November 01, 2013

Haven't Forgotten

It seems that there are better shots of better costumes than what I have and I haven't even seen what I got yet.

I thought that I had some on my phone which I could attach to my computer easily, but I didn't. They are all on my cam which I have to use my mom's computer to get them off with. 

I have a few videos of people walking past me in the street when I gave up trying to take stills with so many people moving by be so quickly. 

My poor shoes got wet. I knew it rained before, but I didn't think it would rain while I was out, but it did on my way back home once I got to Brooklyn, and while I was walking around Manhattan the water already on the street made their way into my flats. Yes. I wore flats. It wasn't that cold. I just forgot about the wet and I was l was leaving to go the Apple store. The parade was something extra I was doing. 

I ended up getting home around 11:30 and I ate some food that I stopped to buy. 

I needed something hot. Once again, that was from the rain more than anything. 

While I was in the village, the East Village, we call it or part of it Soho, I met an older lady by leaning up against her truck to keep my hands steady as I took pics. We got to talking and she lived in the area and said that the costumes use to be better. She also lived in St. Martin for a while too. So she knew about St. Kitts. She said it was pretty there. I told her it use to better too. :)

At one point I guarded her truck why she and her husband loaded it up. I prevented myself from joking that they were a bit late if they were trying to flee the zombies. :) 

I had called a friend of my to see if he wanted to go with me to people watch, but he didn't want to go at all, but we made plans to meet up today to get something to eat, but my sister is going to be cook a thanks giving lunch for woke and wants me to make room for the stuff she is going to buy for this today in the fridge. I just don't have any space to give her. 

Mom has started to make patties again, so there are veggie and pineapples ones are in there now, and they are taking up space. Also she, my sister, did other shopping earlier in the week and my cousin who is still here, is like stock piling food for some reason and she muffins and stuff taking up a fair bit also. 

At least it looks like she will be out of here in a few days. We were starting to think that she was going to stay here and never leave, or at least not for another year or two. She's been here for over a year. She came for a few months and ended up staying thanks to my mom. She is getting out because she got an off the books job. Which is just insulting to us who has their papers and can honestly work and pay taxes. But at least she is getting out and we will get some space back. 

Now for my sister to leave and take her stuff with her. I know I haven't said much about her, but she is officially engaged and as of yesterday she said that she will be moving out in January. I haven't not asked her what part of January, never mind the day. As far I know this is the 4th if not 5th date that she has giving us for when she'll be moving out. 

Ok, got to go. Later. :) 

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