May 19, 2012

time, time....

Not this Thursday, but last week Thursday I went to a funral. My aunt Phillys passed a few days before. It turned out to be a good thing that I didn't have class that day. It was postponed for two weeks.

Either way, early in the week, if not on the weekend, we had gotten a call from my cousin calling to say that was in the hospital and that it didn't look good. She called in alot of people/family members. I was one of the few who didn't go. But I sent my well wishes that it wasn't so bad. As it turned out I was wrong. After not going to the hospital, I had to go to the funeral, even if I didn't want to be there.

Turns out I had walked pass this church like two years ago when Tanzi was still living in Seattle, but came to the East cost to see poetry reading and invited me along with Hayden, then found a friend who tried to get us to go with her to the club. Since it was a Friday night, that was a big no go, since I was already pushing it by being out at all after dark on a Friday night.

So the church. I was told it was a funeral. A funeral to me includes the burning part, but it doesn't seem to work that way up here, or it didn't that day. Her immediate family was the most moved of course. He kids were crying alot and a pretty full church turned up. I would saw to wish her off, but I have mostly been raised to believe that the dead can't hear you and anything you do for them after they have past, is entirely for the living.

Here they talked as if she could hear them and was already in heaven and then the 5, do you hear 5, pastors of the/her church preceded to laid it into you that you had to be saved if you wanted to see her again. Since one of her sons wasn't all that into the church it was actually aimed at him a few times. I thought that was tactless. It didn't help that he was crying most of the time over her death either.

Her other son flew up from FL. I didn't even know he had moved out of the state. My brother also flew in from Hawaii with his wife. I didn't expect him to fly in but he did grow up with her more than I did. He arrived in full military dress. I for some reason thought that  he came right from the airport like that. It turns out that he came in very casual dress a few hours earlier, not knowing he was suppose to be dressed in his best. So he was sent home to change and showed back up just in time for the near ending and the food afterwards.

Now considering that the service was like 4 hours long... noise, lights, preaching that could be called noise, and a few bits of other people talking that was a different voice to hear, it was a wonder he came back at all. I wouldn't be surprised if he called first to make sure it was still going before he arrived.

The food wasn't all that great, but I got a very cream-less, butter-less, milk-less pate. I talked with my father, and got the phone number of the son who had moved out of state. For some reason he was talking to me about moving down south. I would have to take a few classes to do that. Different climate so some rules will change.

Well when we got finally got back home around midnight, we realized that my sister Philly had been locked out. We all went to the service and she is the only that didn't have keys. If we had remembered we would have lift some keys with someone for her. She waited over at friends apt until we got back.

The next day my aunt was buried. In New Jersey. Either it was cheaper to bury her out there, or the ones around here are full.

Now let it be known, that I don't dislike my aunt. For the most part she was very nice to me. I just never saw that much of her. I was and still not very big on family get togethers.

Which doesn't bode well for me since I have a family wedding to attend to in Canada in July. I'll be up there for a whole week. As if the event itself wasn't enough of an event for me.

Well see yeah next update. I should be this week coming. I was planing on doing it now, but I was suppose to write this up like 4 hours ago, but like most of my life for the past 3 months, I got caught up in something else and didn't do what I was suppose to be doing.

I have run out of time. I need to get some projects done in the next few days. So I'm off to do that. If you swing by my face book. I think I have link, you will see the pics of my projects there. I'll try and post them here in bit.

Have a good weekend. 

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