September 20, 2017

I actually took it to work

I'm really"studying" for the citizenship test. I took the book to read on the bus ride there and back.

Now I'm on my way home. Not really looking forward to the walk up the side of the park that close to midnight, but I do need the walk today.

Work was good, a little slow by the time I came in, but we made day anyway. I might need to explain that. Each day someone or something, decides how much we should make that day, bases on how much we made a year ago on that same day. I don't know why.

So if we reach and past that amount, we made day. If we didn't, we didn't make day.

So that's it since I'm not going to go into anymore details about it and I need to read.

Later.. Oh. BTW. Orville is a good show.

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September 10, 2017

It's written up now

Yesterday I was called to the 'office' to sign a paper saying that I lost $38 and change. Yeah, I know I said it was $33, but I was apparently wrong. It's $38 and change.

So I was officially written up that my register was short this amount. The paper said that I get three of these things and I could, but more than likely be fired. But there was a part in there that said something about 'within a reasonable period'. So we are expected to make mistakes, just not very often.

I even asked if I could just pay back what I lost. She said no. But I was able to write how I think I was able to be short before signing it. And I was told, I would only be written up if I was short by $10 or more.

So I just have to keep doing what I'm doing, and I should be fine.

Oh, I never said how I thought I was short.

Well, that day I didn't get a break, completely my fault it seems. I'm suppose to remind the managers when I'm suppose to go on break. So, I think I was more tired than I thought, because the next day when I was at the register, I caught myself looking at the wrong part of the screen to give back change. It has happened before, but I guess that day I didn't catch it.

So I was in the fitting room on Saturday. There was one surprise, but I don't think I can talk about it. There was one other thing. I caught a shoplifter. I didn't confront them, I just saw that they ditched a sensor in the fitting room and told a manager who followed them. I think they got the item back, but I didn't follow up.

I also realized that after being on the cash register for about a week, your feet are near normal again and then you start reliving the pain that made you dread waking up. The whole ball of my foot and toes are back to feeling swollen and in pain. I was starting to think that things were starting to get better for me. When it turns out that it was just me not running myself ragged in the fitting room.

Also, my hours for this week was changed twice and the second time I had to work on the day I have to go to immigration to have a background check. It's on the 14th. They came around to tell each of us when they changed it the second time. I told her that I couldn't work that day and told her why. She said to just make sure that I told her before either of us left so she could put it in this book.

I did find her at the end of my shift. I had the letter on me to show her so she would know that I wasn't lying to just not work. So I got back the day, but she didn't get me any other day to make up for it. So I'm only going to be working twice this week. Which I think kinda works out. I couldn't hardly walk today and someone is coming tomorrow to look at the bathroom. Our land lord is having it fixed.

He still doesn't want us to have washer and dryer never mind just a washer, so my sister found something that he would agree to. A portable washer. She just ordered it today. It will be here in a few days. I think It will be here on the 13th. I'm not sure. We are also getting some things to dry the clothes on. Those should be here Tuesday.

Other than that, not much else is happening. Oh, my half sister and someone else is coming down from Canada and is staying with us for a few days to a week. And in a month we are going to FL. I'm going for about a week since I'm taking the long way there and back. By bus. I hope to see two friends that I have down there, but with the hurricane, I'm a little worried about one of them. He lives in Key West. I was thinking that I could just show up and say hi, but I may have to call ahead. If anything just to see how he fared the storm and to see if he is still living at the address I have for him.

Well, later. :)

September 06, 2017

My day oddly started out well, and ended... oddly.

I got out of the house on time to get to work at 12:30 today.

I took out the trash, walked down the hill and the bus was like 4 mins late, but so what. I got a little sun and considering how little I get these days, I soaked it up.

I got to work in great time. I went up stairs and debated what to get for breakfast since I just had some apple sauce before leaving the house hoping to get a sandwich at subway since I was starting to get tired of eating tuna fish sandwiches. I had visions of fries today. So firstly I got my new Jamba Juice flavor Caribbean Passion. Normally I have Green & Ginger but I decided to branch out yesterday and I really liked it.

So there I was, sipping my Jamba Juice as I stood in the food court trying to decide if I should get fries from Nathan's, Beger King or Poppy's. I chose Poppy's and got a small side of green beans to eat with the other half of my tuna sandwich during my break.

So yes, I did get a tuna sandwich again because when I got off the 59 bus to get my subway sandwich, the 24 bus showed up and you don't turn down a 24 bus when it shows up because, by the time the next one shows up, you will be late for work.

So I had seasoned fries with my first half of my tuna sandwich in the food court. I read a bit of a story on my phone, then I went downstairs and even got to use the bathroom before going out on the floor to meet with the SGM to find out where I was set to work for the day. Some of us have no clue where we will be working until we show for work.

Today, like yesterday, I worked at cash rep. On the cash register.

So I'm going about my day, greeting people, ringing up sales. Giving out a few discounts, getting a few people to sign up for the Tommy club and I think every thing is going fine until the manager started to count out the registers on my side. We have two sets of registers and I was the only one on my side. When I started it was at least three of us, then come 5:30 or so, it was just me.

First, he was going to do my register, but then decided to do all the others around me, then do mine. Which is odd, since I have seen and been told that you had to be there when your register is being counted out. As in there is something in there that tells them how much money should be in the register and they count up what is actually there.

Yesterday I was perfect. The day before I was off by 40 cents or something. Which ok. I may have given out a ten cent instead of a five cent and some how a few other cents were handed out in error. Fine. The first time I rang up every I was short by $4 and some cents. I could have had a few stuck together bills. I don't know. Heck, I wasn't even under. I had more money than I should have I think. And they didn't have me ring up again for months.

So I don't know how on earth I lost $33 today. No clue. I was being so careful. I was even repeating and recounting what I was given and what I was handing to them. I will accept I'm short cents. Heck, even a few dollars, but not $33. I don't know how that happened. I'm grateful that he didn't just look at me like he never saw me before or thought that I was hiding something. But he said it will go down as a mark against me until it was sorted. I can't fight it, I don't know how. There was a slight mention that he will watch the video, to cover bases and try to figure out where it went wrong. I'm grateful that the only thing I can remember that I might have down wrong, was when I gave a student a 10% discount along with a $5 off coupon he brought with him from another store. I didn't really realize that I'd done it until I had swiped the second one.

So that, the $33 not the double coupon thing, bugged me a little for the rest of the night. But if it came down to it, they will see that I didn't steal the money and they will see where it went wrong and I'll just keep trying to keep my count at 0 like I did the day before. And if it came down to it, I don't mind giving them the money myself to put it behind me if they really had to account for that money.

That didn't so much as colour the rest of my day/night, but it did mark the turning point. Next? I didn't get a break. I was on my feet at cash rep for 7 hours straight. One of the new managers came to tell me to go on break as I was being counted out, but the manager said no, or not yet because of something. I was like 'fine, I'll go on break late'. I was then sent to continue cashing people out on the other side but just one credit since I was using a register that someone else rang up on for most of the day. It's a way to keep people from messing with other people's count at the register.

