October 31, 2004

On Saturday

I woke up from barely sleeping. I couldn't even eat all of my breakfast. I still felt like I was going to be punished, even though the talk was over with, and he said that we could move on. But hearing him say that he was going to think about this over the weekend makes me think that he will change his mind and still fire me on Wednesday when I came back to work.

I didn't have much to do at work, and my sister made sure that I got to work early. I filled out the bi-weekly report that I was working on turning in since the 13, I just missed the end of the two weeks. I finished it up and e-mailed it to him. When I was filling out the first week from the notes I had, I was starting to feel good about myself. I had done a lot that week. Then near the end of the last week when things started to go wrong, all the pain and worry came back, and I ask myself why didn't I know? Why didn't it hit me that I was doing this? I've come up with a lot of answers, but non that would make my boss less angry with me.

AM showed up to see how I was doing and talked a little bit. She was only here for 10 mins maybe. She had to do something but we were meeting at 7 for popcorn. It was her way of trying to cheer me up , or to help me breath again. Well I finished up the report and sent it in with a note saying that I hadn't realized that two weeks had gone by already.

Then M the girl at the front desk asked to leave early to take her kid to a friend's birthday party. I said that it was ok, I didn't want to look all depressed around her anyway. Then I worked on organizing some information that I got about our teachers and what classes they taught. I then placed some of them in the data base that I was making for teaching faculty, and made some new profile pages for those that didn't have one yet.

I had sent a letter to R, My boss, Friday saying that I think I was finished with the IT department site, but I needed to have it looked over and asked for what was needed to be added or changed. I kept checking my mail, but I haven't gotten and answer back from him yet. It's not that out of character for me to not get an answer over the weekend, but I think that he's either getting information to send to me, putting it off since it's the weekend, or putting me off altogether because of what I did, and he'll deal with it on Monday, if not later that week.

Just before I went to the front desk to cover it and do some work on the data base, I remembered the tape for Dr. M, and went to get a VCR from one of the rooms. I hadn't gotten one back yet. I was going to sit there and cut it as it was being feed into the computer, but I was called away by students, so I just left it to be record as a whole and I would cut it up later.

I had to turn on the display to see where on the film that the Dr wanted me to cut and paste, and it wasn't showing me on the VCR itself. I hope she doesn't mind. If she does, I'll just have to re-do it again. I finished it up and thought that I did a good job considering the times she gave me and the times I got were abit off. I then went back the front desk while it was stitching together the pieces that I gave it.

AM showed up when I was looking though my desk for an old teacher listing to see if it had the information on it that I wanted that was now missing from the new listing. I didn't find it, then we went to pop the pop corn. While we were out there we heard fire works. I don't know who was celebrating what. I thought that it might be the Labour party. They won the election earlier that week.

We sat outside and ate the popcorn and just talked about anything but work and vets and computers. We talked about Asian movies mostly. I helped her with a title of a movie, and I told her that I was going to show her the trailer for this other movie that she hadn't heard of.

We were gone for almost and hour, short 15 mins, it didn't seem that long to me, but then she got me to stop worrying for a bit. I found her some trailers to watch, and I even got to see the new Blade 3 movie trailer. I had to tell her to be quite when she had the head phones on, she was being a bit loud. Then we did a little wallpaper hunting, and she helped me match a few teachers to the classes they taught.

Then about an hour before closing she left, and I got back to the data base. I checked my mail again. Still nothing. Closed up when it came time, and put the VCR back in room 2 before I left.

I was feeling a little bit better, by the time I got home. I was even ready to go to sleep at midnight, but then Nika started to have ear pains again. Early this year, Nika was in the hospital and they said that she had Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, and it seems that she may also have chronic ear infections also. Her ear hurt, as well as some of her joints. We weren't ready to have her in the hospital again, but soon the crying had my sister taking her to the Emergency Room. I called a head to see how many people where there so we would at least know how long the wait was going to be. They take forever to get to people waiting in the ER.

The nurse said that there were a good amount of people there, I asked again how many were there, she said that she wouldn't know how many people would be when I got there. I told her that I just lived down the street, and I just wanted to know how many people where there? I just got a good amount. So I said thank you and hung up. My sister didn't like the answer either, since a good amount to one person could be 4 or 10 to someone else. Anyway, she carried Nika all the way up the hospital and I told her when she was leaving that I was would stay up until 3 waiting for them. She called around 2 and asked for some information on some medicine that Nika had gotten and we still had the box for. Then she came home a little before 3. She told me that they were the only ones there when they got there around 1, but they remembered her and it seemed to her that they didn't bother with her for 30 mins.

Anyway, they didn't have anything to give her. The only kind of meds that they had to give her, she had a reaction to. So she got a script I think, and when she got home, Jhodie gave her maybe double the set about of her pain meds that she was giving her before. They told her what other meds for pain she could get for her, and I think that was about it. We were both tried and ended up going to bed at 3 am.

October 30, 2004

My Life Almost Ended

To make a long story short, I forgot about a really big rule, broke it, and was found out in a very dumb way, during the worst week of the year.

My boss almost fired me. That was yesterday. It was at 3pm.

I still can't breath right, and last night I couldn't sleep.

So now I'm doing things with ok's, I finished what I started with my bi-weekly reports which I haven't done in like 8 months, but tried to start back up before this all happened.

I just feel scared right now. I shouldn't. He said that he could movie on past this. I just have to regain the respect he had for me. Of course I have to sign some letter of reprimand that he is putting in my file next week.

But I'm still scared, and I feel stupid. I can't believe that it never dawned on me that I was breaking this rule.

October 29, 2004

I'm Not Happy!

In one afternoon I've lost my torrent downloading ability, which also rendered my "hello" program worthless, and just when I realized that I can't use it at home due to the very bad connection that they sell me under the name of "Cable".

The thing crawls like I'm working off of dial up. Which is why I did my torrent downloading at school.

The guy who was in charge of setting up our wireless network, is now in control of the rest of the network, and has closed all un-needed ports on the network for safety reasons.

Close one set of ports and he shut down my torrent manager. Shut down another set, and there went my "hello" program. The only thing is I can't ask to have those ports reopened, because they aren't work related things. So now I'm left with about 5 or 8 gigs worth of incomplete anime. What a waste. I'll have to go erease them tomorrow. I just couldn't do it today.

Bumped into my boss from NJ and someone that he brought with him. The only good thing that I heard, or remember hearing (in their defense), was that I had a very bright smile.

I tried to show off my web work to them, while they waited for Ron, and all I get is that "I have a great smile". I'm hoping that's because they don't know much about websites, or they were more interested in content, then layout and design. I am layout and design. Oh well.

Then Ron came back to go with them, and he told me not to get into trouble. I'm not asking him back for my music until next week.

Today I just worked on the LRC's/IT department part of the webpage. No one noticed me much today, which is normally fine by me, but not while I'm trying to get their attention. :(

Well one more day looking pretty for higher up people then I wear something a bit more soft on the weekend.

I haven't jumped yesterday's blog, it's saved as a draft. I'll finish it up and post it tomorrow. I'm off to bed now.

$100 and I can't go faster than "221.3 kilobits per second". That is a bit better than what I use to get, but it's like half the speed a cable modem is suppose to give you.

Check out this site to see how fast your connection is. It's the one I use the most.

Well, it's starting to rain, hope it's around after my spell check is up to help put me to sleep.

See ya.

October 26, 2004


Well it felt like Saturday.

All that activity was tiring and confused the day. Every now and again we had to remind ourselves that it was Tuesday.

For starters, I think we cleaned. Secondly, we took Nika out on her bike to get her peddling better. We were only suppose to go around the block. We went down the block, then took a left, and went past the block's end, walked into an empty and over grown lot to see some watermelon. They weren't as big as I expected. My sister, who took me there, said that she thought that they would be bigger after all the rain we had gotten. Then we took another left and in two blocks ended up at Nika's school.

This is where Jhodie decided to pick some young gooseberry plants to take home. Then I carried Nika's bike as we crossed two streets to go into the graveyard. This wasn't for Nika to practice riding her bike. We were in here to pick some plants for our yard or get some more seeds for some yelllow flowers. I liked some crawling purple flowers, but we didn't pick any. On our way out of the cemetery, Nika held my skirt as we walked along a very low wall. We took our time on this little walk, by the time we got back we were gone for an hour.

Then we all went down for a nap. We woke up sometime around 4pm I think. We were going back out again, one without her bike, and not as far as the deep water pier as we had said yesterday. So we decided to go down to the bay by this inlet next to Fisherman's Wharf. You can't go there all the time, but today the water was very clear and not rough at all.

I tried to stay out of the water as much as I could, but soon Nika came over to throw water on me. I did not come dressed for the beach. I have nothing to wear to the beach. So in my jeans I sat down in the surf and held on to Nika every now and again when she wasn't dumping wet sand unto Jhoide. There was a cruise ship in and we watched it leave before we started getting ready to leave. We were there until the sun was almost set, then we started to wash off. Both of us were wearing jeans. So we had to dump buckets of water down our pants to get most of the sand out. Then we hiked back up to the main road, then walked across the street to a water pipe to wash off the sand from our feet and sandals.

Then in the dark we slowly walked back home. I fell asleep waiting for my turn to use the shower.

That was my day.

Blanket Hunting.

Ok, work up at 9:30 or so this morning.

