October 31, 2006

Happy All Hollows Eve

Well I didn't get a costume like some of the girls did at work. I'm pretty sure that the few "boys" who are there didn't dress up beyond the black shirt and jean dress code that we were given for the day.

Hema borrowed her sister's nurse outfit, and one of the supervisors dressed up like a local sergeant. Everyone seemed to have liked my wig after they got over the shock of seeing me in it. It's amazing what some people laugh at. I guess its how most people deal with pleasant moments of shock down here. Just about every one in my section I think was able to get their hands in my hair. One girl, who has naturally long hair, said that I now looked girly. Gee, I need long hair to be labeled a girl it seems like.

I was so happy to take that wig off. It was hot under there and I need a brush to keep it looking good and I forgot to pack the one I got for it. When I was leaving, I was asked how come I took it off. I said that it was just for the day, and the day for me was all at work. I also said that I may wear it next week. At the time it was completely possible. Now, not so possible. I already told them inside that it was just for today.

Yesterday was an ok day besides the fact that our phones weren't really working for the whole work day. Oh, and to top off yesterday, I didn't get to see "Heroes". The channel was out. :( I'm going to send my sister an e-mail and ask her to tape it for me on Friday. It re-runs when I'm the boat going over, and it seems like she will be flipping for my boat ride this weekend coming.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and it's the first time I'll be going to the bank for the week. The later in the week I go to the bank the less I spend, or so it's been until tomorrow I'm sure. I haven't bought anything for lunch for the week. I don't even know what I had for lunch on Monday. I think that I got a noodle from the store, but I don't remember. Today we had a free lunch, so I got all that I could, and I even carried my bowl thing incase I could get left overs. I didn't want left overs if there was any. One, we didn't get much, and two most of it wasn't that great, and three it wasn't even what we were told it was going to be. But they took pictures of us anyway. What is with people taking pics of you as you try to eat??

Well I came home today to find the house dark and empty. Infact, the whole area was dark. We were in the middle of a black out. It must have been for a while, nothing was even cooked and the place was slightly cold. But that could just be from the fact that the back door and a few windows were open, and there was some breeze tonight.

Well Lynn is now home and I helped her put up some stuff that she bought which was a lot really. Not as much as what me and Jhodie use to get, but then she doesn’t have that much money. We don’t have that much money anymore. I'll see if there is anything I can add to it, but I don't really know since I'm still on a very thin budget. But I'll see.

I'm getting off soon. I'm sure she's itching to get on, but currently she is trying to help Xhavion (I'm looking at his name on something. How come people come up with some names I don't know.) with his home work. I'm going to look for dinner.

See ya.

October 29, 2006

Weekend with an out look.

Well I just got the computer completely cleaned.

It seems a bit faster, and the Trojan is now gone alone with the other little bits that it found. It took me like 3 programs and about 12 hours from the time that I turned it on Friday night until this morning when I got the last of it out.

I went though like 3 programs and after installing them and letting them run for about 2 hours each just to find out that I couldn’t clean anything until you bought it, and on the site that told you get it for the program said that you could use it for a time and clean your system with it. So just to keep them at their word, I got a cracked version of one of the program so that I could clean my system and then the second program that was needed to make sure that the Trojan/virus was off my system.

Now my time over here is almost over, and it looks like I'm looking at another 2 week stint in Nevis. If Lynn stays in Nevis this weekend I might go to beach. I don't know yet. If she is going this weekend, then I get the room and I'll just sleep and clean again.

Well, I wasn't given a talk about the one late day I had after I was told about my lateness. I hope it stays ok, and that I get to keep showing up early for the rest of my monitored time. I have my clinic appointment next week on the 7th. I'm having my sister talk to the nurse at the clinic here to send a copy of my file over there. I have to get there early like 8:30 so I can still make it to work on time/early. I'm going to be so tired that day.

It did fell odd being back over here this weekend. I miss home. Ya, I'm calling St. Kitts home.. but mostly this house with Jhodie and Nika.

A piece of mail come for me, and I can't pick it up, so I wrote a letter for her to give them at the post office so they could give it to her. I wonder if I have sign the slip that they sent? The told my sister that I just have to sign a note and that should be it, and I hope that, that is it. Because I most likely won't be back here for 2 weeks unless my sister has an extra $4o by Friday for me to come over.

Well, this Tuesday is All Hallows Eve. Ya, I call it that, and Clear Harbor wants us to dress up and such. I'm going to look different, but I won't really be wearing a costume. I'm wearing my long hair wig, with my new black top and I wanted to wear a my jean skirt, but I was reminded that it got torn and can't really be worn to work. I might just wear my new green jean skirt instead.

At least I'll be able to get some use of the wig that I really shouldn't have bought.

Well that's it I think.

See ya.

October 25, 2006

The Past Two Days.. and one more

Up and down. Up and down.

That is what the last two days have been for me.

Tuesday I went to give Lynn her stuff, and the bus driver stole $5 from me for the lift up the street. I got there about 12 past 9, and I left almost at half past, and I then had to walk back down the long road back to the main street where I could catch a bus to work. But get this, not one bus that was going to Brown Hill came by. I was standing there waiting for a bus from about 20 till and I had to take one that dropped me off at the mouth of Brown Hill and that left me having to walk it up at 9:54 if not 9:56. I don't remember anymore, and it doesn't really matter. The out come was the same. I got to work late. I punched in at 10 past. The downer from the day before was very pale compared to how I felt for the rest of this day.

At the time I thought that I had a good reason for being late since I tried to flag down a bus that I believed went to brown hill and it didn't stop for me back at 9:35. Today I tried to catch the same bus but before he couldn’t tell me if he went brown hill or not, he just pointed back to the bus that was just behind him saying that, that was the brown hill bus. I guess that still answered my question. It doesn't go to Brown Hill. But I still believe that I saw it up there a few times.

Well, I felt so bad, that I thought that if I talked with the director of the place, I might be able to get her to understand and not have this lateness counted against me. I was going to say how I went to see my cousin in the hospital and that I couldn't see her before 9 and that I only spent 15 mins there and then there was the bus that I believed went to Brown Hill that didn't stop for me and that I had to walk it up from the main road. I went and asked her on my lunch brake if I could talk to her, she said that she had to check her appointment book to if she was free, and then she said that I had to go through my manager first, I told her that I already talked to him and that I think that I had to talk to her. After lunch I was thinking about it, and thought that maybe I should talk to Ronald first, to make sure I'm not jumping anything. So when she came to talk to me I told her that I was going to talk to Ronald first. She said ok and went back to what she was doing.

