September 29, 2010

Just a bigger pic of something I took a pic of last week I think.

I had a short but fustrating class today. I'm getting the book for this class. It's almost a matter of pride now. It's autocad yes, but it's also called computer class. I will not do badly in a computer class.

September 28, 2010

Wow. The quize was painless. I might be getting the hang of this strength class. Or it could be the fact that the quiz was just one problem :P. Well I'm on my way home. My school at night. :)

September 27, 2010

I'm starving! :( We are on break now. I showed my little printout to the teacher on jean/cotton insolation and we found out that it didn't have an R-value, so he told me to contact them and ask for a sample while I was at it. :) I should show what I found. Later, I can only get away with texting so much in class and he should be back soon. :) is everyone having a good day? :)

On The 2 Train.

I'm early today because I didn't stop to eat anything which slightly bugs me because I wasn't able to take my garlic pills. Maybe if I wasn't, to a point, trying to avoid the lady from next door, I would have gotten a bowl of something to eat. After all Phillys did get me Silk milk.

Last night did not find me in bed like I said. I ended up ironing Nika's clothes for school for the week and getting my bag ready for school, after Nika woke up at 7 is when I went to bed.

I am happy to report that I won this round with those flying needles. :) I am now on the #2 train heading for Hoyt St. I wasn't thinking that well and went to the wrong station. I was about to fix that when the 2 showed up, so I just used it. :)

Later people.

I can not win...

I'm really setting myself up for a fall. I've gotten really attached to this dumb card game on line. I have yet to win two hands. It's not a betting game. I don't bet. It's something called Thousand Island Solitaire.

I did remember to print something out for my class on Monday. And I have worked on my home work for my Friday class, I should have it finished well before then if I keep up at least what I'm doing now. I just have to worry about finding a tape measure so I can do my home work for Tuesday.

I'm working on chapter 26 for my story that I've having looked over by my friends for a few mistakes and such before I post it. I'm going to see if I post it after I have it covered in caution tape with age restricted fence all around it also. It's coming along quite well really and I should be finishing it up soon. I have also allowed my hands to touch and work on Inuyasha. I finished up a chapter and I started the next one. Sess's mother is now here. Yeah, that twist took me for a surprise too. Hey, I'm trying to move this along and she might just help.

I just found out that little Nika will not be going anywhere this week. Phillys has the week off, so I can leave when ever I want to, and not have to think of Nika or not hear my music for the day since I won't have to keep an ear and eye on her. Yeah.

The mosquitoes are still coming after me. I think I might be developing and allergy for something, so I've gotten some garlic pills. I use to take them when I was Seattle with Tanzi, and I stopped when I came back just because I ran out and had to start school. If I was thinking about it, I would have bought them again since my second semester when I had a little extra money.

I got them yesterday when I went to pick up a package for the lady that took Nika to church. I figured that I was already out the house and since I had an unlimited card I took the bus down town and picked up a non-dairy shake. I was looking for and immune booster one, but I didn't see it on their list, so I just got what it turning out to be my regular, ginger delight and got the pills that came in 100 count. I've taken two pills with my two meals for two days. I won't really feel much of anything for at least a week. Hopefully by then the mosquitoes will be dead.

I have never looked forward to winter until now.

I washed Nika and Phillys' non work clothes today, but I didn't get to doing anything for me because I had such a head ache. I couldn't even read up some background info on Sess' mother, and had to lay down.

I was talking to a friend a few hours ago, but I'm sure he's gone off to bed without remembering to say good night. I'm learning to live with it. One the other hand, I have another friend, over in Egqypt who waits for me to get on line so we can talk after he has already been up for like 16 hours working. I think. I thank him and I feel good when he stays up and talks to me. He even helped me with my strength and material class home work last week. He is very sweet.

Ok, it's 4:22 am so I should go to bed. I'll have to spray it down with bug spay then bush my teeth and then come back and spray under my bed before going to bed. That way I get a few hours bite free. I know, it's not that great, but I can't use the OFF too often. I feel funny when I spray it on me. So I'm laying off the stuff. The smell is starting to bug me too.