I asked another manager about my break when I had 30 mins left in my shift since at this point, they could send me home or I would work an extra 30 mins or they could send me on my break, have me log back in for like 10-20 mins, then have me log out and go home.

She was leaning towards letting me go home, but they were short up front so she asked that I say until this other girl came back from her break. So I stayed and rang for another 30 mins. I was a bit more tired than I would have liked, but I hadn't eaten anything, never mind drank anything for almost 7 hours. I was reading a few numbers wrong, but I always corrected myself and I had a good laugh with the two people I did that with. Just twice which is good. I went a little slower. so I said the right thing for the rest of the time.

Then at 7:30 I think a girl who wasn't ringing before was now ringing so and it was time for me to leave, so I called a manager over and he let me go without counting me out because I took card transactions.

So, I said good night, feeling a bit better, but just tired. I even laughed at a joke someone made when I was leaving. I put back on my hand brace, picked up my sandwich, got my umbrella because it was suppose to rain tonight and went to get another Jumba Juice so I could sit and eat my sandwich and green beans with something nice to drink.

By the time I made it outside, sipping my drink, it felt slightly warm and there in front of me was a big red moon. then one step later I felt a drizzle and saw some buses all the way over there. So In stead of sitting down and resting my feet while I ate, I walked past the movie theater to the bus stop. But why would one of them wait for someone to show up and ride them when the exact same bus just pulled off in front of it. Nope. Two buses, of the same number, pull off together. Nor did they even think that the downpour that slowly built as I walked with them, with full hands was worth waiting for.

So I get to the small shelter for the bus stop, with an ever smaller bench thinking that I'm going to end up eating as I get rained on as I see lighting in the sky as I take a bite of my sandwich. I looked up again after a bite more or two, and saw that the moon was now hidden by clouds and the rain? No longer falling.

At this point, my luck seemed to have been turning again. There was a bus sitting there, all dark. The person I found there when I sat down, told someone on the phone that the bus has been there for over 10 mins. She got a ride and left. A few mins later, it started up and it became the 24B bus that I wanted.

I read my book on the bus until my sister called me after most of what she was saying got lost in the noise around me and the reason for calling me no longer a thing, I got her to get me some donuts from Whole Foods. She was already there.

I had to walk up along the park on Meeker Ave and I sang most of the way. I got home before my sister did and she made fuss that I didn't turn on any lights.

I'm having issues with my tv, but that is another post, but I do have it currently working, Let's see how long that will last.

I missed the payment for my BestBuy account so I got a late fee. I haven't had one of those in a while. 😓

My work shift for Wednesday is from 5 pm until 11 pm. If we close like we did tonight, then it won't be that bad. The place looked great compared to the last day nights.Which is why I stayed two extra hours on Sunday to help recover the floor in the men's department. Recover just means we cleaned up and made the place not look like a tornado landed in there.

Well, I need to sleep now. I was so tired when I woke up Tuesday that I over slept by an hour. Lucky me I had to be at work for 12:30.


August 26, 2017

The Process Has Begun

I finally sent off my paper work for my citizenship and a few days later I got an email and a text saying that they got my forms and then two days ago I checked my bank app and saw that they charged my credit card for the full $700 odd for processing.

Then today I got home and saw a letter from them asking to confirm my address and date of birth. I'm going to call the number tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll get some recording saying to call back during the Monday to Friday work week. A work week I clearly don't abide by.

I had to move the 'study sheets' that I made into a pdf way back when, onto my pad, so I can start going over them for when I had the interview and they ask me about often we have elections for senators and so on.


August 25, 2017

I'm Wearing White!

Something I hadn't really done since I was like 10 and wearing an old white dress that belonged to my mom to school before we had to wear uniforms. :)

Anything white that I wore was nothing but a magnet for dirt and stains.

Amazingly, I made it home just as white as when I left. :)

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August 15, 2017

We are going to be busy

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Yesterday I made it to the post office and sent off my application for citizenship. They last time I held it, I thought about not getting it just because of the state of this country, then I realized that because of how things are, I should get it. I do not need to find ICE agents anywhere near me. I don't have enough of anything to start over.


On my way to the post office I got a call to set up an appointment for my sleep apnea testing. That was a slight surprise since I thought the doctor's office already did that for me. Anyway, it's set for Thursday night. I don't have to be at work until 1pm on Friday. I'll ask them about the other appointment that I have a paper  for.


It feels like it has been a while since I had to be at work for 10am. I missed the 59 bus by a minute. It was a minute early and went on by as I was nearing the bottom of the hill.

Then I went down the side of the park to catch the 24 bus. But I was even further back when I saw the bus go by. I'm thinking it's just not my day, but not 5 minutes later the express shows up. I was starting to consider it a myth again and now I'm on it. 😁

Now I don't have to rush eating the sandwich that I will buy from a place in the mall.


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August 09, 2017

One of my morning disasters

So no music for me today.

My second disaster? I was suppose to come in for work for 11 but I thought it was 11:30 and even then the bus was so late, I was late for that too. 😞

But it's a slow day, and I'm on the happy side of things. 😁


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August 07, 2017

I only came for carrots and bread.

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Can I honestly still pass for a twenty something?

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Good news...

I'm still losing weight. 😊

Yeah, at the doctor's again. But I am told that I have to go toa all my other things. Like a mammogram, and pap smear, sleep apnea testing, nourishanist, and physical therapy. Then they will see about another round of blood work.

My pressure is a little high, but not by much. I'm little anemic. They said I was also pre diabetic, but all this is from that blood work I took a while back, not included my blood pressure. That they take every time I show up and this is the 4th time I think.

He did applaud me for the weight I was losing and said if I keep it up, the other things should go away too. And the next set of blood work will show that.

So, the whole thing that started this off, the icy hot, is just going to continuously hurt me until it completely out of my system in another 3 to 4 months.

I know, it's all my fault to have stopped moving be for I got this job. But to my credit, that is one of the reasons why I got a job, to make myself move again. I just think think all this pain and agony would go with it.

Because of that agony, I almost didn't come today, but I just couldn't flake on I and I thought that u might be able to get one of the others off my list too, if not set up appointments for them. But it's so late now, and I wanted to go buy some carrots to bake with the chicken.

Speaking of what goes in my mouth,, I have to lay off the Halls. 😒 They have too much sugar for me for how I have been using them. So now I have get some sugar free mints for me to suck on. My sister isn't going to like this. She has to stop taking as much too.

I pushed myself alot at work Saturday and Sunday. I felt like I was letting the pain wear me down and I didn't want to feel like I didn't want to be there, so I did cheer myself up a bit and getting my new shoes helped, but that doesn't take away the pain in my feet at the moment. I had to trap my aching feet into these cold weather boots because it is kinda cold and raining alot out there.

I also realized that I am little stressed about applying for citizenship. It's alot of money that I have to charge to my card and with what is going on with ICE lately, I don't feel so great now. But I will be finishing up the paperwork tonight so it can be mailed out tomorrow.

Ok. Later.

