July 30, 2010

My Top Lip Is Swollen

... and I'm not taking a picture.

I was falling asleep on the bed in front of the fan and my lip started to tingle. I work up wondering what on earth happened. I asked my mom if my lip looked like it had swollen, but she said no.

Each time I touched it, it kinda hurt. So I went into the hallway by the bathroom and looked in the mirror and it was swollen. I went back and had her look at it again. Now she said it was swollen but it wasn't like that before.


So while I'm worrying over what caused this, mom asked me to go check on the cookup that she was making. I didn't feel like I should be putting anything in my mouth so I just tested the rice to see if cooked through. It wasn't so I added more water after really stirring it up.

Then mom went and got some to eat about 20 mins later, but it didn't feel that long to me, and said that it was done and tested fine. I said great. She told me to see if was ready. Didn't she just tell me it was good?

I told her that I wasn't going to be tasting anything now with my lip hurting. Besides, she said it was done and tasted fine. Turn it off. What did she do? She woke up my sister to have her taste the rice.

My sister then came to see what was going on with my lip. She said it looked like I had botox. I'm sure she meant a collagen shot. She left laughing after she told me that there was a mosquito in the apt. It bite Phillys (my other sister) and she got a bump on her leg. Right now I rather have the bump on my leg.

Well, I go so hungry, that I had to eat something. It's not very comfortable, but I think it's going down.

I'm thinking of going out tomorrow, but who knows. :)


July 28, 2010

July 27, 2010

Now that I've eaten I'm rushing to catch a move up on 62nd st. Btw, I'm on 14th st now. :)

I just don't know what I'm going to see yet. :)

That is $14 at Whole foods.

:) a nice bus ride.
My batteries have started to die, so I'm done. My mission is now food and a BestBuy to buy some more rechargeable. I just don't know what I want to eat.


I'm here. It only took me all afternoon by bus. :)

And here I am unable to eat milk. Did I mention that it's 91 degrees right now? I'm waiting for the M4 to take me to the Cloisters now. I'm at East 32 St & 5th Ave.

Now I'm here. :)


Proof. :)

A shot of my bedroom wall. I'm going to have to change my maps soon since they changed so much this year. But that is not why I'm writing. I'm laying in bed and no longer on line. I was feeling a bit off after I ate some cereal. I'm surprised that I was even able to read over what I had written for the day. So I got off the desktop and let my mom on it now that she's awake.

I'm thinking that I might go on a long bus ride to a park up in Harlem and take some picks there. I might even try for the High Line again since I only got about one really got shot from inside the park. My batteries were dying on me. I hadn't recharged them the night before. Well if I go to sleep, I'll be awake later to check my mail and to post Inuyasha chapters all over the place and see if I want to end chapter 11 here. It will give me time to figure out how I want this odd set of events to continue. :) I think that I'll do that. But when I get back up. Later.

July 23, 2010

That is what cow foot soup looks like. You can see the bones and the thick skin and the sticky in between bits. It was cooked down with onions. It smells good, but I would just have the liquid and bread. :) my first meal of the day is going to be eggs and English muffins.

Well I've done it again.

It's 8:12am and I'm now getting ready to go to bed.

I was up writing and I've just finished chapter 10 when I should have been in bed. I actually thought about going to bed a few hours ago too. But I stayed up because my sister left something on the stove and told me to look at it while she went out to do something. So I've been checking it and stirring it, but I was told to turn it off when it boiled down. I thought I had another hour to go when my mom came home. She works 6 hours, so since she started at midnight today she ended at 6 and come 8 she was home.

She said that I could have just turned it down and gone to bed. I don't like that idea at all. After the stunt Nika pulled with the microwave, I didn't want to leave it unattended.

As for Nika she asked to pop some popcorn. I said sure. I was in the bathroom, but I thought she knew how to read. She set it for 4 minutes and walked away. We had smoke in the house for days. Days I tell you. Most of use avoided the kitchen for three days and the microwave for a week. The inside is stained brown from the burnt butter.

Well I'm now off of cow foot duty so I'm going to sleep.

Yes I said cow foot. It's a soup that my sister and mom like to eat. You have to cook it for a long time. Personally I don't recommend it since I don't eat it, but I'm far more use to it that those of you who have never have seen or eaten it. You will have to really like jelly to eat this.

