

Either which way, I fought to get washer and dryers for all out stuff and I was there for over 3 hours. I left at 5pm but I didn't get back until after 8 I'm sure. As I'm walking down the sidewalk with the last of clothes that were all Phillys' I saw mom taking luggage into the house and I felt rain coming down on me. Great right?

Now the place has gone back to being too small for 5 people. What was left of my floor space is now taken up by two suitcases.

Before I left, yes I'm back tracking, I got an e-mail from a girl that I agreed to help co write a story with. It's a yaoi Harry Potter Fanfic. Now, 2 months after I said yes, she sends me the first chapter that was just a little bit more than one page. She said that the first chapter is always short and she is kinda right. I forget at times, but I have seen it in my work too. So I let that pass. I looked it over, fixed it. Saved it with a proper name and sent some feed back to her. I'm done with it, but to make sure I didn't miss much I'm going to read it again later when I'm a bit more awake.

I even got around to doing some work on my new chapter. I got about a page and half in. I think I stopped at a point where I can change the POV, but I'm not sure yet. My little project of having other people help me look over the story went down hill. It took some time, but over all, people got busy and they couldn't spear the time. That ofcourse makes me feel left out even though I understand, but I'm still left out.

So when I'm done with the story, in like 4 more chapters or so, I'll post it in two places. Deviantart and Scribd. I think I have I have a link to both places. I'm doing it in two places, because unless you have an account over at Deviantart, you won't be able to see it because of the warning I have to place on it. I'm sure you can look at anything you want on Scribd. It will only bug you if you hit something that someone want you to pay to read. Which I am not doing.

Oh, I also have my Inuyasha FanFic at Scribd too.

Ok, it's 4:34, I've put up the food that my sister made. I told her to add some veggies to her cooking and she seemed to have taken me up on it. She made some chicken pot pies. Anyway I feel ready for bed and I need to think of a few things for school. Yeah, I think alot. I'll see how my thinking works out... yeah I'm tired.


October 01, 2010

What does Vanity plate 7N78 on cash cab mean?

What does Vanity plate 7N78 on cash cab mean?

Yes, I know I'm late, but I just saw this ep on tv and decided to look it up.

Other than that I woke up feeling bad.

All those other nights when I thought I was winning against the mosquito invasion that seemed to only like my blood to find out that it was strategic retreat. I woke with my half my back swollen and my lips itched and swelled not to long afterwards. I had Nika put on the last of Bactine but it didn't really stop the itching for while. I took some tylenol to help with something. I don't know if it was for the itching pain or what. I also ate some granola cereal until I didn't want anymore then my sister came back and I sent her to get me some cream or something and she pointed out that my face looked a little puffy. So she went back out, talked to the pharmacist and he said that it sounded like I was having an allergic reaction and gave her some Benadril for me and she also got some itch lotion.

The pharmacist told her that if I wasn't better after a few hours or something I should go to the hospital. Even if I wasn't felling better I couldn't go since I don't have insurance. I need to try and fix that this week. By the way, not feeling that much better. I have to Reapply to Healthfirst so I can be covered again and go see my 'doctor' that is across the street from my school. Yeah, lucky me.

I took the beadril and now I feel nauseous. Somehow I was able to still write at least a page of my new chapter,turn over my bed, changed my sheets and pushed down some trash into a bag so Nika could take it out. It was mostly some 'old' pillows. My bed looks great and I've bagged up all my clothes and sheets to be washed. I plan on doing that tomorrow. Jhodie and Mom are back this sunday so Phillys is getting some of her take out this weekend and I will have a few things done before they get back. I have to finish cleaning, hanh a shower curtain and wash what I have to watch.

Well got to go again. My sister is sending me to the next door lady to ask her if she has a lime she can spear. I don't even think that she has any, but Philly won't go because she doesn't want to talk to her, so she is sending me. Do I want to talk to her?


September 29, 2010

Just a bigger pic of something I took a pic of last week I think.

I had a short but fustrating class today. I'm getting the book for this class. It's almost a matter of pride now. It's autocad yes, but it's also called computer class. I will not do badly in a computer class.

September 28, 2010

Wow. The quize was painless. I might be getting the hang of this strength class. Or it could be the fact that the quiz was just one problem :P. Well I'm on my way home. My school at night. :)

September 27, 2010

I'm starving! :( We are on break now. I showed my little printout to the teacher on jean/cotton insolation and we found out that it didn't have an R-value, so he told me to contact them and ask for a sample while I was at it. :) I should show what I found. Later, I can only get away with texting so much in class and he should be back soon. :) is everyone having a good day? :)

On The 2 Train.

I'm early today because I didn't stop to eat anything which slightly bugs me because I wasn't able to take my garlic pills. Maybe if I wasn't, to a point, trying to avoid the lady from next door, I would have gotten a bowl of something to eat. After all Phillys did get me Silk milk.