I know, no great news.

How about this? As you may have seen, I got a project. It's showing how to build a roof top garden. I've come up with a few things, I've signed up with this company for materials from them that show how they make one, but I have to look for other companies that do this also and see how they do it, what their products are and do a nice trip to Home Depo or someone like them to get sample material so do a small section and show the layers.

I've found out that they have different kinds of roof top gardens. When I saw this as a choice on the list the teacher handed out, I felt like I had to pick it. That came from when I saw this show on how to make cities greener and a story I wrote the outline for and he lives in a green building that had a garden every five floors, and when I did that, I thought about how it would work and now I will get to really find out. I never dug up anything on it, I was just putting together things I already knew and was slowly hearing about. Now I see how possible it is to do. I'll have to redesign my building to give it more light now, but I still want to draw that some day. :)

Ok, time has moved up to 4:40am. Sorry I will now be reading this over since I want to go to bed before 5am. I'm a slow reader and it sucks some times.

Let's see what pics I send in this week. :) This is also the last week my mom and sis will be gone. there goes my small measure of freedom.

Later. :)

September 24, 2010

Lost Your MetroCard? Try Your iPhone -

I have not used my visa card to do this or my old master card when I saw it popping up in a few places since I wasn't sure about it being able to know about transfers and such. I haven't heard anything about it, so I may just use my card in places they have when I find myself without fare on my metro card so I won't have to stop to refill it, but I do not have a iphone so that one bit I won't be able to do.

If you have let me know how it has worked out for you. The iphone app or just tapping your visa or master card in the subway or on the bus.

Lost Your MetroCard? Try Your iPhone -

September 22, 2010

On my way home from school. I also see lighting and hear thunder.

If you have a clue about all that you are going. I'm at school making myself do my home work. :) bug me if you dare. :)

September 21, 2010

Had to take Nika with me to class. Not bad day over all once we got her out of the apt for school this morning. Going home now. What time is it? :(

September 16, 2010

I might be late for class today.

Proof that the mosquitos are out to get me. I have five such patches on both sides of my body. BTW the clusters are hand size. That's not palm size but hand size. When I woke up and found them, I covered my side of the bed and under it with bug spray. I even moved some books out of my room that I was holding for Jhodie next to my bed. They hurt. :(

A Missing Hour

As if I didn't have enough to deal with today of getting up, ironing Nika's uniform and going through my cramps and getting myself out of here on time for my 3:15 class, I didn't need something to go wrong with my easiest class day. But Nika found a way.

This morning she didn't want to take a bath, so that was a small fight. Then I asked her if she knew where Sister Wallace lived in the building across the street. Her school let out at 3:15 and my class started at 3:15, so there was no way she could come with me or have anyone take her anywhere. Since she has been to Sister Wallace's it would be easy for her to go there and it being only a half a block away was good too. So I wrote down what her apt number was again just in case she forgot that part and I left it on the table in my room where she would see it when she came back in to get her bag.

I was in the bathroom so I didn't get to ask her a few things when she walked out of the door with out saying anything unlike her Aunt. So since I wasn't feeling well, I just crawled back into bed and checked to make sure that she took the note I wrote for her. It looked like she did.

Then I'm getting ready to go back to bed and my sister calls from St. Kitts. Text me actually. I then told her to stop talking so I could go back to bed. She was asking me stuff about Nika and I'm sure half of that was from the fact that Nika tried to call her first. We tell her that she can't skip taking a bath two days in a row and she calls her mother thousands of miles away.

So I get to school 10 mins until the start of the class and I see that they started early. I guess I was the last to show up so they didn't wait. Fine. I had to change from the first computer I picked because ti wasn't picking up a connection to the domain which is odd since it was jacked in. Once I was on a computer and got it working, I had to move a mouse, I felt great. I was in a computer lab. I felt like I was back where I was suppose to be. Once we got started, I was good except for one minute when I was talking to myself.

