July 20, 2011

I’ve Screwed Up My VS for Win7

If you don’t know what that is, that you may not get the rest of this post.

I, who should be asleep, or reading over a chapter that I have to post later, decided to go and mess with my visual style on my windows 7 desktop.

I tried to install a third party version, one that was made by someone else besides Microsoft, and it didn’t work. Then I saw other folders in there that I thought I left there from another time I was messing with the skins on here, so I got ride of them, but I moved Aero around too much, because I didn’t know what it was, and now it won’t work.

The Aero VS that is. And since that is the only one I seem to be able access, I went and got windowblinds to help patch this. The whole system can’t use the VS now.

So I’ll be looking for a Aero look alike for my mom’s profile on this computer so she doesn’t know something is off.

So what else have I been up to?

Well I added a new little thing on this page. It’s a slide show of all my picture art over at Deviantart. You can make it go full screen and it will take over you whole desktop, which I thought was neat. Smile

I also added ‘A Word A Day’ over on my stories site that I just got back.

Other news. My mom has just started to watch church every day on the computer. ‘Our’ with bad mics. They hit a note and it’s a 10 year old went happy on a chalk board. And to top that off, she’s going deaf and has the speakers up to loud. She refuses to use any kind of head phones. Yesterday you could hear it through out the whole apt through two doors.

And she actually fell asleep, but woke up angry at me for turning it off when she woke up more than 30 mins later. She then fell asleep 5 mins later and woke up again to complain that I didn’t that screeching racket back on. I told her she fell asleep and she didn’t believe me or was just upset that I refused to do it.

What else? Oh, I think I have a new friend. He lives over in Long Island. We of course met on DA. I don’t go out. Without school, I stay up way to late, go to sleep anywhere between 4am and 1pm and then wake up about 8 hours later.

I’ve actually gotten out a hand full of times in the last month, and I found out that I have cavaties again. Sad smile that ruined a already lack luster day. So now my sister, the one with the job in a dental office, is now planning a trip out to Long Island to see the only dentist that she use to work for and trust it seems. It’s set for August some time. …

Oh, I forgot t say. Last week some bold man walked into my sister’s dental office, made his way to the closets and stole two hangs, one of which was my sister’s and took the wallets and purses from the others.

Yes there is a front desk, and yes people were there, with their backs turned to the door. And yes, they have cams there, but they must be in very bad places since they had to use the cams from the lobby to get a pic of the guy’s face. Which weren’t as good as theirs. This is why she came home after 11pm that night. One of the main reasons why, was because she had to help the other girl, who can’t talk to anyone it seems, who lost over $100.

On the bright side, my sister had a reason to take out her iPad out of her bag that day, so she still has that. But the bag that she got to hold the iPad and her phone and stuff, which cost her $150 is gone.

What else?

I should try and get some pics of Nika. She’s growing up and washing her clothes on her. Which makes me wonder why my mom is still having issues with her going outside to play by herself.

She has to put her clothes in a bag. Put that bag in a cart. Push that cart up to the top of the block, turn and go two shops in, and then do the whole holding and putting in detergent and the money bit and then there is the moving it to the dryer and then home 40 mins after that. Most of the time she is out of apt and much further away than if she was just playing outside.

But the news from the the other day didn’t help calm her fears much, but I told her that she can’t keep Nika in side all the time. BTW, most of us are Vitamin D deficient. I might be, but it’s documented that my mom and my other sister is.

Ok, I think I’ll end this here. E-mail jhoyelba at hotmail.com. If you feel like it. I can’t talk back to anyone via the comment thing here.

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