I felt bad, thinking that I was going to get fired again. I almost cried over my lunch before the lady came in. But by the time my shift was over I wasn't feeling as bad, but I was still worried because my sister had called me when I was on my way to the hospital to see Lynn, and she told me about the mess at Hosford. I have in my bag two invoices stating that I paid on the bed and the bed should have been paid off and a little of what was left from the second payment going towards the washer. I was then told that they believe that I hadn't paid a dime in like 6 months. Which is so untrue, and that my stuff was set up for being repo-ed. It has been over a week since I paid the last payment of $180. And to boot, they have bee splitting up the money among the three items.

With all that spinning around me head I lived, more or less, though that day. I didn't get much done as you might expect. I didn't even get to 19 orders that day.

Then I got home and Jhodie called me again. We talked for a while and she tried to make me not feel so bad, saying that I was going to quit that job anyway. Ya, after I had at least paid off the bed and perhaps caught back up with the other items so that I would have some leeway when I was out of work again. So we most or less said that if it came down to them firing me, I would just say that I quit first, but barring that, I'm going to try and stay until the end of November. Longer is possible.

I just don't have to do anything odd or different or anything for anyone that keeps me from getting to town in time to catch a Brown Hill bus to get me to work before 10am. In the US this would be so easy, at least in the city that I would be living in. Either which way. If I pull off not getting to work late for the rest of this probation time I might be ok.

Well today, my alarm wasn't what woke me up, but Lynn's mother. She was back. She came looking for her umbrella, and to ask me why I was telling her daughter that she was cursing out my parents. I told her that I didn't tell anyone that. I told her that I said that she came here and started saying things about my parents and I didn't know what she talking about. She then repeated what she said the day before then added that she didn't want to have anything to do with me and then I told her to check the boys room for her umbrella and turned back over to go back to sleep. I don't remember how the door closed again. I don't know how much longer, but soon I heard someone else shouting out in the living room. I think it was his aunt from what I heard her saying about how he, Marcus, was suppose to be staying or sleeping, up by them and that he was going to go to school and to get Xhavion's school clothes ready. I just left them alone. If he had just done it on the Sunday, he might not have had to deal with this, at least half of it anyway.

At one point I just got up and sat on the bed and then about 5 mins later my alarm went off. I can't even sleep until 7am. Well today for sure I had no breakfast. I got to work about 30 mins early, and I took both my breaks and I almost finished a whole page. The only thing that was off was at the end of the day.

I was doing a double order and I was dreading them today. It was like they would do whatever they could to cause me problems and take up as much time as possible. And so, the last one also tried to mess with me. I just cut my losses and left a note for myself so I would worked on it as soon as I got in, and tried to get outside in time to catch the bus. They asked me if I was coming when they walked past me and I said that I was coming now. But what did that do for me? Nothing. They lift without me anyway. So I was left to walk down the half a mile of dark road over hills in the middle of a thunder storm that could have turned to rain any min since it already rained like 5 mins before our shift was over.

I turned on my phone and waited for Solo to call me as I walked to the main road with no great rush. He called at almost 7:30, and just before he got there, the bus or a bus with the girls from work was on it's way back up to drop the rest of them off. They called out to me, which is how I knew they were in there. I shouted “Thanks for waiting for me.” back at them. Then I he showed up. I thought he didn't see me since I was standing back in the bus stop that had a lot of shadows. But no, he saw me, he just wanted to turn around off of the main street.

We went to bakery and got some bread. Some for Lynn, some for him and some for me. I even got a hard boiled egg to go with one of mine. I'll have one of them for breakfast with some peanut butter. I see myself now walking down the road eating it. I don't have time to say in here and eat it if I want to get to work early. Tonight I ate the egg with one of the bread. I'll have one bread left for Friday morning if not Thursday night.

So now it's now. I'm blogging.... I jumped something. We took the bread to Lynn in the hospital and she asked for her pj's again. She didn't want the ones I sent the first time. So when we got home I went though her stuff again looking for the ones she told me about and sent what I found. Marcus was also here. I asked him if he was staying here tonight. He said yes. I asked him if he wasn't suppose to be up by his aunt. He said no. I called Lynn on Solo's cell and she told me no and I handed the phone to him and went to get her stuff.

It's 10:56, and I don't know if he is still here. I washed up most of the dishes and cleaned up the counter top. I think the guy is here, I'm going to go look in a sec.

This is set up to be checked and such, and I think that I'll get this posted tomorrow. I don't know when Lynn will be back, but I am going over on Friday.


Well it's Thursday night. Lynn is home, and in bed right now. I've had a decent day at work. I got to work early again, and didn't reach 20 orders today because I was going to catch the bus to town tonight. And guess what? I got there and then the bus sat there. And sat there. It waited for about three or so other people. I then asked the question just before we moved about how come it could wait for everyone else but me? I think the question was asked again as I was getting out because there was laughing for something as I handed over my fare. Also a girl told me that I didn't need the change and that I looked so rich. Ya, right.

Then I got home and I realized that I left a bag with my shoes in the back of the bus which was about 30 mins ago.

I came in the house, got a cup of water for Solo and found Lynn on the computer. When I left work and turned on my phone I got a message from her asking where her key was. I couldn't call her back because I had no money on my phone. My sister called me with news of our computer. It seems that Little Ray, got our computer infected, and just turned it off. So now we can't get it to boot into the system. If there is still one left. My sister is worried about loosing the pics of Nika that she had gotten off of uncle Ray's cam. Unlike my uncle who has copies of his pictures on a CD, we have everyone on the computer. I told her that I might be able to save the stuff, but I can't promise anything.

Well I think that I will have to go soon. My typing is loud and waking Lynn.

See ya.

Oh, I got my shoes back. My sister called Karen who knows the bus driver.


October 22, 2006


I almost had a good day today, and it would have been fine if Lynn's mother didn't show up ranting and raving. They heard her clear across the street I found out tonight.

It bummed me out for my whole day. Which wasn't a normal day for me either.

First, I got a ride into town by a nice guy. White I might add. Only one other person has given my a ride too or from work that I didn't know existed before that moment in time. It's a shame he was looking for a girl friend. Granted I could wrong, but I wouldn't put much past men that stop talking to me when I say that never what to have kids. Maybe he wasn't looking for a girl friend, maybe he thought he could settle down with me and that is why he stopped talking when I killed the notion if kids in my future.

Currently I'm watching "Heroes" and I just read an e-mail from my friend Kelly. I miss talking to him. .. be back in 15 to finish this.... “Heroes” is just about finished.

As I was saying.... I got to town in good time to go to Best Buy and get one soup for each day this week for lunch thanks to the guy giving me a ride in to town. Then I took a bus up the bakery to get something to eat for lunch. The ride cost me $2 and the meal which was a dry bread and a fried egg was $2.50 then to top off my day, I walked a mile to work, if not more. I was just about there when another guy gave me lift for the last hill that I was dreading, but it came with a prayer, which I took. I even thanked God myself for the lift.