Then it all went down hill when our brake came just before 5pm. I realized that I didn't give Sis Wallace my cell number in case something happened. So I called and the first time no one picked up. Then I called back and her son picks up and says that Nika hadn't shown up yet. His mom was worried about Nika since she wasn't there over an hour after school finished but she had to go to the doctor and left the apt about 10 mins before. So I had him check our apt building to see if she took up keys and went home. Not there. Not with the lady next door. He went to the school and I talked with people there, she wasn't there. I sat down for like 10 mins of the last bit of my class since I was on the phone so much with him. It's a darn good thing that it was my first class where he wasn't telling us much and was letting us just get use to the program. I ended up standing in the doorway trying to hear anything before he called me back again and say that he had to go get his kids.

When I walked back to the class, I walked into an empty class to talk on the phone since I didn't want to bother them because the door was left open and it was over. People were outside and I asked my friend what if any home we had. She said that we just had to measure out a room to draw for the next class. I was standing in the door way when he was talking about it. I just didn't know what it was about at the time. I grabbed my stuff, turned off the computer and told the teacher sorry as I just about fled the building so I could go look for her.

The class had ended a bit early and I was coming out of our subway before 6pm. I didn't want to spend time changing trains so I walked down to Nevins and took the 5 train home. I walked down to the apartment building and just before I went in I heard kids playing at the park a block away, so I walked down there thinking that she might be there for some reason. She wasn't there. I walked back to the building and walked through the open front door, walked out the side door where you had the buttons for each of the apts and saw that there were benches and a small play area with steps leading away up and up from the building. I thought maybe she didn't remember what floor Sis Wallace was on and just stayed near the building. It was kinda cool, so I thought I would turn a corner and find her keeping out of the wind. But she wasn't there. I looked for open doors and found two thinking she may be sitting in there. She wasn't. I decided to give the steps a shot. I was just about at the top of one of them when my phone rang.

It was the son. He said that Nika was with his mom. Ha? He said that she saw her when she came out of the elevator and that she took Nika with her when she went to the Doctor's office in Fort Greene. So I was suppose to come by for her after 7. His mom didn't have a cell, so she couldn't tell him that she had Nika until later which could have saved my class and him from running around.

I asked her what she was doing for an hour. She said nothing. I've asked a number of times where did she go after school. It took him 10 mins at the most to get to her school and she said that walked right from the school to the apt building and as she got there, Sister Wallace came out of the elevator and saw her and took her with her. I'm now starting to think that she was just out front unsure of what floor to go to and just stayed there.

She's fine so besides the worry she put us through things are ok.

Phillys remembered her keys today. Ha ray. Monday and Tuesday she forgot them and had to come to my school to get them. I think I said something about that already. She comes home and is ready to make dinner for tomorrow. We get home too late to really cook for that night. I had Nika do her home work, I worked on my chapter for my story. I haven't given any more my home another look, but I woke up today understanding a bit more of what we were doing in my class yesterday. So I did major write and addition to my chapter and I fixed up to the point where I felt ok sending it out to be read over. I read and fixed and re-read and went back for past information and then had to work that in. I wrote almost a whole page of new info after I considered it done and put the heading in for the next chapter. But I couldn't not fix what I needed to fix. So I mailed it off and told who was reading that I want you to really tell me something. I know somethings are off, let me know how off you think they are, give me ideas to fix it, something.

One person said that she was going to be away from internet connection for a few days so I told her I could wait. I should be doing my home work anyway, so it would do me good not to work on my story for a few days. It's a given that my chapters will be slower now that I'm back in school. I could cheat and work on my Inuyasha story. I haven't posted a chapter for that story in months. I'm still tempted to not post anything until break time for that story, but I should get a few lines written up before then. :)

Well that was my Wednesday. it's 4:04 am now because I woke up at 2am because I crashed early and didn't eat anything. I woke up, ate and I was letting it settle before going back to bed. But before I do that, I'll have to iron a fresh shirt for Nika. I might be able to wake up to get it done for her in good time.

