July 19, 2014

Two More Movies

I have been to the movies twice since Maleficent.

The first one being How To Train Your Dragon Two. and the one this week was Earth To Echo.

I liked them both. I think I go to them before all the spoilers gave away too much. That is one of there reasons I choose to watch the Dragon movie last week. I think that turned out to be it's last week there.

I also watched it 3D too. Despite what Spiderman did to my sight in 3D form, it worked a lot better here. I guess there was less fast movements all over the place. I had issues trying to follow all that before it was placed in 3D.

 Earth to Echo was good too. I have been trying to see some examples of guys being guys for my writing, they were a bit on the young side, but it was interesting to see how they reacted and interacted.

Ok people. I'm falling asleep here.

I'll try and talk to you again soon, but it won't be from my phone any time soon. I paid $50 on it yesterday, but my mom was like a month if not two behind, so today when I tried to call and let people know I was running 10 mins late, my phone told me that I could only make emergency calls. That sucks.

Later. Really.

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