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July 24, 2017

Long time no chat

Today was interesting. There was the downpour that I lived through better than I did the last one. Partly die to me going back inside and putting on my rain boots that look like they were military issued.

So I got here after enjoying the one thing that I miss about them, other than being able to keep my feet dry, the none slipping feeling as I walked on uneven surfaces. Which is just about every step I take.

So I decided to keep them on FI the first half of my shift, mostly to just see if I can, but to give me a grip on my walking for the busy part of my shift.

So I get here, and soaked from the waist down again. Thank goodness I went back for my boots. Well, I sent some time in the bathroom under the hand dryer to speed things along. Then i stopped off at Coldstone to see that guy who quit us because he was going back to school and couldn't keep two part time jobs.

So I was there just starting to talk to him when I felt my phone start to ring. I pick it up and it said that missed a call from work. The place just 5 feet from me. I told him that maybe they they changed my start time from 11:30 to 11 or thought I was suppose to be there then. So I went over and clocked in just I case they changed my schedule on me. They do, do that.

So it turned out that they had taken the day from me, then called to ask if I could come in for 12 today. I then told her that I was scheduled for 11:30 till 8 today. She said that would work.

How odd that all worked out. If I had known I was off, I might have been at the doctor's instead. I had an appointment and didn't realize until I got a reminder phone call Friday.

Ok. I have to eat now. Dinner/lunch just shows up. I had to get a beef burger today. They were out of veggi patties.


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July 21, 2017

Just realized

I'm covering a short 4-ish hour shift for someone Toda since I had a four day stretch of no work.

But after I agreed to take it, my sister then books me for a dentist appointment about 6 hours earlier.

The problem with that? Outside of never being there before and it was really hot out today again? Nothing other than I was given the wrong stop to get off at.

But that is all over now. My face is becoming my own again, an I stopped at Applebee's to get something to eat before work, since all i had Toda was a bowl of cereal before I left the house around 10am.

Now I'm gaining new revelations. One, I'm going to have to eat quickly to make it to work on time since I have already been sitting here for over 30 mins...oh look it's here now.

The second thing? I just realized that I lost my Applebee's gift card that I got for being employee of the month.

Oh well.


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July 16, 2017

Sunday Outing

We had a quarterly meeting today.

It was Hawaiian themed. I had some fun this time around. Maybe it's because I feel like I belong there more than I did last time.

Over all, we are doing well. Just two things to brush up on and now we have this new customer care push. I hope that means we get more people in the fitting room. Heck, I would just like more fitting rooms, but I know that can't happen.

Oh, the store look of Tommy's is changing this month. I'm holding off true judgment until it's finished.

I also handed in a list of things that needed to be fixed in the fitting room today. I started it on Wednesday, but I didn't finish it, then I found it when I went back to work two days later, just to lose it for good and had to start back over. When I typed it up last night, I included some suggestions but once I heard that they were also going to do some changes in the fitting rooms, I realized that they might not have been needed. I'll see.

After that, I went to the movies. I found out that the movie place that I thought was so expensive wasn't really. It's $6 until noon every day. So I decided to watch Wonder Woman. Until I got there. The meeting ended at 11 and the movie didn't start until 1:30 or so. So I had to pick something else. So I ended up watching the new Transformer movie. Prime was one of the redeeming qualities of the past movie that allowed me to watch them.

With him gone most of the movie, I saw a host of things I didn't like. What is the deal with Merlin? At one point, I expected them to stop the story and show this modern guy who's excuse for having Merlin speak that way, was because he didn't like what was already there. But now, it goes through. Then we had more, 'hip' and 'gangsta' like bots which just grate on my nerves.

I never liked how they had them 'adopting' bad human mannerisms from the get go. Prime was the only one who still showed any real dignity. So I wasn't that surprised when I fell asleep before he made it back to earth. That, and I was up early to get to work, I was hungry and the room was very cold.

Once the movie was over, about 2 hours later, I went to complain about my new $40 blue tooth ear buds not working right. But since I tossed the receipt, they couldn't give me back a refund. Not that I asked for one. I was hoping for some kind of explanation, heck, some sign of interest in what I was saying might have been enough. Well, with my defective and expensive ear buds, I made a few stops at a few stores. Two to see about new skirts. One about some shoes and the eye wear place to see how much my new insurance would cover for a new pair of glasses.

Then when I was leaving I saw that I had gotten a voice mail from work while I was in the movie. I played it but didn't call back since I couldn't go back to work to that day. One, I was hungry. Two, I wasn't dressed for work and I wasn't buying a new top to work hungry. Three, I had to do something for my sister. She had given me her card to buy stuff for the house and the cake she has to make tomorrow.

Once I got to the store, it was after 5. Then I spent about an hour there, if not more, as my sister added on to the first simple and short list she sent me. Then as I'm leaving the store, finally, my phone dies as I'm about to see who she sent to pick me up. We already agreed that she was going to get an Uber or Lyft to take me home since I was carrying 2 and half dozen eggs. 😁

Got home, heated up the food I made yesterday after we put up most of the food and then sat down to eat before she greased my hair. I washed it late last night.

That reminds me. Oddly. I had to take an Uber to work today. I got up and down to the bus stop in time today. But nothing showed. I waited as long as I could before calling for a car.

So now I'm on line at 11:10 pm because I go in to work for 3 pm tomorrow.

Well, numb feet and toes aside, I'm able to go up stairs better now. So one notch for me outside of the weight loss.

Oh, I got my pay card back a day or so ago. I still have to report my missing cards to the police. I half wish that when I do, they already have them in evidence waiting for me to claim thing, but I also know this is wishful thinking.

Ok, going now. Later. 

July 10, 2017

Oh yeah..

Just realized I lost my NJ none driving ID too. Have to see about getting a new one this week.

Also a Starbucks card. No clue how much money I had on it. Maybe a Dunking Donut card too. Amount also unknown. 😐

Got to go. Work is starting.

July 08, 2017

Friday... What about Friday?

1 - I woke up to my having my cycle.

2 - I got my umbrella for the rain, but I needed my boots.

3 - I stood in a downpour that belonged in India as I waited for over 30 mins for the bus to take me to work after I managed to get a veggie sandwich for breakfast and lunch.

3.5 - Half way through the downpour my umbrella started to leaked onto me and my shoes were soaked all the way through. Most of my skirt got wet too and I was cutting it close to making it on time. When I got to work, I didn't get too dry off, but my you couldn't tell that my shirt was wet and my skirt had dried enough that no one said anything about and my shoes escaped notice.

4 - Wore my hand brace during work because my hand/arm was acting up.

5 - My boss was not happy when he found me not having the girl I work with helping me with the doors. But honestly, it wasn't something I could have prevented other than telling on her. I have asked her in the past to help with the doors. Anyone that has been in there I have asked to help me.

I won't get into details since this is partly security for the store, but when I have asked her, and I have asked her more than once and more than twice, she has said that she is too busy to help me. She has to fold. And I get that, so I try not to ask too often, but she wouldn't help so I stopped asking. When anyone else is there, they help when I ask.

