August 21, 2016

Yes, it is currently 11pm at night.

No, I did not move to the city.

That is a police flood light outside my window, and Yes, someone was killed.

I was just sitting here watching YouTube on my tv when I heard 6 shots outside. They were really loud and for a second I thought they were firecrackers. I think that was me not wanting believe that it was gunfire.

All the same I got up and moved away from my window and want I believed to be thin walls. I moved to another window that was less in what I thought of being the line of fire. I couldn't see anything until a white big van truck thing came up from my right and a guy looked down our parking space before driving off.

I then went to find my sister and found her upstairs. They had just gotten back and she went to get milk. We talked for a bit and they thought it was firecrackers. When I came back down I saw the guy that drove by directing cops to something in the parking place that is in between the houses, which I might add is right behind my bed and my back.

I watched and saw a body laying on the ground. That lead to me getting my phone to call upstairs to let them know I was right and that someone died. She didn't pick up after 3 tries, that all went to voicemail, so I gave up and set up my pocket cam to record and then ran upstairs to tell them what was going on.

But by the time I got up there we had already heard sirens. When I got up there, they we looking out the window and were shocked when I told them someone was killed. One of them came down to see better.

As for the lights, they showed up while I was in the kitchen getting a sandwich.

So yeah, interesting way to end a Saturday.

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