August 30, 2008


Date: Thursday, August 28, 2008, 3:19 PM
Call him? That would be interesting. He's in the army, and he's been deployed. We can't even be told where he is.

As for the job, it's gone. They called me up at 12 to talk to me. And I tried to explain, but because I've been doing that survey for so long and I knowingly jumped questions, she ended the conversation as quickly as possible. I was terminated and she hung up on me.

So now I'm back to looking for something. I may still call up the guy that got me the survey job to begin with. He was willing to get me another job right after I got that one, but I don't like changing jobs and thought that it was a good fit in the start, but I just never got back around to calling him for the next job when I realized that it wasn't all it seemed.

As if that wasn't enough, the lights bill showed up and I'm being blamed for how high is it because I tried to sign us up with a company that was suppose to be discounted for the first few months you were with them. Another lie was told.

Yesterday was a nice day too, at least weather wise. I had just found a nice to way to get home from there too. 


From: Jhoy E. Meade <>

Date: Thursday, August 28, 2008, 12:49 AM

It looks like I got myself fired before I could quit.

I was trying to keep a lady on the phone from getting aggravated, by jumping a few questions that she wouldn't know about and I was being checked on at the same time. So they caught me and sent me home less then an hour after I got there.

I have to go back tomorrow and talk to Betty, but I'm sure I'm just being officially told that I've been terminated.

Guess I have time to do my hair now.

It would be the day that I leave the house on time and wanted to be there, that this is the day this would happen to me. I'm not so upset over all of it. Just wish I already had a better job to replace it. I'll try and remember that for the next time I go around.

It was my niece's birthday today. My other sister got her a cheese cake for her b-day cake and a slue of "high school musical" and "Hanna Montanna" PJs. She is very happy.

My brother seems to be sending me second and third hand gifts. Not that mind so much. Heck, I would have been in better sprits if the laptop came with it's power cord. :) He sent me a laptop and Kevin Sorbo. Well not the man, his show. Hercules. I liked the show, but it was so out of left field for me. The laptop I couldn't turn on because the battery is dead. So I have to get a power cord for it or wait for him to send me the one the came with it. :)

I kinda wished that it was Zena instead for a moment. There's no blood in Hercules.


August 25, 2008

Part of my sunday

Date: Sunday, August 24, 2008, 7:07 PM

Back home.

They were full. A few people walking back to the
train station told me. So even if I was on time. I may not have
gotten a seat all the same. Speaking of which. I left when I
was suppose to.

I found $11 on the sidewalk before I jumped on an express
train that was sitting the station. I thought that it was
waiting for me. But no. It was being delayed. Over 5 mins.
Then the next train I had to get was running local so that
took a bit longer also.

I then decided to use $10 of the $11 to pay on my
Macy's bill. Why I didn't use the whole 11 I
don't know. I guess I just had it set in my head to pay
them 10 I think. It took me forever to get there since I
tried to get a bus that turned out to be detoured from
it's normal route due to road repair, so I walked to a
completely different bus stop that was near the end of the
long side of cemetery. At least I had my mp3 player.

So now I'm grabbing something to eat. I had a granola
bar on the train when it wasn't going anywhere, but
I'm sure I'm allowed to eat a meal now.

I already have my story open, so I'll see how much of
that I get done today. :)

August 22, 2008

Re: Tonight

aahahaha.. ya, pay day.

Mine isn't until Monday, but I should be getting a far better one than my last two or three.

Ya, I heard that on the last day of camp, if not the last week, they have fun things at camps and such. I've only been to summer school during the summer when I was in senior high. Twice. I didn't need it, it was something to do one summer, and the other summer it was in a college prep summer school. It was nice. We pretended to be NYU students. At the time a real NYU student was paying $25 grand a semester to go there, and $500 to use their gym, and $75 a week I think for the cafeteria. We got everything for free. Ofcourse the classes weren't the same, but we were told to realy behave ourselves because we were getting so much for free. It was nice. If I had gone to that school they were willing to find college money for me. There's a lone I would still be paying back. :)

Well I just got a call from my sister, the dentist visit is a no go. I was suppose to show up when one of the dentists had free time, but she got booked up. So now I have to get ready and take in the damaged cable boxes. I wasn't expecting to be back there so soon, or at least not until we got another HDTV in the apartment. Oh well.