HA!.. Just saw the ending of “Heroes”... sorry I started writing again when they were on break, and now I'm watching CSI: Miami.

Back to my day, then I'll jump into “Heroes”.

So I got to work about 9:50 thanks to the lift. I reached the start of Brown Hill at 9:30. I couldn't have made as good a time as I wanted to because of the first part of the walk. The whole walk was up hill(s). I kinda think that I got the lifts that I did, because of my black and purple shirt that I wore with my long back skirt. If it wasn't for my hair, you might have thought that I was on my way to church.

Either which way, got to work and in my very thin shirt I was hot for most of my time at work. I didn't take any of my breaks even though I had planed to and I had a hot lunch to keep my temp up. I then spent about the last 15 mins of my lunch brake standing outside to cool down. Once again they asked me if I was on a diet when they saw me eating my noodles. No one else is so poor that they have to "sink" to eating noodles for lunch it seems.

I came back in from watching the clouds drift by the mountain to find that they had gotten someone to come and turn on the AC. I did good with the amount of orders I got through today. If I didn't zone out, I might have finished a whole page by closing time. I left work on time with only one left in the pending bucket for me. I had so many messed up orders today. It's a wonder that I got any fully processed and issued.

I left work on time and got a bus down to the pier. Solo was there waiting for me and it turns out that he was a bit sleepy tonight. It seems that he was out "liming" the night before and didn't get much sleep. I told him that I don't know how to lime and that is very true.

I got home to have Prudence come over and say that Lynn wants some clothes to leave the hospital in. She said that she didn't know when, but not that long ago my sister called to say that she is coming out Wednesday. So Prudence and I spent time looking for shoes, and skirts and shirts for Lynn, then we checked her e-mail for a letter from this place in Miami that they (she and her husband) are trying to buy a nice big red truck.

After she left I watched Heroes. But before that, this morning I told Marcus to hang back out the clothes so they could dry so that Xavion could have something dry and clean to wear to school tomorrow. He didn't go to school, and I came back tonight to see him eating dinner that the guy made for him and I asked him if he hung them out. He said that he wasn't here. Ha? He wasn't here?? He didn't go to school, and I know he doesn't have a part time job. I don't care! He was suppose to hang them out. He had the whole freaking day! He won't be changed easily, and I'm sure it won't be here. He just doesn’t care, and doesn't see why he should care.

He once again came and asked me to use the computer tonight, HA! I told him that he still hasn't hung out the clothes to dry so there was no way he was touching this.

Now I can talk about “Heroes”... I don't think that I'm going to give much way, but if you haven't seen it yet, you should skip this ending part.

Well, first off, I'm glad to see that people are starting to meet the other people, but we are still trying to save the cheer leader. I think that, the part about saving the cheer leader is going to last for about 4 more eps at least. I am happy to see the painter really starting to believe, and now the Asian guys have made contact. YA! I'm so there for the next ep.

Well CSI just finished and I should go to bed now. I'm going to see about doing something different to my hair for tomorrow. Something more in keeping with my outfit. Don't know what I'm going to do for breakfast yet. If I had some milk I may try some oatmeal, but no milk. I may end up skipping breakfast it looks like. I might get some bread and just have that and some water. I'll see. If I do, I won't waste a bus fare in going to the bakery then have to walk it to work. I'll just get it in town.

Speaking of town, I have to drop off the stuff that I picked out with Prudence at the hospital for Lynn. I'm not found of hospitals, and I don't know of anyone who is, so at least I'm normal with that one. Either which way, she asked me if I've gone up there to see Lynn since she's been there. I said no and almost felt that I should have. But I couldn't. One, I had to get to work and such this morning and rest of the time was over the weekend and I didn’t have a dime to go anywhere. And three, this is almost normal for her and didn't think that she needed to see me. Or so I thought.

Well I have to go. It's 11:13pm. I know my grammar is messed up along with my spelling, so I'm saving this for spell check tomorrow, which may be the last time I get on line this week. Depending on how weak Lynn is when she comes home. At least most of the house is clean.

See ya.

Hi ya.

It's Sunday night, and I hurt my back washing the youngest’s school clothes.

The oldest just wouldn't wash them. He knows how to use the washing machine, and we asked to do it since what?...11am if not earlier?

When he came to ask me for the detergent, I told him I hadn't seen any, but the thing I brought to clean the floors can be used for washing clothes and I told him where it was. I went to lay down for a bit and fell asleep. I woke up to see if he had finished, and everyone was gone. He had gotten the youngest from the grandmother's house before I took my nap, and the guy was here. But when I woke up like 30 mins later the house was empty, and the clothes were just sitting in the washing machine in water. He didn't come back for like 3 or so hours. I asked him where he went. He went to play he said. I told him to do go wash the clothes again. Then I went back in the room because he was hanging out with the guy, and I was keeping my distance.

I came back out in like an hour. I didn't hear the washer going, I asked him again. He had made something to eat and it looked like he just came out of the shower. I went to look at the washing machine and the clothes were still there, but no water. He didn't clearly tell me what he was doing and he didn't care what happened to the blue short pants that I placed on the washer when he was out playing. I said under my breath that it wasn't that he didn't know, it was that he didn't care. So I dug through the wet mess and pulled out a shirt and pair of short paints for the youngest. I was really starting to believe that he wasn't going to wash any of them and I had to at least get a set for the youngest boy clean and dry.

I also washed three things for myself. My black bra, my new white skirt and shirt cut on the bis that I thought needed to be rinsed out.

Now my back hurts. I combed out my hair, but I didn't wash it. I doesn't smell that bad, and there is no grease in this house and I need to grease my hair after washing it. But I got it up in two, so I'm keeping it as it.

I did clean the walls like I wanted and got the floor moped and I swept the floor in Lynn's room. I have to iron my shirt before bed, and I'm trying to find out what on earth I'll be eating tomorrow morning, if not for the rest of the week. There is no bread in the house, and I don't have enough to get for everyone, and I will feel bad if I get some just for me.

Right now the house is empty again. The youngest went back to his grandmother's a little after sunset which was after 6 but before 7. He asked for some peanut butter to take with him. I gave him enough for one sandwich. I didn't want to give him too much if ended up eating it all by itself.

I hope the oldest gets back before midnight. He's not going to use the computer though. He asked about using the computer like 2 or so hours ago. He walked in here and looked at the computer and I asked him what he wanted. I knew he wanted to use the computer. I had it on at the time and running a clean up program. He was looking at it and I asked him again. He said that he wanted to use the computer. I told him that he wasn't going to use the computer because he hadn't washed the clothes yet, and reminded him that I told him this morning that he wasn't going to be let on the computer until after he had washed and hung out the clothes. He just walked past me to get dressed. That is when he got around to doing the wash, but he didn't come back to ask for the computer. In fact, if I hadn't gone out looking for something to eat, I wouldn't have known that they turned off the lights and left the house. The only other clue I had was that I heard the back door being closed about 10 mins before I went out there.