Well see ya.

And ya, how do you like the new look of my blog? :)

July 22, 2010

The Other Love that Dare Not Speak its Name - comiXology

I was looking for one thing and I found this in the process.

The Other Love that Dare Not Speak its Name - comiXology

In other news... I woke up kinda late and my mom is going to work early tonight. As soon as she leaves I'll be working on my story, but until then I'm read other stuff. :)

Oh, about the link. Only adults that don't mind reading something that the church and most laws have some kind of band on.... but in it's defense.. it's a news piece.

July 21, 2010

Calvin Klein jeans threesome billboard

Calvin Klein jeans threesome billboard

I found a better shot of that billboard that was taken down in SoHo a while ago.

I so wish I could own this. :)

I feel sorry for the guy on the floor. He looks so left out.

July 17, 2010

Spending a little money

You already know that I made it to school on Friday to pay to re-register. That cost me $40 which I hear isn’t bad. I was then told not to buy two books because they are going to be changing. It seems that I won’t be able to get away with getting a used book for AutoCad class. But as I wrote this, I remember people saying that they didn’t need the book and last semester it was $90.

So I’m going to dig up the list tomorrow while my mom is at church and buy the one book I still can. I am taking 4 classes this semester, but 1 class doesn’t have a required book. Just a recommended one.

I walked out the door and walked right back in when I remembered Nardi. She’s one of the girls I was suppose to go to the movies with this week. Well she said that she didn’t get her report card yet. So I asked if they could tell her over the phone what she got. She wasn’t sure how well she passed if she passed at all. I think she had some issues with lateness and missing a class or two for all her classes. That is one of the reasons I don’t want to work and go to school at the same time.

Well, I asked and they said that she could call and they can find out why her report card never made it to her house.

So I’m back out the door and I walk over to payless. Hence the pic below. I walked in and went to my size. I was hoping to find boots to replace the ones I shouldn’t be wearing anymore and another pair to replace the shoes I was wearing. I looked at three or four repeatedly, but I ended up with one pair and they had not boots this time. Of course their sale didn’t really include anything that I could or would ever want to wear.

So I walked up to the cashier with my one box and saw some bags over to the side. I have been thinking for a while to get a more ‘grown up’ looking bag. So I looked them over. Tried to see which would most easily slip unto my shoulder. Which wasn’t too bulky but could hold stuff.

I then found a bag that I liked. It was brown and it had a looped strap that I could lengthen and it actually fit around my body. I’ve never had one that could. I know, you are going to stay that they are out there, but I don’t look. I know that. I hate shopping. Well I had to get over that today. I had the money. I couldn’t say that I couldn’t pay for it. Two I needed a bag and three I can’t say that I’ll find it at a cheaper price and with my luck I would never see it again. And lastly, I haven’t bought myself a bag in years I’m sure.

A year and half back my mom was buying some bags for my aunt in Canada and she said that she would buy me one too. I don’t remember what I was using back then if anything. So we walked around the fashion district for a couple of hours, and I helped her pick out a few bags, but I didn’t really like the ones that I saw for myself. My aunt loved the ones we sent her.

So it was time I told myself. I bought the bag that cost me $25.

image That’s my bag. It’s a “Carey Large Cross-Body by American Eagle”.

Not bad if I say so myself. I even stopped myself from getting it in black. I left the house covered in black, and I didn’t want to add to it.

The shoes were $16 and they feel decent.


They weren’t the ones I wanted to walk home in, but I did toss the ones I walked around in today. I have to stop hurting my feet. I know what you are thinking. No style at all. Well some style comes from the ability to walk. And I should be able to walk in these. Talk to me about the other kind of shoes when I’ve dropped 100lbs.

I did find out one thing. I’ve gotten too use to having some kind of a heel. I tried some flats and I foot was staying up in the air. I had to make myself press down to have it meet the floor. Very odd.

Well once taxes were added on, I paid like $43 for everything. I then went looking for some tights. Didn’t find them. What did did find was that a new “Bargain Hunters” had opened up on Livingston on the back of the mall and got some nice hair clips from them. Then I almost ran for the bus that would take me home.

Almost because, thankfully, the light stopped it for me. :)

Then it happened again. We were rounding the curve next to Grand Army Plaza and an older lady who was sitting next to me and just got on a few stops back leaned over and asked me if anyone had told me that I looked like that girl from the movie “Precious” I told her yes because it was true. She said that she had such a pretty face.

