December 20, 2010

Trillian and Meebo


I'm blogging about software today.

I was cleaning out part of the computer and I came across a piece of software that I hadn't used in ages. I loved it. It saved me from having more than two IMs running on my computer back when we had windows 2000 and the early days of XP.

That software is named Trillian. They have a new site now. I'm pretty darn sure that they didn't have a .im site when I first saw them. In fact this is the first time I'm even seeing it. Before I get too far, here is the address.

Now that I found it and saw how much they expanded, I felt like sharing the link. I went over to my list of 'must have software' and I remembered how I had a slight issue with it when my msn friends would do very msn things and I wouldn't understand on my end or nothing would happen. I think this would have been fixed by now, but I haven't downloaded it to be sure. Heck, I don't even remember what my password is anymore. :) Never mind my user name. I had a hard enough of a time keeping my ICQ number.

I have an ICQ number, I have an AIM account through netscape, I have a yahoo account. I had two really, but somone stole my most used one at the time, so now I'm back to using the one I had forsaken every now and again. I also have my hotmail account.

I was going to post the link to Trillian in 'interesting links' but I wasn't sure how many of you would consider it all that interesting. So I opted to doing a post, like I use to do all those years ago when I had software I wanted to tell other people about. :)

So I start the title for this post and it hits me. It does the same thing that Meboo does. And I'm currently using Meboo to log into a number of places and talk to my friends. Which I will be doing more now that I'm in my last week of school and having exams all this week. :)

Ok, back to the software. Now, Meebo had one distinction from Trillian. Trillian is an IM program that groups your ably to talk on a number of different IM at one time. Meebo does the same thing, but from a website, unless you are on some sort of mobile device.

Oh, here is the link to Meebo.

Ok, so, Meebo you don't download and with Trillian you do. Both have their good points. Which has the most good points? That all depends on you. I think I'll go check out Trillian and show how they have changed. :)

And if you are left chatting across a number of networks at one time you might to check them out too. :)


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