*sigh* See ya.

September 14, 2010

I was on a mental rollacoster with the start of this class never mind the first half. I will be luckly if I don't fail. Everyone's head hurts. And was when he was just explaning the class. :(

I've made it to school today with time to spear. We are about to start what I think will be my worst class of the semester. It doesn't help that my cycle started today either. I called the lady who would be looking after Nika tomorrow, so that is set. I called that number about my chase care and found out that it wasn't all I was told. So it's on hold for now. So later people.

September 13, 2010

We are out. So now we go home and I can work on my homework when I get home or type. I may do both. The homework isn't that bad. :) Later people.

Joke. :) my sister did not have any keys and got caught in the rain. :)

I have made it to class, on time and with Nika in tow. :) Now I just have to wait for everyone to show up along with the teacher. :) My ankle still hurts, so I couldn't run for my connecting train when it droped me/us off at the wrong track. They just decided to have fun with me today, then scare me when the train I did catch said Brighten Beach when it was going to Manhattan. Got to go the teacher is here.

September 12, 2010

Half way down the steps I had to hussle up because I was late. Not a bad veiw even when I was late. :)

I am done. Yaeh. Lucky me I only had two students to test, se we are out before the others. They have to check and go over each test sheet for something and collect them before they are done, and I did all my paperwork too which helped. :) Soooo, how will I be getting home frome 215 and where do I stop for lunch? :)

I've sprained my ankle and I'm late in leaving the house and it's suppose to be on the cool side today. Lovily.

September 11, 2010

September 09, 2010

My Day

Nothing much really. I woke up at one, took a bath, got dressed, found the papers and cards that I need. Then waited for my mom to get home so that someone would be here when Nika got home from school. Then I went to bank, tried to find the guy that started me on this 'get a credit card' trip and he wasn't there. So then I felt jiped when I talked to this lady who at first didn't seem like she could give me that answers that I was looking for. But by the time she handed me over to the guy to get my letter notarized, she managed to answer somethings for me.

Then when I was done there, I didn't know where to go actually. My school was just down the street, and I still had one more book to buy for school. So after thinking about it, I texted my friend for the name of the book. So I'll look for it on line tonight. Oh, BTW, every bank I think. has a notary, so you can go there instead of paying someone on the street once you have account with that bank. :)

Ok, I walked into a cheep clothing store, and then walked back out without getting anything, but I did organize a few racks before I left. I couldn't take out what I wanted to look at without pulling others down. So I fixed it. Then I went to a catch a bus to the Atlantic Center to get some soy milk. I found a set of 4 pens and I found this pocket book and looked for three more so I would have one for each of my classes. I thought it would be a good idea not to have one big book to take with me to every class. Maybe my bag will last a little longer this way. :)

Then I went to get the milk. There was no soy milk. The thing was empty, so I got two different almond milks. I saw some bread, I got two different multi grains and went looking for a snack. I picked up a V8 on the way there. Yes, I was thinking of my story slightly. But I really picked it up because my mom said that she wants to drink more of that stuff and it was cheaper than I expected it to be. Then when I went to get a snack, some guy smiled at me and then hovered around me until he asked me if I was married.

I know that the supermarket is a good place to pick up people, but I wasn't looking to get picked up and I didn't think that he knew english all that well and he looked a bit unkept for me. So when he asked if he could talk to me I told him no. I felt kinda bad, but something about him wasn't right. So I looked around for a few more minutes, and left with my stuff. Then I had to think of how to get home again. The bus stop that use to be across the street is gone because they are building something over on that side of the street now. So I had to leave the other way to get to the subway.

So I was almost free of the place I remembered to get a body scrub. My sister got a scrub and I've been using it. So I had to get my own before she realizes. :) I spent too much. They had a buy 2 get 1 free thing. The major scrub was $24, the next one down was $14 then a lotion for $12. Ofcourse the $12 one was free.

Then I went down an escalator and down two stairs and up one other one to get to my train. Then up two more before I was back on street level. Then I read a chapter, answered mail, and took a nap. Now I'm up eating for the day and checking my mail and stuff again. :)

September 06, 2010

I am now back home.