Amazingly that kinda made me feel happy. I just didn’t bubble over with joy because she had said Precious. I know it’s all self hate that most people don’t get, but I know that I’m not that pretty and when I saw the movie, I saw that we did look very much alike which just made the movie even harder for me to watch.

.. Well at this time it started to rain, and rain hard. My stop was just two stops away, so I knew I was getting wet. When I did get off I ran under the shelter and stayed there until it stopped, hoping that it would stop soon. It kinda did. About 3 mins maybe but I’m sure it was less.

Then I thought about how to get home. Did I take the bus that would drop me off one street above and two blocks away, or did I take the train that would drop me off at the right street but three blocks away? I was leaning towards the bus until I didn’t see the bus stop sign. I guess it was cut. I will have to check the MTA website to make sure. So I went for the train. Lucky me it didn’t rain again until I was home.

But I was sent right back out with trash, so I still got wet. The rain won. Today.

My sister asked for $15 for a fishing rod. I didn’t want to give it to her, but she kept begging me and swore she would pay be back next week. My mom had gone shopping too and brought back a few things including three house dresses for me.

I have this wrap that I’ve had for years that I got it St. Kitts, and well, it’s worn and has a few holes in it. So I was actually wrapping it on when she, my mom, pulled it from me and told me to put on one of the dresses. It’s not so bad. I’m stretching out the top with my boobs, but they are kinda held up too, but I don’t see that lasting for very long. Other than that, they aren’t that bad and I found a pocket. :)

Yes, I’m a simple child. :)

I had no mail so I turned off my computer today. I watched “Say Yes To The Dress” in the kitchen while my mom studied. Then I came back in and checked my mail, still nothing, so I turned it back off again.

Then somewhere between then, looking at my Deviantart notice page and reading one of my books that I ordered so long ago and going to sleep and waking up, I realized that the girl who updated like two times today, that I left comments for, hadn’t gotten back to me on my two chapters that I sent her days apart.

How does that work? Maybe she hasn’t actually checked her mail? Maybe she’s waiting for me to tell her that I sent the chapters to look over? Maybe they were blocked my her inbox spam filter and they were sitting her junk folder?  So before I started this I went over to Deviantart and told her to check her mail. Maybe by this time tomorrow I would have heard something from her on them.

My new friend Robby told me about his day. I know he got in late. I was laying in bed starting to go to sleep when he answered a text that I sent to his e-mail early this afternoon. In fact it’s the one just before this with the pic of payless in it. Since he said nothing about the chapter I asked he would read it the next day.

I kinda feel bad to ask him anything about the story, but that was why I got his e-mail address in the first place. Other than that, it’s kinda nice to have a boy e-mailing with me. I could use some more details about stuff, but I’m learning that no one is like my Larry. I miss him.

… Well I think that’s it. It’s 4:14am and I should be crawling back into bed, but without the dress this time. I can’t stand sleeping in things.

After my mother has left for church I have stuff to do. I have a room to clean, I have a book to track down and buy. I have some cards to scan for my sister and then I get back to writing my next chapter.  I will make it. I will have this story done before I go back to school.

Oh, this isn’t Inuyasha. This is something that I completely made up and living in the taboo world. Not that I won’t be posting it. I know I’m no where close to being the first to write something like this, but I’m not posting it until I’m done.

Well, see ya.

July 16, 2010

I made it out of the house! Yes! :) now I'm buying shoes. I hate buying stuff. But I did register for school first.

July 14, 2010

I was suppose to say something

I think I said something about surviving the members of Team Jacob that took over the movie. I was very happy when they decided to move from right in front of me nearer the start of the movie.

I got there 10 mins before the movie started and the place was already half full. Lucky for me there was still some seats in the main middle set of seats so they could move there and leave me in my corner, with some measure of peace.

They were so noisy. Since they were team Jacob, they were beside themselves when he showed up topless through out the movie. When he hugged Bella and they kissed they were beyond happy.

As for my take on the movie. It was condensed milk.