5.5 - My boss heard over the walkie that the line was long for the fitting room and threatened me, mostly me, with what would happen if he came out there and I wasn't doing every single thing that he wanted, including having the girl help.

My problem is, he doesn't do what he wants me to do. He wants... I caught myself there. I have to do, about 5 things at the same time, while he mostly does 2 when he shows up and then grins as if to say that is how it's done, or questions why I'm not faster. I could be faster if I didn't have to do a few things, but I have reworked how I did one or two things to try and make the turn around faster, but I still have to do all the things that he wants me to do.

I see the reason for what he wants me to, I do get it, but to move the line along and have it look on the outside that we are 'working' most of the other people that work in the fitting room don't do everything I do. So much so, that a return customer asked if something had changed since he didn't see the other person do what I did.

6 - The only good uptick, is that my boss talked later when stopped to bag some trash that he had asked me to get someone to remove. I told him that I told the person and that they were coming after they took care of something else. He said that he would do it himself, and he ended up breaking the bag and making a mess and we ended up having a decent laugh and I got to ask him about doing something to fix a few physical things in the fitting room. He told me to talk to Robin since she was mostly in charge of that.

In that vain, the girl started to help now. Reluctantly, but at least she can't blame me for any of it. She knew. I told her. She was the one that refused to help.

7 - I was just told, over the walkie that it was time for me to leave. But I was helping a girl into a room and I was thinking that I had to find out who was going to come take over since no one had shown up yet. I was about to bend to pick up something when she closed the door on my finger. I remember looking at my finger as the hinge closed in on it. I screamed. The girl came back out and I remember her, but I can't recall what she said. I was just absorbed in the pain. I felt other people around me, as I held my finger and tried not to cry as I just processed the pain. I only moved when I heard someone say that I should put something cold on it. So I went into the back and tried to find something in the freezer. There was nothing, so I bent in half and laid my head on the fridge as now actively fought crying from the pain.

Outside of Robin and Joice, I don't know who else was there. Robin asked me a question and when I stayed quite, Joice told her that I couldn't talk yet and she was right. Somehow she got me cold, kinda, bottle of water. I don't know the order, but around that time I told Robin what happened. I was proud that I held it in and didn't cry at all.

I was asked by someone when my shift ended, it might have been my boss or Robin. I don't know. They asked if I wanted to go to the hospital. I tried to move my finger and it moved without pain, so I said no, it's moving. I was fine. Joice then said the same thing. If I could move it, it wasn't broken.

So I went back out signed back in my key and before I could leave, I the lady was leaving the fitting room and said she was sorry again and asked how it was. I half lied. I said I was fine, but I think I also said that it might change colours later.

I checked back in my walkie and then left. Oh, the finger injury is on my hand with the brace. Yes, my hand the finger still hurt.

8 - I get off the bus over an hour later by Rite Aid because my sister called me to let me know that she got her payday wrong and couldn't order 'feminine' products for me so I had to go and get them myself. Fine. I half wanted to go anyway to get some more body soap.

I got a few extra things but couldn't pay for any of it. My stack of cards was gone. I had like a money clip of my cards. After turning over my bag three times and checking my pockets, I realized I lost my pay card from work on the bus. How do I know what? The extra bottle of water that I had used as a cold press wasn't sitting well in my bag and it fell out of my bag. It hit the girl in front of me and I asked if I could have it back and didn't look down to see if anything had fallen out. Of course, now it's like 'how could I have not looked', but between feeling bad from my crushed finger, and what my cycle was doing to me and holding on to the new umbrella and plunger that I bought in Bed, Bath & Beyound I didn't think to look for anything else.

8.5 - That lead to me first fuming to my sister that this is one of the worst days of my life. I then stood for almost an hour for the next 24 bus to show up. She almost didn't stop for me. And since it was so full, I put off asking her about being able to contact the other bus that might have been in front of her. But just as I was about to ask her once the bus was nearing empty, the B version of the bus showed up along side and I asked her if I could get on that one. They had different end points. She called the bus ahead of her and had her wait for me. Which turned out to be perfect timing since she turned away from the bus I was on a block later.

I thought that was good luck for me, now I just hoped that I was able to find the depot or garage at the end and that the driver found them and turned them into lost and found. But the last stop was a just stop on the street and the driver didn't have a way of knowing who the last B bus driver was or how to find out or how to contact them. She gave me a number, to the bus company, they were a subcontractor that worked for NJ Transit. Great.

No one answered. It was after 9 pm now. So that was it. My health insurance card was gone that I just got last week. My pay card was gone. My metro card was gone with about $12 if not $16 on it.  My employee discount card is gone. My Plenti card for Rite Aid is gone along with at least two single zone bus tickets with transfers, and two or so other things that I hope aren't that important since I don't remember what they are.

At least I had called up my card and froze my account, in hopes of getting back my card. But now that I mostly convinced that it was gone, I knew I had to call and officially report it missing and get a new one.

9 - So now I'm in Orange and had to get home. Fortunately, A bus showed up that said it was going to Penn Station. Then I waited 25 mins for the 39 bus to take me home. Then I walked down hill after 10 pm for about 6 blocks to get home while carrying the new items I had in the big bag, my hand in a brace, throbbing finger and pain meds wearing off. Then I had to contend with making it to the bathroom before I wet myself. I made it after rushing up the stairs with legs/knees that I'm teaching how to go up and down stairs again with the pain that I can't seem to get away from yet.

10 - I sat on my bed with half melted ice cream, because the plug felt out for the freezer and one of the cones that I had gotten from Cold Stone the day before. Then I cracked open a big can of party nuts that I had gotten at B.B. & B. also. I heard my iPad pinging off and decided to look at it like 5 mins later.

I then read something that put a smile on my face and that is what I will leave you with.

"you once asked me, in 2014 


But what is it for btw? 

My stories?
My fractals? 
My photos? 

Or something else with my name on it?"

and i just wanna tell you
that although its been 3 long and hard years, that through all 3 your art has just continued to get better and better. I can tell that you dont really visit this site so often anymore, but every single thing that you've ,made has a certain quality to it. Every piece of art in your gallery has contained beauty, every piece of art, every story, and every photo. you dont get the recognition you deserve at all and im just here to tell you that you definitely deserve it. your art is amazing.

a brown kid?"

July 05, 2017


It seems like my neighborhood got renamed. But I do live 9 blocks away. Just finished the laundry. Heading home now to cook.


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July 03, 2017

10 hour shift?

Hey. Got off work at 8pm not that long ago. I got in at 10 am this morning.

I knew that my hours had been extended since last week, but I was never told until when, so by the time I got my answer, it was time for me to go home.

I hung around for about 10 mins more so I could help with the last of the line and let the other girl finish sweeping and checking the empty rooms. 😊

I then took my tired feet first to the mall bathroom and then the water fountain to fill my bottle before getting some things at Bath & Body Works.

Later my bus is here.

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July 02, 2017

Maybe my feet do swell

I know, bad subject line.

But I was thinking today that I may have unknowingly lied to the doc when she asked if my feet/toes are swollen when the numbness in my toes feel worst.