Last night did not find me in bed like I said. I ended up ironing Nika's clothes for school for the week and getting my bag ready for school, after Nika woke up at 7 is when I went to bed.

I am happy to report that I won this round with those flying needles. :) I am now on the #2 train heading for Hoyt St. I wasn't thinking that well and went to the wrong station. I was about to fix that when the 2 showed up, so I just used it. :)

Later people.

I can not win...

I'm really setting myself up for a fall. I've gotten really attached to this dumb card game on line. I have yet to win two hands. It's not a betting game. I don't bet. It's something called Thousand Island Solitaire.

I did remember to print something out for my class on Monday. And I have worked on my home work for my Friday class, I should have it finished well before then if I keep up at least what I'm doing now. I just have to worry about finding a tape measure so I can do my home work for Tuesday.

I'm working on chapter 26 for my story that I've having looked over by my friends for a few mistakes and such before I post it. I'm going to see if I post it after I have it covered in caution tape with age restricted fence all around it also. It's coming along quite well really and I should be finishing it up soon. I have also allowed my hands to touch and work on Inuyasha. I finished up a chapter and I started the next one. Sess's mother is now here. Yeah, that twist took me for a surprise too. Hey, I'm trying to move this along and she might just help.

I just found out that little Nika will not be going anywhere this week. Phillys has the week off, so I can leave when ever I want to, and not have to think of Nika or not hear my music for the day since I won't have to keep an ear and eye on her. Yeah.

The mosquitoes are still coming after me. I think I might be developing and allergy for something, so I've gotten some garlic pills. I use to take them when I was Seattle with Tanzi, and I stopped when I came back just because I ran out and had to start school. If I was thinking about it, I would have bought them again since my second semester when I had a little extra money.

I got them yesterday when I went to pick up a package for the lady that took Nika to church. I figured that I was already out the house and since I had an unlimited card I took the bus down town and picked up a non-dairy shake. I was looking for and immune booster one, but I didn't see it on their list, so I just got what it turning out to be my regular, ginger delight and got the pills that came in 100 count. I've taken two pills with my two meals for two days. I won't really feel much of anything for at least a week. Hopefully by then the mosquitoes will be dead.

I have never looked forward to winter until now.

I washed Nika and Phillys' non work clothes today, but I didn't get to doing anything for me because I had such a head ache. I couldn't even read up some background info on Sess' mother, and had to lay down.

I was talking to a friend a few hours ago, but I'm sure he's gone off to bed without remembering to say good night. I'm learning to live with it. One the other hand, I have another friend, over in Egqypt who waits for me to get on line so we can talk after he has already been up for like 16 hours working. I think. I thank him and I feel good when he stays up and talks to me. He even helped me with my strength and material class home work last week. He is very sweet.

Ok, it's 4:22 am so I should go to bed. I'll have to spray it down with bug spay then bush my teeth and then come back and spray under my bed before going to bed. That way I get a few hours bite free. I know, it's not that great, but I can't use the OFF too often. I feel funny when I spray it on me. So I'm laying off the stuff. The smell is starting to bug me too.

I know, no great news.

How about this? As you may have seen, I got a project. It's showing how to build a roof top garden. I've come up with a few things, I've signed up with this company for materials from them that show how they make one, but I have to look for other companies that do this also and see how they do it, what their products are and do a nice trip to Home Depo or someone like them to get sample material so do a small section and show the layers.

I've found out that they have different kinds of roof top gardens. When I saw this as a choice on the list the teacher handed out, I felt like I had to pick it. That came from when I saw this show on how to make cities greener and a story I wrote the outline for and he lives in a green building that had a garden every five floors, and when I did that, I thought about how it would work and now I will get to really find out. I never dug up anything on it, I was just putting together things I already knew and was slowly hearing about. Now I see how possible it is to do. I'll have to redesign my building to give it more light now, but I still want to draw that some day. :)

Ok, time has moved up to 4:40am. Sorry I will now be reading this over since I want to go to bed before 5am. I'm a slow reader and it sucks some times.

Let's see what pics I send in this week. :) This is also the last week my mom and sis will be gone. there goes my small measure of freedom.

Later. :)

September 24, 2010

Lost Your MetroCard? Try Your iPhone -

I have not used my visa card to do this or my old master card when I saw it popping up in a few places since I wasn't sure about it being able to know about transfers and such. I haven't heard anything about it, so I may just use my card in places they have when I find myself without fare on my metro card so I won't have to stop to refill it, but I do not have a iphone so that one bit I won't be able to do.

If you have let me know how it has worked out for you. The iphone app or just tapping your visa or master card in the subway or on the bus.

Lost Your MetroCard? Try Your iPhone -

September 22, 2010