I'll be taking Nika with me. I just have to go take a bath. Mother woke me up at 9:30 to get going after I went in bed around 4:15. I'm just so happy I don't have work.

I bumped into a guy that use to work at the survey place at the chinese store last night. He said that he lived one block over, more or less and he quit and was now driving. I almost asked him for his head set, but for some reason I didn't. If I see him again I'll make sure to ask for it. He was the guy that I saw with it weeks ago, and that got me trying to find my own.

No, most of them were not polite to me. I had mayebe 10 people who didn't hang up on me in mid sentence. Who didn't swear at me when I said marketing. Who didn't bang the hand set down a few times before hanging up. I guess you can say the people who lied to me were trying to be polite, but it didn't help when I knew that they were lying when they could just say that they didn't want to take the survey and to put them on our own "do not call list".

Since I've started to talk about this. This is what you should do when someone who wants to do survey with you calls.

1. You listen to all that they have to say. When they start to ask you questions you then stop them. - we are to at least make sure that you hear the whole intro to the survey so that if we are offering money for participation you know about it before you go run and hide. We may want females, or males, or anyone between the ages of 16-75, or someone over the age of 55, or someone who isn't you.

2. After you had said that you don't want to, we are still suppose to try and get you take it the survey. I'm not as pushy as some people, but we are to find out if it's because you are tired, in the middle of something, think that survey is going to take a long time when it isn't, something. Then try and let you know that we can call back when you want us to so we can get it done then and, or let you know that it's a short survey if it is a shot one.

3. We aren't really allowed to tell you what most of the surveys are about because half the times we don't know. We may have an idea, but they don't tell us. For the ones we do know, we still can't tell because you may change your answers thinking that is what we want to hear. What we want to hear is what you really think.

4. We will try and call you until one of two things happens. One, we reach a person we want for that survey who will take it with us, or until you say "Never to call again" and , or "Please put me on your do not call list". Most of our calls are taped so you can fight it if we call again. If you want to make sure that we don't all you again ask for our company info and call them directly when you have a chance.

5. Saying that you aren't interested does not count as don't call again. It just means that you aren't interested at the moment. We will then try and call back no sooner than in 2 days time. That is if you are polite. I'm not saying it's allowed, but when you are rude to some of us, not me, we then to put you back for a call back the next day, or a time that would bug you. They have started to tell a few people not to this because they still see you as a potential survey taker and don't want to get on your bad side.

6. We haven't a clue when you are having dinner or when you are entertaining or busier than God. We are calling across 49 states and all their time zones. 

7. There isn't just one company out there calling you. We didn't call you everyday this week. Most of us make sure to give you at least 2 days between call. A few of us gives you a week,

I think that's it.

I'm going for my bath. I have to get going.

Have good day. :)

August 21, 2008


Oh, I'm so full. Why did I try to clean my plate?? I got dinner from the Chinese place around the corner. It was beef with black bean sauce over white rice and a side of 10 onion rings. I only ate 3 of the onion rings. I couldn't eat any more. I was so sure that I asked for a pt, it looks like so much more. I got a lot of veggies and for some reason the black bean sauce wasn't black.

Well work wasn't that great. We all got a little talk about what we are suppose to be doing to get surveys, but I just smiled and paid attention, since that was all I could do.

I was let go after an hour and half. Not one person wanted to take the survey. I called almost 100 numbers.

Oh, that story that I was telling you about that I was reading? He needed a beta. You get the idea of what he's trying to say, but at times it's very fragmented. I don't think that he will ever fix it. It's been posted since 2004. I'm going to see if he answers my review when I get to the end of it. For some reason I think it's a guy. I don't know why.

As it stands, I'm going to be having a busy day tomorrow. I have to go see the sister who works at a dental office to get an x-ray, and I have to go trade in my busted cable box for one that works and then I'm going to IKIA to see about applying for a job.

Well back to reading that story "Barter" over at I want to see how it ends, then I'll see about adding to my story, and I kinda want to do another wallpaper for +Anima. My last one was received well. It was a brown one.

August 20, 2008

At last I'm on my way home.

I did that up some where around 9:30 or so, but It didn't get sent until after 12. I will never work until midnight. We aren't open that late. 

The picture came out quite well. 