Came outside, and my sister told me something about going out. Walked back into my room, got dressed, walked out and was told that my hair needed combing. Well I knew that. I washed it yesterday. It needed greasing and combing out. I came out looking for the afro pick.

Getting dress took me like 2 mins, combing my hair took 20, and that is without really making a style. Today I just did an afro.

Then we left sometime around 10:30.

Things to do in town.
1. My sister had to change the pounds that we got from our uncle to EC so we could use it.
2. Find a new blanket for Nika.
3. *maybe* get some fabric.

Took a bus down, went to the first baby store, and found one blanket, but we didn't think that Nika would have liked it. I was had light brown squares in it. Brown isn't one of the colours that Nika likes. She likes yellow, green, and blue. It was nice and soft, and if we couldn't find one we liked better somewhere else, we would come back for it.

We then checked two banks to see how long the lines were to see if Jhoide (my sister) could get the money changed. The ones that we looked in were full so we went somewhere else to look for the blanket.

We stopped off at this place called "best for less" and I told her that they didn't have any blankets. She didn't believe me. So we spent about 7 mins looking though the store. It's a small store. We then went back the way we came to go to the fabric stores. We went to the first one on Liverpool Row, we looked at what they had, and my sister actually asked if they had fleece fabric. They didn't even know what that was, but we did see some that we wanted to make some skirts out of.

So on to the next fabric store. Nope, next baby store, the fabric store was closed. At the baby store we found a blanket for Nika. It cost me $36. I then ended up throwing on a new pair of socks for Nika in there too. That was another $7 for the pair. Then we went my sister's bank to get the money changed. That bank had a short line so we went in, then come out 30 mins later. Since it was getting late and Jhodie wanted to get some food from the new snacket that we found. She wanted to get there in time before they sold out what she wanted. On our way back we stopped off at the super market, don't know why, but she saw that they had yogurt on sale. 99 cents each of three flavors that close to expiring. We took them thinking that we were going to eat them after our lunch. We did see the oddest thing while we were in the super market. They covered all the alcohol. We found out later that it was to kinda make sure that the voters were sober. Today was voting day.

We caught a bus and got there just before 1pm and the place was full. I was starting to think that we weren't going to get a chicken plate now. So Jhoide sat and waited her turn to order. We waited and waited, then we got the last two plates, :) and we even got some passion fruit drink too. We thought that they had ran out of that too, but she had another bottle.

We got home, eat lunch, I checked e-mail, then we took a nap. I then woke back up 30 mins later to get Jhodie up so she could go pick up Nika from school. A few hours later I was laying out some 4x4 lengths of wood for Nika to practice balancing on. Then I washed out a very dirty trash can and scrubbed it down with disinfectant. Then when I was clean again, I kinda helped with dinner. Afterwards she wish hadn't asked. *oops* At least what I made was eventually edible.

Other than that, nothing much. Watched jeopardy, that guy is still there. Watched re-runs of Star Gate : SG1, then CSI : Mimi, then How Clean Is Your House. Then I went to see if G4 was going to show R.O.D. the TV. They did! :) .. But it wasn't a new one. :( Ok.. time to check my mail again. Someone actually wrote me, an online friend actually wrote me. I told me him about this blog thing in case he didn't my e-mail that I sent out a few weeks ago telling my friends about it.

He wanted to talk with me. He asked why I haven't been on line for so long. Well just about no one is on line for me to talk to if I do find the time to go on line, so I don't really turn it on anymore.

I still have that cough. I'm getting really tired of it now. It should be gone by now. I'm going to have to wait until Thursday to get meds if I still have it then. I can't get any tomorrow, it's a holiday, and I go to work early on Wednesday, so it's Thursday.

So that's it. I'll drink some water to keep my throat from hurting, then hopefully get to bed before 3am. I have to get up for a long walk tomorrow. We are taking Nika, she might get to go in the water at the beach we are passing . Her school is closed for the holiday too.

See ya.

October 25, 2004

I Lost My Music Again!

Today was suppose to be a slow day for me, and up until 5pm it was.

But before that let's start back at 1:30pm. I actually left the house to get to work somewhat on time. First I wanted to buy some OJ. I ended up having to walk like half a mile to find somewhere to by some OJ. When I got there it cost me 11.50 and it had mango in it.

I didn't have to catch a bus, someone who worked with me and were on their way into work gave me a lift. I got to work, and got right to finishing up that sga page. When it was done I asked my boss if I should send it to sga for them to look it over or just post it? He said that it looked great and I should send it to the sga so they can have a look at it. I also sent Brian a copy since he is the only one that I knew that read the sga meeting notes.

Now I know why I saw my boss come out of this office then go back in. He found my music on the server, and erased it. I had just gotten it back about a month or 2 ago. He has said that we weren't suppose to keep such things on the server, but since I never had anything on the server until they wiped the computer I was keeping my stuff on clean, I never really paid them any mind. So he took my music off the server. For about 3 years I've had my stuff on one computer on the floor. All my music, all my files, back ups of my three profiles, and it got wiped 3 months ago.

So when I started to rebuild it, I placed them on the server with out remembering that rule, and the rule hit me. :(

I think he said that he saved them to his computer, but I'm not completely sure. I said that I had them on the floor until the computer was ghosted. He was so upset. The only reason he cares that there was music on the server was because it's backed up each night, and I was taking up 5 1/2 gigs of space with my music.

He only found out about my music being there because he finally got the pictures to me that I've been waiting over a week for. He went to place them in my folder on the server and saw my music foolder and looked.

Thanks to his removal of the music, my computer crashed. I was playing the whole directory, and hand other things going on.

Well after he left, I then moved my torrent files. He was complaining about my 5+ gigs of songs, it's a good thing he didn't see my 19 gigs worth of anime. I tried to fit them back unto the computer I was using before, but I never got as high as 19 gigs before, I almost filled the computer, so I had to split the anime up. Lucky me I still had some songs on other computers that I hadn't gotten around to cleaning out yet, but was thinking about doing this week. Good thing I hadn't started yet. I can't go a day without music unless I'm running around. So I pooled that music to another computer and made short cuts. I even moved my other files back to the computer that I was using before. I then made shortcuts back to my server folder so I don't have to make new shares. He just got back over 20 gigs of space, counting the loss of my muisc.

All that moving around took like 3 hours. Now I can't re-seed some of torrents , now that they are on a normal computer again. At least not during working hours. I'll have to set it up for when I close and have it shut down before the work day begins the next day.

Then I went on my pixel wallpaper hunt again. I covered a bit more ground this time around, but I still haven't found the guy yet.

We had thunder and lighting with alot of rain. I got to stand outside with my umbrella again, but I didn't have to pay for a bus this time. The ride for the new girl in the library gave me a lift home.

Got home to a rather clean kitchen and cook-up with a side of pumpkin. I decided to have some of my juice with it, even though I've been drinking that thing since 2:30 this afternoon.

Oh, tried out my scrub this morning... oohh smooth skin. :)

Now I'm off to bed.

October 24, 2004

I Worked, I Froze, The I Went Home.

Got to work a little late, like always. My sister didn't wake me up. Anyway, got to work, the place was so cold. It's been raining all day. By the time I left the house it had stopped for a bit. I took my umbrella with me just incase it decided to come down when I'm trying to catch a bus.

Got to work, no mail. Normal. Finished up scanning the documents for Dr. M. It took me longer than expected, but then I did cut in and out writing my blog for yesterday.

When I was done with that, I moved up front to get on with the task of finishing the archive page for the SGA. I wasn't going to go back to my desk. It was beyond cold. The lousy AC is all messed up again, and the rain didn't help. When ever it could rain, or was going, the temp drops like 8-12 degrees. When it actually rains that's another 3 maybe 5 degrees.

Before I was finished with the scanning I had to call someone in to restart the server, since no one decided to give me the keys to that room. Anyway, the guy that came, didn't let me know that he came, or I would have asked him to turn down the AC from in there too. They moved the control for the AC for that half of the room into the administer office to keep people from changing the temp. If the AC was a true AC in the first place, we wouldn't have to keep messing with it.

It occurred to me today that what I think an AC should do, most likely they don't do. Unless they cost like 10 grand or something. I think that you should set a temp on the AC, and it has temperature detectors in the room, and it would adjust itself to keep the temp it was told. As far as I can tell it just pulls air in, makes it colder and pushes it into the room on timed intervals. The temp we tell it, just changes how long the intervals are.

Well, somewhere around 6pm I turned the other AC control down to help fight the air from the second AC. I then worked on the site until 7. I then went to make some soup to eat. Didn't actually get to eat it until 7:30-ish. After that little meal that I ate standing up in the doorway of our little kitchenette thing, I came back to playing a game that I was occupying myself with while the microwave was doing it's job, and the soup was cooling a bit.

The game is called Jewel Quest. It's a nice game. It just gets really hard the further you get. At about 8 I went back to site work. I thought that I might as well get as much of it finished as I could. I had so much sorting to do before I could have linked them to the page, then resort again after bumping into a problem with how I though they were suppose to go. Made links for 30 documents and toyed with the idea of making them flash and opening them up in the same page, but that will have to wait. First I just want to finish linking the pdf's that I have and making the window open at a set size.

For the last hour of my shift I was the only one in there. So I worked and I sang out loud. Not a bad way to end a day. I was just hoping that I wouldn't be stepping out into a major down pour. For an hour we had been hearing loud thunder noises right over the building. But when it came time to leave there wasn't a drop falling. Lucky me.

