March 19, 2015

There Was This Fire...

At 5:30 am on Friday, March 13th, we, or at least I, was awoken by banging on our front door. My sister got to the door while I was just trying to understand what was going on. I don't know who it was other than a male, and he said that we had to get out because there was a fire in the building. I didn't want to take long putting on my sneakers, so I put on my house slippers. This was after I tossed on clothes that I had next to my bed, my bag and coat over that along with hat and scarf, oh, and my phone for some reason.
The bill hasn't been paid, so we don't have service. Either way, I go out with one of my sisters and there is smoke in the hallway, and when we get into the lobby, there is water raining down from the ceiling and through the light there making a pool of dirty water between us and the door. So my shoes couldn't help but get wet.
We were told to go all the way out into the street, so we didn't get to see what was going on and were just cold after standing there for about 15 or so mins. I kept my hands in pockets. At least my feet didn't get as cold a I feared, but they were still cold.
We stood next to the new people that moved in on our level and side. We looked around and saw three fire trucks and four ambulances. Two were at each end of our street. The girl we were standing next too, tried twice to find out how much longer it would be before we could go back in since most of us were cold.
She had no luck the first time. The second time she was in luck and got to go back in. But when she came back the first time she said that they were gutting the apt on the second floor and tossing everything out into the courtyard.
About five or so mins after that is when my other sister and my cousin made it out. They were in there the whole time and my niece, stood with us, and even cried at one point because she didn't see her come out, ran to her when she saw her come out.
She then said that they kept them from coming out because they, the firemen, had started to gut the apt and toss stuff out. So they must have started right after we got out. She, this sister, was the one that started to talk to the lady behind us who had luggage with her, when the girl with us went back to find out about going inside.
They found out that it was her apt that the fire came from. When the girl came back and we saw others going in also, we went in too. The sister and cousin stayed and talked to the girl since they weren't as cold as we were. I held on to the fence and looked down as I walked around the water as we went back in. So I didn't really see the courtyard. I think it's odd that I didn't see anything at the time now.
Phillys got dressed and got ready for work. By now it was close to 7 I think, and she had to be at work early that day. I don't know how long I stayed up, but I think I slept late. smile emoticon
It was a good thing mom had already left for work hours before.
Phillys took all the pics for me with her phone cam. smile emoticon

March 03, 2015


I had something to say, but I took too long to come here and type it up. But let's see what I have rattling around in my head.

One, Lenord Nemoy is gone. That was a shock. My sister showed up just as Access Hollywood started their piece on him. It could have been ET, but I don't remember. I just about never watch them, but I really didn't have anything else to watch at the moment and Something they were talking about caught my attention.

The first thing she says after they finish is that she's said he won't be around for the next Star Trek movie. We had just watched the last one like a day or two before, so I didn't hold it against her, but I was surprised by her comment.

Two, I got my tax... papers, forms, whatever you call it, from SH5. My last job. I didn't expect much, but it seems that they paid me just over 3 grand for the 4 months I worked there, so I had to file this year. BTW, talking about work. Did I tell you about my last interview? I think I did. I'll check the last post to make sure later.

So I had to take my tax paper to my cousin. She has been doing the taxes for my mom and sister for years. I almost went over by her one day, because I had to go out to buy some hand soap from Bath & Body, but it was too cold for me, but as I stood there with one shoe one and one off, I picked up the phone and called to see if she was even home. It just kept ringing and ringing, so I was very happy I didn't go. I left her a message, but she took days to call back. I ended up going by Sunday afternoon. In the snow. In the freaking snow.

I know. It's winter. It's going to snow. My issue is I am really hating winter now. I don't like being cold. At all. I can't seem to get warm for days at a time. I don't even seem to have core temperature anymore. This sucks. The day I'm offered something that will give me a good life in a warm place, I'm out of here. I'm going to miss everything else that makes up my NYC life, but the cold is killing me.

Oh, Three. We don't have cell service. My mom took a few days and had a few taken from her over how cold it was, so she couldn't pay and it got disconnected. I know, the math isn't that great. After all, I'm sure you pay like $125 for your cell service. Ours is more like $230 I think. It was over $300 months and months ago. I changed a few things and got a lower price. She had old features that made it that high. So for plan for 5 people, who all have smart phones, it's not bad. It could be a bit better I know, but there are a few add-ons that I can't get rid of or replace with something better yet. I was helping to pay my part of the bill when I was working, but mom went to Canada, then the days off, and stuff didn't get paid, for a while or completely for months, so now it came back to her and the phones are off until she pays it all off and $50 more to reconnect it. That's just insult to injury.

On the cell phone front, my cousin just got one. The same one who does our taxes. Well, I thought she got a cell phone. Then I found out from my mom that it was a free phone that gives you like 260 minutes of call time. It was Jhodie's and she gave it to her so she could have one. All this time, she never got one. It's a free phone she got from the government through the welfare system I think. Some program. You have to use it like at least twice a month in other to keep it, or they take it from you. It's and old-ish phone. It thinks texting is a gift that it only allows 25 spaces for.

Next update will be computer based. :) I've been up all night and almost all morning updating and installing Ubuntu and Windows 7, so I need to sleep.

Later. :)