But I'm not convinced either way. I'm not a skinny person. I have always had 'give' and I don't look any different, but I'm questioning everything as I feel this bad stuffed and pained feeling in my toes when I wake up.

Well, my sister is dragging me out of the house today when I wanted to stay in and rest up my legs without meds. Yes, I like to detox on my days off.


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I saw this when left for work


Do you know what this is??

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June 25, 2017

The F@*&$*$% 👹

I can't seem to go out today. Yesterday I somehow hurt the right side of my back. So I was grateful that it was mostly better by the time I realm started to get ready to go to Manhattan.

I had gotten some Bluetooth headset about two weeks back if not one and they are worthless, so I was going to return them. I no longer had the receipt but I wanted them gone. I tried looking for a record of the transaction on my bank receipt to prove that I got it from them, but I couldn't. But I was still ready and willing to throw it back at them. Then I stood ready to leave and realized that it wasn't worth the path train fare and time since I was walking around with a cut under my toe and my knee pain was enjoying my drug free blood stream at the moment.

So I decided to come down yo Penn to get my buss pass for next month and then go to ShopRite for some milk and maybe some other things, but nothing much since I was taking the bus home.

So, I walk up the hill and my whole right side, from cut through knee and back pain hurts until I get to level ground.

I didn't have to wait too long for a bus which was good because it is hot out, but the shade feels great. Anyway, we reach downtown and I realize that I couldn't find the receipt because I thought I bought it in NYC, but I got it here in Jersey and I did see the record. So I considered myself lucky not to have gone to NYC after all.

I get to Penn and I walk right up to the teller and before I even reach for my card I realized that I didn't have it. It was home in my skirt pocket. So as I cursed myself out, I made a u turn and went back out to catch the same bus I just got off of. It was gone, but the next one was going to be by in 9 mins.

I'm on that bus now going back home for my Paycard and the headset. That may be the sliver lining in all this.


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June 16, 2017

Got my second aquatic massage today.

Now my foot is in this thing that they call a "Reflexology Foot Massager. Until it clamps down on your foot it's good. 😌

I had a long day today as in I didn't get breakfast or lunch...


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June 15, 2017

June 12, 2017

I have proof!

I now have documented proof that I'm loosing weight.

I came here a month ago and weighed 281. A month later and I'm down to 274! 😃

I'm not rushing to any goal at the moment, I just want to go down. And I'm doing it. 😊

In other news, I'm the employee of the month. ✌


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June 10, 2017

Stopped again

Getting the hearty veggie. Weill tell you about it later.

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Newly Opened.

Walking through the fashion district when we found this little surprise. Their stuff taste great. 😊

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I'm at N.Y. Cakes with my sister. I wasn't told that we were coming here until after we were on our way here.

We went out to get hair so she could braid mine, and then we were suppose to go to some bake or cook show thing down by the pier in Manhattan. Now I'm being told about hair bobble shopping. 😞


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Hello Again

I was suppose to send you pics of my latest shopping spree yesterday, but I was just so tired. I tried to go to Victoria Secret, but I walked in the wrong direction and ended up at Lane Bryant instead. I went in looking for a skirt and got two instead. While I mostly struggled to move my tired and aching body, I saw their little add in the stall for their bras. Which is why I was headed to Victoria Secret for in the first place. I so need new bras.

I haven't a clue how much the ones I have cost when they were first bought, but I do know that my sister pays a bit for her's. I ended up paying about $40 for two bras and they aren't even pretty ones. But they fit and support me. The two skirts came up to about $30 also. They were on clearance at true BOGO. So I was charged for the most expensive one and got the other one "free".

I've come to learn ab few things over the years about the true cost of things, so most of the times I've reasoned my way out of paying for things that I know shouldn't cost as much as they do. But I'm also aware that this isn't where it ends. Salaries and logistics and brick and mortar rent have to be paid too. So I sucked it up and bought my first bra in over 10 years that I can remember paying for myself. I no longer have that bra btw. The ones I currently have, which need replacing, were bought by my mom and my sister.

Anyway, after paying for the lot with someone other than the person that helped me, I was reminded to sign up to get their card to save $25 on the lot. since the total came up to more than I thought it would, I agreed. then I left the store. I walked over to the massage people to get the heated pad that is also one part aromatherapy. I didn't care about that part, but after sitting there for about 5 mins with two different sized ones on both my knees I gave him my card, I can't soak in hot water that much or for as long as I would like, so this was my compromise. I know, I could just have gotten it online, but I felt like getting it from them since I did go and buy the pulse massager on line.

He sold it to me for $30 and I got a 10 min aqua massage. It hurt on my legs, but I think it helped. it was a little odd in there. It's like this long clam shaped thing that you lay down. after you are in position, laying down on your front, it closes and jets of warm/hot water hit you from the other side of this plastic bag barrier as it slowly moves up and down your body. Like I said it hurt when it was pounding away at the back of my legs, but it just felt odd when it went over my butt and nothing really once it got to my back. That isn't to saw the force diminished, it didn't, but my back was fine. There was nothing there to work out, unkink or loosen up. But on the third pass, I figured it might be working on working out bits I couldn't feel yet.

It didn't seem that long, but I think I was starting to nod off too. When I tried to get up, he "attacked me" with a big messaging tool. I wasn't really sure what was going on for a few seconds, then I was just fighting the feeling until I heard, somehow, that I could tell him to stop. I really wanted him to put that thing on my legs. He can't seem to remember that my back is fine. Pain-free and all that.

but once I was done and actually leaving, I turned back and asked him about the aqua massage. This is when I found out it was only 10 mins long and had not a bad price of $16. I think I may go for that again after at least one of my shifts.

From there I had a small detour to the bathroom, then went to the bus stop and got there just as the 24B started boarding and without waiting, I got the 107 to take me up the side of the park when I wasn't even going to wait for it.

Now I'm typing with one hand because I hurt my finger tips again at work. Oh, almost forgot. Two things really. One, I'm employee of the month. For last month since this one just started. Instead of just saying that I was doing a good job in the fitting room, they read a survey that said how well they were taken of in the fitting room. From Memorial Day. I did work that day, but I did say because I was trying not to bust from blushing and having my face crack from smiling too much. I'm sure I didn't look that way to anyone else there, but they all clapped and the closest ones congratulated me. :) That was in the meeting just before we open the store. We have two meetings a day. Opening and closing. I think. very few times have I been there for closing.

The next thing is that I slipped in my shoes when I took a turn and bent down to pick up a hanger that someone had dropped outside a room. I feel forward and crashed into the wall really hard. I stood for a moment holding the side of my head as people asked me if I was ok. It hurt, but after a few seconds I told them that I was fine and went back to what I was doing. I'm pretty sure this happened before my lunch break.

Wednesday I just had a Jamba juice. On Thursday I had a Jamba juice with some veggie fried rice that had a lot of veggies in it, and yesterday I went to Applebee's and got my usual. Now with sweet potato fries. Now to get them to not put any salt on them.

Ok. Time for me to go. I'm getting braids. My sister is doing my hair later. Yep. spending more money.