Once again I come home to no food. My said that it's Saturday. She doesn't cook on Saturday. Fine, munched on some bread, cheese, fig Newton and some left over rice and carrots. My throat is still sore. It's been sore since Wednesday, but it's feels a bit worst today. Every time I take a cough drop it helps for the time I have it, then it just comes back dry and scratchy. If I leave early enough tomorrow, I may be able to get some oj from one of the few stores opened on Sunday.

Midnight came around and I changed the channel to go watch Inyuasha. That's not Inyuasha. R.O.D. (Read or Die) the movie. I completely forgot. It's tonight! *grin* It's the anime movie that came out before the series did, R.O.D the TV. Cool.

It's two hours long, with tv adds anyway. Well now it's over and I'm off to bed.


October 23, 2004

Surprise Meeting, with Kittens.

My day started with my sister coming into my room and asking me about the school and animals. I said something about taking them to P.A.W.S. for adoption. She then say ok, which in my head at that time saw her holding out two kittens to me. I snapped awake more in fear then horror. Then she said "Oh no, they aren't here, they are still outside in the street."

Ok, I'm awake. Looked at the clock. I should be up anyway. I had and hour to get ready for work. I ate some arrowroot biscuits while I got dressed. At one point I found myself waiting for my sister to get back from school. I didn't have the time to wait for her. I finished getting dressed, then left the house at 2 I think. It took about 5 mins for a bus to come by and pick me up, then there was another 5 of people getting off and on until I was my turn.

I walked down to the guard house, and I was about to ask if my sister had left yet, when the guard told me that my sister was there waiting for me. It seems that they couldn't find anyone from P.A.W.S. So I had to try and find them for her. Well, as I was about to walk into the admin building, Collin stopped me to let me know that the IT department was having a staff meeting at 11:30. Fine. Then he asked about the list he gave me yesterday. I was so busy with making that SGA archive thing that I forgot. But he went over the list and said that I was missing the Ohio link from our list on the website. Fine I'll fix it when I get down there. Then I told him about my sisters and the cats and trying to fine P.A.W.S. He went his way. I went on to admin. First I called the cell number next to the Paws in the club section of the school's phone book. No one picked up. So I called the clinic, and as I'm having the talk, with the girl there, I find out that they had gotten the cats from her, but that we shouldn't really bring in animals because it takes so much to take care of them, and not all of them will get adopted.

If this island had something like a pound, we wouldn't have to take them to the P.A.W.S. Club.

Anyway, left admin at about 25 past 11. The meeting was a little late in getting started, but mostly it was to say that very big people were coming down, dress right, make the place spotless, and make the place look way too small. Which we didn't have to try hard to do. We didn't have space. We have a few days. I have the weekend to clean up around me, but since I don't work Monday or Tuesday, most of the clean up will be done by the guys that work those days. The big wigs will be showing up on Wednesday.

After that I bounced mail around. I got a lot from admin warning us about the election that is going on down here. Monday is election day, and the day after is a holiday so that who ever wins gets party time. At least that is what I think. We were also told to avoid polling stations as well on Monday. I'm staying in my house the enter time unless I have the leave house to get some piece and quite.

They have once again set up party central outside my house. So currently I have music that I don't like or want to hear over powering my tv, not to mention my senses.

No, I'm not voting. Personally, I don't think that I will vote until the system has been cleaned up, and there is someone I feel strong enough to vote for.

Down here we have Labour, and P.A.M. My parents were P.A.M. people. You think that republicans and democrats are harsh to each other, you wouldn't want to see how P.A.M. and Labour fight down here. At least in the US, when they talk about someone doing this and that, and they slinging mud, they say the person's name. Down here, the whole party is held responsible.

Back to school. Well I had this e-mail thing going back and forth between a club pres. One she thought that we made and hosted club sites at the school. I told her that we didn't, and pointed her towards geocities. for free web space and hosting. Then she wrote back and said thanks, then asked about her group e-mail change. I told her that from what I could see it wasn't updated since I saw the name of a students who left a long time ago on there. So I had her send me the list so I could fix it now. Went into our server room and got the exchange server up and looked at the group members. I compared it to the list I got from her and found out that they had added the ones she said to add, and they removed the ones she said to remove, they just left the other people that were there, there. So I took them out and found out that they had gotten rid of one person by accident, and I put her back in.

After I got her squared away, I bumped into a problem with Dr M. She had sent an e-mail with a list of teacher's names to my boss asking who was in charge of the website. Most of the information was wrong. It didn't really hit me until she came down to give me some papers to scan for her, that, that wasn't my work. I then realized that it wasn't our site that she was talking about. It was the one based in NJ. We don't know why we have two websites for one school, but we do, and it's confusing visitors.

Before Dr. M showed up, I had already drafted a letter to the heads of the faculty departments asking them if they could please send me a current listing of teachers teaching in their department as well as the classes they teach. No one has yet to put most of this down for everyone else to get. Plus recently we had lost a few teachers, gained a few teachers, and some that were on vacation will be back in a few weeks or next semester.

Ok, that one done, and it's just 2pm. I went to find lunch, but lunch wasn't there to be found.


Ok, I started writing this almost 5 hours ago. The racket at the top of street stopped me and I waited this long hoping that it would be over by now, but it's still going, and it just sounds like some crazy guy with a mic now. Part 2/ The end, will be posted tomorrow when I can think. See ya.


Back, and I'm playing my own music now. Jefferson Starsip - We built this city. I love this song. Ok, back to finishing up yesterday.


Now where was I?.. Oh ya.. trying to get lunch. Walked out the door then came right back to get about 8 or so carousels to take them back up to DR. T, so we can get the space back. Well made it up there to find out that he wasn't in his office. So I left them in the building across from his office so I wouldn't have to walk up with them again. I told a someone in that building that I was leaving them there so that I would find them come Wednesday, or Dr. T would if he went to get them himself. I have to send him an e-mail.

Ok, on to lunch. Stopped half way up the steps. They're closed. SHOT! Great. Not happy. Ok, back down then.

At 3pm I took over the front desk. As usual she left without telling anyone, at least with out telling me. One of the first things I did was start up the torrent manager on the other front desk computer and restart the one that she was using.

I fooled around a bit, tried to find some pixel art that I had come across like 2 years ago. Almost found it. Will try again another day. Tried to find a crack for psp 9. Tried to find older versions to download. I kinda like the look of version 8 better. Most places said they had the older version, but when you click on he link, you sent to the new one. I have 9, I got 8, now I'm looking for version 7. I'm not sure why I want it either, I just do. For a bit I tried looking for resume software. I thought that I was getting for my sister since she had recently asked me to update her’s and to make it look a bit different. Then I thought that I could use it too. It's time I updated mine. No one says that you should Waite until you need a job to update it. Besides with my memory, I'll forget anything if I don't write it down.

I didn't get to play any games tonight. No big. I'm not paid to play. What else? Oh, I started the scans for Dr. M. I had to end at page 7 when it came time to close up. I remember reading something looking for something, but I can't remember what. Oh... now I know what. This. Well yesterday's blog actually. :)

Well I closed up on time, and then left to try and catch a bus. A few students were leaving by the time I got up to the street. I expected all of them to go by my like normal, but someone actually stopped and gave me a lift. I was a spouse who sometimes worked at the day school. He had a high car, it was big step to get inside. I said thanks and we made small talk. There was another guy in the car, but I had no clue who he was.

He turned off the main road to drop me off and there on the field across from my house they were setting up tents for the event to follow. Great. Once again I had to look out for that first step as I got out of the car. I said thank you again, and I walked home.

Got home to fries in the oven, and Nika telling me that I'm late. My sister was taking her to the movies to see "A Shark's Tale". They needed me to be there so I could "look after" Veary. I don't know how to spell that's boy name. You can't really look after him, just clean him up after he's already gotten himself into something, or just repeat the same thing a bunch of times, because he isn't hearing a thing that you are telling him. It just flows through from one ear to the other.

Well since I didn't get home at 7:15 they had to wait until the 9:30 showing. I don't remember when the racket that they call music started, but I know when it ended. 3am. 3AM! I have to rip out most of the windows in house and put in better, new ones, and maybe some shutters too.

3am was also when I was able to fall asleep.

The End.... of that day.

October 22, 2004

Just Went To Bed.


I just ate some cereal and then went to bed. I didn't even really fool around on the computer.

Thursday 21st October

Well I was up and out of the house around 10:30 to go to town. The day before my cousin from Nevis (next island over) came over to give us a letter that we got from our uncle in the UK. I took it to work with me, but I got bogged down with something, anyway, I didn't open it.

When I got home that night I gave it to my sister before the whole door thing started. Turns out he sent us 100 pounds. I was glad he sent us some money, but why so much? The exchange rate (for that day anyway) was 4.50. So at the end of it all, he sent us over $400 EC. Most of it was in money order form with my name on it, so I had to cash it. Hence the walk about town.

Once we got there, we did a little shopping. All those nice things that we couldn't buy before we got, saving some to pay off our water bill. Oh!.. Speaking of bills. The gov actually gave everyone a $500 credit with the lights department (because of the power outages and such). So my bill for this month is gone. YES! And maybe my next bill too if not most of it. We had to put off paying a few bills when Nika and I had to go to the doctor. It came up to almost $100 each for the doctor visits and the meds.

Anyway. Shopping.

