September 24, 2008

Is it me?


What do you think?

I got the link to make this from someone I ran into over at

The link he gave me took me here. Face Your Manga.

My hair is about that long now. I checked. I couldn't get away from a big forehead. I do have full lips and I think I got the full cheeks here. Everyone knows I have a chest. I had one hair band. I broke it, so I need to find a new one. I'm not sure about my eyes. And yes, I do have a mole/beauty mark on my face.

Other than this, nothing much is going on for me. I haven't even tried to look for something for a week or so now. My mom this week has made me into house cook. She wants me to cook before I go to bed, so that she can come home to a cooked meal. It's really dinner for everyone else, but she get's it for lunch and dinner unless she has something else she wants to eat for lunch.

My story has gotten to chapter 25 and page 100, and I've hit a wall. I can't get into Sess' head, and if or when I manage to pull that off, I don't know what comes next in the story. Maybe when I break through the wall I will see a path.

I've been reading mangas and the "Dirk & Steele" romance collection in order. I'm starting the third book now. My sister started me off on it. It's not bad. The first one had some mistakes that should have been caught by a good editor if they were looking, unless that first one had a lot of errors and those three or so slipped through. But I don't think that I saw any in the second book, and I'm just starting the third.

I've also made a few wallpapers in this time. I did a few experiments, and they seemed to have been well received. I've come to the end of one set I was doing within a set, and I'm thinking of doing some photo manipulation ones based on one I made years and years ago. It's going to be like a window behind a weather climate.

Over at I've added another story. I had someone read over this one with me and we both made some good fixes and small changes to it.

Well I should get back to thank the guy for the link he sent me. :)

See ya.

September 18, 2008

Me? Your babysitter??? Be grateful I'm kind.

Did I ever tell you that I hate kids?

I hate taking care of people's kids.

And you are asking why I'm bring this up now aren't you?

Well, that girl from next door is here, well her child is, and I'm fighting with her to eat her breakfast and to keep quite so she doesn't wake up the other people still sleeping in this apartment.

She is a pain. The only good thing about the weekend is that I don't see her.

Then after a while I hate the mother who had them, and who I'm standing in for. If you can't take care of your child, you shouldn't have children. I don't care if you were planing to get married, or if you were already married. The questions that need to be asked are if you are mentally and emotionally ready to take care of a child, never mind children? And you have the time and the money to take care of a child?

If you can not provide what a child needs and be there for them, because they need you too, you shouldn't have any. I don't care if you want a child. Everyone wants a child. And do the very deceased risk of dying in childbirth, most people have, and most people know how most of those stories turned out.

I just have to survive for another hour and I can see her out the door and go to bed.

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September 14, 2008


I know I've been gone a while, but what could I talk about?

I'm looking after the neighbor's daughter mostly against my will. I just tell her find someone else after she says that she doesn't have anyone else to ask. The whole thing is inconvenient. It's when I'm ready to go bed she shows up and the girl does not stay put or act like she hears you at all.

I'm answering adds, and I'm trying not to spend money. Last night I avoided being in the middle of a gun shooting. For all I know it could have been a stabbing. I found the yellow tape blocking my way home. I had to walk two blocks the long way to get home twice.

I'm still writing, and I've even touched up and posted one of my old sex stories, but there seems to almost be no sex in there. Well, blow by blow sex anyway. I've made and posted a few wallpapers since I last posted here.

Two new things on tv . One is "trueblood" that is on HBO. Here is the link. If you have HBO on demand and you have already missed it, you can catch it on demand.

Next is something that made me realized that I missed home just a little. Feasting On Waves. The host for "Iron Chef" is doing it. Mr. A. Brown himself.

I feel like posting my wallpaper here just to show off, but I haven't sunk that low yet.

Ok.. that's it.

Oh, the story, incase you don't know where my storie site is here it is. Warning. NC19 and higher. X even.

See ya.