May 25, 2012

One Finished Project I'm Happy With

My only issue was my decision not to cast shadows from the 'trees' in the bottom one. The reason I decided no to is because they kind didn't have a mass. Yes I gave them a colour and shades, but that is all I decided to give them in the end. It took me hours. 

I used graphite pencils, coloured pencils, a wood-less brand, and then the squares connecting all three are done in pastels. 

When I was done I placed it in the office and had it propped up in a chair so that everyone could see it. :) 

As for my train project for Design class, I got back an e-mail from the teacher that I did well even though I didn't send a model. I'm going to still work on it, but just not as hard as I was going. In fact I took today off. Yesterday I had my last finial exam for NYC Building Codes. I felt like I glided through that one rather well. Besides reading one question wrong and spending a while looking for the answer I'm very happy with what I handed in. I may get an A from it. I hope to just get a B in that class. I don't want to see another C. :(

Now it's time for me to look over my story that I had to stop for school. I should be getting some kind of job this summer and I get some time in with my writing before that stops me. 

Take care folks. :) 

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