We got some soup bowls that my sister has been trying to get me get her. There was only 3 of the kind she wanted. We got Nika a rain coat, a yellow smiley face cup and three cheap matching bowls. I got a face scrub for $20, and some hair bobbles for Nika. She was low on bobbles. We got some paper for the new printer I just got the day before, and they had that desktop paper thing on sale so I got that too.

Then we went to Ram's (on the bay road) and looked in what we called the discount isle for anything we wanted. When we left, it came up to $99.90. You think you have money, and you buy a bunch of stuff at cheap prices, but in the end it adds up to more than you expect. The two paper things that I got from the computer place was $17, and $15, sounds nice.. but I just spent $32. I get so happy when I have money that I forget to count some times. :)

Work wasn't that bad. I got there on time. I don't know how that happened, and I ate lunch before I left the house, so I was set.

I'm trying to remember what I did at work. .. I remember what I did at the end of my shift. I worked on a web page for archiving the SGA meetings. I had so much files to turn into PDF's. It goes back like maybe 5 semester. We have 3 semesters a year, and each semester has like 9 -15 meetings. I'm going to finish it up tomorrow. I have the main page built. I put it in frames so they could scroll down the list of past meetings. I may have worked on that for the last 3 hours of my shift. Before that I can't tell you I what I did.

Oh well. It did rain my entire shift. So I didn't go out until it was time for me to leave. I'm starting to think that I spent most of yesterday on that web page. I had to make the pictures for it, convert all those files, the put most it together. I did pay a bit of e-mail tag, answered some phone calls, but I think that's it.

Ok. I'll take it. :) When it was time for me to leave I sat here and played the two songs that I have from Tatu while I rebooted the floor computers and I emptied the temp folders on this computer. Then 15 past 10 I left to try and catch a bus into town.

I was left standing there for almost 40 mins waiting for a bus to show up. I had brought my umbrella with me, which helped with the little rain that came down when I was walking my way up the road, and the wind that hit my back while I waited. It was a cold and wet night.

Tested out the printer in my sister's profile between bites of cereal. It works. :)

Ok, that was my day. Oh, I was upset that I miss CSI:NY. I keep thinking that I get to see it when I get home on Thursday nights. Guess I saw it when I was on vacation or something. I have to find out when it comes on. I'm starting to think that I'm trying to catch it on the wrong night.

Well see ya... tonight hopefully. :) I get off at 7pm tonight.

October 21, 2004

Turn Back Time A Bit.

Let's see.

Well, my cousin, who is staying with us, decided for the past few days not to lock the door in her room that opens up to our back yard.

*a little history* 4 months after we moved into our house, some one repeatedly broke into our house and took what little we had until I caught him and stabbed him in the back, which lead to him going to hospital and being arrested. Now, he was using the back door to get in because it was a bit tricky to close at time. Once the house was mostly re-built, my sister put the last two blots that we had at the time on that door, and at night we would both check it to make sure that it was locked.

*back to last night* Well, it has been raining really hard as of late. Just now we had a very long down pour. My sister went to close the windows in our cousin's room, and found the door party closed and completely swelled and rain coming into the room.

She wasn't happy. To get the door closed, she had to call one of her friends to come over and shave down the door. So in the rain, they/he took the door off it's hinges, cut it down with a power saw, and hang it back up so that her (my cousin's) son could go to sleep. All of this happened after 9pm.

Then to make it even nicer, my sister found her missing necklace that she was going to give Nika outsider her step in the dirt, missing it's chain. She fumed for an hour, then waited for her to come home. We paid her friend $20 for coming and doing this for us, considering he was doing it for free since they were friends.

My the time our cousin got home, my sister had already fallen asleep, so I woke her up and she talked to her. She more or less told her that she had until the end of the month to leave.
Other than that, I had some very good squash with my dinner last night. :)

I have to go and maybe close up some rooms tonight, before I go home. I'll talk about today when I get home. Around midnight.

Take care people.

* I still think of him. * I had to say that.

October 20, 2004

I think this is ... I don't know where that is. It (the picture) was taken from a new train that the island got. All I can say for sure is that it's in the country. :) Posted by Hello

Today, A Picture.

My day so far is in pain, but I've told the teachers that their slides are finished and I even got enough money to pay L for her printer. Lucky me, and I didn't get all the money from him yet either.

Looks like I'll be able get my tank of gas for the house after all. I was going to post a picture with this post, but I forgot that I can't hit the enter key to start a new line in the program I'm using. So you'll see the pic after this post.

It's one of the few that I'll be posting at my site soon. I didn't take any of them. My camera isn't that good. :)

Well have a nice day.

October 19, 2004

Oww.. I can't move.

Did I mentioned he called?

I liked the little talk we had over the phone before he got me a taxi to come pick me up so we could spend time.

We hung out for 2 & hours or so. We talked we watched tv, I got his address states side as well as his birth date.

It sucked that the place he was staying didn't have breakfast considering he called and woke me up at 6 or 7 am. I don't even remember now. I just remember laying in my bed with my door closed hearing a phone ring, and thinking if it could be ours, then thinking, ya it's him.

I made it to the phone to find out that he had lost my number. I felt like a teacher that a kid just used "the dog ate my home work" on me. Not that it wasn't true, it's that if it had to happen it would happen to me.

Anyway, caught up, and stuff, then he had to leave. We parted much better this time around. We get along quite well in my opinion.

I got home, took a nap and work up like I was at the gym. It took me a while to get moving again then I was fine. I got out and picked up Nika from school, then took her back out two hours later to get her ride her new tri-cycle. She can go down very slight hills, but she doesn't want to work to come back up. We will have to work on that.

I laid down on the couch to watch something and fell asleep, then I woke up in pain again. Grief!

Ok, I'm off to eat something then I'll see what I'll do for the next 3 hours.

Good night.

October 18, 2004

I Hurt My Back And Other Little Things.

Today was a stress free day. Guess that is why you have days off.

I woke up somewhere around 11am, I think. One of the first things I asked when I became conscious was if I had gotten any phone calls. Not that they wouldn't have come and gotten if I had. I was just asking to make sure. No he didn't call.

For the whole day I nibbled at food. I had a real meal tonight around 9:30. Don’t know why I felt so hungry for.

I washed dishes and waited for the phone to ring. I checked my mail thinking of the phone ringing. My back hurt from doing the dishing again and the mopping from last night, so I didn't get much dishes done, and wondered if I could do anything if he did call. At 8pm I gave up on him calling.

Nika got a new tri-cycle. Her godmother got it for her. She missed her birthday back in August. She likes it, but needs some time to get use to pushing on the pedals.

Oh, I made my self dinner, was nothing more than Ramain since my sister got KFC from Nika's godmother, for her and Nika. I was left to fend for myself. It was on short notice, and my back hurt. Or I might have done something like lo main baked with veggie cheese and with ground chicken and onions. Well maybe. I had some peaches today. :)

I did have one interesting phone call today. L a student called me up to say that she was willing to sell me her printer for $125 or $150 EC. I don't remember which one now. She has no space at her place. Oh, this is the girl that gave me the half ride a week ago. Anyway. I get a printer. I just have to come up with the money in 2 weeks. If I can't pay her the whole thing at one time, I'll take it off her hands until I pays the rest since it sounds like she's just dying for space in her new place. Again, I'll see.

Ok. Midnight, and G4TechTV isn't showing the anime that I like, so I'm not interesting in staying up and watching it. Besides, I'm thinking of going walking tomorrow, and I have to wake up early for that.

Ok... nighty night then. :)

And I thought that I wasn't going to have anything to do.

My day was slow yesterday. Up until about 5pm I was finding ways to pass my time. The only big thing that happened until then was the new kid took the key to our offices with him again. But I didn't make a fuss about it, because I didn't need anything from inside there today, or I would have called up Collin to let me in. I did call the kid to see if he could bring it in, but he didn't have any transportation, and he was far out in the country. St. Paul’s to be exact.

So I was sitting there, acutely playing a game I installed months ago, and had barley played, and making good progress too.

Then it started. The rain. It rained, and rained, and rained. I got a leak next to the desk, I moved the trash can under it. Then a student called me to show a leak coming from the corner of a light by some computers. I went over and looked up at the light and saw the water dripping from the corner along with water on the inside of the light on the glass or plastic or what ever that is made from.

Then in the matter of mins I found myself standing in water in the Library. I asked the new girl in the library where the water was coming from? I saw some dirt or something like that and realized that it was coming from behind the wall and under the bookcase. I went to look at the room behind the bookcase and it was flooded t0o, and the water was coming from out undr the door.

Well, before something really bad happened I asked for an umbrella to go and get blade because he didn't have a phone. Ofcouse it was beyond pouring when I went outside. I tried to save my shoes and socks, but I should have just taken them off before I even went out side. My first step out and they was just about covered. Almost two inches of running water had flooded outside. I did find a "dry" spot by the trash cans and took off my socks and shoes before I went any further. Got down stairs and knocked on the door and realized that he had already left. Made my way back up the steps and walked back down the river and back inside. I was really happy I turned down the AC back when it started to get cold just before it started to rain.

I then walked my wet feet to the back room to use the only phone that I had access to that could call a cell phone belonging to the guy we were suppose to call for things like this. He didn't seem to think that it was that big of a deal and said that he's get Blade to come. The guy that I got wet looking for.

.... BRB....

4 hours later

Hi ya.