June 04, 2017

Render, Render, Render...

I started rendering a fractal yesterday and it doesn't look like it's going to be finished until tomorrow sometime in the afternoon. I haven't had to give up my computer for such a long period of time, for a fractal, for a while.

But I want this one to be big enough to cover most items over at Society6. I did tell you about this Society6 thing, right?

Other than that, I've been soaked my legs in hot water and Epson salt twice. Tonight would be the third soaking, but a few things have come light. One, we can't depend on hot water coming out of the tap, and two, it's really hard for me to get up once I'm sitting down in the tub. My feet keep slipping and putting my weight on my knees is a very, very bad idea. So yeah, my knees still hurt and are stiff when I walk. But I'm still keeping my legs as warm as possible.

I was hoping that the pulse massage thing would be here today so I could use it before going to work, but I don't think it will be here until tomorrow at the earliest. Oh well. Tuesday I have off and I'll have to do the wash then. I was thinking of doing it today, but I wanted another day to rest up my knees. Even though at the same time I think I should be walking around a bit more.

I cooked today. The first time in a while. Cauliflower and broccoli rice. I tried to do a roast of sweet potato and christophine, but I didn't realize until I was done that I forgot to toss them with oil. That is what I get for not cooking for so long.

Got the weather report for tomorrow. Rain. Great. We will be busy at work tomorrow. We can only hope that because it's Monday, it won't be too bad. :) I honestly don't object to being busy. We stay busy, we stay open, we get to keep our jobs. Providing we do them well.

Oh, my hand is still tingles. The left one that is in the brace. My toes are still numb from before. I said that I now believe that I'm allergic to either all or one of the ingredients in Icyhot right? I still stand by what I told that nurse in the ER all those weeks ago.

"As bad as my leg is hurting me, It's the numbness that I can't stand."


June 03, 2017


Yeah, I was gone a bit longer than I intended.

So, where was I? Yeah, the massage people in the mall. It was during my 30 min break. I went and got a Jamba Juice and I was heading back to work to read when I realized that I should just go and see what they had that might help me and my knees. I know most of my issues are from muscles and ligaments being used without much rest or relief.

I already seemed to have proved to myself that the numbness that occurred from my Icey Hot incident could be due to some kind of reaction that I had to the chemicals and not the pulled muscle that just about crippled me for a day. Yeah, I was at work the next day after taking one day off for a pulled muscle/ligament. I told you no rest. I can still feel it now a month later if I stretch a certain way.

Anyway, my knees needed help and I didn't want to hear how it could be fluid from spinal disks that could have gotten damaged over 15 years ago. So I went looking for a massager. I was first shown this big one, at $145 or so. He went through the whole sales pitch in one fluid and fast motion with demonstrations on my body that showed he has been at this job so long that he doesn't bother preparing a customer for the assault of jiggles from the device. I had on a slightly shorter skirt today and he crouched down there running it over my knee and having me place my foot on the unit, to help show how it helped tired feet. It happened so quickly, that I didn't realize until hours later that I did nothing to make sure he didn't see up my skirt.

I didn't have and didn't want to spend $145, no matter how good it might have felt. So I asked if he had anything else. He then showed me one of those electrode pulse things that were attached to something as small as an iPod. He put two of them on around my knee and left me to play with it for a few mins. Then he swooped down on me and wrapped this soft heated thing around my knee. He didn't try to lift my skirt so I had to hold it in place.

I was liking this setup. He was even going to reduce the price for me since I worked at the mall to $115 for the pulse thing. That was still about $60 more than I wanted or even could spend. So I told him that I'll have to think about since it was time for me to go back to work. What really bugged me was how he produced a chart that showed where to place the electrodes to help with what ales you, and I can see how having this is needed for someone doing it at home on their own, but the words he used rubbed me the wrong way.

So I get up to leave and that knee did indeed feel better, so much so that I was only feeling pain from my other knee that hadn't really been bugging me at all for the day. Like now that the worst pain in my body has been quieted, I can now hear the other 'squeaky wheels'. :)

I was very surprised and pleased and it made me now really consider getting it. But as I walked the pain started to come back a little, but since I only had it on for like 5-10 mins, I shouldn't have expected it to cure me, but it did lessen the pain overall. Even when I ended my last post to get off the bus to go buy some somethings at Stop & Shop, that knee was fine. I stood up almost normally and stepping down and out of the bus hurt my other knee instead.

So after getting an Uber pool to get me home since I wasn't walking up a hill with groceries and finding that my knees didn't bend the other way that well, and wishing that I had it to 'treat' the back of my knee now that I was home. I looked up how much they were going for online.

Yes, I got one online. The price is $39 and it will be here in 3-5 days. That is the only setback. No instant use. But for a savings of about $100, I'll take it.

Did I tell you that I was wearing my hand brace again? Yep. It's such a pain to type. With or without it on.

Don't know what else to say, so I guess this post is over. :)


June 01, 2017

I just left work...

I was there over 30 mins longer than I should have been. Most of the day was slow with pockets of high traffic. Like the one that rolled in on me as I was suppose to be leaving, which is one of the reasons why I ended up leaving later than I should.

The second being the person who was suppose to take over for me called out. So that left the other girl there all by herself. I told her not to worry about the clothes on the table. If it gets really slow she could fold some, but almost every time I try to even walk towards the table, people show up.

It's official. I live in the fitting room. My boss likes me there. A lot. Last week he had me help in training others to do things the way I do. I liked them, even if I question how they form sentences. But they were getting it and everyone says it differently.

Let me explain. In our fitting rooms, you do not just walk into a room on your own. There should be two people there. One to greet you, count your items and place you in a room with other "instructions", while the other folds and maybe helps with placing customers in the fitting rooms closest to them. When I say we "place you", I mean we open a fitting room for you because the rooms are all locked.

I don't know who else does this, but this was the first time I had ever come across such a thing. So a lot of the time, we are just trying to let everyone know that they have to be seen to, to get a room.

That caused a little issue today with a boy that just took over a room before I could clean and clear it. I had him step out of the room. I checked and cleaned it, then I explained to the boy why I had him step out of the room. Well, I was trying to, when this lady just about rushed me and said that he was just a child and asking me what I was telling him. At the same time.

I didn't get what all that was about and told her that I was just explaining to him why I had him step out of the room. He was already back inside at this point. I know I didn't do anything wrong and I think she kinda did know that too, but didn't back down and said that he is just a kid and that I should have been talking to her instead. She wasn't there. At least not in eyesight, so even if I felt inclined to tell her, I didn't know she was there.

Other than work. I went by the massage people to see what they might have...brb.

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Had to hobble run to catch the 59 and the bus lady tells me may is up when I showed her my bus pass. Good thing I got this month's pass already.

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May 29, 2017

What is sad?

By being in a bar on your lunch hour drinking water. ... in Applebee's really, but sitting at the bar no less because they are so full.

Well maybe not that sad, but I'm starting to burn out.

A pic somewhere in this post shows how many days and hours I have been working straight. The next pic shows that my eighth day was taken away, and I now have a three day break.

