June 25, 2014

Just saw Maleficent.

I want to spoil it for anyone, bit I want to say more than it's a good movie and that you should go see it.

I want to my new place over in Bayridge. Wednesday is $6 day. 3D ot not.

If I had left on time from work I would have seen How To Train Your Dragon 2. That should be the one to see next week.

I'm in such good sprints that I'm getting something to eat. I haven't had a burger in like a year, so I'm getting something called a Paris Burger. It has mushrooms, Swiss, the only cow chess I can consume without a pill, and mustered. I'm getting combo fries to go with it. It's a mix of sweet potato fries, curly and something else. I'll some find out.

Then I'll take the bus to a stop, catch another bus to another stop then take that bus home.  Yeah, a long ride home.

Tomorrow I work for the other sister. I still wonder what that will turn into.

Well have a nice night folks.

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