December 02, 2011

Goodread Account

I’ve gone and joined another site. Like I need to. Well I just might. I need feed back and I think I might get it here. Get a few ideas for short stories until I start my newest ‘novel’ or to help me get through a writer’s block once I have started.

Well here is the link to my profile. I will still post the links here to any stories that I post there so you can find it. But there will be things that I will only write there, like how all my photo work and fractals live over at Deviantart.

Now how I got here is interesting. I found a free M/M story in iBooks, downloaded it, read, and started talking with the writer. He then pointed me here, as well as another site for really publishing my work, but I didn’t feel ready for that one yet. So I’ll live at Goodreads for a bit, get my writing more under control and join some writer’s groups and do what I can while I’m off from school, for two or so months. I’m also going to see about redrawing a few things in autocad for practice. But I’m off topic.

School will be out in 3 weeks and at that time, my on like active will spike. Over at DA (Deviantart), and Goodreads. So this could be good. I feel like writing something new.  :)

If you have an account over there, do look me up and talk to me for the love of everything green on this floating space rock.

BTW, I will be posting a permanent link on my page/blog.

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