Well it's 10:12, and I should get the iron to do my shirt and then get ready for bed. I won't let him on computer when he gets back because it's already past his bed time, not to mansion mine.

See ya. I have that early departure time and I'm thinking of getting breakfast and then walking the rest of the way to work to save the bus fare for the breakfast, if I get there early enough that is.


October 21, 2006

Good Day

Well it's Sunday.

I woke up a few hours ago, and I was just jumping around from tv channel to tv channel looking for something to watch. But it's Sunday, I shouldn't expect much.

Last night after I turned off the computer and was settling to sleep we lost power. It went out slowly. First the fan started to slow down, the tv stayed on. Blinked once or twice after the fan had stopped, then it went out, and I was left in the dark. I thought that was why the internet went down on me when I was trying to get a torrent file. I tried it again today. It took the internet down. So I uninstalled it. I'll just have to give up on downloading anything by torrent then on this computer

Lynn called me. I heard my phone go off and I thought that Jhodie was calling me early. But it turned out to be Lynn. She wanted me to put together her pj's and some tank tops for someone to pick up for her. I'm starting to think that she won't be back on Monday. Am I suppose to look after her kids? They don't pay any attention to me. The first few weeks they kinda did, but now the youngest just turns into a rock and doesn't move when I tell stuff or try to help him with something and then he does what he wants. The older one is just doing what he is doing. I won't be able to help either one of them like this. As for food, my diet just got worst. I'm thinking of adding some noodles to soup I made last night so I can have something decent for lunch. Breakfast was two soft oatmeal cookies with dates.

The youngest is still at his grand mothers, and the other two came back and once again slept in the living room and with the tv on for the whole night. Before the guy came back I told Marcus to go sleep in his bed and turned off the tv. He said ok, but didn't move. Then he came back after the black out which was at 11:30, and he turned back on the tv and turned it all the way back up again like he's loosing his hearing. I woke up at 2:40am to use the bathroom and walked into a wall of sound the bathroom wall and door couldn't protect me from.

I wasn't going to say anything, and went back into my room and closed the door behind of me. I crawled back into bed and I could still hear it like I had it on in my room but turned down. So I went back out and told him to turn it down. I didn't hang around, and when I got back in bed I hit me that I didn't say please. But then I told myself that I shouldn't have to. He come has it blasting at 2:45am. You just don't do that when you live with other people in a very small house. But I'll remember to say please next time.

Right now I'm unplatting my hair so I can wash it later. I have no shampoo over here, so I have to use my bath soap, and I'm going to see if I can pull off ponytails or coco puffs as Ronaldo use to call them years ago. Speaking of him, it will his birthday soon. I wonder if he has any kids yet. He got married years ago. He never tells me anything about himself. He would just ask for pics of school when he did talk to me. I think he is only person that I know what day they were born on besides close family. Wait, I know G's in is April, but I don't remember what day. I have it written up and back home in my draw. I was all set to send him a gift for his next birthday after I found out what day it was, but I didn't know if I should send him anything.

I think that I'm going to sweep out Lynn's room, then I'll see about cleaning down some walls, and then around 4 or so wash my hair. But first I have to finish doing out my hair.

Have a nice Sunday everyone.
See ya.

October 20, 2006

Well today I almost saw the cops.

Long story short, I stood up for myself against the guy that lives here, who I might add is 9 years younger than me, and he almost assaulted me. He removed my hand from something with a knife, and told me he was going to hit me.

He said that he didn't F___ing like me and didn't have to do anything I said that I should just leave and go back to St. Kitts. So before I left to get help to keep him from attacking me, we got into a verbal fight and I said that I was here to work unlike himself. And that he had no manners, which is how this all started, and he just swore at me and I said that, that was as much as he could say.

I then got dressed, walked across the street in the rain and called the neighbors. I told him how the guy almost hit me and had a knife. I was almost crying when I told him this. That really surprised me. He came over and told him to be a be better man than that and to behave and that Lynn left me here to look after the house and if I wanted to watch the tv when cleaning up, he didn't need to come in here and start problems.

Yes, that is how this whole thing started. I was watching tv, while cleaning when he came in the house. He stood in the door way, looked at me cleaning the table and walked over to the tv and changed the channel. I told him that I was watching that. I expected to have it tuned back in like a min after he made me squirm. Then when I told him again, that I was watching that and that he could go into the bed room and watch Lynn’s tv or use the computer he swore at me. Then after a while I told him that I was still waiting. He turned up the volume to the very end and changes the channel to a football match. I went over to turn it down and he started shouting at me not to touch him, then the argument and the knife thing and the calling of the neighbor and all that happened.

It's been about 5 or 6 hours now. I've finished the cleaning that started in the kitchen. I didn't go near the living room since he stayed in there trying to make sure I didn't enjoy the movie that I wanted to watch. He brought out his cell phone, plugged in for power, and turned the volume all the way up and played all that loud music that he knew I didn't like so I couldn't hear the tv. I don't normally turn the tv up high so he it was easy to make it hard for me to hear it.

For the first 15 or so mins I didn't do anything. If he was going to do that I wasn't going to do anything that was going to bring true the scene that went through my head of him hitting me when he was swearing in my face less then 30 mins before. Then after a while of thinking that I wanted to hear it and his phone could only go so high, I turned it up a bit more and went back to cleaning. He just found a louder set of songs to play. Then just as I was thinking that someone came for him and that he was going to leave, he left the phone going full blast while he went outside to talk with his friend. Then when the movie was finished, I changed it something that I thought would make him sick and leave. I forgot how mentally low he was. 15 mins into the show he turned off his phone, and watched it, then 10 mins later he's laughing at the poor woman. It was story of a lady who was having surgery to remove extra loads of skin that was left behind after major weight loss. He was laughing. Laughing.

My sister called just before I was finished with the cleaning. I told her what happened and told her to tell Lynn, because I didn't think that both of us could stay here together much longer. Today I could lock myself away in her room, but most of the time, I have to be out there and he would stay there just to cause problems. She said that she was happy she called. I told her that I wanted to call her and tell her about the movie that was on, that I was trying to watch during this whole thing.

Either way, she went to tell Lynn, and I went and made my lunch/dinner and told him he had the tv and more or less locked myself away in here.

I didn't come near the computer until a few mins ago. Around 8pm. I didn't fell like using it until dark. I got rid of a few games that I was testing out. They ran too slow on this system. This computer needs some more memory. Also, when I was typing this up like 15 mins ago my sister called to see how I was doing. I told her that I hadn't gone near him and that he left about 10 mins before, and that I just cleared of the computer desk. It was a mess. Now I can see around the monitor. *grin*

Well I'm felling a bit better now. I just wish that I had some bread to go with my soup. Later I'll just add some water to it and have it as is. I let it boil down too much before and now it's a bit to salty for me to eat.