I read the book, as I keep saying, so I knew what was suppose to happen. Just about nothing was explained that I expected them to explain and the bits that they did, were condensed. The training thing with the wolves, was suppose last for a while. At least a week. And after the first day or so, only one or two of them showed up since they could read each other’s mind, while in wolf form. And I’m pretty sure that Bella was curled up next to Jacob each time. I guess they couldn’t afford the CGI for that.

The talk in the tent was suppose to be longer. At least people knew that she was awake. I was looking forward to Jacob's yelping from her cold toes and the fight between him and Edward over Bella in the tent before he had to go and the kiss.

What they did expand on to make up the 2 hours and 4 mins, was the vampire army that the red head was putting together so she could get to Bella. One reviewer said that he heard Edward say Brother, but I know he said mate and Edward did say mate when he taunted her.

Also, the setting is also wrong for the whole tent part and the fight with the red head in my option. I’m tempted enough to go back over the book, but there is so much wrong with the movie, that I’ll have too much conflict. Which is why I don’t like knowing both to begin with.

Oh, I also don’t think that they ended it right. I’m pretty sure that there was more to it. But then, ofcourse there was more to it. If they didn’t start it out right, why would they end it right?

They either expect you to have read the book so that you could fill in the gaps yourself, or they think you could have picked up all the pieces and get what was going on for yourself.

There was no talk about Bella being there until she said that she wanted to do more. It like fell out of the sky that part along with a few other bits that help make the whole thing feel condensed.

Well that’s it. It’s ok, but not great. I can’t give it that high of a vote knowing what the book had. I just can’t. There are some good things there, and it may worth it to a few people. Especially if they never read the saga.

I think that is it. If for what ever reason a person never read the books, the moves could be seen as pretty good… I guess.

I lived, no matter what the Jacob fans did to me. More details when I get my hands on a full size keyboard. :)

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

July 13, 2010

I'm in, with 10 mins to spear. It's starting to look like it it will be a full-ish house if not a really ful one. We ended up having something to eat before we parted way a bit later. I'll let you know howmuch I hate the movie later. I read the book. It's a given I won't love the movie. I'm mstly here to see how badly they recked it. Later.

Nothing but changes. First my other friend want to come to the movies. Fine. Then they wanted to change the time and or movie. Didn't work. Then there was talk of just having dinner together. Then they said that they will come. I arrive to get the tickets and they are sold out. All movies until 10 are sold out. Now it's just me and the 10:45 showing and we are meeting up at 14th street for something since everyone has already left the house. The pics of the High Line will have to wait until tomorrow.

July 12, 2010

I was wrong

I don't know who I told this to, so I'm covering all my bases.

I told someone that water degrades condoms. I was so wrong.

"Adequate lubrication is important to prevent condom breakage, but use only water-based lubricants, such as glycerine or lubricating jellies available at any pharmacy. NEVER use oil-based lubricants such as petroleum jelly, cold cream, hand lotion, or baby oil, which can weaken the condom."

For more information on how to use a condom check out the link.


Now I'm going to bed.

Hotmail is redefining busy with tools for the New Busy. Get more from your inbox. See how.

Talking to Your Daughter About Sex

July 10, 2010

Inuyasha Update

I've hit a wall. A big looming wall.

I've been looking at chapter 77 for weeks, months even.

I got like two pages or so in, then that was it. I left Inuyasha and Miroku sitting by a well at sunset. I don't understand that the heck is stopping me. I've posted chapter 69 yesterday over at FF (fanfiction.net) so unless I get my act together I will catch up on myself and they will end up waiting for way longer than a week or two for the current chapter to be posted.

So what have I been doing for the past two months of my break? I've been writing new stories besides my little bit of traveling that I've done. I just posted one of them over on my other blog that I have here on Blogger. It's to the left named "New Jem's Pages".

It's the story called 'Love's Love'. The one I'm working on now, will be posted over at Scribd when I'm done with it. I may try posting it over at DA, but my subject matter maybe pushing it.

Anyway, I'm trying to finish this current story up so I can get back to making myself work on Inuyasha.

Speaking of which, I think it's time that I post a link here to the story. Maybe with some new feedback I'll be more motivated to continue the story.

Read - FanFiction.net reading page

Vanessa Carlton - Ordinary Day

I heard this song on the radio last night and I had to track it down. :)

Here is a blast from not such a distant past. :)

July 04, 2010

No fire works....