If I can make it there. I felt tired yesterday day, but today is so much worst. It's memorial day and the weather is bad. Cold and raining. I had to ask security to give me a lift from the bus stop to the building so I could get to work on time and dry because I didn't want to turn back to get my umbrella and the upside to that, is that I caught the bus almost right away.

I actually looked at the line today, outside the fitting room. It cut right through the men's department. So long. We need more rooms. But to get more, we would have to buy the space next door and remodel. 😁


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May 28, 2017

I got a bus

Yesterday, I had to give in and get an uber to get to work on time.

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May 27, 2017

There is a festival in the park

It 10:40 and I'm waiting for the bust to take me 3 long blocks to give my feet a short rest before climbing the hill home. My feet hurt so much and it's just the second day of my 8 day run. (See next for photo of upcoming shifts.)

I asked about them and she said that I shouldn't have that many days in a row. But I don't really expect it to change. I expect to get a call from on ny second to last day telling me not to come in the next day because I would go over 40 hours.

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May 23, 2017


My egg sandwich. Not. I wanted to give them a chance and nit just think right away that they couldn't do it, but in the end they didn't.

I said that I wanted and egg sandwich without cheese and without butter with home fries. Just explaining home fries was something I didn't expect in any degree.

Right after me someone else showed up to what on the inside looked like some kind of remote outpost, and I think he ordered his usual. The "chef" at the time was making another order for someone. I'm not sure who. It looked like cream of wheat to me, but now thinking back and the fact that she placed eggs and bacon on it has me believing it was grits. I think I tried them once and that was more than enough for me. Porridge is much better.

Well, I can see how my order was mixed up, but I said it twice to make sure since I didn't think I had any lactose pills on me. No cheese, no butter, no bacon. Egg sandwich with lettuce and tomato with home fries.

But really, I knew I was in trouble when she asked if I waned a roll or wheat bread, which was slice bread, like toast. I got the wheat toss because I knew it was better for me than the roll.

The egg was put in a container, the home fries next to it and the toast was buttered. I didn't see it being buttered, I tasted it when I got to work and tried to take a bite

They handed it me and the toast was by itself outside the container wrapped in waxed paper. I was puzzled. Laughed even before taking it out to out in the container where upon I realize I didn't get a sandwich and there was no lettuce and tomato. For that I had to pay 50 cents more.

So as they are putting these things in the container, I look up to see my bus going by. So I didn't try to get a good taste until I got to work and I spit that out into the trash when I tasted and felt cold butter in my mouth.

Ok, phone is dying. Later.

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Radio silence


I didn't mean to go dark for so long. I told you about the blackout last week right?

After that I haven't even turned on my computer. I have only been on my iPad and this aging phone of mine.

Today I got to work late because I wanted breakfast. I'm not  even talking about sitting in my home and eating some good oatmeal. Nope. I wanted an egg sandwich with home fries. I didn't even know I wanted the home fries until I got to the bus stop for the 24B in Elizabeth. Then as I'm watching them cut the tomato for my eggs, I look up to see my bus go buy. Then I had wait 40 mins for the next one to show up. And what did it do? Take a different way to work. So much so that all of us at the bus stop had to run to the other one to catch it. Then it just sat there for some reason.

By the time it hit about 15 till I called work to tell them that I was being held hostage on a bus that was an hour late and that I was going to be about 5-10 mins late. I ended up walking in about 15 past and I'm in the fitting room again.

My boss loves me in there. He said as much today.

Well I had my hour lunch at Applebee's, my usual, now I'm heading back. I'll rant about my eggs later.


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May 19, 2017

Got this too

From the Gap. Now headed home wearing it. I sweated so much in the other top.

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Shoe shopping

Shopping for shoes worked ended at 4 today for me. It might be their way if giving me a break before4 days of 9 hour shifts back to back. I'll take it.

I think I'll take this one.

Now for some closed toes options. 😊

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May 16, 2017


I have the whole bus to myself. 😁 I got the express. It was right behind a 24B.

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May 13, 2017

Celebrating Early

Part of my training is to actually ring up customers, today, on a rainy day, on Mother's Day weekend.

Amazingly it's not that bad. It's a little annoying to log back into the system after every transaction, but that is just how it is.

I've learned to ask them for their coupon before anything so it's in my head to scan it before I hit total, if they have one.

I have to learn how to fold better, faster, and to split big purchases better among the bags. I know two went out a bit heavy, but it's how I adjust my own bags after other people pack them lightly.

So, the celebrating part. I'm at Applebee's.  I just gave my order, and it's 12:25 already. I have to be back at 1:10. I think. Maybe I should change that to 1:05 to be very safe.

Now I'm thinking of getting something to go. If so, I can just get it after I work since I get off at 5. I'll see.

I forgot to ask for lettuce and tomato.


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There is rain

I'm awake, dressed and in the back of an Uber on my way to work.

Did I tell you that my 8 am shift was for register training? We just had to turn back because I forgot my glasses. My sister ordered the Uber for me as I was finishing up. As I was quickly grabbing things to leave, I knew I was forgetting something. And today of all days I needed them.

Almost there. It's almost a laugh how fast I can get here by car vs. the bus.


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May 12, 2017

I clothes shopped and it cost me $81!

Lucky me, I saw the other price of $162 before it adjusted for my employee's discount, or I would have put something back.

I haven't spent that much on clothes in one go, since my mom insisted that I needed new clothes for school when I was 17. I normally buy one item now, another one later if not two and then I get something again next week.

The only reason why I bout so much today is because I do need some new stuff for work, and the only reason I got so much today is because all of the women department was 50% off for Mothers Day, and we get a 50% employee's discount. So yeah.

And all that shopping and trying on stuff, along with check out took an hour after I already stayed till 5pm, so the guy who was there wouldn't be on his own for 30 mins.

I'm now on the 24B headed home, so I can eat the sorbet that I bought Wednesday.

Oh, I have to be at work at 8 am tomorrow so I can be trained on the register. I dread and look forward to it at the same time.

I know I won't go to sleep early enough tonight to catch the bus to be there that early. Tho is one of the reasons why we have Uber. 😊


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Long day and not because of work.

Yesterday was my day off. But I had an appointment with charity care to help pay for my trip to the emergency room and may my new primary doctor who is also from the same hospital.

The appointment was for 11 am, but the day I bet on the bus just showing up when I get to the bus stop, didn't happen.  So I didn't get a bus until about 30 mins later.

Then I get there and I tried to recall the lady 's Nam who I was to meet with. Of course I got it wrong. But I got it so wrong that they sent me to another building. When I got there and told them everything, they said that I didn't even have to give a man. Just tell them that I had an appointment with charity care.

So that is what I did. And they didn't recognize me. They same lady that sent me to the other place told me I was late. I was there 10 mins earlier.

Anyway, I had everything but the printout for my Paycard. I ran out of time to go back yesterday, so I dropped it off this morning at 8:30.

Hence the start of my day.

Later. My break is up.

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May 08, 2017

I own one!