I'm going to go surfing soon. Net and tv. Sorry, no real water. A storm has been hanging around us all day it seems, but I know it has been here all afternoon. The back yard is its own marsh. I had to rescue the mop before the blacken stick handle started to swell and rot out of the mop head. It's going to take days to dry out right.

I'm going to change the channel soon and look for something a bit more interesting. I've been watching Cash In the Attic since I've locked my self in here.

Well, I told my sister to call back at 11am tomorrow to see how things are, and I'll let you know tomorrow night if I got around to scrubbing the bath room. Yep I want to do it, but before I do I have to remember to get a good mop and bucket from next door. They don't have a bucket that I've seen.

Well good night.
Take care.

Friday..... it's here....this is the short version

Well it did rain again today, but not to the flooding degree that we had yesterday. Not that it stopped anyone from trying to plan for it. Some schools sent the children home. The sad part was that who told the parents?

One of the departments did so well today that they got a pizza lunch and got to go home early after they went over their target by a huge amount. Due to some paper I signed that is all I can say about that.

I was just happy it didn't rain on me today. Still short on money and shorter than I should be because my sister had to take $20 off of the bank. A girl from work asked me if I would be coming to town since I was staying in Nevis this weekend. I told her that I didn't think I would have enough money for the bus fare. She then asked me if I was that broke. I told her yes.

I might take myself down to the beach if I can't stand it up here.

Oh, I forgot to mention. The house is currently abandoned by everyone else who is suppose to be here. Lynn is in the hospital because of her asthma that has been complicated to a cold. The youngest boy is at his grand mother's. The oldest is off somewhere, and the other guy, I don't know nor do I care. I'm happy I get to sleep in a bed tonight. I can't say I will tomorrow. And I have access to the computer.

This is the first time in 3 weeks that I'm up to watch Dr. Who. YA! *grin*

So see ya.
Take care

And grab a new game for the weekend. :) My suggestion. You would like this a bit more then other players if you have played the first one like I did.

October 19, 2006

Well They Got Me.

I'm so not happy. I would have fumed last night if I was still shaking from seeing the word terminate in reference to my name earlier that day.

I've been calling in to work to let them know why I was late when I've been standing in the sun for over 30 mins waiting for a bus. When it was my fault that I was late I wouldn't call and just take heat for it. But it turns out that all that calling in didn't help me in the least. They still called me on it and said that I signed a contract to be here on time. So now I have to get up and hour earlier, when I'm not getting as much sleep as I need as it is, to get a bus(es) to get to me work early. I can't aim for on time. They sited me for being 5 mins late even though my watch (phone) told me that I was only 3 mins late, but that is besides the point.

So I got up earlier, left an hour earlier, got to work an hour early just in time to beat the down pour that covered both islands today for most of the day. So much so that we got let out an hour early, which didn't help me that much. I got a lift half way down to town. I got dropped off at the bakery which turned out to be close. I got a message from Lynn asking me to ask the guy that gives me ride home at night, to please buy her some bread and a can of milk. I bought them with $5 that I had on me, and the $3 and change I got him I got a hot bread and butter for him and one for me for us to eat on the ride over. And I gave him back a dollar and change. I think I'm going to get some bread from there to take with me over to ST. Kitts when i get to go back.

Speaking of St. Kitts, I just found out from my sister that Marcus, Lynn's oldest is being sent to live with Jhodie to help straighten him out. ??? that is still odd to me. As you may understand, he doesn't pay her any real attention when she's talking to him, but sending him over there isn't going to help him pay her any attention.

She screams at him just about every time she opens her mouth in his direction. Unless she changes, he won't change towards her.

Well it's 9pm now, I have to in bed by 11pm, and I be up by 7am. I know. You look at that and think. Isn't that when you are suppose to go to sleep and be waking up? That is where most of my edge is going. Just because I haven't before or at least not for a very, very long time, doesn't mean that I can't do it now. I just have to buck up and do it and accept it.

I think I'll go look for something to eat before it gets to late. And when I say look, I mean make. Some pasta thing and no meat.

Take care, wish me a dry tomorrow.

October 15, 2006


I bought stuff for the house. Not the house I love, but the house I have to live in to work.

I got food stuff and other little things. As always I need more stuff than I have money for. I have to go give Horsford at least $180 tomorrow before work. They called the house here and left a message for me to come and see them. I know they want to know what gives with me not paying them anything the last time I got paid, but I lost my shoes and that ate my money along with some other things. But I should be able to get them some money next time I get paid and I am paying them this week if not monday. I say if not monday, because the bank's atm isn't working that well and I don't know if they will be working in Nevis when I get there. Since Nevis' went odd on me last week. As far as I can tell all the atms for my bank weren't working today. I tried two, three really, and a lady drove up to me when I came out of one and asked if this one was working. She made it sound like she tried others too and they weren't working either.

Well I'm wearing one of my new skirts over that came down from NY. My family up there sent down a barrel with stuff in it for us and Uncle ray and family and may be some other people. I haven't been there to see or anything, but Jhodie brought over some stuff for us. I got a top, a few skirts. Nika got some shoes, and Jhodie got some more stuff. Stuff that was ment for me, but where a bit smaller than I am. I'm going to wear a white skirt and my red top. I just hope it doesn't get dirty before I get to work. I hate wearing white, they seem to get so dirty so easly on me.

Other than that, nothing much. I told you about Firday and Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon we got out to town, and got a few things. Some food stuff, and I rebought a spoon a fork thinking that the last set I got are long gone even though I know I left them in Lynn's room. We tried to get some PJs for Nika, but we didn't end up getting any after all.

I'm going to half hold my breath to see if she makes dumpplings with the flour that I got her this week. I got a new big bag to hold me stuff for when I go back and forth, a new house dress, and each cost me $20 each. Then I threw in a 4 pack of AA battiers, that cost me another $10. To see a hundread broken like that so quikly, and I thought I had money when I took $160 out of the bank just a few mins before. Now I'm down to $40 from that money. $21 goes to getting back to Nevis, and the other $19 is for two tuna sandwiches, one for breakfast and one for lunch. Then when I get to Nevis I have to go see if their ATM is working so I can get money for bus for the rest of the week and the $180 for the Horsford.

Well I've watched some tv and it's late and I have to get my hair done before I go to sleep, and I have to do that soon since I have to get up and catch a bus to a boat and help get Nika ready before I leave.

I'll see ya.

Jhoy E. Meade

Change all the answers so that they apply to you then send this to a whole bunch of people you know *including* the person who sent it toyou!!

Put your name in the subject. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little
known facts about your friends.

It is fun and easy 51 questions to answer.


2. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? Nope, I was just the first grand daughter that my father's mother saw, and my mom added the h.

3. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? 5 months ago.

4. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? It's not as good as it use it use to be.


6. KIDS? Heck no.


8. DO YOU HAVE A JOURNAL? Yes On line.




12. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? Honey Bunches Of Oats.


14. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? Not as strong as I used to be.


16. SHOE SIZE? 10 1/2 wide width. Ya, I have big feet.

17. RED OR PINK? Red.

18. WHAT IS THE LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF? Besides my weight? My bad memory.

19. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? Besides G?... Right now Jhodie and Nika when I'm in Nevis. A year back it was my mom.

20. DO YOU WANT EVERYONE TO SEND THIS BACK TO YOU? That would be nice, but I don't expect it. I'll settle for 3 people.


22. LAST THING YOU ATE? Oatmeal cookie with dates.


24. IF YOU WERE A CRAYON, WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE? I'm sticking with red.

25. FAVORITE SMELLS? Fresh baked bread, and honey suckle.

26. WHO WAS THE LAST PERSON YOU TALKED TO ON THE PHONE? My ride to lynn's house after work. I was calling him back because I missed his call and needed to add money to my cell phone.



29. FAVORITE DRINK? Ginger Beer.

30. FAVORITE SPORT? Don't think I have one. I'll watch volley ball.

31. EYE COLOR? Mine? Brown.

32. HAT SIZE? Sorry, wrong country. For me just really big. I haven't found one that has ever fit.


34. FAVORITE FOOD? Just one??.. I can give you a dish I would just love but can't have. A place in NY named DoJo. It's around NYU, anyway they have only one meal that I go there for, and I will when I get back. It's the tofu dinner. It's a tofu burger with black sea weed in it, and it came with brown rice, and a salad with house made carrot dressing and I get a glass of OJ to go with it. Now I would ask for Apple juice.


36. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED AT THE MOVIE THEATER? I don't know. What was playing back in 2001 in St. Kitts? I just remember it was cold, and I was with a guy friend of mine that I liked. *grin*


38. SUMMER OR WINTER? Fall and spring...I agree with you Karen...I agree with Misty.

39. HUGS OR KISSES? Guy or girl? Friend or boyfriend?.. I need a better question.

40. FAVORITE DESSERT? Tapioca Pudding or rice pudding.

41. WHO IS MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND? The girl who sent it to me. She did the last time we did this. *grin*

43. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING? Just finished a book last night. Skinny Dip. A dumb man tries to kill his wife and fails, and then fails to kill two other people after that to keep something or get out of something, They live, and then ... read the book. :)
44. WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? Don't have one here.

45. FAVORITE TV SHOWS? I don't watch much tv now. How about ... Friday night line up on SciFi Channel.

46. FAVORITE SOUNDS? Nothing, or the buzzing sounds of humans living their lives outside my door.

47. ROLLING STONE OR BEATLES? I kinda like both, but if I have to choose, I pick the Beatles.

48. THE FURTHEST YOU'VE BEEN FROM HOME? That depends, which home? My home in NY, then it would St. Kitts. My home in St. Kitts, then it would be NY. Sorry, I don't travle much.

49. WHAT'S YOUR SPECIAL TALENT? Sorry, I don't have any.

50. WHEN & WHERE WERE YOU BORN? January 12, Wednesday I think, St. Kitts.

51. WHO SENT THIS TO YOU? Misty, a friend of mine from Ross U.



- There I share my life.

- There I have links to what use to be my life.

- There you can find out what I might want out of life.

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October 14, 2006

I have to correct a few things.

I have to say sorry for one if not two things.

The first one being about Sermel, the girl that I started to work at Clear Harbor with. I once said that I didn't really think that she did any work, but lately we were presented with awards. More like had them, but either way, I found out that she got one for processing the most orders for the month of September. So that kicks the idea that she doesn't do her work, but she still out rightly sleeps during work hours. But in her defense, AT&T West doesn't have as many orders we SouthWest does since we are doing more then one state.

On the award side of this story, I got two for September. One for having an 80% issue rate. They use a different word on the award. It just means that 80% of all the orders I did, were done right and produced a sale for allconnet and AT&T. I hope I can keep it up since I don't really know how I did it. I just did what I was suppose to do. The next award I got was for being present and on time for the whole month. I seems that once you call in and let them know that you are late, it doesn't count against you. I only call when it's not my fault I was running late. Like the time I waited for 40 mins for a bus to get me from New Castle to town.

The other thing that I may have to apologize for, but mostly just clear up was that thing I said about Lynn making her kid use bath soap to wash the dishes. It wasn't bath soap, it was clothes watching power. That is a bit better, when we were growing we use to use the blue soap that we used to wash our clothes with to wash the dishes. I'm not even sure if we really had "dish liquid" back then.

Lets see, yesterday was Friday the 13th. And for the number of things that could go wrong, most of them didn't. One I got to work on time. Slightly early even. We got paid, but mine came with a flaw that I didn't know that turned my rather up beat day into a more less happy one. I worked for 2 hours over time. If anything I expected it to plug the hole left behind by the taxes and such they had to take out. But I didn't. It seems that the two times that I was late and didn't call in because it was no one fault by mine while I was late, it was taken out of my pay. I wasn't mad or upset, I just less happy. At least I was still feeling better than the day before when I was trying not to throw up and was starving for most of the day.

Also on Friday, we had a small meeting about our punching in and out. Most of us thought that he didn't have to make such a big deal about it, but since we could be fired over it, he more or less had to I guess. Oh well.

I lugged three tupper ware to work to wash them since I had to bring them home that night. I packed clean clothes so I wouldn't have to show up at work wearing the same thing I wore on Friday. I bugged me sometimes when I did that. But now that I'm thinking about it, I don't think that I really did since most of the time I wore the ones that I washed when I was over here.

George came over on Wednesday night. I met him at the port, and he got a ride me up to the house. He is Lynn's. The girls in the bus thought he was mine and I heard about it when I went to work the next day. When I told him that he was my cousin’s, they said I could borrow. Borrow?!?!!! I do not borrow. I own. You are mine or you are not. I don't like sharing. And I told them so. What is the point if they aren't yours???

Well I was living on buss fare and two packets of noodles for two days. I took of $20 to put $10 on my phone since I was out, but that $20 had to be saved to get home this weekend.

Today Nika got all dressed up in that new dress Jhodie got her at the shop in Nevis two weeks ago, to go to church. They were suppose to go last weekend, but Jhodie wasn't feeling well.

I have to get up and go take a shower, so we can go out later, but I don't know how much later, and it can't be too much later since the town is starting to shut down now. It's 1pm, half the places are already closed by now. Ya, to have a whole day of Saturday shopping would be nice since things in Nevis cost more then here.