August 18, 2008

A nice long shift today. I'll try and blog for real when I get home.

I worked the whole shift just because I was on shift with new people. I think that was the first time that I ever worked until 11:30 pm. 

August 11, 2008

Just an hour of work today. Sad after 3 days of no work. At least I get to use my transfer to get home.

August 07, 2008


I have been sent home twice in two days. I will be lucky if I get three days of work in for this week.

I'm working away at my yaoi fanfic. I'm up to chapter 12 now I think. I'm about ready to add in a "normal" couple into the story just to make everyone in the story happy.

I have yet to make it to the bank to cash my check from Monday. I have to go get my hair done, and I have to hold on to $20 of it to go with $10 from my almost not there pay from this week to put down $30 on the gas bill.

Now here is a snippet from an e-mail I just sent my friend to help me fill out this blog and not do extra typing.


There was this student at the vet school, years and years ago. He told me that I should try getting into the school, and become an equine doctor, or was it equine eye doctor just for the race tracks. He said that they pay crazy money to take care the horses because of how much they paid for them and how much money they could make from them. Somewhere in there, he said that I was just as smart as the rest of them. :) I don't know how much of that was true. I just knew stuff that they didn't.

He didn't hate animals, but he didn't come off as an animal lover like some of the other students there. He just chose a good profession. :)

I would like them to call me and let me know that they were full so I could so something else. I still wasn't able to get to the bank in time today. But they have this thing that if you don't sign in you are taken out of the system. So you have to show up and log in, even if you are logging back out to leave so you can come in and work your next day.

They are using a very old system I'm sure. For all I know, it's like that because a lot of people, and in the past, just stop showing up. They will get a notice from me when I leave. Why would I take that fun out of leaving? :)

I'm going to get to my story soon. I had to get my wallpaper picks and post them over at the club. I'm so late. I haven't really been late in like 3 or so months.

While I was out looking for that last wallpaper I stocked up on some wallpaper that was my screen size for the wallpaper changer. It's easier this way than to have it fit smaller ones. My screen size is 1440x900.

Well that's it. I should copy most of this to my blog. I haven't done that in a while.


The wallpaper changer that I'm talking about is called "EvJO Wallpaper Changer" It's not bad.

Is there anything else to say? Yes there is.

I saw the mummy 3 and it sucked dirt! I can't believe these reviewers who said it was the best one of the three. Are you joking me?? They were Paid! The lady to played "Phiby" in the first two, saw the script and walked away from it this time. Good girl. Who the heck wrote this thing?

It can sit next to "Hellboy 2". I liked the "villain" more in that movie than Hellboy and his group. They were all too silly in this thing.

Next week I should be able to get into a non sold out showing of batman.

I did get to see "Wall.E" and I liked that one. Yes, it took me awhile to get around to seeing it. They were showing so much of it in adds, that I didn't want to see it. But I did decide to see it and I was happy I did. It's the only really good one I've seen out of the last 4 I've watched. I watched "Wanted". I appreciated half of it. Maybe 3/4 of the move. It lost points for two things it did. If one of them wasn't done at the end of the movie. It might have been better received by my thought process.

Ok.. I'm going back to my story now. See ya.

OH! I have made some new wallpapers and they are posted over at deviantart. Check the links over on the left.


August 01, 2008

Sorry... Pic today.

I forgot my phone at home.

I got off at 8:30 tonight. I was expecting to get kicked out 30 mins before, but oh well, I get $4 more.

I've posted a few wallpapers over at deviantart lately. I feel like doing some more tonight.

I'm more or less killing time while I think of a way to continue a story that I'm working one. Sorry, most of you won't like it. It's a yaoi and a fanficion to boot.

Now before you start thinking that like making friends into gay lovers all over the place you are very wrong. I only have yaoi dreams for one show. I stumbled across some very well written fanficion that happen to have two guys in there as the main couple and I didn't turn green. I like over all to leave straight people straight and admit that gays are out there and that both worlds criss cross more than some people would like or like to admit.

So, other than all that, when I got off early from work I went and got some cat food, both dry and wet, and got a cheep pack of tp until one of us gets to RiteAid to get the big pack that is on sale and some soap.

Mom made cook up again and Jhodie fried up some banana fritters.

Now I'm of. See ya. :P