My sister had to use the computer and I was resting my back. I'll let you know why in a bit. Back to yesterday.

Well, 20 or so mins later when I was helping to unplug some of things in the room where the water was coming from Blade showed up. The water stopped him, then were it was coming from got him concerned. I then told him about my little light leak, that didn't make him happy.

A student from one of the study rooms came and told me that there was water coming in though window. I explaned that some students left the window up when it rained it ruined the seal, and there was nothing I could really do about it, but I'll come and have a look in a bit.

I helped the library out a bit, and called Collin up to come and open the office (which is also our storage room) so I could get some plastic to cover the computers under the light and to maybe let him know about our little flooding thing. I then went to have a look at the room. It wasn't that bad, and I cleaned up around the window and on the desk by the equiptment. They had plugged out the APC's and put the window coverings on the window still to soak up some of the water. Intresting. There was some water on the floor, so I went to get a mop from the library to mop it up.

Blade had gotten them some bigger mops and he had a floor squize to push the water to one place. Well I got one, mopped up the floor in my reading room then helped the two girls in the library for about 20 or so mins. By this time, it had flowed from that room, though the wall, under and past the built in desk to the other side of the room under some computers and the copy room had water coming out and getting the carpet wet in the hallway.

Oh, as we were just about finished dealing with the water (Blade had gone and gotten a wet vac to help), a guard came by to say that the ceilling for one of the big class rooms had fallen in. Ya.

I was gald that I was done, my back was killing me. I hurt it like 2 years ago. I was helping set up the new LRC and I hurt my back when I tried to lift up a table. Guess it was far heavier than I thought. The day after that I couldn't get out of bed because of the stabbing pain in my back. Over the next year, I would call in sick alot because I couldn't move. I started to learn that I couldn't do a lot of things anymore. Just beinding a little for more then 2 mins and my lower back would start to go.

I offered him my broom on his way out. Guess he didn't want it. By this time it was 8:50 pm or so. My shocks and shoes were still wet. I'll just dry them 30 mins before it was time for me to leave I said to myself. I ended up not giving myself that much time. I used those hot air things in the bathroom to dry my socks a bit before putting them back on. I need new socks I thought as I looked at the hole in the heel of my sock. If any of you come across a cheep pair of size 13-15 tub socks send them my way please... I can't seem to find a pair unles they are having a sale on guy socks. The only time they will be under $45 for 3 or so pair, and even then, most of them are just below my size.

Oh, Collin gave me a ride home. Not bad. I should have asked for him to give me a ride home earlyer. Oh well.

Now at home, I got to see Farscape. yes. Then Inyasha, and wolf's rain. Then I fooled around with the computer then went to bed around 4am again. I have to stop doing that.

And that's it. See ya.

October 17, 2004

Slow Day and I Got To Go Home Eearly.

Sorry I'm so late... Had a second black out a few hours ago, and my sister got on the computer before me. She just got off to go to bed.

Made it to work by 10 past, and got right to work. We were told yesterday that we were going to loose power at 4pm. I didn't have much time to get the few things that I needed to do done.

One was to make a copy of that tape that Ron gave me. I was actully making a copy of a tv movie. *shaking head* I have nothing against helping people out, but making a copy of tv moive that came out 6 years ago? maybe less, but that' s so not what our job is. Guess that is why there was no rush on it. Well it's done. It's sitting on the desk next to mine.

Next there was the last set of slides to do for Dr. T. I was happy that I only had like 24 to do, and that was my last set. Ya! :) I even had some time to sort through some pics that I got from a teaher. I'm posting some new pictures of the island on my site this month it looks like. They aren't half bad.

I then got rid of this shutdown program that I was trying out. Not what I was looking for. Then I just got the one that all the others had and set it up. When I was told that we were going to start to leave the computers on about a year ago, I had to have them restart. From all the powerpoints and stuff that the students pull up, it would cut down on the crashes and stuff we got. So I got this little program that restarts every day at 6:30am. Also if you click on the icon in the system try, you can have it restart the computer, log out, shut down, or hibernate.

Well, I looked down at the clock in the system tray and saw that it was almost half past 4 and we still had power. I either didn't have much time lift, or ... something. They desided not to turn off our power after all, they pushed it back a few mins, or hours, or a day for all we knew.

Well I was about to click on something and out it went. I was happy that I only had 3 computers in that room to turn off.

Then I walked out unto the floor and started turning off the APC's. I also asked the new kid to turn off the 6 that went down the middle of the two sets of tables. For us. The other girl who's shift over lapped with mine, helped me to turn off some of the APC's before she left.

I was asked how long I was going to be there for, since as you know, the computers on the floor don't work when we are on genarator power, which came on in about 20 mins after the power went out. I told everyone that asked that I was going to wait until sunset before I called my boss and asked him if I could leave. After all, what was is doing there? There were no students, the only one that was there in one of the break out rooms that had a window, left when it got dark. We have a genarator, but it only kinda powers half of the LRC. One half of the floor and the room gets nothing, the other half gets only lights. The FDC gets lights I think, but that's it. Only the offices on the left side of the floor and server room gets full power from the genarator.

So after rocking out to my music on the speakers for about a hour, and outside was dark, I called up my boss and told him that no one was there, and they can't even see their way to the bathroom unless they get a flashlight from the Library. She he said sure, go home. Just put up a sign first. Fine.

Made up my sign, and left. I also left my torrents going too, and I didn't set my restart program. I want to see how much data was moved when I get in tomorrow.

Called up my sister and asked her is she wanted to go out. She said yes so I told her to get Nika dressed. I then had to waite for like 30 mins for a bus. Three passed me, and they were full. Guess eveyone was going into town for something.

I got home and had to walk down the street that was very dark. I had to block out all light so I could see where I was doing. One light infront of you doesn't help you see where you are going. After about 5 mins we were ready and walked down Adam's Hill into town. We then saw that the power was dotted. It was suppose to be set areas, but it like this house had power, the one across the street didn't, then on the other side of that street there was power. We need new grids.

Walked into town, got side lined by someone I went to school with, then got money off the bank for me, and desided to go buy dinner. We got 3 $5 chicken and fry rice. Walked over to maybe the only offical bus stop on the island and ate some food, tring to kill time until 10pm. Nika got tired and the comfty bus showed up so we went home around 9:30pm.

We were starting to think before we went home that maybe power was back because alot of the people that were hanging out there were all leaving, but on the bus ride back we saw that it wasn't, but we shouldn't have that long of a wait now anyway.

Got home, changed, sat in my sister's room and ate. Nika laid down and went to sleep, then as the wind blew the candle out the lights came back on. I heard the beep from the computer before I saw the street lights coming back on.

I'll spell this tomorrow. Hope I wasn't too bad with my spelling tonight. But I already lost my blog from before, I'm not taking another chance now. Ya, we lost power again for about 30 mins maybe. No not that long. We say it was the rain. If it rains hard enough for long enough, the power will go out for about 30 mins to an hour. It had started to pour 10mins before the lights went out for the second time.

Night. :)

October 15, 2004

Ow.. My Head Hurts.

Ok, this is what I can remember. (Thursday 14th October 2004)

Got to work more or less on time. Tried to fix the program problem for the girl. Still didn't work. Decided to try and make it into a power point since the program exported pictures.

Scanned about 80 pictures for Dr. G. They were very nice pictures.

The new kid closed up all but two rooms for me.

I installed a new bit torrent manager. I thought that I was being bad not sharing the ones that I've already gotten. So I had it running on two computers. All I have is anime.

Closed up on time. Got home in good time. My sister made cook up. It was good. Tied my hair down. I got my sister to plat it yesterday or that morning, don't remember. I wanted it to look good for Friday because of the Alumni students were coming to campus and I wanted to look nice for past friends.

I would have been in bed sooner if Nika wasn't still awake. My sister crashed, so I was up with here until 1:30am then I called it quits. I told her when she was done watching tv called mommy to turn off the lights and fan. She said fine, and I went to bed. In 20 mins she did.

Guess I remembered more than I thought. :)

That's it. Almost three Jhoy length blogs in one night. I'm out of here.

He Actualy Came!

I'm not suppose to be so happy that he came but I am.

I got dressed to meet the returning students. I even came in a little late because I stopped to iron my best shirt which won't be so great after a few more incidents.

Anyway, I put on my current best shirt and skirt and went to school to meet who came back. I ofcourse expected to see only people I knew, but there were a lot of them that came from well before I started working there and I wasn't even out at the front that much. I was there to say "Hi guys." and wave from behind the desk like a happy secretary. Two of them came over and shook my hand. It's a big desk. One was guy that has already been down here for the year, but came back for this anyway. I'm starting to think that he's not in love with his job in upper NY. The other girl didn't tell me anything. They were on the tour, so she just say hi and ask me how I was doing, and I told her I liked her new glasses.

Then I more or less banished myself to the back room to scan the slides for Dr. T. It was different from scanning the slides that I did for Dr. G the day before. For one thing, the slides from Dr. G weren't 30 + years old.

Well, E did a nice thing today. She came and got me when see saw some of friends from past classes using the computers on the floor. It were the twins. :) The gorgeous Puerto Rico twins. When they first came to Ross they had the Admin girls in a fit. They were the hottest things on campus until they left about a year and a half ago.