Oh, I think it's time we got a new water heater. It went odd on us at the end of last year I thing, but now something happened and I hear that Peter might have helped, but I'm not sure and now, just really hot water comes out of it. It was too hot for Nika to take a bath this morning.

Well, as you see, I changed the site again. One reason being, I switched to the new beta version of blogger, and I couldn't keep the one I made. But I was able to keep most of it. This was the original layout that it was before I tweaked it. I have my links and I just added a new one, I held on to my banner even thought it sticks out. I may get around to getting a new one around Christmas time that matches the new site better. I have my ticker, I'm glad I didn't loose that. I would have to guess at a new number again by the time I got another counter.


I missed my Friday night line up on SciFi Channel. *not happy* the most I saw was about 30 or so mins of Battle Star Galactica. I saw nothing else. First, my sister made me watch a movie that I downloaded for all of us last weekend. Then I fell asleep while trying to watch the re-run of the line up.

Ok, I'm going to get a new ep of Bleach and maybe xxxHolic then try and take a bath.

See ya. *grin*

October 11, 2006

Hi ya.

After getting to work late yesterday I wanted to get to work early if not on time today. And I did it.

I'm mostly out of money, and my sister has already started to talk about me getting a job in St. Kitts, and I haven't been at this for 3 months yet. Mostly it's because of my not liking living with Lynn. It's far from ideal as you already know, but I feel that I should stick in there at least for 4 months, to see if I can get to the point of finding a cheep enough place for me to move into and out of this.

Incase you are wondering how I got on line you can thank Lynn's boyfriend. I found him at the pier when I got off work and went to get my ride home. She got all dressed up and smells like she spilled a bottle of some perfume on her self when she was getting reading and keeping the person who brought me home waiting when he had to go pick up his daughter. Don't worry, she's as old as I am if not older.

Anyway, I can't really find anything on the TV, but I do have a star trek ep playing behind me, so I'm messing with the computer and getting some downloads since I can't find the new eps of honey, honey drops. Why say that you released a new chapter or what ever if you don't tell people how to get them?????

An ant bit me on my hand the other day when Lynn told me to clean up the back yard it doesn't hurt unless I really touch it, which isn't that often, but you can see this big bump on the side of my hand. I'm glad it doesn't hurt. It was from the same kind of ant that bit my toe two or so weeks ago. That one hurt since I wore close shoes at the time and it would be constantly rubbing on the inside of the shoe.

My day was going really well at work today, to talk about something good. I was making good head way with my orders, I know that I will never catch up to Hema and two other people on the team, but I did good for a starter. I got to 22 by the end of the day, when one of the programs crashed on us today. I had to hand off my call backs to someone else. I was going to do them myself but the system crash took that time from me.

Also, come the end of my shift I found my best red ink pen busted in my bag, lucky for me it hadn't leaked into my bed yet. Just over my hands when I took the top off for some unknown reason. And this was happening at the time that I was talking to a cust for Hema. She doesn't like getting directions and sometimes you have to, so I said that I would do. I seem to be getting over my fear of talking to people, I just have to slow down my speech when I'm talking to them. Either which way, I called this lady up and I was trying to get directions to her house and when I asked clarify questions like is this street named street, or blvd or Lane, she blew up on me. Started talking about how everyone knows if it's lane or a street or what ever, right after she told me she didn't know what it was. Then she went into how why can't she speak to someone in the US, and when I said I can give her a number for her to talk to someone in the US, she said that she didn't want to talk anymore, she wanted her dinner and hung up on me. How Rude!

It still bugs me even now. I don't think that I've had a person that mad me for no good reason since I've started working there.

*to get happy again*... I found a place that has true flats for me to buy that are in my size and with in my price range. I'll see about getting them at the end of the month. I think that I'll go by and put some money down on them this pay check coming.

Oh, speaking of money. We ran out of gas last night and this morning Lynn blew up about money and stuff. I barely have enough for me, but I gave Marcus her oldest $5 to try and get some dish liquid so that he could wash some dishes since the one that was there is finished and she told him to use soap. As far as I know, she ment bath soap.

Ok, I can still taste the slice of onion that I put in my sandwich that I had for dinner. I need some water, and I should get out of blogging before she comes home and kicks me out.

Well it was nice to really type my blog tonight. I know there is alot that you don't know about, but the only thing I think I can and should mention is Pearl. Ya, that girl is back in my blog again.

It seems that she altered her son's report card, and lied to everyone about how well he was doing in school, then turned around and told my sister that he should know how to do his home work, how to not spend his money one stuff other then breakfast and lunch, that he should think of bettering him self. The boy isn't 6 yet and can't read at the level he is suppose to be reading. She said that she does what she is suppose to do. Make sure he's alive. That's it. Jhodie informed her father, our uncle, that she was reporting her to welfare. It's not the same as it is in the US. But we are at least hope that they would have someone come in and check on her and how Verey was getting along in his schooling ever so often and to see if she bothered to cook breakfast for him. She’s home on time off from work and she doesn’t cook him breakfast, doesn’t help him with any school work or anything. She makes sure he’s alive and buys him some clothes. She stopped buying him school supplies. He should be more responsible was the answer my sister got from her when she asked her about why he doesn’t have book’s pencils, anything in his school bag.

Ok... going to spell check before my luck runs out.

See ya.

October 09, 2006

I got my hands on the computer... have to make this quick.

HIIIII .... *waving, waving*

I did a full days work, got 18 orders finished. I would have gotten more done but the system slowed down and stopped me a few times our I would have had at least 3 more finished.

I got up 6am today in St. Kitts, still didn't get breakfast, but I was able to pack lunch.

Over the weekend I got a pair of leather sandles and a new shirt. I wasn't suppose to get the shirt, but after all the talk that was around me at work on Thrusday about getting a make over I just felt bad and got a marked down shirt. It cost me $65, but so far, everyone loves it and they approved of my shoes too.

Considering I had to cut off part of them to wear them, I'm ok. You see, these are those hand made, thick leather sandles, and he made them as a size 12. The lenght of my foot is that of a 10 1/2, it's the width of my foot that is an 11. So at a 12, the part at the toe that is suppose to help keep your foot in the shoe was was just hurting my foot and as I walked I would just fell like I was being pulled out of the shoe. So I took that part off, but held on to the pretty part that went across the top of my toes. Right now I just wear them at work and wear my other blue shoes to and from work because the more I wear the leather shoes, the easyer it will for them to fall off my feet.

Well Lynn is back and wantes to the comptuer back.

I'm hungery, I've had one meal for the day and I may have to make my dinner, but then I may just have a bowl of ceral instead.

Ok... Heroes in 15 mins. Have fun, see ya in another eon. *grin*

Sorry to my wallpaper club. :(
This blog starts last weekend Saturday.

Sorry I took so long, but I don't get that much time on a computer anymore.


I didn’t float away.

