December 24, 2010

FW: Tab

Message body Man my hads are big. :) well I've checked out the Galaxy Tab. It's not bad. Smaller than I expected. Something I'm sure Apple is happy about. Like most new little things it's cute and face. The small hitch is the price. Buy it from a store and you will pay about $630 for it. I'll go as T-mobel and see how much they are selling there's for. Well you pay for it out right. Since you can use it over wi-fi you don't need a carrier. But if you need to because you are out and about with it, then you pay who you want for mobel acces to the net. That price will depend on who you get it from. At&t does not have an unlimited plan for this. Ok. Off I go. :) oh, computer exam was good. I got an A. :)

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