I have now paid for, and own my own monthly bus pass for Two zones. I should have bought it at the start of the month, but my last pay went mostly to covering rent and a credit card payment.

The pass cost me $78. It sounds like a lot, but if I bus bought two zones ticked it adds up fast and i will still have to pay a $1 for transfers. Now I done have to worry about any of that. I can flash this and get on any bus I need to. 😊

It's 15 till 10pm and on the 39 headed home now. I worked almost 30 mins past the end of my shift. I was told to take care of some put backs from the fitting room so I finished that up before looking for a manager so I could leave.

Had to wait a while to catch a bus because as I was walking to the bus stop I saw the 24B leave. That left me catching the next one which was the 24A. By the time I got to town it was 9.

I hate getting home this late to wake up for a 10am shift. And that is what I have tomorrow. 10am till 7pm.


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:breathe out:

Over all my day is going well, which might be why Robin came and asked me for a favor. She said that I could turn it down, but for some reason I didn't.

The favor? A fellow associate of mine isn't coming to work that well dressed and she gave me the compliment that I always am dressed well. So she thought that it would be better to have another associate talk to her rather than management.

So I go to see who she wants me to talk to since I am still learning names. She tells me that she in men shop 3 wearing a floral dress. And the one person that I didn't  want it to be, is who it turned out to be. My luck. I get along with her. In fact I think I get well with everyone.

So I have to have this chat with her, and it's not going to be as easy as I thought it was. Not that I thought it was going to be very easy to start with. I'm about to clock back in an see if I can start something before going back to my shop.

Oh, the shop thing. I don't thing i ever got around to explaining that yet.

Well we have departments. Women, Men, and Children. The woman and men departments are cut up into 3 sections or "Shops" and one or two or three people could be assigned to a shop depending on how big is.

On one hand we aren't supposed to leave our shop or at least no longer than it would take to drop off something in another department /shop. But on the other hand you can be moved from shop to shop to shop for most of the day.

Ok. Later.

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May 07, 2017

Worked till midnight

As you can see, I was given the shift hours of 5 till 11pm. The store closed at 9, so I already knew I wasn't going home at 11. It's just a given.

I left at midnight. And about 20 mins later I got the 24A home. I'm sure that was the last bus leaving the mall.

As I sat on that bus I wished that the driver would turn off the lights, but I know it wasn't happening. I got home about 1:10 which isn't bad since I took my time walking up from the bus stop. I almost gave up a dollar for a transfer so I could take the 107 or 37, up to Elizabeth Ave.

But before I did, as I was getting ready to get off the bus, I realized that I didn't know if the other buses were still running. And by the time I reached Elizabeth Ave on my own, no buses had passed me.

The day started off pretty well. I rubbed my foot through the pain from just touching it and it helped. Half my foot felt normal again. I was surprised and happy.

But of course I slowly undid all that as I stood and walked for the next 8 or so hours. Now my massaging doesn't seem to do anything.

Well I'm off today and I just helped my sister separate and bag everything in the house to be washed. The apt looks like when we first moved in. She took the curtains. All of them. So much light.

We took so long to do all that she didn't realize until she got to the laundromat that we didn't pack anything to wash them with. 😳

She went to Costco yesterday to buy all that stuff so she could do the wash today. Oh well.

In about 30 mins I'll be sweeping the floor and breaking down the boxes that are taking up too much space in the kitchen.


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May 02, 2017

My Walk Home From The Bus Stop

I tried to upload this to youtube via my Picasa software, but that link seems to have been cut. The same for loading pics to blogger. I shouldn't be that surprised, but I hoped that they were still working. 

Oh well. :) BTW, there is no sound so you can play your own music over it and I suggest going to youtube to see it better. :)


Very Low Dosage

They work on the doctor, but I don't feel anything from the muscle relaxers. I don't expect all the stiffness and pain to go away, but I would like to feel something. 

It's called cyclobenzaprine in10mg tablets. I hoped it would lessen how tight the muscle was pulling on everything so I could have a little less numbness and go to sleep without tiring myself out from massaging my leg. 

If anything, I think I might have massaged my thighs into a good place which now makes me very aware of how much my calf hurts. It's harder to do that part since I have to bend my leg and that spikes the pain my thigh again.

Just took that hot shower. Can I say that I'm clean, I washed my hair again, but my calf/leg feels no different? I'm sure it all comes down to my weight which gives me a higher tolerance for meds and normal measures. 

I'm tempted to double up on the muscle relaxers, but I kinda feel that door opens up to something I don't want. 

I was suppose to go back to the hospital complex to get a primary doctor and also to go down to board street to get Medicare. But I'm very aware that I'm off work to let my leg rest, and give the pills a chance to do something. Relaxing isn't that easy since my leg hurts when I lay down, walk, or sit. Where is an anti-gravity room when you need one? But I'm sure that even that, with my luck, won't help me and cause more problems to boot. 

So while I bounce and roll my foot while massaging my leg as I sit here in pain, I'll try and post some pics that I got for here. 

See you soon. 

May 01, 2017


As far as my attending doc is concerned the simple explanation of my strained muscles is what is causing my foot to be numb, but he can't just fix either.

So I'm at the hospital pharmacy getting muscle relaxers and a higher dosage of ibuprofen. I think it will be like the ones I get from my sister, but ran out of. At least I did that part right. In a day or two, when I don't have a trace of aspirin in my system, I may try the icy hot again. He said I couldn't use it, but did touch on the aspirin thing.

As for the muscle relaxers, I take them before bed because they are supposed to make me sleepy. So I can't take any untill tonight.

I called in to work and called out for tomorrow, so I can give it a day and perhaps get rid of some of the numbness before working for days straight.  So instead of three days, I'm doing two.  I still think that I'll go downtown to try and get Medicare. I have to kook for a doc too. You know a primary one. I heard I could get one here at the hospital. Another call I have to make.

I'm next to information in the hospital, so maybe they can help me. I'll see.

Despite my attending telling me the numbness will ease with my muscles getting better, the pain continues to worry me. I should stop though. My skin is fine, for me, there is no swelling or anything else that caused any alarm for him to go off, so I should stop thinking that I'm going loose my leg or foot.

At least he said it should be fine in a week with hot showers, stretching and the muscle relaxers. That would be nice. I took a month and effort to get this way, I should be grateful it won't take as long to fix it. But with having work it may take a bit longer. But I won't care if I see progress. And that is all anyone wants to see with anything. Progress. The good kind. 😊

Back to pacing. I'm saving my sitting pain for the ride home.  I think I'll G stand in the shower for a bit when I get home.

Oh, he said I could take Tylenol too. I almost got some the others day when I picked up the other things. Oh well.


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I was just registerd

It seems my visit will cost me about $230. Not bad, but I'm sure it will change if I need a scan of some kind.

Flipping pain.

I hope they can actually fix the numbness and the muscle pain today or reduce it enough that I can go to work tomorrow.

We shall see. But I will settle for just having the numbness fixed.

I'm in my "own room" now. So it shouldn't be too much longer.

That pic is something I saw when I came into the room. That is something nice to know.


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