On my way back to NYC.
Hahaa. :) Well we are at the airport now. Just came from watching a movie. Takers. It wasn't bad.

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

I'm still in philly. I'll be here for the whole day. Well until 4, then we will be coming back. Tito read his ticket wrong. His flight is at 3:50pm. Yeah. I take that back. Since we will be droping him off at 2:50 so at that point we will be on our way back to NYC.
Ask me why I'm on my way to Philly now. Note the time, 2:15 am.

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

September 04, 2010

Off To Find A KeyBoard

I have left the building. :). I wanted to get at least 1 page written up before I left, and I got two. :) so the chapter so far is just over 3 pages long. I think we will see smut this chapter. :)


I'm back because I had to think long and hard as to why I left the house on Saturday night. It took me way to long to remember that I went to get a 'real' keyboard. I couldn't think the other one anymore.

I had made calls before I left the house about this keyboard that I saw on line at but when I called the second one over on 14th street that I was told that was only and online thing. Great, but she said that they had a number of other keyboards. So I decided to give them a look. I also checked out PC Richards. They also had a story on 14th street too, so I went there first since I knew that the Bestbuy store on 14th street was a 24 hour store.

I went in there and found a keyboard that I didn't expect. It has large print on the keys. I thought that it would be great for my mom since she keeps saying that she can't see the keys.

Didn't realize that I had to crop it. It's to late in the day to go back and fiddle with it since I want to be in before sunrise.

So I find this, I ask how much it is, and I'm told $15. Cool. I asked when they would be closing and I was told in 40 mins. So I said ok, and ran over to BestBuy and see what they had. I looked over their keyboards, and didn't see anything that told me to buy them, so I went back and got it, then went back to look at their mouses.

Half of the time I didn't know why, then I would remind myself what I was looking for. Either for one that took a long time to get new batteries. But it was really to get a newer kind of wireless one that looked more like this.

In fact, this is the one that I ended up picking, after looking everyone they had for almost an hour. I couldn't get the small laptop ones. My mom wouldn't have liked it being that small, but I couldn't get it. They had the display one, but they were out of stock. I could go and get it this weekend. The guy was saying that it should have been restocked the next day.

Oh, this boasted the two things I wanted. You don't have to change the batteries for about 2 years and that little thing that gets plugged into the computer gives you like a range of 50 feet at the most, but it would get ride of that receiver that I have sitting at the back of my keyboard shelf. We have had to pick it up off to floor so many times that it would be nice to change it out to this.

Then I was told to leave. I was wrong. They are 24 hours Monday through Saturday when they close at 10pm. They have something of normal hours on Sunday then they start a 24 /5 thing. :)

So on my way just to make myself feel good then bad, I bought some rechargeable batteries. I got some AA for like $17 then I went looking for AAA for the mice and anything else like the little flashlights we have. When the total came up, both the cashier and I thought it was wrong when it said $35.

Wow and here I was trying to not to buy the other mouse for $44.99.

Well I came home, tested out the keyboard on my laptop, and I moved it over to the desktop a few days later. I like having it. I kinda missed the clicking noise, but everyone else doesn't since I type so fast, to them, that it's a bit of an annoying sound to them.

Well too bad. I tried something else and it was a disaster.

Ok, I'm going to bed now.

The date and time is now Thursday 09th September at 5:47am.

See ya.

Late Night Note

I was just about to go bed. I spent the whole day reading this story over at ff. It's a Harry and Snape story. Very odd, but good. It was 43 chapters long. No I did not read the whole thing today. Just over half of it. :)

I haven't touched my story much lately. I was out yesterday, then today I just about stayed in bed and read, and the day before I tried to read, but i was also pulled into helping to bake some carrot cakes for a 'garden' party. Not that much of a garden and i missed the party but not the mosquitoes. My luck ha? But I found cheep clothes just no jeans, considering that is what I went looking for in the first place.