Then when I had to come back out to cover the desk because E had to go to town, I saw him. I don’t' know what to say about him. For one he actually came. I had a feeling that he might come, but ofcourse he didn't let know this. When it was all said and done, by the time he walked out the door, he had my phone number and knew that I still lived in the same place. I'm expecting a call from him on Monday. I also told him of my days off.

Ok...back to the rest of my day. I had a small battle with getting a copy of the staff newsletter from G. We got it to something that looked pretty good on screen. Then she said that when it printed it didn't look that great. Print?? We didn't make it good for printing. I had to tell her a few times that it never crossed our minds to print it. Just to make it readable on screen. She said that everyone printed it. Then I told her that no one in our department ever printed it. So I had to talk to my senior person who was helping with this. We managed some kind of work around and it was set out just before 4pm. I think.

Had a small tissle with someone from the housing department. She was so confused that it took a while to untangle her. Then I had to scan 9 document to see if she changed anything. So I to go back and forth between the copy that I sent her and the copy that she sent back to me. E came back like an hour before, now it was time for her to leave. I finished up what I was doing then I went back to finishing up the slides for Dr. T. Lucky me I had only 7 slides left. Finished up the slides, sorted though the slides and found the last set that I had to do. Those I'm leaving for Saturday.

I'm starving. I got two dollars and walked across the campus to by some peanuts. You know those kind that you buy in the store that say 2 for $1. That is what I was getting for $2. While I was over there I decided to turn off the equipment. I got my peanuts, and turned off the things in the building, top and bottom. Then on my way back to my department, I turned off stuff in three other classrooms.

Then I was back in front of a computer. Ok, I have like 3 hours before I have to go home, I checked my torrents on two computers and then just looked at the screen. Ok, I said that I would write my blog now, so I should get to it.

Six lines in and what happened? I looked up to see the lights go out. Great!

Like normal, everyone fled the LRC like it was sinking ship, but I only had like 3 people there today. For one it was Friday, two, some of the students were at a party over at turtle beach with the returning students along with some staff, and three, most of the early exams were over with so they were resting a bit from studying, even it was for three days. The library was already closed. They closed at 4. We were opened until 7pm.

Well I called up blade to tell him that there were students here using the 24 hour reading room, then I called my boss to ask him if we should stay considering the generator didn't power our computers on the floor. He said ya, go home after we turn off all the APC's. Fine. Turn off 60+ APC's then go home. I'm out of here. I almost thought that I would be able to crash the Turtle beach party, but just the other day they were making fuss about RVSPing for the thing.
Ok, I've caught up for the day. I can't do this two more time. I barely remember yesterday sad to say. But lucky for you I saved a draft of the day before. So you see that.

Sorry about the holes, but they can't be helped. Tomorrow I'll be back on track.

See ya.


*my head falling to the table as my fingers fall away from streaking down the monitor*

We lost power again. And just as I was writing my blog like I promised I would. :(

I got to go home 2 hours early and fell asleep on my sister's bed because I had to go wake up Nika because it was time for her to wake up.

Ok.. back to writing the blog I started over 5 hours ago. ...Oh... I fogot that we didn't have power on Wednesday night, so I didn't see Enterprise, and tonight I was there in time to see it from the start and I passed it thinking that it was the re-run from last Wednesday until I came back half and hour later and said that I didn't remember this part. Then my sister told me. Ah!.. bad day... maybe.

I'll go write now.

Drive Slow

Sorry but postings for today and yesterday have been deled due to power outages.

Tomorrow, yesterday will be posted and Friday afternoon Thursday's post will be posted.

Fridays will be posted Friday night ... some time.

See ya.

October 13, 2004

the darkness came

I thought that today was going to be another slow day for me.

Got to work on time thanks to the husband of the lady that I give tips to. I'm no longer calling them lessons. Lessons would have home work and you and would be taking your own notes.

I had one thing in my head to do other than check the announcements to see if there was anything past due to be taken down. That was to digitize a video for seventh semester. The min I get my hands on it I'm just about attached by a girl that already scares me. There turned out to be about 4 pieces to this tape, so after I digitized it, I had to go and split it up. Now I remember, there was another part that I have to split from everything else and post. I posted the other two. That last piece is so old that it's in black and white. Looks like 1969 film.

Vets need to start making new instructional videos for Vet schools. The stuff they have are so dated.

Well I was happy that I was leaving at 7pm today. The meeting that we had got rid of some of the time for me. Then around 4pm I ran into some work that didn't want to get done.

There is this lady that took over running the Staff newspaper because the other person left to go to school and she wanted to use MS Publisher, but for some reason she didn't get it from someone in our department that she asked, so she went and bought her own software to make the newsletters. Well she made a great newsletter, but she was only one who could see it. So we tried to install something that would let her turn it into a pdf document. I tried two free pieces of software first, but they gave me less than great results. So I told her that tomorrow I'll stop by with the full paid for $4oo or so version of adobe acrobat and install it for her. Then I tried to install MS Publisher for next time. I tried twice, it wouldn't work. The computer would stop reading it when it got so far. So I have to get another cd. Great. I left her a note on her computer and left.

Went down stairs and sat down when I saw that it was saving a part of the movie. So I went outside and sat at the desk to write back to one of the few people that still on occasion decide to write me, and I was 7 lines in when guess what. The lights died on me. And it didn't just go in one shot. No. I slowly went, then came back, then slowly went out then BOP. Out. My luck. I look over at the clock. 6pm Just when I was suppose to go out and turn off all the class room equipment. I'm not happy.
I actually got my little self up and walked outside in the dying light into semi-dark room to try and turn off some equipment. After fiddling around in there for longer than I would like considering I knew where things were, I decided against doing the others. There's my gift to the morning staff they won't have to turn anything on expect the TV's.

Walked back upstairs to find that the new guy hadn't turned off the APC's. It sounded like a cricket migration. I got him to help me turn then off, then I waited until it was time for me to leave.

About and hour into the outage I saw Blade. He was the one in charge of turning on the generators for now. I was going to turn off some of the other equipment when I went out the back to go home when I saw a sign on the back door that reminded me that I had to move a computer from the library's reading room before I went home. So back in I went, left my bag on the desk in the hall, walked into the reading room, and got the computer, and carried it back to my department. Then I tried to leave again.

Mummm.. it's dark. It seems like he only did our part of this building and up by the teacher's offices. Fine. I didn't want to walk back though my depart to leave. I didn't want the power to come back and have it find me in there. So I took the long walk up. The lights came back .... I kept on walking. I got a bus and came home.

That's It. I don't remember. I don't even remember what I had for dinner. Oh.. I'm remembering.. I was yellow rice with liver and potatoes. :) It was good.

Ok, that's it. See ya.

October 12, 2004

Wake up call.

Some where around noon my sister set Nika in to wake me up. She's a very bright little girl.

Jhodie (my sister) told Nika to come get me after the show was watching finished. So as soon as Wiggles was finished she came in and told me it was time to wake up. Don't quite remember what happened after that. I did wake up.

Oh, before I go much further. The reason that I was in bed so late was because I was up till 4am today. First I was just watching my anime at midnight then the one at 1:30am. Than I decided to see if I could fix the problem with office 2000 on this computer. It got corrupted by a virus and the fix for the virus, and I couldn't uninstall it. So I’m having to remove pieces of it by hand. Then around 3, something possessed me to wash some dishes. So I did that for a long as my back could hold out.

Wait!.. I just remembered. I had to use the bathroom somewhere around 2am and I just about jumped out of my skin. I sat down looked up at the wall and almost screamed and mentally had to tell myself, don’t make any sudden moves as I got up and backed out of the bathroom looking for my shoe. Ran to the living room and came back with my shoe to see that it was still there. Half a foot long centipede. It was almost as long as my shoe. I were a size 111/2 wide. I slammed my shoe down unto it. Pushed really hard, turned alittle left and right. I heard the body pop and slush around. I reached for the small trash can and held it under so when I let go of the shoe it fell into the trash. I then washed off the sole of my shoe, and came back with the flit (insecticide spray). I sprayed it 3 times to make sure it was dead. That is not a sight you want to see. Ever.

Anyway, back to today. Well it seems that the sanitation department came by and said that they had some issues with how or yard looked. They have never shown up when the yard looks good. It's like there is someone watching our yard to see when it gets really bad and then calls them. Well Jhodie walked around the yard with the person that came and they said what they wanted to say, and she woke me up to help her clean. We were going to clean it today anyway, so it didn't bug me.

The back drain had to be cleaned, I've been putting it off for long enough. It was almost completely full of dirt. I had to shovel it all out. Well almost all of it. I had to have Jhodie finish it up for me. May I point out THE HEAT!... Nika was outside with us the whole time we cleaned. We tried to get her to help, but mostly she just wanted to get her hands on the water hose. After we cleaned up most of the stuff and packed it away we let her have it and she soaked the two of us. She was happy. Giggling to herself the whole time.

That took almost 2 hours out of my life and I got a work out, and the yard looks pretty good. The heat actually went away come 4pm today. For the past 4 or so days, it was just melting hot for the whole day.

My sister is saying that she is going to make real garlic bread. You know, baking the garlic inside the bread. It's so sad. I tried looking up how to make garlic bread on the internet a while ago for my sister and all I found was toast bread, mix this, and spread. That's not garlic bread. That's toast with garlic spread.

Oh well. Let's just see how it comes out. I'm going to see if I fixed a little of my office problem, and find out why divx.com keeps closing IE when I try to open it.

See ya.