I was saying that I haven't seen any 4th of July fireworks since I got back, but I just remembered that I saw some last year in Seattle. I just didn't this year.

I was working on my chapter. :)

I'll live.

My mom just got back. She did not to Canada like I thought. Oh well. Now I have the job of getting her photos off her phone and my cam so she can start posting. *shaking head*

Happy 4th of July people. Go see some fire works.

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July 03, 2010

Bad Plan

I stayed up three hours longer than I wanted too because three hours ago I wasn't tired and didn't feel like going to bed to wake up feeling bad and I need to get these clothes to where I should have dropped them off at 3 or so weeks ago.

I'll sleep when I get back.

I found a review for Bella's new movie, while I was killing time. The twilight thing.

Well, I heard something of statues. I think about reading or playing the book over, as the case may be, but then I realized that if there was a time to start distancing the movie from the book in some places, it would be with this movie.

But they have been doing it all along so I was expecting it to be 'bad' as far as following the book went. They have even seemed to change the reason why Edward won't have sex or change Bella in this tacked on piece of the story.

I will not be waisting my money on this movie, but I will be seeing it in like a week or two on a Tuesday. I'm tempted to do a last showing at the Ziegfeld place. But currently they have Toy Story 3 there. I'll keep checking back.

Ok, time for me to get this 'trip' over with so I can go to sleep before noon.


July 01, 2010

Not well...

I'm not sure why, but I don't feel so well.

I know I stayed up late or early, how ever you think about it. And besides thinking that I should just stay up, I went to bed around 8am.

Why was I up that long? Writing. For once I can't blame my reading. I was writing. I have finished writing the one called "Love's Love" about a week ago now. I think I finished it before I went to Philly.

The oddest thing is, I don't think I can post this story at Devantart. Most of the people having sex, aren't 18 and over. Normally that would be nothing, but then this is the first time where they are actively having sex with someone who very isn't anywhere near their age.

Which I think is normal. Granted NY's age of consent is 17, but come on. People have been having sex with younger and older people for years. Most humans grew out of it, and they wanted everyone else to at the same time.

Now I'm not talking kiddy (porn/sex). I'm talking from age 15/16 up. And ofcourse all with consent... but I am drifting far beyond my point. My point is and was that not just 18 year olds have sex.

Ok... I'll getting off that rant now.

What was I really saying? Oh ya, not feeling well. Well I stayed up until I finished writing the 4th chapter of this story and then I went to bed. I woke up to use the bathroom I think and since it was 3pm I thought I should stay up. I then read over and fixed chapter 4. I knew it would have bits to be fixed, but I found some that I didn't expect. At one point I wrote Harry instead of Henry since I was watching Harry Potter near the end of my 'night'.

I had a small talk with a new friend of mine over at DA (deventart) and I sent him and another friend chapter 4 to look over. But I haven't heard from them and I don't even feel like posting the three pics I messed with.

I just feel out of sorts and my cycle isn't helping at all. I made and posted a new DA ID. I was going for a template, but I realized that it wasn't good enough for that, so I just made it for me.

Then I was hungry and it hurt. I hadn't eaten a thing and it was about 7:50, so I asked my sister who was on her way home to bring me some broccoli and beef with fries fries. By the time she walked in after 9pm I had given up completely and went to bed. When she came home just before 10, she woke me up to eat.

Two days ago I made rice, but I'm sure that my mom would not be surprised to see that no one has really cooked since she left.

BTW, she on vacation somewhere. I think it's in Canada. The church is having something. Conference I think, and she's just staying longer.

So I got a meal, woke up and ate it all down fairly quickly. The only thing that disappointed me about it was that she put ketchup on my fries. I haven't had ketchup on my fries in years. The sauce that came from the broccoli and beef would have been enough.

So now, I go back on line, looking for someone to talk to and no one has gotten back to me. I then asked two people who like BL/yaoi stories to read my story to give it a review.

So now I feel like giving up again and going to bed at a decent time. It's now 12:22am and as far I know, no one has sent me back any kind of message.

If I do go to bed I'll be up early enough to go to school and register and pick up some $9 shoes at the Payless sale a block away almost.

I was feeling kinda bummed that I didn't wake up early enough to do that, but I knew that would happen since I went to bed at 8am.

So I'll do one more check at my mail and at DA, and if I see nothing, I go to bed.