No matter how much the waves tried. We went to a beach just around the bend along a longish trail/road. The first two times Jhodie went there, she was given some kind of hiking route to get there and thought that it was much further away. I told her to let’s try and walk it, but she said that she was told it was too far to make Nika walk it.

Well we waited and waited for a bus, then got the one that wouldn’t go off the main road, at first I didn’t under stand what he meant, until we got there like 40 seconds later. We could have been at the beach for how long waited for the bus. The driver didn’t charge us anything for the lift since he didn’t really take us anywhere.

We then proceeded down a long rocky path/drive way/trial between trees and a few cows to get to the beach. It would have been nice if he had given us a lift down there, but he doesn’t go off road.

The beach was quite nice really. When we got there two guys were leaving and one guy was abit over to our left smoking. None of them were black. The last guy was older than the two who were leaving. 45 or so. Well first we had a little something to eat, then we went in. Now that I’m talking about, I realized that you aren’t suppose to go into the water after eating. The only reason we didn’t get what you get when you do is because it wasn’t more then a few bites of something, and not all of us had something. Also, we didn’t run into the water when we had finished eating what we ate. I’m not even sure I remember what it was, but we didn’t have much and some was leftovers to eat when we came out of the water for good.

Oh, to make things interesting, Xhavion came along. Lynn had asked/told him about going to beach with Jhodie and Nika on Saturday.

Now I have clear up something. The beach wasn’t the first stop of the day. Oh no, It was not to start off that smoothly. First everyone woke up late and Jhodie called to let me know that they were coming over on the 9:30 boat. She also told me name, which didn’t mean much to me. Later when I was about to walk out of the house and she calls me from town I find out why she told me the name of the boat. This one was suppose to make the trip in 30 mins. So I was late, again, for the second day in a row. Not happy. I hurried to catch a bus, feeling bad that I wasn’t there to meet them, that I may have walked down to main road in good time. Maybe even better than the day before when I had music to help me get though the walk.

Then I got there and they weren’t where she said that they would be. Already anxious, I just stayed that way until I bought a phone card to add money to my phone. I had tried to send her a text message from the bus to let her know that I was almost in town, to find out that I had a cent left.

Turns out she was at her famous thrift shop. At least I was going to find out where this place is. It was a block up from the main road, long the road going to the hospital. The place wasn’t as smart as I expected it to bed. I was in an old wooden building, and it was dark on the inside and a bit smaller than I expected. Maybe it was because I was thinking that it was in the “mini, mini mall” that was down on the main street. It’s a new white building. Either which way, Jhodie told me how to get to it, and Nika came out to hung me while her mother got a nice little dress for her and something else that I’m not sure about. We then walked back down to the place we were suppose to meet and had something to eat. I didn’t have breakfast and Jhodie didn’t eat anything that morning either and she was starting to get grumpy from her sea sick pills.


Well, considering I didn’t find my shoes today and had to wear my old beat up draggers to work, everything else seemed to be going ok.

I got to the pier on time. Had money to get two breads with tuna, so I could have one for breakfast and the next one for lunch. Granted I didn’t find a good, cheap pair of shoes before work started, but I got to work on time.

Heck, I even got my passwords/profiles for the systems. I did a few orders, One looked like it was going to get rejected, but I had to try and call the person, and another one I had to put on hold to make sure it didn’t mess up like the last 2 line transfer that I got. And I was quite happy with the 4 or so “confirms” that I did get.

Then my luck changed as I getting ready for lunch.

Ronald came over and told me to log out of systems. I was being transferred to South-West team. Ha?? I don’t want to go there. It’s complicated over there. I was starting to get with what I had over here at West. Besides having to get use to what I had to say over the phone and not yet having made an over the phone payment I was fine with it.

I’m being given over to them because they are falling behind under and onslaught of orders, which I can under stand. I just don’t like it was done if anything. Now I’m back in training with a “kid” I’m 10 years older than her, which might be why I feel odd about it. But all in all she is nice if not a bit of a speedy person with getting her orders done.

And to boot I’ve lost my accounts again. They had to move them and now I have to get new links to use them also. I might get the new links tomorrow if I’m very lucky. Either which way, I’m in training again for another 2 weeks and I have one whole new system to learn in the process, along with other one I hadn’t touched yet, but knew about.

Well I did two telephone orders on the other system. It’s almost the same. It’s like the same program, but different versions with about 3 or so things that the one I was using before didn’t have.

Both times the person owed an advance payment and I had to call them. The first time I got voice mail. I just about always get voice mail. The next time I talked to a person. The only thing that was different from before was that the kind of information that I gave wad different. We don’t give them a place to go in north west, we just give them a phone number.

Can’t stay… training bites.


This stinks.

I hate it. Being trained by a slightly impatient 19 year old who would first assume that I didn’t do something and ask me if I did do it.

Firs she gives me a bunch of papers to copy and look over. Then she told me to keep looking at what she is doing at the same time, then to make sure that I learn these 6 codes, and says that she is going to test me later.

After that whole thing I then was asked to do some of the orders. As I’m going through the first one the “supervisor” came over and asked how it was going, then told her he wanted a report from her at the end of each day of my progress. Great, so she will push me so that she will look like she is doing what she is suppose to be doing.

I’m just looking forward to hell here. I already don’t like it. Their stuff is harder, and I just got Dashavo. I dreamed of being in this place, doing what I was doing at the time months ago when I still had my other job. I can’t stay here for too long.

I had to make a phone call and I noted to myself that I had to ask the customer if I could place them on hold and asked her. She said that she couldn’t because she was on a cell and if there was a number that she could call. I gave her the information that she needed and I was then told that I didn’t ask her if she wanted to be on hold and I know I did, that is how she was even able to tell me that no, she didn’t want to be on hold. Then instead of clearing it up with me with what said and what was suppose to say, she just told me to remember to ask. AAAHH!.. THAT IS WHAT I DID!!

I’m still a little mad about it as you can tell. But I’m back from lunch which took longer than it should because I had to wait to use the microwave since I was more or less cooking my meal while everyone else was just re-heating. So half way though my lunch hour I was able to put my stuff in the microwave. I more or less poached my veggies, added the cuscus, along with some seasoning, let that stand for as long as my hunger would let me leave it along, and then ate it with the drum stick that I heated up with, along with my bottle of water.

Now I have to go, I’ll rant later.


So I have to catch up from Wednesday ha?.. I'll see what I can do.

October 03, 2006

I can't blog today.

lynn has me fixing her printer and getting something sent off for a friend, so that has eaten up my blogging time for today. The sad thing is, I don't think that I can get her printer installed right before I have to leave. You need more then 40 mins when you have to find and download the drivers. So most likly I will be doing this again tomorrow.

I am keeping track of my blogs. I'm trying to write them up in word while at work.

See ya.