October 10, 2004

I'll be safe she said.

I left work on time, taking my hard drive with me, and a pretty past calendar page.

I even got escorted up to the street by a guard.

Anyway, I stood there, waiting to see how long it would take to catch a bus and get home.
I was there for maybe 15 mins then a student stopped to give me a lift, and as soon as I was in the car, she said that she forgot where I lived. Ok. I live a mile or so away. But she said that she was going to drop me off before that. It would be safe. I said fine. I had nothing else to say.

So I stood there, in the dark, at the top of a hill on a small curve, where I saw a wreck of maybe 3 cars a week before. Sure I was safe. Street lights going out all around and slowly coming back on. People thinking that they were in the grand-prix as they rushed by me. Ok... It was about 100 yards to a well lit, off the street bus waiting area at a gas station. I should be able to make it.

I just have to walk in the dark, on the street when no cars were coming, or on the grass that was wet, with holes in the ground, the things that bite and dropping from dogs and sheep, or and some mud and maybe a dead animal or two in the way, when I car was coming.

Well after waiting in the spot for maybe 10 mins, I went for it. No close calls with any cars, just learned to stand still when a car was coming and not look into the high beans so I can see to get going.

Got there and waited for another 10 mins until the same girl and father or grand father came by and gave me a lift home.

When I got home everyone was already in bed. Walked past the computer and saw on the kitchen table that my sister made some meat patties for dinner. Went, got undressed, then came back for some. They were good. Could almost be store bought. It had that hint of pepper that sister later said she didn't taste. I don't do that well with spicy stuff.

At least it didn't rain on my while I was waiting for a lift home.

Nice end with the patties. Bye.

Small Surprises

Let's see.

I got to work on time because a new member of the Library was driving past and actually saw me to give me a lift.

My hard drive is repaired, so I'm coping over some stuff to take home.

When I was in the back typing up the how-to for scanning 2x2 slides a newly appointed "Manager of Technical Services" stopped by and asked how I was and when was the last time I had a real check up. Sorry to say but I haven't had one since I was 20. Just before I left NY.

He said how we were going to do something about that, he then let me know of the pending work that I had to look forward to concerning the website for the school.

Sometimes I think that I'm just dense. I never seem to get these visions that they have for the LRC or the website, but he'll make me see since I have to make it. We will be moving to flash soon. I know... just about everyone else has flash and have been using it for ages. Well, I'm sorry that we are so behind.

We are just starting to really grow here. The school is about 21 years old, we are new compared to most other colleges. Not that there aren’t others that are younger than us, but at this point, we are like the kid from college, getting use to being in the real world now.

Well, I finished up the how-to. It's not bad. I have a few pictures in there. You know, just to make it easy. :) I did a few changes to the department's web page. I'm suppose to be redesign it, but I don't have that much information yet. I have a very bare structure that is begging for information and a style sheet.

Speaking of style sheets, when I had to take over for the real webmaster in NJ, I had to learn a few things fast, and one of the things that I thought she would know was done wrong. Which just made me wonder and left me with a mess that I bend to what I wanted at the time. But I can't wipe it and start over. I don't have that kinda time, since I don't know what all the parameters are.

Well it's 6:15pm now. I've had a slice of pizza from my friend AM. She brought it by for me yesterday, but as you know, I was home sleeping off something. I remembered that I hadn't named the new computer that I set up for the scanner so I did that as well as ran spybot. We have a nice naming system here at school, so we can find computers easy in our VSS network when we try to do things over the network to it. Spybot I had to reinstall. After version 1.3 your 1.2 version won't update anymore. It doesn't even tell you, it just says that there are no new updates for you. So if you have the old version, you have to get the new one, and if you don't know which version you have, get the new one anyway.

Well that found some things and cleaned them out. I'm tempted to installed spywearblaster but a lot of people won't use that computer to surf.

I'm here till 10pm and now I'm trying to think of stuff to do. I started the list for our faculty database that we are making for the website, it's almost half way done. Oh.. I remembered something to do... that took some thinking. I'm going to go update the exam page for the students.

When we opened up our new extended building, teachers started to use us as a testing center. So now we write up a time sheet for when we are having an exam so they (the students) would walk into the door because it's locked. But it still happens anyway. *shaking head* In about a year or so, it will mostly be a testing center.

I'm going to update that page, then find something else to do. I may even go looking for new wallpaper. :) Or atlest get back the ones that I lost.

Sniffling but ok. :) See ya.

"Yes doctor, she has been given her medication"

Ok.. I survived going to the doctor, but paying my prescription bill took it out of me.

I did most of the talking, he looked in my ears, my nose and down my throat, then wrote me up a script. Just to hear him talk, I asked him if there was a way to test for Acid Reflux. He said that they would use an endoscope. Ok, paid him $30 for the little chat, then when went to get my meds.

I handed over my script to find out that one for my ear infection was $56. :( ok. That was just about everything I had. I couldn't even get the meds for my cold. I had already gone to the bank to get money to go to the doctor in the first place.

By this time it was around noon. So I thought of getting something to eat that was on the really cheap side. So I was heading to get a salt fish and jonny cake, but when I got there the lady wasn't, so I thought of this other place. I walked over there, waited my turn, then decided to get my money out before it was my turn.

Looked in my bag, and looked, and looked, and only found $5. Ok, no lunch for me. Went back out into the hot sun to catch a bus home to get some soups so I wouldn't starve at work. Well I got home, took some of my meds with some of that aspirin and codeine stuff, and some of my left over cold meds. I had a hour before I had to leave, so I laid down for a nap. The sun stopped me a few time from even thinking of wanting to go home. At one point I just stood in the shade of a building and looked at the sun that I had to walk though to get to the bus stop.

Well, I woke up 15 past 2pm. My shift started at 2. My sister just got back from getting Nika's meds, and she needed more money too. We got the same $50 odd meds for our ear's. She said that I didn't look that good and that I should stay home. I just said fine and stripped and fell back into bed.

My sister got my (bank) card and went back to town to get the other meds. Including mine at another pharmacy. Don't remember when woke up, think I had stewed turkey and bread, took the same meds again somewhere around 9 or 10pm. Had a headache for 3 or so hours. I was happy to see that they played Read or Die at midnight, and it turned out to be the first two that missed on Monday.

My sister then put Nika to bed. She was up late because she took a late nap that afternoon. Well, I felt like playing a computer game. Amazingly it didn't hurt my head. I played for 2 and half hours. I got to level 9-4 before I died. My sister is still stuck on level 8. When I got up, then my head hurt. I got to see Wolf's Rain, but I missed Inuyasha. Don't know when I'll see that episode again.

Well I have to get ready for work. It's 1:05pm.

I'll be back to spell check this when I'm work and add what ever else happened if anything.

See ya.

(back... spell checked everyting. Now it looks like something a published person wrote. :) )

October 09, 2004

.. it ended with a crash.

Over all my day was fine.

Bought lunch at school, spent $12 on a borito and some rice.

Came down stairs, saw that they had set up a flat panel for testing reasons. I gave it a shot. I was more worried about how the pictures looked. I had heard that the colours weren't that sharp on LCD's. Granted that was old news for me, but I had yet to use a LCD other than on a laptop.

Well, the colour was fine. Far better than I expected. It was the text that I wasn't happy with. Some students may have issues with it, but at least we weren't replacing all the monitors with LCD's. They are just for the new 24 that were going to put in over break.

I finished up the office switch, and all the updates for it. I even got to skin my profile with style xp. I use to use something called windowblindes. I haven't checked in a while, but style xp is really good too.

Anyway, two hours before it was time for me to go home I started sneezing. Great. :( My noise started to run, the back of my throat started to get itchy. Oh, and don't forget my ear infection, that's back too.

At 10pm I couldn't take it anymore, the pain was making that side of my head plus with pain. I tried laying down, that just made it worst, so after a while to hoping it would stop on it own, I took four(4) aspirin & codeine phosphate pills. I thought it wore off an hour ago. Pain killers don't work that well for me, so I actually believe that it wore off when I felt pain in a hour, but it's gone again. Guess it was a flare up that I was feeling.

Anyway, I'm heading to see a doctor tomorrow to get some meds for the infection before I get strep throat again. That happened to me that last time I left it alone hoping it would go away.
5 years in NY and my ear didn't bug me once. Granted I've been back a bit longer than 5 years, but it was around the 4 year mark that my ears started to act up. Oh, and Nika, my sister's child is having one of her things again.

Earlier this year it had gotten really bad and she was in the hospital for a week. I was in the hospital for a week too. My sister stayed all night with her, and I would show up in the morning so she could go home and take a nap, get something to eat and take a bath. Then she would come back in time for me to go to work. I hated having Nika in there. Oh, both of them live with me.
Anyway, they said that she had "Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis". We looked it up and ofcourse we didn't like hearing that, but with the chances of her growing out of it being really good and that it may not get that bad again for her to go to the hospital made us not feel totally bad.

It started to act up today. The doctor said that it can be triggered with a cold. She had that last week. We hope it won't last long or get too bad, but she has already started to cry about her ear. Last time, this lasted for 4 or so weeks off and on.

Anyway, I'm having my sister take her to her doctor before it gets to far along, and I'm off to see a doctor before I can't talk, but I'm sure she is going to tell me that I have to see an ear, eye and noes doctor for more help. The only good thing is that now that I've fixed the computer for the scanner, I'll be getting the rest of my pay for the job, and I can afford to go see one. Once I've found one that is. I was hoping to use that money to get and extra tank of gas. I might still be able to pull it off. I'll see.

As for something on the happy side of life, Star Trek: Enterprise premiered tonight. I had actually forgotten how the season ended. They are going to be spend some time fixing the problem that they currently have on their hands. This may be 7 episodes long. At midnight I watch a new anime that G4TehTV has. It just started this week, but I missed the first two shows. It's called "Read or Die The TV" Shortened to ROD The TV. It's a nice show. It's only 26 episodes long. But not everything can be as long as Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball, or the Gundum set.

My sister cooked. I was stewed turkey with carrots and some pasta. She wanted me to add some cream corn to it, but I'm saving it for something else.

HaCHOO! Now I'm back to sneezing. I'm going to spell check this thing in word then I'm off to bed. Currently it's 1:30am, and I have to get up for the doctor tomorrow.

See ya tomorrow.

October 08, 2004

Smoth... just a little long

Hello again.

Let's see, I did something good yesterday. Work wise that is.

You see, there was this computer that just desided to kill it's video card. I spent a few days trying to get that fixed but it just wouldn't let me. I even swapped out the cards. It wouldn't have any of that.

So I told the other people in my department that it was down. I has been over a month. No one else has touched it. So, the other day I asked my boss about it, and he said that I could have such and such a computer to replace it with. Thank you.

Picked it up, and one of the guys I worked with said that he wanted to look it over because it use to belong to our network adminastrator. So I left it alone for a day. The next day, picked it up, and proceaded to fix the month old problem. I started at 3pm. At 9pm I was finished. I managed to find and install the scsi drivers and drives for the very old 2x2 scanner. I uninstalled all the programs that the former owner had on here, and got it down to a standared system as much as I could. I did move some of the stuff that I didn't think I should get rid of to the next hard drive. I'm going to look though some of the install files that he copyed from the server to get rid of the ones that are outdated, or we still have. What's let will just go back to the server.

Well, after I was finished, the same guy who said he wanted a look at it, said he still wanted to look at it, but I told him that it may be too late now. I cleaned it pretty good. Now that I think of it, I don't think that he will get near this computer. He's too busy with other things.

Now, I'm replaceing MS Office. It had 2003 installed and it was buggy, so I uninstalled it and gave it office 2000. Only two people on campus are using 2003. Eveyone else knows (more or less) and uses 2000. It just finished installing. I have to restart the computer, do the office updates, then leave instructions on the computer on how to use the 2x2 scanner. :)

I'm also looking over a teacher's shoulders. I'm helping him capture some pictures using a microscope.

Aah. He's done. Just came back. I went to help him shrink them, save them to zip disk and make a folder. Yes, he doesn't know how to make a folder. That answered one of my questions about his server folder.

Ok, have to restart. I'll let you know how my day ended later.

October 06, 2004

The Cling

I loved this shirt when I first got it.

It was a gift from my aunt in NY. She came down for Christmas, and it was one of the things that she brought for me that was my size.

Today it looked like I pulled it out of a dirt pile. I wasn't even sweating, yet it tried to turn the colour of my skin all by itself.

Oh... and the stain that I thought wasn't that bad 5 hours ago just gave it that nice accent it was missing. This is why I can not wear white. The only white thing that I own are socks.

AHHH!! and I noticed this all when I was walking around campus turning off the AV equipment in the classrooms. It didn't help that I had to walk up a long lit room to talk to a guy that I think might like me. He was playing a game on his laptop between study sessions.

Other than that, I closed up all the rooms with incident. I even got a nice surprised with payment of a side job that I did over break. I didn't get to finish the job, but the guy felt that he had to pay me something. So I was able to buy lunch today. :) ... I just wish the salt fish wasn't salty.

I see you raising your eyebrow. Salt fish is salted so it can be used at a much later date, but all of that salt is supposed to boiled and washed off before you make it into some edible. The other guy who got the same thing as me said that it wasn't so much as being salty as there was something strong in it. Either which way, I may go for something from the cafeteria upstairs next time. The food they have is good, it's just that a plate of food is like $20 odd while the other food that I got was $14.

I know, some of you are saying that, that isn't a lot to pay for good food, and I agree. I just can't afford it. Maybe once every two weeks I can get a meal from up there.

I got my hands on Ron's camera again. I need pictures for the LRC/IT webpage. I start working on that again tomorrow.

Have a nice night.

October 05, 2004

I hope you know this.

Before I run into a newbe who has to back up their things and do it this way, I'm warning you now.

You do not copy the shortcut of the program you use to make some to save the stuff you made.
ie... you do not save the picture of the program you scan with, with the arrow in the corner to save the pictures you scanned. Ok?

I bring this up because this is what I ran into today. I normally go by this lady's house to help her do computer things and maybe teach her something. I think I mentioned it in my entry.

Well I went by and she was showing me what she backed up on cd. Most of it was just short cuts to programs. She's felt bad about loosing her stuff. It took her a while to scan them. She wanted to make a slide show of her life and her husband's life before and after they meet. A real sentimental piece.

She backed up her stuff because she was suppose to have her system re-installed because it came with a used version of xp installed so it couldn't get service packs. She got it back the other day and I went by to help put things back on it, to find out that wasn't completely fixed, and some parts were software jerry riged and it has lost some memory. It started out as a 128, but when I looked at it today it was 96. I don't know what this guy is going, but she is saying that she wants her money back and is going to get a computer from somewhere else.

Ok..I'm done my small rant. Oh... if you are looking for a new computer, and you have $800 to spear... check this out. I would buy it myself it wasn't going to mean me spending 2 grand of my own money.

October 04, 2004

Can I cook?

ok.. I mixed a few things together and my sister put them in the oven, and burned the second set I might add.

Bisccottiies. I think that is how you spell it. Let me check. Nope it's Biscotti. I was kinda close.. just got happy on the doubles. :)

Well the first set had some mixed fruit in it, the second one was just plane. That is the one that got burned.

Other than that I actually cleaned. Washed dishes, cleaned off the table, sweep the floor and cleaned up the new living room set that most people think that it's their new bed.

The only reason I'm spending over 4 grand EC (eastern caribbean dollar) is because we were a month away from sitting on the floor to watch the tv. That too was very over priced.

I was up to 4 this morning.. right now I don't remember why, I think I watched a whole movie or something, well when I was out here thinking of staying and sleeping on the couch, I heard thunder and lighting I saw reflecting off of the wall of the next house. I was hoping at one point that lighting didn't hit me while I was sitting there.

Are you suppose to have a lighting rod on your house??

My headache is back, and I have to help a lady who said that she wanted me to teach her stuff, but some things she doesn't do her self. After she made me make her notes, with pictures.

I'm getting off now to rest my head. I may cancel my walk if I still feel this bad tomorrow, but not the lady. I have to see what state her computer is in.

Oh... my name is JhoyElba if you a picture sharing program named Hello. ... Just got it, would love to try it out with someone who has good wallpaper to share.

Good Night.

Oh.... I can cook.... I just haven't in 6 or so years. Not that I get take out or eat junk food, my sister lives with me and she cooks. .. just not today, so I ate Biscotti's and milk.

October 03, 2004

The End of My Day.

Well I'm now home and I've eaten my dinner way to quickly.
Potato salad and corned beef... not bad, I haven't had potato salad in a while.

I had a nice wait for a bus to take me home. It's Sunday, so it's up to each bus driver if they want to work today or not. I'm happy that some deside to work so I can get to and from work. Lucky me I got a ride home from a student who lives down the road for me. Not that I knew that at the time she picked up.

While I was out there standing for almost 30 mins, I looked up at the starts, hoping I won't feel like I was going to fall. Nomally I just look over the barn and across the channel and look at the lights over on Nevis, but I felt like looking up, since the moon already caught my attenion.

It was full a few days ago, and lit up the whole country side, but it still had a nice glow to it and it was kinda yellow. I think it rose like an hour before. Anyway, I was looking at the stars, and I remembered a Star Trek clip. Yes I like Star Trek. I'm still waiting for them to do the proper ending for DS9. I'm just starting to think that there isn't going to be one. Anyway, it was from one of the genaraion's movies... they were on a planet and found out that the "native" people weren't from that planet, and something on the planet was keeping them from aging.

That was just my way of thinking that the're could be others living out there. Yes I have a very fragmented mind. :)

Oh, before I leave, a little self promotion... I have a wallpaper club that I just updated. Actully every start of the month I update it. Wish I had a bit more space over there, but for now it's the best I can do. So if you ever need some new or intresting wallpaper, you can stop by Wallpaper for Everyone and pick up something.

Good Night.Posted by Hello

I took this a while a go when taking pictures of around where I work for the website that I was just given charge of. This didn't make it..but I still like it. This will kinda sum up what you will be getting from me. The whole thing may be on the pretty side.. but there are alot of thorns. Like life. see ya around.  Posted by Hello

Today is the first day....

.. of my blogging life.

I've been saying that I'll join the blogging world for the past 2 years now. G'sss it's already been that long.

If I'm going to start, I might as well do it now while I still can.

Oh, you can thank picasa for getting me here... oh, and my friend Brian for telling me to get started already. :)

Well here goes.

I'll fill out my profile.. up load and old pic of me, since I looked better then, then tonight I'll enter my day.

Hello. My name is Jhoy. Bye.